The first images and details of the upgraded Ford Falcon FG MkII have been released, revealing revised exterior styling, enhanced interior technology and added safety features.

The Falcon FG MkII will hit showrooms in the fourth quarter of 2011, and will be followed by the heavily anticipated Ford Falcon EcoBoost early in 2012.

The new exterior design is a subtle revision of the first-generation FG Falcon, adopting front-end styling reminiscent of the updated Ford Territory SZ and taking cues from the global One Ford design theme.

Every new model gets a smaller upper grille and a larger octagonal lower grille, along with revised headlight and fog light assemblies.

The highlight of the cabin is the Interior Command Centre (ICC), which is standard on all models except the entry-level XT sedan and XL ute.

The eight-inch colour touchscreen incorporates a range of features, including audio and phone settings, and satellite navigation systems for the higher models.

Standard in the new G6E and G6E Turbo models, the new sat-nav gets a range of new features including Suna Traffic Message Channel, ‘green routing’ (calculates most economical routes, as well as the fastest and shortest routes), 3D map mode, overspeed and speed camera warnings, street house number display, and a number of other new functions.

The fully integrated touchscreen interface replaces the old remote control navigation system.

All new models get a revised instrument cluster layout with new designs and graphics, promising improved functionality. All audio systems feature USB connectivity with full head-unit integration.

Six airbags – dual front, side and curtains – will be standard on all sedan models, with the new XT, G6, XR6 and XR6 Turbo now matching the G6E and G6E Turbo. All sedans also get rear parking sensors.  All utes will come with four airbags (dual front and sides).

The ‘Generation 9.0’ Dynamic Stability Control system is standard across the new Falcon line-up, with the entry-level XL ute benefitting from DSC, traction control and brake assist for the first time.

Power outputs remain the same for all models, and Ford is yet to confirm whether efficiency gains have been made across the range.

New features model by model:

Ford Falcon FG MkII XT

  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Restyled front bumper, grille and other finishes
  • USB music port
  • Curtain airbags
  • Reverse sensing system


  • Premium Interior Command Centre (ICC) with eight-inch colour touchscreen

Ford Falcon FG MkII G6

  • New 17-inch alloy wheel design
  • Restyled front bumper, grille and other finishes (satin alloy upper grille finish, chrome lower grille surround)
  • Premium Interior Command Centre (ICC) with eight-inch colour touchscreen

Ford Falcon FG MkII G6E

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Restyled front bumper, grille and other finishes (satin alloy upper grille finish, chrome lower grille surround)
  • Projector headlights
  • Front LED lamps
  • Satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel
  • Vehicle alarm

Ford Falcon FG MkII G6E Turbo

  • 19-inch alloy wheels
  • Sports projector headlights

Ford Falcon FG MkII XR6

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • XR sports projector healights
  • Restyled front bumper, upper and lower grilles, fog lamp treatment
  • Premium Interior Command Centre (ICC) with eight-inch colour touchscreen


  • XR Luxury Pack:
    • Leather seats
    • Dual-zone climate control
    • Eight-speaker premium audio system, 150-watt amplifier and subwoofer
    • Reverse camera
    • Satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel
    • New 19-inch alloy wheel design

Ford Falcon FG MkII XR6 Turbo

  • Unique fog lamp treatment with chrome/high-silver finish


  • XR Luxury Pack:
    • Leather seats
    • Dual-zone climate control
    • Eight-speaker premium audio system, 150-watt amplifier and subwoofer
    • Reverse camera
    • Satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel
    • New 19-inch alloy wheel design

Ford Falcon FG MkII XL Ute

  • Restyled front bumper, grille and other finishes
  • USB music port
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Side airbags


  • Premium Interior Command Centre (ICC) with eight-inch colour touchscreen

Ford Falcon FG MkII XR6 Ute

  • Limited slip differential
  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Sports projector headlights
  • Restyled front bumper, upper and lower grilles, fog lamp treatment
  • Sports bar (with soft tonneau cover)
  • Premium Interior Command Centre (ICC) with eight-inch colour touchscreen


    • Leather seats
    • Dual-zone climate control
    • Satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel
    • New 19-inch alloy wheel design

Ford Falcon FG MkII XR6 Turbo Ute

  • Unique fog lamp treatment with chrome/high-silver finish


  • XR Luxury Pack:
    • Leather seats
    • Dual-zone climate control
    • Satellite navigation system with Traffic Message Channel
    • New 19-inch alloy wheel design

Ford says the new Falcon FG MkII delivers major advances in vehicle refinement. Comfort and quietness have been improved, with engineers focusing on reducing exhaust, driveline, wind and road noise, and upgrading the sound-deadening package.

The four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine will be available in the Falcon XT, G6 and G6E models from early in 2012. The Falcon will become the first vehicle in the world to combine EcoBoost technology with a rear-wheel drive architecture, and this new powertrain promises significant improvements in fuel economy and emissions.

Ford Australia will release more details on the Falcon EcoBoost closer to its launch next year.

Ford Australia President and CEO, Bob Graziano, said the upgrades to the Falcon FG MkII would “make a great Australian car even better”.

“FG Falcon MkII builds on the success of the FG Falcon program, as well as the recently released new Territory range, by offering customers more equipment and the latest technology innovations, while continuing to deliver outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, refinement and safety.”

Pricing details of the Ford Falcon FG MkII will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned.

  • Lachy

    Finally!!! 6 airbags in all Falcon sedans – it should have been made standard long ago.

    • Chris

      The FG was the safest used large car in Australia even without curtain airbags…

      • Shak

        How do you figure that, when the Aurion and Commodore have had them standard for a while now.

        • Simon

          Because the FG met the 5 star ANCAP rating without six airbags. Now that these airbags are standard it means the safety of the FG is even greater which would make it a 6 star rating.

        • mik

          just because all three have 5 star ancap it doenst mean there all exactly the same safety wise, the falcon got the highest score out of those 3 which although it is 5 star you would come out better in the falcon

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      Keep your airbags Ford. We want the NA 5.0 V8 out of the 2011 Mustang GT. Bring it now!!!

      • Harry

        when is the XR8 coming back? soon? ever?

        • BOB

          nup, the next falcon will be a Taurus in disguise 😉

        • Wilo

          Think Ford may pull the same tactic as VW did with the Touareg R10. Discontinued it to then push that market into the Porsche Cayenne Turbo model which retails @ $250K (AUD) instead of $150K. By that i mean if Ford pull the XR8 out of the line-up, die hard Ford people will then be pushed into the FPV vehicles for this pleasure at a huge expense. It is a very clever economic strategy that’s been around for a long time in many many industries…

          • gumps

            It was the R50, and I think you’re reaching a little with the supposed VW Group push to the Cayenne Turbo. You’d think most customers would look first at the 4.2TDI Q7 (same price, nigh on the same power, arguably better badge, 25% more fuel efficient) or check out a couple of the Range Rover Sport variants.
            The majority of consumers shopping at the lower end of the market are usually willing to shop around and find an alternative product in the same price bracket, and for Ford it looks like the cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, better handling XR6T has it over the XR8. It’s head and pocket over heart for most these days…

          • Wilo

            That’s a fair point gumps. Basically my point was since that Porsche own 50+% of VW now if people were to still seek a vehicle which shares the same chassis, gear box etc etc as the R10 then that’s why Porsche created that niche. Hence my point about FPV vs XR8. But you are totally correct that it is head over heart these days.
            The XR6T is a cracker engine to…

          • Dave S

            I doubt the GS sales, would make up for the lack of Xr8 or would come close to the SS sales.

            GS, is a good car, great value and great for increasing FPV sales numbers.

            No Xr8, is just helping SS (ute, sedan and wagon) sales.

        • birdie

          I heard early next year , unsure weather it will be n/a or s/c; i dare say n/a

    • Troll No. 47

      Why? It had a 5 star ANCAP rating without them! The whole carry-on about curtain airbags was driven by motoring media and nothing more.

      • Lachy

        Are you seriously suggesting that the addition of curtain airbags will not make a car safer? Why should improved safety be an option when there is irrefutable evidence that proves that these technologies save lives?

        • Andrew M

          The thing is Fords side airbags actually do offer side head protection. They are guitar shaped on deployment so I would be interested to see if they do squeeze a few extra points.

          If you did however have an FG without the curtains optioned, the side airbags dont protect your head and they are configured different

      • Troy

        I guess, for people like yourself who are already ‘brain dead’ curtain airbags are an unnecessary safe-gaurd. For the rest of the motoring population however, they can prove to be a real life saver!

        • Andrew M

          Fords side airbags when not optioned with curtains do offer head protection.

          They cant be that unsafe without them when it out ranks its competitors

          • Smoothcall

            Wouldn’t that only be for the front seat passengers.

  • Goodfa

    Ford seem to have a good product with the Falcon and they deserve to sell more than they do.

    Most tests put the Falcon ahead of the Commodore yet Holden sells twice as many Commodore’s.

    I think the problem seems more to do with marketing than a problem with the product.

    • PhantomHamster

      I would like to agree ( as Im definately no fan of the current commodore) but i have 4 falcons in our fleet – 3 XT, one XR6 and one G6E. The drivetrain/transmissions have been fine, no problem, but on each and everyone of them within a few weeks of having them, various interior bits fell off or broke, like the power seat system, entertainment screen, facia on the stereo – and these are things that u would expect to break/fall off in a fleet vehicle… and nothing has fallen/broken in our 3 commodores, which annoys me…cos I want more reasons to hate the commodores.

      • Charger

        Just wait until the heat exchanger fails and fills the Auto trans with water so you need a new one at about 6k. They still havent even fixed that from AU falcon to FG.

        • Don Quay

          I doubt that very much. The current transmission, 6 speed ZF, wasn’t introduced until the BF series. It wasn’t even in the BA, let alone the AU. So if you can’t get a simple thing like that correct, why should we believe you? For a 6 speed auto to fail on a AU, that would be extraordinary. The ZF uses a totally different cooling system to the old 4 speed boxes.

        • Andy Evans

          We’ve never had that issue in our fleet, and our service guys say that it only happens on older cars that haven’t been correctly maintained…

        • Robbie

          I waited 10 years and 240000kms for my AU2 to do this.

          It never happened.

          • Ray

            I have an AU1 Falcon that is about to hit 300k, I’ve had no issues with the transmission that weren’t fixed with a regular tranny service.

        • Andrew M

          They have changed it.
          Au used a totally different 4sp box, the Fg used a 5sp as a base box, and as of 18 months or so ago the ZF 6sp is standard across all vehicles.

          Are you saying the ZF6sps are failing? if so you would be the first to say that

          • Charger

            The gearbox has nothing to do with it, its the heat exchanger setup in the radiator and that hasnt Changed. FG have already started with this same issue ask anyone who works on Fords about the problem or even a large Auto reco place!

            Clearly once again people that read magazines and dont actually have any idea. Just stating a fact that is well known in the industry and hope they fix it!

          • Andrew M

            I believe the coolers on the 6sp are different.

            Again, answer my question, are you saying there are 6sps failing left right and centre??

        • mick

          its amazing how people bad mouth that AU all the time but yet have never owned one, let alone driven one. my AU would piss over 98 percent of cars when it comes too reliabilty. hence why there is still lots of AUs getting about. I’ve never had any kind of problem with my automatic transmission or anything else in the near 6 years i have owned it and have known heaps of people who have owned AU too BFs with 4 speeds. never has a box been stuffed. I will be hopefully upgrading it next year and there is a big chance the next car i buy will be another falcon from this experince.

        • Luke

          Lol guess I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen. I have a series 1 AU that just clocked 210000, engine and trans are both still running sweet. Most car issues are like computer issues, user caused.

        • The Painter

          Been there done that with my beloved BA Futura wagon….. although it only cost me $2500 including an external radiator for the trans. And that was when the wagon had 87000km on the clock last year.

          I like the new front end……looks good…..shame no WAGON…….pricks.(Ford)

        • Anon

          I have a 2010 G6 and it has a separate transmission cooler

    • Mr D

      The biggest problem their marketers have is combatting the government as most of their fleets are Holden dominated. We know based on sales figures that Commodores and Falcons only do well because of government demand, and the fact that Ford have a much smaller proportion of those sales compared to Holden is hurting them badly.

      • Andrew M

        Um, and they are both losing out to toyota and mitsubishi at the moment.

        Fleets started to can Ford and holden years ago when they tried to reduce their fleet discounts. At the same time toyota went on a fleet grabbing spree

        • The Painter

          State gov in W.A. requires 4cyl only….except for LPG that’s why we have 2 FG falcon Utes. So it makes sense for Ford to put the 4pot in the falcon so we can do away with the smaller inaduquite cars, and the new LPG engine should help out even more,even though they do avoid them for refueling issues……well that’s the state govs excuse.

  • Ima Hogg

    That is a very nice looking falcon well done ford aus. Have we learnt our lesson to market cars? Because i hope you have

    • Trump

      Not a single picture of the tail, is it unchanged?

      • nickdl

        There was only camouflage on the front when they released spy photos a few weeks ago.

    • Phil

      Why does Ford need a lesson on marketing Falcon?

      Do you really think a Australia who wanted a large cheap sedan would not know Falcon existed?

      • Lox

        Its not a matter of them not knowing, its making an effort to market the benefits better to get the sale.

  • Jason

    Wow, Ford just discovered projector headlights.

    • Mikey

      I seem to recall that the NA Ford Fairlane/LTD had projector headlights back in 1988…

      • birdie

        And i have them on my “96” ef XR

    • jackson5

      They discovered then with the NC fairlane in 1992

    • Mikey_94

      .. and LED daytime running lights as well :)

      • FORD no1

        Having driven many different cars with plenty of different headlights Xenons/projectors and additional driving lights even, the current ford reflectors in the BA-FG are the best.

      • Andy Evans

        They’re actually park lamps, same as Territory.

    • Andrew M

      Yes, they have projectors, lets hope they havent sacrificed great performing headlights to keep the simple people happy by making their specs look impressive

    • mick

      they had them on the EAs

  • Crummydore

    Looks good, the front end design seems to have been consolidated, and with the changes it makes for good match with the current nicely designed hind quarters.

    With any luck the sales slide should stop, perhaps now along side the classy new Focus, Territory and updated Mondeo, Ford finally has the portfolio of vehicles it has so desperately needed – all at the same time!

    Now, all Ford needs to do is think outside the square with its marketing… I really don’t think the Territory’s was all that breathtaking.

    • Phil

      Well its not like the Falcon sales slide could get much lower.

      Why would they need special marketing for Falcon? Do you really think a Australian who wanted a large cheap sedan would not know Falcon existed?

  • CK

    So, this is the last all Australian designed Falcon. It’s very sad that Ford Australia couldn’t get their act together years ago, as there is no need for it to have been selling so many less than the Commodore.

    I have heard from a former employee who worked in a ‘back of house’ area, that the unions have absolutely destroyed Ford from the inside out. It is pretty awful working there with significantly poor attitudes from the unionised workers. Where Ford has ended up sort of made sense when I heard all about the inner working of what Ford had to deal with. I am not surprised they want to cease manufacturing in this country. The unions have won – congratulations and well done you!

    • Troll No. 47

      There is a mid-cycle revision to the FG platform due in 2013.

      • Clueless

        The next model is due in 2014. Approval to proceed is due in October. If it proceeds it will made current Wheel Magazine cover story look rather inaccurate. Next generation is TBA in 2012.
        Can’t say anymore

        • mick

          i dont trust wheels magazines words much

    • Ample Parking

      It’s hardly all Australian designed – engine, gearbox, etc. originated overseas. And Fords are American anyway. Just old marketing spin for Falcons and Commodores that is becoming less relevant due to the decline of popularity of the large RWD car in Australia.

      But good point about the unions.

      • G

        My dad told me back in the 70s there was some big uproar from the trucking unions which is why there are so many interstate trucks on the road. Apparently when it was suggested to use rail for moving cargo interstate the trucking unions kicked up a big stink and now we’re stuck with trucks everywhere.

        • Jack

          Used to be a sign on the Albany Hwy, “Ban Trucks, use Rail”…

      • o

        Don’t worry in 5 years the competition will be the new RWD players, Hyundai Genesis or KIA GT , hmmmmmm

      • Andy Evans

        The engine plant at Norlane that I drive past every day must be empty then?

      • CC

        The engine is designed and built here, so I’m not sure what you are talking about.

      • Dan

        Yeah those evil unions. Everyone knows that only the fat cats at the top deserve to suck all of the money out of the company.

        • Jack

          Yeah, push for more conditions and entitlements and regulations until the cost to your employer becomes untenable and they close up shop. You are puzzled when you become unemployed…

    • FORD no1

      This is the same thing that happens every time ford release a model or coming to the end of a model, people say they will go and BAM a new model comes out and it is always good and keeps going. I just pray they keep building it, there is no way i will be buying a FWD falcon or a Commodore if what they have now is anything to go by. GO FORD.

    • Andy Evans

      Yep, shame on the unions for getting a half decent salary and conditions for their members. How many days did your back of house mate spend on the assembly line?

      • CK

        I don’t think any assembly line guys have spent any time in his area either. I know from my own industry (clothing manufacturing) that the unions, in collaboration with the government have made manufacturing so difficult in this country that there is no where for it to go but overseas to cheaper labour cost centres. I have witnessed first hand union people demanding ransom money ($46K cash) from an employer or they would go to the TV stations and expose them for using sweat-shop labour. Employer has gone ok, F*%k off. They’ve stopped manufacturing here and now everything is imported from Chinese sweat shops instead. The unions actually did him a favour because it is even cheaper out of China, so he is making more money now than ever. The local sweat shop workers, who can’t get work anywhere else now due to language and skill level issues are really struggling. So yeah… great going unions!!! And while we are talking about the wonder that is Unions in Australia, shall we bring up the Health Union issue as well?

      • Justin Scott

        A couple of years back, management at Robert Bosch in VIC went to their staff and asked them to take reduced hours. The union rejected their offer 3 times (each time the offer was improved) and Bosch ended up sacking 170 people. So tell me where the union was looking out for the man in that one?

    • Matthew Werner

      Doesn’t surprise my CK, look at the drama the unions are causing at Toyota, for what, an extra 1% pay rise? Threatening workers that don’t strike by saying “we know where you live”?

      • figo

        its not about 1% increase,its about the stubborness of toyota. the unions have decreased their pay demand from 15% to 12%,but toyota is not ready to go from 11% to 12.

    • al

      That’s a shame really, where as it is usually not the companies’ fault, when workers stay poor, but the government taxes. Instead of fighting the companies, workers should fight the government!

  • MattP

    There appears to be two listings for the XR6 ute. Is the second one (with the blue utes in the pictures) actually the XR6 Turbo ute?

    • Chris

      Yeah, it should be. It should have the same alloys as the red XR6T Sedan though.

      • Chris

        Actually, I’m wrong. The 19″ alloys are an option. So yes, that’s the right car shown. The fog lamp treatment is slightly different.

  • ACV40R

    Nice car…XR6 look very sporty in my eyes!

  • http://Caradvice Onepoppa

    A bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. A cosmetic and equipment upgrade might help, but only a little bit. Ford has been talking about the Ecoboost 4 cylinder engine for a long time and it gets pushed further and further back, although thiss is the only thing that might help Ford sell appreciably more Falcons. It now looks like the patient will be beyond revival by the time the transplant arrives.

    • Nasal Explorer

      I agree. I think it’s called “living on borrowed time”. They should have stuck with their original plan to build the Focus here.

      • Andrew M

        Make the focus here??
        So you think there is more margin on a 20K car than a 40K one??
        Ford would have to sell 4000 Focus a month to return the same amount of profit the Falcon brings even at its seemingly low numbers.

        Holden are already kicking their fund for the Cruze got chopped and said it might get canned

        • Andrew

          Holden are selling on near enough 4000 Cruzes per month with out a hatch – i think and its only a matter of time the tables will change and Cruze will become the bread winner and Commodore will be a niche player !

          • Andrew M

            And how many commodores?

            4000 commodores will still yeild more pfofit than 4000 Cruzes

          • John of Perth

            Wait till Opel arrives.

    • o

      Same with the diesel, what is taking so long, VW launches the golf with a hell of a lot of engines, granted they are used across 30 or so cars but the ecoboost isn’t a new engine it just needs to be modified for the falcon

      • Andrew M

        Drawing a picture of a block and painting some spark plugs on it is the easiest bit.

        The hardest and longest bit in adapting a new motor is mating it to the drive train and getting the effiency.

        Its not like ripping out a “C” cell and putting in a “D” cell.
        Everything works totally different

  • NJL

    In that interior pic the whole center dash looks not as well done and tacked on compared to the commodore sports/calais models black center cluster (though that 8inch screen is bigger,clearer and better positioned by the looks of things thatn the commodore) and Im pretty shocked they have not copied the commodores volume/track wheel controls. Not sure if commodore stole that idea from another manufactuer but they are brilliant compared to just standard wheel volume/track buttons. Besides those minor things looks awesome.

  • Rick

    Like the XR6 Turbo’s new look – in particular the new 19’s look v smart.

    Hey CA, that drop down Focus ad is VERY VERY ANNOYING.

    • Goodfa

      The 19 inch wheels on the XR6 Turbo look very similar to the Commodore SSV Redline wheels.

  • Nath746

    They may be only minor changes, but the Falcon really needed it.

  • Golfschwein

    Ford have a showroom that needs no apologies now. It’s very strong from top to bottom, without a single weak point. I hope these better looking large cars do well for them now. I like the new XRs.

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      This maybe true after they replace the Escape with the Kuga.

      Talk about long in to tooth.

      • delux

        when will they kill the escape?

        • zandit

          The Kuga is supposed to replace the escape sometime in the next year, but a report here on CA mentioned that it will be keeping the escape nameplate.

      • Golfschwein

        Oops, I forgot about the Escape. That tells a story in itself I guess, doesn’t it?

    • Daniel D

      Actually there still is one weak link the model range and that’s the dealer principal selling them.

      They really need to overhaul their dealer network to get these cars the opportunity they deserve.

      • Stevefreestyle

        The weak link in the product range is the glaring absence of the XR8, or any V8 for that matter, giving a huge free-kick to the Commondoor SS, SSV & SS-Redline sales of their major competitor.

        However Fords marketing and market management of the XR8 was so grossly incompetent, that even with a brilliant product (with a 32V, quad cam engine & 30Kw more than the SS), it lacked the market cache’ and “desirability” market perception it intrinsically deserved, and was maligned by a poorly managed and informed (and biased) motoring press – who also create and influence perceptions and opinion.

        • Phil

          As usual with XR8 (and Falcon in general), it was not a marketing problem that caused its failure.

          It was incompetence within the car itself, something which is endemic to Falcons.

          Yes XR8 had more power and ‘engine tech’ than SS Commodore – it was also HEAVIER and it was SLOWER and it was THIRSTIER and it was more EXPENSIVE than SS.
          It was also HEAVIER and SLOWER and THISTIER and more EXPENSIVE than XR6 Turbo. XR6 Turbo consistantly outsold XR8 when they were selling side by side.

          Of course the main problem with XR8 was that it was SO POLLUTING they could no longer legally sell it in Australia (despite our pollution laws being far more lax than other countrys),

          • Jack

            Er, nope, the car has been consistently more ‘competent’ than its main competitor for many years.

  • whatthe..

    Too little too late. Despite the fact that from my experience the Fowlcan is a better car than the Dunnydore, the fact is that it is poorly marketed and lacks the visual presence that make it worth buying. This will be the last Fowlcan of local origin and of course it will take the Terrortory with it.

    Bye Bye local Fraud production by 2014.

    • Yonny

      I hope you’re wrong about that. If Ford (local production) goes, it will be a very bad thing for Australia generally, and car manufacturing in particular – not to mention the jobs that will be lost and the local expertise that will probably vanish overseas.

      Nobody wants that.

      • Far Canal Racing

        Do you know what it costs us taxpayers to support these local jobs?. Trillions. Sack em all and the Union bosses. Import and get a better product at a fair price-sack em all.

      • whatthe..

        Hope doesn’t provide jobs. Reality is that Ford is unlikely to make a Falcon beyond 2014. At best it will be Taurus based.The world has moved on and corporate clients are the main reason the Falcon and Commodore still exist. As Holden are discovering, the Cruise is taking over from the Commodore.

        • Phil

          @whatthe, So true, except that “Hope” does provide jobs. Look at all the jobs religion provides – all surviving on the “hope” that their particular imaginary freind actually exists.
          Just like Falcon with it’s government donations keeping it surviving so far, religions too rely on donations.
          Time is ticking for Falcon.

  • paulb

    BiG changes with the MarkII,not sure about the new Xr6 look.Need to see in the flesh.Very modern looking perfect for Ecolpi,Ecoboost,Lpi turbo+xr8.Good interior improvments also.

  • The Associate

    Now all Ford Oz/NZ have to do is MARKET THE PRODUCT!

    • delux

      old comment is old. ford is kicking goals with its marketting ATM.

      • Andrew M

        Yes, the territory and focus adverts are a big improvement, lets see how they go with the falcon

      • Devil’s Advocate

        They must be kicking at the wrong goals then as it hasn’t really changed sales much. Even Mazda sold around 800 more units than Ford last month with the Mazda2 selling around 300 more units than the Falcon, which was 8th. I do agree that the ads are much better than what they have been over the years.

        • The Associate

          Here in NZ, Holden are dominating the sales due to their marketing presence. They’re on TV everyday! Up the marketing and Falcon will be flying out the door no doubt about it!!

    • Phil

      Do you really think a Australia who wanted a large cheap sedan would not know Falcon existed? Marketing won’t fix Falcon sales. The fact is, people do not want a large thirsty sedan.

      • xixzor

        You keep saying that…Yes I believe that the Australian public know that the falcon exists-but, the most important thing is ‘new’. Insert that word, have good and exciting things to say about the car and they will come. Unfortunately, everybody knows that a 3.0L Holden ‘SIDI’ can go from Sydney to Melbourne, nobody knows that the lpi falcon will do the same, but costing you only 60c or something like that. That is not thirsty or expensive, and, people do want a large car, they just need to be convinced that it suits their family better than a thirsty SUV. Odds are that there are still 3 kids, with babyseats, in most households to fit in the backseat, plus the holiday stuff in the boot, plus the power to tow the boat/trailer and the looks to keep them happy, and furthermore, the room to be comfortable on those long trips.

        • Phil

          @Xixzor, this isn’t a new Falcon. It’s the same one as before with some tiny tiny changes. Unless Falcon customers are really gullible and would buy one on the basis of a few bumper bar creases and new wheel stylings?

          Mostly familys going for the “thirsty” SUV go for Diesels which use less fuel than Falcon.

          Some want more than 5 seats, Falcon doesn’t offer that.

          There is not lots of room in the boot of Falcon, it has about the same bootspace as a little Honda City and far, far less than other wagons/4WDs.
          Being a sedan body only, Falcon must surely has the worst versatility of any family aimed car.

          Besides, kids don’t need lots of room because they are kids – which in case you haven’t noticed, are SMALLER than adults (though this is Australia – plenty of obese teenagers getting around).

          Plenty of power for towing in Falcon, pity the tiny 298mm brakes aren’t fade free (even without a trailer). Most Falcons aren’t even fitted with towbars.

          • chook

            Phil…..get it right , most cars have towbars as options , same as my FG….Your credibility now is totally gone !!

          • chook

            Are you trying to say that FGs arent available with towbars as an option ?????….or brembo brakes incase needed ?? ….I obviously had the choice of brembos and decided theyre not needed . If i had my time again i wouldnt change my choice , and no , im not a sedate driver as youre now ready to suggest !!

          • Phil

            Chook can you read?

            This is what I said:

            “MOST Falcons aren’t even fitted with towbars”

            Do you know what the word “MOST” means?
            It means a higher number/majority, which in context means some Falcons ARE fitted with towbars.

            Do you know what the word “OPTION” means? It means there is a choice – which in context, means Falcon buyers have the choice of a Tow bar or not. Most Falcons do not have Tow Bars fitted, meaning most Falcon buyers do not want to tow.

          • DE

            Phil, we get the fact that you are a fanboy of something else (Commodores and Daewoos with Lion badges from memory), and that YOU hate Fords. But please enough of the cr*p!
            The Falcon brakes DO NOT HAVE FADE PROBLEMS. Forget specs and look at real world performance, they just don’t have the fade problems that you claim.
            A spirited drive down through the hills on Sat, then towed a loaded tandem trailer down the same 16 km down hill stretch on Sun proved that the Falcon’s brakes are not only fade free, but in fact bluddy brilliant.

          • Phil

            @DE, theres a few things you can do;
            Read some of the Motor magazines where they attempted to get lap times in Falcons. Several articles where they mentioned that Falcon cannont even finish it’s first lap without getting brake fade.

            Have a look inside the wheels at the brakes. They are TINY. I think they are 298mm on the current model and earlier models from the 1990s are puny 276mm. Also Ford fits a plastic rim between the outside of the wheel and the brakes to keep brake dust off the outside of the rim – and keep hot air inside on the brakes and cool air out!
            Once you’ve had a look, then compare Falcon with, well even the Mondeo – it comes with bigger brakes than Falcon.

            Finally, you could learn to drive. If you cant get a 1.7 Ton car with 195KW to experience brake fade – even if it were fitted with decent brakes, you obviously don’t have very spirited, spirited driving.

          • DE

            So your argument is solely based on the (often biased) reports from a magazine, based on a closed circuit track test. YOU actually don’t have ANY practical experience.

            Can’t recall the last time that I saw a plastic dust shield on a new Falcon, prob around 2006. Certainly the 18″ wheels on my XR6 doesn’t have them.

            Learn to drive? Me? Guarantee that I can drive very well thank you very much. Outside of the legal limits but within the realms of stupidity, 16 km of downhill bends, repeated 130 to 40 km/h braking failed to show ANY signs of brake fade.

            Mate, you are just full of it. You only know what you read in a magazine and you are wrong, let it go before you embarrass yourself even more.

          • Phil

            I’ve been on several trackdays DE, Falcon with standard brakes is useless on a track. But you don’t need to go there to get brake fade. I’ve had personal experience with brake fade in Falcons on public roads.

            Why do you think every other brand with cars a similar weight as Falcon, fit larger brakes?
            Are they all being wasteful and stupid by fitting bigger brakes?
            Can you think of a single other Falcon sized car that uses such small brakes? (I’ll save you, Commodore is almost as bad, but thats it).
            Yes repeated braking from 130km\h to 30km\h won’t yield any fade if you brake gently enough…

          • DE

            Phil, OK now you are just proving how biased and stoopid you really are.

            You are nothing but a keyboardjock who reads magazines.

            How in the heck do you expect to accelerate from 30km/h to 130km/h, then brake back down to 30km/h, on short stretches of road. To suggest that it’s done ‘gently’ to avoid brake fade just proves how inept your thinking is.

            Clearly you haven’t even driven an FG Falcon!

            YOU are a prime example why they should not allow unsupervised internet access at centres for ‘special’ people.

  • Mohamad is right when he says

    FG FPV MKII is what I’m looking out for

    • owoteva

      Black out the space under the headlights and I think you got the current FPV look

  • http://Porsche MB

    Perhaps they should have carried over the diesel motor from the Territory too.

    While they were addressing problems I hope they have doen something about the drivers seat….you just cant get it low enough.

    All in vain really, fiddling while Rome burns

    • Andy Evans

      No point putting the diesel into Falcon, it won’t get a good enough “green” score for fleets to buy it.

      Seats are carryover, and take some ownership of your comments – you can’t get the driver seat low enough, doesn’t mean that applies to me.

      Saw your Rome burning comment elsewhere and it’s just as meaningless here.

      • Andrew M

        I dont find a problem with the falcon seat height either.

        Yes, its very different to the commodore for eg, but when I drive a commodore I fell like I should be wearing a hat sideways with a sub woofer thumping.

        I personally like to see the road, and the Falcon position helps with that.

        • Jonty

          I agree the seating position is fine (am 6’4), just wish the steering wheel had more vertical adjustment.

          • Golfschwein

            I’ve just swapped my Golf for a BA sedan. It’s very difficult to find a comfortable driving position, so the only option is to get used to what you’ve got. I suspect the FGs are better in this regard.

    • Bangel

      Spot on MB thats the TAXI seating position , its always been a negative with falcoons , makes you feel like a cockatoo on a perch , not a good look or feel .

  • Ford Fairlane

    Go Little Bro

  • tonyn

    they should of gone diesel instead of the turbo 4……

    • Andy Evans

      Fleets with a “4 cylinder/buy Australia only” policy currently have a choice of a/Camry or b/Camry.

      Very few fleets (where 80%+ of falcadores go) buy diesels..

      • Trouble

        4 Cyl/Aus only – Add Cruze to that list

        • Ben

          WHY? Cruze is a dog.
          Fleets don’t just want cheap and nasty, they need reliability and user comfort. Cruze just does not stack up.
          Our fleet has been there, gut burnt and moved on very quickly. Only to get the final insult of F-All resale! Falcons, Commodores, Camrys and Corollas ALL are light years ahead of the Daewoo designed (and mostly built) Cruze.

      • Dan

        SSShhhhhh…..Don’t tell the Qld government who have replaced Camrys with i45s next year. Korea is coming.

  • AA Ford Man

    Hey, I know its only early days, but download a photo of the new model, photoshop out the upper grille with the body colour (leave the ford badge), and look at what a stunner this car turns out to be! (Especially the dark blue G6E) Maybe Ford could do that somewhere down the track, perhaps……….

    • o

      Would have looked even better with the new Focus ST grill. should have made the headlights sleeker to.

  • ACV40R

    The XR luxury packs have all the gears i need…wish i have enough money to trade in my camry…

  • Bangel


    • paulb

      Very modern and funky is what you meant to say Bangel.You where here when the Falcon took the jcurve.

      • Bangel

        Flunky and boring , certainly not a modern looking car , now looks very 90’s , aussies are over the sedan , hello SUV and small sporty hatch , far more practical .

        They can pump LPI diesel and coal if they like into its veins but its a losing battle .

        • BoatAnchor

          Speak for yourself bunghole, we aren’t all rump rangers like you.

          • Bangel

            Try and understand that the falcoon will become a BOATANCHOR come 2014 , have a nice day down in the dunes .

          • BoatAnchor

            I think there is an oversupply of ballast at the moment seeing that vw are scrapping so many 1.4 twin charged hand grenades from your beloved fag chariot.

          • BoatAnchor

            Plenty of VW 1.4 twinchargers around to use as ballast at the moment.

        • Phil

          So true Bangel, people have moved away from the impractical and thirsty big sedan.

          • paulb

            Phil the Falcon is none of the above things you claim.LPI,Ecoboost,some people even tow things like Caravans,Trailers and boats and horse floats.

          • Phil

            Wow Paulb,

            So Falcon isn’t a Sedan? What is it then?

            It isn’t big? Well if it’s small, whats a Mini then?

            It is practical? What do you call a Tarago then?

            It isn’t Thirsty? What do you call a Prius then?

            And people haven’t moved away from Falcon? What do you call monthly sales drops of 8000 in 2002 down to 1500 in 2011?

          • paulb

            What is your daily drive Phil?

          • BoatAnchor

            1500 a month is more than Skoda will sell in a decade here.

          • Phil

            Wow Paulb and BoatAnchor, can you ever face the hard hitting questions rather than diverting?

            BTW Anchor, Skoda don’t make any of those models. Here’s a news flash for you; Mini is made by BMW, Prius/Tarago are made by Toyota and in case you didn’t know, Falcon is made by Ford!
            Also Skoda currently sells about 250 cars a month here with 2 models. So where did you go wrong in your maths? Did you think there were only 6 months in a decade?

          • Tomas79

            Boat-anchor, world wide, Skoda still totally smashes falcon’s total sales per month basis.. and that’s what counts in the end..

  • BP

    G6 MK2 looks worse than MK1. Such a big air intake.

  • Ox

    Very disappointing, bring on the Taurus based replacement I say

  • LSD

    Falcon and Mustang will share the Falcon platform making Mustang a much better car.This way the Falcon will still be built here. It will not be a FWD Taurus. This keeps everyone happy. Ho;den have large fleet contracts at the moment which is why they are still even making Commodores. Ford will pick up huge sales when EcoBoost arrives so Commodore will have a serious sales drop then. Ford decided to drop making Focus here because it was a bad business decision. With dollar being so high they would have lost alot of money on it. Holden will not make the Daewoo Cruze here for very long as it is and will never be a good business decision. Falcon is and always will be a far better car than a Commode, people who bag them on here are just very biased and really they have no idea about cars at all.

    • Trouble

      I hope you’re right about the shared Falcon/Mustang platform, but I think a more realistic scenario will be a taurus-based large car “Assembled” here, alongside a fully-imported Mustang available in showrooms as some sort of consolation prize.

      • o

        you know id be happy with that, I’ve only heard good things with the taurus

    • Bangel

      Come 2014 its all over , HAIL THE TAURUS FWD , the falcon will then be put out to pasture .

      There is only enough sales to warrant one large car maker in OZ and it will be the crummer .

      • Charger

        your are truly an idiot if the Falcon is dropped the commodore will be dropped as well,One cant work without the other all the parts supply etc will also close they need both to be in production for the Aust indusrty to exist.

        But what ever you will still flog on about Euro fwd 1.9 puss box’s being the answer to the worlds problems

        • Bangel

          Thats the future retro man , so the crummer goes they still got the crude being assembled here .

          If both companies read the market earlier they would have moved out of the falling dino market years ago .

          By the way i love the new defender design , thats what a modern car should look like , they will sell very well , maybe they can make them in OZ , no better still india .

    • Mark

      Having just traded my FG xr6 turbo on a VE series 2 SV6 wagon,i think i can add to the commodore versus falcon debate.
      There both very good cars.I test drove a passatt wagon and thought it handled and whent like a boat.
      Never liked commodores but the series 2 is a real nice drive.
      I think handling and steering are very similar in both cars.Subtle differences.The 4 litre turbo with the ZF is the superior drive(but its a turbo).
      Build quality is better in the commodore.Theres no noises in it and everything works perfectly.
      My falcon suffered from noisy faulty windows,and an anoying exhaust rattle.
      What sold me was the interior.Love the new SV6 interior and seats.Much more comfortable and instruments far easier to read.
      Would have loved a xr6 turbo wagon LPi,with a nicer interior.The climate control on the FG is a disaster to use.

      • Rick Patterson

        Falcon needs a wagon and they should be a first and make it available with 7 seats I’d buy one

  • Noel

    just hired a Falcon XR 6 and drove down south for 3 days in WA, I was amazed at the fuel, 8.1l/100k’s and I wasn’t being gentle with it. Honestly this car deserves so much more but the marketing is just letting it down so much.

    • paulb

      You dont truly appreciate a car like Falcon Noel to you hit the open road.

      • Jack

        That is the truth.

    • Phil

      8.1L\100km on a highway cruise? That’s supposed to be appreciated?

      THATS SHOCKING economy!

      What is with Australians?

      • xixzor

        Hell, if you jump on the throttle of any old buzzbox too hard out on the open road, pulling 5000 revs, you will probably get more than that anyway, and then get cramps from being couped up, and won’t be able to enjoy your destination, and wont be able to take anything there cause you didn’t have enough space….

        • Phil

          What old Buzzboxs? Gives us some examples of models and their fuel economy.
          Falcon has barely anymore bootspace than some other small cars like Honda City.
          Normal, non obese people would fit into front seats comfortably in basically all small cars. Most small cars offer just as much front seat space as large cars (some small cars like Jazz offer far more headroom), but obviously rear seat space can be compromised.

          Anyway you don’t need to go small to get good economy. 8.1L\100km is terrible economy for a large car on a highway cruise! Skoda Octavia Diesel uses less than half that.

          • BoatAnchor

            Who’d want to drive a skoda on a long drive? To the cemetery perhaps? Ever driven anything on a long drive in the country? With all the pencilnecks like you to overtake doing 20 under the limit trying to hypermile your p00fmobile so you can brag to your lovers at the manscapers, 8l/100k is good.

          • Phil

            “Who’d want to drive a skoda on a long drive?”

            Well maybe former Falcon buyers? With monthly Falcon sales down from 8000 per month, to 1500 a month (in a overall market that’s actually grown), there are plenty of former Falcon buyers who are obviously purchasing elsewhere.

            8L\100km is good for a open road cruise?
            What do you think of cars that use 4L\100km on open road cruise?
            How thirsty does a car get before you consider it’s consumption to be bad?

            Chook, On what basis did you decide that I want ALL Australian manufacturing to fail?
            I want Australian to manufactuer products that are useful, sustainable and that people actually want.
            Ford Australia does not meet any of that criteria with Falcon and only soldiers on through constant government fund injections.

          • paulb

            Also produces 10 times as much NOx your skoda.Smog and acid rain.

          • xixzor

            Errr-Because the Skoda Octavia is a “Diesel”? Try comparing like with like, what does the petrol version get? As to any old car, smaller engines have to work faster (3000 rpm) to provide the power to get up hills, overtake and such. On a country drive, as many modern Europeans do, with a smaller engine there is compromise between power and efficiency in the gear ratios, having a tall ratios provides better economy, having a shorter ones give you a zippier engine. Whereas an unstressed engine in an Australian car like the Falcon does not have to work nearly as hard to keep up speed or overtake. For a 4.0L Engine, 8 litres per 100 Kilometres is very good.

          • Phil

            @ paulb, right so Australia has been using thousands of big, thirsty, dirty and unregulated Diesel Trucks and Locomotives for decades. These being used in commercial applications often cover up to 200,000kms a year each.
            Yet what we really need to worry about, is a handful of efficient diesel cars – that were produced under euro5/6 regulations with particle filers and are used privately covering around 15,000kms per year.
            I do love your logic paulb, and as usual, you ignored the topic at hand and did your usual diversion tactics instead of actually addressing the topic.

            @xixzor, petrol Skoda would use about 5.0L\100km on a normal highway cruise. They come with a 7 speed gearbox, why would there be a compromised between short and long ratios, 7 is more than enough for a few low ratios for quick acceleration and a few tall ratios for efficient cruising.

      • chook

        8.1 is ok ,til we try to skimp and judge a car only by its fuel usage . We are not a third world country where fuel usage comes first before anything else . Of course Phil , by now we all know you want all manufacturing in Australia to fail , hence sending us on the way to being third world !!

  • Andrew M

    Have they canned the R6 ute??

    As for the XR6 ute coming with sports bar standard…..still out on that one, should probably keep it as an option.

    What about those who want a canopy or hard lid, or custom racks??

    Im sensing a lot of Falcon sports bars showing up on Ebay

    • Andrew M

      And also LSD standard……
      Do people care about that stuff anymore??
      Ive had one with LSD, then one without LSD (My current one)And I believe LSD does made a nice difference, but “most” people care about technology nowdays and I reckon they have put money on something that will go largely un noticed.
      But good on them for upping the kit with some unusual extras

  • Gabriel

    You think they could put a diesel in the Ute ?

    • Andrew M


  • me-all-day

    This will mean they will have to further slash the price of exisiting stockpiles of Falcons.
    What about flat tyre sensors Ford? Particularly, stick them in the LPI Falcon so you dont need a spare tyre and can use the goo kit instead.
    Lastly, I hope they have done something to strip a few more kilos out of the beast. She is becomming a porker these days – well over 1700Kgs! Almost SUV weight!

    • Alex

      The aluminium front suspension and aluminium V8 (in FPV) saved 50kgs across the range from BA…

      • me-all-day

        Awesome, but when did the BA Falcon come out? 3 Models ago – instead of reducing weight in subsequent models, they are always heavier. The simplest and smartest way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions is to reduce weight.
        With more and more people downsizing cars for these exact reasons it beggars belief that automotive companies are not reducing weight!
        If they did this in conjunction with engine development then we’d see truely impressive savings. I just cannot comprehend why this isn’t a priority for all manufacturers.

        • davie

          These models design are usually signed off years in advance of manufacture.

          fuel used to be relatively cheap…

          Having said that, almost 2 tonnes for a family sedan is quite a lot of weight.

          • Stevefreestyle

            So an SUV tank is lighter and smaller ??? What planet are you on?

        • Jack

          I think cutting weight isn’t a priority, because consumers keep demanding more safety and electronic gizmos in their cars, adding weight. For example, ED Falcons were around 1500kg, some 200kg lighter but missed out on airbags all round and bluetooth, etc… The lighter weight of the simpler, older car makes for similar fuel economy.

    • Dave S

      I thought weight was a reflection of its strenth and duribility. Also lets compare, I am pretty sure the 5 series and E class weight more.

      • Phil

        1650KGs for 190KW BMW 528i automatic weighed by Euro1 standard which includes full fuel tank, 68KG driver and 10KGS luggage. Gets 8.0L\100km ADR.
        Bit of a porka over the E60 BMW 530i it replaced which was only 1540Kgs.

        1704KGS for Falcon XT Automatic and no mention by Ford whether it includes a driver, full fuel or luggage – so I expect it’s empty. Guzzles 9.9L\100km which according to Australians is fantastic.

        • Phil

          Just checked the E class, the 200KW E350 is also 1650KGs. It’s engine is about to be replaced by a smaller Turbo 6, so should get a little lighter soon.

          • Karl

            Err Phil you should check again.
            According to the Merc Aus website, the E350 has 210kw and a kerb weight or 1711kgs (Falcon is 1704kg).
            Lets not forget that the Falcon has a cast-iron 4 litre inline 6 in its nose.

            That means the falcon is *lighter* than the E350, even with that engine, let alone the ecoboost engine.

            Furthermore, the falcon is rated to tow 2300kg (with a ball weight of 230kg) and could achieve a 5 star ANCAP even without side air bags.
            Despite all this, some people insist of the ‘Australian cars *must* be inferior to European cars’ mantra.
            The reality is that they are extremely competitive, even before you consider cost and other challenges faced by the local manufactures(like comparatively small production numbers and limited R+D budgets).

          • Phil

            Err Karl you should check again.

            Falcon needed side airbags to achieve a 5 star ANCAP rating. What did you think – FG only came with 2 airbags? It’s been four airbags from the start and lots of cars achieve 5 star ratings with 4 airbags (some needed 6). Not a single car has ever achieved a 5 star NCAP rating with just two airbags.

            With Falcons micro sized 298mm discs (even Mondeo gets bigger brakes!), I don’t think you would want to tow 2300kgs. Judging by the lack of tow bars fitted to Falcons, most owners don’t tow anything at all anyway.

            As for the E class, its listed on redbook’s data as being 1650KGs.
            It’s still more powerful and fuel efficient than Falcon despite it’s imminent replacement by a new 3.5 224KW engine coming that supposedly will have a 7.X fuel rating.
            Also the E class has been a 5 star safety car since 2002. Falcon lagged another 6 years.

          • BoatAnchor

            How much price difference is there between the falcon and the euros phildo? Dealer service costs? Resale $ loss (not percentages, actual dollars) insurance? Tyres?

          • Phil

            @BoatAnchor, Karl said Australian cars were “competative with Europeans even before you consider costs”.

            The fact that you are now asking for prices, suggests that they are not competative unless prices are brought into the equation?

          • Karl

            Phil, the fact remains that the Falcon is lighter, yet still has the inherent strength to have a much higher tow rating,
            while having an almost identical crash rating to the E class (34.88 vs 34.61).
            When ever towing more then 750kg, the trailer needs its own brakes. No issues there.
            My mistake regarding the airbags.

            Ironically I’ve just had another look and the E350 does make 200kw, not 210(I was looking at the top speed).

            Did you also notice that the E350 needs 95, while the Falcons power and economy numbers are using normal unleaded? It’s false economy. (In reality you’d be crazy to buy the petrol Falcon over the LPi).

            All this from a car that costs a third of an E class.
            It really strikes me that you are so determined to not give credit where credits due.

          • Phil

            Incorrect Karl,

            Falcon is not lighter than the outgoing E350. Ford is using Kerb weight with full tank of Fuel (click on the ? next to the weight on Fords website).
            Mercedes as with most European cars, its weight is by European Directive 95/48/EC which is Kerb weight + 90% full fuel, 68KG driver and 7kgs luggage. This would put it at least 50KGs lighter than Falcon.
            Not to mention that the E350 is a mid range model that would be loaded with plenty of useless electronic gizmos, whereas your using the bottom of the range Falcon with minimal extras. A G6 would be more closely loaded with kit to a E350 and would be heavier again.
            And again, this is a old E350. A new version is already on sale elsewhere with a much better engine. Australia as usual has to wait.

            Did you forget about the BMW 528i?

          • Karl

            The E class is a smaller car (4868mm vs 4955mm), this needs to be taken into account.
            While we’re on the topic of new engines, I think it’s safe to say that going from a cast iron inline 6 to an alloy 2 litre 4 cylinder should shed that 50kg.
            What about the 5?

          • BoatAnchor

            The thing is phildo, weight reduction while maintaining structural strength costs money. Aluminium and magnesium parts are more expensive as is high tensile steel and complex 3d shapes to improve strength. A car that costs twice the price should be a lot more than a few kg higher and same safety score.

        • Frank

          Haha, Merc and BMW quality has turned to trash since the 90s. Only aspirational bogans like Phil would bother talking them up, even though they won’t be able to afford them anyway with their CentreLink pay.

          • Phil

            Nice work Frank, you turn a discussion about facts, into personal slurs that have zero basis. To top it off, you even give yourself the thumbs up!

  • Wil-son

    Just an observation, there were more comments were put up on the Top Gear Australia axing than the new FG Falcon. That tells me australia really doesn’t give too much of a hoot about big aussie cars!!
    Shame, the Falcon is a really great product for an awesome price. Look at an G6E Turbo compared to say a large german 6cylinder like the Audi A6, and so on. Yes the High end euro cars are well built and refined, but they use ZF built boxes, and other bits too. And at twice the price is are they twice as good???? I love the 5 Series and E class, but i’d buy a G6E Turbo and save the cash!!

    • nickdl

      Well I think the Falcon is actually winning in the most comments now. In fact, Fords and Holdens tend to get many, many more comments than any other car on this site.

  • http://caradvice Onepoppa

    Car Advice, why are all comments that are less than effusive hidden from initial view? If they were a little personal I could understand, but here they are just from people who recognise that, good or bad, the Falcon has been left too long without Ecoboost 4 cylinder or diesel – or both.

  • Brett

    Unless I’m mistaken but I can’t see dusk sensing headlights and rain sensing wipers on any of these models. My 09 Lancer has them so I’m surprised they didn’t add these features when almost all other new models coming on to the market have them. Not a big issue but otherwise I’m pretty impressed with the update.

    • zandit

      Falcon already has the dusk sensing headlight. It has been standard since BA MKII.
      Rain sensing wipers are just for the lazy people, and on my wifes old 08 VRX Lancer, they would activate if we went through a dust cloud! The last thing you need to help scratch your windscreen. Also the stupid things would activate when ever we backed out of the driveway. Stupid system.

      • me-all-day

        Had them on a VW – they worked reasonably well. If it was raining and you put it in reverse, they’d automatically switch on the rear wiper. It would also always put the aircon in recirc whenever you put it in reverse so you didn’t suck the exhaust fumes in. The other feature was the computer would warn you if one tyre was spinning at a different speed to the others – ie. flat tyre. Clever really, yet so simple. Wish Ford would implement these features yet they think everybody wants an 8 inch touch screen instead??? Personally, no thanks. Only more troubles ($$$) if they break!

        • DE

          Rain sensing wipers are for stoopid lazy people, and the falcon pretty much has all of the rest. The traction control does flash if you have a deflating tyre.

      • Andy

        Not true my mate has a BF XR6 and it doesn’t have them he has always on headlamps which come on with the car but you can still override this function and leave the head lamps on not like in a Commodore.

        • Andrew M

          So are you saying your mates car doesnt have auto lights, but rather lights that are permanantly on??

          Is it an ex fleet?
          Ive heard that some fleets activate some sort of lights on feature for safety. I think Telstra used to do it……..

          But either way it is a fact that Auto lights came in on BA MK11. His must be modified

          • Karl

            ‘Lights on’ feature(when the car is switched on) is listed as an accessory on the website.

          • DE

            Optional accessory sometimes specified by fleets.

            One of the biggest causes of flat batteries in Commodores because they don’t up-rate the headlight relay which then can leave the headlights on with the ignition off. You then have to repeatedly start-stop the car till they go off (if you notice them on that is).

    • Frank

      A true drivers car won’t bother with gizmos for lazy and incompetent drivers. I stay well clear of the VWs with automatic reverse/parallel parking, their drivers really shouldn’t have that if they can’t parallel park a small hatchback on their own.

      • Phil

        Funny that Frank, the Focus is probably the best drivers car in the “small” hatchback segment and guess what? It’s avaliable with automatic parking too.

        You’d better start staying away from Fords too.

  • Don Quay

    I’m surprised that there doesn’t appear to be a driver’s knee airbag available like the Territory has. Why is this so? I would have thought that would be a given.

  • Alex

    Zzzzzzzzz n Zzzzzzzz
    Not a lot of difference 2 older model……

    • Dave S

      But it is a series 2…you dont expect much change.

    • Ben

      Alex you must be totally miffed at Holden’s pathetic effort then. This is the most visually different series 2 change that I can recall. Everyone will know that it’s a series 2 on the road, or in the neighbours driveway. Can’t say that I can even pick a series 2 Commodore on the road.

  • carlos

    I won’t get attracted. It looks worse. They should get the new Ford design, the “Aston Front lookalike” from US.

  • John Citizen

    why do the XR6’s look the same with only 1 enhancement the projector lights?

    • Alex

      I suggest you compare the two models side by side, the front bar is completely different

  • Robj

    When will XR8 and G8 return??? We need that now..

    • Frostie

      I reckon the G8 has been replaced by the FPV GS. They’re about the same price. But the GS doesn’t have the same styling features that a non FPV G series Falcon would have.

  • Troy Splann

    hmm looks okay in all variand but the blue xr6…. font doesnt look right with xr lights, should have used territory lights!

  • xr6

    Things seem to be falling in to place well for the Falcon.Improvments all round,looks styling,new engine and LPG technologys.Really like the Terry Style ICC,larger and better aligned to road vision.

  • iNoob

    why on earth do they NOT change that steering wheel><!!! thats the only thing which YELLS TAXIIII soon as I see one of them… C'mon..

    • Andrew M

      Are you sure its not the other way round and its Taxis that scream Falcon??

      • paulb

        Andrew my nephew just bough a FG xr8 ute.30k with 18,000 on the clock he lives in Kalgoolie.Had a drive the other day,6speed manual.Twiceleft the traffic lights in 3rd gear and didnt know,that 5.4 boss has awsome torque.

  • realcars

    Go Falcon the Great Australia Road Car.

    Tigers winning and new Falcon upgrade. All is right with the world!

    • Catteryguy

      What TIGERS????

    • Hugh Jorgan

      So it’s your fault tigers lost.

      • GB

        Go the Warriors!!

        • GeelongCats

          Go the Cats!!!!

          • paulb

            Eagles will give you a good game next week.

          • GeelongCats

            Cats will SMASH eagles, just like we SMASHED collingwood.

          • Phil

            Are all you people amused by watching other men (who are wearing short shorts), run around “bumping” into each other whilst playing with a ball?

          • Ben

            Well Phil it’s called “sport” and many people participate as well as watch it.

            Far better than the amusing yourself in bedroom like you do! I bet you’ve got internet access in the bedroom with C/A on one window and poooorn on another.

          • paulb

            Go the Cats,hope Stevie J plays.

          • Ford

            Cats for GF!

  • Jim Goose

    The changes will not really help sales.This is a great car but Ford needs to accept that the Falcon has peaked. It will never return to XE/XF sales levels. I wonder if they can ride out the next four or five years with this model and stay afloat. Their next model will sure need to make up some lost ground. No wagon,no V8,no Fairlane….truly the CM Valiant of our time.

    • Jack

      Consolidation of variants certainly following the CM Valiant path – a wagon with EcoLpi or EcoBoost would sell… They were the only company who offered a front bench seat too, using the full width of the large car (till ’02). The Fairlane/Statesman segment has now shrunk to untenable levels here, which is a pity for they are superlative open road cars and Australians seem to have turned their backs on this. And no V8 in the Falcon range when GM sells such a large percentage as V8’s… the spirit of Bill Bourke is needed, now.

  • sequential

    Drove a G6 the other day for a few hours, stunned at how well the car drove I had clearly forgotten how well these cars are on an open road, just beautiful to drive….then the side plastic fell off the door! I was a huge Holden fan until I got sick of using contact glue and rubber sealant to hold the cars together. It appears both Holden and Ford have still not grasped the whole build quality thing yet.
    Love the Falcon but despite being a lovely torquey engine the big 4.0 loves a drink and new tech diesels just do it alot better. I do love the 19’s on the Turbo, far better than the shiny crap (hot wheels) on Holdens red line cars!

  • Mark

    The whole Australian private buyer market is switching to small/medium sedan and compact suv crossovers, only fleets still have room for Falcon and Comm.
    we want small but powerful efficient engines,cheap hybrid or clean diesel would be great, 6speed auto and reasonable priced interior technology ( don’t try to push a $3000 sat nav or $2000 panoram moonroof), 5star safety, and comfortable seat ! How hard this could be for Fold Holden or Toyota to produce these kind of cars locally ?
    And for those still have passion for comm and falcon, sad news is Ford’s company goal is One Ford Globally. Which they are progress this rapidly , they even sold out all shares in Volvo
    and Mazda , which they are not bad assets, Ford is cutting their brand , platform and this is happening , Ford Australia has no future unless they can push Falcon to overseas market which I seriously don’t see this coming because large petro power sedan is not popular anywhere. This is what will happen to Holden as well, I even have bad feeling that GM will kill the brand and then bring Chevy and Buick instead.

    I love Australia, we are so lucky to live here, Australia is truly wonderful country, yes our manufacty industry is dying, this happens to all the deveolped nations , Japan, USA, western European, Canada. And all the manufactory are shifting to china and India , so what? We can move on to information technology , bioscience, etc! And all those people who hate made in
    china things, you know what , they are building excellent cars now, sooner or later Australian will accept them jut like we did to Japanese in 70s and Hyundai recently .
    Ford Australia , so goodbye to them will you ?

  • A

    I think it looks angry. A good kind of angry. Like.. F*&k you for killing me off!! 😀

  • tothegolfscodapeugeotaudibmwmercesdesdiesellovers

    The Ford Falcon is one of the best cars for its price. ive driven both Commodore and Falcon (im not a holden or ford man) and the falcon is simply the better car. it would be a shame to kill it off – we need choice, not everyone is a yuppie wannabe metrosexual tight arse trying to milk the last 0.001ml/100km in their 789.65kg (fully loaded with 9 people and all their luggage plus the golf clubs…) supposedly trendy European four cylinder, quadruple turbo diesel hatchback….get a life!!!!

  • Chris

    So this is the bogans new taxi huh?
    Still the same old archaic dinosaur I see

    • Hal

      one that you will not likely be able to afford i see

    • Jamezolu

      to what medium or large car are you saying the Falcon or Commodore, for that matter, is a dinosaur? 

      And then when you say what it is …. please list the items that the Falc/Commy is archaic on in comparison terms ….

  • Insider

    This will be Falcons last swan song

    Mark my words where Ford is heading world wide, there will be no Falcon from 2014

    They WILL go a front wheel drive make-over of a Taurus

    • Phil

      OH Dear, you will get thumbed down for that.

      Readers here hate getting a slap of reality.

      • chook

        Phil……If Taurus happens here , then will you be disgusted by the all wheel drive version because the rear wheels are powered also ? . Obviously no one can argue with that unless they want burnouts !! . Remember , the current taurus is heavier than the current falcon , so why are you waiting for the taurus ?

        • Phil

          As usual chook, you make no sense at all.
          Overall chassis tuning/design is more important than the position of the driven wheels.
          Why would I be waiting for Taurus? The only thing I am waiting for, is a end to government funds being used to prop up a unwanted white elephant.

          Do you give youself the thumbs up?

          • chook

            Yes ….I do give myself the thumbs up . Im glad to see my tax dollars helping manufacturing here and im also glad to see yours doing the same !!…..assuming you pay any tax !!….your the one who makes no sense !! , just look at all the red votes you get on all your comments . As i have told you before , you are a waste of space on this particular website , and likely also in this country…you just dont fit in with your wierd ideas !!

          • Catteryguy

            Shut up American!!

          • Jack

            Phil, do you not see every other manufacturing country using policy or using govt funds to prop up their own white elephants? It takes many forms, from currency pegging, tariffs, assistance, corporate welfare, to the lack of regulations, labor entitlements, environmental laws. Australians are cheering their own industries into extinction while other countries are nurturing theirs, unleashing recent currency wars which are distorting the entire world economy.

          • Rick Patterson

            I would much rather them give funds to companies in Australia to help our manufacturing sector create jobs ,revenue etc than continue to give money to other countries in world aid, we have enough problems here without taking on other countries stuff ups as well

    • awsome

      they plan it but never DO IT!!

  • brad


  • Lambo

    The good thing about this is that the FPV models will need to use a re-styled front bumper as it looks like Ford took their existing lower grille.

    I am still dissapointed. As a current owner of an FG I was really hoping Ford would strip some weight out the car, maybe even insert new front pews so they can adjust to a LOWER seating position, and I hope the eco boost engine still provides the same power and grunt but in a less “lazy’ way than the current engine does. So while I wait (forever) I just stick with my Fiesta Zetec which drives better, has a much better driving position, and is far more fun to drive, and has a hatch so I can fit large items into it unlike the boot of my falcon.

  • Losso

    FORD PLEASE bring back the RTV !!!!

    Best ute ever made…. what happened to the ute that ticked ALL the boxes?

  • ron

    What was also omitted here is that this car has a new set of headlights meaning that the short beams are PROJECTOR LIGHTS instead of REFLECTORS.

    This gives a car a new look.

    The new I6 4.0L is further tuned, however mechanically identical to the current FG I6.

    It will make 212kW at 6000rpm and 425Nm of torque at 2500-3500rpm.

    This is thanks to a brand new computer software that will manage the engine that is already in existence.

    As we know the current model makes 205kW and 420Nm on premium 98 octane fuel.

    With MkII it will make 212kW/425Nm as above on just 91 octanes. This proves the fact that this engine has a lot of untapped resources. Where on 98 according to two insiders it will push 225kW and close to 440Nm putting it in very potent category and with the new 7 speed French automatic it is claimed will do 6s 0-100km/h while the G6E and XR6 N/A will do 5.7s with a new 9 speed ZF from Germany a $12000 option. Final drivers are lower at 2.24:1 and not 2.73:1 as they used to be. They are all single spinners including the XR6 Turbo where its power remains at 270kW yet torque rises to 640Nm from 533Nm? how is this achieved? power static yet torque UP UP UP???????????

    So in summary we can expect.

    New projector lights on G6E and XR models.
    212kW/425Nm from a standard N/A engine
    270kW/640Nm from an XR6 Turbo engine (F6 however makes 350kW yet only 600Nm?????????????? but from 1100rpm to 6800rpm flat versus XR6 Turbo 640Nm from 1750 to 5750rpm)

    new 7 speed frensh designed american made auto (same as the 5 speeder yet with 2 more cogs, one between 3rd and 4th and 4th and 5th , making the 7th 0.71 final drive at 2.24:1 final diff ration 100km/h speeds are expected at 1100rpm when clutch is locked in 7th gear.

    You get a car that is essentially the same as the current model, but improved with bits and pieces that make it a lot prettier and smarter. What i do not understand why is the 9 speed ZF a $12000 option.
    When i drove it , it felt like a 6 speed ZF that i have in my 5.4L BF 2005 Fairmont Ghia that now happily has reached only 290,000km and the last time i changed transmission oil was at 185,000km, still going.

    So there ya go Folks

    • Phil

      I quote from the article:

      “Power outputs remain the same for all models”

      9 speed gearbox? What have you been smoking?

    • Jimmy Too

      does anyone know what this guy is on about?

  • ron

    and i have failed to note:

    the I6 will get new set of coil on plugs, the front rotors will be borrowed from a previous BF XR8 MkII including calipers, new 17″ steels will be available for Utes to accommodate the new caliper size.

    The car will not have DIRECT INJECTION. Everything is mechanically identical apart from ECU software and coil on plugs as far as engine is concerned.

    An engineer told me that also the rear springs are 15% stiffer, the front ones are the same for the XT. This improves handling as early XT was a bit bouncy and like a boat or almost… like a boat.


  • ron

    also to note , i just received an sms , its 110km/h (maximum so far fixed legal speed in the country) that the car will do just 1100rpm at 110km/h in 7th top gear.

    This for every model from XT to G6, the 9 speed ZF however will do similar as its final is 0.75 at 2.24:1 final single spinner diff ratio.

    the 5.0L supercharged will remain with its 6 speed ZF and the diff will change from 2:73 to 3.55 making it worse as the RPM will rise to 2200rpm in 6th at highway speeds but provide better take off as the new models will have 255mm front and 295 rears, the boost is upped to 370kW/680Nm.

    that is why.

    • Frostie

      WOW – I wish I had links and insider details like you.

      (no sarcasm intended)

      • Karl

        I’m not sure if I believe him or not?
        Disgruntled employee maybe? lol

    • Joker

      If this information is true, incredible. 7 Speed gearbox with a final ration spinning RPM’s @m 1100? Economy should be great!

      • Rick Patterson

        I think you’ll find he’s full of crap

  • PoisonEagle

    While I desperately want to believe ron as a Ford fan, why would ford oz have access to a 9 speed ZF when Bentley, BMW etc only have the 8? Maybe it’s a typo because the final drive numbers etc seem consistent. If you’re lying ron, you’re a very sad person.
    6cyl computer etc is plausible because ECOLPi development would have yielded some gains for the six.
    Also $12 000 option would be prohibitive on a locally built vehicle, unless its a stand alone model. Is there any evidence to suggest a second press release on FG2 is on the way? If thats bs then screw you ron.

    • Rick Patterson

      Ford was working with ZF and chyrsler to design an 8 speed trans . However ford pulled out when they decided “a transmission of this design will be surplus to our needs with our future products ” since then Chrysler went ahead on their own and that trans will soon be available in the upcoming Chrysler 300c . As for a nine speed I can’t find any info on anyone doing one let alone ford . Hope this helps

  • Rick

    There seems to be a lot on here about fords future in my opinion the Ecoboost is the first step in moving the falcon to a front drive baurus however the upside is that some other companies might enter Australia ie Nissan skyline Hyundai genisis and most importantly the incredible car that is the dodge charger so if ford want to loose even more market share then stop making the falcon here if they want to stay a major player here they better start advertising their cars better the pr guys on falcon should be sacked they are absolutely useless just a side note I think the current falcon is one of the best cars in the world no matter the price

  • geyser

    Aston Martin should get royalties from Ford for stealing their grille……….. oh hang on…… didnt they own them.

    • Dave S

      I bet Ford wish they did not sell Aston Martin

  • ron

    correction everybody.

    its an 8 speed mid range variant of a ZF gearbox, its torque capacity is 650Nm for all stock XTs, G6s, G6Es and turbos across the board.

    the 7 speed is a French designed box, just as the 5 speeder, this one helps with mid range acceleration and increases economy as revs drop down when the torque converter utilises its clutch at the full lock up it will do 1050rpm at 100km/h at 100km/h with out a single shake or rattle.

    that is according to the info.

    the typo was indeed with the 9 speed ZF, the 11 speed ZF is coming in 2015, who needs that many gears anyway.

    The new VF Commo will have a 7 speed with a 3.9L SIDI V6, 3924cc … i wonder why haven’t they made it a flat 4.0L V6?

    CHEERS TO YA ALL enjoy, and the power figures wont remain the same, they will go up, engine will however mechanically stay the same and identical.

  • Aydza

    I think the xr8 will be back, the reason why they have removed it is because of emission standards that the 5.4L v8 cannot produce. So they are going to put the 5.0L out of the FPV Falcon GT (But tune it down)so that it suits emission standards. I have read this information before but I can’t remember where.

  • Aydza

    sorry they will put the 5.0L in the xr8 and reduce the power output

  • PoisonEagle

    ron I think you’re full of it mate. Why would Ford hold back details in their press release? Even if it’s the facelift of the FG you’re referring to, I can’t see where they’d find the budget to get all these things. Troll.

  • PoisonEagle

    That was aimed at ron and his grandiose claims.

  • HandBrake

    i’m thinking that anyone that likes both holden and ford will buy one of these over the minimally changed 2012 commodore, i would any of these models in my driveway

  • CyberMango

    Hey Ron, how can you claim that the Falcon MkII will have a ZF 8-speed gearbox available. Where do you get this info?

    I still think Ford needs to produce an ecoLPI XR6 Turbo, and sack management who cant hear the cries of all the customers who want one.

    Bye the way I would buy 2!

  • PoisonEagle

    I must admit ZF 8 speed would give Falcon a massive boost and advantage over Commodore. It’s feasible because when BF came out, they kept the same calibration as BMW 5 series for the 6-speed, the contract will probably be extended. If Ford has the new american in house 6 speed no point importing an identical box from ZF… it must have come down in price by now ( 8spd) . I reckon it will be MY13, if at all…
    Then the doomsayers will eat crow once again!

    • Rick Patterson

      There wouldn’t be much of a gain with the ford using an 8 speed simply because their engines are very flexible ie they produce power and torque over a wide range, unlike say a 3.0l commodore which has a very peaky engine and a narrow torque band along with other small capacity engines . NOTE this is just an opinion and there are no facts to it other than my previous comment about ford pulling out of the 8 speed development

  • schah7

    Hey dont panic -Dave S- Ford still has a 10% stake in Aston Martin. As much as Ford Aust. doesn’t look particularly “rosy” despite having a very good line up of cars. Ford USA & Europe do which will eventually lead to Ford buying back Aston Martin as they were a few years ago.
    As everyone knows GM Corvette is not even in the same League as ASTON MARTIN.!
    Looking forward to it.!

  • Ron

    the Ford will make an 8 speed ZF standard across the range, the XT will get an american 7 speed ( direct derivative from an earlier 5 speed box ) …

    the car will have a 2.24:1 final ratio for the 8 speed and 2.53:1 for the 7 speed.

    some leaks tell me that when they tested the G6E with 8 speed N/A and the XT N/A the G6E despite being 28kg heavier bet the 7 speed French designed and American made XT by 200s of a second.

    This indicates that the new 8 speed ZF is very responsive , however I’d like to see the 13 speed in 2015, i think that the 13 speed is an overkill where the engineer told me that it would only use 7 gears out of 13, while on heavy acceleration and some situations of overtaking the shift strategy will use all 13 gears to extract the most power out of the rev range.

    the 10th, 11th and 12th are designed to be 250rpm apart extracting the most out of the motor, while the 13th gear is basically a top end, he said it can be compared as if the current 6 speed had a 7th and a half gear, that is how tall the 13th gear will be for 2015 3.7L direct injected Falcon MkIII the FC Falcon which is already being tested.

  • Ron

    The FC Falcon (they speculate) at the BBQs and parties say that it will be the first Ford Falcon six potter to produce 300kW as standard from a 3.7L direct injected V6 engine, however what i was shocked and disappointed to hear was that the engine will make just 460Nm of torq

  • Ron

    sorry to correct that

    over 300kW as stock and over 460Nm of torque

    the guy from usa told me that the power will be made at 7500rpm while the peak torque will range from 4000 to 6000rpm and it will be the first car to go beyond what the engine will make in torque per liter in its size in naturally aspirated form, but this is for 2015-2020.

    car will be expected to do 5.0s 0-100 stock no turbos or superchargers.

  • Frank





  • oracle

    TOO many running expenses on these new high tech cars…i mean dealerships make more on spare parts than sales of these models…Ill stick to my n13 pulsar (which i service myself)..and spare parts are cheap as chips at wreckers..why waste your money going from a-b…youll only look good doing it for a year…what a waste!!!

    • Car Fanatic

      So what you are saying is you can’t afford a new car.

      • oracle

        I aint wasting my money again..ive been through all that..B/S..BUY A CLASSIC or stick with your chitta..DONT BE FOOLED!!!

  • Car Fanatic

    Oh and Ron, just so you know, the Duratrec 3.7 Ford engine with VCT ( latest incarnation) is good for 227 KW and 380 NM.

    That’s along way off your 300kw monster engine.

  • Montana

    Anti FORD people say what you like. One thin is for sure. My FG GTP will be worth more than any HSV in 20 years time.
    History shows that the XY GT is worth more than a HQ MONARO.

  • Evroulli

    Guys. The series 2 is also focusing very heavily on refinement.
    All the seals and insulation is getting upgraded and is expected to be far quieter and will be more luxurious.
    About time Ford did this.
    I am definitely going to test drive the new G6E turbo when it hits the showroom.
    I do not like the VE calais. Not very refined and crap build quality.
    My VZ clubsport is quieter inside and also much smoother.

  • Tony

    Had a 30,000 km service on my 2010 GE6 some time ago. Dealer called me and told me that my etherlene glycol level was down to 14% and they would have to flush and replace. Told them that I was in the lubricants business and I knew a bit about these products. Asked if the fluid level was down. Answer no. So no leaks. No.  So how could the e/gycol be low if no fluid had escaped the system? How did you find out? Well we use a stick and dip it into the system. How long have you been doing this as I had three AU’s with high k’s and a BF with 180,000kms on the clock when sold? Never had this occurr. Oh we have only been doing it for the FG’s. Not the BA’s or BFs’? No. Then you have been supplied with a batch or batch(s) with low e/glycol. Answer “no”. Then I told them that Total coolants who supply Ford had supplied them with a low e/glycol batch. So this is a warranty claim. No claim, Ford Australia will not support. As we are not in the Artic CircleI I  said that 14% would not harm the engine. Nope, must change out at a cost of $355.00. Only paid $155.00. Wrote to the head of Service Ford Australia asking him how many other Australians FORD Australia have ripped off? Was about to buy the V6 diesel Territory. I will never again have my car serviced by Ford, I will never again buy Ford’s for my personel and business needs. So if you want to know why sales are dropping, add this one to the list.