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Another image of the new 2012 Toyota Camry has appeared online, with the brand’s North American division posting this teaser shot on Twitter.

The image reveals a sleeker grille and headlight assembly to earlier unofficial sketches, demonstrating a similar design to the 2012 Honda Accord for the North American market.

The tightly cropped teaser image reveals a stretched lower front intake, which will make the new Camry look lower and wider. The fog lights have been redesigned and pushed to the far corners, again contributing to the car’s sleek face.

As previously reported, the 2012 Toyota Camry will go on sale in Australia in the final quarter of this year. The new Toyota Hybrid Camry will follow shortly after in the early months of 2012, and the V6-powered Toyota Aurion will complete the line-up late in the first quarter.

The new model will be powered by Toyota’s ‘AR’ 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine.

Available in the US version of the Camry since 2009, the AR engine comes in two different forms: a 126kW/226Nm entry-level tune and a tweaked 133kW/230Nm tune. Toyota Australia is yet to confirm the specific performance data of its upcoming powertrain.

Toyota says the new model will bring improved performance, more refined ride and handling characteristics and improved fuel economy, which currently stands at 8.8 litres/100km on the combined cycle.

The Australian Camry will be sold with just one transmission: a new six-speed automatic unit, replacing the current five-speed.

The interior design still remains a secret, but Toyota promises it will feature a more ‘contemporary’, higher quality cabin.

The news follows our story from last week, which revealed the new interior and exterior design of the upcoming Aurion.

  • m2m

    It’s a shame the Camry is a relatively handsome looking car but so bloody boring to drive. I drove a rented sportivo at the time when I owned a Mazda2, and honestly the 2 was a funner drive. I don’t understand why Toyota have so much difficulty in putting some soul into their cars.

    • Josh


  • Able

    Yay, it looks like an Accord Euro or US market Acura TL, nice work Toyota…

    • anthony

      I also thought that the headlights look very Honda Accord Euro/Acura TSX..MASSIVE imprevement Toyota

  • bold

    Images of new camry in the wild has been published on a few sites, front from euro, back from liberty. I feel previous camry may not be the best looking, but at least has its own styling, now it is like copying other brands’ design.

    • Bum

      hahn, that is what i Think.

      these gandoos don’t know much about styling.

      Etios is the best.

      • Troy Splann

        lol…. styling on a camry??

        lack thereof u mean…. sure they never copied anyone… maybe they should have! its bland bland bland!

  • Dragan

    i know i might be jumping the gun here but everyone prepare yourselves for another pointless session of “whitegoods” comments onslaught. I hope not….

    styling cues copies and influences appear in new models from all manufactures when introducing new vehicles in the market – its all thanks to the market research and what helps sell cars

    Toyota really does need to freshen up it’s range quicksmart….way overdue imho

    • toxic_horse

      yes i know the whole ‘whitegoods’ comment is getting very boring. For the sake of variety can someone please come up with another cliché

      • MattP

        How about “beige”.

        Everything about Toyota is beige and these photos show what the future of beige will look like.

  • Adam

    Cue the ‘oh how boring’ comments…. why read about it then?

    • Steve

      It kills the time while we’re waiting for stories about cars people with a heartbeat would be interested in.
      Does Toyota even try to sell their cars based on merit anymore? The last series of ads seem to be selling the ownership experience more (i.e. reliability, good resale), speaks volumes to the sort of people buying them.

      • Adam

        So why are you reading about it then?

  • Toyota Guru

    CA says: “The Australian Camry will be sold with just one transmission: a new six-speed automatic unit, replacing the current five-speed.”

    Don’t forget the CVT in the Hybrid Camry guys.

    • Steve

      They didn’t forget, it was just too insignificant to mention.

  • save it for the track

    Kia Optima & Hyundai i45 – 2.4l, 148kW/250Nm; Honda Accord Euro 148kW, 234Nm (or 230Nm, Auto); Mazda6 2.5l 125KW, 226Nm; Seems Toyota are dragging their heels on updating their engine tech. With the power/torque figures of the ‘new’ Camry only matching the current Mazda6 (to be updated, and powered up with skyActive), and only bettering the woefully old and underpowered 2.3L in the base Mondeos.
    We still read about it, in the hope that one day Toyota may offer switchable traction control and a soul to their Camry. I do believe however that back in the late 90’s a manual Toyota Camry v6 was rated as one of the ’50 cars you must drive before you die’, by an Australian car magazine, how times have changed….
    Having been forced into a Camry hire car a few years ago, (allegedly an ‘upgrade’ from our selected lancer/Focus) I also would hope that they changed their interior materials, which aside from the colour, I found very poor for the potential marks that can be left by small children. On that note, even those few years ago a rental Ford Focus was a more rewarding drive than a 2.4L Camry, but of course some of us appreciate handling and a bit of spunk over whitegoods on wheels. Non switchable traction control, and lacklustre dynamics killed the Camry for me then, and I have had no desire since to be ‘upgraded’ to one (i’d rather cancel my booking). I’d rather make do with the (in my opinion) un-rewarding Lancer with it’s annoying CVT than a labotomiser Camry.

    • Martin V.

      The problem is, they have been riding off their good name too long and the quality of their vehicles isn’t what it really should be.

      They know it too, they also know that they can release any practically any car and still sell thousands because of their customers blind brand loyalty.

      Sure, they make perfectly fine A-B cars, not disputing that. But for the same price, usually, you can find something that’s just as reliable, higher quality and more rewarding to drive.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

        What do you mean more rewardable? Like having a stiff suspension, where you can feel every bump? Or having a steering with high feedback where you feel everything? If they o that then they will lose sale..

        People buy theseccars for their comfort and that’s why the Camry is a WIN

      • Jamison

        The problem with your thinking Martin V. is…

        – Rewarding drive, what exactly does this mean?
        I can honestly tell you 90% of new car buyers do not care for drivability.
        And most of them, consider “comfort” and “smooth” as rewarding.

        Example: My dad drove my brother’s Megane R250 a couple of weeks ago. His biggest complaint was it was “rough” and wasnt as smooth as his Aurion. My brother and I obviously dont feel the same way as him, but we both know, everyone is different and us two are minority…. maybe when we hit his age we’d feel better with the Aurion’s drivability, but for now?… sporty cars are our choice.

        I know you didnt mention it, but I will…. its regarding the other people who always say Camry is boring to drive, its bland and lame… and then, they HYPE up cars like the Sonata, Optima, standard Falcon, standard Commodore, Accord, Maazda 6 etc.

        Are you f^&(ing kidding me?
        If you guys actually own PROPER performance cars, you’d KNOW that ALL the cars mentioned, drive like crap in comparison. Sure, the Falcon drives a bit better due to its RWD setup, but STILL, it drives like CRAP…. in comparison to real performance cars.

        Unless you own an Audi RS6, Falcon GT, HSV GTS, BMW M5, Mercedes C63, GTR, Porsche GT2 RS as your DAILY driver, which the Camry, Mazda 6, Accord, Falcon, Sonata etc are designed for… then You cannot really bag the Camry’s drivability too much…. it cannot be your main argument against it.

        And chances are, if you drive one of those real performance cars, you wouldnt be commenting on a Camry article because you simply wouldnt give a damn about it, as your car is the real deal.

        Appreciate what the Camry is for, its cheap to service, cheap to run, has a reliable history, cheap insurance and dependable as a daily driver for you, your wife, your mum, your dad or anyone else who just wants an A to B car.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

          Jamison, your accurate about everything you talk about..

          You should receive an award for unbiased opinion in CA..

        • RSI

          You really think that the Mazda 6 and Honda Accord Euro aren’t significantly better in terms of driveability than a Camry? I’ve driven late model versions of all three, and the two that I’ve mentioned definitely steer, handle and brake better. They are also no less ‘smooth’ and comfortable than a Camry.

          Yes of course they don’t drive as well as a Renault hot hatch or an M car or an AMG, but that’s not what they’re competing against.

          And for the record, I do own a couple of performance oriented cars (Focus XR5 as a daily driver and an RX-7 as a weekend car), but I still read Camry articles because I care about the car industry as a whole.

    • Jamison

      save it for the track..

      dude, Toyota has the V6 alternative in the Aurion.

      The point of the Camry, is to have economy of a 4 banger with the size of a 6 cylinder sedan.

      And seriously, you should know performance figures are out of context and misunderstood…. people with the know how would know if a car is “ballsy” by looking at what RPM the max power and torque is achieved.

      Its not hard to get 150-160kW from a 4 banger, but if its achieved at 9000rpm, then its no point. You’d need to track the car to even justify reving that high…. and fuel efficiency drops.

      What Toyota really do need, and I think they KNOW too, just that they dont want to spend the extra money when they dont need to are…
      – new 7 speed gear box, new as in designed specifically for today’s needs.

      – mid-range performance suspensions, instead of the entry base cheapos they have.

      Get these 2 in the Camry, and the handling and responsiveness will improve dramatically.

      The thing is, 2 reasons why they wont (yet).
      – Camry best selling sedan in their biggest market, US, why change so much? when the time comes that Toyota lags behind in sales, thats when Toyota will spend the extra money to produce a Camry that TOPS the specs of all other competitors.

      – Durability…. basic engineering principle, push the engine to close to its 100% capacity and its life is shortenned dramatically. Making the Camry “sporty” will hurt its durability…. in reality, OEMs design sports models accordingly, with “tougher” drive trains, engines, suspensions etc…. ALL comes with premium pricing of course…. Camry is suppose to be as affordable as it can get.

  • rentakeyboard

    Rear end reminds me of Epica, which in turn reminds me of a ten year old Camry.

  • Starky

    Not everyone wants to drive a sportscar – some people do not even enjoy driving. Although I love cars, my son just sees them as a means from A to B. – This is where the camry excells. No fuss, basic, reliable, economic motoring. Bought my son a 1996 Camry with 150k on the clock. Although the body is a bit rough, this thing cannot be killed and goes like new. Horses to courses

  • RSI

    Wow, a fridge with lights on the outside.

    • Adam

      wow, a completely unoriginal comment.

      • RSI

        Agreed. I’ve started to think like a Camry designer myself. FML.

  • c3vzn

    Is it me or do the headlights look very different to the ones in the akio toyoda teaser?

  • Flying High

    It is scary to think that someone out there could get excited in any way, shape or form by a ‘teaset’ shot of a Camry.

  • martin

    Toyota, you’re such a tease…please, please show me the WHOLE car…so exciting….can’t take it anymore…please please don’t torment us anymore you teaser you…show us the camry now…
    NOT !!!

    • QAZ

      can you comment be even more lame?

      • Golfschwein

        Oi think he was using umour, Kimmie. Umour.

  • Martin V.

    What is the point of teasing a Camry…? It’s not as though it’s a special car like a new Ferrari or Lamborghini or something.

    It’s just another sedan that we will all see thousands of driving around and not pay any attention to.

  • Gsh


  • Gsh

    Yawn – same old boring camry, same old comments about how boring a camry is (including this comment), same old comments from the cardigan brigade upset that there are the same old comments about how boring the camry is

    Camry = yawn

  • Sandy

    This is the automotive equivalent of doing a striptease of my microwave oven. Oooh how very exciting.

  • Shak

    Anyone else think this looks way too much like the Accord Euro up front???

    • anthony

      The lights are very Accord Euro/Acura TSX.

  • money from junk

    I’m gunna mention another boring word, Corolla, now stay awake, saw a new white model fly past me today with NAN as the first part of the Reg, then a white camry went past displaying personalised plates driven by a proud elderly chap, hence the demographic is clear and supports many of the comments of the above posters, these cars are designed for the lowest common denominator and to never offend the current ownership base, they might be bland, but most people out there are as well, present company excepted of course, these cars serve a need and the latest design is very crucial to Toyotas continued growth and success.

  • GIG

    Better car, Uglier looking, always…

    • mick

      yea its never been a looker the camry but it can take a hell of a lot of abuse. i personally think toyota need too make a all-wheel drive and/or rear wheel drive versions on camry and aurion. give them a V8 option as well if toyota want too make there cars less “white goods on wheels” give the cars a “quick and powerful” white goods on wheels image