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  • crouchy

    A quick glance at the front end spells nothing but Lancer

    • Troy

      GM should have stuck with the Lancer styling all round as the Barina’s rear end is a complete mess… Much like most of GM (Holden’s) line up though.

      • Lucii Pooky

        Agreed! Bring on the Corsa!

        • t39

          Yes, this 4sp auto on the Corsa is a ripper.

          • Lucii Pooky

            Tell that to the Yaris, Euro Fiesta, 2, i20, etc

            and they are all best sellers.

      • Dave S

        It’s not more a Lancer grill than an Audi grill.

        Looks liker a good little car that will keep the opposition on their toes.

      • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

        Yeh the back reminds me of the Barina Spark… and the guy with the ugly stick made sure he didn’t miss that thing

    • Max Power

      Agreed, and inside shouts Ford Fiesta/Ford Focus.

  • Henry

    Better than the old one, but still not the greatest…I do like the coverless headlights though!

  • Lachy

    Seems to be a HUGE improvement over the old Barina… not that that says an awful lot.

    Call me elitist and out of touch, but I would rather pay an extra couple of thousand and get a VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Honda Jazz or Suzuki Swift.

  • Ian K.

    Why, why, why?
    Why so ugly? I would deffinitely use the old Barina a bit longer and save money for something “normal” = without this “high-toned” design from Korea.

  • o

    ” Holden says it chose not to introduce the Holden Barina with ten airbags as it met the five star ANCAP rating with six airbags.”

    Its never above and beyond with Holden, just the bare minimum to scrape by as there market share declines.

    Cant wait to see all the faded black plastic on these in 5 years.

    • Golfschwein

      Yep. Always build down for the Australian market. Sad, isn’t it?

    • chippies!

      Aren’t they building the Aveo in the USA? That could be why, the South Korean factory might not be building with 10 airbags

      • Cancerstick

        Airbags are SRS, a ‘supplementary restrain system’, with seatbelts being the primary system, at least in AUS. Travel in the US and you’ll see why they have significantly more and larger airbags – Yanks simply do not use their seatbelts, hence airbags become the primary system. They will reach in, clip the belt to shut up the warning chime and then sit on the belts, bizarre but true. Aussie tourists twist around trying to find them in cabs etc and the locals think we’re crazy.

  • klaus

    ‘OMG’ looks like a mitsubishi line-up !!

    • Matt J

      This is what the Colt should be.

  • Jack

    Whilst the over all package and exterior styling is impressing (if not Lancer-eque) the interior screams nothing but cheap, and you can see how Holden got the car at the price point they did.

    It’ll sell, I have no doubt, but Holden really need to lift their game in regards to their interiors. Replace it with a traditional instrument cluster and the interior would be indistinguishable from the previous gen Barina.

  • Jake Williams

    Just to correct you CA the Chevy version is called Aveo in Europe and Sonic in the US. I wish they called it Sonic here to be honest…

    And having 10 airbags would mean the Barina has a USP, but it doesn’t… Holden I’m expecting a Barina SRi with the 103kW 1.4T/6-speed manual sooner or later!

    • Shak

      And its coming…just not before 2013 at the earliest…which is disappointing because Holden really need this car to do well, and the more variants they have the more happy customers they will have.

  • Goodfa

    Holden did not learn anything from releasing the Cruze in 2009 with an underpowered old generation motor.

    How can they release a new 2012 model small car with 6.8l/100km’s when the competitors have been around 6.0l/100km’s for years.(It is not as if they did not know what they were up against)

    The 1.8 in the Cruze gets 7.0l/100km so they may as well have used it in the Barina and it would have at least matched the 1.6 fuel economy and have extra power.(They should have the 1.4t as an option.(As they do in the USA)

    Also a 5 speed manual is a bit ancient in a 2012 model car.

    Other than the engine and manual gearbox mistake the rest of the package looks ok.

    • Captain Nemo


      Plenty of cars in this class have only 5sp manuals
      Swift,2,Fiesta & Yaris to name a few. So i was just wondering why you chose to single out the Barina?? Do you consider the other cars a bit ancient having 5sp in 2012 too?

    • al

      What’s wrong with a 5-speed manual???
      Why would you need more gears, when you can only drive 100 km/h anyway?
      Give me a 5-speed manual anyday.

      • aza

        Its not the number of speeds, its shift quality. “long and rubbery throw” & “Thrashy and noisy 1.6-litre engine with little low donw and harsh at high revs.” sounds like they kept/slightly updated the engine and manual transmission from the previous barina. Also explains the high fuel consumption (Old engine).

    • Kampfer

      “Holden did not learn anything from releasing the Cruze in 2009 with an underpowered old generation motor.”

      Holden did learn: Cruze did sold pretty well, so they keep the keep the formula… Only updates the engine at series 2 to keep buyers interest.

  • Grady

    You missed the most important part! What colours does it come in?

  • Rip off

    Front end is a Lancer rip off.

  • darkone

    hate the raised rear door handles,blind spot for sure,this will sell even better than the cruze,people here will buy it because it is a holden.”who cares if its no good,its got the lion on the front”.I would rather buy the new rio than this.has anyone noticed that now the chinese cars are here the koreans think they are a premium brand by raising the price?

    • Jack

      The koreans have lifted their price marginally whilst their product has improved substantially. Don’t think that inputs such as the cost of steel has become cheaper of late, not to mention the vast increase in standard equipment.

      • darkone

        piont taken,well said

  • Shak

    So all in all it seems like a solid effort that should continue the sales success of the previous generation Barina. And i have to say the design will really help this car get over its girly image and should open it up to a whole new market of Gen-Y and X males who would never have considered one before.

  • I Hate GM

    Up to GM’s usual standard, unfortunately, 5 years max I reckon for these before they are scrapped, old engine with same old issues, more rubbish from GM, never exceed the bar, I am no Ford or Holden fancier, but the small Ford line up is nearly two generations ahead of any GM rubbish. GM going to wall really shows with these latest releases.

  • Samr

    I disagree

    If you’re in the market for an entry level Mazda2, Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris you would be mad to buy this Korean built car for similar money.

    All these cars are far more reliable and have far better resale.

  • al

    Looks good on the outside, a million times better than the Spark. Don’t trust the digital speedo and power windows unless they would offer 30 years full warranty on them… Fuel economy not good. Due to weight? Needs bumper bars.

  • GWM

    A New Yaris fighter~~ Small car segment is ultra competitive these days.

    • GWM

      If can afford to pay a few extra dollar…Honda Jazz is my choice.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Why would Holden want to fight an “also-ran”? If they want to be the highest selling in class they will have to fight the Mazda2. ūüėČ

  • K

    Why is not having a diesel a disadvantage??

    • Karl

      …because some people like the torque and economy of a diesel.

  • Mr Gaspo

    I know let’s use sharp design to make cheap materials look good. Result? Overstyled car, that to my eyes tries too hard from a design standpoint and still manages to look cheap… Those instruments are a case in point. Still Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. For me a big thumbs down.

  • Yonny

    The exposed headlights may not present an aerodynamic challenge, but it sure would be a lot easier to clean one plastic cover (as per the Lancer) than all the exposed areas of the Barina’s headlights.

    Don’t like the dash, the engine outputs and fuel usage seem off the pace – but I reckon it’s not a bad looking car overall.

  • http://www.twitter.com/#!/darrensrjohnson/ Darren

    This is definitely a good little car and a vast improvement on the previous model which I still maintain should never have worn a Holden badge.

    The overseas models have had good preview reviews. The ingredients are there to have a truly class leading package.

    However the US Sonic is launching with 10 airbags and and a 1.4T. The 1.8l is the standard motor however.

    Why then do we get the 1.6l as standard? Fuel economy between the the 1.8 and 1.6 is line ball in the light Barina/Sonic chassis and surely the 1.8 is no more expensive to produce and its already in the Holden lineup so there’s no expense of adding another variation of the engine.

    I guess Holden is protecting the locally made Cruze with this move but it does seem a shame to lose a possible intiative in the light car market.

    Hopefully the 1.4T will make it into a broadened range over time. I suspect supply might be an issue at the moment, hence the lack of sedan and the continuation of the Barina “Classic” for now.

  • asin

    “A small shift light indicator on the manual suggests optimal shift times to reduce fuel economy…”

    Shouldn’t that read – “…to INCREASE fuel economy…”

    or did you mean to reduce fuel consumption?

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      the light must come on at 8500rpm(shortly before a piston goes bang)lololol…..

  • adrian

    If it drives anything like the Cruze, its a bomb. I can’t see why there’s so many of those around, they are absolutely terrible to drive. GM should’ve stayed away from Daewoo.

    • Chris

      Are you for real, I drove a Cruze CDX manual diesel for a week recently and absolutely loved it, I was very pleasantly surprised how good it was.
      The Cruze has got to be the best small car on the market bar none!

      • WQF

        Go drive a Mazda 3, Golf or Focus and then tell me this drives the best. C’mon, the Cruze doesn’t even have Independent Rear Suspension.

        • Shak

          While im not as enthusiastic as Chris about the Cruze, i agree it isnt that bad to drive. While it may not drive as good as a 3 or Golf, it is a better all rounder. Its more comfortable than the 3 and much quieter inside. Its also roomier and just as economical. Most people on here will hate on certain products just because they have a perceived notion of their products. The Cruze is nowhere near as bad as some people make it out to be, if it were it wouldn’t be selling so well…Seriously people need to drive cars before they talk.

      • Bangel

        YEP looks like it was designed in 2002 , now look pretty tired on the road , its the ugly front , over chromed , truck front on a small car , the focus kills it on modern looks .

  • Jerrycan

    “The Barina needs to rev to make it up steep hills”
    What is it with many modern cars (non turbo/supercharged) that peak torque occurs so high in the rev range.

    The old Leyland Mini engines (two valve, carby and ohv) used to pull like trains from low revs and this contributed to their very good economy (I admit they were not keen revvers unless modified).

    Modern 4 valve, fuel injected and variable cam engines should perform a lot better than they do at low revs.
    There are usually quite marked points in the rev range where they come “on-cam”

  • Sully

    Some pretty dumb comments from all the wannabe motoring journos on here. Do you really think a 19 year old looking for her first new car gives a toss about where the parts are made or how ‚Äúgood it is to drive‚ÄĚ? Holden are on a winner with this, will sell truckloads.

    • Jerrycan

      Driveability and source are still valid factors.
      I don’t know many 19 year olds (girls or otherwise) who have the money for a brand new car, without their parent tagging along to make sure of a ‘wise’ choice.
      Also I would guess there are probably more pensioners buying this class of new car than 19 year olds.

    • Bangel

      MY 20 year old just bought herself a mazda 2 , tried the spark but she said it drove and felt like rubbish , moved up a peg .

      All these rebadged daewoos are very average , trouble is they are dragging the whole holden image down .

      The stories about bad relaibility are surfacing all over the forums .

      • Doctor

        Daewoos? You mean GM-Ks don’t you?

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Bangel, along with everyone else who “carries on” about Daewoos etc should get some facts straight. Daewoo’s Motor division doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for a few years now. GM took it over with the Daewoo name only being kept in the Korean area because of previously established brand recognition. Yes, during the “transition” period they “re-badged” some Daewoo models, but those days are pretty much gone now. The current models are “world cars” (using design/engineering studios from all around the world) that just happen to be built for our market in Korea where Daewoos used to be manufactured. That is about the only relationship the cars have to “Daewoo” as we used to know it/you are referring to.

        I am indifferent to Holdens, they have some good cars, but they also have some duds (from personal experience). But facts are facts, the smaller Holdens are not Daewoos anymore. Doesn’t always mean the quality is far superior, but chances are most of it is better.

        • Bangel

          Sure , dumbed down chev badged daewoos , world car i think not , built down to a price like all GM products .

          Bottom of the barrel in the UK , woefull reliability , bad handling , poor economy , rubbish build , yep just a daewoo built in the same factory by the same people .

          • Chris

            You are a fool Bangel, so should we take it that the Ford Fiesta is rubbish too now that it is built in a cheap and nasty Thailand factory?
            I hear the quality has suffered because of the switch to Thailand.

          • Bangel

            Chris did i mention the fiesta , no , nothing wrong with that car quite good sells very well in europe, quality .

            Compare it wth the daewoo product you will see , trouble is most people cannot see past their nose when it has a holden badge on it .

      • gmh-bogan

        Quote/ Stories about bad reliability surfacing all over the forums.
        Thats the Pot Calling the kettle black.Mr Volksawagen…



    focus review,ford ads everywhere around it.barina review,links to kia rio,nissan micra ad next door…

    this reflects ca policy exactly how??? no holden ad money to play with guys….lol

  • Sumpguard

    Mistubishi called and want their front end back. Definately looks like the Lancer.

    Regardless, the reviews have been generally positive which is a change in itself for the Barina and as a result it should do well.

  • marcelito

    Comparing to what the competition has out there …new Rio, Accent,Swift, Fiesta…etc. this is one ugly design.

  • David

    How is a young child or toddler meant to reach the rear door handles that are so high up?

  • Patrick

    Finally we have a decent Barina, about time Holden!
    No doubt at these prices you have another sales hit on your hands just like the Cruze.
    If you can’t double sales from current 800 a month to 1600 a month you ain’t trying Holden.
    No we need some good marketing to go with it, Ford have lifted their game so now Holden you need to lift it up another notch.
    I love good competition, it breeds better product and we the comsumers are the winners!

  • Pete

    Front looks better – albeit Lancer like, but the rear end is butt ugly! :S Ford Fiesta and many others would still kill this car, can’t understand why someone would buy one?!

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Simple Pete, it sells because it has the Lion badge on the front.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        The Epica and Viva are but two cars that prove this theory….

        • Shak

          How do they…? Both the Epica and Viva sold in very poor numbers.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            People still bought them… Plus I never said anything about “big sellers”.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Another thing Shak, this is the same with ANY brand. They have all brought out ordinary cars at some stage with people still buying them because “I have always bought that brand” or “that is the brand that mum and dad used to buy/drive”. That is human nature and it happens quite a lot.

  • aball

    As much as it would improve it, the 1.4 turbo is a no-go for holden onthe non-sports models as it would rule out P-platers from driving it! The current engine should be sufficient for most of it’s intended market

    • Alexander

      It’s very easy to get exemptions for low capacity turbo engines, all the 1.4 turbos etc are available for exemption in NSW.

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        $28 exemption from the r.t.a.

  • Alexander

    If i were Holden i would called it ‘Barina Sonic’ to make it more palatable for younger males, as well as tie in with the Barina Spark.

  • Heath

    it looks cheap and full of nasty plastics, id take a fiesta or mazda 2 over this cheap rubbish anyday

  • Manup

    To all the girls on here bagging the Barina go log onto womansday.com and give us a break.
    Nice job Holden, keep improving the breed.
    This Barina deserves to do well.

  • I Hate GM

    Keep buying em you ignorants, so we can keep fixing them making us and GM richer, god bless you all, stupid brand lovers. Improving the breed, you got that right cars made by and for inbreds.

  • Scotty C

    That aggressive front end might scare some off some the girls in the market for this type of car. Don’t girls like cute and cuddly cars like the Mini?

    • Ambzie

      Agree Scotty, I have loved the barina’s in the past however this one looks ugly and more masculine.

  • http://ninemsn.com.au Laurie

    The Holden Barina is possible the worst car I have ever purchased. I bought new in 2001 and have had nothing but problems with it. It has constantly been back at Holden for repair and despite repeated complaints and letters the car has never improved. It has had multiple computer, catalytic converter changes, head removal for cleaning, etc. I was once advised by Holden that it should be taken on long trips to clean the internals, which is not much of a comment for car designed as a city car.

  • Philip

    I have owned a Holden Barina for many years Р1994 model. Everyone I know has continued to make fun of it Рstyling, cheapness etc. The amazing thing is that it has outlasted all of their car, and let me say it has not had an easy life. After 260,000 km it is still going very strong Рeven lent it to my brother when his new Fiesta broke down. My little Barina has cost $400 in repairs in the last 17 years. So I guess the car can stand proudly on its name. I am now giving it to my daughter and I guess it will outlast all the oncomers of the day.

    • Ambzie

      I have notced there are HEAPS of older barina’s out there. It must mean they tand the test of time!

  • klowik

    I’ve never looked at Holden cars but I quiet like this one. It’s got 6-speed auto, cruise control, USB and IPOD connectivity, and bluetooth. These are options in other Japanese alternative. and it’s quite roomy too when compare it with Mazda2, Also the Steering wheel is very sporty and overall interior plastic, design and fit is much much better than the new Kia Rio.

  • Tim Turner

    Having driven the new Barina for a month or so now must say I’m liking it, with a 5 year factory¬†warranty Holden must be pretty¬†happy¬†with it’s build¬†quality, which convinced me.

    • Jason213

      there is only a 3 year warrenty  on the holden barina

Holden Barina Spark Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$5,830 - $6,630
Dealer Retail
$6,850 - $8,140
Dealer Trade
$4,300 - $5,300
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
107Nm @  4800rpm
Max. Power
59kW @  6400rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
5.6L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:0  Unbrake:0
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
155/70 R14
Rear Tyres
155/70 R14
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
14 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio Compact Disc Player
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors, Rear Spoiler
Cloth Trim, Power Windows Front
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
RH Side Under Rear Seat
Country of Origin