Ford Performance Vehicles has listened to the fans at last month’s 2011 Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne and has this morning confirmed a limited production run of the FPV GT Black.


Just 125 of the local performance brand’s most exclusive vehicle ever will be produced, and FPV general manager, Rod Barrett, said fans of the car would need to move fast.

“With only 125 units available, we urge interested buyers to act quickly, with a number of vehicles already pre-sold,” Mr Barrett said.

Unfortunately, the production model misses out on a number of the Black Concept’s hottest features. The showroom car will not get the Concept’s track-tuned suspension, performance brake package, wider 19-inch alloy wheels or the sleek styling revisions to the front bumper.

FPV spokeswoman Vicky De George told CarAdvice those enhancements may be offered by FPV further down the track, but admitted the quick turnaround time to introduce the production model was the reason the features had not been included.

“It doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just not on this model,” Ms De George said.

Mr Barrett said FPV was “totally blown away” by the positive feedback the FPV Black Concept earned from fans and show-goers at the beginning of July.

“We knew we had a winner with the black paintwork and we wanted to action something immediately,” he said. “The public spoke and we listened and I am just thrilled we have been able to put the GT Black into production so quickly.

“All the feedback received has been collated and the results present exciting possibilities for the FPV brand in the future.

“The GT Black is the beginning of some exciting times ahead as we continue to work on new product and design enhancements to reflect the needs and wants of the market.”


Naturally, the GT Black is available in only one colour. The limited edition scores a unique matt black stripe package, black upper and lower grilles and black fog lamp bezels. The front bumper is all black with black ‘eye patches’ while the rear bumper and diffuser get the same treatment.

The bi-modal quad exhaust system is finished with black exhaust tips, while the 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels complete the exterior enhancements.

Inside, the FPV GT Black sports shadow leather upholstery, piano black surface finishes and a reverse parking camera.

Each car gets a unique build badge and owners will be presented with a certificate of authenticity upon delivery.

The 335kW/570Nm 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine in the Black is unchanged from the rest of the GT range.

The 2011 FPV GT Black limited edition will be priced from $74,290 – a $3000 price premium over the standard FPV GT sedan.

Interestingly, it appears the FPV GT Black was never in doubt for a production run.

In the fine print of a brochure for the vehicle, which can be downloaded from FPV’s public website, it states the document was printed in June 2011 – a month before the FPV Concept appeared at the Australian International Motor Show.


    huh????? so the only difference is the colour? lol

    I prefer the blue anyway. Seriously what the hell is the point of this?

    • Steve

      Well done Rod Barrett, you are truly the king of sticker packs! Keep on tarnishing the legacy.

      • Lynchy

        I’m a massive Ford and FPV fan, love the turbo cars and the new Supercharged 5.0 but seriously, another bloody stripe package, what a joke, the things that people were interested in at the Motorshow are the exact things that aren’t going to be available, tuned suspension, bigger brakes, bigger rubber, agressive front spoiler and the bigger exhaust.

        Well done FPV, you’ve just given your competition a little more ammunition.


    Also, as much they try to rush people to buy them I’m sure there will be a boat load of them available on car sales like the Focus RS

  • andrew

    another half arsed effort by ford/fpv.

    if you’re not going to do something properly why bother doing it at all?

    take a leaf out of Geoff Polites(RIP)management notes and what he did with the AU when he took over…

  • Joker

    One word…”WHY!?” Everything that made the Black Edition special is now gone!
    Rod Barrett, if you’re reading this- please, PLEASE give this Drive Train the grip it needs to put the power down.
    The colour is nice but I would rather have all the mechanical/suspension mods!

  • Shifty

    For this price you would think it would come with some features that are available on much cheaper Ford vehicles. Dynamic Cruise Control, Park Assist, Foward Collision Warning, just name a few. Is it that we can’t deliver these technologies in Australia. Or are FPV drivers so good they don’t need them?

    • o

      Good point, Id rather a Focus Titanium but even more the next gen RS will be amazing

      • Micko

        Yeah but the new Gen RS has a head only a mother could love. It’s an abomination. The current RS kills the new RS on everything. I wouldn’t pi55 on the focus.

  • whatthe..

    but its blaaaack!

  • midi

    So its basically a normal black gt.. Ford you make me laugh….

    • Nissan S15

      Is it really ford that makes you laugh? or the people who are stupid enough to buy one of these limited edition FPV GT Black’s?

      • Paul

        Yer but limited edditions are worth the extra $$ they use higher quality matterials. Looks are 30% of the reason why someone would buy a particular car.

  • AndrewF

    That’s why it’s called ‘black edition’ not ‘improved edition’ :)

  • Krish

    Are the new “wider” 19’s finally 275 at the rear?

    • Trouble

      Read the article…

      • Daniel

        Read in Motor or Wheels that they’ve put 265’s on it.

  • Jp

    Agree with joker. Colour great, but everything that made this concept successful has been excluded from production model. WE WANT: suspension! Revised front! Better traction through wider wheels and the upgraded brakes should be standard for a special release!

    Wouldn’t care if you took twelve months to release the model if you got this right

    • Seymour Butts

      ……and a better seating position

      • Mad 6

        WTF where they thinking, they show you a production concept then they tell you you can’t get any of that bar the colour which you could get anyway (and it just look stupid with standard front bar) so why the need to insult our inteligence and tell us WE wanted this NO Rod we wanted concept and the option to buy it as aftermarket kit. I would get those for my XR6T but this is clasic ford destroying super car by listening to yanks to leave this for a facelift. What you gonna tell us next we all want front wheel drive Taurus to replace my FG turbo, I tell you what I’ll hang onto my FG turbo for as long as I can but my next car certanly isn’t gonna be front wheel drive. Thank you but no thank you….

  • Meanstreak

    Why Rush it. Do the job right, make the relevant mods, then release it. You’d sell all 125 in a shot and make more profit by doing so, rather than just a paint job and slightly bigger wheels.

  • Big

    I’m really sick of this.

    Ford! if you are listening, this absloute BS!

    What happened to the concept, it’s gone.


  • Peanut

    “The showroom car will not get the Concept’s track-tuned suspension, performance brake package, wider 19-inch alloy wheels or the sleek styling revisions to the front bumper.”


  • John Citizen

    I own an FPV and theyre making it hard for me to consider ever buying one again, what a joke!

  • FordFan

    So when HSV, VW or anyone else do this it’s fine but when FPV do it they are wrong. All you commenters do is winge, you want the car, so they release half of it within a month or so, the other half will come i’m sure.
    Nothing with cars can just be put into production straight away, they need to test the brakes and exhaust for reliability/longevity. Not to mention the revised kit, new moulds and everything for production.
    Good on you FPV for listening and putting this into production nice and quick, just keep on it and bring the track pack.

    • Wil-son

      I agree, when VW puts Adidas stickers and trim on a GTi, its hot!!

    • Lynchy

      I’d understand your position if the were delivering half of what was on the concept but there not.

      You get the colour, wooohooo. This isn’t even a watered down version of the concept. It’s a travesty that Rob Barret sprooks on that his giving customers what they asked for. What rubbish.

    • gary vann

      yes but hsv already have good brakes , wider wheels and
      great suspension .new moulds ? where do you think the concept front came from ? herrod performance have already
      sorted out a stronger diff, bigger brakes and supension
      and bigger wheels plus more power, i am considering buying a gs ute , and sending it to herrods for the up grades
      [ about $ 20,000.00 ]

    • Alantic

      New black gt looks better than hsv series.

  • Dan

    So 3K for them to change the stickers on a standard GT …. FPV your customers are more intelligent than that and deserve better.

    • Force-15

      FPV must have seen what HSV were doing with their Black Edition and thought “if they can get people to pay $3-4K for a cosmetic pack then why can’t we?”. Granted, it doesn’t look as hideous as the HSV variants, but FPV are being equally cynical.

  • Alex

    What a joke.

  • Matt

    I’m a big Ford fan but all i can do is lol at this effort. Wider rims, suspension and brakes all missing. They’re what this car needed most(brakes not so much). Disappointed

  • DWS1

    This just looks like a normal GT – that some clown has got to with a can of black paint. At least the HSV has different parts to make it special (the SV Black Edition wheels are the best available for the Clubsport IMO).

  • Lox

    Despite the missing good bits it’ll sell out either way.

    Hopefully the “finished” product will come out in the next edition.

  • Ford Fairlane

    The black edition at the motor show was a secret preveiw of FG2 FPV GT.
    That’s why it has been downgraded.
    You won’t see the wider tyres,stiffer syspension and good brakes untill FG2.

  • Dave S

    Black is nice.

    But I think they should call it a; Mad Max Edition. Its already supercharged, painted black and fitted with bigger wheels – who better to drive a supercharged black Falcon?

  • Moe

    I can see this special model ending up a fail due to how easy it is to get the aftermarket bits to do this on any Fg GT, my opinion dont even release it if it doesnt have atleast 50% what the concept had

  • david_t

    Ford Australia are incompetent.

    Stop treating the Australian car buying public like mugs.

    • mcl334

      The Australian car buying public ARE mugs!!

  • Shak

    So everything that made the Concept attractive to punters at the show has been deleted??? Well who’s smart idea was that?

  • davey

    “feel the difference?”

    Yes, all the good bits that made this car exciting have GONE!

    HSV must be laughing so hard it hurts.

  • davey

    Didn’t FPV learn anything from the half-effort Territiory FX-6?

  • Sam

    Falcon sales are so low that Ford Oz simply cannot afford to put out a fully developed concept like they displayed. Poor Faclon….it is a shame but sometime you just have to let something go. The Taurus will be roaming the streets soon enough.

  • john

    They (ford) must be getting desperate for sales and money as this thing is a joke.

  • vrx26

    Toyota beat them to it in introducing limited edition runs in this case its just the reverse since its called Aurion Limited White Edition – copycat. Hey btw does the rear view camera comes in black and white as well.

  • qikturbo

    Whatever Ford does with their high performance cars they will ALWAYS be better than the girly looking R8 or worse GTS!

  • Tommy

    Id rather spend 70+k on a deposit for a house

  • xr6

    Only 125 to be made,still a mean looking beast.Its a collectors car.

    • DWS1

      …they hope to sell 125, I guess if you wanted a black GT it’s Ok, but some of these special editions are not collectors cars – if you look on car sales .com .au

      • xr6

        DWS1 your right.Ford Fairlane above nailed it,there not giving much away before FG2.

    • MeestaNob!

      But it wont go as well as it looks. Just like the current GT.

      Sadly the show car would have rectified all the current GTs problems, yet they’ve removed ALL of the best bits.

      It’s idiotic.

  • MeestaNob!

    So basically so many people liked it they decided to remove virtually everything that made it better than the GT donor vehicle.

    Are you f*cking kidding me Ford/FPV?

    Yes, the prototype IS the GTHO if they ever stop mucking around and make it, so what the hell is the point in this?

    Shameless money maker, it’s doesn’t even have a higher power rating like the Cobra GT did.

    What a waste of everyone’s time.

  • imugli

    I’d say wait for FG2 for body and hi-po enhancements…

  • Brett

    Caradvice, I hope you forward these comments onto FPV, to show just how upset they have made loyal supporters. Bit silly to address a lot of issues, build the hype, but only create shame upon themselves when they pull the chair out from under us.

    • Andrew M

      Agreed, or should that be A-greed that has spurred this model to life before it was ready.

      Someone who said earlier the concept was a preview to the FG2 is probably on the money, but they should have released the preview as it was.

      I too hope CA forward these comments, and while they are at it they can forward the many comments asking wor a Lpi XR6T which they apparently claim there is no demand for.

      Who the hell does Fords market research?? sure this and other things they do may be great vehicles, but they have opportunities to be so much more than great

      • xr6

        There would be no better promotion of ECOLPI,than rolling out a LPI XR6T.
        The turbo LPI will give LPG greater mainstream acknowledgment.

    • smokin’r32

      Exactly, this car appears to have been marketed under false pretences. Its being sold under the same name and idea behind the concept but lacks EVERYTHING that made the concept great. I’m sure they’re pulling an Apple and saving the upgrades for the next model, but it still seems like poor form

  • HJP

    Ford Australia, when you mentioned FPV GT Black limited edition, you should treat this as special version. This means that there will be more power to the engine, uprated suspension, etc. Don’t just be a cosmetic upgrade, this would prove buyers don’t want to spend more bucks over the standard FPV GT regardless of limited edition or what. Take a look at Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series, now that’s something different than normal C63 AMGs that it has more power and wider body.

  • TuffGuy

    Fraud probably decided to paint it black so when they start burning up you won’t be able to see the charring and burnt patches. Some people need to get a life and get a HSV.

    • Andrew M

      Some people need to get a life and realise HSV also do cheap limited editions

      • Dr Cheeze

        In fact at the very same motorshow HSV released its own ‘Black edition’ which was nothing more than a stripe package with some optional extras thrown in

  • PoisonEagle

    Will it have the wider tyre/rim package? That will go some way towards justifying the cost because that’s one of the chassis weak links.


    Interesting comments. Is the current GT really that bad and putting it’s massive power to the ground? disappointing if true

  • PL

    The extra $3k is proabably a re-spray on the cars they could not sale. That’s why it is called the BLACK Limited edition…

  • XEGT

    I have it osn good authority this special edition has engine tweak to give it 365kw

    Internal testing has it doing the 0-100 in 4.7-4.8 seconds

    Bye bye HSV

  • GooSE

    So all the cool things that made the concept cool have been removed, leaving you with a $3000 hike for black paint. Awesome work there FPV, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

  • Joeyct

    This shows that FPV live in a bubble. Not serious about the marque, just treading water. Very disappointing.Whoever has been the design guru there needs to get out in the real world and have a look at how a car should look and perform.
    Whats with the long overhangs??? yuk. reminds me of Dick Dastardly’s wacky racer.

  • Jeb

    Mightycarmods is going to love this!

  • Falcon Fan

    FPV Black with Red calipers…. Genius!!!

  • Sledge

    I had to check to see if there had been a time slip and it was actually April 1.

    Seriously FPV, how can you be so detached from reality? You degrade the whole Ford heritage with this vacuous insult.

    You make me wonder why I was interested in FPV in the first place.

    CANN this stupid idea immediately and don’t think about a new release until credibility is addressed.
    And who the hell is the skinny tyre moron insisting on ruining your cars?
    10 years! and not one FCKING millimetre increase on your ‘performance’ car tyres.
    Was the F6X not a big enough FAIL.

    Wake up you bozos before you force me and many others to BMW or HSV.


  • David

    Unreal. I was seriously excited about the Black Edition, even put it on my computer desktop and did some budgeting for it next year.

    Then they release this farce. At least put the wider rear tyres on it for Pete’s sake!

    Crazy. I guess I get to save my money, that is the only upside I can see. And this is from an FPV owner… if you are disappointing your fans then just imagine how everyone else is laughing!

  • J.D

    FPV gt is a good car. Just remember that Ford Aus is on tight budget constraints since GFC. All of the development money went into the underated nuclear powerplant that is coyote.It runs negligable boost achieve the ‘claimed’ numbers. Having said that, the lack of driveline development to cope with this is unacceptable. I’ve spoken to chassis and driveline engineers at ford, as well as traction control and vehicle stability control programmers that worked on the project that explained to me some of the reasoning for the ‘skinny’ tires and grip issues. The internals of the rear differential, being a revised unit simmilar in dimensions to that of the previos 4 speed diff, have been made so small to accomaodate the longer final drive ratio to achieve fuel consumption figures that the internals are quite fragile. So, if you were to release the car with 255+ rear tyres to the ham fisted useless idiots that seem to define the australian driving public, the diff would go ‘pop’. Whilst ford america has acces to the likes of TORSEN, these things don’t come cheap. Then you have the testing, durability reporting, trackion control and ecu progaming, this all adds up to time and money that could add up to $6000 per UNIT, meaning that at the time of development, this was unachievable. The current state of tune on this car currently limits torque output on 1st through to 3rd gear, meaning the car only delivers max torque from 4th onward. The engine is good for 350RWKW safely, however at this stage, drivetrain is not.
    So I hope ford/FPV really persist with this program, and i think the end reults will speak for themselves.

    And to those who accuse me of fanboy status, I didn’t buy one. As a result of the above mentioned isssues, I ellected to import a brand new 2012 Boss Mustang instead. That should smoke both FPV and HSV when it arrives in october. FPV will get me when they make the GT handle and Give it a proper Diff, and HSV will get me when they lose the pushrods and the hotwheels body kits that now make ricers look tame…..

    • Sledge

      Longer gears usually mean more teeth on the pinion which usually means larger diameter, wider radii and more strength. If they could find 40 million to make a nice V8, surely they could fix a simple final drive.

      Seeing BMW, Porsche, Audi and HSV fill their guards properly and get rave reviews for the grip and stability they possess(with their sedans and SUVs) makes me ashamed of FPV and Ford engineering.

      Ford used to set the bar in the past and maintain the following when they did it – Now close enough is supposed to be good enough.

      If you can’t do it properly don’t bother.

      And JD… perhaps you could do us a favour? Get the forged 19s from your Boss with the 255/40s and the 285/35s and tie them together with a big ribbon and throw them through the front window of FPV.

      You’ll probably get them them back as no-one will click.

      But maybe one day the penny will drop.

  • Mark

    FPV Black Edition Hah Hah
    FPV F for Farce P for Paltry V for Vacuous
    Check your Oxford FPV this is proof to all Ford fans why FPV could never be trusted to product the legend, maybe change your name to FSV Ford Sticker Vehicles

  • 328gtcobra

    Where do you begin with this farcical black edition
    massive fan of the gt cobra lots of effort to indead make a limited edition worth keeping, the Black edition concept car was indeed what most FPV fans have been wanting in changes & options. Remember the story of the pied piper FPV are the pied pipers of the motor world induce there fans with there pipe spin then drive a massive stake through the hearts of the very fans who purchase there cars, would love to hear what the thoughts are of people with deposits i bet not to many in fact purchase these stick cars, i think it may be time to have my GTHO deposit returned immediately it really is easy to see why HSV still outsell these guys bad move RB

  • gary vann

    does someone at fpv have shares in hsv this is just plain dumb !!!!!!!!! hsv are laughing all the way to the bank

    • scatman

      Gary, do you have a van?

      • gary vann

        do you work for fpv

  • mick

    i dont have a problem with the car. its a limited realise run of 125. its a collectors car. people who complain about the car not having good handling etc would more then likely pay the same price for a XY Falcon GT. yea they really handled well too didnt they?? *rolls eyes*

    • gary vann

      yes but it is 2011 , i wonder how much they will be worth if fpv get there act together and put the right gear in the fg2 .

    • someone

      that cause that is what LE means not every one has one

  • Mark

    The issue with these cars is the fact FPV sell them as Limited Edition collector cars & they are simply doing very little for their doe. I can buy the same FPV black silhouette GT fit aftermaket stickers, black wheels & paint the exhaust tips black & wow I have just created a Limited Edition 1 of 1 what the hell is so special about that

  • Sader

    FPV good effort from putting no effort in it at all.

  • Russell

    What a bunch of f###!ng whingers. Nice car FPV

  • someone

    not my fault yous all about 10 years behind some of us hay not your fault guys

  • jason edwards

    looks like they are trying somthing but nothing new must have had some black paint left over?Why cant you get your finger out and blow some holdens away again its getting hard to stay loyal






  • david fpv

    What a joke paying more money for what black paint , the same goes for cobras people are selling them for less than a fpv . When will ford understand we want bang for our money not just black paint or gold stripes or a cobra , people that by these cars have a look at same price cars and see what you get , a hell of a lot more i have always had fords v8 love the car , but just not happy at ford, holden ect charge a wack for what paint,stripes ha ha to  the people who bought on

  • JWXR8

    Nice car yes.  But it should have increased performance all round.  It’s about time ford built a quicker v8.  A turbo six off the production line should never be able to beat a V8.  If the new turbo six is as quick as I’m hearing than maybe they should make a 6 cylinder GT!  Ford man me but disappointed with this.  See some nice shots of a sweet car only to investigate and find out I cant actually buy one.  Just bring original some phase 3 GT colours schemes with shaker kits and 400+ kw V8’s and give us something to talk about.

  • Theboss290

    looks like all the sooking paid off 😉 R spec is here !!