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by Brett Davis

Skoda has revealed the Skoda MissionL Concept car it plans to unveil at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The MissionL will spawn a new production model, targeted at small cars like the Ford Focus.

According to reports, the production version of the MissionL will be called the Skoda Lauretta and feature a similar design to the MissionL Concept. It will also offer similar proportions and specifications to cars like the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf. Skoda describes the new model as a “compact liftback”.

The new model will slot in between the current Skoda Fabia and the Skoda Octavia, coming in five-door sedan form only, at least initially. Up to 80 per cent of the MissionL Concept is said to be production ready, so what we see at the show will represent much of the upcoming production car.

As for the MissionL Concept details, Skoda is yet to release any. We assume most of the details will be concealed until the Frankfurt show, which kicks off next Tuesday.

The new Skoda Lauretta will be part of Skoda’s plan to increase overall international sales from the current 762,600 units to 1.5 million units by 2018. The Skoda Lauretta will be sold in various international markets with revised specifications, including China and India. A four-door version may also be on the cards for some markets..

Look out for our full coverage of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show next week. It all starts on September 13. In the meantime, feel free to tell us what you think of the new model.

  • http://Zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he says

    YUCK.. Skoda need to ditch the ruler they use to design their cars with.

    • Hung Low

      I reckon its mainly the grill and headlights, the rest looks pretty good for a Skoda!

      • Nasal Explorer

        True, but the front is a great improvement over the current Skoda front-ends on the Octavia etc.

  • Golfschwein

    Looks great, I reckon. The positioning is odd, considering that the Octavia is built on the Golf’s platform, right down to identical wheelbase. Wait and see, I guess.

  • Martin

    Oh geez I actually thought it looked nice. Not a fan of the liftback look but as a small sedan it would look nice.

    • Kampfer

      Love the look!!! What wrong with liftback? As a ex-owner of Daihatsu Applause and N14 Pulsar Hatch (currently own a LV Focus Hatch). I really a fan of big liftback. Prefer it over sedan any day.

      Owned a 2001 Camry after the Pulsar and find it not where as useful I told myself never buy a sedan again.

      This really could be my next car.

  • delux

    Are those doors the same as the new Jetta?

    Very odd positioning as the Octavia is in the Focus/Golf league.

    Are you sure this isn’t the Octavia replacement?

  • Ezzagun

    Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the front-end styling but the side profile looks good… I just wish Skoda could come up with less toe-curling names for their cars… I mean ‘Lauretta’??? Really?

    NB: the Octavia replacement (due 2013/2014) will move up in size to be a true medium-size car instead of straddling the small/medium segments as it currently does… while this new car, the Lauretta, will take up Skoda’s fight in the small-car segment.

    • Baddass

      The Octavia has been named Laura in some markets, perhaps this just means a smaller Laura?

      • 3D4

        Spot on..

  • LGT70

    The current Octavia currently straddles both the small / medium sectors.

    The replacement Octavia, which is due in 2013 will be more Mondeo / Mazda 6 size to properly compete in the medium sector.

    I actually don’t mind this, although it’ll be interesting to see if Australia gets it and where they position it.

  • CK Skoda

    Must admit Skoda’s aren’t the prettiest cars on the road but that’s why I like the look of this concept. I think it looks really good, no mistaking this for a Golf.

  • Petar

    The front is Ugly back to the drawing board…

  • R8

    This new concept looks like the B6 audi A4 from year 2002. It looks like skoda just changed the front grill and bonnet and added a deeper crease line down the side of the car. Skoda’s new cars are all based on old vw/audi platforms.

    • 3D4

      Wrong article mate.. Seat Exeo was couple of days ago… And no, Skoda is build on current VW/Audi platforms..

    • Grim reaper

      Hahahaha, credibility ZERO.

      All Skodas platforms are current e.g. Golf 5/6/Audi A4 platform for the Octavia, Passat/Audi Audi A6 for the Superb. Sure it’s a bitza from those lot but it’s still current.

      And if you do a pooftenth of a second of research you will see that this model is based on the latest and greatest (not yet released) generation 7 platform.

  • Dan Dan

    interesting development from the Vision D concept design. would be good to have something slightly smaller than octavia because it is a tad small in the back if you have taller drivers, and the superb has almost too much space in the back. although flat lights remind me of the pre facelift version a little.

  • “james”

    booooring! typical conservative design language that is dominating most euro cars these days. This fad of “conservative, angular, angry, bland” style will fad out in 4 years max. It will get to a point where previous models will look not so much dissimilar to new models.

    piss poor effort, design wise.

  • Sandy

    Looks very crisp and clean. The side detailing reminds me of the C-Class.. not that thats a bad thing. Curious name for a concept though.

  • The Painter

    Very nice, wonder if the production version gets the concepts handle-less doors? …..I doubt it but again I like.

  • Sven

    So in other words, this will be the platform for the new Audi A3 saloon?

  • nickdl

    The front looks like a current Kia Optima, the rear looks like an old Kia Cerato.

    • The Painter

      I thought the rear end looked like something I saw in the car park the other day. Thanks for giving me a name to the “face” or backside as it is. Still like it though.

  • Jake Williams

    I know this is meant to be a cheap-ish car that appeals to China, India, Russia etc but that front… Far out it’s awful (this coming from a current Skoda owner mind you) ! Having said that, the rest of the car looks great (particularly the rear) and I hope the facelifted Superb looks just as good when it comes out next year.

    But Skoda seriously, get the new Octavia out already!

  • Bangel

    Current octavia now looking very 90s, , time for a whole new look , 17 year olds love them .