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The Skoda Fabia has gone on sale in Australia, becoming the smallest car in the Czech brand’s local line-up.


The Skoda Fabia shares its underpinnings with the previous-generation Volkswagen Polo, and has been positioned to compete with the more upmarket offerings in the light class, including the current Polo, Ford Fiesta and the Mazda2.

The range has launched with just two different models: the entry-level $18,990 Fabia 77TSI and the stylish $21,990 Fabia Monte Carlo 77TSI.

For now, both are available only with a five-speed manual transmission, but Skoda Australia says a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG option will become available in 2012. At the same time, the sporty Fabia RS 132TSI will arrive in Australia, along with the more versatile Fabia wagon and the updated version of the previously discontinued Skoda Roomster.

Both Fabia models are powered by a 1.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. The 77kW/175Nm engine is identical to the one found in the $19,850 Volkswagen Polo 77TSI.

Teamed with the five-speed manual, the Fabia uses fuel at a rate of 5.5 litres/100km on the combined cycle (4.7 litres/100km extra-urban, 7.0 litres/100km urban) and emits an average of 128g/km CO2. Accelerating from 0-100km/h takes 10.1 seconds.

The Fabia matches its competitors for safety, with all models fitted standard with six airbags (dual front, side and curtains) and electronic stability control (including ABS, ASR, EBD and Brake Assist).

The Fabia has five seats and has 315 litres of boot space – 35 litres more than the Polo.

The Fabia 77TSI comes with 15-inch steel wheels, leather package (steering wheel, handbrake, gear stick), tinted windows, manual air conditioner, eight-speaker CD player with AUX input, Bluetooth phone connectivity, cruise control, 60:40 split-fold rear seats and a full-size spare wheel.

The Fabia Monte Carlo gets a more stylised appearance to differentiate it from the base model. A black design theme embraces the grille, smoked headlights, wing mirrors, roof, wheel arches and lower panel borders, and the 16-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, Monte Carlo owners can choose from all black or red/black sports seats with additional side bolstering, and matching stitching on the upgraded perforated leather steering wheel, handbrake and gearstick. Black roof lining, privacy glass, chrome kick plates and steel pedals complete the package.

Skoda Fabia manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • 77TSI – $18,990
  • Monte Carlo – $21,990

Major options:

  • Metallic/pearl effect paint – $490
  • Rear parking sensors – $390
  • Climate control – $390
  • Electric glass sunroof – $990
  • White/silver roof (77TSI only) – $390
  • Partial leather seats (77TSI only) – $1190
  • 15-inch alloy wheels (77TSI only) – $990

  • Paul S

    Bring on the DSG!

  • Ethan

    I don’t understand the logic behind pricing this so close to VW, considering the architecture is old.

    • t39

      Not really old: the current Polo is also based on previous generation Polo.

      • http://Nissan Kazuo

        in that case it is good deal

  • Grady

    Current polo pricing for previous gen underpinnings. Sounds like they are onto a winner! Should have priced this against the
    Swift since skoda are meant to be the cheaper VW offering.

    • Philthy

      And an ugly turd to boot.

  • Jake Williams

    In a word, FINALLY!

    • Grim reaper

      Finally what Jake, an overpriced, under spec’d, end if life model?!

      Nothing to get excited about at all!!

      • Bangel

        Like all skodas frumpy ,especially the octavia .

      • Jake Williams

        Oh tonnes ‘Grim Reaper’ you twat.

        It’s a Polo that’s slightly cheaper, comes with more, is actually European built, is more practical, comes with many, many more colour options to choose from and it actually has something called character! It fixes the problems I have with the Polo, which is supposedly best in class.

        • Grim reaper

          Sounds great Jake, at least they will sell one, ummmmm, you are going to buy one right?!

          Their relying on ya mate, dont let em down

  • Darcy Dunbar

    Probably a better built and more reliable car than the Polo but it looks like one of those dreadful badge-engineered 1960’s British Leyland creations with that ugly grille!

    • Ian K.

      in this case you can try the newest Holden/Daewoo Barina :-) same size :-)

  • 3D4

    Def not a looker but from my experience in europe Fabia feels roomier, more stable with slightly better ride quality than polo.. Not by much tho..

  • Matt J

    We’ve had this model Fabia in NZ for a number of years now, and the previous model before that. What took Skoda Australia so long?!

  • LGT70

    I’d be interested to know what sales might be lost without having the DSG straight away.

    I’m sure sales will pick up once the DSG and RS both become available in 2012. The RS 132 sounds like a winner from road test reports.

  • delux

    Why not a 6 speed manual?

    • 3D4


      1. it is a city car (lifetime average speed will be around 35kmh)

      2. Even if you take it on “highway” here in Australia you wont be doing any more than 115kmh..

      Simply there is no need for manual with more than 5 speeds for this car…

      • 3D4

        Except for RS with 7 speed DSG…

        • CRS200

          That’s what kills the Seat Ibiza Cupra, Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia vRS and Audi TSFI 1.4 the boring DSG gearbox.

          Sorry but they are hot hatches so manual makes sense, if the wannabe drivers want DSG fine but give the “real” drivers a manual.

          • Bangel

            Correct for once i agree , they pushed that DSG on me last time , woefull round town , stuttering nightmare , fantastic out in the country .

      • CRS200


        Use 6th Gear to save petrol even if your not going one 110km’s!

        5 gears in a manual is a thing of the past…

      • delux

        I totes love doing 3000rpm at 110 km/h. Six speed makes sense for small engines.

        Polo has a 6 speed manual.

  • F1MotoGP

    My brother had the previus model with 1.2 liter engine 3 cyl. He pick us up from airport. We could fit 2 big suitcase , 2 small hand luggage and 4 people. He was going on the freeway between 130-140km/h. I asked him this is a 1.6 liter engine? He told me 1.2 3 cyl. After arriving I need to check the engine and yes it was 1.2L. He bought it in 2006 and still going strong. If I must choose between Fabia (made in Czech Rep) and Polo (made in South Afr) I pick the Fabia.

    • h


      • Tomas79

        Why Comment then?

  • o

    great looking car in monte carlo spec but looks so dowdy in yellow and white, read somewhere else that a double din radio is only 160 and climate control 390 both good options.

  • NJL

    Is this the love child of a Mini and a Holden Viva? Just like every Skoda .. outdated ugly styling. If you feel a little insecure about your cars looks, go park next to a Skoda next time you see one and take a photo … I use the same technique when I get a photo taken of myself. Get your photo taken next to the ugliest person at the party so that you shine. Good tip for all of you car enthusiast (Note this does not work if you too drive a Skoda…)

    • 3D4

      Mate you sounds like you have compare all your pics against ugly people.. LOL

      • 3D4

        *have to

    • gmh-bogan


      • gmh-bogan

        Another brand new Skoda that already looks old and dated as a new car.

  • Jonno Smith

    Hmmm! In the 1st picture I thought it was a Chilli Red Holden Barina TK Series 2 looking at the front-end – except that the grille, wheel arches and roof were highlighted in black.
    In the 2nd picture, the rear end looked like the previous Suzuki Swift.
    Anyway, Monte Carlo version looks to me a little too tart-up. The 77TSi base version is pretty good looking especially with the white roof ala BMW Mini Cooper.
    Other than that, the Skoda Fabia took quite a long road to reach Australia.
    It should have been launched together with the Octavia instead of the departed Roomster which never caught the buying public interest in Australia. Except that now, it has to compete with the Euro-hatches like Fiat 500, Citroen DS3, Alfa Romeo Mito which it’s styling looks dated compared to them.

  • Grim reaper

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha (deep breath) ha ha ha ha (snort snort) ha ha ha haaaaaa ha ha.

    Oooh, sorry, were you being serious??

  • Grim reaper

    More expensive than even the Golf equivalent (1.2tsi) and in a car that ugly, man who runs the show at Skoda Oz, far to much wacky tabacky!! These need to be 3-4k cheaper just to even register on the radar and CA article should reflect this as it’s the truth.

    Just comes across as an ad not an honest review!

    • Able

      It’s not a review, it’s a news piece…


  • vti07

    I am waiting for the Fabia RS. Will it be priced slightly less than the VW Polo equivalent in Australia?

  • anthony

    Compared to Mazda 2,Honda Jazz,Toyota Yaris,and VW Polo,this car stands NO chance of success in this market

    • Bangel

      I cannot understand their judgement , new model must be close , why not just wait a year or two , this wont register many sales looks ancient .

    • Tomas79

      It’s been very sucessfull in the european market, where these cars exist too!

      • Ample Parking

        Good point Tomas. It has been successful in markets where it has been around for a while, cometing against the same cars that are already available here. So it might be a bit too hasty to write it off for this market before it’s even been released here.

        Maybe the strategy from Skoda/VAG is to just build their brand awareness in Australia using the old model, and then bring on the new one when it’s ready.

        I’m not so keen on the styling of the current Fabia, but obviously many people do like it and are prepared to pay for it. And from what I’ve heard, and what I’ve seen in Europe, it stacks up really well against the tiny Mazda2, Yaris, etc. when you consider the way it drives and the space available inside.

  • cm

    Too little. Too late.

  • Golfschwein

    Undoubtedly good, but just a little late with no USP, unlike the Roomster. It’s a shame that Roomsters weren’t understood, cos they’re the same up to the B pillar.

  • Davo

    Yuck, what an ugly piece of… This car looks old, The interior looks cheap and bland, and the outsidelooks like a pile of vomit… Somehow I cant help but think the only people who will like this car already own a skoda… But if you like it good on ya, I’d rather buy a VW better name…

  • Andy

    No DSG, no sale.
    Sigh! Cashed up and ready…Why do car companies do this?

    • Paultjordan66

      Dsg available now $2,300 extra I think. Paul

  • Paulrjordan66

    I bought one in red, Perth 20 grand drive away new with 5 yr warranty. Monte Carlo model. Pick it up this Friday :) Paul