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The 2012 Infiniti FX facelift has been revealed, giving us our first look at how the vehicle will appear when it lands in Australian showrooms in the second half of next year.

The 2012 Infiniti FX benefits from a simplified four-bar chrome grille, which gives the front end a classier, more sophisticated appearance. The revised headlights, fog lights double-wave bonnet and front fascia design contribute to the freshened look. New 20- and 21-inch alloy wheels for the top-end models add to the bold 2012 styling.

Inside, the instrument cluster enjoys a slight revision.

Infiniti Cars Australia General Manager, Kevin Snell, said everything was on track for the FX to be part of the initial showroom offering when the brand goes on sale in Australia in the third quarter of 2012.

Mr Snell said the Infiniti FX would join the M luxury performance sedan and the G37 convertible and coupe models in showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in the second half of next year.

“That’s the plan. We’re looking at expanding beyond those cities in the one or two years after launch,” he said.

Mr Snell said Infiniti Cars Australia planned to launch the all-wheel drive FX in all three trim levels, with the three different powertrain options.

The first model is the FX37, which is powered by a 3.7-litre V6 petrol engine with 235kW of power and 360Nm of torque.

The FX30d will also join the line-up. Its 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine generates 175kW and 550Nm of torque and has a combined cycle fuel consumption rating of 9.0 litres/100km according to European standards.

The range-topper is the FX50. It features a 287kW/500Nm 5.0-litre V8 engine, and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds.

All engines are teamed with a seven-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

In the US, the 2012 Infiniti JX comes standard with automatic bi-xenon headlights, LED taillights, lightweight aluminium bonnet and doors, power tailgate and 18- to 21-inch alloy wheels.

The cabin is equipped with full leather upholstery, 10-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat (eight-way for front passenger), advanced climate control, smart key with push-button start, 11-speaker Bose audio system and a rear view camera.

Optional features include adaptive cruise control and distance assist, 360-degree view, lane departure warning, intelligent brake assist and adaptive front lighting.

Specifications of Australian Infiniti FX models will be revealed closer to the vehicle’s launch in the third quarter of next year.

  • Ethan

    while i love the exterior, i can’t imagine paying for that maxima interior…

    • Jneo

      I like it

      • Trump

        The rear has some similarities to the Audi Q7, but overall I’d prefer this than the Q7 anyday.

  • http://www.sillbeer.com/ Brendan

    Is there any rumours from Infiniti Australia on whether the M56 sedan with the VK56VD engine (300kW, 5.6L V8, Quad Cam, Direct Injection) is going to be joining us in AU?

  • marcelito

    Actually, the interior is top notch and feels very classy..I sat in one of these at the Nissan showroom in Tokyo,s Ginza…the whole thinis much better in real life.

  • bob

    I like it. I’m worried about the pricing structure when it hits the floor here. But I like it. Very nice looking.

    Have always loved Infiniti. From Canada originally, where they are actually quite popular. Great to see a new brand coming down under.

    • JD

      seen a few in toronto

  • James Cortez

    Interior is dated! UGLY

    • Igor

      Pretty tacky dash. They ran out of space for their buttons.
      What is it with the Japs, the more buttons & knobs, the more beautiful it is? Button crazy…..knobs.

      • Andrew

        Ever been inside a Porsche Cayenne? there’s about 4 times the amount of buttons and knobs, whilst the overall instrument panel looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet…

  • Grady

    What price range are we looking at? Is it a x3 or x5 competitor? The engines would suggest x5 but it looks smaller like an x3.

    • Showtime

      Based on USA prices, the base FX35 model starts at $43,450 (USD), with the FX50 model (top of the range) is priced at $59,350 (USD). Sadly, with our dollar being worth more than the USD you would think we could get them at these sort of prices, but expect $75,000+ for the base FX35 model 3.5L V6 (226kw).

      • bold

        Ok, I am out :(

      • JR

        Only silly people would pay $75K+ for what is at the end of the day, a Nissan wearing infinity badges. I understand this brand being a premium should cost a little more but let’s not go overboard or the sales will just suffer. With BMW, Mercedes and Audi introducing good quality cars at a reasonable price entry, Nissan needs to do their homework before launch.
        On a different note, the current Maxima in Thailand of all places has LED running lights and looks so much smarter than our current specification. For God’s sake, who in Australia is making the decisions on the cosmetic looks of Nissan’s vehicles? They/them need to be removed from their position.

    • Sonic

      I saw a few FX’s when I was in the US. They are pretty large cars, more similar to the size of an X5.

      The interior does look a bit… cosy.

  • Bob

    There is nothing pretty about this car!

    • bob

      Please don’t confuse Upper Case Bob with Lower Case Bob. I like it.

  • o

    If infiniti undercuts lexus by a few thousand than this will sell, looks classy, great equipment and DIESEL !!!, I wonder if the EX will come eventually as a X1 competitor as I see this competing more in the X3 price range.

    • bob

      I agree. I’m hoping the introduction of this into the market creates a bit of a price war. I imagine Infiniti would offer some incentives to break away those are convinced that BMW and Audi are superior.

      At least that makes sense on paper =). Whether they do it is another story.


    theres on of these on car sales for like 130k

    09 model though

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

    Any SUV are better then then those X from BMW..

    This is nice and powerful.. The exterior looks distinctive

  • Nick Dalziel

    Saw one of these driving around Melbourne a few weeks ago in RHD and it looked really good. Sort of how the Murano should have looked. The interior looks really nice and I’m sure it will have the same level of quality as any Lexus without being as boring.

  • PeterG

    The interior needs more,more,….that’s it… buttons!

    ….and more high tech engines would be nice.

    and equal Lexus quality and I might think about it.

    Then hopefully it would handle as well as BMW

    OK I might have to compromise.

  • Dan

    Cx5 and this look similar… There’s no sharing going on between nissan andmazda is there, or is it a case of “borrowing” designs?

  • Dan

    I like the front end styling on the cx5 though.

  • venu

    Loved it when I saw these all over Dubai & AD.Can’t wait to see them here, maybe just maybe I can save up & get a huge payrise come 2013ish!

    • Dr

      Pricing will start from 60k, also nIssa.n will be bringing the jx model over next year

      • SAnd

        Where did u get that info from? Starting from 60k is so cheap compare to the lexus rx

  • Richard M

    Richard M
    I dont know if it was a personal import or a dealer trial but there was an FX parked in Armadale this morning and it was a real head turner ,long bonnet low slung style , on body looks alone I would have it over the lexus RX and we have had two RX,s now.

  • Martin

    There is a FX50 on carsales for 130k. Surely Infiniti won’t charge prices like this when they launch.