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by Brett Davis

Toyota has released a new variant of the Corolla called the Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport. The new model comes with added features, including sportier details and more interior equipment, for an extra $1500 over the normal Ascent model.

The Sport gets 16-inch ‘Blade’ alloy wheels, instead of the usual 15-inch steel items on the Ascent, along with lower profile 205/55R16 tyres. To match the more stylish wheels the Sport model also comes with a subtle bodykit with colour-coded skirt extensions and a front and rear spoiler.

Inside, the Corolla Ascent Sport comes with a new Bluetooth audio streaming and handsfree compatible stereo system including a USB and 3.5mm auxiliary port. The new stereo can also be controlled via buttons on a new luxury steering wheel.

Other handy features above the normal Ascent model include cruise control, fog lights and a luxury gear knob, as well as the already standard features such as stability control and traction control.

The model is available in both sedan and hatch layout with either the six-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. It’s also available in eight colours: Glacier White, Graphite, Ink, Shimmer, Silver Pear, Tidal Blue, Tungsten and Wildlife.

2011 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • Six-speed manual sedan/hatch – $22,490
  • Four-speed automatic sedan/hatch – $24,490

  • Car Fanatic

    A fridge with a body kit?

    Kelvinator should bring out a sport model too.

    • Camry lover

      Well each to their own, but I believe the capacious Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport to be highly athletic in nature. The exterior styling is particulary vougish in design.

      • Mikey_94

        How are you still breathing Camry lover ?

      • Dman

        Shock, horror! I believe it’s spelled “voguish”. Did Camry lover just make a spelling mistake??

      • Mikey_94

        May I also add Sir, that your comment also reflects the athletic nature of the proverbial object stuck inside your capacious @r$e :)

      • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

        How did you work out the Corolla is capacious? The boot is tiny, if you put the drivers seat back as far as it goes there is still not enough room for my 193cm frame to drive comfortably then the back seats are cramped.
        Give me a Mazda 3 or VW Golf.

    • garywhopper

      Car Fanatic I think your selling the Corolla a little short. It has built its reputation by letting anyone drive her and taking huge loads in the rear
      Same way your sister got her reputation

      • Thrillhouse

        Someone buy this man a beer.

        • garywhopper

          Sounds great, You’ll find me at the Blue Oyster Bar as usual.

          • Car Fanatics Sister

            Can I come too, Ill hang round till the end of the night and let some dregg take me home

  • MattP

    A sporty appliance. Should be a big hit with buyers who have no clue.

    • Steve

      There goes my coffee, lol. Thanks MattP.

  • Yonny

    A luxury gear knob! That’ll bring the punters in – and it’s cheaper than, you know, actually providing more power.

    Recently drove again in a recent model Corolla and was reminded again how ordinary they are. Not bad – just not that good, compared to other cars in its class.

  • Ng0

    Damn this site is full of bogans with commodores, they have the nerve to critisize others..

    • http://Frosty Hicks


      Your statement is.

    • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

      No, no, not bogans, just people that know the difference btween a good car and whitegoods on wheels!!!

    • paulb

      Ngo its not Holden fans,ITS VW fans picking on Toyota.

  • w0203j

    Sports model … lol

    At least 17 inch wheels plus 5 speed auto. Rear suspension pretty bad as well ..

    • Martin

      An auto of any sort on a sport model? I’d rather a manual any day.

      • Lucii Pooky

        I think the most important thing would have been making 7 airbags standard! young people will be attracted to this and safety is important! I’m young and I know I would buy this!… or any toyota in fact (maybe the ft-86)

        • Lucii Pooky


  • Torque

    The Corolla is an excellent cure for insomnia if i ever saw one. Overated, overpriced and under equipped.

    • sumyungguy

      You forgot to mention thirsty, underpowered and slow.
      Perfect for numb motoring – they will sell in droves for the A-B community.

      • Nrn1

        You forgot;

        Reliable – (Show me a GOLF with over 3500000KM problem free)
        Resale Value -(Lets be logical, when choosing a used car what else would one choose other then a Toyota?)
        Comfortable – (The Corolla is the most ‘comfort orientated’ it its class and also largest in size)

        Combine all those and the pros easily outweigh the ‘cons’ who cares if the Golf has a turbo charger? People are not racing these cars.. Comfort, reliability & value are far more important factors when choosing this class of car.. And that’s why the Corolla is a success..

        Simple, if you do not like it then do not buy it..

        • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

          What? where was Golf bought up in this moron!! 3.5 million Km’s hey, yeah there is a lot of those running around!!
          This was not a Golf v’s Corolla test….you seem to have some Golf issues you have not spoken to your shrink abount.
          Get with the current article hey!!

        • http://www.nsmg.com.au Wil-son

          Golf? What? this is NOT a Golf v’s Corolla comparision. Its about a bloody boring Corolla….stay with us mate. If you wanna bash the Golf, pick a VW story to work from!!!

        • Adrian

          Just thought I’d add from experience from trading in a 2009 corolla to a reanault clio RS200 that the corolla has crappy resale value due to it being a big fleet car. But I do agree on it’s reliability. I did 120,000 Kms all problem free.

        • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

          I agree with Wil-son below … where does Golf come into this. But seeing as you started – give me the Golf any day: loads more room, bigger boot, more comfortable, better resale value, more economical. That is why the Golf is a success.
          If you do not value these traits then by all means buy a Corolla.

        • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

          I agree with Wil-son above … where does Golf come into this. But seeing as you started – give me the Golf any day: loads more room, bigger boot, more comfortable, better resale value, more economical. That is why the Golf is a success.
          If you do not value these traits then by all means buy a Corolla.

          • http://internode.on.net Old Pete

            Crap … web hung and sent twice.

  • anthony

    The sedan looks quite nice,the hatch is ordinary,but it will continue to sell in the millions worldwide.

    Ascent needed an upgrade,as is being overlooked in the market place locally.

  • Reckless1

    Don’t have to look hard for a far better car than this – the adjacent Caradvice article.

    Suzuki SX4 just updated and had $1500 chopped off the price.

    And that’s only the adjacent article – there are many other cars more sporty than a Corolla with GASP alloys………

  • AndyGF

    I feel the Japanese brands in general are sooo scared they are going to loose their existing customer base, they cant help talking the ultra-conservative route…

    Its funny… Thats what people were saying 30 years ago about Rolls royce, and now they are owned by the germans!

    • cloak

      Technically GM is scared of the Japanese..

      If it wasn’t for massive recall of Toyota, which by the way was a plot by the USA and **GOVERNMENT MOTORS** then GM, Ford & Chrysler (BIG 3) would of become extinct..

      By the end of 2009 the Japanese had the biggest share in the American market.. That also includes Luxury cars, the Japanese dethroned the Germans & Americans in luxury autos as well (Lexus, Acura, Infiniti)

      • AndyGF

        (1) Conspiracy theories carry no weight as far as I am concerned when people loose their lives.
        (2) Ford was never going to be ‘extinct’, and Chrysler has been getting bailouts for the last 20 years.
        (3) Making claims of ‘dethronement’ based on the faults of others rather than the strength of ones own efforts is the very reason why the German manufactures are gaining market share all over the world.
        (4) If Toyota execs admit that Hyundai worries them, that’s just a diversion, or as you would say a *PLOT* to distract customers away from the manufacturers who really scare them, cause of course big businesses always make public statements about their biggest concerns. (sarcastic of course)

  • Matt J

    Oh come on guys, Nana’s need ‘Sporty’ cars too.

  • Meanstreak

    The Corolla isn’t a bad car but come on Toyota, sports? This is deceptive marketing at it’s best, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Meanstreak

    One last thing, can you all check your spelling and Grammar or just not write stuff.

    Gary for example, I think you mean you’re instead of your in the first sentence. You were correct in the last so I’ll give you an 8/10.

    Oh and NRN, Don’t you think 3.5 million is a bit ambitious? Come on it’s not hard to proof read your posts. At least post a correction or go back to school.

    • Nasal Explorer

      Proofread is one word, Meanstreak.

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    Toyota have to do something to re-gather their lost sales as the once favourite is struggling and it only kept in front of the Mazda 3 because of fleet sales.

  • j

    There is nothing sporty about a Corolla “sport”, except for the Corolla Levins of the 70’s-90’s. And the Sportivo.

    Now the funnily named Jap market Corolla Blade Master G with the Aurion 3.5L and AWD, that would be worthy of the sport badge.

    That, or hurry up with the FT86!

  • sequential

    Wow! please hold me back, sixteen inch wheels, stereo controls on the steering wheel and a luxury gear knob!
    Grab your cardigans and slippers and race to your local Toyota appliance centre before they run out!

  • deakon

    Anti-Toyota crowd out in force. tsk tsk. Should have kept your head down and head down to falcadore dealer.

    • andy

      buy a commodore or falcon any day before iwould buy a toyota.if you drove a toyota the way people drive commodores & falcons they would fall apart. And support your local market

  • Al Juraj

    Sport? Four-speed auto? That’s just plain misrepresentation.

    • Dilligaf

      Exactly my thoughts too

      • PhantomHamster

        My flatmates 1987 Corolla has a 4 speed auto, gee toyota have come such a long way in 24 years…I wonder what crazy wacky new things are in store for the next 24 years…. I can hardly contain myself, its all happening at such a diZzying speed….I need a cup of tea and a bex

  • Peter Stone

    And people laughed at holden hinting sport in the 1.4 turbo SRI cruzes. At least it has a somewhat torquey engine and more than 4 forward gears!

  • http://Audi Robj

    Give me an Alfa any day….know your alive…

    • gazza

      You will know your alive when you go to trade your alfa in after 12 months and its only worth 20% of what you payed for it, I hope you have a defibrillator on hand you will need it after your heart attack. HA! HA! HA!

      • http://Audi Robj

        who cares…money is not everything. Life enjoyment is worth every cent rather than driving an appliance…

        • gazza

          You should get a very deal on your AFLA as i am sure they will still have 2008-2009 models on there showroom floors because no one is buying them! Just think you will be one of a kind!

        • Smoothcall

          Money does play an important part in what most people decide to buy.

          Agree there would be better options for the price available but Alfas aren’t one of them.

    • aza

      one word…..unreliable

  • gazza

    Gee the toyota bashing bogans are out in force with this one! like it or not the corolla has a reputation in australia as long as the birdville track for reliability and the best resale around and this will sell in droves, Toyota dealers have had no stock since march so there will be some great deals while they play market catchup for the rest of 2011.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      back into the detailing bay,gazza….

      • Al Juraj

        It’s quite clear you use the term bogan even if you don’t know what it means. People who criticise Toyotas have facts to back them up. There’s simply no reason why the Corolla is as mediocre as it is now.

  • jordan

    Looks like Toyota is trying to claw back some lost marketshare from the recent earthquake with stock levels now on the rise,

    it will be interesting to see Toyota’s finance deals in the coming weeks i believe it will be huge

    • matt

      lol you got a negative… but as i was reading your post an add was on tv.. “toyota gold fleet discounts on now!” hahaha

  • Mr Gaspo

    Reliable car, but sub-par in all other areas. I had a look at a Corolla and then went straight to my local VW dealer and bought a Golf. Issues for me where:
    1. Small boot in the hatch
    2. Hard, cheap looking interior plastics
    3. 4 speed auto
    4. No diesel
    5. Derivative styling

    Buying a Corolla was like taking medicine… Probably good for me but just didn’t want to taste it.


    • Charger

      The problem with that is that in 100,000 klms
      1 one gear box at least!
      2 all interior plastics will have peeled and scratched
      3 massive running costs
      Germans cant get near Jap reliablity although they dont look as good or drive as well most of the time!

      • gazza

        Gee CHARGER your generous 100,000kms no way! The injectors will go at 40,000kms the gearbox at 70,000kms and VW will not repair them under warranty go figure! You only ever buy a VW product once because if the SUBPAR warranty doesn’t send you broke the servicing will!

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

    I think there should be a blanket rule that you are not allowed to call something a “sport version” unless you have included a more powerful engine or have made the handling a whole lot better.
    Adding some minor cosmetic changes and calling it “sport” is just plain wrong. Not to metion what it says about how stupid you think your customers are.

    • PhantomHamster

      I agree peter, this should simply be called ‘Slightly less boring base model very much behind the times but old people will still buy it in droves’ Ascent – but I would imagine it would be hard to find space on the boot to put the badge.

      • Al Juraj

        Flashy rims and spoilers don’t make a car sporty. It should go and turn faster than the normal models. The Sportivo version in the previous Corolla has the right to be called such because it at least had a Celica engine.

        This is a real Corolla Sport:

        1. Aurion engine
        2. Independent rear suspension with stiffer springs, slightly lower ride height and handles like a Focus
        3. Six-speed manual or dual-clutch that won’t break too easily.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    How about putting the 2.0l engine in as well toyota to at least make it remotely interesting/sporty??????

    • bold

      well, corollas do have more engine options, just not released to australia market

      in fact yaris have better options overseas, as CA recently reported

    • aza

      Corolla Ultima sedan has a 2.0L engine…better than 1.8 but not sporty

  • http://ACA Shane

    Firdinkum, any Toyota article no matter what the topic gets the most hits everytime. Lineup a single article about each and every car maker and i guarantee the Toyota article would overwhelming get the most comments everytime. Publish an article about the lastest and greatest BMW, Merc, Audi, HSV or GT Falcon and then follow it with a spill about the Toyota Echo 10 yrs ago and Toyota story would win outright … everytime.

    The question i ask … if Toyota’s are ‘supposedly’ so boring and sleep inducing, why all the excitement around every Toyota story no matter what the article is about … mmm !!

    • aza

      So true…ford and holden also get the most comments, must be the bogans.

  • Bill

    I had the misfortune to drive a corolla hatch (rental in Adelaide from the airport. Very uncomfortable – difficult to get in and out of – had a 6 speed manual – why on earth – I do not know – rather pointless really. Almost impossible to see out of the rear window, very difficult to see right and left through those bloody thick pillars and the excuse for extra side forward glass – did not help. But then most cars these days have really thick front pillars – which make them awkward to drive……

    I somehow think that in the race to get crash worthy testing results – the engineers and designers have lost the plot with giving the punter a vehicle which you can sit in, see clearly out of in all directions without the need for additional electronic aids and also provide them with engines with sufficient torque so that you do not need 6 and 8 forward gears to get the thing moving acceptably.

    • Sonic

      There was an article which CarAdvice made on June 16th, which talks about the poor visibility caused by think pillars on new cars. As for the blind-spot safety rating, the Corolla scored three stars, and the Commodore scored just one star!

    • aza

      Its a shame that so many new cars have poor visibility, they can obscure cars and cause accidents. However, I don’t agree with comfort and entry/engress, for a small car and compared to most competitors it’s quite comfortable and so easy to get in and out.

  • http://ACA Shane

    My point in reference … heaps of recently published articles about BMW’s, Merc’s, Audi’s, Ford’s etc, etc but the boring ‘ole Toyota Corolla article by far has the most hits. Why all the excitment over a boring ‘ole Corolla story or could it possibly be that BMW’s, Merc’s Audi’s, Fords etc are not that exciting after-all.

  • Abby

    Have any of you driven one?

    I drove one on sunday and it was one of the best things i have ever driven. Going from a Mazda 3 to this, I was pleasantly suprised. I was sure the Corolla was not going to be as smooth and light as my 3, but it was.

    Now I just have to wait 3 weeks for my new black baby to come in.

    So, unless you’ve driven one, pipe up. :)

    • Dragan

      Finally someone how has done the walk and is then doing the talk!

      I see the sport as good value for money considering all the factory gear would be much much more worth then the $1500 you pay.

      hatch or sedan as long as its the 6speed manual

      • Ted


        I think you are a car salesman as nobody else would praise the car, except Abby,,

    • Thrillhouse

      One of the best things you have ever driven? Really? You’re obviously not the car type then. Enjoy your new fridge/freezer.

    • Vvisa

      hi Abby, do you mind to share with me how much did you pay for it?auto or manual?and what kind of extras incl?cheers

  • steve

    New Foucs for example would surely blow it away. Nuff said.

  • CK

    I’m going to buy two: one in red for myself and one in blue for my boyfriend. We’re going to have such a gay time driving them together!

  • http://Porsche MB

    Lets take it for what it is Vanilla motoring.

    It has been around a long time now it wasn’t too bad when it was first released but the goal posts have moved on.

    As a daily car it would make a good proposition if you were just after a ‘car’ but most posters on here are enthuasits and hence it does not meet their criteria.

    If Corolla came out with a 5 speed (minimum) auto it would be a better car for the masses.

    I drove one of those Sportivo 6 speeders years ago, that wasn’t so bad now if they did a turbo model again like they did with the previous model (one off) would that appeal to you.

    • ST

      Do you think so? Just a 5 speeder would change a lot of views here?? Camry has a 5 speed A/T but you don’t hear anyone here on CA rave on about it but boring.

      I reckon a lot of commenter here would still label it as boring even if it had some futuristic look.

      Then you comment about the Corolla Sportivo which was heavier than the equivalent Celica of its time yet people reminisce about how good the Corolla Sportivo was and how much of a hairdresser’s car the Celica was even with the same drivetrain. Not saying it’s just you that says it but a lot of people.

    • http://ACA Shane

      att : MB – you state most people here are enthusiasts, mmm … why are so-called motoring enthusiasts posting in much greater numbers on a ‘Corolla’ blog then any other article especially considering there are a number of recent reports about new cars from BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. If the Corolla doesn’t meet the criteria of so called enthusiasts, that is fine because over the years the humble Corolla has sold in excess of 36 million units which is more then any other vehicle in the history of motoring.

  • CS

    Harvey Norman is doing great deals on them at the moment, and 2 years interest free as well..


      And You would still have trouble affording one! Stick to your BMX bike for now keyboard warrior!

  • http://Porsche MB

    @ Shane

    Do they have classic car shows for Corolla’s say like Day of the VW ? Dont think I will see any indoors at least at Motorclassic @ Exhibition Buidlings.

    On the whole the Corolla has a good basis for a hot hatch. If a decent power plant was shoe horned in (2.0 turbo or Supercharge like Lotus Exige) it would transform the car greatly. Add suspension tuning etc…..fundamentally it is not so different to all base model hatches eg Golf 1.6, Mazda 3 Neo etc…..if they (Toyota) had a credible top of the line model eg R32, Cup, GTA etc…..people might get excited about it.

    Toyota where know years ago for making half decent hatches, coupes and other ‘sporty’ cars eg Supra Turbo, Twin Cam Celicas etc…..they like Ford Australia did when they dropped the V8 have effectively lost a generation by making cars for cardigan wearers.

    For the record I had a Corolla Conquest 1998 model as a work car which was a great free car and was pretty well equiped for the day.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Gazza, it’s not quite that bad with my VW but I can vouch that it is not in same reliability class of my previous Toyotas. I just wish Toyota made more appealing product.

  • Golfschwein

    I hate the Corolla sedan with a passion, but this little hatchback jobby here just needs a tweak here and there to make it decent.

    There’s nothing wrong with its French styling (yes, it was designed in Toyota’s French studio for a European aesthetic that might give it a chance of toppling you-know-what from the top of the sales charts). There’s even a hint of flair inside, if you look past the hard bits.

    If Toyota Australia and Japan saw fit to give Australians the smarter engine and transmission choices afforded the UK market alone, it could stand toe to toe here with its competitors, in terms of spec and modernity. But, no, we get lumbered with the sleepy combo of 1.8 and four speed auto.

    Add seventeens and an adjusted suspension setting for those who want it, and you could have a little beauty, for such little effort and outlay by Toyota. They should think more of us.

    • anthony

      The sedan is actually very practical,with a good sized boot.
      Worldwide this is Toyotas main model,as the hatch is called the Auris,and does not sell nearly as well as the sedan.

  • Lukaas

    Car Advice can “fabricate” a story about Toyota developing a cure for AIDS, CANCER and a solution for World Famine…. and the HATERS will find a way to put them down.

    Its really funny and sad that people would go out of there way to post a negative comment on a Toyota related article.

  • http://ACA Shane

    att : MB – While i whole heartedly agree mainstream Toyota lost genuine sports cars a number of years ago – during the ‘earlier’ era when they did exist, ToMoCo also didn’t have a popular and hugely reputable luxury/prestige brand either, namely – Lexus. Am i disappointed Toyota abandoned the Supra, MR2, Celica etc … absolutely – but it doesn’t mean they stopped engineering quality vehicles because anyone with a ‘sound and resonable mind’ understands Toyota established a solid reputation for very good reasons although equally reputable for styling bland vehicles. Regardless … considering Toyota’s reputable ‘past’ fast cars and the likes of the present day Lexus IS350, F-Sport derivatives, IS-F and particuarly the LFA … ToMoCo has the capacity to engineer an ‘enthusiasts’ car with the best of ’em. The imminent arrival of the FT-86 will no-doubt be hugely popular. As for your comment Toyota has no halo Corolla – that is infact incorrect. Sold in Japan only (unfortunately), the ‘Master G’ is powered by the 200kw 3.5 V6.

    Finally, you stated Toyota lost a generation by making cardigan cars. While that may be true to a point – considering Toyota became the worlds largest car maker by volumn (not this year for obvious reasons), it is evident they also gained a huge amount of next-generation customers. Furthermore, potential buyers who may be ‘conservative’ doesn’t mean they have any less money to spend on a new car then someone regarded more as a motoring enthusiast.

  • Meanstreak

    Abby, like I said earlier it’s not a bad car but you certainly wouldn’t be going from a BL Mazda 3 to this. Tell me you were driving a BK or you have rocks in your head?

  • GM Hater

    Thanks to many of the above posters, I’ve never laughed so much about postings about one car for a while. I learnt to drive on the 1st front wheel drive corolla, I still cannot tell you what the gear stick and steering were connected to, dreadful thing to drive, but totally reliable and loved to peak rev. I’ve owned a vw, most disappointing car I’ve ever owned, they are woeful for reliability and servicing costs, I wish vw would build long term quality, not short term high end technology. My mate loves corollas, he and his family have four, I drove one of the sedans the other day, bloody awful thing, I don’t know what I am going to do when my Honda needs replacing as Honda has joined the cardigan brigade and has lost its passion, maybe a Kizashi AWD Turbo if the gods and the universe line up. Thanks again for the giggle, Corollas suit a certain demographic, the type of people who would not even know this site existed or that there are other small cars on the market, this is well known and Toyota knows many people think small car, they think Corolla, which is why they wont change the name here in OZ like they have in many other markets including Japan and the UK.

  • joez

    I’ve always liked the overall design of the Corolla Sedan.. Its funny Mazda 3 is the top selling car in Australia so far this year, but i see so so so much more Corollas (current gen) then the Mazda 3..

  • http://Porsche MB

    @ Shane…I’m aware of the JDM spec Corolla but the lost generation comment is true….if you were to ask people what they would purchase as a sporty car around $50K the answer would be Golf GTi, WRX etc….Toyota does not come into the picture which is a pity.

    They have the technology eg F1 & Le Mans efforts if they (Toyota) are up for it they could make a class leading hatch for all

  • SB

    I think Corollas are pretty boring as well and do call them a fridge. But !!! have a look around, if you are after a new car for sub $20k they are all boring or too small. I was going to buy a I30 but when the corolla went down to the same price how could you buy a Hyunday over Toyota. VW golf is nice but its more money, $$$ Servicing and 1.2L turbo motor :( running premium fuel…
    So if you need an every day car that ticks most of the boxes then i am not sure how you can go past Corolla. If you want something a lot more exciting get a motorbike :)
    P.S i have just come back from Sydney and with a million revenue “Safety” Cameras and 50km/h zones everywhere a 300+KW V8 just looks rediculous.

  • Kit Christian Kilroy

    My seventeen year old daughter is learning to drive a car at the moment and her mother has promised to buy her a new small car, my daughter likes the look of the ford fiesta without really knowing anything about any of the other small cars and dad is no wiser about which smal car she should buy, all i want to know is pick the brains of the experts here for advice on which car is most suitable for a young lady…Kindest regards…Kit

  • vti07

    Bring back the Corolla Sportivo (141kW/180Nm) or at least a more powerful version like the Corolla XRS which is available in Canada (2.4L Camry engine).


    Calling this car “sport” is a travesty. Toyota lost the plot when they bent over to accomodate American tastes. The word reliability is not exclusive to Toyota. The idea is to make a car with Japanese mechanicals and European style, now that would be perfect.

  • http://www.rubiworld.com.au Realist

    i see toyota still produce boring and dull inspiring cars

  • JT

    Had opt for a brand new WRX or GTI but the servicing / insurance / maintenance and reliability cost can’t really be beaten by the corolla. With the economy being all hell bent and ridiculous petrol prices in Australia with more cops on the road, this was my pick and I’m quite happy with the choice.

  • http://sprevitera@yahoo.com sammi

    Has anyone noticed the 2012 Yaris, It is a real nose dive. Sluggish and no Auto. Saw a corolla hatch sport, but after everyone’s comments here it has put me off. Checked for a Polo and there is nothing for under $27000 drive away. What is this world coming to. My wife’s suv was written off just recently and the insurance is offering only $8400. What am I to do??? I need a good reliable beautiful comfortable sexy gorgeous car for my wife, and for me on weekends which doesn’t cost me. Your wonderful knowledge and wisdom would be exuberantly received, thankyou. 😀

  • Marketing twat

    yet another sleeping bag rubber stamped with marketing bullshit.

    to compare, ferrari doesnt spend money on advertising.

    do these companies even try any more?

  • handsome queenslander

    I picked up a hatch yesterday for my 50 year old Mother. Her requirements were; reliability, performance, good resale value, appearance, safety and comfort. and it ticked all boxes. 

    The frustrated little speed freaks who inhabit this forum have to realise that there is a market for people who want to get from point A to point B in style and comfort without the need for burnouts or four wheel drifts

    Frankly you come across as a bunch of juvenile little wankers