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The Hyundai i30 diesel range has been upgraded in Australia to offer better fuel economy, reduced emissions and slightly more power.

The upgraded 1.6-litre four-cylinder diesel engine continues to produce 85kW of power, but has been tweaked to now produce 260Nm of torque (up from 255Nm).

The four-speed automatic transmission carries over, while the standard manual variant has now been upgraded from a five-speed unit to a six-speed.

The Hyundai i30 CRDi manual now boasts a combined cycle fuel consumption of 4.5 litres/100km (down from 4.7 litres/100km), making it one of the most fuel efficient cars in the country.

The i30 diesel auto shaves 0.3 litres/100km off its previous mark, and is now rated at 5.7 litres/100km combined. CO2 emissions range from 119-154g/km, down from 125-159g/km.

Pricing and other specifications of the Hyundai i30 range remain unchanged.

Hyundai Australia confirmed the 2012 Hyundai i30 facelift (set to be debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show later today) will go on sale in Australia by the middle of next year.

Hyundai i30 diesel manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • SX CRDi six-speed manual – $23,090
  • SX CRDi four-speed auto – $25,090
  • SX CRDi wagon six-speed manual – $24,590
  • SX CRDi wagon four-speed auto – $26,590
  • SLX CRDi six-speed manual – $26,590
  • SLX CRDi four-speed auto – $28,590
  • SLX CRDi wagon four-speed auto – $30,090

  • Dan

    Its all good news. Everything i thought needed improvement they have done except for cruise on manual versions. Or have they got that already?

    • FrugalOne

      And a 6 speed auto
      And a trip computer on the base SX
      And a fixed price service costs
      And a free road side assit.
      And a crusie control
      And a price reduction

    • Whitbomb07

      Cruise control has been standard on the SLX CRDi since Oct 08……………..



      • Whitbomb07

        *Manual SLX CRDi

  • El toro

    still running on 4 speed………might be worth waiting for the replacement model

    • o

      heck who cares, 4.6 per 100k is pretty good, though i wonder what it will get down to with the new model.

      • Matty B

        I doubt they’ll change much of the drive train in the new model if they’re doing it now.

    • Whitbomb07

      It is disappointing but the Corolla is no better!

      At least the facelift is correcting this rather glaring oversight……….



  • nickdl

    So what would the highway consumption be? With the extra ratio in the manual I’d imagine that 3.5l/100km would be easily achievable.

  • john

    I’m not waiting until the middle of next year as i really like the face lifted model. Will go and have a look at the new Elantra instead. Why we have to wait for that long is ridiculous.

    • o

      Its only just been revealed, won’t be on sale in korea until the end of the year. The i30 will most likely have a higher quality interior however.

  • Dan

    You can cross roadside assist off your list, its in the news paper in front of me. “all vehicles come with 5 years roadside assist” Maybe its only the gold coast one though.
    Cruise should be on base model.

  • Reecho

    Same U2 engine as the Kia Soul….but the Soul has 94kW…What gives?

    I have an auto CRDi and it certainly eats more fuel than the manual but it’s still a good drive….

  • CollisionofSouls

    It is my hope that Hyundai’s engines possess better fuel efficiency than the GDi petro engines in the North Americam market. Though they are claiming class leading figures, the observed efficiecy is turning out to be far less.

    Let’s hope these are break-in issues and not exaggerated claims by Hyundai.

    Hyundai exaggerated the hp claim on the Sonata engine back in 2001 and they were caught.

    • Phil

      Maybe it’s a Korean thing?
      LG has been caught placing optimistic power/efficieny labels on their appliances many times.
      Also judging by the lacklustre acceleration times the new 103KW Rio has been posting (slower than heavier 77KW cars!), that looks to be another case of fraud.



    the average mum and dad will eat this diesel wagon up ….

    its just a no brainer…

  • Lisa

    How would I convert to biodiesel?