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With the California, FF and 458 out of the way, Ferrari has started testing on the successor for the 599 GTB Fiorano, code named F152.

These photos show a typical test mule using a chopped up 599 GTO body but with the new chassis and powertrain.

Of course the F152 (a name which will change for the production version) will look very different when it’s released.

The mule is said to be powered by a modified version of the great 6.3-liter V12, with sources suggesting it will get direct injection and remain rear-wheel-drive only.

Power is expected to climb close to 520kW or above, being pumped through a new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Where the FF is more the family orientated family car for everyday use, the 599 successor will be the true super sportscar thanks to its construction from aluminium and carbon fibre.

Expect the production version of the F152 to debut next year.

  • AndyGF

    My favourite Ferrari, but all they did was take the California headlights and glue them onto the 599? Suppose you dont mess with something already that good…

    • Shak

      The article says this is just a mule, so the body of the actual model will probably look VERY different.

      • AndyGF

        Yeah, you are right… sorry. The words “Replacement Spy Photos” stuck in my mind.

  • Flying High

    The smaller logo splashed all over the car is an improvement CA. However, would you be so kind as to move the logo off to the side of the photo, so as that they are not distractingly splashed over the vehicle in question. Or perhaps just get spy shots of orange cars.

    • Alborz Fallah

      As part of our contract with the agency that provides the photos, we must have our logo prominently displayed on them so that they don’t get reused