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by Brett Davis

A German driver has broken the world record for a parallel park, placing his car in a car space only big enough for the car itself and 26cm of spare space. The record was placed into the Guinness Book of Records, but it didn’t last long before a Chinese driver squeezed past him to take the record.

Ronny Wechselberger swung his Volkswagen Polo into the space on April 2 this year by using the handbrake to swing the back of the car around, while using the front brakes to give the car a pivot point. Obviously, this is not the sort of thing anyone should be practicing at their local supermarket but it does show a great amount of skill, timing and concentration.

The unfortunate thing for Ronny Wechselberge though is the world record only lasted a couple of months. Since the record was made, a Chinese driver has managed to squeeze his car into a space leaving just 24cm of combined room at either end of the car. Zhang Hua broke the record just last month, on July 21.

Take a look at the video below for a look at Ronny’s brief world record park. It’s very impressive, and it’s hard to imagine there could be any less room in between the cars.

  • Yeti Man

    He is using a skid pad, not fair! Try parking a Ford falcon.

  • Toyota Guru

    VW product placement much?

  • Luke

    How does he get the car out???

  • rose

    Yeah thats stupid. How can you call parking a VW polo a record.

  • Skeeter

    Would’ve been more impressive if he had reversed in like us normal folks do, into that tiny space, instead of that slide which would be illegal on a public street

  • Grammar Nazi

    ‘Chinese can’t reverse park’ comment coming in 3…2…1…

  • Flying High

    It is a general rule that anything you can do, there is a Chinese person who can do it better. Case in point here.

    • tomaspp

      I never heard that before, Chinese person can do it cheaper but not better.

    • Andrew M

      Yes, and someone else had to do it first so the chinese man had something to copy

      • sammy

        haha true

  • JP

    I can do “Not being a Chinese person” better.

  • Flying High

    And, the real question is, can he get the car out again…

    • HL

      Imagine if he works as a valet parking driver…

      “… um Sir, sorry can’t get your car out …”

  • JK

    If only grandmas can do that… Than old people won’t waste 30 min parking cars.

  • ChopstaR87

    They shouldnt have the dirt down to help either… makes it a hell of a lot easier to slide the car.

  • save it for the track

    Where’s the video of the Chinese effort?

    • Peter Stone

      He took out the camera man on the way through

  • Charles

    I’m quite disappointed and a little upset by the borderline racist comments by some of u lots.

  • Spectre7

    Charles, I think you are being kind calling it borderline racism, just have the balls and call it what it is pure racism, there is no such thing as borderline racism.

    And as an Australian living in China at the moment I find the China bashing on this website truely concerning, specially as they are our biggest trading partner, if they stopped buying our raw products lets see what would happen to the Australian economy.

    Yes they do copy designs and following design trends closely but so does everyone else, the car industry is especially conservative most of the Australian designed cars have followed overseas designs the only exception I can think of is the AU Falcon and se what it has done to Falcon sales since – even if it is a better product according to many different magazines.

    PS: I am not a Chinesse Australia

    • Tim Johnston

      I agree lay off the Chinese, but wow that Nazi can park!

  • TomW

    I wonder how many times he fuched it up before he mastered that parking technique…

  • Al Juraj

    I know most of us disagree with communism and Chinese cars, but drivers (and individuals at that) are a completely different story. In general, they are healthy, disciplined and hardworking, just unlucky not to be able to make a choice of what life they want to live. So, can people from free countries say they are doing better?