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Toyota has dropped yet another teaser image of the 2012 Toyota Camry, this time revealing the taillight design of the new mid-sized sedan that is set to go on sale in Australia in the fourth quarter of this year.

Today’s Twitter teaser comes exactly one week after the last image, which exposed the headlight, front bumper and fog light design.

Given that the 2012 Toyota Camry will be fully unveiled to the world on August 24, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one final teaser image around this time next week.

The taillights uncovered today are stubbier than those on the outgoing model. The cutouts at the lower inner corners add a sharper edge to the design.

A satin chrome boot lid strip between the taillights mirrors that of the new 2012 Toyota Aurion, which was revealed towards the end of last month.

As we have already reported, the new Camry will be powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The engine is already available in the US in two different tunes: 126kW/226Nm and 133kW/230Nm.

Toyota Australia will reveal the full details of the 2012 Toyota Camry closer to the vehicle’s fourth quarter 2011 launch.

Read more about the 2012 Toyota Camry.

  • Harry


  • idlebrain

    Fuel consumption should be really good as the power output is not really impressive for the car in 2012….

    • F1MotoGP

      I know people want more and more power but where I will use it. In Germany I can go on freeway and do 200km/h here even the Jazz can do 180. Power is for speed we need more Nm at lower revs

    • Phil

      We’re talking about Camry drivers here. I’m sure they’d be satisfied with far less power & torque.

  • mrxandthexfactor

    Is this one Camry we can look forward to? Let’s hope it’ll no longer be whitegoods on wheels. From these teasers, this new car looks quite promising.

  • AndyGF

    At least they are trying to give it more character…

    • supercujo

      Like putting lipstick on an ugly pig. The insides are still good but the outside is still not right.

      • http://www.clearimagephotos.com braydenc

        Have you seen the Un reveled car have you ?

        Share a link so we all can see it.

  • Oswald

    Wow, looks good. Although this car is in desparate need of a hatch or wagon bodystyle ala Mondeo or Mazda6. Otherwise it will remain a government fleet or rental car staple.

    This car has so much potential to be a hit amongst private buyers as the first wave of 2000s small car boom (namely Corolla, Mazda3, Focus, Cruze, I30 buyers) ‘upsize’ over the coming few years as the babies arrive – but it aint gonna happen with a sedan body only.

  • Cliffo

    might get my bowlers hat out…

  • Gimp

    Don’t know how anyone can say it looks good or bad simply from a headlight, a bit of bumper and a taillight.

    Maybe they’ll release a picture of a door handle next to really get people excited…

  • Tim

    So basically a facelift to the Liberty.

  • Steve

    Another Camry story! Surely we can find something more newsworthy.

    Poor form CA.

  • Whitegoods

    Stop teasing me Toybota, just can’t take it anymore, funny how they think outside the square but the results are pretty much the same A-B crap, like teaching an old dog new tricks, you can’t shake off bland, boring, whitegood mentality.

    If you buy a Camry, you automatically join a bowling club.

    END OF STORY…………

    • F1MotoGP

      ..and what is your car?

    • Lmnr

      Yeah Whitegoods, what is the car you drive? Since you seem to be quite the hero..

      • AJ

        I’d like to know too because if Whitegoods is so disgusted with “whitegoods” in general, then I’d like to see what kind of fridge & washing machine this person has in their home because it certainly couldn’t be white or silver.

    • mac

      I don’t think Toyota will be too upset that you don’t like their product. They’re quite satisfied with the other few (million, tens of million) people out there who do.

    • Handsome Al

      You can actually teach an old dog new tricks..

  • Mark

    I like it

  • Tim Johnston

    I can hear the zimmer frames being tossed in pure delight.

  • gt6

    Now if only the handling had that much bite….

  • manny

    I wonder how many shots and angles they took of the tail light before deciding on this particular one.

  • Sandy Stone

    I must say its all a buzz at the nursing home as we eagerly await the new camry .

    Many have all ready booked a personal showing for when it arrives , the levels of excitement are like a 3point increase in interest rates .

    Its like the old days when holden went from the EJ to the EH , a shock to the system i tell you .

  • Sumpguard

    Can we get a teaser shot of the fuel cap please while my excitement is peaking?

  • Jake Williams

    So far it’s a Chrysler 200 rear with an Accord Euro front. Ground breaking…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

    It looks well made..

  • david

    Hmm, it looks like they’ve reverted back to standard tail-lights (from the current LEDs).

  • speakmymind

    old kia optima?

    oh my g0d

  • anthony

    i love all the camry haters
    ive had 3.. all been great. never any problems.
    … most popular car in how many countries?
    how many thousands have they sold

    … whitegoods.. they seem to do something right
    how about that new fpv black series. lol

  • http://Zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he says

    All these negative comments about the camry.. I know there is a handful of people from Ford aus reading all the comments on here.. Does ford aus see the public response a large FWD car in aus gets?? Do u really want this to happen to the falcon? By replacing it with a AWD/FWD Taurus? Or rebadging it to a “falcon” .. My bet is that the mustang and falcon will share platforms/drivetrains.. And my 2 cents worth above is just incase they are thinking otherwise.

    • http://www.clearimagephotos.com braydenc

      Good job on staying on topic there

  • Ng0

    I don’t get how the Camry only sells just over a 1000 cars a month, in Sydney Camries are everwhere.. More then anything else, somedays I don’t even see new falcons on the road.,