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  • F1MotoGP

    This people should create something not destroy! Not Cool!

  • Jeev

    Great article John!

    Brand awareness isn’t a problem. I mean, no one knew what Lexus was some twenty-odd years ago….

    I guess the main problem is exactly what you said; the Maybach is too much of a S-Class-plus to form its own identity. If it were to be that way, why didn’t MB just put a Benz badge on it? Are they underestimating the power of the three-pointed star?

    I guess in concept a Maybach sounds great, all MB needs to do is to give it its own identity, its own image. They’ve proven to the world that they know how to build a great luxury sedan – just look at the countless generations of S-Class models. All they need to do is now design something for the uber-luxury class above.

    Until then, it has to be Rolls-Royce (and Bentley) all the way…

    • Phil

      I don’t see that there is any problem with the Maybach from a business sense.

      They basically launched a new brand (no one would remember the originals on the road) with a price tag higher than it’s nearest competitor that has a long and continuous heritage, and got within 40% of it’s global sales (using your 07 figures).
      Not to mention the fact that they just based their car off a existing model that sells for 1/4 of the price.

  • FrugalOne

    Nice piece J/D, currently one for sale on Carsales, $399,399 so $600k tear up!Ouch

    Maybe better mechanically then a Royce, but you would buy a Royce every time

    I rather a superior V12 Toyota Century and change

  • Fred

    Re: ” Adding insult to injury, today’s Maybach is not spawned at the brand’s traditional home in Lake Constance in southern Germany, but instead somewhat insensitively bolted together alongside the Mercedes-Benz S-Class line in Sindelfingen.”

    There is a Lake Constance ( Bodensee ), but no Town called Lake Constance. The Maybach ” home town ” was / is Friedrichshafen.


  • Ox

    Drop this silly Maybach nonsense already, Merecdes Benz as a brand has enough cachet to take on Rolls.

    • Roomy Roomster

      Agreed. I guess that’s why they’ve started ‘Mercedes-Maybach.’

  • Matty B

    The biggest problem with the Maybach is it looks like a Korean or Chinese rip off of an S Class. One thing BMW and VW have done with Rolls Royce and Bentley is they’ve used the technology and a lot of the parts they had, but didn’t lose sight of what they were building.

    Benz just slapped an S Class with the ugly stick and threw a heap of ridiculous options at it.

  • nickdl

    If I wanted to spend $1 million on a car I’d like it to have some presence. The Maybach has none. It could honestly be considered a facelift of the Ssangyong Chairman, and the interior is hardly better – the woodgrain doesn’t have a patch on any Rolls, or even Jag for that matter. I wouldn’t pay $400K for one of these.

  • Old Dog

    is that stupid nob not wearing a seat belt? if only he fell out. that would be a story.

  • Omar Espinosa

    Too little too late. Perhaps if they brought it out in the 1980’s or 1990’s.

    The economy of the world pretty much tanked in 07 and outside of the B.R.I.C.S nations everyone had to cut back or act as if they were harmed to appease the new tone and outlook.

    Yes, basically the car was killed by its dimunitive horsepower for its price, and its total s-class look.

    Not quite as ugly as the panamera or the new 4 seat ferrari, but still ugly none the less.

    Having owned a pile of junk RR from the 80’s they were not known for their amazing dependability and their parts were hard to source and hard to pay for….

    At the end of the day it just comes to this… the maybach does not have enough superlatives to support its price nor does it have enough people in the market to care about its rather meaningless existance.

  • Chris

    I was a Mercedes mechanic when the Maybach was released and I remember working with them at the time and wondering how the MB execs could justify charging 3x the price of a fully optioned S-Class when a majority of the car used the same components.
    How a huge company like MB ever convinced themselves the Maybach as it was designed was ever going to be a success is beyond me and thats even before taking the ridiculous styling into account.
    A missed opportunity by Benz.

  • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

    The Rolls looks like a Bespoke car, whereas the Maybach looks like an S-Class with a cheap chinese aftermarket grille and trimmings.
    Problem is, the Maybach is so close to sitting in a s-class benz that people would feel its not worth the money difference. Whereas the Rolls Royce, apart from BMW mechanicals, speaks uniqueness, the Rolls Royce has a true bespoke feel. For instance all the interior parts in the RR are unique to the brand, i.e. no window switches, door handles, dash buttons indicator stalks and light switches and so on are stolen from the BMW parts bin. The Sat Nav system is the same unit sure, but it has a different controller and such.
    Even the Bentley has robbed the VW parts bin, like the switches and stalks, but still better than Maybach because it feels like your sitting in a unique vehicle not a $170,000 car selling for $1.2 million!!
    You have got to hand it to Trivetts for taking on Rolls Royce in Australia, as BMW Oz thought they wouldn’t sell enought to warrant the outlay, yet under Trivett empire they almost sell as many as the USA and per capita, Australia buys more Rollers than any country.

  • crouchy

    Might as well buy a Chairman

  • uru

    Guess no one has seen Maybach IRL, way better than the trucklike Phantom!

    • nickdl

      I’ve sat in the back of one and it’s definitely not worth $1 million.

  • David

    I like the first photo – it looks so much better with the styling update at the front.

  • h

    the design simply does not look masculine enough. also, they should really start with a blank canvas.

  • J1234f

    Personally I love the maybach as it isn’t as common as a rolls Royce or a Bentley

  • Shane

    I would personally take a Maybach over a Rolls. Rolls are too old school and stuffy, whereas i prefer a few curves and that with the Maybach. I also love the interior. But, i guess my E-Class will do for now….

  • Gavinpiercemaxwell

    Where do you buy a Maybach in Australia anyway?

    • Joker

      Nice article

    • Roomy Roomster

      Mercedes-Benz dealership.

  • Carlosmedinagato

    rolls and bentleys have history  but not maybacks aliens wanna be a stupid  buy a mayback  owner by the mercedes benz., the price  is 8000000 millions dollars ., with that you  can help people in need., put you hand in you head  and pray for people in need and tragedies , be human, we was created by god and we are here to live in peace  and harmony, with out luxuries  carlos gato4444

  • Carlosmedinagato

    the name say all m.b. equal m b. ., mercedes benz  is a mayback  the good thing the logo was right made it for earth sea and air 

  • Stoptheboats

    well that didn’t make sense, if you’re going to speak the language then learn it

  • nowstuffnow

    You’re good man!

  • Ayo

    As good as Kia Cerato

  • a

    Bullocks! Rolls Royces interiors are hideous, if I see one more strip of wood grain I am going to vomit! RR’s cars are glorified old mans car with a 700K price tag. When I first saw the interior of a Myabach, it was stunning! It was modern and upholstered with high quality leather not out dated wood grain…