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by Brett Davis

Honda has released a teaser image of the new 2012 Honda Civic hatch it plans to unveil at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. The teaser shot previews the all-new rear hatch design.

The new 2012 Honda Civic hatch has been designed for the European market and will come in five-door hatch form only. Honda says the next-generation model will showcase a more aerodynamic body with a rear hatch that combines a brake light and spoiler into one contour.

Honda also says the new 2012 Honda Civic hatch will offer improved ride and handling compared with the current Honda Civic Si hatch, while also boasting improvements in fuel economy and producing fewer tailpipe emissions. All new manual versions will come with stop/start technology.

As for new engines, the new Honda Civic Si diesel will feature a revised 2.2-litre i-DTEC four-cylinder unit producing 110kW of power and 350Nm of torque. Emissions and fuel consumption figures are expected to be 110 grams of CO2 per kilometre and 4.7L/100km, respectively.

As previously reported, Honda Australia is yet to finalise a decision on whether to bring the new Si i-DTEC diesel to our shores. Although Honda Australia has not yet confirmed a local launch of the petrol 2012 Honda Civic hatch, European showrooms will welcome the new model during the beginning of 2012.

In the meantime, potential Honda Civic customers should be reminded the current Honda Civic hatch models (including Type R) are now available at drive away prices, starting at $29,990 drive away (for manual non-metallic Si). Follow this link for our full Honda Civic Si review.

Stay tuned for our complete 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show coverage on September 13.

  • Ryan

    No one wants the current Si hatch because it has the same 1.8L sedan engine, which is underpowered, and costs an extra $8-$9K

    • PS

      To say that the 1.8L is underpowered is probably inaccurate, but I do get your point in questioning the extra 8-9k for the same engine. They should have at least sell the Si in Diesel variant for that little bit of differentiation.

      • davie

        I assume its just the peaky torque curve which makes it slow.

        Honda seem to think that civics should be driven around at suburban speeds with the engine bouncing off the rev limiter as that is where the torque seems to be.

  • Andronicus

    This teaser is more interesting than anything Honda have produced in the last 3 years.

    Could it be a Honda worth looking at again……?

    • PhantomHamster

      Only worth a look if its cheaper and not as jittery as the current hatch…

  • Goog

    Just give us 2.0L I-VTEC engine..

  • Jake Williams

    God that’s ugly…

    • Hayzel

      Always at least one troll in every article eh Jake?

  • Commentator

    A nice appetiser. But I want mains now!

  • HJP

    Looks futuristic and nice I won’t comment until I see the whole car. I am hoping it will be much better than the US Civic which is dreadful and appalling.

  • Pauly

    Im sure the Civic hatch will look great. And if we were in Europe it would be a worth while competitor to alternative cars in the segment.

    Honda Australia are stuffing it up by charging stupid premium prices for it. If it was prices around the same mark as the sedan (like every other manufactuer does with their sedan and hatches), then it would sell just fine.

    Honda Australia have no excuse to charge more for 2 reasons:

    – Aussie dollar is awesome
    – Their sales are dropping heavily

    Honda Australia also need to look at diesel offerings of the:

    Accord Euro
    Accord Euro Wagon

    Its fine to have hybrids in your line up, but you also need to offer diesels. I seriously think most people on this website could run Honda Australia better then what it is at the moment.

    Oh and Honda Australia… Where is the CR-Z? Its the only exciting car in your line up, and thats not saying much.

  • RB26

    Hope they bring out an awesome engine like the B series engines of the late 90’s….some of the later ones don’t feel as pure….

    • Reputation

      What about the F20C? Now that’s an engine!

  • JML

    Judging by the concept drawings and this teaser, it won’t be much different from the current. I wonder is this a major facelift on the existing Civic, or a totally new model?

  • john

    One thing that it will be and that is over priced.

  • Chee

    Will diesel seriously help Honda?

  • Mark

    The recent redesign of the U.S.Civic seems like a step down from the prior. I was really warming up to he 4 door, especially the rear. I like the picture I see of this. Maybe it’s a step back in the right direction.

    • vti07

      Agreed. The new sedan’s rear looks like an older model Camry with those tailights.

      Although I read somewhere that the non US model might have some additional plastic trim on the rear.