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  • Martin

    Looks nicely refreshed but I still think Toyota could have done more in terms of styling.

  • Alex

    Engines need a bit of an update, although adequate, competition will be in favour of everyone else with 400+nm engines.

    Looks nice I think, and the entry models are the big win here with better equipment and better styling.

    • Alex

      Not to mention they’re getting a measly 126kw/343Nm out of a 3.0L V6!

      Compared to the Amarok, that has 120kw/400Nm from a 2.0TTDI, I wonder which gets better fuel economy…

      • p_hingston2001au@hotmail.com

        amarok lent one to wheels to test.. it managed 100 meters before doing a gearbox 8-12k. toyota need not worry.. if you get chance look under the bonnet. looks like my 3 year olds plate of un eaten spagetti

      • Tomas79

        The 3.0l is not a v6!

      • Guest

        are you comparing a non turbo petrol motor with a turbo deisel?

    • camaro

      nissan engine got a lot of torque mate :)

  • The Specialist

    Great looking vehicle and now cheaper, Toyota are saying they want hilux to be the number 1 selling vehicle in 2012 with a full year of supply, i dont see any reason it wont be!

  • Charger

    Wow well done Toyota you have finally put ABS as standard in 2011

    • Karl

      don’t forget the tacho!

  • Kampfer

    Admin Update: For clarification purposes: Only 4×2 WorkMate and 4×2 SR don’t have standard aircon – all other variants come with it standard.

    Optional Air-conditioning $2,051?!

    Are we still back in the early 90’s?

    • james cortez

      Yes, AC should be standard and that goes to show how greedy Toyota Australia is!! Pricey – compare it to the Grand Cherokee Diesel for which you get a 4 x 4 nicely equipped for 50 grand!.

      Buy the jeep and boycott this product.

      • Andy

        Ha your joking! just sold my jeep as was costing me to much in fuel to get it back to the dealer every second week.
        Buy a jeep to save money!!!!! haha ill be laughing all night now, thanks buddy

        • Tomas79

          You’ll save money on the hilux come tradein time.

      • bert

        And lose 70% of what you paid for the jeep in 12 months time! YEAH real smart buy a jeep with no resale value! I will buy the hilux any day thank you.

      • Aquahead

        How about comparing apples with apples???? When Jeep bring out a range of utes, then we can look at them in the same light as the Hilux. But I do agree that Toyota are just dead set greedy, but seeing the new Ranger’s price is right up there, then, I guessd all manufacturers will charge what they think they can get…

    • Sumpguard

      Greed. The base model KIA Rio has it standard but this car doesn’t? Awesome work toyota.

    • p_hingston2001au@hotmail.com

      no hilux comes with air con. toyota gave the work to the dealer networks to install at the dealerships. some models have a charge with it to keep the list price low for marketing purposes

    • franky

      yes they are still back in the 90s even a friggin proton jumbuck has air con standard ha ha

  • Henry

    The Xtra Cab still only manual???

  • James

    No reverse camera on the hi-spec models??

  • camaro

    hey i think the air-con option meant to be dual-zone one.

    • Richo

      No, its not. Toyota makes air-con optional on lots of things, even base model Prado’s had air con and cruise as an optional extras up until late last year!

      • p_hingston2001au@hotmail.com

        ok just a few stats. 92% of ALL 4×4 buyers aspired to purchase a Toyota Hilux. out of the people who didnt, over 80% gave the reason as price. Hilux has been the benchmark of all 4x4s because of 3 simple features. Quality, Durability and Reliability. its nearest competitor at present is the Navara, of which 4 hilux are sold per 1 navara. last year Hilux sold over 80,000 more units than navara. SO with those sorts of stats and toyota reducing the price by a few grand BUT throwing in extras like GPS ($3200 optional extra on the old one) and heaps more goodies why would you bother looking at other models. Also the Hilux is 4 star ancap safety rating to the Navaras half a star. the reason the navara did so well ! is because an impact at 64Kmh, because of the design of the floor pan, is guarenteed to chop off both feet. at best crush them to oblivion. (nice pre crash testing nissan). mind you the jeep comment…. still smiling.. love that one.

        • AR

          Navara D40 is a weakling and soft bloated Renault. If you want to get a tough Nissan truck, get the Navara D22. The other good alternative is the Triton, has the DSC option and rear diff lock.

        • Weegee

          How about you get figures correct and compare 4×4 with 4×4 dual cab numbers the reason why hilux sell grap loads more than anyone else is the fact they produce twice to 3 times the model variants. Using the vehicle sales data listed on this website today it shows hilux 4×4 1880 to navara’s 1445 not going to be 80000 more is it?
          Secondly the reason why the navara scored so badly in the ancap is because a delay in the air bags going off not because of poor desing after this came out I got a recall from nissan which they plugged a computer into the car and fixed the problem took all of 5 minutes and now is as high if not higher than hilux.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          you are so wrong on so many counts i don’t know where to start,i think i will just let you be.pls don’t feed any other half intelligent people any more of your dribble…

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            can you put your head where the navara bloke’s feet are and crash a.s.a.p…

  • Jp

    Compare the features, kit, overall package of Wildtrak to sr5 and in MY OPINION the Wildtrak still favorite. Plus last time I tried to negotiate down the price of hilux was waste of time, they have a well earned rep and kno they can charge for the product. the fact they are re doing pricing for a refreshed model is just proof of this, besides with the high Aussie dollar it would be interesting to see how big of a deduction it actually is

  • http://mymaties.com VDub Fan

    Not beautiful at all. Should be a much better drivers car this time to compete in the new market.

  • Wal

    My brother bought a 2011 sr5 dual cab diesel. Pretty much fully loaded. Got a great price from western sydney Toyota. $58k. He loves it. Does it all. The new one is nice, but with no performane improvements, it doesn’t really move the game on enough IMO. All the upgrades are just cosmetic

    • Get-towed

      U think ur bro got him self a deal at 58k try 54k drive away with bullbar,towbar,tub liner,hardtop lid beat that for a 2012 sr5 td manual

      • Jase

        I payed 50k even for sr5 turbo diesel auto 2012

  • Toyota Guru

    WTF? That’s an Aurion steering wheel!

  • Eric

    Auto on the 4×2 s/c.

    But no diesel?

  • AR

    Hilux or Ranger. Which 1?

  • moonie

    No air con and vinyl seats.

    Toyota still thinks its 1971…

    • AR

      So that people in Tassie could save a dollar or two.

    • The Specialist

      What do you want a unbreakable work ute or a PRETEND work ute like Great Fail? By the way air cond in some models is dealer fit!

  • AR

    Actually come to think of it, no air con is quite dangerous as one can’t demist the windscreen quickly.

    • moonie

      Um, you use the heater for that.

      • AR

        Wrong. To demist it quickly use the air con. For ongoing demisting, use the heater, it’s quite slow compared to the air con. Some people don’t actually know that air con blasts dry air and could be used to demist the windscreen in a flash.

        • Jase

          Air con comes on automatically when you select demist in all new cars

  • DKA

    This updated HiLux and lower pricing announced today will all but guarantee the HiLux will be the top selling car in Australia next year bar none.

  • Old Dog

    the millian dollar question: Can toyota get stock?

  • Scott

    My nephew has bought himself a 1995 Toyota 4 x 2 Cab Chasis with non standard wheels and tyres, i’m not sure of the wheel size but they must be 40 series tyres and they scrub out when the steering is put on full lock. I’m concerned about the handling and overall safety of the vehicle.
    Can anybody please advise me on the correct original tyre and rim for this vehicle, including overall tyre diameter


  • Darren

    has anyone had a problem with the TRC/VSC system?
    i was towing my caravan (approx 1 tonne) approx 90kg downward tow ball weight with levelling bars set up (weights and heights all ok) but when driving along approx 90km/hr going into a corner (not braking) the TRC system activates for a split second (which tries to straighten the car through the corner) the conditions of the road are dry and smooth the car seem to be driving smooth through the corner until the TRC system tries to take over

  • HiluxMan

    quick question for all!
    Have any of you actually ever worked on some of these vehicles?
    I have… D40 – rubbish,  mitsu – ok but can be a PITA..  BT-50 – not bad.. prone to doing uni joints and exhaust side problems (turn mani etc).. ranger – same platform as the BT-50.. major 4wd activation issues.. jeeps are completely useless.. rodeo/d-max.. rubbish as well unfortunately… so many problems.. but with hilux’s…. the main issue with these things in a mechanics point of view is injectors and water pumps… other than that they are unbelievable units.  I work on all the above vehicles everyday.. they really are excellent.. I’d only buy a hilux.. the cruisers chew too much oil and fuel… though the v8 sounds great..

  • Marcel dimoski

    the Hilux Double Cab 4×4 2.5 Manual (MT) is only MYR 95,000 which is only AUD 30,000. So I am assuming that toyota are ripping you off in Australia by up to 14,000 AUD. and you cant say it costs AUD14,000 to ship one 4×4?!!! I am sure it would be only a few thousand each since a 20ft container is only AUD 3000 to 4000  for one container. shoul;d fit 2 in a 20ft container. so 1,500 for each to ship! so if they can sell for AUD30,000 in Malaysia and have a profit still then how much profit is Australia toyota making! !!!! hahaahahaha you aussies are getting ripped off! Those Hilux are made in Thailand by the way. the Malaysian ones are CKD but thats only to bypass the custom and exise that in Malaysia! I am guessing its cheaper to buy a hilux in Thailand than it is in Malaysia. So once you take all this into account then you see that you really are getting ripped off yopu aussies! must be some sort of collusion or price fixing with other 4×4 companies!