by Brett Davis

The next-generation 2014 Audi A4 plug-in hybrid is said to be under development. International reports have discovered new details about Audi’s next popular mid-sized model which, rumour has it, will include a new plug-in hybrid variant.

According to Auto Bild in Germany, the next-generation Audi A4 will be built upon Volkswagen Group’s MBL Evo platform. This new platform is said to be lighter in weight compared with the current A4 by as much as 150kg. This will help to increase economy and performance of the upcoming model.

Not only is the new platform lighter in weight, it’s also said to be slightly larger. This will provide the future Audi A4 with more interior space – a feature also said to be present in the upcoming BMW 3 Series. With more room on offer, the new A4 will be able to compete more effectively with the next BMW 3 Series.

The A4 plug-in hybrid will reportedly use an electric motor, which will be mounted in the rear axle. In full electric driving mode, the A4 plug-in will reportedly offer a range of up to 60km of petrol-free driving.

Other more conventional engine options will include a range of turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel units, ranging from a 110kW TDI to as high as a 221kW TDI. Petrol versions will likely range in similar power levels. Official details are yet to be finalised. We’ll keep you updated.

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