by Brett Davis

The facelifted 2012 Holden Commodore will come with subtle exterior revisions, as well as two new colours. New Redline editions will also come standard with FE3 sports suspension.

The 2012 Holden Commodore will feature some styling tweaks and revisions over the current MY11 Commodore. On the outside the new Holden Commodore Omega will get 16-inch alloy wheels as standard while the front end will feature chrome trimming highlights. The Berlina model adds chrome trimming to the foglight surrounds while inside will feature silver stitching when optioned up with the leather pack.

The new Holden Calais will receive no change, however, the Calais V-Series will now feature a lip spoiler mounted on the boot lid. Other visual changes for the new model include a chrome-trimmed front air dam section for the SV6 and SS variants, while the SS V-Series will get red stitching when ordered with the Redhot interior trim option. Redline versions, in sedan, wagon and ute forms, will all come with FE3 sports suspension.

Two new colours will be added to the options list for the new model: Perfect Blue and Chlorophyll teal green. Both new colours will be available across the range.

The 2012 Holden Commodore goes into production today, ahead of its official on-sale date in the middle of this month.

Read about the fuel efficiency improvements to the 2012 Holden Commodore.

  • Goodfa

    Just imagine owning a 2006 VE Commodore and thinking that it is time to update to a new 2012 Model only to turn up to the showroom to see a car that is almost identical to your old car.

    •!/darrensrjohnson Darren

      I guess it’s good for owners of older models as they don’t look outdated. But yeah, for everyone else this (although still a good looking car) badly needs a proper refresh.

      • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

        Geez that new Camry is looking good about now.

        Lack of investment in the Commodore is what’s pushing consumers into the Cruze. I wonder what this signifies for Commodore long term…

        • Suntory Time

          The VE will always be a far superior drive to the Camry and Cruze. Don’t mention them in the same vein, as they have nothing in common when buying a car because you actually enjoy driving.

          • Bangel

            Enjoy the taxi ride in the VE .

          • Suntory Time

            @ Bangel, “Enjoy the taxi ride in the VE.”

            Wow! real original, pfft.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      just imagine not noticing any of the over 700 running changes they’ve made since 06.maybe they will change you an 06 price as well($$$)…:-)

    • paul84

      I hear ya. But it works…look at Apple. Do just enough to keep us interested

    • davie

      do you buy cars based only on how different they look from their predecessor?

      Some people tend to look at stuff like performance, fuel economy, comfort, cost of ownership, technology, country of origin, seating capacity, towing capacity etc.

      but more power to you if you are prepared to spend $50,000 based only that the location of bends and creases in a piece of molded plastic differs significantly from what it did 5 years ago.

      • big car showroom

        no most people buy on emotion and asthetics at the end of the day

    • whatthe..

      Ford have been doing this for years!

    • Thomas

      I guess when you spend as much money as holden did in the development of the VE Commodore, you want to try and get your moneys worth but this is just starting to get beyond a joke.

    • nickdl

      Oh, and I suppose the FG Falcon’s styling is really evolutionary for that matter??

      The VE started out as, and still is, a great looking car. Completely different styling occurred every model year in America in the 50s. The result? Shocking resale on used models only made worse by shocking build quality.

      • Troy

        The FG is sleek and looks like a jaguar compared to the boxy VE with its gumby one tonne ute style front.

        holden should make a flat tray 4×4 VE ute, itd look great! shame the front is horrible on the sedan / wagon.

        VE looks dated, where FG still looks modern, hell… even the BA / BF still looks up to date with the VE

        i laugh at how, when the FG was released, EVERY review said “the best car ever made in australia” and that it should be taken around the world to show others how to make a car. I havent seen a review that says that about the VE. people forget what was said yesterday about the ford.

        • Charger

          The FG looks like a updated BA/BF oh yeah thats right it is!!! and Commodores dont flog out the rear diff bushes in 20k, or fill the autos with water when the heat exchanger fails which has been a constant problem for the last 5+ years!! FG is the last Falcon before ford pulls the plug and goes to fwd mondeo! (WHICH will be awful)

          PLUS its still not a new design/shell since the AU!
          im not saying the commodore isnt faultless at all but i think they said “the best car ever made in australia” when the VE Came out as well!

          • John

            Charger, you’re a fool if you think the Mondeo is awful. One of the best all-round cars on the Aussie market, just ask anyone who has actually driven one.

            The EcoBoost Titanium makes it a no-brainer choice over a V6 Calais or G6E IMO.

          • Charger

            i didnt mean the mondeo was awful its a good car, i meant that replacing the falcon with it would be awful as it would effect the australian car industry etc etc

          • Bangel

            YEP the VE GREATEST CAR EVER MADE IN OZ , hang on they said that about the CAMIRA , both fautless of course .

        • dave

          Sorry m8 but the FG series car looks like shit compared to the VE series. I drive a Ve sv6, I love driving it around town, I would never step foot in a Ford unless it was a G6 Turbo, other than that , they’re a piece of shit.

    • Patrick

      I just did…picked up a new black SV6 manual this week, couldn’t be happier with the choice

  • Shak

    Too much chrome now on the Berlina and the SS. Calais still looks fine. So many people complain that this car needs a styling update, but honestly the basic shape and the proportions are still very attractive and the sales numbers(whether fleet) or otherwise are pretty much the same as 2006.

    • nickdl

      Where is the chrome on the SS? There’s almost none. Not much on the Berlina either. But yeah, the VE’s proportions are great.

      • Dave S

        Agreed. A familiar shape yes, outdated no.

        The profile still looks great. Can’t think of many newer models that have better proportions. Love the short overhangs of the VE.

  • BrisVegas


    When’s the “new” commodore coming out? Time for a downsize and some small, efficient motors.

    • Toxic_horse

      Its called a Cruze

      • paul84

        …or the Malibu

    • Bangel

      Correct all the bogans whine when the new passat and golf appeared , “JUST A MAKE OVER , NOTHING NEW THERE .”

      Why did they even bother , just a bit of lipstick and botox , starting to look very old and frumpy , no crisp modern lines .

      • Steve the “Keyboard Hero”

        Mutton dressed up as lamb

  • Zaps

    The chrome trimming on the sports models just looks bad.. And this is coming from a Holden man 😐

  • Ima Hogg

    Ca is this going to be called the series three?

  • Shak

    Holden really need to fix two things, majorly on the new model. They need to get rid of the stupid antenna on the roof, and they need bigger door mirrors.

    • me-all-day

      And fix the ridiculous A pillars.

      • Shak

        Yeah cant believe i forgot them! Other than that they have a top notch family sedan in the Commodore.

        • Homer

          How about a cruse control system that is finger, like 99% of modern cars, operated, rather that having to take one hand off the wheel to work it?

          • Homer

            sorry cruise control.

          • Andrew

            I have a VZ mum VE, you don’t have to take your hand off the wheel to operate the cruise control, if you do, your doing something wrong !

          • Andrew M

            And put the window switches on the door

    • boganator

      An engine that has some torque down low and doesnt sound like its going to self destruct at 5k RPM and an auto that doesnt give you whiplash when changing down.

  • paulb

    All the three models above have differnt fronts.Like the look of all 3 models.SSV looks great in new colour Perfect Blue.

  • Koolmodie

    R new front and rear lights to much to ask for…???

    • davie

      Yes – what benefit will it provide?

      The existing ones can still project light as far as I can tell.

      • Koolmodie

        Just a different look/shape durrrr

        • Koolmodie

          Freshen it up abit without spending heaps of $$$$$$

          • davie

            they already did. didn’t you notice?

  • davie

    Why are people so insecure and determined that a car should change its sheet metal every year for no apparent reason???

    Ask yourself, did putting the indicators at the TOP of the VX commodore rear lights instead of the BOTTOM for the VT make you feel warm and fuzzy?

    Other than decreasing the re-sale value for existing owners, and costing the company future sales, I don’t see the point.

    Japanese and European manufacturers keep a base shape for 5-6 years and no-one complains. Porsche has kept the same shape for the last 40 years.

    Holden has consistently updated the VE commodore every year since 2006 with 700 changes. That is the stuff that matters. Are people so insecure that they need a new bumper bar shape to feel good about themselves?

    It is a stupid habit that the American car manufacturers perfected in the 50’s as part of their strategy of planned obsolescence. People need to grow out of it.

    • A

      Well said Sir. Especially the re-sale bit. It hurt a lot of people when they went to trade in their VT for a VZ I’m sure.

      • Ample Parking

        Yes they are Davie. Yes they are.

        And many of the Fanboys that buy them also have a very short attention span, so Holden need to keep their attention.

        All of this constant tinkering with the exterior is one of the reasons that a Commode depreciates so astonishingly quickly.

    • Charger

      Spot on!!!!!!!

  • me-all-day

    It is still inferior to the Falcon yet it will still kill the Falcon in sales.

    *scratches head*

    • Vince

      “On the outside the new Holden Commodore Omega will get 16-inch alloy wheels as standard while the front end will feature chrome trimming highlights.”

      Whoa Whoa Holden watch out, don’t go too hardcore with the visuals, wouldn’t want to upset the 80’s now would be.

    • Bangel

      Might kill the falcon but all the small cars are stealing its sales, and how, 3500 a month compared to 8500 in 2003 .

      • Dave S


        Name 1 small car that out sells the Commodore. There has not been one.
        Mazda 3 comes close, but i could also add commodore ute sales to increase the Commodore margin.
        Also, its hard to say the Mazda, wins over the Commodore because it has around a $10 000 price advantage.

  • Wd

    Holden is taking notes from porsche, if they spend the money they save on improvements to handling, power and economy I’m happy

  • Golfschwein

    Add more chrome. Painting white stripes across the tail lights is another Holden trick. Sometimes, it’s best to do nothing or divert the resources, in this case, to making the lower dash plastics the same as the nicer textured trim on the dash top. But they didn’t. Damned good cars, just in need of the final 3% finessing.

  • Michael

    No wonder the Aussie car industry is dying

  • Anthony

    2013 is the release for VF
    this is not a series 3, it’s a model year upgrade.
    efficiency now is significantly better than it was when VE was launched.
    Safety is much better,
    Interior has been modernised and updated,
    motors have all been updated. inc new 3.0 ltr. SIDI upgrades, AFM upgrade and dedicated LPG will come out early next year.
    all in all car has dated well.
    If your not sure then stop asuming and go drive one and see for yourself.
    as for resale. please do a redbook comparison for an SV6 auto 2007, XR6 auto 2007. and aurion sportivo sx6 2007.
    the numbers speak for themselves.

    • boganator

      Have you got Chev badges on your conformadore Anthony?

      • Anthony

        No I have a minature model of my Golf on bedside table to remind me how special i am, because i drive a super duper awsome german car.
        Damn i’m soo good. I wish the whole world was awsome like me and soo super smart. we could all drive Golfs and life would be great. God i love myself soo much. i’m going to go brush my hair again, Now where did i leave my man purse?

        • BoatAnchor

          I think you left it in Dazza’s, Wozza’s or Thommo’s closet after footy training.

        • boganator

          That’s the usual conformadore argument – drive one or you are a poof. I guess thats what happens when you are insecure and dont want your bogan mates to find out you watched broke back mountain and got wood.

          • Anthony

            very different to the i’m an aswome euro driver, and If you drive a commodore your a conformist bogan argument.
            i’m sorry. i didn’t realise having a family and not wanting an SUV made someone a conformist bogan.
            But if you buy the “world car of the year”, live in the inner west and wear what magazines tell you to wear then your a non conformist. A unique individual who is smarter and much more refined then those petty commodore conformist bogans. Wow, your heads are further up your own rear ends then i origionly thought. Next time, look at what you write before you press the submit comment tab. you might realise how shallow and self obsessed you sound.
            P.s i Don’t own a commodore.
            p.p.s I was implying golf drivers are metro, Not poof’s. perhaps the insecurity lies within.


    The Chrome highlights are tacky. I preferred the VE Series I.

    Anbody else think Perfect Blue is Holdens answer to Ford’s Nitro? Calais V now with a Lip Spoiler like G6E Turbo? 16″ Alloy wheels standard, just like th XT has had for years…

    Good on Holden for making this outsell the Falcon. Ice to eskimos…..

    • Troy

      holden doesnt make it outsell falcon, bogan mentality, combined with fords not caring for falcon, and i suppose holdens brilliant marketing make it outsell falcon.

    • Shak

      Holden’s vodoo was their answer to nitro. THe Omega has had 16’s standard for a while now, and the XT only recently got them as standard.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Decent car… I would buy one, No. Why? For a start it’s too big and there is no diesel option. As for the Sportswagon, I really like the concept and the styling, but a lack of 7 seats and again no diesel means no dice for me. The other issue is a lack of change from the 2006 original.

    • Richo

      I bought a diesel Pajero over a V6 Pajero because of the better economy, and honestly, never again! It’s a false economy mate, your paying an extra $3-4k to start with, and each service costs about double what a service on a petrol car would cost!

      With Petrol engines you change the oil and filter every 15, spark plugs every 80k, timing chain every 100k. With a diesel, first and foremost they take double the amount of oil, then they need their valve clearances adjusted, and they need special DPF rated oil that costs $6,000 a litre, and they need their diesel filter (far larger and more expensive then a fuel filter) changed every time, list never ends!

      Enjoy the added smoothness, quietness and power of a petrol and ignore then extra fuel price, you’ll catch it up in the long run!

      • Golfschwein

        I’ve just gone from diesel back to petrol, but never regretted buying the diesel. Quite the opposite. Diesels will upset you if you drag the calculator out, so don’t. The secret is to enjoy them for what they are and what they offer. The extra purchase cost is exactly that, no different to opting for auto transmission or a higher trim level.

        A once per three weeks fill was a bonus as was chugging up hills effortlessly in sixth gear, or gunning for the mountain of torque just above idle speed. It’s different, chuggy fun, not revvy exhaust note fun. My servicing costs were usually $350 to $450 at the dealer every 15,000, barely any different to what I’ve paid previously for petrol cars.

        • Karl

          If running costs are your main concern, LPG destroys them both.
          Personally, I’d go for a diesel over a petrol largely for the same reasons as Golfschwein.

  • BP

    A good decent visual update I think. Omega & Berlina are looking better han ever esp. Berlina International (froth). Calais, & Calais-V look fine, & SV6, SS & SS V still look as good as ever.

    I like Holden’s technique of on-going changes too. Keep it up!

  • I Hate GM

    Regarding the Commodore, overpriced CRAP.

    Hey Richo, you are a wise man and one of the few who agree with me, but don’t sprout your wisdom too high as most Aussies are too dumb to realise the truth about diesel cars, shhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell them the truth they wont believe you and BTW, V6 Pajeros run beautifully on LPG there is a factory kit for them. In the end they are more economical and the engine will last longer than the diesel, but don’t tell the diesel fanatics the truth about their precious rattly false economy. I’ve owned a modern diesel, the absolute ultimate false economy by far. Keep quiet dear Richo, I hate having to queue at the lpg pump, ha ha ha ha, stupid bloody diesel owners living in a country not set up for diesel cars where the price is almost $1.50 per litre and your are slugged to buggery for servicing every 5000 klm in some case, you gotta laugh at some of the bull they post here about diesels. My most enjoyable read was the carry on about the FJ cruiser not being diesel, that was a real classic, comments that you could run a modern diesel on a farmers diesel if you ran out in the bush, what garbage, modern diesels are so fussy about the fuel you put in them. What I really enjoy reading on this site is the total load of rubbish posted about bloody diesels, so far fetched its entertaining.

    • Troy

      ever had to do a timing belt on a v6 pajero???

  • Hal

    The old I mean new commodore now with more chrome!

    Hey rather than updating the look just add chrome and be done with it

  • Troy

    how about making it look like the VF idea that was in the magazines a couple months back.

    it had a front that actually made the design look great!

    • Golfschwein

      I agree, Troy. Those changes are still some way away, sadly – 2013.

  • boss

    Better sales cos there are many bogans and bogans drive commodores

  • partsguy

    It will sell no matter how little they do to it, Holden’s marketing is gold. I don’t like the SS fog-lamp surround shaping, I think that looks hideous where the origianl VE setup looked tough, but the rest of the upgrade should get them through.
    Good on them for protecting resale and not spending money for the sake of spending.

  • The Specialist

    And the Holden & Ford BOGANS had the nerve to critcize the New Camry saying it hasn’t changed enough! At least the New Camry is just that, NEW with all new body panels,new engine,new transmission,new interior and larger inside. HAVE A GO AT THE NEW COMMODORE THEY HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING! The large 6 cylinder market in australia is shrinking and this is the best they can do to keep sales buoyant?

    • Bangel

      So true not a new crummer just a nip and botox , its a joke , starting to suspect that the next crummer may be some piece of FWD chevy junk , like ford may be all over in 2014 .

      How many crummers sold last month were sedans , i seem to see just new wagons on the road , only the cops and the odd cabby seem to get the sedan , might be of interest to know the stats .

    • Dave S

      Relax guys. No one ever said this is a new model. Only that it was changes for a new model year – 2012.

      Last year we had a series 2, with body and interior changes. Normally the series 2 is just running changes.

      The 2012 update is minor, just like every other brand around has 2012 model being released soon. BMW, MB, Mitsubitshi and many others all do minor updates and call it the ‘2012’ model. Very few are ‘all new’.

      Subtle changes and better economy, its what you would expect for a new model year not an all new model.

  • BK

    One of these days the VD commodore will be out.

  • Golfschwein

    This article and a similar one on Drive states that alloys are now standard on the Omega. It already has alloys, no? Pretty ordinary looking ones, but alloys all the same.

    • Karl

      Correct, I think they meant different alloys.

  • Chris

    Some of you guys just can’t see the trees for the forrest, there is just no hope for you.
    I bought a VE in August 2006 and just traded it in for the latest model in August 2011, if you think Holden haven’t made huge changes to the VE in 5 years then you live in a bubble, they are chalk and cheese.
    The whole package is so much superior they seem like 2 totally different cars, except they still look similar, which is not such a bad thing as the design was brilliant from the start straight out of the box.

    • boganator

      Maybe if they did it right the first time they wouldnt have had to bodge up 700 mistakes.

  • Mark

    Just bought a Sv6 wagon and couldnt be happier.
    Upgrading from a FG XR6 Turbo ute.
    As a comparison between the 2.Interior and seats miles better in the VE.Less noises and seems better put together then the Fg,
    Those squeaky windows and rattly exhaust were driving me crazy.
    As for handling.I could really fly around corners in the FG.Grip was incredible from a car which is often reviewed as poor handling.
    Its those little extra touches that i appreciate in the VE.
    Steering wheel controls that light up.Instruments are miles ahead of fords.
    Bolt a turbo onto the sidi and we have a serious winner here.Its actually quite suprising how hard it goes for a non turbo.

  • Steve

    Firstly I am a huge Holden fan and have had commodores all my life. However, the VE…what a let down. Aesthetically it is shocking! Poor visibility with the fat ‘A’pillars and high boot which not only look bad but are terrible for looking backward. It should have been fixed at VT-VX level! Fuel economy not competitive and what have we got to compare to ford…SV6 vs XR6T=Ford wins hands down in all respects.
    Then SS vs XR6 Turbo…Ford have Holden covered easily and look way better. I wont even go into the 8’s, because Ford are supercharged. Ford look and drive way better too.