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by Brett Davis

Hyundai has revealed the new 2012 Hyundai i30 facelift ahead of its official 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show debut. As outlined by the 2012 Hyundai i30 teaser sketch released last month, the new Hyundai i30 will feature the new-look Hyundai face which is increasingly being adapted to the Hyundai range.

Upon first impressions, there seems to be a significant step up in quality for the new 2012 Hyundai i30, in terms of design. Every panel is much more coherent and consistent with curves and kinks and an overall much more solid stance.

From the front, the new Hyundai i30 features Hyundai’s new face including a large, almost hexagonal, grille layout with a darkened central bar across the middle. The new i30 also features a more modern headlight design that extends right up the front guard, while LED daytime running lights are placed around the spotlights.

Like the exterior, the 2012 Hyundai i30 interior is turned up a notch in terms of design and quality. The dash fascia features vertical central highlights, such as the air vents, while the door trims and outer dash goes for a horizontal theme, all highlighted by silver trimming. The steering wheel and button placement is also new and shared with other recently released Hyundai models.

As previously reported, Hyundai is planning to ramp up production and sales of the Hyundai i30 and hopes to produce 300,000 units per year, as opposed to the current 200,000.

Specifications and trim level details will be revealed next week at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The show starts on Tuesday September 13.

As far as an Australian launch goes, Hyundai Australia’s Ben Hershman has confirmed the new model is set to hit local showrooms half way through 2012. Local pricing and details will be released closer to the launch.

In the meantime, what do you think of the new design?

  • c1ee

    What’s with the grills! Make it horizontal please, it looks creepy as it is.

    • Kampfer

      Agree about the face… it’s even “happier” then Mazda3.

      Like the rear end. Look lot more modern then the current i30. Somehow remain me the Kia Cerato Hatch.

      Sat Nav, leather, glass roof… We’ll be missing out as usual…

      Give less but get more cash… OZ is car manufacturers’ heaven.

      • Kampfer

        Keep the lower grill, but make the upper one mesh or honeycomb will make a different on look.

  • Steve-Poyza

    Stunning. I love it.

    • Trump

      So much better looking than the current model which has as much appeal visually as a 1980’s mazda

    • Jack

      Couldn’t agree more! I just brought an SP25 and am almost wishing I held off

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        you made the right choice,believe me.you will have a cult car in 10 years time…

      • Zoomzoom

        I bought a SP25 a couple weeks ago too, no matter what unless Hyundai puts their sonata engine in this, a SP25 will still hold better resale, and hold better on road performance than this car :-)

      • PK

        I bought the SP25 18 months ago.. It has been the best car I have owned. Agree this looks great but your SP won’t disappoint. Take it on a country road and they drive like on rails.

    • camaro

      it impresses u first time u look at it, but the more you see it the worse it get. that’s my opinion.

  • HJP

    Everything is nice except that grill.

    • Nasal Explorer

      For Pete’s sake guys, get it right. It’s “grillE”, not grill.

      • me-all-day

        Who is Pete and what does he care for grille’s (note the E but a little one ‘e’)???

        • Nasal Explorer

          Google it. And the large E was for emphasis.

          • Zork14

            That’s called screaming. And is not a nice thing to do!

  • crouchy

    Great looking car but are those corrolla-esque bumper reflectors?

  • mmmmmm

    it looks like an astra/3 after a trip to a BAD dentist lol

  • Sonic

    I hope this out-sells anything Toyota has to offer. As it stands, they really have a lot to learn from the Koreans.

  • ywyw

    They all look the too similar now.

  • Mikey

    Looks-wise this is so far ahead of the Cruze hatch that there is no comparison.

  • Technofreak

    Got to love the Koreans for their copying of other designs. So much Mazda in this one its not funny!

    • bd

      Actually, Hyundai was the 1st to do the hexagonal grill which many other automakers are doing these days, and the Fiesta is an amalgamation of the Hyundai HED-2 and HED-2 concepts which date back to 2007.

      As for Mazda, they lifted the “smiley grin” grill from Peugeot and the hatch shape from the Pontiac Vibe.

    • heyhey

      agreed, i cannot understand how anyone buys these terrible POS

    • Zork14

      @BD Right you are! So who is copying who? And, oh yeah, Downunder has a lot of great car designers, don’t they 😉

  • jackson

    Cross between the new Astra and a Mazda3

    • Ample Parking

      Yeah. In my opinion it looks like a perfectly balanced combination of the design strengths of the Mazda3 hatch + Peugeot 207 + Opel Astra. A much more attractive and better quality option to the Crude, and better value and sportier looks compared to the Corolla.

  • Clem

    This Little Beast Is Still Better Than Daewoo (Holden) Cruze! LoL …

  • Aztec

    Looks great, can see a little bit of 308 in it!!

    Good job Hyundai!

  • Braedz

    I reckon it looks great! The new design language Hyundai are using across their range looks really good IMO.

  • o

    Looks great but the spy shots show that the next gen cerato is going to be an absolute stunner.

    What was GM thinking with the crude hatch!

  • vx

    i still prefer how astra and golf look, but this is pretty good. it is a bit similar to astra now.

    the grill might look better in production car.

  • Car Fanatic

    Wow, now all they need to do is perfect the engine transmission match up and it will be an absolute winner.

  • Noel

    Hyundai have come so far. I can see why the European brands are worried.

    • PhantomHamster

      Yeah good on them I say – regardless of how good the cars are ( I have no ability to comment) you gotta give them Kudos for making a damn good effort design wise…They have come such a long way in a short time.

  • Steve

    Facelift?, this is an all new generation…

    • delux

      Beat me by ” that much

    • Richard

      Yeah… totally new design.

  • delux

    Facelift? Its a new design. Gorgeous looking vehicle. I hope they stick with the diesel.

  • Shane

    Wow nice Mazda 3 SP25…Oh sorry its a Hyundai.

    • delux

      Are you vision impaired?

      • big car showroom

        narh he just sucks at being funny.

  • AR

    The problem with Hyundai designs is they look good and fresh and win design awards for 2 weeks. After that they look fugli.

  • trippyfoo

    Definitely a good looker. Great job there.

    Certainly can see the different strategy being employed by Kia and Hyundai with their design languages.
    Kia to my eyes, seems to be a lot more neater and formal.
    Whereas Hyundai’s with their fluidic, seems a lot more organic.

    Though that’s contrasting with what’s being public, as in Hyundai is after the more formal market with Kia going for the youth market.

  • Marcelito

    Looks great… can anyone confirm if this is really a facelift? Looks a brand new design to me.

  • SYm

    The problem with Hyundai designs is that they tend to age very quickly..

    • Nasal Explorer

      I’ve always thought that about Mazda vehicles. Cutting edge when they come out, but ho-hum within a couple of years.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        With some models maybe, however the original GG Mazda6 seems to be ageing quite well. Then there is the FD RX7, that still looks reasonably contemporary at nearly 20 years old and IMHO one of the best looking sports cars to ever come out of Japan.

  • kazuo

    Korean styling a way ahead of jap now

  • Ox

    Seems to be a bit of a double up, elantra hatch and i30

    • Nasal Explorer

      Are you getting mixed up with the US market, where the i30 hatch is known as Elantra Touring? I don’t think you will see an Elantra hatch and an i30 in the same market.

      • delux

        I think he may be about the Elantra sedan, which looks hatch like with its fast back.

        • Simon

          Probably meant Accent?

          • Ox

            Yeah that one…I think….meh they all look the same these days

  • col

    Very nice, the grille isn’t that bad.

  • john

    Very impressive design that will turn a lot of heads when driving the road.

    • corntea

      Do you think it will still turn heads when driving on any other surface than the road?

      • Zandit

        I’d certainly look twice if I saw it on gravel!!!

  • Simon

    It looks nice, but a bit boring because it looks the same as the new Elantra/Accent and i35 as all carmakers are making all their models look the same these days, sharing the same front styling. Is there anything wrong with individuality among the model range!!? If you don’t like the design, then basically (if you are going on looks alone) you would avoid the brand, whereas if they had several different designs and you didn’t like one, you could be persuaded to go for another model in the same brand, if that was what you are after!

  • Marksims

    Dear Opel,

    We liked the look of your new Astra so much that we thought we’d steal it and change just enough to avoid being sued.

    We liked the inside too so decided to steal that too.

    I’m sure we will have an original thought of our own one day.

    Much love from us in cheap, cheerful and nasty land.


    • K20A

      Get out of your cave.. Hyundai is no longer nasty, not necessarily cheap (but definitely cheerful!)

      Agree with some of the other commenters here, the design has elements from latest Astra, Mazda 3 (fenders, swage line), and Giulietta rear end. Overall it works well though.

      Still undecided on the predator grille / snout.. it’s too fussy.

  • fishman

    Lets hope the 4 speed auto & 5 speed manuals bite the dust for 6 speed variants in this new model…

  • Satu

    The more I look at it the more it is reminding me of the Mazda 3..

  • erneztp

    That is one angry car!!

  • Steve

    Love it, grille and all. Bring it on.

  • “james”

    everyone keeps saying “mazda mazda mazda!”

    i say the front looks more Peugot-esque than Mazda

    • Doctor

      Yes, I agree the grille reminds me of a Poojoe.
      Will probably be a nice car – Hyundai & Kia are coming of age.

      • K20A

        Nice use of phonetics. I have to think for a split second there on what you’re trying to say.

  • Johnson.c45

    What! Steal the inside of the Astra! After they stole the interior from the Ceed!

    • JHP

      doesnt matter if they stole it from ceed, coz kia motor belongs to hyundai, hyundai bought them in 1999.

  • l

    nice exterior, not a huge fan of the interior.

  • Grady

    Wow! It’s excellent to see Hyundai injecting even more style into the crowded segment. This stands right out – I love it!

  • Patrick

    And the Hyundai juggernaught just keeps rolling on…
    Watch out Toyota, they are after you!

  • http://Caradvice.com Jordan

    It keeps getting better with Hyundai love the new I30

  • Jd

    Although the exterior is nice, but the interior quality is still very far behind the Mazda 3… And that photo above is full spec interior with nav etc which we will not be getting..

  • Μr Gaspo

    The styling works for me. If you can have the 94kw 1.6 diesel and a 6 speed auto in this and in the Wagon it will sell like crazy assuming the price is competitive. Hyundai is on a roll.

  • Gan Tan

    Brett, is there any news on the i40 Wagon?

    • Gan Tan

      Why do my comments always wait moderation????


  • Shak

    Styling would be 100% if they made those chrome rails in the grill a better shape. Otherwise everything else looks mighty fine!

  • Jay Kay

    I agree with Kampfer on this. The upper grille needs to change.

  • Grady

    After Hyundai beat Toyota, will they try move “upmarket” with their interior quality to take on VW? I’d certainly buy one with their proven quality and technology.

    • Bangel

      They can try to move upmarket , but they need to get serious aboutride and handling , interior quality lags way behind , cheap plastics .

      First thoughts were , looks like a 307 pug .

  • cocnut

    thank god for hyundai and kai – they are bring affordable good looking cars for the working class people who cant afford overpriced euro offerings. waiting for the i40 wagon.. m excited :)

  • Where-is-yr-Emergency-Brake-Assist-Hyundai

    @ Kampfer – “Sat Nav, leather, glass roof… We’ll be missing out as usual…”

    Yep, and watch Hyundai continue to do the old Toyota trick of leaving out basic safety items because consumers don’t necessarily realise it’s not there until they dig deeper …

    … will this i30 have Emergency Brake Assist, or not? Every other car in this class has it … as for other classes, no EBA on the i20, Accent, Elantra, current i30, or even ix35 … it’s a simple Bosch safety feature that has been cynically and quietly cut from the car by Hyundai, because this being the Australian market, they can …. (they will cloud the issue and make much noise about their VSM, but not much use if your car doesn’t stop as well as other cars in an emergency brake situation …)

  • Frank

    Bit of a restrained Ford Focus style about it. A huge effort with respect to keeping the old i30’s styling elements but in an updated format. Well done!

  • danwat1234

    Why does this car have an electric parking brake? That is boring! I would never buy a car unless it has an e-brake on the center console so I can adjust it.
    Makes for lots of fun in the snow.

  • jay

    still cheap may look bit better than hyundais of old,people need to research features on cars better just cause it has ebd abs etc does not mean they are using latest or best tech,one eg old spec yaris missed out on 5 star rating by.8 with 2 airbags korean build barina needed 6 airbags to get to 5 star question is which vehicle has the stronger body?

  • Pappa

    Really like the design, the price will be attractive, the warrenty will be 5 years and the blue illuminated dash will look great… I want it in a wagon though! i40 is underpowered with the 1.7 diesel so hope this doesn’t stop with the 1.7 or existing 1.6 diesel. Put the 2.0R ix35 diesel in and I’d buy it tomorrow..

  • Tony

    Lucky for Hyundai that they have Mazda to follow. Hyundai designers have got it soft.