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  • Nath746

    Oh No! Poor little car.
    BMW will have to send all drivers a warning about this now, maybe recall them for crashing all the time…

  • nobody

    That is why evos and sti’s are better.Not for the interiors but hey I know I’m little safe on wet roads in these cars.

    • Tom

      You don’t know the circumstances of any of the crashes, therefore it is a bit hard to say AWD would have saved any of them. I don’t see how AWD would have saved you from the other driver running a red light, for example.

      • jordan

        He never said AWD would have saved all of them, he just said he would feel a little bit safer which is correct due to the power being displaced on a greater surface area

  • Charger

    This is what happens when percieved Driving ability is not as good as actual driving ability! Traction Control cant solve everything.
    Good on BMW For building it!!!

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      or Stability control!

  • Yeti Man

    For the price,BMW should include a mandatory advanced driving course. Nice car!

    • MagPies

      they do.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    RWD, turbo engine, lots of torque, relitively light weight, short wheel base and not the most experienced drivers on less than perfect roads or conditions!!
    hmmmmmm, im surprised not more incidents already-)

  • http://Audi Robj

    useless drivers one and cannot buy skill or brains.

  • Zahmad

    All the drivers in the wet needed some awd rs3 loving…..

  • Alex

    It’s raining in all photos…

  • gazza

    These might develop a reputation like the old VN commodore “which have an attraction to power poles”

    • gazza

      In the hands of the inexperienced i meant to say!

  • Krishan Maharaj

    Any BMW with an M badge needs to be driven with respect. I you dont, this is the outcome…

  • Dave S

    Hate to see such a nice performance car being wrecked.

    Maybe those drivers should stick to just doing dounuts, like in the promo clip the other week.

  • BangBngBg

    Its raining in one…

  • VDub Fan

    I think the South African driver crashed straight after Saterdays match against NZ. Suicide.

  • PeterG

    Four crashes world wide in a couple of weeks.

    Thats 2 in a week world wide.

    Thats 1 northern hemisphere and 1 southern.

    I bet new Lambos,Ferraris,Porsches etc worldwide would exceed this.

    It follows that 1M drivers must be safe and sensible by comparison!

  • sequential

    What a car, great to see BMW providing turbo six power, manual and rear wheel drive!
    Leave the traction control on kids, read the road ahead instead of texting on the phone.

  • omale

    or class…

    refrain from such comments and take the high road.

  • ian

    So now it’s the car’s fault, that everyone that gets one feels like a hero? AWD safe? everyone runs out of talent at some point.