The first Great Wall diesel vehicle has gone on sale in Australia, with the arrival of the Great Wall V200 4×2 dual-cab ute in local showrooms.

The new V200 4×2 dual-cab joins the petrol-powered V240 in the Chinese brand’s light commercial range. A 4×4 variant is “coming soon” according to Great Wall’s public website, while a single-cab V200 variant is expected sometime after that.

The V200 4×2 is priced from $24,990 drive away, while the 4×4 model will cost an extra $3000 at $27,990 drive away. The diesel models are $2000 more expensive than their petrol counterparts.

The V200 is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine with 105kW of power (at 4000rpm) and 310Nm of torque (between 1800-2800rpm) – giving it 5kW/110Nm more grunt than the 2.4-litre petrol.

V200 models are teamed with a six-speed manual transmission. The V240 gets a five-speed manual.

The diesel’s combined cycle fuel consumption is 22 per cent lower than the petrol – with figures of 8.3 litres/100km compared with 10.7 litres/100km – despite the diesel models weighing between 55-60kg more.

All other specifications are identical, including the 2000kg/750kg braked/unbraked towing capacities and 1000kg payload.

Standard features include leather upholstery, air conditioning, CD player with USB connectivity, steering wheel audio controls, power windows and mirrors, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The basic safety package comprises dual front airbags and ABS.

All vehicles are covered by a three-year/100,000km warranty roadside assist for the same period.

As we reported earlier this year, the 2.0-litre diesel engine will be added to Great Wall’s SUV range, with the introduction of the X200 model in the coming months to support the X240. An automatic transmission is also in the pipeline for the X Series, expected to arrive before the end of this year.

(Note: Great Wall V240 pictured)

  • Charger

    I cannot believe this Crap is allowed to be sold in this country!
    they should be banned on saftey grounds, if i was told it was my work car i resign!

    • Harry

      right on, I made a similar comment on a previous great wall article and everyone jumped on me

      • Charger

        anyone who jumps on you obviously hasent seen anything about Crash testing etc. All this rubbish does is steal sales from other quality products who then have to cut corners to match the price it causes other crap products to be sold to idots that dont care about quality!

        • Toxic_horse

          It has 2 airbags and ABS . what more do you want, its a work truck, not a family people mover.

          • F1MotoGP

            …a safe car. It has 2 airbags that does not mean it is safe. Please check youtube for Worst Car Crash Test Ever Compilation.

          • Charger

            you clearly have no idea Toxic horse, do you work for Great wall? So its ok for a tradie to drive an unsafe car so he doesnt come home to his family?

          • holden4eva

            Great Wall rules!!!!!!!!!!

          • john

            That commodore on youtube ending up four feet long is rather impressive.

    • davie

      Isnt this based on the Isuzu D-MAX?

      If so is it any more or less safe than the Isuzu?

      • Alex

        No, it’s all new (old), looks like other models but no panel or part will fit. Its a copy.

    • Plumbingtips


  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    Wow, Great Wall was always going to be aggressive. So far i have not read or heard anything about reliability issues. Interesting market to follow with the soon to be released Foton product. We will see more of these as the building industry recovers i am sure.

    • nickdl

      Well can I suggest that you search for the Great Wall review, and specifically the comments below, on Carsguide.

      The worst I’ve heard is about a woman whose X240 would start but not drive. The Great Wall roadside assist guy tried to get it moving with a very generous application of the accelerator. Unfortunately if you do this in a manual car without dropping the clutch or getting the car moving, the clutch burns out, and it did. Then, as a burnt-out clutch is considered the fault of the driver, this woman was left to foot the bill for the new one…

      • James

        I saw a lady standing behind a black luxery car which stopped in the front of trafic light with flashing emergecy light. what is your thought?

        • Get Real

          Before you get too high and mighty about safety, it may pay to take an objective look at price…. Remember this is a $25,000 driveaway ute, it is more likely comparing agianst second hand two or three year old ‘Japanese’ brands without abs or passenger airbags. For certain a brand new Hilux SR5 with dual airbags and all the kit is a better proposition, OF you will nicely donate me the extra $30,000 required to pay for it.
          When you talk quality, it pays to remember that the so-called ‘japanese’utes we get here, Hilux, Triton, Colorado, Ranger, ALL come from THAILAND, do you suppose there is really such a difference in wages or skill. I doubt robots on production line know what country they are in either.

          • Beau

            U are a fool. They are built in Thailand with JAPANESE STANDARDS. That is the difference. You can bet your 30k that great walls standards are a joke

      • holden4eva

        Great Wall rules!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    Good on’em.

    But 310nm would be the least powerfull new diesel ute on the market.


    • Sam 300TD

      Looks like its non turbo…

      • Nath746

        The Engine is Turbocharged with an intercooler.

        • Sam 300TD

          Woops, ok. Thanks

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Not quite the least powerful Eric. The Nissan Navara D22 diesel is only 98kw/304Nm from it’s 2.5L diesel!

      • nickdl

        Well at least you know it will last…

        • hugespud

          yeah because Nissan has a great history of reliable diesel motors with the patrol.

          • nickdl

            Patrol, Navara D22. Hmmm, two different cars with two different diesel engines as I remember… The D22 engine has a much better reputation for reliability.

    • James

      I talked to the guy in great wall dealership. The engine is single turbo similar to VW which is twin turbo.

      I just read a story about VW is going to bring single turbo engine to its Amarok for lowing its price. We could see what that engine will be

  • Toxic_horse

    Good move . I expect GW will double there sales with this which will bring them into the mainstream.

  • paulb

    Will Great Wall allow vehicle testers and Motor Journalists the oppotunity to drive this one.
    Cant do business in Australia and be that thin skinnned.

    • nickdl

      They allowed drive to drive the X240, and it got 1.5 stars. They found large, inconsistent panel gaps and overall very poor quality.

      • paulb

        nickdl,if you look at where the Koreans where 25 years ago.There got a bit of work to get to that level.

        • nickdl

          So I’ll buy a Chinese car in a few years’ time. Maybe. What’s your point? We should buy a Chinese car now with substandard quality because sometime in the future, the quality of a newer-generation Chinese car will be up to scratch?

          • holden4eva ok ford

            Great Wall rules!!!!!

  • Jerrycan

    I have a very simple solution to problem.
    A law should be passed that the CEO and board of the importing distributors , and their families should be compelled to drive several thousand kilometres on public roads in their most basic (unsafe)models.
    Even if it is a ute.

    I have similar laws planned for all MPs (suuporting the carbon tax) to travel on bicycles or public transport only or town planners to live in the towns they plan etc etc

    • Car Fanatic

      How about a law that you stop wasting oxygen

    • Charger

      i like your work!

  • D Is For Drive

    If i were Great Wall, i would be putting this diesel engine into their X240 4WD, that could be a winner.

    • Joshua

      They are…. it says at the bottom of the article.

  • Mohamad is right when he says

    I know a guy that brought 2 of these heaps for hes buisness. and he’s attitude is “oh well, it only cost me 20k” (2 door flat tray version) .. “and it comes with a good warranty”
    … Last week the car wouldn’t start.. There ended up being a fault the wiring which effect the immobiliser and wouldn’t let the car start. Anyway.. He used to have rodeos for many years and would update to a new rodeo when he could.. And now?? All that’s important to him and looks like alot more people is bang for your buck. Not safety. Not build quality. Not resale
    and def not a good looking car.. Have the Chinese fooled these people to believe it’s “a rodeo?” .. Or that it comes with a good warranty? Are they not taking into fact . Can u really afford to have your buisness ute off the road stuck at the dealership most of it’s life? Or even if u were stupid enough to buy one for private use.

    What’s worse??… More Chinese cars are on the way. Look at cherry. Already recalled for safety issues “why would u pick anything else?”… Maybe cos I want to live?

    • James


      I had a chat with the technician in the dealer workshop. what I have been told is that there is some cosmentic issue with great wall, but engine and drivetrain is good.

      Just onething I like to share with you that this morning when I drove down to Homebush, I saw a Lexus Wagon Broken in the front of trafic light just reach the M4 Highway. It is a “Good and Great” car I believe from your point view.


      • nickdl

        And you know it was broken down, it didn’t just have a flat or ran out of petrol?

    • Tim

      We have a fleet of 7 Rodeo’s (now colorado) for our business. All have traveled less than 150,000km’s and 4 have had full engine replacements already due to a manufacturing default that causes the engine to block to ‘twist’, skewing the pistons (as i understand it). 2 of them have also had gearbox replacements. We also have a BT50 that required a new gearbox after 50,000km and a Ford Ranger that didn’t even make it to 5000km before a new differential was required. From our experience, unless you have a Hilux, you have an unreliable work ute.

      The Great Wall’s motor is a joint venture with Mitsubishi (i believe it’s the older Triton motor). The chassis & body work is actually based on the Isuzu/Rodeo and therefore shares the same safety rating as the Isuzu/Rodeo. But you don’t see anyone complaining about safety in those vehicles (go figure)

      Fit and finish on the Great Wall is poor, but so to is the fit and finish in the Isuzu, Rodeo/colorado & Navara (which is honestly the worst car i’ve ever driven). At the end of the day your not buying a Mercedes, your buying a work ute.

      The Great Wall is comparable to any work ute available in terms of reliability, because there all unreliable (except one, well done hilux). But if you want to fork out $10,000 more for a hilux be my guest.

      • Ren

        You think hilux’s are so great I know of many that have had engine transmission and diff issues not to mention cv failing a lot, and a recall to fix a problem with the rear diff mounts,

        • gwowner

          the recall is the centre bearing mount aswell

  • James

    I’m going to buy one v200 since I did a test drive. I like someone put a genuine comment about this car instead of some crip wording


    • guy

      hey mate greatwallownersforum is what you are looking for

  • Joshua

    James, sorry mate but what the hell are you going on about?

  • guy

    guys why dont you google gwof you will find those genuine comments by people who actually own those cars

  • Barney

    I like the comments by kids that have never seen a GW in real life nor read the real reviews by people who know cars. Not just road testers that own a typewriter.
    The Great Wall company is not new to making cars, in fact they are one of the largest in the world.
    As for “crashability”… go and read the recent report from the person that rolled (x3) an X240 at 100kmh and his family walked away unharmed. That is real world safety not rigged b/s.
    For a start the X240 has a full chassis! Not a part chassis like most of the weak competitors.
    Got take a close look at one, test drive it and then speak to owners. You will change your tune.

    • louise

      Hi Barney,

      I’ve just bought a X240 and it is Wonderful! You are totally right about those who thumb their noses at the cars without having a drive and asking the owners of the cars. I found out yesterday that the X240 has Automatic Windscreen Wipers…it started to rain and on came the wipers without me having to switch them on; the shower finished and off the wipers went! hows that for clever!!

  • BoatAnchor

    Anyone know the background of this diesel engine? Is it another Mitsubishi copy like the petrol?

    • Mick

      They are not Mitsubishi copies!!! They are Mitsubishi, and are stamped Mitsubishi!!! Jeez do your research!!!!

      • joffroad

        They are a Bosch engine blue print made in China. for a stock truck they still make Frazer.

    • James

      The diesel engine is developed in house. It has no relation to Mitsubishi. Great wall only uses 2.4 and 2.0 petrol from Mitsubishi. It got 2.8 tc/tci and 2.5 tdi in its ute as well. I knew the ute sold in South Aferica is 2.5 diesel.

  • weegee

    How Chinese basher’s piss me off!!! If you don’t like the vehicle DON’T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simple as that! But don’t go around saying how crap something is if you have NEVER sat in one let alone driven one. They can’t be too bad as they are selling like hot cakes. My friend has a V240 and a X240 for his missus and he loves them both. I myself have a 2011 Nissan Navara ST-X and yes the quality of the items in the cabin are ALOT cheaper and the engine is has alot less guts than mine but the Great wall is also 25K cheaper than my car too! which is appealing if you want a nice new 4wd but can’t afford the the Jap ones. Also the ute market is WAY behind in the safety aspects anyway, my car before this was an 07 STX navara and it only scored 3 stars with ANCAP and that was also a 50K car with only 2 airbags!!! compare that to what you got in a cheap Commodore at the time and the STX was lagging behind.

    For some reason the car companies like to charge TOP dollar the these dual cab utes and leave allot of the goodies out, the basic Commodore and even a cruise get SAT nav option or standard yet its not even an option for a 50K Nissan Navara??? why do the car companies think tradies are stupid and that they wont notice all the nice things are missing for the price?

  • Vibe

    Oh for gods sake, if you really look, you’ll see the doorhandles and overall shape is from an Isuzu D-Max, because GWM licensed it to build, the steering wheel is out of a HiLux, and it’s got no more safety features than most large utes anyway. Get over it.

  • Mick

    Rednecks everywhere in here. The Toyota Hilux is well over twice the price for one of these cars…………but it is not twice the car. The GW’s have mitsubishi engines, some will have hyundai auto’s and all have borg warner diffs. These cars a very capable, check you tube out and actuallt see what can be achieved from normal people in these cars before sprouting your anti China views through your made in China computer. Wankers.

  • Mia

    I’m an X240 owner since November last year and I love my car. I’ve driven it to Kempsey and back and it performed really well. Its super reliable and its very comfortable inside. I may not know anything much about cars, but all I know is that I like value for my money and a GW X240 is definitely it! Don’t diss it til you’ve tried it!

  • sean

    get ouver it man gwm is a good car some people cant afford the price tag of a new hilux an this a great start for them people who want that from my point of veiw the great wall is a great car and from every one i know that has one have not said anything bad about it
    people are just saying bad things about great wall because it is a new company in australia and they dont know the product
    dont for get that gwm are a truck maker in china and are a very realiarble truck
    so if you have nothing good to say about the car or cant leacve a comment about the car to help people make a choise go and write your neggative comments else where

  • Burton Erni

    I have had a V240 for 2 years now and covered about 30000k. Took it from Bris to Melb and back last year for work and it has not missed a beat. People ask me about it and my reply is: if it was stolen today I’d buy another one tomorrow. I use mine to move rubbish to the dump, bring garden supplies for landscaping my home and the back seat is where my 3 staffies sit when the wife and I take our dogs on a trip. It does what I need without being an ego trip, like some of the flasher more expensive 4 door utes on the market.

  • TomR

    I test drove the V240. I am impressed. Easy to drive, direct slick gear changing and brakes which modulate well. Nothing cheap about it. I like it and will probably buy the 4×4. It is easy to spend a lot more and not get a better car. Depends how hard you to work for your money. Rubbish from China ? I have lathes, mill and drilling machines. All from China with accuracy to less than 0.01mm. They make manufacture rubbish to specification (USA), but they can almost make top quality items. Keep an open mind.

  • Boo Hoo

    I far as I can see all you bagging Great wall Cars must have family working in over priced Australian car dealerships. Good work to competitive pricing. I have a New Benz that broke down. Shit Happens

  • realist

    people said negative things about hyundai when they first came out remember, ah they are a throw away car only last 5 years them first cars are still driving around today

  • Ian

    All Apple products-iPhone, iPad, Mac, they all made in China!! Almost all the computers we use guess what? made in china!!

  • pete

    And so is ya bonds undies ya wearin

  • Stephan

    Have one of these since early 2009, except for replacing one head light bulp, no issues. In fact, I bought a caravan with it and tow the caravan with it, no of the clutch issues everyone is screeming about. The only reason it scored low in ANCAP was the faulty safetybelt (they never could replicate this problem but replaced all seatbelts as well) and bit of leg damage to the driver and NOT to the rest of the car aka family as every-one goes on about, they called all utes back for replacement seatbelts free and changed the seatbelt supplier for new models so that is not an issue anymore, that is fixed, in Europe the X240 scored 4 out of 5, expect the same from the next ANCAP test, is the main reason for the facelift anyways, they sure learn fast in China. No I’m not a dealer, just a smart buyer enjoying a caravan and ute for the price of a Jap counter, still going strong and happy about my choice. The speed limit is anyways 110k/h max in Aus, so why fuss about the power when there is ample to tow a fully loaded caravan no issues??

  • Stephan

    They have been rated by ANCAP, originally the V240 got 2.5 stars but GWM found with their own ongoing testing that some bits were faulty which they have since addressed. Sad thing is they approached ANCAP to re-test the vehicle but they declined. But it’s believed the current rating would be around 1 star more, so only 3 to 3.5 I guess. While this isn’t great it’s much the same or better than most other commerical vehicles like Holden or Izuzu.
    The X240 came up the same as the new Toyota hybrid at 4.5 stars much to Toyotas disgust as the safety of this new car was meant to be one of it’s better selling points. There was some write-ups about on it.
    No problem with being a naysayer, we’re all different and there is cons with these trucks, as there is with any car made though. Just a matter of how they affect the individuals choices.

    They aren’t a new company or car, just new to us here in Australia, so they have already proven their reliability and have won some pretty tough rallys and off-road events. Even doing well in the Dakar.

    The current engine is a little under powered in my opinion yes, but it does what I need it to. I know other who are tradies and use their everday of the week pulling a trailer with over a ton in it as well as the back laoded up. They don;t have alot of grunt but then they don’t seem to be slowed down much either. Good gearing I guess, though when I was carrying alot up very steep tracks I found difficult getting from 2’d to 3rd.

    But if you treat it like a commerical truck with a small motor it does ok and I gues thats exactly what it is, so if you give it the berries it does ok. The Diesel does address the lack of power perfectly.

  • brian

    has anyone brought a v200 turbo diesal

    • Paul

      Ime buying one monday

  • Loquito

    diesel for the single cab

    • Loquito

      opps they have one, will take a look

  • Think about it

    you do realise this car has a 2 tonne towing capacity so a fully loaded caravan would most likely deam you a hazard on the road, i hope you realise this before you kill somebody

    it may be a great cheap budget car but its not going to pull your van across australia

  • Brn_nordstrom

    Ive had a V240 4×4 for a year now and it has not missed a beat , and as said here you can buy a V240 and a X240 for the missus for the price of a new Hilux ! , We are not all millioneer’s out here . I like mine a lot , 6 year warranty to boot .

  • Kbanddt

    i am 60years old, and can remember the days of ,,jap crap,, now we are looking at chineese crap—but gues what—i,m going to buy a v200 4×4 and expect to get quality for little money up against the ,,jap crap,,   time will tell

    • Weslock07

      I too am going to buy a V200 this weekend as I currently have a Nissan Navara which has caused me nothing but headaches and doesnt have any safety features, not even a drivers airbag and my best mate has a Colorado which is 2 years old and has engine problems and has already replaced a gearbox 20,000kms from new and is also ready for another gearbox.
      For the people that object to these vehicles, even the best named cars can turn out to be lemons and as for safety, if you get hit by something big you are probably going to die eitherway.

  • artstar

    Visited the local dealership today (after hours) and noticed some recently delivered X200’s and V200 dual cabs that hadn’t been detailed for show purposes (just got off the truck?). Aside from some plastic components that looked a little sun damaged I couldn’t see any cause for concern with the way the body is assembled, although the tray on a nearby single cab X200 seemed a little filmsy. Fit and finish sems to have been a major gripe (among other things) with other posters on this site and other sites. To me the paint work looked great up close, no sign of touched up rust spots or dodgy manufacture. The interior looked a little bland but still very functional. The gear shifer looks to be quite a long throw despite recent improvements. 
    I find the comments of all the bashers about the safety rating somewhat disturbing. The consensus seems to be that unless you are driving a car that has all the acronyms like ABS, ECS etc, or envelopes you in a blanket of airbags, you are driving a death trap. My current daily drive was made in 97 and standard features were auto, tape deck, power steering and A/C. That’s it. I was taught safety is about driving to the conditions, knowing the limits of your vehicle and being aware of what’s happening around you.
    Right now I’m interested in a dual cab for the same reason as Burton Erni (earlier post) and any new car purchase is a step up no matter what I buy. I’m eagerly awaiting the opportinity for a test drive of the X200. I’ll reserve judgement until then. Unless you have owned one for a while any negative comments can’t be taken seriously. And like most people I don’t have a spare 50k to spend on a name brand…

  • artstar

    Seems I got my X’s and V’s muddled. The single cab I saw was the V200 and I’d like to test the dual cab version – although the X200 might be interesting too :o)  

  • gwowner

    have owned a v200 for a couple weeks now put 1000km on the clock , and its tops. towing my boat and trailer you wouldnt even know you were towing it. Atm i cant fault it, its great on fuel and ill def be reccomending

  • Cheng Auto

    As a mechanic having driven a great wall v240 (petrol) and serviced one at 10,000km, at this stage the interior simple to say the least. The Chinese have got a far way to go but they are on their way. The equipment level is fine and the body good. Function wise it is a tradies ute.

    But when performing an under body inspection we found the CV joints were starting to leak (boots were fine). It wasn’t major but they were damp (possibly a bad batch). Nothing else appeared to be a problem.

    To be honest, the torsional suspension was uncomfortable compared to a “Japanese car” but hey, what you pay is what you get.

    Also while driving, I did notice a light rattle (we’ll find out what it was today when we fix it). On that note the owners manual (maintenance section) did state that at 10,000km, the body bolts and nuts should be inspected. Don’t know why that was necessary at such an early stage.

    Anyway, hope I have made some proper comments from my professional experience.

  • Jrgarven

    i have a toyota hilux sinlge cab workmate 2008. the ute its self has been awesome. i purchased it new for $21400(i got some extras) but look at the price of the same thing in the great wall for $17990 it a no brainer for some people. the workmate is very very basic doesnt even come with intermindate wipers. no power option what so ever other then power steering. you have to step up to the SR or SR5 to get these and then your looking at thousands more.
    id love to update to a dual cab but im not spending 35k+ to get one. thats why people are looking at these vehicles. we all know the car companies can lower the prices. just like the banks can lower interest rates they choose not to simple as that 

  • Davidstanmore

    Lots of comments on the great wall Ute  I own a Black 4×4 petrol model in a duel cab. I have a big tray and racks fitted, fat black sunnies with maxis bighorns, extractors and cold air intake as well as re rated suspension. I drive the car on the rev limiter and have done since I got it 18mnths ago. Its been no drama at all. Took it from Canberra to Tassie with four blokes and a ton of gear and tools. Been up to Coonabarabran, Merriwa, Mudgee and Coffs as well as heaps of trips out back into the snowies anbd Sydney, done 40,000klms now. The car was a bit underpowered when it was new but its ok now and with a few mods its great.Oh, the truck is a colarado / rodeo shel and is made exactly the same  except for the front guards and the bonnet. same crash results as the other trucks.
    And by the way if you have a head on crash in anything you are dead, dosnt matter how dead.

  • Stephenandmandy

    i bought a x240 2.5 years ago.It has travelled 27000 ks.  Altogether it has been back for waranty repairs 13 times.compression lock on start up.wiring harness connector recall.  Front cv boots replaced.Rear gearbox sensor speed assy replaced .Crank angle sensors replaced .Noisy crunchy 1st 2nd and 3rd gears .Rear tail shaft replaced 3 times .Brocken door cable.Brocken door seals,Reverse sensors not working, wiring for tow bar faulty.   Aspestos in gaskets exhaust and engine .Recalled, not to remove them but to put stickers in engine bay warning that there is aspestos in the car.Rust in front of car,subframe and fire wall. Radiator bracket rusted through.It is in the panel beaters now ,over 3000 dollars in rust repairs to be done.what else can go wrong? I havnt been able to use it for offroading for fear it will strand me on a beach somewhere with the tide comming in.I have had enough.It is a new car and i havnt been able to use it for the purpose that it was built.I will be seeking legal action to have the car replaced or my money back.i hope you dont have the same problems as me.

    • Great walk :(

      My hubby has one as his work vehicle, it has broken down twice, first time no explanation and this time the brakes (ABS) locked on. The glove box has been stuck shut for 2 months and they can’t get it open :( its the crappiest car ever!!!

      • Great walk :(

        Used the name great walk as you’re better off walking!!! It’s safer than this piece of junk.

  • Melcra Maintenance Solutions

    Just took delivery 3 weeks ago of a further 2 of these vehicles that makes 3 new ones purchased since march 2013. I am happy to provide proof to any doubters. Am I just lucky? Not at all! All three are incredible, reliable and a joy to drive. I have had more trouble from new from my merc 300 sel and that cost well over $130000.00 in 1989, still got that too, for the doubters. Had hondas x 5, and subaru, ford etc. Open your mind, think about aussie standards and take one for a drive. My business employs risk assessors and no decisions are ever made without very thorough research. Looked at all sides of the argument, still happy to continue purchasing these utes when needed.

  • Wes Lock

    Had my Great Wall V200 for 2.5 years now and have only issue I ever had was a flat tyre, so I suppose all you haters blame Great Wall for that too. I have a 2012 Hilux for work (company car) and the Great Wall is every bit as nice to drive and the Hilux has 2 front airbags, that’s all. Same as Great Wall.
    I also get about 850-900km’s from the Great Wall and about 600-650km’s from the Hilux so suck on that. Unless you have owned a Great Wall, a Hilux, a Triton and a Navara all in the last 5 years like I have you wouldn’t have a fkn clue. Just get over it, Great Walls are Value for money. And by the way I’d much prefer a new Ford Ranger over anything in the market.

    • sam

      When you said the Great Wall is ever bit as nice to drive as the Hilux you lost all credibility – I stopped reading at that point.

      • Wes Lock

        Just pointing out my experience on the country roads around South Australia, seems to be a smoother ride, doesn’t jump around corners at high speed, a lot tighter steering in car parks and smoother gear changes, I’ll admit selecting reverse is a little bit dodgy until you get the hang of it. I don’t at all fault the safety of Toyota after a big accident vs a truck 7 months ago, not sure if I would have made it in the Great Wall.

  • Wes Lock

    Hey people, Im only just trying to say these cars are good value for money. My biggest lemon I have owned was a 2010 Triton traytop.