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  • M

    The improvement in this model over the previous generation is remarkable – have had a solid look over this car and having owned a GC before – it deserves to succeed – and based on the waiting list it appears it is…the main weakness, which carries over from the last gen is the rear seat space.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      Check out the pic of the rear seats in the gallery, there is plenty of leg space back there. I don’t see that as an issue at all unless you’ve got some Sydney Kings players being chauffeured.

      • M

        Mate – cushion is too flat – too short – leads to knee up approach when reasonable size folkds are in the front…

        • Jim

          Go sit in the back set of a Pathfinder! The Jeep is miles ahead on rear seat legroom than the Pathfinder, and suprisingly the Pathfinder got 4WD of the year with some awards. Granted there is more than rear seat legroom that is assessed, but a major turnoff for me. I was considering a Pathfinder until I sat in the back. You can’t even get your feet under the front seat to stretch out a little. Crazy!

        • Steven

          At last someone understands! BMW seats are probably the best in the business for tall people. If only they could be transplanted to any car.

          I have a Subaru Forester and it’s not comfortable for long journeys due to this issue.

          Why don’t car manufacturers test these cars out with tall drivers?

          Hey CarAdvice, how about some photos of a tall and short drivers/passengers sitting in the seats in all road tests?

        • Gertrude

          There is a lot of leg room here for adults to travel in comfort – if you need more get a stretched limo for obese friends.

        • adam

          you are a massive waffler and should really find something better to do. cheers adam

      • fourbysrule

        I own a New Grand Cherokee and my son is 6’1 and with me in the front has heaps more room than he had in my previous prado

  • bob

    Liking this thing more and more with each review I read here.

    Wish the wait for one wasn’t so long!!!

    • Sumpguard

      Our local dealer had a silver CRD land last week and I wet my lips in anticipation of a test drive. Sadly the vehicle never made it to the front of the dealership. A tow bar was fitted and off it went to its new owner. None now until early next year I am told.

      They look fantastic and I have had a good look over the interior and can confirm the upmarket look and feel. Rear leg room was ample for me sitting in the back seat and I am 185cms tall so agree with Anthony re rear leg room not being an issue.

  • JeepBanger

    Delay is not a bad thing, it means the car is great qaulity and great value. The Dealer In Greenslopes in Brisbane has Diesel vehicles available as i was there yesterday

  • Quadra Lift

    One for Anthony.. Does the air suspension stay up at any speed?

    • Planned_Obsolescence

      I believe when fitted with Quadra lift, the suspension drops to aero mode at speeds over 100k’s

      If this car had the 3 pointed star or a blue & white badge on the bonnet, I would guarantee the price would be way more than what Jeep are asking for it.


  • Dex Wibberley

    How awesome. Wouldn’t it be crazy publicity if they straighted swapped my 03 overland for a new one.

  • Steve

    I ordered a Laredo CRD with Quadralift about 2 months ago and have been told delivery 25th August,so had heaps of time to research reviews. Most have being positive,however there is always going to be negatives on all new models released. Its great to read a 2011 GC CRD test done in Australia by Car Advice. As I am purchasing my 1st Jeep after owning Pajeros and Challengers I have been a bit nervous regarding quality and reliability of the Jeep brand, but I loved the look of this new one and had to have it. This review has made me feel more at ease with my decision,however I suppose only time will tell.

    • Esther

      Hi Steve.
      I traded my reliable Pajero for the 3.6L petrol GC.Biggest mistake of my life.Had problems with Jeep from day one.Battery/electric failure at start up, about once a month.Chrysler claims to have resolved the probelm, but cannot guarantee that it will not happen again.So far, I will not reccommend this vvehicle to anyone.Bring on the Pajero anytime! 

    • Ian

      Hi Steve, just doing some research on the new Grand (diesel) — did you end up getting one and if so what is your feedback?

  • Paul

    @ Anthony Crawford, Nice read! you mentioned the new 300c. Have you yet experienced the interior yet? I am expecting it to be even better the the GC. Curious to see what an Australian thought of it as it is getting incredible reviews in the US.

  • o

    Im seeing these everywhere in brisbane, I feel a bit bad for the territory though, to little to late.

  • vrx26

    It’s almost a complete package especially if they can engineer a couple more seats in the back (boot space seems to be adequate)and make it a seven seater, I for one wouldn’t mind having one. I think Chrysler has pick up its game when it comes to build quality and reliability, but as mentioned above only time will tell.

    • anthony

      the 7 seater was left for the new dodge durango. built on the same platform but with lesser quality feel to it. its a nice big suv . back to the good days :). are we getting the durango here????

      • Paul

        I hope we do! I actually heard the Durango has a much better feel to it on the road as it is set up better for it.
        The quality is supposed to be on par.

  • Falcodore

    Did you drive the Laredo? Thats the one i’m interested in as i wont be doing “serious” offroading and it’s loaded with more gear than a Territory Titanium!

    • Steve

      No they had none to test drive only 1 there was sold and waiting delivery that day and it was petrol, however I have made the deal subject to a satifactory site and test drive.

  • Sumodog

    I ve driven CRD (and petrol 6 and 8 ) – great car – one major fault not mentioned here – parking brake taking space of left foot rest – otherwise great car to drive.

  • anthony

    i test drove a 70th edition it was nice. smooth. steering was somewhat light. but thats not a bad thing on such a big car. the electro-hyrdo steering for the 2012 model year should help. as will the 8 speed
    id love to see a RHD australian GGC with saddle interior :)

  • Julian

    This car is a great value for money proposition. I looked at Laredo with diesel, 4wd pack and air suspension, total $58,500 drive away. It’s not a Landrover but it is $30,000 cheaper with a better engine and performance and has a few other advantages – better fuelconsumption, lower roofline, sportier, faster, arguably better looking.

    The disadvantages I found include:

    – front door pillar is a vision killer, thick and in a very bad position from where I sit. Unlike this reviewer I was not impressed by vision. I felt a bit claustrophobic and vision to the rear is not great. Also problems seeing the instrumentation through the steering wheel, at any adjustment.

    – the foot brake everyone mentions is a disaster, really cramps your left foot and gets in the way.

    – space in the back is much less than some competitors, the negative side of lower roof and sleeker styling. Very few storage pockets.

    – putting the spare wheel inside doesn’t suit me because I can’t fit it out with fridge slide and shelves etc for long distance touring/camping. You can’t have anything permanently installed in the back or you can’t get to the spare. There is space for a spare under the vehicle – obviously designed for the purpose at some stage in the vehicle’s development – but no kit for supporting a wheel there.

    – steering had little feel to it.

    – no light-coloured interiors. I love the look of the cream leather available in the US, but here we get a choice of black or black. Black is hot in the sun, it’s hard to keep clean and it’s depressing.

    That said, if those things don’t bother people for the most part this is a stunning car, especially in terms of value for money. The diesel is superb, just fantastic.

    • anthony

      any colour option interior is available here. just be prepared to listn to a dealer bitch and moan and wait a few years.

  • Chucky

    I only wished that it was a seven seater, otherwise I would not have bought my new prado.

  • Robert Allen

    The Diesel is not something Yanks want but the GC V6 and V8 is doing quite well here. I’v had several different Chrysler products over the years but never a JGC… I’ve had my GC Limited for a week now and can’t stay out of it-1,500 miles already (about 3,000 km). Love it!

    The only complaint I have is the transmission needs six gears and a better computer sync. Other than that this machine is sweet! Get the 20 inch wheels with nitrogen, no expansion/contraction based on the weather.

    This is one sweet SUV, and it’s still a real truck frameed SUV unlike the new Ford Explorer.

    Five stars out of five.

    Louisville, KY USA

  • Minun

    It’s actually unibody. All Cherokees and Grand Cherokees have been unibody since they were first launched 20+ years ago – but they’ve found a way to provide excellent off-road abilities and truck-like toughness using unibody construction.

  • Ges N

    I am at loss as to the purpose and the logic of fitting 20-inch wheels to an off-roading package. One who has spent time four-wheel driving knows 18-inch wheels are bad enough off-road, let alone a set of 20-inch. I can’t even imagine driving a 20-inch set in snow.

  • Shane Lewis

    Drove all three engine versions last week. This Is a great unit and looks sharp, my choice is the CRD, pulls like a train,sound suits the unit and great on fuel. Would love a 6 or 8 speed box the one one in it dose pretty well. Might order a CRD Laredo with leather but one dealer is getting back this week with a ” hot” price on a CRD Limited so willwait a see.

    • Jim

      I didn’t think leather was an option on the Laredo?? What was your hot price on the Limited or could you get Leather in the Laredo?

      • Shane lewis

        Yes, leather is done locally by a authorized jeep trimmer for 3k, looks good too. My HOT price was 59k on road for a limited CRD with a few extras like tow bar ect, but heard things from a American business friend that 2012 spec were starting manufacturing with nice upgrades like a 6 or 8 speed trans, electric steering and a few small things inside so decided to wait for these.

  • Mat

    My CRD Laredo (without Quadra Lift) arrives next week :)
    You really can’t go wrong for $57k + dealer delivery (inc tow bar & 5 year Jeep Assist)

    I figured better its better to get 1 now and replace it with an overland in 4-5 years when the Quadra-Lift and new 8 speed have proven reliability.

    Taken the GC for numerous test drives and the foot operated park brake & rear seats are not an issue whatsoever. I’m exactly 6 foot (183cm) tall.

    Also, any auto upholsterer can switch over the cloth seats to leather for a couple of thousand dollars… Not to mention that you can pick and choose your colour :)

    I gotta agree that the spare wheel inside could suck for alot of ppl… but that’s still not enough to make me buy a bland, boring, unappealing & offend-nobody Prado… Sorry Prado owners :)

  • Mat

    Just picked up my CRD Laredo. Sitting on 110 km/h with cruise control, avg 7.2 L/100km between the gold coast and Brisbane.

    • Steve

      Hi Mat,
      My CRD Laredo is still 3 weeks away from delivery, just wondering how yours drives on the road as I have been unable to find a road test on the new diesel

  • Mat

    Absolutely love it!!
    If i were to be extra a**l about it, these are the only areas that I could fault the JGC on:
    Bluetooth music streaming starts off jittery and is slower than via cabled input. Easy fix, get a cable and iPod nano and only use iPhone for Bluetooth calling which works flawlessly.
    Laredo tires are slightly noisier than the limited and overland. But it’s still rather quiet for what it is. 
    CRD: There is a very small amount of turbo lag but I used to drive a turbo forester so im used to that feeling.
    That’s pretty much it. Other than the very slight lag, the CRD is the weapon of choice. It’s very responsive, rather quiet, fuel efficient and accelerates quite hard when u floor it.
    2 friends took it for a drive and neither would immediately pick it to be a diesel.
    Same 2 friends also completely changed their negative view on the Jeep brand. Just hope it is hassle free for next 5 years.
    Also, if ur in Brisbane area, I don’t mind showing you mine

  • Steve

    That’s great news that you are enjoying it soo much. The small issues you mentioned won’t bother me as I am trading in a CRD Pajero that has heaps of turbo lag and road noise from the off road tyres. Would have liked to check yours out but I live in Perth, just a little too far to go. Just a couple of other things concerning me a bit, does the foot brake position bother you and does the 5 speed auto have any issues you have noticed. (needs more ratios and hesitant to kick down)This seems to be regular issue on reviews regarding the petrol and I am wondering if it the same on the CRD

  • sequential

    Hmm…I know these are impressive to drive but I am concerned about the reliability of the CRD engine…. hey Jeep? I think so are they!

  • Mat

    Hey steve. Email me on m121180@hotmail.com

  • Johnno

    Was about to head off for a replacement diesel Pajero Exceed but it looks as though the diesel Overland might now be a better proposition, especially for towing. (Much as I love the big Mitsi, it is now basically a decade old design.) Pajero is a hugely reliable jigger and a halfway decent drive although I will certainly now check out Jeep’s finest. A question to those familiar with the brand – and to those who have experience of VM Motori – reliability and service facility?

  • Graham Bagnell

    I’m seriously considering an Overland with the outback or off road package; towing a c/van and going off road is what I enjoy; is there room for an auxilary battery? Protetion [as in roo bars]; are these available?

    Waiting for test drives by 4wd mags; they provide another aspect to performance and capabilities.

    The extra suspension lift is necessary, i.e. when travelling through/accross the Simpson Desert; things many 4wders actually do.

    This jeep has to meet / exceed the capabilities of my current 4wd, which does all that I have noted; usually twice a year as well as van towing.


  • Aus_bloke

    these look awesome! very cool looking 4wd

  • http://Google Doug Kingston

    I have owned the previous turbo diesel WH Grand Cherokee for the past 6 yrs and am yet to have a single fault !! A bit short on headroom and too thick A pillar would be my only criticism. There is plenty of torque and power and I pull a 2.4 ton caravan with 15-16 ltrs / 100km economy. Can the Japs beat that ?

  • Steve Yates

    I was out today looking for my next 4WD, this was going to be either a Disco 3, RR HSE or Landcruiser (All Turbo Deisel). My better half said I should look at the Jeep because her friend has one and swears by it. I laughed and said “no way”.
    Anyway, after a number of hours listening to the passenger seat, I finally agreed to stop at a dealership and check out the Jeep.
    Bugger me, I am going to order a Turbo Diesel Jeep. I just dont know which one yet.
    These things are awsome!

  • jimm

    I have owned 05&07 crd grande cherokee limited I have towed a 2.5 ton van all ova NT SA And NSW live in QLD & have traveled a lot of it bought a new deisel limited about 6weeks ago and I love it. It realy makes the early ones look shaby.There is bigger boot space which I have always looked for and larger fuel tank which you need for outback towing though I will probly still carrie a spare jerry can just in case. I averaged about 15/16 ltres per100 ks in the earlier jeeps dont know if this one can better that but hoping to find out soon.NO probs for me with park brake or rear seat dont get in there. if passengers don’t like it they can walk,or not, thier option. Don’t like thick A pillar big blind spot!

  • Jim

    Hey Awsome im so over chinese crap im gonna choose either the diesel overlander or v dub touragg havent driven either no one has mentioned that new USA car manufacturing laws means any car built 2011 on must have massive roof structure strength for example a 2 ton gross vechile mass must be able to support 10 tons on its roof yes 10 x the vechiles gvm for roof strength awwsum ! really think its gonna be the jeep for me poor ole ford dopey fools why they can the Gt phase 4 and build crud for 25 years ? Go the Jeep AMERICAN MADE !!!! and finish car tarriffs in oz and ban cheap asian car and bring in all usa and euro vechiles WOOOT !!

  • jimm

    I just finished some mods on caravan lifted it up 100mil for better clearence.I went for a 20k drive to adjust leveling bars once they were tuned in didnt know the van was on the back the fuel went up to about 12.6 ltres which I thought was unreal, but to be fair it will probly go up a bit more! won’t it?.Power wise it didn’t seem to make much difference just awsome power.I liked the vdub as well but the base model started at 78 big ones and climed from there everything is an option.For my use the limited diesel was the best bang for the buck.UP THE YANK TANK

    • Max Watkins

      I was advised that levelling bars are not required in the lift models as bars if fitted will stuff up the computor settings both for this and caravan sway adjustment.

  • http://Hotmail Josh

    Steve, I was in the same boat and said I would never buy a new Jeep, but once I test drove the Grand CRD, that was it. Superb car to drive, capable of road and looks spot on! I was looking at a Discovery or Prado but you just dont get the same value for money in my opinion. I am growing increasingly impatient though as I ordered it on 29 July and I’m still waiting for delivery! Jeep cant give me any firm indication as to when I’ll have it, very frustrating!!!!

    • Brig

      Ordered my Bright Silver CRD Overland on 30th May. It has just been built in the last few days and left Detroit on its way to Maryland to pick up a ship. ETA in OZ is 25th December! Delay is on average for cars ordered out of OZ but it looks like production is now ramping up.

  • http://Hotmail Josh

    Good to hear! I think Jeep may have underestimated the demand for this vehicle. I got a phone call two days ago advising me that it arrived at the car yard, can’t wait to pick it up :)

  • Doug Fry

    Looking at buying a new V6 lERADO diesel for towing a 2500kg caravan, has anyone towed similar and what fuel economy did you achieve at say 95kph. Also require to fit thule roof racks for a kayak and lerado roof rails are not suitable. Has anyone tried or found roof rails that are compatible to the existing mounting holes.I thought the previous models rails allowed the thule or similar racks to be fitted.

  • iain

    I own a new CRD Loredo with quadra lift air suspension. My previous car was a CRD discovery 4 which was a great car. I am towing a 2500 kg off road van and the new jeep is in word spectacular. Huge power, the brilliant suspension to make towing and levelling the van a breeze and outstanding seating and interior. economy i have achieved towing so far was sub 13 litres per hundred and unladen on the open road a t a steady 100 kmh of 7.3 litres per hundred…I am very impressed and have now one of my mates in a Limited crd 70th anniversary model and another checking out a CRD limited on monday.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au vince

    iam waiting for my new limited turbo diesel,test driven one twice.best looking 4wd on the road cant wait to get mine in jan

  • http://bigpond garry

    have driven my new silver overland crd for one week now and it gets better every day as I learn how to use everything that comes standard ; have swapped 20″wheels to 18″ with yokohama go12 tires ;excellent ride so far the air suspension adjusts to the speed you are travelling ..looking for better lighting package for country driving too many dark spots at present..does anyone know a good lighting specialist in sydney :

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au vince

    this car is so quiet cant believe its a diesel,so much power it off when takes you hit the acceleration,very impressive. love the black leather interior.

  • David

    Just had a look and a drive of the Diesel. Great engine and lots of bells and whistles for the money. Excellent towing capacity.

    Three things put me off it though…

    The spare is inside under the floor of the rear luggage area. You can’t fit draws or a fridge slide and get to the spare. And if you have the back full of stuff and get a flat…

    The spare is not the same as the other four wheels. What is with that???

    The air intake is right at the front above the radiator. Hopeless for water crossings until someone makes a snorkel.

    And have a look at the top of the front tyres on the steel sprung version – I couldn’t see an air suspension model as the dealer didn’t have one to look at. There is a lump of steel less than 20mm away from the tyre. Quite easy to get a rock or a stick jammed in there to rip the sidewall out of the tyre.


  • David

    And the “hand brake” is operated by your left foot and is where the left footrest would usually be. It would be a great ankle scraper!

    Numb Thumbs

  • Brian

    I ordered a Black Overland CRD in September and the wait is killing me. Looks like it will be deliverd in March hopefully 2012!
    Got to say that the equipment level and layout is better than my X5 which has been a great car and tows our 2500 kg caravan well.
    I actually called into the showroom with the aim of crossing it off a list that included RR Sport, Taureg, ML350 and was amazed at the quality of the Jeep. While there arn’t many about, have you noticed how many you see while you are waiting fro yours to be delivered?
    Happy Jeeping

  • Sam

    Picking up a new Laredo on Friday! After test driving a few alternatives this was easily the hands down winner, nothing came close to it in terms of value for money. I wish I had the budget for a Overland, but I am quite happy settling for my Laredo with many optional extras included in the drive away price under $50K! Like I said, nothing came close to value for money in my view.

    • Slick

      Under 50k? Was that diesel or petrol?

  • howie

    Have test driven both Laredo 3.6 Petrol and Diesel and having difficulty choosing between them though the diesel seems to have more power and torque  . I dont go offroad and I dont tow . Is spending the extra $5 grand worth it for  the fuel saving? ( I only do 15000km a year ) and does anyone have an opinion on the better resale value of Laredo Petrol vs Diesel . Also in real world driving experiences is the diesel’s power advantage the deal clincher? Any further news on the rumoured 2012 spec 6 speed and upgrades ? Thanks

    • Vince

      the diesel is the way to go if you keep it long term.a great fuel saver as well as a longer lasting engine ,made by fiat the one and only best diesel motor maker in the world.

  • dango

    been looking at second hand 07 prados and 05 disco3s all pertol and prices $35k+ for decent one with 120+km was very depressing.. going in to see what price I can get tomorrow on a larado 3.7 I will be happy with a $45k drive away deal, will let you know what price I get

    • dango

      Picked up a v6 larado for 45k drive away today, got to thank jeep for the free umbrella and 20l of 91octane as well!
      Nice drive heaps of features for the poverty pack, one concern I noticed and this was only when driving around 110km was a drone like sound, almost like the fine vibration when flying in a passenger jet?

      • Vince

        are you happy with the car overall

        • dango

          return trip to Adelaide from Melbourne with 2 kids+ luggage in the back averaged 9.8lt per 100kms on the comp. HWY drive cruzin at 2000rpm @110km and has plenty to over take with! Handled well through the Adelaide hills, no off road driving yet though. The vibration was nothing serious tyres maybe. Yep we couldn’t be happier 

  • Craig

    I did a few test drives of the diesel limited. Have to say a nice car but I don’t think its as good as some would like to say. The foot brake is a joke and dangerous, a deal breaker for me. The boot is 1.10m wide can’t even put a set of golf clubs across. The visibility is average and the parking sensor are way behind the competition like VW etc however the reverse camera is great.The build quality while much better than in the past its still a long way from LandRover and VW. I’m skeptical of the QudraLift I know there have been a lot of issues and think they will continue.
    The scheduled services are to short and are very expensive at about $6,000 in the first 3 years.

  • Tony

    Orded my CRD JGC Overlander March 2012 and expecting delivery in July. Your right Brien, It is amaising on how many you see on the road when your waiting for yours to arrive and I really just can’t waite to pick mine up. I test drove a limited CRD and was very impressed on its performace and value for money. I also test drove the Landrover and was very impressed with it, but the Jeep was my choice. Thank you all for your great feed back. In the end it was the $30,000 differance in price and the fact that the jeep is a much better looking vehicle that influenced my decition. They are both great SUVs!!!

    • Tony

      I have just recieved a call from my dealer (Great communication by the way!!!) informing me that my overland will be ready for me to pick up next thursday at the latest which is the 21st of June 2012.( Whip eeeeeeeee!!!!!!), which is almost 1 month earlier than estimated delivery time. I think they are speeding up thier production. Very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Has anyone carried a kayak etc on the roof.  Keen to hear as I am ordering a CRD Laredo shortly.

  • Marcel

    I ordered a Laredo Diesel in Feb. Dealer said delivery would be June or July. After reading the above comments, I am getting more impatient by the day. Has anyone tried putting a small car-topper boat on a 2011 or 2012 JGC?

  • Bg

    I have just test driven the ‘Overland’. I fell in love with everything, but the foot brake pedal is the worst designed/placed thing I have ever encountered on any car. It severly restricted my left foot/leg movement. It also scraped my shin several times, especially when I was trying to position myself to a comfortable postion. We all move our feet/legs when driving. It would also be savage weapon if an accident occured. Who ever designed that wonderful piece of equipment needs to urgently re-evaluate his abilities. Great vehicle let down by one item. A critical one at that. It is 2012, why, oh why, was it not electronically designed, everything else on the car is???? Needless to say I did not buy it.  

    • Adamtroymansell

      you are a massive waffler and should keep your needless comments to yourself….

  • TJP

    I just ordered a Laredo Diesel, with leather and sunroof for $58,500!!! Couldn’t be happier with the car, demo car was awesome to drive! Take delievery in July/August and can’t wait! My sister just received her Laredo V6 petrol and she can’t believe how much of a pleasure it is to drive! She also got leather and it’s amazing, not to hard, nice and soft and smells great!!!

  • John

    what dealer did you use to get $58,500 for laredo diesel with leather and sunroof

    • dontaine

      city jeep melbourne  Adam Mansell

  • Craig – Perth

    I pick up my CRD Laredo next week, went in to order a white one and there was a cancellation on a Deep Candy Red one, so I did the deal $56790 incl tint and towbar …. been researching for months and decided the time was right …. even if eight speed comes out next run, dont mind as always good to wait for a while in case problems arise .. stepping out of a history of Holdens (Current VE SV6 Sportwagon) they have never let me down and change every 2 years, but need a 4WD and the JGC just too good to pass up, Pajero and Prado both good solid cars, Jeep just that 1 step newer and great Value for money

  • Craig

    fantastic car, have now done over 2000kms and the car is brilliant … took it for a decent 4WD today and it performed flawlessly averaging 9.1l/100kms around town and it is so quiet … love it

  • Pauljmurphy

    Wud anyone take a Jeep GC WK with offroad 265x50R20 tyres, accross the SIMPSON DESERT and asscociated track prior and after the crossing. These tyres are AT which I got from the US.

  • Janita

    Please I need some help here. How much is a good price for JGC limited CRD. should I wait till the end of finantial year?
    I think paying dealer delivery is a ripoff.

    • Lee

      I got a great deal $58000 for MY13 limited CRD. Its great deal but hard to decision.
      When 2014 model comin… could be $$$ save than $58k

  • JeepX

    Beautifull car to drive, plenty of power, all the extras you could imagine, We bought the Jeep to tow our van as it has 3500 tow capaicity, but it has now boiled six times, been towed to Cairns dealership, checked no problems found, then on the road again, boiled again, towed to Townsville dealership checked over, no problems found, then boiled again 23klms out of Townsville. Back on the tow truck and the trip around Australia cancelled with a vote of no confidence in Jeep. And no help from Jeep to get our caravan home.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$44,440 - $50,500
Dealer Retail
$43,480 - $51,700
Dealer Trade
$34,100 - $40,400
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
550Nm @  1800rpm
Max. Power
177kW @  4000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.3L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:3500  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
265/50 R20
Rear Tyres
265/50 R20
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Front Air Suspension, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Rear Air Suspension, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Power front seats, Power Sunroof
Control & Handling
Traction Control System
Parking Distance Control, Power Steering, Reversing Camera, Satellite Navigation, Trip Computer, Voice Recognition System
Engine & Transmission
Quadradrive System
Radio CD with 9 Speakers
Power Mirrors, Power Tailgate, Xenon Headlights
Power Windows
Side Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Optional Features
Rear seat enhancement pack
Control & Handling
Off Road Group
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
6 months /  12,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Front Floor
Country of Origin
United States Of America