• aball

    Seriously, a four speed auto? And where’s the optional Sat-nav? This is a city car, after all

    • Phil

      Seriously, why can’t you drive a manual?

      • aball

        Not by choice. I had a stroke last year and can’t use my left arm or leg

        • Phil

          Well if you really are driving with just one arm, shouldn’t you also rouse Hyundai for not fitting it with rain sensing wipers, automatic headlights and mind control indicators?
          You will find it hard to steer when you need to use your only arm to operate one of these manually activated features.

          • aball

            Really, I’ll find it hard, huh? Thanks for the tip. I would love nothing more than to be able to drive a manual again. In the meantime I’ll just have to be grateful that I can drive at all. My gripe is that Holden manages to see fit to put a six speed auto in the new Barina, the upcoming (mechanically shared) Kia Rio is getting a six speed auto and the US market Accents get six speed manuals and autos. And yes if other new cars in the class were offering those one-armed driving aids you so thoughtfully pointed out then yes, I would be questioning why Hyundai isn’t. This is brand new, ground-up design after all. Now to star preparing my rant about the upcoming Toyota Yaris at least Toyota’s got form in not offering unexpectedly good value for money)

          • Phil

            Rain sensing wipers and auto headlights are avaliable on the Polo, Mazda 2 and probably several others…

        • noMOAR!

          walk it off buddy

      • Niko

         Phil just because the company is screwing us over – and selling us a last generation 4 speed auto, while the US gets the new 6 speed auto at a lower price, does not mean we gotta swallow the pill and buy a manual to satisfy them. Point is Australians always get ripped off one way or another, and you Phil are a great example of that arrogance, you never seek to question or to fight your rights, you just sit back and you accept what they give you..’hmmm ok they are giving me a 4speed auto which is crap – ill just go buy the manual instead’.

  • James Cortez

    Still a 4 speed auto? Once a manufacturer’s sale is on the rise they quickly cut back / sacrifice technology to pursuit a bigger profit.

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      BUY THE MANUAL!! much smarter choice in a small car as review says!

      • natural

        Manual is outdated aswel. It should be six speed. Save more fuel.

        • litesong

          Four & five sp. manuals are outdated only to people who ‘need’ what others do not have. I have driven my wife’s 5 sp. manual 2008 Accent, EPA rated 32mpg, to 42 to 45mpg over 3000, 4000 & even 5500 foot mountain passes from sea level.
          Last week, I drove my 4 sp. 1988 manual Ford Festiva (Kia) to 58mpg.

  • Henry

    Good Looking Car but 4 speed auto is that great im happy the Diesel is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Henry

      SORRY ISN’T THAT GREAT FOR THE AUTO***********<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Mr Gaspo

    No… Not a 4 speed auto for the diesel! Is Hyundai trying to be a Toyota?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

      They want to be a Toyota any day, but it never happened.

      • FrugalOne

        light clutch?

    • Kim

      They are trying to be Toyota indeed (some would argue they already have, only cheaper) – Hyundai like Toyota quietly leave things out most people don’t notice … most notably Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) – most of the other cars in this class have them …. It’s a cost thing – their NZ spec cars which costs more has EBA. From a safety perspective it’s appalling, because all that talk about active safety before an accident happens (as glowingly reviewed in the article), counts for nought if you can’t stop the car in time …. but Hyundai knows they can get away with leaving out Bosch’s EBA as long as nobody asks!

  • El toro

    Why 4 speed? Wonder would if the diesel i30 would be taken off the market once the accent diesel is available this year end

  • ric

    nice car …nice features according to price..but
    what s 0 to 100 kmph time?

    • ric

      and 0 to 60kmph as well…….thanks

    • Roomster

      I tried one today and it feels like about 11s.

  • QAZ

    4 speed auto for a new model… its not that cheap either

  • Sam 300TD

    This thread has a really bad echo….

    • Kampfer

      Unfortunately, 4 speeds auto in a all-new 2011 model really stand out (in a bad way – looking at you too, Mazda2 and Yaris). Too bad that other than the auto gearbox, the rest of the car look pretty good. Sure better than Nissan Tiida which I think it’s the closest competitor (size/price) in OZ market atm.

      But again small car market in OZ is a place that ppl willing to buy 2nd rated car just to save $500…

  • Vtec

    Wow there are some whiners trolling this forum. There is not a lot with a vehicle this size using a capable 4 speed transmission. I dont imagine the drive would be “engaging” but its not like it will drive poorly. 6.4l hardly needs improving with a different trans either. And come on 0-60 times? Its a nanna car lads not a bently continental. The vast majority of people buying this vehicle are not going to care about how fast they can reach the speed limit….

    • Martin

      I have to merge into highway traffic every day and get to 100 to keep up with traffic. I drive a 1.5 01 lancer so my next car which will be a 4 cylinder and yes I want my next car to be faster then what I own now. 0-100 time matters to me. Its not just about driving like a hoon. Some people like myself need decent acceleration.

      • litesong

        My 65HP 4sp. manual ’88 Ford Festiva(Kia) has been merging onto freeways for 20+ years……. never needed more.

    • Niko

       Vtec, questioning something that does not seem right is not trolling. The fact is, we are getting a 4speed auto, while US and Europe are getting a 6speed auto (and a GDI) engine for similar or even a lesser price. It is not about trolling or how engaging the drive is, but on how a lot of companies treat AUS like the suckers of the world, selling us last generation crap in full retail price. Hyundai Australia is probably getting a cut too, as they could have easily denied the import of the 4speed AUTO….

  • Lucii Pooky

    I think it depends how the 4 speeder is made! I mean look at Mazda, their 4 speed Mazda2 has got well set ratios meaning it drives like a 5 speed and the 3 with a well gaped gearbox makes it drive like a 6 speeder! It all depends how its been made. I sat in the Accent at the motor show and it was my favourite small car! Just wish I could of sat in the Rio…..

    • o

      The most promising thing for me is that this could mean a diesel RIO !

      • Sumpguard

        Hopefully. I am also thinking they will start launching their small capacity turbo petrol range later in the year along with Kia . Sportage and Optima should be the first two to get the petrol turbo engines for Kia so I’d be guessing ix35 and i45 would be similar then filtering down into the smaller sized vehicles.

        Cerato is also rumoured for a small capacity turbo petrol. The formula seems to be working for the Cruze so it makes sense .

        I’m not surprised that the accent is a 4 cogger auto given the price sensitivity in this sector. it will be some time before they get an extra cog or two as this segment is flooded with choice and buyers are typically penny pinchers. As a city run about this car will do well. Also noticed the i20 has had a price cut. About time.

        • J

          The 4 speeder is slightly dissapointing knowing that Kia is bringing out their Rio with both 6 speed auto and manual more than likely at a less or equal price point. Unless they’ve cut corners somewhere else…

  • Sam

    “the Korean-built Accent is now the fourth model to be styled in Hyundai’s new Fluid Sculpture design language”.

    Seen one seen then all.

  • towel

    It’s already starting to look dated.

    • Escape in my Escape

      I think it’s because of the colour’s in the photo’s if you look at it in black, silver, white you will notice it looks better…

  • Shockjock

    What size is the boot in litres both with seats upright and folded?

  • FrugalOne

    What ever happened to the baragins and value Hyundai had, this is actually expensive, like the i20 the price will be slashed in the future

    • litesong

      Ya got that right! In Jan. 2009 with the broken economy moldering, Hyundai dealers sold Accents for $8000. One dealer(more?) sold two Accents for $14,000! Now, one 2012 Accent sells for $14,000.

  • upd

    This whole design theme from Hyundai is getting old and boring.. I45 was awesome when i first saw it, but now it has aged very terribly and to be honest i see other cars which are more harmoniously designed seem to have aged better..

  • vti07

    If the only negative about the car is the lack of telescoping steering wheel adjustment, then the car must be hard to fault.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Its hard to fault for the price and interior room.
      Sure the Japanese and even VW offer cars in similar price brackets, but none have this much interior room and standard features. The Polo/Fiesta are a better driver’s car, but have less room and cost more for the same options.

  • m2m

    This was a surprise at the Motorshow! It looks great in the flesh and the interior is good for a relatively inexpensive car. The i40 Wagon is the best looking Hyundai to come, but the fascia of the Accent comes pretty close. Looks far more modern than the i30 anyway.

    Will they discontinue the 1.6L i30?

    • Sumpguard

      Not sure about the 1.6 but I have seen a teaser of the new i30 (today) and it looks quite good. Very similar at the front to the new Elantra. It also appears the rear styling has broken away from the current hatch .

  • Theo

    Just picked up a brand new VW Polo for $21k and that includes a 7 speed DSG!!!

    Far superior car than the Accent and better priced.

    • FrugalOne

      Get back to us when you pay the rip off service charges and for parts, together with the well know vw issues

      U will return ti Asian after that, lesson learned

      • Theo

        we talking about the same thing here?? the comment was about buying a car and what you get in value for money. sounds like your grasping at straws…

        I have no issue with VW prices for service and parts…especially when your paying for it FrugalOne.

        btw enjoy your 4 speed slush box….

        • Dennis

          frugalone has a point. Typical individuals who buy in this segment do worry about the overall running costs of a vechicle. Asian built cars will in the forseeable future will be cheaper to service and run, not mention are rather reliable if built by a Honda, Toyota, etc.

          And in regards to 7 speed gear box on such unpowered cars, can someone explain the mechanicals or science behind the advantage if any in terms of power delivery? I know there are fuel savings but anything more then 5-6 would be a gimic, not to mention has anyone considered how a complicated gear box e.g. dsg would cost to replace if broke? I would be generally cautious of the increasing complexity of some cars mechanically. Fine when it works but when it breaks I would imagine it costs a lot more to fix then say replacing a standard clutch.

        • Henry

          Just wait till the DSG ‘box breaks!

        • FrugalOne

          The Lancer has a super smooth 6 speed CVT auto
          Capped service costs
          Best warranty on Oz


          • litesong

            I’ve got a sweet CVT, also, which I think will perform excellently for a long time. However, I am out of warranty at 48,000 miles. Anything goes wrong, a whole new transmission must be installed! Not sure that my mechanic, who I trust for reasonably priced repairs on ‘standard’ equipment, could handle repairs to esoteric types of gear. A new CVT, parts & dealer labor, will cost me as much as I’ve paid for some of my new cars, 20 years ago.

    • F1MotoGP

      Yes I agree with you. People commenting here never had a VW or jealous. Service cost around $300 Ford Focus cost $289.
      Polo engine is excellent. International Engine of the Year in cat 1 to 1.4 liter category 3 out of top 5 is VW engines. You must drive the car. I know 4 people who got VW and never heard any problems.

      • gumps

        VW servicing IS expensive. We currently own two DSG VWs, and we’ve had two before this. These will be our last. Dealer-based Polo 77tsi services start at around $350, and only go up from there. Our 30k Passat service was approx $600, and that was with nothing wrong! We have had to replace a faulty mechatronic unit (read DSG brain) on a car not 12 months old, thankfully under warranty. VW cars, though nice to drive, are neither bulletproof or great value in the long run. You can’t beat the cost of ownership prospects given by those offering 5+ year warranties and capped-price servicing…

  • Shak

    Sorry for my ignorance, as im not to clued on about cars in this segment, but is this car meant to compete with the Fiesta and its ilk, or a class above this? Because to me it looks rather big from the outside…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Geoffrey Conroy

    I currently own a new Hyundai Accent 1.4ltr Auto, on a trip 2200km it averaged 13.78km/ltr, I consider that a positive, however put 3 people in the rear seat and the car becomes a whale, unstable and bottoms out on bumps.Also there is grinding noise coming from the transmission possibly a CV joint.

    • Peter

      Cool story bro.

      Your car isn’t new because the current range of Accents only come in a 1.6

  • idlebrain

    I can understand we have to pay more than people in US due to the market size.

    But why do we get 91kw with 5sp manual and 4 sp auto while people in US get 103kw DI engine with 6sp manual and 6 sp auto ?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      That engine should be coming soon.

  • Datsun P510

    Hey Alborz, Is there any video of this car?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Yes, coming soon…

      • Ted

        I cannot find the video of the Accent, can you please provide the link / location please.

  • Des

    I love paying extra for the leatherette (ie. Vinyl) seats. What ever happened to paying extra for REAL leather.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

    Sorry but how is this value for Money? It’s reaching a price point of over 22k.. It’s a small car, all the interior materials, build qualify and attention to detail is typical Korean.. The features are gimmick, reverse camera? Wow.. .

    No nav or any other multiple media display, tiny engine, 4 gears..?

    It’s about time to see that the Koreans are ripping us off.. And look how low the wages are in korea, imagine how high the margin on Hyundai’s Sold..

    If you want to see high quality interior, fit and finish and quality take a look at the new Suzuki swift interior..

    Yes Hyundais have improved but so have Suzuki’s because as far as I’m aware Suzuki used to make rubbish autos

  • Insulted

    I suppose Hyundai need to run out their 4-speed auto inventory by dumping it somewhere but to ask Australians to pay $2000 for such an obsolete gearbox is an insult IMHO

    • Des

      In Canada, thats where my daughter lives, an auto box is a $1300 option AND its a 6 speed. We do get riped off here. Also their base model engine in Canada is the GDI 1.6. Hyundai are taking the piss with us in OZ and the more people that let them know the better.

  • innq

    Hyundai labourers are one of the highest paid in Korea. they earn about $50k in Australian dollars, so your point about the high mark up isn’t 100% correct.

  • http://www.roberts.com.ph Roberts

    I bought an Accent hatchback in ’95 (the first year). I had the car 11 years and it was a very good car. Got me through college and a bunch of road trips. My sister has an ’02 Accent (bought new) and it’s still going strong. I now have an ’06 Tucson and love it. I’m really glad, though, that Hyundai has really made this new Accent much more upscale. I’ve got to say, I’m really looking forward to test driving a Veloster when they come out.

  • G

    Mazda2 is the best selling light car in the country. It has a 4 speed auto. Autos are 65% of their sales. Nobody seems to be complaining.
    Also, only 2% of light cars sold in AUS are diesel. 2%.
    I suggest you all get out of your bubbles and start looking around. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll see.

    • John

      Agreed, I don’t see why the 4 speed auto is such a bother. For a car that will spend the vast majority of its life in 50, 60 and 80km/h zones, 4-speeds is perfectly fine.

      • Niko

         Because the same model in the US has a 6-speed AUTO and it is cheaper! Problem is nobody gives a ””””’ about Australia. This is the problem.

  • maximark

    A motorist reviewer from another well known motoring website wrote that the new Accent has lifeless steering and road noise. But it think it looks better than the i30.

  • realcars

    vw will always have greater engineering integrity than any asian vehicle in this range.Just the way it is.

    Hyundai appear to be copying Toyota plan of leaving out features that most of motoring public wouldn’t tweak too.
    Kia offers same vehicles with these features as Hyundai snares former Toyota buyers as it knows Toyota buyers are not that tech savvy etc and will tolerate lagging tech in safety features gearboxes etc etc.

    • Kim

      Not sure who the “we” you’re referring to …

      But totally agree about Hyundai snaring ex Toyota buyers who can be tech-ignorant … Kia’s Cerato for instance has Bosch’s full array of safety gear including Emergency Brake Assist … incredible considering it’s cheaper than its sister i30 which quietly leaves out EBA … much the same way Stability Control was not on the Corolla for so long … I suppose if that marketing works, then it works … but Hyundai can’t fool me! :)

  • Goodfa

    It looks like Hyundai are getting too big for their boots.

    The Accent may be an improvement but at around $20k drive away for the base model it is poor value.

  • Tracy Gallagher

    I bought a accent 10 years ago .. It a fantastic car I don’t want to trade it in but may have to up date …. I paid 10 years ago $18.999 so I don’t think they have gone up in price that much …. I will be concidering another accent

  • Keefy58

    I just picked up my 2012 Accent and I think it is great value for money…Sure..It’s not the most powerful car I’ve ever driven or owned but it suits me and I love it..That’s all that matters to me..

    • joce

      I just put a deposit on my new 2012 accent test drove it and fell in love now have to find a buyer for my getz. Hyuandi have really upped the market since i brought my Getz in 2008. Have had no problems at all with hyuandi. Love how the accent drove in test drive much quiter then current car. Will be hard to part with.

  • BB

    Any word on when the car will be offered with cruise control? It’s the only deal breaker for me at this point.

    • Niko

       I dont think there is cruise control on the range…..

  • Nato

    I think like Kia with the Rio, you’ll find the 4sp Auto will be ousted by a 6speeder when Hyundai release the Accent with the GDI engine (possibly 1.6). Also, considering the new i30 is going to be updated with 6speed manuals/autos (I think I read the auto will be a dual clutch one) the Accent diesel should, theoretically, have a 6 speed auto. However in the same respect, to position the Accent below i30, Accent may have to drag on with older transmit ions whilst i30, being the more “premium” car, will have the newer trans.

  • Kazza

    Just paid for my 2012 Hyundai Accent and pick it up on Wednesday.I got a great trade in for my Getz which has seen much better days! So for under $18,000, I don’t care how fast it goes considering my day to day driving is in 50 – 60 zones, floored it on the test drive going up a hill and went much faster than expected (to the horror of the sales guy) and was so qiuet, I wasn’t sure I had turned the motor on. I am one happy chick! So what if it doesn’t have EVERY mod con ever invented. I’m driving it, not living in it.

  • David

    We bought the new Accent today. No test drive, just picked the Elite and off we went. What a great car! You have to wonder what some of the people’s “real” knowledge of cars is? Since getting my license nearly 3o years ago I have owned over 50 different cars and these “new” style cars like the Accent offer great fuel economy, excellent safety features and great value for money. We all want something different in each new model but hey the sales teams do their homework and I’d buy another one of these cars without hesitation

  • Rhyce

    Does it come with cruise control, I can’t find it listed anywhere…

  • Niko

     I dont think Hyundai ever mentions capped price servicing. I also asked a dealer in SA who confirmed there is not capped price servicing. So with a 5yr warranty that would end up costing a lot….

  • Niko

    Yes I read somewhere the new i30 will have the 6-speed auto on the diesel too! But I reckon its price would be on 25G+. The new Accent in the US already has 6-speed auto and a better GDI engine, and the 6speed auto is also found on their diesel. Either way We, here in Australia get a crappy treatment not just from hyundai but other motor companies, (and other general companies). We always get older generation products and we pay a premium price for them….

  • Mikey1000000

    First Accent was “99  then traded it for a new one in “05, and just traded that today with nearly 200k on the clock. Bought my 3rd Accent (base model) costing $16200…less trade.Never had a breakdown; never had an accident; lots of highway and city. Love the Accent

Hyundai Accent Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$9,790 - $11,130
Dealer Retail
$11,290 - $13,420
Dealer Trade
$7,800 - $8,900
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
156Nm @  4200rpm
Max. Power
91kW @  6300rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.4L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1000  Unbrake:450
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
175/70 R14
Rear Tyres
175/70 R14
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
60 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Under Driver Seat On Floor
Country of Origin