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by Brett Davis

The new 2011 Toyota Camry has just been unveiled, with Toyota Australia playing a major roll in its debut.

CarAdvice‘s Anthony Crawford is at the unveiling as we speak and will post a more thorough overview of the 2011 Toyota Camry shortly.

In the meantime, these are the first official Toyota Australia images. As previously reported, the new Camry features a more aggressive front end with sharper corners and deeper lower chin.

Other features included in the new front end are a set of newly-designed, slightly less conservative headlights, a larger centre grille and all-new panels with more sharply shaped bonnet contours.

From the rear, the 2011 Toyota Camry showcases new high-mount taillights and a larger rear bumper bar design that sweeps up to the boot lid. A sporty lower bumper bar also shows off a diffuser-style setup with double cutaways.

Toyota says the new Camry will be powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine bringing “more responsive performance and better fuel economy” compared with the current model. Toyota also says the new Camry will offer more interior space compared with the outgoing model, a quieter ride and a new six-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Australia announced a new model variant would be added to the new lineup, called the Toyota Camry Atara. The Atara will be available in various trim levels while the Altise will continue to make up the entry-level range. Toyota Australia’s senior executive director of sales and marketing David Buttner said,

“The introduction of Atara reflects the added sophistication of the new range. Atara signifies that next-generation Camry will continue to lead its segment with overall specification, performance, quality and value that are appreciated by Australian motorists.”

The new 2011 Toyota Camry will go on sale in Australia in November, with the new Camry Hybrid set to join the lineup during the first quarter of 2012.

Look forward to our full Toyota Camry unveiling coverage soon for more information. Until then, feel free to express your opinions on the new look below.

  • Ima Hogg

    The front looks a bit like a aftermarket job. Awfull. Toyota have tried to hard to make it look sporty and have failed. Hyundai 1 Toyota 0

    • Ben 10

      Hear that. the front bumper on it is certainly hideous.

      • duckula

        Bumpers in the USA are different to ours, they have different safety rules, while in the US I have seen many identical models to aussie ones, but the bumpers are always bulkier and stick out more, so assume they must have different requirements for saftey… but agree its bloody ugly either way u look at the thing.

    • Max Power

      mate, who are you? your attempt at witty nitty humour is poor, you dont know anything hey. toyota owns hyundai, so how could hyundai be one up? jeez.

      go to school bro.

      • Gino Mefistopalopalous

        Bring back valiants

        • Carter

          CM Valiants = awesome :)

        • wikiriwhi

          haha…the Rangers were really starting to look retro back in teh day

      • Ima Hogg

        Listen ‘Mate’ at the moment the Korean’s are one up on toyota and many other Japenese makers. Toyota were great in the 90’s ( My daughter had a starlet)but they have lost their way at the moment. Most car Manufactures go through this. And don’t say that I hate Japanese cars(Go check out my posts on Mitsubishi Reviews and other Japanese cars). By the way I wasn’t trying to be Humorous. Also I think you need to go to school to learn some grammar.

        • Max Power

          Starlets are gay.

        • Max Power

          PS humourous has a U and no capital H ;).

          • Professor Racecar

            Also Japanese has two ‘a’s :)

          • Ima Hogg

            May I ask how old you are. I suppose you are interested in modifed Vn and Ea falcons. Starlets may be plain but they are very reliable.

          • Ima Hogg

            Vn commodores and Ea falcons

    • papousek

      Totally agree. It feels wrong – I’d prefer something more ‘understated’ at the front. More like the first version of Aurion or Audi. This looks like riced-up ‘sportivo’ wannabe boy racer. It will also age very quickly – like the current crop of HSVs and will be crappy looking in 3-years time and will give the car lower re-sale!

    • adam

      Let the TOYOTA BASHING COMMENCE!! Immature brats..

    • adam

      Let the TOYOTA BASHING COMMENCE!! What a bunch of morons….

    • Warricklowe

      It is prime! I have an aurion and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but this car looks the part A+ to toyota

  • Sunny

    Looks like impreza

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au David

      Yup I agree with that, with an Accord Euro shape at the rear.

      • Matt J

        An accord euro at the rear? No way those lights are straight off the Subaru Legacy!

        • http://Nissan Kazuo

          lol,sounds like they all designed by one person

        • nickdl

          And headlights from the current Honda Civic…

      • anthony

        Rear looks nothing like the Accord Euro,but the headlights are VERY Accord Euro,the way they sweep up the sides of the car.

  • JoKiDe

    Actually is one of the nicer looking toyota’s in recent years, I am a big fan, and if you would consider buying a hyundai after a toyota good luck with its limited shelf life

    • Steve

      Seriously, open your eyes! That thing looks awful.

      At least we don’t have to suffer through any more of the slow reveal. Hey Toyota if you’re listening, showing us piece by piece doesn’t prepare us for the hideous vehicle you’re about to unleash on our roads. It just gets us angry!!!!!

      • Bill

        reminds me of the original Ford Edsel reveal. Piece by piece it was over months and the final unveil was to gasps of horror…. :)

      • JoKiDe

        Steve go enjoy your hyundai, Toyota still is the pinnacle of the motor vehicle industry, why do you think everyone is now trying to copy what toyota have been doing for years.

        Example 1 – look at everyone in a mad rush to get hybrid technology

        Example 2 – look at everyone adopting the self parking technology or radar cruise control.

        Example 3 – look at everyone adopting the capped price servicing

        Example 4 – look at everyone adopting the capped rate finance.

        The list goes on, you got rocks in your head if you buy a car for its looks, I mean if they were that important to you go buy a Ferrari

        • Charger

          if you think that Toyota invented Radar Cruise you are very much Mistaken BMW had it way before Toyota! Jap cars dont invent technology they perfect it and make it reliable. Hybrid is the one thing they have lead but Euro are looking at better and more advanced Tech for there cars!

          • Y

            BMW invented gravity.

        • K

          have to wonder, how empty is your life that you love TOYOTA so much? And by that, you have just told everyone you are a terrible driver.

          • a

            Have to wonder, how empty is your life that you hate TOYOTA so much? And by that, you have just told everyone you are a tryhard.

          • K

            to ‘a’, Hey, nice to see a employee of Toyota here~ copy cat my comment by changing a few words, your life is Very empty… BTW, maybe Chery will cheer you up, a bit~

        • K

          Have to wonder how empty your life is that you love Toyota sooo much? And that also exposed that you are a terrible driver. Because somehow on single lane roads, the train leader is, still and will always be an lovely toyota~

        • Harry

          I am sooo happy that they have released a new Camry, every morning when I hop into my Camry I am filled with the euphoria of life, I love Toyota, and I really, really love Camrys.

          Actually it makes me want to kill myself.

          • a

            Nice not knowing you.

            p.s. don’t make a mess

          • Opelman

            Maybe you could bury yourself in a Camry, it’s certainly as boring as a coffin and just about as comfy. Bon voyage!

        • Steve

          I love how three of your examples have nothing to do with driving a car, lol.

          Oh yeah, Camry Hybrid! lol

        • Joof

          Equally, if Toyota’s had any appeal, they wouldn’t need to offer those things just to sell them.

          At least the current range of Hyundais and Kias have some style.

          I have an 07 Kluger and seriously looked for the free cardigan when I bought it. If the Territory had been a little more fuel efficient, I would have gone there in a heartbeat.

          Look at everything else they sell. Landcruiser is now way too fat, boxy and overdone. The 80 series was much better looking. Same same with the Prado and it’s ridiculous Dame Edna Headlights. Overdone and too big. The previous version still looks classier.

          Their van is literally a BOX on WHEELS. Corolla looks like a dropped patty cake, this Camry half a riceboy’s bodykit…

          They’re going the same way as Honda. They had good cars, but in some belief they are market leaders and therefore the best, have gone too maindtream or ugly (like subaru) and have nothing inspiring.

          No wonder VW will soon be the biggest manufacturer worldwide, at least their products have some style…

          • SK

            And yet Toyota still got your money…

          • nickdl

            That’s odd that you chose a Kluger over a Territory for fuel efficiency. Considering you’ve admitted the Territory is the better car, and the fact that it’s actually about the same on fuel, if not better in the real world…

    • Henry

      The Only Toyota I would by are the FJ and Tarago but they are over priced and arnt the best looking I WOULD STILL PREFER KOREA!!!

    • Gino Mefistopalopalous


  • RSI

    Evolutionary design change is a very good thing for the Camry.

    It means that the new model will still be easily recognisable as a Camry, giving me a better chance of avoiding an accident with one when it inevitably merges into my lane without indicating at 60kmph less than the speed of traffic.

    So a big thumbs up from me.

  • Charger

    Rear end looks very clumsy at least the front end is more aggressive than other camrys.

  • LSD

    awful…….they are trying too hard to rid it of its Lawn bowls hat image……..old peoples car. Why is it called a medium size car when its as big as a large car….Aurion/Camry same except for engine.

    Does this mean that the EcoBoost Falcon will be in the medium car class?

  • Nugsdad

    Why show a blue one when 98% of ownwers order white?

  • bold

    previously, camry look a bit boring, but can’t say it is a copy. Now it is boring and a copy.

  • K20A

    Good side: Safe design and as expected.. amazingly even if you hide the badge it’s obvious it’s a Toyota.

    Bad side: the glasshouse / C-Pillar is very unflattering.. cars look slab sided.. the diffuser / front splitter looks out of place.. just like what the first poster said..

    Lastly.. wth is Atera? Toyota is a genius in coming up with made up names.. Wiki says it’s a Palestinian village.. surely this is not the inspiration?

    • aza

      The word Atara is hebrew for Crown. Other toyotas were also named after crown:

      Corona = Spanish
      Camry = anglicised for the Japanse word ‘Kanmuri’ (meaning crown)
      Corolla = Latin for ‘small crown’
      Atara = Hebrew

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    Honda Civic front and a Holden Epica rear. Huge fail…look terrible.

    • SK

      Can’t take anything you say on this site seriously, especially knowing your vested interest in a competitor’s product.

      • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

        Obviously you do. What other motive would cause you to respond. Judging by the thumbs down you have scored I would say your comment is unwelcome and unnecessary.

  • o

    Whats with the ATARA name?, also It will be fine as long as toyota doesn’t shove that POS audio system in it and uses the integrated one from the US

    • BoatAnchor

      I think RETARDA would suit more, its awful, looks like a Subaru.

      • a

        Draw us a good looking car then if you are so good!

      • Pistol Pete

        except worse

      • K20A

        You should work at Toyota’s new model naming department. You’re a natural!

  • 3D4

    First kerb parking job and your new shiny camry will have the front bumper scratched..

  • m2m

    That front apron looks ridiculous! The Hybrid will probably be the better looking model once again!

  • Phil

    Is the 2.5 direct injection?

    Seems like Toyota can’t even keep up with the Commodores/ Falcons for engine tech.. thats a worry.

    • JoKiDe

      Phil that 3.5L V6 that the aurion uses s currently in the Lexus IS350 – producing 232kw of power in RWD, that smashes the commodore/falcon and has a fuel efficiency rating of about 9.1L/100km and that smashes them again

      • Blueberry

        The Lexus uses a Direct Injection version of the 3.5L V6. So the engines are similar… not the same

      • Phil

        Who said anything about a Lexus? Or an Aurion for that matter?

        • UniversityOfGoogle

          You’re comparing a Camry to a Commodore/Falcon, they are in 2 separate classes NOOB.

          The Toyota equivalent is the Toyota Aurion, L2google pl0x

      • Karl

        JoKiDe, remember that the IS350 needs 95 where the Commodore engine can take 91.
        Also, it uses 9.4L/100k (not 9.1L) and it’s a smaller car.
        All things considered, saying that it “smashes” them is extremely optimistic.

  • Alexander

    I personally think it looks okay, the hybrid should be better this time around, with 150kw & a 0-100 time of 7.8s & economy of around 5.0-5.5l/100km

  • Ox

    Front apron reminds me of a snow plow.

  • Monk

    Strange – they try to make the front more aggressive but leave the sides as boring as ever – it looks like they have forgotten to add the matching skirts onto the side.


    Toyotas are good for reliable motoring (cockroaches and Toyotas are the only things that will survive a nuclear holocaust) but are not good at style or excitement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    looks like it’s having an identity cricis

  • Laney

    It would be good looking if it wasnt so F^%$ing ugly….

  • robbo

    At least its more exciting than the new Jetta.

  • Sandy

    i like the front… But why is the heck whole body the same as the old one? Talk about complacency. This will come back to bite them.

    • Alexander

      It’s 100% new sheetmetal, if you compare it to pics of the old camry it is different.

      • Sandy

        My bad, you’re absolutely right. the sides have a more defined crease. so this body shape will stay here for another 8-9 years or so.. good luck with that toyota….

  • Braedz

    Doesnt look too bad for a Toyota Camry. Definately an improvement over the old model. Unfortunately for Toyota, they will never shake the cardigan image of the Camry, no matter how aggressive they make the car.

  • Y

    Did they mispelled Ateva as Atara?

  • F1MotorGP

    On the Netcarshow website the front looks completely different! Must be for US market.

  • obi wan

    I like it,very nice in that colour.I was unsure about the first spy pics in black,but this looks cool.Even more excited about the new Aurion in march.

  • Y

    The $64 question… Will the Aurion come with the direct injected 3.5V6 from the Lexus?

    • HJP

      I doubt it however there may be either slight power increase or no changes to the power at all.

  • RD

    All in all, this will still sell well and all the people here will winge and whine that everyday people arent buying golf gtis… get over it. Toyota builds cars for common people, not guys who think they’re street racers…

    • AlfaGTman

      Actually Toyota have been trying for years to recapture the enthusiast market.

      Perhaps if they listened more to the demands of the enthusiast (or street racer as you call them) they would have done a better job than this conservative car wrapped in aggressive body kit styling that is ultimately incohesive.

    • BBB

      unfornately RD, in Sydney lots of Camry drivers think they are driving a Porsche and loves to race!

  • PoisonEagle

    Umm I am not a fan of Toyotas, being an enthusiast and all, and I despise their fanboys that come here; But that is sexy and has a sexy name! Good on Altona for making the international version sexy!

  • HJP

    Looks ok at the front but I don’t like the back although it was complimented by European looking two exhausts. At least Toyota is trying to steer away from boring image for Camry, at least it still looks more exciting than the new VW Jetta.

    • anthony

      I cannot agree with you on that one…the Jetta is a classic design,and looks very much like an Audi A4…

  • Martin V.

    Blugh, too American.

  • xl

    At least the interior is a huge improvement over the current one.

  • Golfschwein

    Atara’s plain silly. Have a look at the back of a Corolla Hatch at traffic lights. Is it a Toyota? Is it a Corolla? Is it a Seca? Is it an Ascent? God Damn It, it’s ALL of these things!

    And now, it looks as though the same thing’s going to be burdened upon Camry: sub models of sub models of models.

    It looks okay. Toyota discovers integrated sill extensions! …kinda….

  • Lachy

    So, Toyota thought that they needed an exciting and interesting design: To do this they stole the headlights off a Honda Accord Euro, tacked on some ugly plastic extensions, and blended that with a typical, boring Camry body.

    So boring, I think I just slipped into a coma.

  • ybo

    Looks bland and inoffensive as its meant to appeal to fat Americans who wants something to cheap and reliable to drive. If you want something to look at, go for a Falcon or a Commo.

  • Gerry

    We now have fridges in blue…..

  • http://Caradvice Jordan


  • Kris

    Looks better than the current Camry, and it also looks better than the new VW Jetta which surely must be the most boring looking medium car now.

    I wonder if Toyota have done anything interesting with the interior? Personally I feel this Camry is a small step in the right direction, but Toyota have a lot of catching up to do.

  • gasman

    It looks like they’ve just changed the front and back whilst leaving the side profile the same. A facelift for the sake of a facelift. It doesn’t appear to be co-ordinated in the overall design.

  • CarFan

    Quite a nice blue, although I see a lot of Acura in the design.

  • Robocop

    That rear end, what a disaster.

    ….and no manual either.


    • mrxandthexfactor

      Atara is going to be fitted with paddle shifters. (hey! That’s a first from Toyota)

  • Robocop

    I’d prefer the current model over this any day.

  • delux

    A Camry’s have always been drab. Beige sells well. Get used to it.

  • Ryan

    Narcolepsy on wheels is how you’d describe the current generation, lets hope this smashes the appliance tag

  • dirty rockin

    Yawn – aggressive and Camry is not 2 words that go together -god know why they sell.

    • K

      You must be praying to the wrong god

  • GT

    I recently bought a current model camry and thank god i did – this one looks awful. I feel much better about my purchase now. Thanks Toyota. This is just embarrassing.

  • Andrew Juma

    Still a fridge. Will sell in buckets!

  • Y

    It’s aiming at people looking for a medium (actually large) car with 8L per 100km economy, low profile won’t stand out anywhere, affordable price, not a cop or thief magent, abundance of parts, $160 servicing cost (as apposed to $600 servicing cost) and good for 200,000km+.

  • GT

    Sorry one more thing.. it looks unbalanced – it looks so front end heavy, and that lip at the bottom of the front bumper really does look like a cheap-o after market botch job. i think that they should donate the design-team’s paycheck to charity for some good karma – they’re gonna need it if they want this thing to out sell the current model!

  • darkone

    fail,lawn bowls car like all the other camrys,tried to hard to make it sporty,the ol folks wont buy them now and the only sales they will get is from fleet buyers.

    • Bangel

      Correct dark one , like crummers and flacoons , very reliant on fleet sales , private sales evaporating before your eyes .

  • mrxandthexfactor

    The standard new Camry looks better. Don’t know why this sports version looks so hideous.

  • Max Power

    I seriously dont get all these new cars today

    i have had my VS sedan for nearly 8 months now, and it is by far the gratest car i have ever owned

    it looks much better than this, probably goes harder, and will defenetely get better fuel consumtion return

    toyota needs to keep out of our country.

    • buttpirate

      Yeah dey dook dour dobs. Go back to making rice and leave real car production to an Australian company like Ford

      • Max Power


      • K20A

        As the first paragraph of the article says, this car is as Australian as it can get for Toyota.

        It’s also very likely that this car will be produced here in Altona..

        And lastly, Japan is not a major rice producer.. that’s China and the ASEAN countries.

        Ford is not an Australian company, it’s a subsidiary of its American parent.

        Go back to school and make sure you do your homework for Economics, Geography and History. Also recommended taking remedial classes on multiculturalism.

        • UniversityOfGoogle

          You forgot globalisation.

    • Bangel

      So its a GRATEST car , slices and dices , nice motor , rough as guts v6 , built to perfection in bogan city .

      Goes hard , yep plastics are hard .

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      so your 15y.o.commodore is the greatest car you’ve ever had.are you brain dead or 17 years old?(and yes,i bought a new vr in 94)…

      • Bangel

        I think hes both brain dead and 17 , expert on donuts and traffic light drags , nuffin beats a VS for power and economy cough .

  • Gino Mefistopalopalous


  • Ox

    A turbo AWD version would make for a great Q car.

  • Jake Williams

    What is Atara anyway? I mean, in terms of the lineup? Is it the new Sportivo?

    Regardless of what it is, it’s just so awkward to look at!

    • F1MotoGP

      Atara is a genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.
      Source: Wikipedia

  • Hearnty


  • anthony

    wow tall poppies exist in this country..

    they will still sell more than everything else. so… money where your mouth is

  • Shak

    Why has no one brought up the point that this isnt an all new car. Its built off of the same platform, you can tell because the turrets are still the same. They just spruced up the interior and exterior, and chucked in some new mechanicals. Good effort(albeit ugly), but not all new.

    • Golfschwein

      All new panels, Shak. Squint and compare with a picture of a current model. It’s true!

  • aza

    The Atara ‘sports’ model does look OTT at the front and underdone at the sides an back. Not a cohesive design. The normal/luxury camry, on the other hand looks less messy. Check out the bottom picture: http://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/556EDA453FA7F3F7CA2578F500822E2D

  • aza

    I wonder where Camry Lover is…

    • Bangel

      HES down at the nursing home spuring on the residents to hot foot it to their nearest dealer , and marvel at the fine lines and power bulges .

      • nickdl

        I think this new one might be a bit racy for him…

  • aza

    The standard/kuxury Camry looks better. This one (sports model) looks less cohesive, especially the front bumper, looks too aftermarket

  • Mazda Guru

    Looks absolutely hideous! Also, “sport” and “camry” should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • Ura Hogg

    Man, Toyota makes some of the uglist cars available on the market….to much plastic. The rear looks okay but the front? Way to American….Lipstick on a pig

  • Jason

    Wow! So much time and money and this is the best they can come up with. For the sake of all the staff involved I hope other people are impressed. That front bumper is a mess. Rear aint too fetching either. Looking at some of the interior shots floating about on the net at least the interior looks like a step up.

  • Μr Gaspo

    Are Toyota serious… This is a dire effort.

  • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

    The problem is this.. the front and rear have too much going on.. compared to the rest of the car..asin what was carried over from the previous model.. toyota didnt take into account the flat doors/gaurds… look at the honda accord.. the doors are on a angle out.. to suit the rest of the car. ford and holden pulled it off with the vy/ba sheet metal updates.. and thats because they didnt go to far. and for a front that agressive.. the bonnet is just a tad too flat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

    You guys may hate Camry and Toyota but that’s alright.. But go watch the review of the new 2012 Camry in YouTube..

    The car is completely new and improved, soft touch plastics are good, good leather, good space and it’s much better, leather stitching throughout the interior..

    And the price of tje new Camry has been reduced..

    The engine has been improved the new 2.5L is class leading fuel efficiency and has 200hp under it..

    You can say all you want but sale numbers explain everything and we will see who is winner and loser..

    • F1MotoGP

      After watching the video I like it. Better fuel economy city is under 10 and the Hybrid is under 6 in the city!!

      • F1MotoGP

        …and I just learned that Camry is best selling passenger car in USA in the last 9 years.!!

        • BBM-RSA

          Are you suggesting that Americans know something about cars? American tastes are very unsophisticated when it comes to cars.

  • zahmad

    At least the interior looks promising…

    • Sandy

      I was thinking this was a really poor effort from seeing these exterior photos.. but after seeing the interior and the hybrid, i have eaten my words.

  • lukaas

    Geez. The koreans are on this site too. Notice autoblog and other us based car sites are packed of them. You can tell they’re koreans because they absolutely discredit japanese oems and praise hyuundai and kia and proclaim how they will take overthe auto world. Anyhoo, the standard camry looks more cohessive, the interior looks realgood, the overal appearance from the outside isnt too wild nor pretty but its not that bad. Audi, lexus, mazda stil have the best styled sedans at this time, and no hyundai and kia styling wears out after a short time, too dramatic and strong lines.

    • D21

      Yeah that’s true..

  • nick

    Why worry so much about the look of this car, it’s a Toyota. Have you ever seen a good looking Toyota before? All that matters is its reliablity, practicality and afordability, it’s still gonna be a top selling car.

    And the reason why you think Toyota drivers are bad drivers is that 20 to 30percent of the cars on the road are Toyotas, so if you happen to see a “bad” driver, the chances are that he/she is in a Toyota.same goes with the good drivers. It’s unfair to say that all Toyota drivers are bad.

  • James Cortez

    Listen folks, it is what it is!. Reliable, dependable, long lasting. Yes it may be boring, may look ugly to some and beautiful to others. The bottom line is: it’s worth the money comes resale time. One blog above says that he / she does not care about resale value. Either that person is a liar or on movie star / professional athlete’s income, period.

  • Commentator

    Hummmm, does it look any good, no, does it need to in order sell to it’s Market, not really.

  • RB26

    At least it’s got projector headlights now…can buy an aftermarket 8000K HID kit and make it look pimp…!

    The cross bonding between Suby and Toyota can also be seen… Liberty looking more like this and this getting it’s front grille inspiration from the 07 model rexy s….

    A bonnet scoop now please and I like!!!!

  • Golfschwein

    Wow, so many comments about how bad this car looks! If someone said to me ‘you have to drive this’, I’d say ‘oh, okay then. Thanks, boss’.

    I contend that at least the proportions are right and, in old Sportivo terms, the dams and skirts are tidier.

    Mr ratings of ugliest Camry ever go to the ill proportioned sedan of two generations ago and the triple-wipered bum of the wagon two generations before that.

  • AndyGF

    You know WHY it looks so hideous…

    Is because when you pump up already mean car, like a GTR, M3, whatever, it looks like you put a spikey dog collar on a bloodhound! (BAD-ASS!!!)

    But when you put a ‘sport’ kit on a yaris, or a camry, its like taking a shitasu, and putting power-ranger boxy multicoloured paw-warmers and dog collar that says ‘I’m bad’! Besides rolling on the floor (you, not the dog), you just dont believe it…

    (no offense to any dog lovers, I have a soft spot for mans best friend too)

  • bogenator

    This Camry looks a lot better than the VW jetta we have just seen.

    • anthony

      I love the rear of the new Jetta,hate the rear of the new Camry…

      • anthony

        Like the Accord Euro headlights though…

      • aza

        That’s the problem with the passat and jetta, rear looks ok but from the front its looks too bland, not nice and understated like previous passat, just boring

  • toyta

    have both a toyota (98) and hyundai (07) – both good cars but simply cannot beat toyota quality. VW nice but too many real quality problems. Just want to get in the car and go – everytime!

  • http://NSSAN James Cortez

    Listen folks, the new camry is anywhere between 155 lbs to 220 lbs lighter and for a mass produced / global cars, that’s quite an achievement given that almost all cars gain weight!! ya’ll commodore and falcon lovers: take notice of the weight reduction accomplished by this world car. Strictly speaking commodore uses the same engine as the cadillac so it is not really an australian car.

    VeeDub, and most german cars are generally grossly overpriced.

  • Mark

    I think the Camry Atara looks far nicer compared to any of the newly released Hyundai models that are all bent out of shape and look like they are from another planet and don’t belong here, they are all completely ugly as.

    I’ll be in to buy an Atara,,,but only if they are quiet and have a nice ride because the noise and the rough suspension in the 2002 Sportivo was something terrible and was way below standards in my opinion. I didn’t like the design of the 2006-2011 camry range, bland, morning, didn’t like how the bonnet met the bumper/grill, the Sportivo lacked a decent spoiler.

  • Pete

    I’m not too keen on the tail lights but i am loving this new camry already. Didn’t like the current model so i’ve stayed with the previous but i’ll be test driving one of these asap and if they really do have a sporty feel all the better. I’d love a camry that doesn’t cry at me in the corners!

  • Jonno Smith

    Actually, 2012 Toyota Camry looks quite sporty & good looking but need a bit of paintwork retouching to look even better. The previous Camry except for Sportivo models appeal more to the cardigan set – totally devoid of any sportiness or even pretence of it!
    Frankly, the front bar’s bottom airflow aperture – Toyota need to blackout those two color coded pillars just below the numberplate for a continuous blackout airlow look.
    The rear bar twin diffusers need to be black-out or coded matte black – again for sportiness! I like the twin exhaust outlets – put in a set of stainless steel box with bigger stainless exhaust outlets – it’ll look even better!
    You can even put in a F1 LED brake light in the area between the two diffusers but that’s for boy racers!
    I think most Aussies that buy Toyota are the silent majority – going for the reliability as well as their capped price servicing. Most Toyota-haters are those that will never buy Toyotas but the sales numbers don’t lie. Toyota (as no.1) won’t sell as many cars/utes/vans if their products are unreliable, low running cost and low depreciation/high resale value.

    • Jonno Smith

      Last bit – …unreliable, high running cost and high depreciation/low resale value. Cheers!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

      Yeah I agree

  • http://carsales fin

    all you peeople who have something agaisnt toyotas are fails. toyotas from the 80s are still around today so suck on that

  • wikiriwhi

    reminded of a beamer from the back