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  • o

    Great car but I bet the facelift will look even better. Also way to expensive for the titanium when mazda has standard sat nav at 25k.

    Also CA would ford not let you take real world pics of the interior? Shame we dont get all the nice colours eurrope gets inside.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Hi O, unfortunately we had little time and no good lighting for interior photos. When we get the Focus for a week long review, be certain I will get you more decent interior photos.

    • Andronicus

      Hey o, I have a 2010 Mazda 3 SP25 with built in satnav….it is the WORST satnav I have ever used. Utterly useless, totally inacurate and frankly a waste of space, time and money.

      I took the issue up with Mazda who responded with a generic thanks for the feedback response but when I took my car back to the dealer to get serviced I spoke to the original salesman who sold me the car and he admitted that the biggest complaint he gets is regarding the satnav. I love everything else about the car but the satnav is incredibly poor.

      Was so bad I ended up buying an external one and use that instead when I need it.

      Also, I drove the Focus when I was in the Netherlands. Very nice, little jealous I didnt wait and get one.

      • Shane

        Mazda must have fixed it in the 2011 models. My wifes PS25’s satnav is spot on. My wife is hopeless with directions and she loves it!

  • Ox

    Shame, the ugly oversized front air intakes absolutely ruin the look of the car

    • Pez

      It looks much better on the road!

      • Ford!

        It sure does saw a couple the other day at Ford, really good looking car in real life.

    • haha

      have to agree with ox. there’s no cohesion no matter which angle i look from

  • Jazrod

    I was fortunate enough to get to drive a black Titanium sedan at my Dad’s work yesterday (plug; MacarthurFord, Campbelltown) – it was a PWRshift TDCi.

    Beautiful car to drive and it had a lot of grunt, but my sister has the LVmk2 Zetec and the steering/suspension in that car is far more involving . . .

    Only other criticism is the price. The car I drove had no options and was just under $40k on the road.

    For those who think the sedan is ugly in photos, pause judgement until you see one in person – it truly is a well proportioned, good-looking car – especially in black.

    BTW, we tried the “Active Park Assist” three times in different spaces and it worked absolutely perfectly each and everytime, leaving a gap of about 60mm between the rims and the gutter (concerned me the first time).

    • F1MotoGP

      I think price is OK. Focus sedan TDI would compete with Jetta 125TDI. Ford is $8490 cheaper but 5kW and 10Nm less than Jetta. Ford is 20mm shorter but 42mm wider. Overal fuel economy Ford is 0.4 better, city driving 0.6 better.

      • anthony

        All new Jetta will be out next month,BEWARE Ford.

    • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

      I haven’t had a look at the options list, but with all the goodies already on the Titanium I wouldn’t think there would be many things it is lacking.

  • Ima Hogg

    I think this looks very good. Better than the cruze. Hopefully it sells well.

    • o

      Why ford didn’t bring the ecoboost to fight the cruze turbo is something we will never know. If I was buying one I would wait a year,It will be cheaper from thailand (only tradeoff will be lower quality interior) and I can get a ecoboost titanium with Myford touch.

      • sumyungguy

        exactly, Ford should sell the 1.6 Ecoboost asap.
        I don’t think the Thai Focus will be sold any cheaper.

    • Golfschwein

      I agree, it’s light years ahead of Cruze.

    • Goodfa

      It does seem to be better than the Cruze but like for like it is fair bit more expensive therefore Cruze will come accross as better value and will unfortunately outsell the Focus easily.

    • ScottT

      Old Focus was better than the Cruze!!!!!!!

      • Rob

        Old Cortina was better than the Cruze!!!!!

  • MattP

    Saw some of these on a car carrier on the M2 yesterday, very handsome vehicle in both hatch and sedan. Can’t wait to see them on the road.

  • chippies!

    Shame that the indicator stalk is on the wrong side again, even Holden changed it on the Viva back in 2005!

    And I know, like backlit steering wheel controls, you would get used to it, it’s not the optimal position for safety (especially in a manual car)

    • Joker

      Left Hand side Indicator Stock is fine and I adjusted very quickly coming from a car that had it on the RHS.
      As for Backlit Steering wheel controls, they’re brilliant.
      I have them in my Mondeo and They make such a difference to night driving when you want the right button at a glance.. especially with the plethora of features available in the Fords. This car put the Cruze to shame. The design is far enough ahead to be coming into it’s own as apposed to the Cruze which look dated before hit hit the showroom floor.

    • Joker

      Left Hand side Indicator Stock is fine and I adjusted very quickly coming from a car that had it on the RHS.
      As for Backlit Steering wheel controls, they’re brilliant.
      I have them in my Mondeo and They make such a difference to night driving when you want the right button at a glance.. especially with the plethora of features available in the Fords. This car puts the Cruze to shame. The design is far enough ahead to be coming into it’s own as opposed to the Cruze which look dated before hit hit the showroom floor.

      • chippies!

        I agree backlit controls are fantastic. I was referencing them because Falcon/Territory lack them, and when I raised that point previously people said how quickly they adjust without.

        I think you’re right about this car, it has alot of features and looks good, and I’d expect it to be very well engineered. I am just not a fan of left hand indicator stalks nor the +/- button on the gear lever. Otherwise, to be very honest, there is little else preventing me from considering this car.

        • Joker

          Yea, Falcon/Terri also lack lit power window controls too. Noticed my Focus XR5 had them (from recollection, the Zetec too)
          If I was in the Market for a Car right now, this would be it. Titanium Diesel.. winning :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

          You like backlit buttons that much? When I first drove my brother’s Golf at night the first thing I tried to do was dim the backlight, rather annoying.

          If the buttons are well designed you should be able to use them by feel and not need to look down at them

          • Joker

            I do see your point Matt, for Me though- having cruise control, navigation menus for the Human Machine Interface as well as Music Navigation/Audio, it suits me fine. Out of my line of site, it doesn’t bother me at all and it’s a gentle Red.

          • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

            Add an option to tweak the backlight brightness, like we can with the dash, and everyone is happy :)

  • m2m

    Beautiful car! Let’s hope the production shift to Thailand doesn’t compromise interior quality etc. Feels like a much more expensive car, but I think the 1.6 Ambiente should be even cheaper than it is. I also noticed there’s no centre armrest in the two base models, which sounds insignificant but could be a deal stopper for anyone who enjoys a good long cruise. Titaniums the pick!

  • Phil

    Whilst ford was busy with pointless items like radar cruise control and automated reverse parking, they forgot to bring to Australia:

    – Wagon (avaliable in i30 which kills focus for sales)
    – Entry level diesel (avaliable in i30 for almost $10,000 less)
    – Manual diesel (avaliable in i30 which kills focus for sales)
    – 6 speed manual petrol (avaliable in Tiida, Corolla, 3 etc)

    • aball

      Also disappointing that sat-nav is nowhere to be seen, even as an option

      • Devil’s Advocate

        That is ok. Save yourself a couple of thousand $$$$ for use with buying fuel etc and get a Tom Tom/Navman/Garmin for a superior navigation experience…. 😉

        • http://mickdim@internode.on.net mick

          that,s right!

    • qikturbo

      Where is the i30’s powershift/dsg transmission or the superb ride and handling of the Focus?
      Where is the i30’s 184 kw and 360nm motor along
      with sports handling?
      Indeed,where is the i30’s radar cruise control AND optional automated parking?
      Doesn’t the i30 also lack voice control commands?
      Gosh I’ve only sratched the surface of what is lacking in the i30!
      The interior of the Focus is where I would want to be.
      If I was in the market to buy a Focus,I would want buy a Focus,not some cheap overrated i30 clone!

      • tonyjzx

        New i30 is imminent and while i doubt it has radar cruise and auto parking, none of the competition has it to and for most people, they will not be enough to push them into a $24k car that has a 1.6 litre with only 92kW!

    • Joe

      Phil, are you serious? I suppose if you are buying on price, things like radar cruise control, DGS gearbox, Active Park Assist, European build quality and driveability etc. may seem a little superfluous.
      I have driven many I30’s, Corolla’s and even a few Tiida’s and can tell you that these cars are not in the same league as the LW Focus, Golf, Mazda 3 etc., but they are very low cost.
      As far as the I30 diesel goes, the Fiesta LX TDCI offers just a fraction less room but a far superior drive and features for thousands of dollars less so why would Ford bother with and entry level TDCI Focus.
      BTW the Fiesta TDCI is a 1.6 litre just like the I30 whereas the Focus is a 2.0 litre.

      • Phil

        Joe, you are correct on the handling/driving experience. However most Australians can’t tell the difference, but some do want a diesel for less than $30K, some do want a wagon, some do want a 6 speed – these will affect sales. Why do you think the Focus achieves such low sales figures in Australia?

        Fiesta offers far less room than just a fraction less than Focus.
        Also the Fiesta LX Diesel is RRP $21,490 which is not “thousands” less than the i30 Diesel. The Fiesta also uses more fuel than the i30 diesel despite being smaller and less powerful.

    • Matt

      Comparing these pieces of junk with A Focus ,different build quality and finish.

      You have got to be kidding yourself i30.

  • laurie

    hmm it has the ability to take some sales away from the Mondeo it has the very same engine and gear box plus a few extras well done Ford

  • http://www.autoworld.com.my Kon

    Interesting to note that Ford isn’t launching the Focus petrol range with the 1.6 and 2.0-litre EcoBoost engines already.

    • scottjames_12

      We can only hope they introduce it next year when Thai production commences. From what I’ve read the 1.6 Ecoboost has a great torque spread and is very efficient. Would be a great option to have on all models.

      The 2.0L Ecoboost should show its face next year as the ST, can’t wait to see what that is like!

  • quiet1

    features are pretty impressive –

    CA, in your opinion is the top of the range model (titanium and sport) better than a mazda 3 sp25?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      queit1, hard to say really. Both are great cars but I’d pick the Ford on looks and technology – plus the diesel automatic is a huge advantage.

      • andronicus

        quiet1 – I have an 2010 SP25 and have driven the new Focus overseas and I’d have to say I enjoyed the drive in the Focus more.

        It really is a very nice car…..anyone wanna buy an SP25? Just kidding, I’m going to trade it for an Evoque when they launch. 😉

        • quiet1

          hi andronicus
          i have an sp25 as well hence wanted to know which is better…

          thnx to u and alborz to give your opinions..
          once sat nav is available in focus it will be a very hard car to beat in sales in this segment !!!!

  • t39

    Base model: “no vehicle even gets close” to base model, correct, as no-one else offers just 5sp manual with 1.6l, others offer more than that.

    Higher models: advanced but priced almost the same as the class above.

    • James Cortez

      Waaay overpriced you greedy Ford. Hope your sale is down. With teh strength of the aussie dollar, the price should be 15 – 20 % cheaper across the range. RIP new focus

  • Adam

    No EcoBoost… no sale.

    The prices are 2-3k too high for all models, a good car no doubt but Ford have let the public down once again.

    • Pez

      Do you want the Focus to be made in China or India with beam axle rear suspension, rear drum brakes and cheap plastic interior, you get what you pay for. I think the Chery is for you!

      • Phil

        Pez, the Mazda 3 shares the C1 platform with Focus and has similar quality interior and brakes, but is cheaper than this new Focus.

        The entry focus for 21,990 with its 92KW motor and 5 spd manual is still more expensive than the $21,330 entry level Mazda 3 which offers a 2.0 108KW motor and 6 spd manual.
        To get the 2.0 in the Focus, bumps the price to $24,490 which makes it $2-3K more than the 2.0 Mazda 3 and you still only get a 5 speed manual.

        • Pez

          The Focus is a European designed and built car, it competes with Renault,Skoda,VW,Citroen,Fiat,etc. Not all people want to buy a car’s from whale killer’s.

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            yep,that worked for holden with astra,pez….not…jap quality=european quality minus $$$ in the price and repair bills

          • Randompost

            whale meat.
            Sorry – couldn’t resist!

        • scottjames_12

          A couple of things:

          This new focus is based on the new Ford global C-segment platform. The Mazda3 is based on the old C1 platform, like the last generation Focus. This new focus does NOT share a platform with the Mazda3.

          Secondly, I think you need to consider the type of buyer that would be looking at the base model. Are they going to care that the 3 has slightly more power and an extra gear? Or will they care more about how it looks, what the interior is like, and how much money they can save on fuel?

          Step up to the non base models, and the Focus compares very favourably. The Focus Sport 2L petrol Powershift has 17kw and 20nm more than the Maxx Sport, and costs $2000 less! (based on the prices above and from Mazda’s website)

          • scottjames_12

            In fact, the new Focus Sport seems to be better equipped than the Maxx Sport in pretty much every area, as far as I can see… I find this quite impressive! No doubt Mazda will slash their price and undercut to stay competitive…

          • Phil

            From what I can see scottjames, there are very few changes in the C and C1 platforms. Also people are saying the new Focus isn’t as sharp as the old in the handling department anyway.

            Of course people looking at the base model will be considering power and gears. Also people looking at the mid spec Focus will realise they can save thousands by just going for the base Mazda 3 instead.
            Who will save on fuel? The Focus does have a better economy, however it requires premium fuel, the 3 does not.

            The sport models do look better value compared to competition, but most sales come from the lower end and Ford will fail due to their uncompetitive offerings in that area.

          • scottjames_12

            Where did you get your information Phil? From what I can see on the new focus brochure from the Ford website, all the new Focus petrol engines will run on 91-98 RON petrol, with power figures measured using 95 RON. So premium is not required.

          • Phil

            Redbook lists it as requiring 95. Pretty poor for Ford to advertise power figures using premium if it’s capable of running on 91.
            What are the power figures when you run it on 91 like 99% of buyers will no doubt be using?

      • Adam

        You’re a simpleton.

  • Golfschwein

    It looks very, very good! How is headroom in the rear for taller folk?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      No less than a current Gen Golf.

  • FrugalOne

    Agree with the others, wayyyyy over the odds with the price, too expensive, stand-by for the special offers from FOMOCO to support it.

    Buy a Lancer, better built and better backed

    • zandit

      Like hell, will never go back to a lancer. I had the dash out 4 times to get rid of some rattle that never left. Dor panels coming loose, and a ride that was too harse(VRX). Hated it after a few months and couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

  • Golfschwein

    It’s going on the list, then.

    • Andrew M

      Does that mean we may see a screen name change to Focuschwein??

      • Golfschwein

        Ha Ha! It’s even more complicated in the short term, Andrew M. Within weeks, I’ll be taking on my old dears’ BA Falcon Classic with 32,000 kms on the clock. I can own it outright after selling the Golf, and owning a car outright is just where I want to be for 6, 12 or maybe 18 months.

        Any aspirations regarding new Focus (mustard yellow Sport tdci, thanks), Golf GTD/GTI, Passat, 408 or SS in Poison Ivy (a deliberately incomplete and disparate selection) must be realised after that. I’m gearing myself up for the fuel bills, awkward door openings, invisible-at-night steering wheel controls and a bunch of other things, but it’s going to be a good, boofy car at the heart of it, and one that’s still at the beginning of its service life.

        Just put it in Drive and go! :)

        • Andrew M

          ha ha ha,
          I dont know whats going to be funnier….
          Calling you Falconschwein, or knowing there is a BA out there with 32,000k’s on it.

          Dont worry, what the Falcon costs you extra in fuel would still be a lesser expense than the loan interest on the golf (presumably).

          Also, with the no back lit wheel controls, you will actually realise how little you actually look at them.
          The Falcons are a real basic layout, after a week you wont notice. On the other hand you can get used to better headlights.

          I thought with you being a numbers man you might have already had clear title on the Golf….

  • Joe

    I too have driven the Focus Titanium TDCI(yes I work for a Multi Franchise Dealer and Ford is one of our core brands)and am very impressed. Sure it’s not in the same price league as the Korean cars (including Holden Cruze) but it is price competitive with the class leaders, the Mazda 3, the Corolla and the VW Golf and it is the only one of these 3 that is actually German!
    The interior is really well presented and feels very up-market and while there are heaps of buttons and feature etc. the younger people will have no problem at all getting used to it, but I do feel for the oldies who might find it a little over-whelming.
    As far as the driving goes, this car is just sensational. I agree with the comments about the TDCI motor and the Powershift transmission is super smooth and the gearchanges are unbelievably quick. I averaged 5.5 l/100 km over a 140km trip driving through a mixture of peak hour and motorway traffic which I think is fantastic.
    All up I love this car and I am sure that if it had German badges the price would seem like a bargain.
    BTW, my daughter who is a learner is still raving about the Active Park feature.

    • Nelly Potato

      it is always interesting to me that people who work for car dealers no so little about cars. How is the Focus the only car that is German. The focus may be assembled in Germany for now but its design roots are in the US. Th Golf on the other hand is designed and built in Germany.

      • scottjames_12

        I think you’ll find only the newest Golf GTI’s are built in Germany, and the rest of the range (and older GTI’s) are built in South Africa.

        And this new Focus is by no means an American design – Ford engineers from all over the world worked on it. Hence it being the first ‘Global’ Ford. Do you really think Ford would be dumb enough to replace the Euro focus with all-American trash?

        • Golfschwein

          No, all of our Golfs now come from Germany. Our MkV Golfs, mine included, are from South Africa.

          • scottjames_12

            I stand corrected :)

            So, which is worse, South African built or Thai built?

      • hairdog

        Ford dealers do not say it is the only car that is made in Germany. they make a big deal that it is made in Germany….which makes me wonder how will they feel in 12 months time when the car is from Thailand!!!!

  • Mr Gaspo

    This is more like it Ford… A great car that deserves to succeed. My only issues are no ecoboost engine, questionable value(might as well buy a Golf) and no grand cmax variant. The grand cmax as a diesel would be a great family car with 7 seats, good looks, affordable and economical. Given the poor Choices in the 7 seat segment this variant would single handily revitalize the segment… Dodgy Ford product planning at work thinking compact 7 seaters don’t sell when in fact they will in the current market with the right product?

    In anycase I applaud Ford for this car!

  • MrQuick

    That is atrocious, a 92kw 1.6l base model for 22k at the very minimum. Most people will purchase the auto, which pushes the price up to 24k.

    Now that is an absolute joke in comparison to a Mazda3. Hell you could get a 100kw Corolla for cheaper 5 years ago.

    The diesel engined vahicle sounds great and is priced well, but the base model is what usually sells the most. Real shame Ford, where is the ecoboost?

    • Anf

      Totally agree, you’ve also got the Kia Cerato and Holden cruze both of which have better performance ratings and are about the same price…oh ye and look better, especially the kia

  • Meanstreak

    $21,990 for the Base plus on roads?

    That’s pretty good. Sure the Mazda 3 has a bigger engine, 17% more power, 14% more torque and one extra cog, but the Focus uses 22% less fuel over all and emits 23% less carbon. It also has 16 inch rims instead of 15’s, active torque transfer, Bluetooth standard, Hill hold, independent front and rear suspension and voice recognition. So over 20,000k’s a year it will save you $500 a year in petrol over the Mazda and emit 860 kilograms less Carbon into the air on a yearly basis.

    Both are still good cars so if you want performance you buy the Mazda, if you love the environment and want to save on Petrol you buy the Focus.

    Oh and isn’t Focus servicing 12 months or 15,000, As opposed to 6 months/ 10,000?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      23% less carbon or 23% carbon dioxide? They are two completely different things despite what our government appears to be implying at the moment…

  • James Cortez

    I have read at least 3 comments who say the focus is too expensive. Down you Greedy Ford! You are supposed to produce and sell “affordable” public cars.

  • Meanstreak

    So your an economics expert now James?

    • James Corez

      you bet meanstreak. Look at euro vs Aust dolar exchange rate trend and you know what I mean. If o still don’t then go and take a macro economic course.

  • save it for the track

    I find it interesting that the 2.0l petrol has been characterised as ‘struggling’ (125kW and 202Nm), with better than 100Nm per litre naturally aspirated pulling 1396kg, yet a recent review praised the performance of a 1.8l Elantra (lighter yes), which on power to weight ratio comes out below the Focus, and with slightly less than 100Nm per litre. Interesting…..
    I feel that in general the new Focus is overpriced. Focus for years has been a well balanced handler ,and very underrated in Australia, and poorly marketed by Ford. What i see now though is that the new Focus is trying to go slightly up market and the pricing is reflecting that. With past efforts and technology of the Focus being generally on par with other vehicles in the segment (with Focus generally being amongst the best handler, certainly well ahead of market leader corolla), this sudden leap in features (5 speed manual notwithstanding, buy I would think livable), should have come without a significant price increase. If the prices acould have been kept at a more reasonable level, Ford may have struggled to keep up with demand. But with Falcon xr6 available at 36,990 drive away, xr5 turbo at 35,990, and even 2010 plate xr5 turbo at 33,990, it would be hard to swallow a 40k drive away diesel Focus, and that’s even without the $2300 option added…
    Seems like a good device, but not well thought out with specs and pricing for the Aus market.

    • mailman

      +1 +1 +1
      The Titanium Diesel Auto should be $33000 driveaway.
      The same price Ford said it would be with it’s Win a Focus Titanium diesel competition. I can’t believe they lied about it. Everyone agreed that would have been good value but Ford is just getting greedy.

    • Phil

      None of CA’s journalists work for Ford as a Media Advisor……
      CA journalists that work for Hyundai as a media adviser on the other hand….

  • Meanstreak


    • hairdog

      When the Focus is built in Thailand, there is mention that quality may drop a bit, mainly for the interior. Is this in relation to the quality of the materials, or the actual workmanship?

      It is unfortunate there is no 6 speed manual for the TDCi.

      I must say the new Foucs does not feel liek a Ford for interior quality or build. People need to get their head around the tag FORD and base the car on what they see.

      I had a hire car for two weeks, and it was a Corolla. I personally feel my current LT TDCi is a better car, and a more solid car. The Toyota is very bland indeed, so the new Focus, if Ford market the car well, and they can keep up with the demand, it should sell well,a nd be in the top 2 for it’s segment.

  • Meanstreak

    I don’t know about that, given the driveaway price without the option pack which is 40k, you get graphical park assist, auto parking feature auto on lights, heated seat, proximity key, partial leather interior, rain sensing wipers, full sized spare, LED tail lights, push button start and 18 inch alloys. It’s not a bad package.

    Given the Mazda Diesel is $32,800 driveaway for the manual, if you could add an Auto Mazda charge 2,100 for the five speed, brings it to $34,900, then bigger alloys would add 1,000, ( $35,990), partial leather ( $1,000), hill hold ( $500), Front and rear parking sensors( $900/Mazda) , already up to 38,300 and I’ve not mentioned the auto parking, the graphical park assist, the LED tail lights, the Voice recognition or the push button start and proximity key which together would be more than the Mazdas integrated Sat Nav.

    So both cars would be on par price wise, it just depends on what the customer wants and given many people drive Auto, that currently leaves Mazda at a slight disadvantage.

  • Jake Williams

    Mazda3 please.

  • hairdog

    Take 2

    When the Focus is built in Thailand, there is mention that quality may drop a bit, mainly for the interior. Is this in relation to the quality of the materials, or the actual workmanship?

    It is unfortunate there is no 6 speed manual for the TDCi.

    I must say the new Foucs does not feel liek a Ford for interior quality or build. People need to get their head around the tag FORD and base the car on what they see.

    I had a hire car for two weeks, and it was a Corolla. I personally feel my current LT TDCi is a better car, and a more solid car. The Toyota is very bland indeed, so the new Focus, if Ford market the car well, and they can keep up with the demand, it should sell well,a nd be in the top 2 for it’s segment.

    • Golfschwein

      Hi Hairdog, when Fiesta switched to Thai production, some of the interior plastics went from soft touch to hard, according to what I’ve seen written, although they looked the same.

      • o

        Euopean fiesta is much nicer inside the thai fiesta has hard plastics everywhere

        • tw

          I have a Thai fiesta and it has soft plastics same as the euro built ones.

  • Meanstreak

    Mazda 2 is built in Thailand, that hasn’t affected Mazda sales. They topped their class for sales.

    • hairdog

      If Mazda put their badge on a Great Wall small car, it will still sell well. Same as for the Cruze, a Daewoo in discuise.

      Us Australians are badge loyal. Hyundai are way better than 5 years ago, yet many will still choose a mazda or Toytota for example, even if the Hyundai is a better car.

      • Andrew M

        which Hyundai is better than a mazda??

        • MattP

          If you want a peoplemover with the most space, comfort and economy (meaning turbodiesel) then a Hyundai iMax is better than any Mazda offerings.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            You would hope so MattP considering Mazda doesn’t sell a people mover in Australia anymore.
            That is a bit like saying “if you want a rear wheel drive, 2 seater convertible then a Mazda MX5 is better than any Hyundai offering”…

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Meanstreak, the Mazda2 for our market is no longer built in Thailand and are now back to Japanese production for our market. This has been so since early this year. ie. when the took the Mazda2 sedan off the market.

    • Ima Hogg

      Mazda2 is built in Japan now

  • Cally

    Interesting. How would you say the top of the range titanium petrol automatic compares to the premium version of the hyundai petrol automatic? CA, your opinion would also be appreciated :)

  • myford touch

    “Ford will also introduce the MyFord in-car voice recognition system into the Focus next year, which is capable of understanding up to 10,000 free speech voice commands.”

    Does this mean we are going to get he full Myford Touch with the 8inch touch screen like in the US and some parts of Europe?

  • cocnut

    is road and tyre noise still a problem as the current model focus.. can someone answer this question.. thanks

  • hairdog


    I would say the it be a close call as the Hyundai is a good car.

    Cocnut, not sure, but i just take my hearing aid out when I drive my current Focus, that seems to reduce the road and tyre noise.

    I am under the impression that the new Focus has improved on the road and tyre noise issue.

  • anthony

    The Titanium is very expensive,VW Jetta and Honda Accord Euro prices for a humble Ford,I dont think it will sell well locally…

    • Joker

      And technology in the Focus that’s not available in the Jetta, or Euro…They’re not Humble Ford’s any more. They’ve been taking names & numbers for the last couple of years. Fiesta, Mondeo both have fit and finish & go bits that put them as close to, if not class leading.

      • Nugz

        Joker, stop batting on about the technology. PROVE WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS SO SPECIAL IN THE FOCUS.

        …and no the DSG doesnt count because other marques at this price point have been doing it for years.

        …and if you dare crap on about the park assist or active cruise rubbish then you’re a bigger tool than I though.

        • Joker

          Woah, easy there! I don’t know too many cars that come with the features the Focus has at the Price it goes for..
          Active Torque Vectoring is a neat bit of kit. Voice activation (for A/C, Radio, Phone etc), check I use it all the time in my Mondeo. Active Cruise is not Rubbish. I’ve been in a Mondeo that has it and its fantastic. Name cars in this price range that come with it?
          How about Blind Spot Warning Systems/Lane Departure Warning in the Mondeo?
          It’s not necessarily the Tech thats amazing.. what IS amazing is the fact that Ford are cramming it into affordable cars. Do you see Holden with any of this? No…and if you want it from Toyota, you need to buy a Prius (and thats active cruise/auto park only). Mercedes, BMW and Volvo are the few that offer this kind of tech and how much do you have to pay for that?? Not what Ford
          P.S..the World “Tool” is objective.

    • Jake Williams

      At least this Focus has something you can’t find in a Jetta – flair. And it probably has more room than a Jetta (though that’s not hard)!

      • anthony

        Not sure if you have ever been in a Jetta ?

        Cabin is very roomy,and boot is Massive.

  • Tommy

    You guys must have very bad taste in cars! This looks like a rabbit with oversized buck teeth. If I ever own one I will definitely buy the plates “BUCKY” for it

  • adelaide_john

    I would personally like to see the rear tail lights wrap around at least to the edge of the rear door !!!!!!

  • Shak

    As most commenters are saying this car has a lot going for it, but the high end variants may have shot themselves in the foot before they even get off the boat. That much money for what at the end of the day is a small hatch/sedan is still alot regardless of how much kit is crammed in. Peoples minds work in mysterious ways, but when you say “small car for 40k driveaway”, it triggers the “are you serious” face.

    Other than that and the stupid powershift arrangement on the gearstick, the car seems to be at the head of its class or very near the top.

    • Andrew M

      Shak, there were 2 small cars in the top 10 last month that can also be had with a 40K variant.

      If its not a cheap korean of chinese thing, chances are its more expensive than you think

  • R15

    For all those ppl who compare this new focus with current mazda 3, please, give the 3 a break. If you really wish to compare, please compare the Titanium model with the coming new mazda 3 sp20 which has SKY-G petrol engine that teamed with six-speed SKY-Drive automatic transmission. I’ve been told that the new sp20 will hit show room by mid september and the price might only seen 2k increase from current sp25, or, maybe even the same.

  • Planned_Obsolescence

    Seems to me because its a Focus, which may have had a lower price on previous models, the same logic must apply to a new model.

    If a manufacturer wants to take a model more up market, why cant they. VW certainly has done that & the majority of buyers accept the price.

    Put it this way, the cars this was designed to compete against in my opinion being the Golf, Megane, Citroen’s & Pugs, do not have models that are 21K drive away. Further once you go to the upsec models with options the price certainly climbs accordingly.

    So maybe the mindset of buyers need to change, so far from as one person put it “a humble ford”, the Focus has always been a very good seller in Europe & will continue to be one, what then happens here remains to be seen

    Maybe Ford are hoping people will be prepared to pay more for the technology, quality & good drive that you dont get to the same level in say a Cruze or Elantra

    Interesting though that in all the posts made so far te Corolla hasnt rated much of a mention, but yet it still sells well


    • Golfschwein

      That’s how I see it, too. If you want cheaper, get something else, cos this ain’t it!

    • bangel

      PLANNED O, absolutely spot on , job for you at ford marketing .

  • Planned_Obsolescence

    Seems to me because its a Focus, which may have had a lower price on previous models, the same logic must apply to a new model.

    If a manufacturer wants to take a model more up market, why cant they. VW certainly has done that & the majority of buyers accept the price.

    Put it this way, the cars this was designed to compete against in my opinion being the Golf, Megane, Citroen’s & Pugs, do not have models that are 21K drive away. Further once you go to the upsec models with options the price certainly climbs accordingly.

    So maybe the mindset of buyers need to change, so far from as one person put it “a humble ford”, the Focus has always been a very good seller in Europe & will continue to be one, what then happens here remains to be seen

    Maybe Ford are hoping people will be prepared to pay more for the technology, quality & good drive that you dont get to the same level in say a Cruze or Elantra

    Interesting though that in all the posts made so far the Corolla hasnt rated much of a mention, but yet it still sells well


  • Planned_Obsolescence

    Double post my apologies

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

    I think this would probably go on my to look at list for a new car. Although the price seems a little high.
    I like the look of it and it sounds like a great diesel engine.
    I would probably wait to see the new Mazda 3’s though before making any decision.
    However, the thing with having an inbuilt sat-nav is that these days this also means that you have a great touchscreen interface to control all those gadgets.
    It’s not the sat-nav functionality that is reall of interest but more the ability to have that touch screen and to make the centre stak less cluttered.

  • Braedz

    Pity Ford didn’t invest in building this in Australia. I am pretty keen on the Focus ST when it comes to Australia.

    • Andrew M

      Holden is already asking for more to prop up the Cruze program.
      You cant make a small car, and sell it for 20K in OZ, big cars is where the margin is

  • Don Redham

    Ugly, overpriced and underpowered. Mazda will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Joker

      Fail. Mazda have nowhere near the amount of tech in their cars and their Drive Trains are not SKY equipped yet.
      Have you seen it in the flesh? Or just going off photos?
      Otherwise your comments are verging on Trollish. Three engines, 1.6, 2.0GDI and 2.0TDCI.. underpowered?? Really?

      • Tommy

        These high tech equipment will only escalate maintenance costs and anger in the user due to stupid failures and ridiculous maintainance costs.

        • Joker

          Why? You have a Three year warranty and an option to extend it a further three years through ford after…Ford also have fixed service pricing. Try again.

        • Kampfer

          Try tell that to the BMW/Benz/Audi owners Tommy…

      • Don Redham

        Get your hand of it tosspot. What, a car that parks itself is suddenly full of new tech huh? And a dual clutch box – big deal, small car buyers dont care. And paleease spare me the power bragging as ALL turbo diesels make good numbers. Fact is most buyers want a petrol, of which the Focus has 2 pretty ordinary variants and that are totally outclassed by Mazda.

        • Joker

          lol…Where did I say NEW tech huh? someone got there feathers a bit ruffled! No need for cussing.
          I’m talking about the Tech they are putting in the car at the PRICE it’s at. Not much comes close. Only VW.
          The 2.0L GDI Out powers the 3’s Equiv Engine which is no surprise given it’s newer. SKY Tech will change that when it’s finally here in the Mazda’s.

          • mailman

            Oh dear – that guess was a blunder. The new sky petrol engine for the Mazda 3 only has a 5KW increase.
            Joker with pie on his face.

        • scottjames_12

          Care to elaborate on how Mazda’s petrol engines are better? Or are you just going to expect us to take your word for it? From what I can see, it’s quite the opposite of what you claim?

          • Devil’s Advocate

            The Mazda engines can’t be too bad scottjames_12 if the table in the article about the engines is true. That is because the 1.6L Duratec is a Mazda designed engine. In fact, basically all of the port injected 4cyl petrol engines in the Ford Europe catalogue were closely based off the Mazda MZR engine.

            Here is another thing, the Duratec GDI is a derivative of the port injection Duratec with a different head for the DI and VCT. That means that the 2L Focus GDI engine can still trace it’s roots to the current MZR 2L engine in the Mazda3.

            Of course it still has differences in components like materials used in the pistons/rods/crank, camshaft timing etc etc but at the end of the day the basic architecture of the engine is still Mazda designed. If Ford found the basic architecture suitable for this technology, then the original Mazda design must have been pretty good in the first place!

          • scottjames_12

            Ok, for a start, I never said Mazda’s engines were bad – as you say, Mazda and Ford share(d) quite a bit of technology. I was asking for clarification on Nugz’s comment:

            ‘Fact is most buyers want a petrol, of which the Focus has 2 pretty ordinary variants and that are totally outclassed by Mazda.’

            Which is obviously untrue, at least with Mazda’s current range of engines. Sky might be a different story, but we aren’t seeing those yet.

            As far as I can tell from my trusty Wikipedia source, the 1.6 is a Ford Sigma engine (coming under the name 1.6L Duratec TI-VCT), not a Mazda engine.

            But you are correct, the 2L GDI seems to be based on the Mazda L engine. But I never said it wasn’t, and it is besides the point. Mazda’s own current 2L offering is inferior in that it doesn’t offer direct injection, amongst other things I am sure I have missed.

            My question still stands for Nugz – explain to me how Ford’s petrols are totally outclassed by Mazda’s? I’m assuming he/she will come back with ‘the SP25 smokes the Focus in 0-100′ or some other drool. A larger engine does not a better engine make…

      • Terry Zarzoff

        Joker, what you need to understand my friend is the Focus is meant to be a small (read affordable) car. Ford is kidding itself if it thinks buyers will go for this. Yes it might be full of good kit blah blah blah, but to get a decent model (read 2 ltr) you need to be spending 27K at which point you’re only 5K short of an XR6. I know where Id be spending my folding stuff, and it aint on the Focus.

        • Joker

          I get you Terry but people are opting for small cars (and not necessarily Big Falcons (as much I like the Falcon).
          2.0L Zetec’s were 26K in 2006 and that’s from 30 brand new.
          You will spend 26K on a Mazda 3 2.0 as well.
          Not everyone needs a big car. Ford are aiming at the VW Market, not just Cruze. I think they may have done it too

      • Joker

        @Mailman… lol…I don’t care..I actually expected more from the Sky spec engines. I know the Diesel will be something special (135kw/420nm)- mind you, the 2.2TD unit from Kia still kicks butt… but hey- this is the internets. And what I’ve read could be wrong. Looks like the 2.0 GDI will remain dominant for the time being and Mazda may become a bit more competitive with its SkyActive engines. I’m not complaining, I’m gunning for Ford (you’d know that if you’d read my previous posts btw..

    • scotjames_12

      Ugly? Compared to the Mazda 3? *COUGH*

      Overpriced? No… see my comment above…

      Underpowered? The 2L GDI makes more power (less torque tho) than the SP25..

      Seems to me you fail on all points.

      • Nugz

        Seems to me YOU fail on the basic fundamentals of how engines make power. Torque is everything, peak power mean little. Go grab the September issue of Wheels and see how the SP25 smokes the new Focus both to 100 and over the quarter. Game Over fool.

        • Joker

          And what are you comparing? a 2.5L Petrol to a 2.0…where the 2.0 TDCI will beat the SP25 for Torque, almost KW and Shift Times in the Auto..almost a sure thing.
          Oh but you cant compare a 2.5L Petrol to a 2.0 TDCI? Seems that if you’re willing to compare a 2.5L to a 2.0, it’s no stretch to jump to Diesel.

        • scottjames_12

          Torque is everything? So, genius, if torque is everything, why don’t diesels smoke petrols for performance? Oh, that’s because power is torque x revs, and diesels can’t rev as hard. Performance comes from a whole slew of factors.

          Also, notice I didn’t claim the 2L GDI was FASTER than the SP25. I said it makes more peak power, which was the refute the claim of it being underpowered.

          Next time you decide tell someone they know shit, might want to check yourself first.

          • Nugz

            Wana fight h0m0?

          • scottjames_12


            *Insert comment about Mazda fanbois here*

            Nah I won’t stoop that low!

    • Nugz

      Dude you are on the pipe, where did I say the Focus engines were totally outclssed by Mazda? Think you need to come out from behind your PC fella and smell the roses!

      • scottjames_12

        My bad, I got you and Don Redham confused…

    • Joker

      @Mailman… lol…I don’t care..I actually expected more from the Sky spec engines. I know the Diesel will be something special (135kw/420nm)- mind you, the 2.2TD unit from Kia still kicks butt… but hey- this is the internets. And what I’ve read could be wrong. Looks like the 2.0 GDI will remain dominant for the time being and Mazda may become a bit more competitive with its SkyActive engines. I’m not complaining, I’m gunning for Ford (you’d know that if you’d read my previous posts btw..)

  • F1

    36k for the top of the line? Are they serious??

    Cruze will eat this alive interms of sales.. (expect this vehicle to be ultra niche)

    Also the interior reminds me of Ford, although it is a ford and this one has many buttons, but the quality and ergonomics of the interior seems overall very poor..

    And not to bash this car, but there is nothing about it which makes it better then the competition, it has features like auto park, Prius had that in 2004, Lexus has had that since 07..

    In fact the Prius can steer it self as well..

    But anyways, good luck Ford

  • Up7

    Imagine the depreciation rate on this, and reliability in that case, since this is a European car..

    Why can’t ford create a car to rival the Cruze?

    You can write the focus off, expect Toyota & Holden continue their dominance in the market and either Mazda or Hyundai will most likely replace Ford for fourth place..

    Since the focus will flop and just remain a niche..

    • Joker

      Hey? Have you heard of “One Ford”? The whole point is to provide one model world wide and with that, you get the infrastructure to support it. Same car in the US, UK Australia.. the planet. You’re assuming this won’t Rival the Cruze. How can you make such assumptions? VW Are dominating the planet with similarly equipped cars. Watch lease companies snatch up the TDCI variants… auto parking features I would expect to see fitted too.. less risk on their part.

    • bangel

      Take a look at UK and germany sales , no1 seller , neck and neck with golf .

      Remember downsizing is going on all over the world , many people want a luxury small car with quality finishes , check the chev crude sales in europe , dismal , its a downmarket small car .

      Ford have moved it up in the market place because it is successfull against the golf .

      Not every one buys on price , not all want a poverty car .

      • scatman

        I like to say Golf a lot, Golf Golf Golf durrhhhhhhhh

    • Golfschwein

      Worldwide Ford sell as many Focuses in lunchtime, as they do Falcons in an entire month. I don’t think you need to be concerned about reliability and resale.

  • Kieran

    No Satnav? Not even as a option?
    Is that for real?

    The tiny silly little screen atop the centre console is a joke.

    Someone at Ford has made a monumental blunder there!

    • o

      This I don’t get, the focus was revealed last january meaning 18months to get it right for all markets.

    • john

      thats cause ford knows where it is going. Ford doesn’t need to know where to go

    • scottjames_12

      I would imagine this has something to do with localising the Satnat/MyFord Touch for Australia. These cars will all be imported from Germany until Thai production kicks in next year. Expect Sat/Nat and that lovely big screen next year, along with the XR4/ST.

  • http://caradvice Louis

    Quite nice car. Just love it!

  • http://eleaseit.com/ car lease

    for me, it’s a very nice car! sleek and comfy…

  • hairdog

    i personally do not like inbuilt sat nav in a car. And how often would you use it anyway? I have a portable one now and it really collects dust.

    Big deal that the sat nav offered over seas has 10 000 places stored. Thats why we have yellow pages.

    I rather like the current set up. Big screens with all the functions may be good, personally I rather the set up in the sports/ titanium. The trend setup is ugly

  • Daniel D

    Ford may have reinvented the Focus, but they haven’t reinvented their dealer network or their attitude to customer support, especially warranty and after sales service. All of which are needed if this Focus isn’t going to be an also run in the small car sales.

    How good the car is, is the least of Ford Australias problems.

  • darkone

    like the look of the sedan,but the tailights on the hatch are ghastly,look even worse than an i30 hatch rear end!.i think the previous model focus was overall a better looking car

  • Armando


    Ive resisited the temptation to buy a 3 as Ive eagerly been awaiting this, but I am severely dissapointed. Drove the 1.6 base yesterday and it really is completely out of its depth. The 3 may be a little lacking in comparable features, however the way it drives is far superior and that is more important.

    • Kampfer

      I can bet that once the production moved to Thailand the spec will change to some what more favorable (closer to Cruze/Mazda3 than Golf).

      Spec to spec, German made Focus is pretty close to VW Golf. How many of those 1.6L Golf VW manages to sell I wonder?

      If I in the market I’d prefer pay a little more for Euro spec Focus over Thai spec ones, after seeing Ford downgraded the interior materials of the Thai spec Fiesta.

  • jess

    Andronicus you’re an idiot.

    I wouldn’t touch the Focus when it begins to be sourced from Thailand rather than Germany. Only good things to come out of Thailand is cheap holidays and pad thai. I doubt very much they can or will ever build proper motor cars. Anyone who has bought a VW or BMW built in South Africa knows what I’m talking about. IF it’s not built in Germany or Japan it’s rubbish!

    • Andrew M

      90% of the light trucks come out of thailand. (Hilux etc)
      I think Thailand is the better of the undeveloped nations.

    • hairdog

      I tend to agree with Jess.

      Yet again, if it is a world car, workmanship and quality should be the same, as parts and quality of materials shoudl meet the same standard.

      Like the Cruze, people now think it’s built in australia that the quality of the car is better now? It is still Korean parts (Apart from the Engine), and it is still a Daewoo. I am sure if the Cruze had a Daewoo badge on it, it would not be selling.

  • Spectre7


    Where is the wagon version, I had one when in Europe and it was a fantastic little car with great carrying capacity.

    • Phil

      They knew they needed to bring it to Australia to stop all the sales that Hyundai’s i30 Wagon gets, but they couldn’t be bothered.

  • Chria

    The focus and fiesta have topped the sales in the U.K for a long time now..I have an LV XR5 focus, built in Germany.A truly remarkable well engineered and reliable car..And its not like the pathetic unreliable vectras and astras in the past that needed a timing belt replaced at 60th ks or 3 years at a ripoff of 1000 grand. Yep 10 years or 180th ks is for the focus.. And for people saying the focus is a small car.. Far from it.. The LV focus is actually wider than an accord euro.. I assume the new focus hasnt been made smaller..The fiesta is a small car.. But jump in the fiesta and drive a hyundai 120 or other small cars and there is no comparison..the fiesta again a solid,well engineered that feels like a big car on the road..With the talk of no sat nav..No big deal.. u can hookup you smart phone up to the car’s audio system and use GPS through there..OR ON THE previous lv zetec focus and fiest The Ford Mobile Navigation changes your Smartphone into a fully integrated navigation system in your Ford.
    The supplied navigation software calculates the route, for instance to a destination from your phone’s address book.
    The route advice is given to you as icon view on your vehicle display and through the vehicle’s sound system. Everything wireless.
    Simple. Intuitive. Or you can get one of those rearview mirror with gps and reverse camera installed..Got one of those on mind.. Works a treat and is at eye level with your driving..But if the instruction are loud and clear you dont need to look at a screen anyway..
    VOICE CONtrol is the most amazing thing.. Use it all the time to dial a name. And its not a dodgy bluettooth that you will find in a honda civic or hyundai.its very clear..
    Servicing once a year or 15 th ks not twice ayear like honda etc.. works out to be the same pretty much..All i can say is drive a focus..Every1 that has driven my LV XR5 has fallen in love with it..My dad’s fiesta built in Germany again an amazing car..The only reason Cruze makes sales and the commodore still is because people are brainwashed with this stupid marketing by holden as an ‘ozzy icon’.. Most of their cars have been korean crap anyway.and even their euro astras or ashtrays and vectrash have been duds and expensive to maintain..But as we say figures speak for themselves ovs with fiesta and focus.ONly if ford australia marketed their cars better.. But i think they have taken a huge leap foward and finally doing this..Mazda great car, but again doesnt come close to engineering of the focus or fiesta or mondeo..and wow mazda servicing and insurance and arm and a leg….

    • Armando

      You’ve gotta be kidding me mate. Mazda not coming close to the engineering of a Ford? Please.

  • hairdog

    Ford dealers really got to rate their own products

    Went to trade in my LT TDCI focus, 6 speed manual. I was looking at top range Titanium TDCI hatch, $37K drive away.

    My focus has 105 000.

    They offered me 8K for my Focus…excuse was the kms for a 3 year old car and the fact its a manual no one wants them, hence why Ford has only automatic diesels in Australia. So a car lose 20K in 3 years is a joke. I was expecting at least 12-14K for it.

    Just because they have low supply, and apparently they are selling well, that tehy can offer crap for trade ins. i will be looking at Mazda 3 tomorrow and if I get a good change over, sorry Ford you lost a customer.

    • Kampfer

      It’s a shame that most of the cars Ford sell over the last 5-10 years are very good. It’s the marketing and the dealer let the car down.

      One of the my biggest concern I had when I brought my Focus XR5 was all the horror stories about Ford Dealer Servicing, and almost got a Mazda3 SP25 instead. XR5 is a great car and so far it’s pretty good after 18months and 35000km of ownership.

    • Golfschwein

      Oh dear!! Is a private sale coming your way? Does the value line up with Redbook data? My own experience in trading cars suggests that the online info is within cooee and, if you want more, go private.

      • hairdog

        Redbook states i should get minimum$14K.

        As for mileage, it is a diesel. When you by the diesel they say resale is better and engine lasts longer.

        i think I will go private. Or just keep my Focus, as it is still a good car

        • bangel

          I agree diesel hardly run in , thats dealers, they always talk it down , go private .

          • hairdog

            What gets me, they talk up how the Focus is German made…..what will happen when in 12 months it is not? They should really Focus (Mind the punt) on how the car is good for what it is.

          • Samr

            Diesels in cars last as long as petrol engines, they are NOT built like truck engines.

            They cost more to buy and service too but you do get better fuel economy.

            Unless you do big mileage they are a waste of money in my opinion,

    • bangel

      Probably the mileage , mate just got his wife a golf tdi in the june sale , 2008 focus lx hatch auto with 22k , offered $12k trade , put it on cs.com for $16k sold in 3 days at $15k , phone rang for a week , low k’s helped .

    • nickdl

      I’ll give you $9K for it???

      • hairdog

        If I was to take $9K I would had given it to the dealer. Give me $12K and she can be yours 😉

  • Kampfer

    Interesting to see that for ~$36k from Ford you have Focus Titanium, Mondeo Zetec and Falcon G6 to choose from.

    I’ll get confused if I have to market them for Ford…

    Drive-away price for the fully spec’ed Focus Titanium is very closed to Acccord Euro Luxury with the discount Honda offering atm…

    • hairdog

      One down thing with the Focus us that they do not have the model name on the car i,e Titanium….not sure why

  • hairdog

    Saw the Mazda 3 Diesel today.

    $6K less than top range Focus. However the standard features, if you included it with the Mazda would make the Mazda a bit dearer. So I think Ford has done a good job with the pricing of the Focus.

    And the SatNav in the Mazda is lame. 2D only

  • paulb

    Saw the Focus at the Ford Dealer today.Can challenge Mazda3.

    • hairdog

      It will kick Mazda rear end if Ford can d it right

  • Samr

    The Focus is a dog, read any Focus forums, any, the cars are very unreliable and expensive to run compared to the Mazda 3.

    That is why the Mazda 3 sells 18.4% of the market and the Focus at 5.5% The Focus gets no repeat buyers

    • scottjames_12

      Yes, because we all know that forums are representative of the public as a whole… :/

      Speaking from experience (can you?) my XR5 has never missed a beat, despite my wringing its neck on a fairly regular basis. Couple that with average 10.1 L/100km since I bought it, mainly city but some long distance trips. So not bad on fuel IMO given the performance on offer. Servicing on a Focus wouldn’t be much different to a 3 if you shopped around.

      • hairdog


        Obviously you do not own a Focus. My TDCI has never broken down.

        The Focus is a much better car, and once Ford get it’s supply up to speed it will outsell the mazda.

        Only draw back is brake wear. Could be better.

        As for repeat buyers, I have looked at the mazda 3 and the Ford Focus. The mazda feels like a barbie Doll toy compared to the solid feel and quality of the new Focus….so i will be a repeat Focus buyer!!!

        • hairdog


  • Al Juraj

    The rear legroom, I think, is the only letdown in an otherwise brilliant car. It’s just fantastic in every other aspect.

  • dadar

    I don’t think I can ever get used to the super busy centre console area.
    And somehow the speedo and tacho are spaced so damn far away from each other!

    Gotta admit though, after spending some time with a number of them to photograph them, it feels so much like a more quality product than the previous Focus.

    • Broady

      I cant quite warm to the interior either. Needs to be cleaner, like the Golf. Also annoyed there is no decent engine choice for those in the sub 25K bracket. Ford going backwards really when you consider thier current financial woes. They need to be enticing buyers with VALUE in times like these.

  • filippo

    Sure, manuals across this segment sell less than autos (mostly thanks to fleet sales), but Focus drivers in Australia have always been fairly evenly split. It’s puzzling therefore that Ford are determined to a) chase away current Focus TDCi (manual) owners, and b) offer just a 5-speeder in the petrol models.

    Like VW, Ford need to realise that manual drivers are not looking to be freed from the “hassle” of changing gears. Many (especially those of us who catch public transport to work) actually prefer the greater independence that a manual shift gives.

    • hairdog

      Ford really need to justify how they can say manual gear boxes are not popular for the Diesel? i think the reality is that production demands really means that they would not be able to supply a manual transmission for the Diesel, as manual transmissions are very popular in the European markets.

      Therefore once the Thailand production commences, I bet that the 6 spped manual transmission will come into the picture.

      If manual is so far out of taste, then why offer it with the petrol engines Ford!!!!.

      • fishman

        They’re just copying the Korean strategy of offering base models with manual, and more premium models with autos…typical Ford Oz, absolutely no strategy of their own and no interest in what a sizeable minority of customers want.

        I would be in the market for a diesel manual focus wagon or c-max, but there’s zippo chance of these models coming over in any shape or form, let alone in my preferred variant.

        VW/Skoda here I come…

  • Mitch

    I test drove one of these over the weekend and was quiet impressed, road noise was very minimal(if I was to be extremely picky id say u could vaguly hear some), however in comparison to a sp25 I test drove that was very noisy on the road. Interior in these things are of the highest quality u can find in a small car atm by far, imo. The mazda 3’s interior is pathetically cheap and bland looking for how good they look exterior wise. For this reason alone id buy the focus. I think the focus engine is quiet good but needs to be reved, lacks bottom end, whereas the mazda3 feels better in that respect. If I could complain about the 2.0 gdi in the focus it would be that it makes peak torque alittle too high and I could feel a bit of a hesitation when u first accelerate in lower revs which I found strange(5 speed). But as most people will agree ford will not get a sale from me for the simple fact no 1.6 ecoboost with the 6 speed manual and no hids. I mean come on corollas have hids.

    • hairdog

      The 6 speed auto is impressive. I am a manual person myself, when i test drove the TDCi, I was impressed.

  • David

    the titanium takes premium unleaded?

    • hairdog

      Not if it’s a diesel ;P

    • Phil

      Every petrol model needs premium which closes the economy gap somewhat.

      • mailman

        Check the facts – 91-98 RON Recommended

  • David

    Cally, Hyundai is the way to go

    • Cally

      why do u say that?

  • Tim

    I have a 2010 mondeo, I thought that Ford would have learnt that putting the usb port and aux port in the glove box is a dumb idea and changed it on the newer cars? Apparently not, that is disappointing frankly as I find it a real pain in my car.

    • hairdog

      The reason i say they have done it in the Focus is that there is not much room for storage space, and the fact that you can control your ipod/usb from the steering wheel controls does not really affect whether the operation of your device, as if it is locked in the glove box it is out of sight and out of mind.

      But i agree with you, it is a stupod place to pit it, especially if the ipod does not charge if it is conencted through the usb port.

  • hairdog

    I saw you tube video of the Focus with the Ford My Touch screen. I personally do not like it, makes the dask look very bland.

    Also the Demo showed it crashes, which was not good.

  • Sumpguard

    Our local dealer has a couple out the front. It does look better in the flesh but I’m still not a fan of the rear and styling.

  • hairdog

    I bought the TDCi Titanium hatch!!! Get it Tuesday or Wednesday wooo hooo

    • me-all-day

      What did you pay if I can ask?

      • hairdog

        I paid $36500 drive away. it was classified as a demo, with 400km on the clock. I basically shopped around, and the dealer who i bought it from basically said they beat any genuine quote. Lucky for me I had a quite email to me, and basically nearly for the Titanium for price of a sports :).

        i still got what i wanted for my trade in.

  • geoff

    Due to Two drivers and tandem garaging, need memory electric drivers seat on the top of range titanium hatch. Ford says sorry cannot do. Currently drive a GTI golf 2007, so unfortunately for Ford back to VW for me. A shame as I wanted to try the Focus.

    • hairdog

      I personally think what difference does a memory seat has? Still takes same time to adjust?

      Well I personally wouldnt let anyone in my Focus anyway.

      In terms of value, I say Focus top end models cant be beaten

    • Mike

      You won’t buy a car because doesn’t have a memory seat!
      Come on be honest you were never going to buy a Ford, for some reason idiots like you think owning any form of VW makes you superior to any one else on the road and that makes “your kind” the biggest form of wanker, only one behind holden drivers. Can’t afford real germany luxury like the BMW 5 series! douchebag

      • hairdog

        Well, each to their own. it is his loss not getting behind the new Ford Focus. I got the titanium Turbo Diesel, and it is way better to drive than the Golf I test drove, and for aroung $6000 less if spec up to what is on the Titanium.

  • alejandro

    Looking to buy a Focus Sport Hatch 2.0 l petrol auto.
    Could someone please tell me why Ford Australia doesent supply the 1.6 liter Ecoboost Engine. It is standard in every Focus sold in Germany and that is where the car is now produced anyway. So why dont we getting this engine??

    • hairdog

      I say comes down to supply and price.If you wanting something with balls, go f0r the diesel if you can afford the extra $2500.

      • alejandro

        I thought about the diesel but I’m not sure if it is worth spending $2500 extra. The 2.0 liter petrol has got 125kw, I think that should be strong, fast enough. Saying that I would have to drive one first and also drive the Diesel. Also there’s not much difference in fuel consumption, Petrol combined 6.6 Auto, Diesel combined 5.5 Auto.

        • hairdog

          My advice is do not test drive the Diesel because you will just fall in love with it.

          I test drove both, and the diesel in my opinion is a nicer car to drive. I also got the diesel because I travel 500-600km a week, so the cost benefit is there.

          Just bear in mind, that the petrol consumption will be about 4l/100km more than specified, just from my experience form 2L engines for city/urban driving.

          My old Focus i was getting 7.2-7.5L/100km for city/ urban driving

  • alejandro

    Also I’m doing a bit research on the new Mondeo, I like this car. I came across the following on the carsguide website where someone complained about brakes and tyres on his 2007 Mondeo and the following was answered by a Motor Journalist:
    “As with all European cars expect a relatively high rate of wear on brakes, both pads and rotors, and tyres compared to cars coming from Asia.”
    “But having to replace pads and discs at low kays is not so unusual with European cars.”
    Is this true? Has anyone else experienced this ?

    • hairdog

      Unfortunately they are correct. My LT Focus went through brakes every 45K (manual transmission, Diesel), and tyres lasted around 40Km.

      I am not sure about the Mondeos, or the new focus, I am assuming they have teh same issues. Even so one Ford dealer siad the Focus brakes issues have been rectified. Time will tell.

      • alejandro

        Thanks for your help mate.

        • hairdog

          No worries….only if you buy a Focus or Mondeo…if you defect to a mazda 6 or similar…..won’t be happy Jan!!!

          • alejandro

            I won’t be buying any Mazda. I’ll go for the Focus.
            But I have just one more question for you hairdog.
            You said in a earlier post “My LT Focus went through brakes every 45K (manual transmission, Diesel), and tyres lasted around 40Km.”
            When you said brakes is that only the brake pads or is it the rotors as well?

          • hairdog

            just the brakes. also Ford will say you need to machine the rotors ever brakes replacement, an independant mechanic told me you do not need to do this, every second brake replacement will be sufficient.

  • wantnewfocus

    CarAdvice, when can we expect a more detaild review of the Ford Focus. I’m in the market for one and would certainly love to read a review from you guys to compare with my impressions before pulling the trigger :)

    • hairdog

      i say do not buy one…if you do, you will not be spending much family time as you will want to drive all the time:).

      One down side is, brake dust on my Titanium is a bit worst than my old LT Focus. need to was rims every two weeks, even if I do not wash the car :(

  • steggles

    I am interested in buying the new ford focus titanium. Can
    anybody tell me when the production goes to Thailand will the titanium come standard with 8 inch Myford focus touch screen with Satnav, do you think the quality will decrease with the current Germany built Focus

    • hairdog

      I personally like the current dash layout of the Focus. I searched on you tube for USA focus with the 8” touch screen, and i personally think it’s too big. In this instance larger isnt always better ;P.

      Also the dash layout looks bland…but that is just me.

      Well, if you saw my previous post, Ford dealers made it a big point to me that the current Focus being built in Germany is good as German made, before it heads to Thailand…which would suggest there may be a drop in quality or workmanship.

      whetehr it comes standard, time wil tell.

    • alejandro

      I’m led to believe by middle of next year the Focus from Thailand will be in australian showrooms.

  • JooberFPVGT

    Funnily enough the sports executive pack is only available Nov 2011 onwards, shame it should have been from the beginning of the car launch. Though this article mentions it like its available now…

    • hairdog

      I agree, but i say comes down to supply from germany

  • Bean

    No SatNav? No excuses – should be standard these days…Stingy Buggers!!

    • hairdog

      See Ford thinks that most people will have a female passenger….so no need ofr a satvav :)

      • Laydee

        hey Hairdog… Hows that new titanium going for you? Ive just ordered my candy red but its still being made from scratch in germany and won’t be ready until dec – early jan.

        • hairdog

          My Titanium is going well. Love it. Only down side is the wipers, speed sensing is annoying when on intermittent at times.

          • hairdog

            Just found out that Titanium now come with SatNav. Not that I need it, but seriously a spec upgrande within 3 month of release is a ripoff. Ford shoudl really give the current owners a free upgrade to SatNav

  • James

    Just purchased my Sport Hatchback petrol with Auto transmission. Should be able to pick it up in 3 weeks..cant wait

  • B992

    I bought the focus ambiente, and i love the inside, it beats all other cars i considered, the i30, the mazda 3, the golf, the cruze. but now, i wish i went with the mazda 3, its just so small, not much bigger than the fiesta. can not wait to pay it off and get my next car!

Ford Focus Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$9,020 - $10,250
Dealer Retail
$10,640 - $12,650
Dealer Trade
$7,200 - $8,200
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
159Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
92kW @  6300rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.2L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:0  Unbrake:0
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/55 R16
Rear Tyres
205/55 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Lower control arm, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Control Blade, Multi-link system, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Hill Holder, Traction Control System
Adjustable Steering Wheel - Tilt & Telescopic, Power Steering, Trip Computer, Voice Recognition System
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Rear Spoiler
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Front Floor
Country of Origin