Engineers from Toyota Australia played a role in fine-tuning the soon-to-be-released 2012 Toyota Yaris to ensure it is suited to Australia’s unique conditions.

Workers at the Toyota Technical Centre in Melbourne worked on the steering and chassis calibration of the new Yaris hatch, which will arrive in local showrooms in October.

Toyota Australia says the preferences of Australia drivers mean Yaris vehicles sold here will have a level of steering feedback and directness and a sharpness of handling similar to vehicles sold in Europe.

Despite possessing a 50mm longer wheelbase than the outgoing Yaris and being 100mm longer overall, the new model maintains its 9.4m turning circle thanks to the adoption of electric power steering across the range and added power assistance at parking speeds.

Improved body rigidity has led to reduced twisting, especially at the rear, which Toyota promises will result in better rear-wheel grip, sharper steering response and improved in-corner stability.

Full specifications of the new 2012 Toyota Yaris for Australia are still under wraps. Overseas, the new hatch is available with a 74kW/132Nm 1.3-litre engine as well as an 80kW/141Nm 1.5-litre petrol unit.

According to Toyota UK, the smaller engine uses fuel at a rate of 5.0-5.4 litres/100km on the combined cycle, although those figures will climb slightly under Australian standards.

Toyota is still to reveal the new Yaris sedan with the model set to go on sale in 2012. Until it joins the local line-up, the previous-shape sedan will be sold alongside the new hatch.

  • F1

    Wow looks very good.. Pity the interior now is more Mainstream and less distinct like the current Yaris

  • Toyota Guru

    Hey Toyota, how about sticking a 1.8 in the bloody thing, better still, shove in the new 2.5 2AR-FE!

    • Qyes

      The 2AR engine isn’t new, it has been available on US Camry since like 09..

  • Fiz

    A Toyota that handles! Who will we have to pick on now?


    That does look quite nice. Will have to wait to see what a base white one looks like, and then the interior compared to the price, before I get properly interested (expect to need a new car in about 3 years).


    • Op1

      The good thing where Toyota and in general Japanese cars (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) not so much (Mazda, Mitsubishi) is that they last so long without any problem, they become even more attractive as used cars, and hence why they retain their value very well..

      Let’s be logical here, if your buying a used car with about 50k’s on it, what else will it be other then a Toyota?

      Honestly Volkswagen start to be problematic at about 20k’s, and die at 60k’s, after the 20k’s Volkswagen start to drain your pockets..

      I mean just look at the numbers of Toyotas on the road, I never see any with problems or broken down on the side of the road..

      Gotta give credit for Toyota.. They are excellent cars and that don’t offend anyone..

      • Phil

        OH, so there must be millions of non toyota used cars with over 50Ks on them just sitting around because no one buys them?

        VWs come with a 100,000km warranty, so why would they be draining peoples pockets for repairs at 20K?

        Toyota does not have particularly strong resale. Camry is easily one of the worst for resale in its class.

        • Charles Dean

          All new Volkswagen come with 3yrs warranty.. That isn’t much considering the average car traveled about 20000km each year, so after 60000km you will be out and your VW will become an expensive problem.. And the only reason these companies give you this kind of warranty is because they know their cars are unreliable, just like how Mitsubishi also has a good warranty, along with Kia and Hyundai and Volkswagen etc etc..

          Also Toyotas do have good resale, put a Toyota for sale and you will be able to sell it easily..

          Sell a Volkswagen and see how hard it is to get rid of..

  • delux

    It’s still a kelvinator on wheels.

    • mac

      That whole “whitegoods on wheels” thing is getting a bit stale now.

    • QAZ

      Is that all you can come out with?

    • papousek

      Actually, it looks pretty good. I like the tall-ish body as it is easy to get in and out. Personally, I’m a bit tired of the overstyled ‘futuristic’ shapes like Festiva that only make cars less practical and make the A-pillars are so close to the driver’s eyes making it difficult to see outside when turning left/right.

      • mrxandthexfactor

        *Fiesta. I agree. There is something sweet about this new-look Yaris. I am loving it. The one pictured above looks like the jumped-up ‘RS’ version from Japan. Hope that comes Down Under. Seen the normal versions, and they look great!

  • mark

    is that rear discs i see….hop it comes with rear disc when it arrives, alloys over drums isnt a nice look

    • bangel

      Its drums baby, what else do you expect from toyota , yep looks cools with mags , paint em red .

  • chris

    Saw one in the flesh at the Toyota showroom/museum in Tokyo. Not as funky as the current model but still looks good and roomier on the inside. You could do alot worse buying something else.

  • Dragan

    Great, finally a refresh to the lil Yaris…

    I can see some high sales numbers on this one, it sure fits within the current small car market….

    late release ?? hmmm…strategic move, dont you think ? as everyone else has pumped out their new line up already throught out ’10 and early ’11

  • Charles Dean

    Not bad, will sell very well though..

  • Matthew Werner

    Looks like an improvement over the current one


    what are australia’s “unique” conditions?

    and wow seriously who cares about cornering stability in a Yaris? Are people gonna take this to the track? Is anyone even gonna do “spirited” driving in a Yaris?

    • Dragan

      Seriously ???

      Of course not but what about all the sons&daughters and the elderly, not everyone has mark webber skills this day and age!!! its there if “they” misjudge a corner or are going through diffcult driving conditions…

    • Kev

      UMMWHAT \

      Australia has very strict road conditions actually.. ask any automotive engineers here. Even tyre pressure has a standard.

  • Male Sydney resident

    Will the new model come out in that fabulous hot pink colour? Or should I buy one of the runout models now?

    • bangel

      GET the pink and dont forget to colour match your drum brakes .

      • Freddo

        Boy racer bangel… betcha you have painted your brakes on your tin box gti

        • bangel

          VW are smart enough to put disc’s all round and factory painted .

          Yari is reliable little girls car so drums are probably ok for them , but the look is naff in the 21st century .

  • Male Sydney resident

    They look hot in hot pink!