by Brett Davis

Toyota US has come up with an interesting advertising campaign for the new 2012 Toyota Camry. To develop a sporty character for the new model, Toyota has put it up alongside a Toyota NASCAR in its latest advertisement. As part of the campaign, the 2012 Daytona 500 pace car will also be a 2012 Toyota Camry.

Using the Camry as the pace car for next year’s Daytona is a big statement by Toyota. For generations, the pace car has only ever been a large American muscle car. The only other non-American car to feature as the pace car in Daytona’s history was the Porsche 914 back in 1971. Ed Laukes, Toyota’s corporate manager of motorsports marketing, recently spoke about the Daytona campaign, saying

“We’re thrilled to be able to feature the new Camry in Daytona at the season’s biggest race. We think the Daytona 500 is the perfect place to showcase the all-new Camry, which will go on sale this fall.

“We knew when the opportunity arose to partner together with Daytona that it would be an extraordinary way to highlight our new Camry, as well as reinforce Toyota’s commitment to NASCAR and its fans.”

Toyota is serious about tapping into other, more sporty market segments with the new Camry, and is calling the new model the “reinvented Camry and Camry Hybrid”. But it’s not just about being sporty, Toyota also wants to maintain its lead in annual sales in the US, a market where the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car (not including trucks) in 13 out of the past 14 years.

From next year, the US-spec 2012 Toyota Camry won’t be imported from Japan. Instead, it will be built at local production facilities as a way of becoming more independent from the Japanese operations. Toyota Japan is also doing this as part of its plan to make its production processes earthquake-proof.

If you ever wanted to see a hybrid do a burnout, now is your chance. Take a look at the latest advertisement below and tell us what you think. Can Toyota pull off a sporty image with the new Camry?

  • Vibe


    • Mohamad is right when he says

      Thank you Toyota. I was having a bad day. But when I seen the FWD’s doing burnouts… I LAUGHED. and laughed and laughed some more.. Who are u targeting with this marketing? Clearly not in your ball park. Long live RWD!!!

      • Ford Fairlane

        Bangels got a woody.

    • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

      This sort of advertising is an insult to the buying public’s intelligence.

      • TestWhamBam

        U B Steve the “Keyboard Moron”! Toyota B one smart cookie!

        They know what they’re doing, and who this car is being marketed to — and how they want to expand the market and give at least the appearance of something more sporty.

        The Camry’s now a better car, in both the normal and hybrid models. And as far as your asinine “long live RWD” goes, get your candy-ass RWD vehicles up here to Minnesota in the dead of winter, and particularly during an ice or snow storm! LMAO!

  • Key

    I like the Camry and i like this new Camry.. They sell very well..

    • Road Warrior

      Yeah…to government fleets.

      • bert

        No to the public as well! Camry owns this market in australia!

        • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

          Camry/Aurion sales are in free-fall. Great article about it somewhere else, Go Auto I think.

          The new model should help but the market is a lot more competitive for Toyota than it was in the past. Cheaper imports have forced them to sacrifice quality for profitability, putting a strain on the ‘bulletproof’ reputation they appear to be trading on these days.

          Toyota may sell more cars overall in Australia but their production for domestic consumption would leave them third in the market.

          • Hs2

            The Camry owns the mid-size segment.. Look at new competition the i45 has flopped, Kizashi has flopped and anyone else competing with Camry has flopped.. Its nearest competitor the mondeo is 1000 units per month behind the Camry..

            Also Aurion alone sold more cars last month then each of the Camry competitors.. So I’m sure that explains it all..

          • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

            @HS2 in case you’re unaware the mid-size segment is pretty small in relation to the total market. Like I said add up domestic production for Holden, Ford and Toyota and see who comes out on top.

            If it weren’t for the export market Toyota would not be producing cars in Australia. Toyota’s PR team has Australia thinking they’re bullet proof; unfortunately they’re full of hot air.

  • Microv

    Toyota Camry does well in NASCAR

    • Anthony

      let’s stick the 4 cylinder engine back in it and then see how it goes!

      • MicoV

        The new Camry is going to have the 2.5L AR engine.. It’s smoother, more powerful, quieter, more efficient and just as reliable..

        • scottjames_12

          Wow! So the Camry now comes with a whopping 133kw! Sign me up!


          • bert


      • F1MotoGP

        and let’s stick a 4 cylinder in Commodore and than see how it goes. You forgot Commodore had a 4 cylinder engine!

        • anthony

          Which was sold in Europe and South Africa,and called the Opel Rekord.

          • aza

            Holden produced a Commodore four-cylinder from 1980 to 1984.VC commodore

            The idea never caught on and slow sales led to the demise of what was a sluggish car to drive.


        • aza

          Holden produced a Commodore four-cylinder from 1980 to 1984.VC commodore

          It was dropped after poor sales due to poor performance for neglegible fuel comsumption benefits. Buying public never wanted a 4 cylinder commodore despite the high oil prices..

          • Phil

            AZA, the 4 cylinder Commodore failed because that particular 4 cylinder engine was terrible.
            During that period, plenty of 4 cylinder Mazda 626, Bluebirds, Sigmas were sold. These cars had 70+KW 4 cylinder engines which was around the same output as the VC Commodore 6 cylinders.
            If the Commodore had been given a decent 4 cylinder engine that put out more than its weak 58KWs, theres no reason why it shouldn’t have got reasonable sales. Of course, if it had been given decent power, it would’ve taken away plenty of sales from the weak and thirsty 76KW 6 cylinder model.

    • toxic_horse

      Yes , thats because the NASCAR ‘camry’ shares no part with the road version. And is a completely different car.

    • Golfschwein

      Something that has the basic outline of a Camry and has the Camry name is doing well in NASCAR. Don’t worry, I think the Aussie V8 Supercars have the same lack of relevance.


    I read somewhere that the Camry is the most American car..

  • Grammar Nazi

    The funny thing is you couldn’t get an Australian model Camry do do a burn-out if you tried.

    • scatman

      Nice spelling do do boy

      • Troy

        you mean DODO dont you??

  • Logm

    “From next year, the US-spec 2012 Toyota Camry won’t be imported from Japan. Instead, it will be built at local production facilities as a way of becoming more independent from the Japanese operations. Toyota Japan is also doing this as part of its plan to make its production processes earthquake-proof.”

    Uhmm.. The U.S. Spec Camry has been made in the GeorgeTown, Kentucky Toyota Motor Plant since 1986!

  • Phil


  • PoisonEagle

    camrys always smell like dog fart

    • camaro

      asbo bro.

    • pantz

      haha they do!! all smell exactly the same.

  • Fizza

    I am a Camry driver and I like the car for what it does. But this ad?? …Its like Justin Bieber joining the UFC.

  • Rick

    No, no, no, no, no !! Don’t Toyota realize that doing burnouts is promoting hoon behavior !!

    According to the Australian advertising standards board, all Camry drivers who see this ad will now be influenced to repeat this behavior on the streets ………

    • Peter Stone

      they will get into their camrys and be greatly dissapointed. As will their neigbours, wondering why johnny next door has put nuts and bolts in a baked bean tin into a paint shaker, only too look next door and see a camry revving.

    • Trickster


      I can just see the VIC police & government putting a block on this website & youtube movie as it’s hoon behaviour.

      All the Camry drivers out there will see it and start doing burnouts everywhere.

      Shame Shame Shame

    • Frostie

      Burnouts don’t resemble hoon behaviour. Its for heating up the tyres so they provide sufficient grip. Its best for semi-slicks anyway. But, its not the Burnout, its how were burning out.

  • Corkas

    Is the NASCAR camry’s that they race FWD?

    Still think they should make a rwd version.
    would have made the aurion a much more appealing car…

    • Phil

      I don’t think the Nascar Camrys that race are Camrys at all, rather they appear to be a entirely different car (probably a unique model for racing) with Camry headlights and Grill.

      Anyway it wouldn’t matter in Nascar racing. With no real corners, torque steer and poor handling wouldn’t hinder a Nascar’s results.

      • chook

        Phil ….i heard from a guy i know from the states that the camry nascar has near no toyota parts . The engine is from one of the US owned brands and then built on a similsr chassis from the ground up in RWD . It is pathetic how they need to use a so called racing heritage to flog a FWD ars dragger , and it does say a lot about the lack of brains of the average camry buyer . If FWD were so good then they would leave the race version as FWD …. I suggest they convert the camry assembly lines to build bybrid washing machines !!

        • toxic_horse

          Guys. No NASCAR has any parts from there road going version.
          They are a custom build tube chassis race car with a fibreglass body that resembles whatever road car they are based on. You will notice they don’t even have headlights just painted on graphics that resemble headlights.

        • Mad Max

          ALL NASCARS use the same chassis, front and rear suspension, gearbox and body panels. The only part the manufacturer supplies is the engines block and heads and even then, they are made specificaly for NASCAR racing as they are all pushrod, 2 valve, carby fueled engines. Next year NASCAR moves into this century with electronic fuel injection supplied by MacLaren. You can change from a Ford to a Chev to a Camry to a Dodge simply by changing the engine and the front and rear grille/light decals. We might snear at NASCAR but the “racing” is close, cheap and provides good entertainment.

          • Toxic_horse

            This is how V8 supercars is heading.

  • hahaha

    Toyota USA made a mistake. This ad will scare off the cardigan set and with it the bedrock of their sales success.

    • Bangel

      YES just weird , cardigan wearers rejoice, its power on , but remember nascar is just a big oval , no real corners .

      CORKAS take a close look smoke of the rears of the nascar .

      Americans would have no idea what the hell is going on here .

      • maple leaf

        really Bangel? Daytona 500? cmon man!

        • maple leaf

          Formula 1 is ending up as third world comp anyways with new races in middle east, India, china etc etc.

  • Man A

    FWD burnouts are boring and lame!

  • Clem

    No matter what Camry is still far better than Daewoo Cruze. Cruze is a small car. So what. Lousy Cruze!

    • Mad Max

      You idiot

  • Tom

    I know nothing of nascar except that its enjoyed by toothless confederate flag loving americans and bogans alike, is there any running gear from the original camry in the nascar at all? That nascar is clearly RWD!

    • http://ACA Shane

      In NASCAR … Ford run the Fusion which in production form is FWD, Chevrolet runs the Impala which in production form is FWD and same goes for the Dodge.

      • chook

        I believe the prodution dodge challenger or charger are RWD . Check out their websites ok Shane

      • chook

        As i wrote before…….check out the dodge website !!….You will then see that dodge challenger and charger are RWD . If by chance you still cant be bothered checking their website then consider this …..The Challenger and Charger are available with the Hemi V8s , so would you think for a moment that these V8s are integrated with a front drive setup……of course not .

  • Midi

    Hahahaha front wheel burnouts!!! What a joke!!! How does that appeal to anyone!! I drive a Mondeo xr5 turbo and I still don’t get the urge to do a burnout coz u lose all steering control!!! Stupid ad Toyota!!!!

    • Dave S

      As the saying goes: ‘front wheels for turning, back wheels for burning’

  • “james”

    stupid, ugly, boring, lame, pathetically unimaginative peice of utter f$cking sh1t!

    the car that is.

    …Nascar is something similar also.

    • Charles Dean

      I wonder what car you drive James?

      • “james”

        i drive a stupid ugly boring car, so i speak with authority on this matter. Most people who visit this site probably drive a stupid boring car. Car sites in most cases are like travel shows, people don’t watcht hem because they are going travelling, they watch them as a way of vicariously enjoing the experience. Sad but true. look it up.

  • j

    Just hurry up and sell us the FT86.

    • Troy

      it will never see the road

      • Lukaas

        How so, when production version is up for release in March in Japan, and then globally in June?…

        Production version also up for display in November’s Tokyo Motor Show.

        You’d think since Internet is so widely used and EVERYTHING pretty much can be researched, I find it hard that some still lack information.

  • Troy

    because of this add people will die.

    generally hoonish behaviour is not performed by the elderly! this is promoting the worst drivers to drive even more dangerously.

    what if the bowls hat falls off the rear parcel tray?

  • maple leaf

    NASCAR is the holy grail of racing. Toyota does very well in that series. I guess they want to cash on their success.

    • Frostie

      NASCAR is NOT!!! the holy grail of racing. Bathurst is.

      • Mad Max

        I LOVE Bathurst having been to every race there since 1981. BUT, the day that Bathurst has 250’000 people turn up on race day (I’ve also been to plenty of NASCAR races with over 250’000) or has a TV audience of 120 million, then I will start to call it the holy grail of motor racing.

  • Andrew M

    Best fun you can have in a Camry is pulling the handbrake on and dragging its bum around like a dog with worms!!

    Camry is not a real car, its an appliance: they should all be painted white!!

    • chook

      Its good for nerds , geeks and geriatrics . As for the dog with worms up its intestines….. you are spot on mate …..

    • Ho

      Yeah exactly Camry is comfortable, reliable and does a very excellent job.. And it’s successful..

      What’s your definition of a “real” car??

      • Andrew M

        My definition of a real car??

        Its not a Camry that’s for sure!!

        Camry has as much car appeal’ as a Tiida, the other house-hold appliance on wheels, and they DO come in biege!!

        That should clear it up for you.

  • Flying High

    Camry burnouts? Toyota really is losing the plot…

  • Robbo

    You can see it now, hat wearing oldies ripping it out of the lawn bowls carpark holding their teeth out the sunroof whilst the front tyres smoke up. Man I’m looking forward to retirement.

  • Ectomorphian

    Toyota are just as confused as ever. They get their dullest car to do burnouts? I feel embarrassed for them.

  • Bold

    I believe the ad is effectively targeting us camry customers, they don’t care about burnouts, or what ‘FWD burnout’ means. The message they understand from this is ‘new camry’ and ‘better performance’.

    Yes, most readers here are better at understanding cars, but not camry customers, but remember the ad is not for you guys.

  • David Hoelcher

    “Large American musclecar”???? You guys don’t know spit!!! I hardly think that Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, & Trans Ams fit THAT category! Using the Camry is about THE stupidest thing I ever heard of. Front wheel drive, four-door, & underpowered. Political correctness has invaded NASCAR, and will be the ruination of NASCAR. Disgusting.

  • save it for the track

    Surely an early April Fools joke. Or are the Toyota marketing department being bankrolled by GM, Ford and the other competitors ??
    Where do we start? Camry – non switchable traction control = no burnout; will trying to appeal to new customers alienate existing customers; the NASCAR Camry is nothing like the one sold, it’s a Toyota body kit on a shared chassis and engine; How much money have they paid NASCAR to be the pacecar for Daytona?; I can just imagine the reaction of the NASCAR faithful to a Camry pacecar, I highly doubt that Jim-Bob and his brother/cousin Billy-Bob are going to trade their pick-ups in on a Camry…

    • Toyota Guru

      How do you know this newgen Camry has non-switchable VSC/TC, have you driven one?

      • Phil

        Theres no switch to turn off VSC in the current model. It can be turned off if its a Automatic and you follow a Get Smart style procedure of dabbing brake pedal and applying parkbrake – Toyota will not tell you how to do it, nor is it in the owners manual. Also it does not work in manual tranmission models.
        Anyone its not like TV commercials are realistic. The smoke effect may have just been edited it or they may have used different cars and superimposed Camrys on top of it!

  • Jon

    They must be trying to appeal to Bogans,they best be leaving that to Ford and Holden.

  • John Deen

    this commercial kind of lame, this wouldn’t make me want to buy a toyota

  • Freddo

    Camry’s and FWD cars in general are just basic transport.

  • JP

    That commercial would be banned within 0.01 secs in Australia.
    Ironic. A Nanny State banning a Nanny Car commercial.

  • Gibbo

    Camry as a pace car for the Daytona 500….its going to be setting a pretty slow pace

    • scottjames_12

      Yeah, I can’t wait to see what all the rednecks think of a raspy FWD Toyota being the ‘pacecar’ for their beloved v8 rear-wheel-drive fest!

  • JooberFPVGT

    After reading the comments my thinking is that this AD works! If you ever had some marketing experience sometimes a goal of an Advert is to generate buzz and clearly the reaponses here fulfilled that somewhat, i bet many of u would go to ur mates and say have u seen the stupid camry ad and he may well watch it and so it goes viral.

    I bet u theres website(s) like this in the u.s. with us same sort of people bagging it.

    Remember not all ads aim to appeal to the purchase but to get the product name in conversation, and let the sellers/dealers do the sweet talking not the ad itself.

  • rentakeyboard

    I just wanna know who is going to pay for all the funerals, when Nannas start dropping like flies at the sight of a Camry being treated in this manner?

  • camryloverswife

    We were excited when we first witness the beauty of this car’s elegance few months back. My husband and I have put down a full payment for this car at our local dealer (the top model Atera Grande Sportivo Ultima Sahara with optional lambswool seats).

    We were relaxing at the abode of our sanatorium when this article was published. My husband had recorded it in his Betamax so we played it right away and was horrified by the utter lack of responsible driving and abuse of tyres. This way of driving is not condoned at all by right minded auto-driving citizen. This kind of driving exhibits adrenaline and testosterone, two biggest threats of the modern society.

    Suffice to say we asked for a refund of our full payment. Unfortunately the said dealer had invested the money in Enron and AIG.

  • realist

    all the camry’s i have driven have been as boring as dog do do and interior quality substandard. They are an over rated and would compete better in the white goods section in the good good guys show room

  • MikeyMike80

    Too bad the real Camry is a FWD box of ____, it is nothing like the Nascar, I have no idea why they would even try to make people thinmk that these cars are anyhthing alike.

  • Wayne Kerr

    It’s not exactly BS marketing. Those Aurions / Camry V6’s do have fairly potent engines @ 200kw. Compare that to the large number of wussy 4 cylinder cars on the market.

    They just don’t quite have the steering feel of a proper RWD car, something which car enthusiasts appreciate.

  • Paul

    I like kyle Bush, I like the new camry so that add just made me smile. At 152kw hybrid camry why wont you smile. So what if it is fwd you just need to put in an LSD and you are set. The only modification I would put on it is an 3inch exhaust system and rechip it for more hp’s. Besides the car has vortex’s to help push the air around the car at high speed so the car is more stable.