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The Phase one of the new QLD Driver Licence Laws comes into affect mid this year and so far there has been a great deal of confusion about the new laws. Previously this topic generated over 200 comments when it was posted here. So it was time to give it a new and fresh face with updated data and some actual facts from QLD transport.

The first phase will take effect from 1 July 2007 and includes:

  • new requirements and conditions for obtaining and holding a learner licence
  • new requirements for motorbike learner licence applicants
  • new requirements and conditions for obtaining and holding a provisional licence

New learner licence

Changes for Queensland learner licence holders aged under 25 years of age include:

  • Lowering the minimum age of obtaining a learner licence to 16 but lengthening the requirement to hold a learner licence to 12 months (currently 6 months). Learner licences will be valid for 3 years at no extra cost
  • Gaining 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience recorded and certified in a logbook, including 10 hours of night driving experience
  • A ban on using a mobile phone, including the hands-free function
  • A ban on supervisors and passengers using a mobile phone with a loudspeaker function

Changes for Queensland learner licence holders aged 25 years and over include:

  • holding a learner licence for a minimum 12 month period (currently 6 months)
  • the learner licence being valid for 3 years
  • encouraging the learner driver to gain 100 hours of on-road driving experience (not mandatory)

Motorbike learner licence applicants (all ages):

  • must hold a provisional car licence (class C/CA provisional licence) for 12 months prior to obtaining a motorbike learner licence (class RE)
  • 100 hours recorded in a logbook

Before we move onto QLD transports justifications for the new laws, lets have a think about some of the above laws for a second. Firstly the 12 month learners period is not exactly a bad idea, but the 100 hours of driving training is a little steep. If you do not have a car to practice on, having 100 hours of recorded and logged driving lessons will mean that you will need 100 hours of driving. QLD transport says that it is willing to count the first 10 hours of driving lessons with a driving instruction as 30 hours, so for every 1 hour you are accredited 3 hrs. But that is only for the first 10 hours. The other 70 hours you will need to either do in your own car or pay for with a driving instructor. So if you don’t have you own car, it will cost you 80 hours of lessons, or at a cost of $40/hr = $3,200. QLD transport says that exceptions maybe given to those who can show why they should be except from this, whilst they come up with a support plan.

What will this lead to? Personally I think for those who have access to a parent or guardians car it will lead to a lot of “fake” recorded hours, and for those who don’t it will be a huge discouragement to gain their license. QLD transport says that any falsified log book records will be handed back with a penalty, but what I want to know, is how can they know what is and what is not falsified!? They simply can’t. So go ahead, ask your friends for some ‘lessons‘.

So lets move onto the mobile phones problem, a ban on mobile phones has been around for some time, but a ban on hands free is set to be introduced. Banning hands free bluetooth kits shows one very simply thing. QLD transport has no idea about technology.

QLD police are going to have a tough time trying to spot little bluetooth headsets in the left ear of P plater drivers. Furthermore, what about inbuilt bluetooth car kits? Not good. In otherwords you better not even talk when you are in the car since the police will give you a ticket as you might have been on your phone. In fact, you better not even sing along to your favourite song since that might get you booked.

What is even more ridiculous is the ban on speaker phones by passengers in a P plater car! I dont understand how there is a difference between talking to your passenger in a car, or talking to someone else over speaker phone which your passenger

is holding? After all, talking is talking isnt it? Would QLD government prefer all P platers to simply just not talk at all when they are driving? Perhaps new rules will require all P platers to have to cover their mouths as well? Absolutely ridiculous.
So now the log book,

What exactly do you have todo in the log book?

  • Learner licence holders will be required to accrue and record their supervised driving experience, including 10 hours of mandatory night driving, in the logbook. (So 90hrs of day driving and 10hrs of night)
  • Each entry must be verified by the supervising driver (from what I can gather, an Open license holder who has had their license for over a year is able “verify” this).

How will the logbook be used?

  • Following completion, the logbook will be checked carefully and recorded by Queensland Transport. This must be completed before a learner driver can undertake a practical driving test. The logbook will be stored by Queensland Transport and may be used for research and evaluation purposes.

Can you get out of using a logbook, e.g. if you don’t have access to a car in the family to practice with?

  • No word on this yet, QLD transport says information regarding exemptions will be available closer to 1 July 2007.

Where do you get an approved logbook from and how much will it cost?

  • Logbooks will be available from Queensland Transport and licence issuing agencies. There will be a charge for the logbook to cover the cost of administering the logbook system. The cost and further information will be available closer to 1 July

What happens if I lose my logbook?

  • You will be required to re-enter the details in a new logbook and have each entry certified by the supervising driver or driver trainer.

What happens if the information in the logbook is falsified by either the learner driver or the supervisor?

  • Penalties will apply for falsifying logbooks.

What happens if I can’t access a supervisor and or a vehicle?

  • Queensland Transport is currently investigating a range of programs to support learner drivers. Exemptions on a case by case basis will be available until the proposed support program for young drivers is in place.

What if I use a driver trainer?

  • Each one hour of on-road experience with an accredited driver trainer will count as 3 hours of onroad experience, up to a maximum of 10 hours.
  • Learners may undertake more than 10 hours with an accredited trainer however any accredited driver
    training over the initial 10 hours will be counted hour for hour towards the required logged hours.

What happens if I’m a learner driver aged over 25 years of age?

  • It is not mandatory you complete the logbook, however you are encouraged to gain 100 hours of onroad experience.
  • A learner licence must be held for a minimum of 12 months.

What will happen to learner drivers who obtained their licence before 1 July 2007?

  • Transitional arrangements will apply for learner drivers issued with a licence prior to this date.
  • If a learner licence is renewed after 1 July 2007, the new rules will apply.
  • It will not be necessary to complete a logbook if a learner licence was obtained before 1 July 2007, and
    you do not have to renew your learner licence before passing a practical driving test.

L Plates

Am I still required to display L plates?

Yes. All learner licence holders must currently display an L plate on the front and rear of the vehicle
or cop a $120 fine. The L plate should measure at least 146mm by 146mm and show a black upper case letter ‘L’ clearly marked on a yellow background. There is no requirement for the sign to be reflective.

Mobile Phones

What are the new restrictions to mobile phone use?

To minimise distraction for young drivers under 25 years of age, learner licence holders can not use a mobile phone at any time while driving, including the use of hands free kits and blue tooth accessories.

Why are these changes being introduced?

Young drivers are at greater risk of distraction than more experienced drivers. Banning mobile phone use for learner drivers removes the potential for distraction.

Can supervisors or passengers use a mobile phone?
Supervisors and passengers of learner drivers under 25 years of age are prohibited from using a phone that is on loudspeaker but can use a hand held or hands free mobile phone where only a one-way conversation can occur and not distract the driver.

What happens if the young driver, passenger, or supervisor breaches the mobile phone restriction?

A penalty will apply. Details will be determined closer to the implementation date.


Okay so not that you’ve read all the BS from QLD transport, lets make some sense of it all.

I still have to start with my favourite, the Mobile phone load speaker and bluetooth ban. So now that you can’t use your phone and your friend next to you can’t put it on loud speaker so that you can hear it, your friend becomes the loud speaker. He is now the middle man who will talk for you, you tell him what you want to say and he will say it and then give you the response that he recieved, sounds stupid? It is.

My biggest recommendation is that all of you who are eligable to get your learners before July 2007, todo so NOW. don’t put it of any longer, get your learners now! And for those of you still on your learners get your license before July, just go and do it, It will save you a lot of headache come July!

I am keen to see what these new programs that are set to support young drivers that cant afford to pay $3,200 simply to get the 100 hour of log book training are going to be! I am hoping that QLD transport will provide cars for drivers to borrow free of cost, or perhaps create a defensive driving course scheme whereby young drivers can choose to undergo a few defensive driving courses which will count as sufficient experience to get their license.

The thing that annoys me the most is the exception for drivers over 25 to not have to undergo the 100 hour log booking. I can see a lot of 20+ adults who currently dont hold license will see this as an easy way to simply just wait till they are 25 than go for their license. These laws are discrimination against young drivers. These rules need to apply to all or none.

All in all these laws are set to make life hell for young drivers and I wish all of you the best of luck. But do not worry, there are people like us who are writing and complaining and doing as much as we can to let the government know these new laws will not save any lives. For the parents of kids reading this thinking these laws are a great idea, perhaps you should go and retake your driving test after these new laws come into affect, and don;t be surprised when you fail.

  • F!LL

    I agree that there should be no discrimination between learner drivers under and over the age of 25. Age doesn’t make you a better driver, nor is it necessarily a measure of a persons maturity! Just because 5% of the younger population want to go out and kill themselves, shouldn’t mean that the remaining 95% should be penalised.

    My question to QT is this: If a Driving Instructor works your average 9am – 5pm work day, how will a Learner get ‘night driving’ experience? Blindfolds? Dark window tint?

    Next question: If a person is unco-ordinated, perhaps has a low IQ or a really slow reac…tion time; why does it matter whether they’re over a certain age or not?

    And one more: Can I meet the marketing guru who told the Minister for Transport that he can make more money from raping the low-income earners (younger population) for more cash that they don’t have. Think about that next time you order a Pizza and try not to choke on the ingredients. You might find that the kid working for his measely $12 / hr doesn’t care for your excuses…

    Perhaps the government can invest some more of my hard earner tax payer dollars actually looking for a solution that benefits a majority of the population, instead of shovelling it into their own pockets, like the greedy F***S that they are!

  • anthony

    Agreed with every point you made.

    NSW P Plate Panel recommend to stop P platers from having passengers in the car from 11pm to 5 am.

    ~~REALITY CHECK~~ (!!!!)

    Vast majority of P Plate Drivers are teens. This is an age where partying, staying up late and hanging with friends is standard behaviour. This is my take on the “suggestions”:

    1. NSW P Plate Panel encourages drink driving by stopping the effectiveness of a designated driver in teenagers

    2. NSW P Plate Panel encourages more P Plate Drivers on the road between the hours of 11pm and 5 am (most dangerous for driving) by stopping carpooling to and from late night activities

    3. What teen has enough money to afford petrol for their car by themself for every single night they go out? “Thank you Mr Government” says Mr Oil Tycoon

    FURTHERMORE >> What if a young teen is driving mum’s Tarago to said party and 4 of their friends are drunk and can’t get home and they are in any of 100 random suburbs in Sydney where late night public transport is inexistent?

    Teen responds with “Sorry but you can sit on the gutter drunk with nothing to do but get charged by police for indecent exposure when you take a leak on the side of the road an hour later”

    Enough said!

  • jess

    do the new laws still apply if you have obtained your p’s before july 2007.

    the new laws for p plate drivers are just ridiculous.

    alot of young people today have children, myself for instance…
    i have a one year old daughter and my partner and i work in different areas. i go for my p’s in late february and my partner doesnt have a license.
    if these rules do apply to me how am i meant to get me partner to work and my daughter to daycare all around the same time with the new passanger restrictions.

    i only have one child but i cant imagine what it’d be like for people who have 3 or 4 kids.
    how are we meant to live.

    yes i agree there are a high number of driving related accidents involving young drivers but compared to the amount of young people who are acctualy on thr road, it works out to be what… about 5percent of us that are willing to risk ours and other peoples life.
    so what about the other 90percent.
    we havnt done anything wrong and therefore should not be penalised.
    and i want to know why transport only advertises the road problems involving youths… 7 out of the people i know 10 people i know that have been involved in car accindents are over 25, and the three young people i know that have been in accinents were unlicenced and in the company of so called responsible adults at the time… WHAT DO THOSE STATISTICS SAY TO YOU

    Well i just have pity on my younger brother and sister who will be subjected to these horrific new laws.

  • Sammi

    I totally agree with anthony about the NSW laws. I’m 16 so I can’t drive yet and when I go out with my mates I always get a lift home. Suprise suprise there’s usually a full car. So what happens when my mate is only allowed to drive one of us home. Our parents sure aren’t going to get us, the buses don’t take us home during daylight hours let alone late at night. What are we supposed to do stay there and risk getting beaten up or sexually assualted by some random walking passed at 1am? Or just not go out at all which makes us less active and more depressed. More likely to sit at home in front of the tv. Now that’s a little hypocritical when you think about other current government “Initiatives”. We want our children to be more active but we’re going to make this impossible by cutting off their way of getting home. Go figure! What makes it even more funny is the parents who are totally for these new laws. Yet if they were 30ish with 16 year old kids. I’m sure they would be telling their kids that they wished they were older so when they went out drinking they could come and get them so they weren’t drink driving. Stopping P platers from carpooling with more than one person is going to put more P platers on the road and in turn more cars. This will then lead to more pollution and probably more accidents. Stop looking at the small picture which is clearly only drawn by the minority and start taking into account the actions of the people who don’t want to die. Funny thing is it’s called the majority. Sucks doing the right thing huh!

  • Emma

    Okay so i have a question, because the above kind of confused me more than answered the single question i wanted answered lol.

    I get my learners licence on the 5th of March 2007. So because i will still have my learners when the new laegislation comes into place in July 2007, do i have to hold it for 12 months as the new law states or 6 months like you do at the moment?

    Thanks :)

  • min

    yea i’m in a similar boat to emma. i’ve just gotten my learners. so wat’s the go about how long i have my learners for and such?

  • K!rr!ly

    i have a question i could have gone for my learners on the 9th of january but i was away and i have been told that even if i get my learners now i will have to go along with the new laws is this true?


  • Nick

    In response to the couple of questions regarding learner age groups. As long as you get your L’s before the new laws come into place those laws don’t affect you. (I’m going to really scrape it close, i can’t get my L’s till June 26th)

  • rick

    well i want to know what type of cars we can own on our l’s. ex: V6, V8, 4 cil, 6 cil.

  • rickee

    all i wanna know is im gettin my ps in august 5th this year and will i be able to drive a turbo? i heard that im aloud to drive 1.6 or lower ltrs with a turbo? can some1 fill me in b4 i buy my car.. im gettin my learners in a coupla days and so the law wont effect me or will it?

  • rhys

    I get my P’s on the 30th of January (this Month) and will have them for 5 months when these new rules come in. Will i be able to drive a V8 or is everyone with their P’s included with this law

  • Bob

    Is there any adjustment for young people who now won’t be able to get their p’s until later. Example – my son would have qualified for his L’s on the 10th July, had them for 6 months and then be elligible to go for his p’s when he turns 17 (Jan 2008). Under new rules he must have his L’s for 12mths so effectively can’t go for his p’s until he is 17 1/2 (July 2008) – increasing the time he is dependant on us for transport. Is there some sort of compromise for those caught up in the transition period?

  • Jaime

    VERY Frustrating… it is ridiculus that they do this change in the middle of the year.. so half my friends dont get affected by the rules but i do..

    well ill have my L’s before July, but the P rules will still apply to me?? will they apply to everyone ?? or just the people that get them after July..

    and does anyone know what the penalty is for driving on your L’s with no one else in the car??

    would be great if i could get an answer.. i have msger

  • rickee

    i have msger too rickee.knowz.yooh@hotmail.com

    i did go to qld transport today they said that same thing happen last year they intro’d all these laws but it didnt end up happening! becos nothing wa set out and prepared and that the gov hasnt told them nothing on the laws and stuff.. cos i wanna know what car i can drive and not.. so fingers crossed there guys and gurlS!!!!!! :D:D:D:D lets hope there not prepared again hehehehe!

  • Brooke

    You have made some very good points. Its discusting how the law expects us to pay this 3,200 dollars if we dont have a car yet they do not place in any free driving courses to teach our young people how to drive properly. If they cared so much they would have put in more then just new laws but also facilities to support the new laws. ANd did you know all these new laws have been adopted from America! WHat is this are they trying to make this country like america. What i would like to know is that if i wait for myself to be 16 and 6 months old then go for my learners.. which will be after july 1 will the new laws apply to me ?? Or shuld i just go for them july 1 anyways>?

  • Alison

    I got my learners on september 30 2006. I could get my P’s on the 9th of January but I was away and I now have them scheduled for the 23rd of february. If i get my P’s on my first try before the laws come in, will I have to wear P plates after July 1st and do I still need to do the “hazardous objects perception test”? what a load of bull! I’m making the most of my 5 months of freedom before the new laws come in. I hope their not organised like last time, they certaintly don’t appear to be.
    Please answer my Q’s thnx!

  • Chris

    I turn 16 and a half on the 29 of june, so if i get my L’s on that date will it still count as coming in under the old legislation or will they say that I have to come in under new legislation?


  • Keith

    I would like an answer to Bob’s question please. My daughter turned 16 in January 2007 and will not be able to get her provisional license until 17 1/2 ; at least that’s my understanding. If I am correct in assuming this then I consider the new laws discriminatory. Will this be corrected?

  • Imogen

    I would like an answer, say i get my learner’s on March 10th are these new laws going to affect me? And say i get my p’s in August how long do i have to keep them for? As well as what kind of cars are we allowed to drive?

  • Jaso

    Hey umm i can get my learners on march the 3rd(thats when i am 16 1/2) i know the learners new rules wont apply to me but then i wont be able to get my P’s until october so will the new rules apply to me…

    i hope not:(

    thanks hope i get an answer back soon:)

  • kalki french

    hey im only 15 turning 16 on june 21st and well i cant wait to get my L’s i mean seriously the sooner u get on the road the better. And yeah my parents have a car i can use and just about everyone in my year level has one to borrow from there parents. I encourage this system!

  • michael

    its a friggin load ov crap the new rules. a person is just as lykly to kill themself in a shitbox then thay are in a turbo ……. i just bought a turbo charged toyota supra and i will get my p’s afta july 1st wil i have to trade in my car ?

  • Melanie

    He myname is melanie.. and i have a really big problem.. i am born on january 14 1991.. and that means i turn 16 and a half july 14…. this is not fair to me that i loose 6 months of driving.. is there any thing i can do to come under the old laws? i will be almost 16 and half when the new laws come in and u only have to be 16.. really not far.. im so angry at the moment? is there any one i can go to, so that i can get my licece on july 14 and be under the old laws.. please help me.. the new laws are stupid.. and the people who made them are even stupider! what if familys dont have this kind of money for log books and things.. did they think of any of this!… NO!… so i think the governemt needs to sit down and shut up.. beacus i am bloody 16 and im thinking straighter… please give me some advise..

    from melanie

  • cpt. planet

    hey guys, i just got my l’s the other day and was wondering if these stupid laws applied to me? these laws will not reduce the amount of carnage on our roads

  • Josh

    i am 16 in april this year and therefore 16 1/2 in october of this year is possible for me to be considered in the old system? if not is it fair that i lose aprrox 3 months of drinving time just because of the date i was born? this seems unfair?

  • topher

    this is stupid why dont the make L platers reduce there speed by 5 km from the actul speed limt. viva la communism

  • Jaso

    Hey umm i can get my learners on march the 3rd(thats when i am 16 1/2) i know the learners new rules wont apply to me but then i wont be able to get my P’s until october so will the new rules apply to me…

    i hope not:(

    thanks hope i get an answer back soon:)

  • Jellybear

    Ok please for anyone who is asking questions about P’s and L’s read this….
    if these links dont work then go to http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Licensing/Learn_to_drive/Young_drivers/
    and scroll down…….

    **if you get ur P’s BEFORE 1 July 2007 the new P rules WONT affect you…**
    **if you get ur P’s AFTER 1 July 2007 then YES they WILL affect you!!!**

    For all those getting P’s Before 1 July (or who have them), then you will still be able to drive High Performance!!! If you get them after then you’re as the whoever say FUCKED…u’ll have to wait until ur on ur opens

    (sorry if this has already been said…)

  • b-rett

    Mr Lucas!! i really dont think you know what your talking about!! pff made hard decisions.. they’ve only been hard because they’re fukn stupid!! leave everything the way it is!! or just dont make rediculous shit up.. your probly all old farts anyway, you wuould of been young once so let us live in a world without the shit use never had to put up with!! All these new rules all the time are fukn bullshit! stop trying to be like other countries around the world.. for fuk sake this is australia, spose to be one of the best countries in the world but the government is just fuking it up for the youth of today!

  • Pat

    I turn 16 and a half during the trasition period and annoyed that i might lose time that i could be driving in.
    this is the only information i found on the government site and it makes no sense to me. could someone explain what it mean please?

    What happens if I turn 16½ before 31 December
    Anyone turning 16 ½ yrs between 25 June 2007 and
    31 December 2007 will be able to apply to get their
    provisional driving licence provided they;
    · have held their learners licence for at least
    6 months
    · have gained 100 hours supervised driving
    experience or equivalent
    · are 17 years of age
    · have passed a practical driving test

  • Matt

    Hey all, just wondering, when it means turbocharged vehicles does that count for diesel vehicles or just petrol???

  • kevin

    hey, i just turned 16 on the 9th of feb… what does that mean for me with the new laws, the new laws say i can get my “L’s” when i turn 16 but the laws are not out yet. do i just have to wait or is there a way of getting my L’s now.

  • stacey

    hey i have just turn 16 and i was wournding if i go under the new law or the old law because i should go under the old law and only have it for 6 mounths can some one plzs explain what will happen to me because with the old law i can get my l’s in august but the new law comes in july please explain it to me

  • Guy Lomas

    I’ve just gotten my P plates. I’m a welfare worker and I need my car to kart my clients about. My question is this , do i need to display “P” plates? To me it’s a big target for the cops here in Brisbane that love to stalk young drivers! Thats said I’m 36!
    Also, I need my mobile phone as it is important to call home base and my clients as well, I do have a hands free set for it. I’m worried that this law about phones and driving will affect my work. Am I to pull over and answer my phone every time I’m called? if this is the case I may never get my work done!
    Also, I’ve just gotten a 97 Holden Commodore v6. How is these new rules with regards to power of the engine and P plate drivers going to affect me?
    Any help would be great. Thanks for your assistance

  • Guy Lomas

    To Jellybear
    I had a quick look at those websites that you listed.
    Thank you for that, as a result of looking up the mentioned sites i shall not be required to display the dreaded “P” plates.
    Now as for my mobile phone, Hmm I guess I shall just have to be rather sneaky.
    Happy & safe driving folks! :)

  • billy

    how does the new law apply to people who we’re born before july 1 and are turning 16 before july 1.does this mean we have to retain our learners for a year or 6 months.

  • billy

    how does the new law apply to people who we’re born before july 1 and are turning 16 before july 1.does this mean we have to retain our learners for a year or 6 months.

  • Emily

    only have to have your learners till your 17 regardless of how you look at it.
    born before june 31st?
    you get your learners on july 1
    and until you are 17
    BORN AFTER july 1?
    you get your learners on your birthday and have to have it for a year.
    yes new rules apply to all who go into july on learners or p’s
    yes they are pretty gay
    still get learners earlier than usual.

  • Megan

    Hey to any1 who will read this/reply. I think the new system is gonna b F***ing S***!!! Anyway can sum 1 explain 2 me, if I get my licence b4 July 1st do I hav to go by the new L plate laws? And what r the P plate laws?

  • willis

    i am on my p plates. wat will happen to me wen the new law comes in

  • AdM

    i was wondering if u miss out by a month if you can still go 4 ur normal laws or if people are aloud to arrange something

  • Chris

    i know form expiriance that the log book thing is a pain in the back side as i gained my licence in NSW where by i had to obtain 100 Hours of driving xp before getting my my P’s.

    I am now 21 and on my open licence but i must say i was living by myself and was at TAFE during my 12 months on my L’s. Supprisingly 100 hours can be accomplished very easly, Think of it this way, say 10 mins to school or work, 10 mins back that is 20 mins per day over 20 day in a month there is almost 4 hours by 12 months there is 40 hours, + your 10 hrs = 30 hrs for licenced driving instructor supervised driving that make 70 hours, a lot of communities put on driver awarness programs that i am suree will no doubt includ a number o ree driving lessons, i know i did one for $45 and got 5 hours free lessons, that would make 75 hrs.

    Most parents are concerned about the exess on the car for insurance, tell them to SHOP AROUND, AAMI offer no age exess or Lerner divers, I beleve NRMA also offer the same thing.

    think of it this way as well QLD trans i giving everyone a 6 months head start on all other L platers in QLD as you can get your L’s at 16 as of July 1.

    All else ails to gain that extra 25 – 30 hours most o us have either older bothers and sisters or uncles or ants or grandparents or parents, there is absolutly no reason why the 100 hours cannot be reached within 9 months if you have family or friends that support you and trust you.

    QLD is one fo only 2 states in the country to not implement this already and is still the one o 2 state that at this point do not require P platers to display.

  • http://www.whack-ut.com Jimbo

    the best thing that could be done in my opinion is a high school based driver training or a defensive driving course but making another financial burden on teens and families is a joke.

    Education is the answer.

    We cant stop people killing themselves in cars but we can give them the opportunity to think differently, resulting in acting differently?

  • jordy

    i got me ls and im happy as it is cool man lol i luv trippin in the car

  • jordy

    lol im muhumad joseph and i love car bombsand i got the munchies man in goin for a drive to kfc

  • betty

    People born of the 29/12/1990 hve only one chance to gte their L. Unlesss there is an exemption allowed?

  • guy humble

    I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!

  • guy humble

    I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim


    You might love it, but you dont get it….consensual at least.

  • pete

    i have a major problem with the new laws. i was born on the 4th of january 1991, this mean that i will be 16.5 on the 4th of july 2007 (effing hell >.

  • CassAngel

    Honestly i don’t think anyone is looking forward to these new rules.
    I’m actually that annoyed with the new rules, i’m going to do this political issue about driving laws as my Drama assignment!
    That’s all i can do since we get no choice in changing the rules. :(
    If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

  • Charles

    I agree the phone laws are a bit of a joke. My major concern is what is a HIGH POWERED CAR? Is it a Torana with a 4.2 lt V*? (Much slower in fact than a current Falcon taxi running on lpg) or perhaps it is a twin cam hyundai excel? Please clarify this crap so that police don’t pull over every young driver in anything other than mums grocery getter. My son is 16 and a half in two weeks. He is getting his learners and we (our family and the other three families that comprise the company I am employed by) are booking in to Mount Cotton driver training skid pan to teach our children to drive properly. When are politicians going to stop this grandstanding crap and teach people to drive properly.
    As a final rant, the whole insane idea of not allowing multiple people in a young persons car will only result in three or four of them racing like morons instead of one. Again EDUCATE PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    If you have all ready abtained your licence either in 05 or 06 will any of these laws apply?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/1303/qld-driver-licence-new-rules-learners-p-plates-july-2007/#comment-13775 Emily

    IF you have already obtained your licence either in 05 or 06 is there any laws which we will have slamed on us….

  • Emily

    These laws should only apply to those who recieve there L’s or P’s in the year which the law comes in not past years, and those who have all ready done there time getting them in the first place! re-think the laws

  • Emily


  • Emily

    CASSANGEL i feel the same. we should be able to rally or have the right to say

  • CassAngel

    I know Emma, its truly against us young drivers its true the stupid government are trying to turn us into USA… honestly we’re AUSSIE!!! don’t turn us into something we’re not…I’m going alright with the drama assignment on the driving laws.

    When i’ve finished it i hope to post to let everyone know what i did (and yes i’m making a song heheh)

  • Jess

    I think that the new laws are all Fu%&ed up how much more fucking strict could they possibly be on us young ones they are only making things wurse as the young people of NSW are only going to do what they like anyway they are making it really difficult for the responsible young drivers on the roads especially people like me who live half an hour or more out of the nearest town and so now they are stuck at home because they are making it to difficult to get our P’s let alone keep them it’s just all fucked up

  • devildice

    i own a cordia turbo and i have owned it for a long time now i have spent lots and lots of money on the panit and look of it but the motor is all standed you think i would be able to drive it or will i have to sell it (fuking cock heads a QT)

  • devildice

    ps: i dont have my Ls not yet any way

  • moto

    i recon the new laws a shit but the only goos thing about them is that i can get ly l’s when i am 16 not 16 and a half

  • Nic

    if i get my L’s before July the 1st will the new P laws apply to me or is it when i get my P’s….

  • http://www.theicecap.net Articus Pengwin

    This is not at all fair

    This will destroy the logistics of all teenagers in the space of a year.

    I will put my hand on a bible and swear that i will not be a douchebag on the road, sadly that isnt good enough.

    QT is doing way to much to stop an ammount of people doing stupid things that do not act for the entire generation.

  • casey

    Hi im 17 and im on my lerners i don’t get my P’s until july 17th will i go through the laws?? If soo what sort??????

  • casey

    Hi im 17 and im on my L’s i don’t get my P’s until july 17th will i go through the laws?? If soo what sort??????

  • http://www.lemonparty.org John Durry

    I think these are great rules and if anything they should be harsher

  • http://www.lemonparty.org Jeffry Jenkins

    Correct John totally agree with you these rules are very poor and should be very harsher too many deaths on the roads these days

  • http://www.lemonparty.org Jeffry Jenkins

    and yes casey you will like wearing p plates for 1st year drivers and no driving with any1 under the age of 21 after 11 i think it is till 5am

  • so pissed off

    wat happens if u turn 16 before july. do u go by the old or the new rule? i was born in march and i dont no if i have 2 wait 6 months till september 2 get my learners then wait 6 months till march 2 get my P’s or if i wait till july when the new rule comes in and get my learners then but then hav 2 wait another year till july next year and get my P’s then.

    i hope i go by the old rule i h8 this new rule and if i do go by the new rule it meens i hav 2 wait an extra 4 months longer 2 get my P’s.

    wat is with this new rule it sucks!!!! n its always my year that everything changes with like this stupid earning or learning thing grrrr its pissing me of now. wat was so rong with the old rule, it seemed 2 b working fine all this time, y do they want 2 make life harder 4 us! GRRRRR!!!!

  • Guy Lomas

    hey all, well I’ve had my my “P” plates for a few mths now and i must say i love the freedom of being behind the wheel after having to ride the buses and trains!
    Now, from what i gather i believe that if you are under 25yrs of age and you get your lic AFTER 1st July 07 you will have to have your P plates for 3 years. if you are OVER 25 yrs of age that will not apply to you and you will only have to have it for 1 year.
    Also, if you get your P plates BEFORE 1st July you will NOT have to display those damn P plates. and the new laws that affect the power of the engine will NOT affect you IF you get your lic BEFORE 1st July.
    Now, the thing is to go and get your L’s now before it’s too late! oh and make sure you look good in your pic cause i seriously look rotten in mine!
    take care on those roads folks…
    Guy Lomas
    Welfare Worker

  • matthew

    so ok, as im still on my Lerners and wont get my P’s till one monthe arfter the new law is out. ame i right in say ing i wod not be ably to drive my nissin 180 sx sr20det or my nissin skyline gtr or my dads nissen skyline with a 3l STRAt 6 engen,its kinda old maby 20+. and lets say for one moment im a grate driver who das not abouse the roads myself or other drivers.EG. im not a hooon. any way i work with lots of sports cars EG im a grease monky. alltho it wod be on privet lan i sometims drive on Rd.and lets say . that my 180sx is my onaly mean of transport .wod i need to sell one car and get a pussy girls car no offance to all who are girls hear..hehe.like i mean under 1.5L engen.is just gay. wod i need to buy a new car.inorder to get wo work, turbo cars are my life living ect tay dont define what is a HIGH POWERED CAR Eg lets say magna.s i think is 2.5L or a 180 thats turbo. so thats a no no. my M8s “gir’s car EXl.or a lancer?? hay guys at QT please work out what car is clast as HIGH POWERED CAR becus i work with them,and if u say that the magna s tj is a powered car u got a nother thing coming ,cus its not. and if im not alowd to drive ither one of my turbo cars, tall sit thear till im frigen 25.years old.

  • Red

    drop the muafukkin clutch!!!!!!! u’ll get more boost!

  • CassAngel

    I really hate these laws… not because they affect me.. they affect my friends!

    thats why my dad is making me get my P’s before July 1 so i won’t have to go through all the bullshit!

    Like i said in my other posts, i did my drama assignment on this issue. I did it today, once i finished my teacher was happy that i actually challenged her point of view….
    As some people in the comments above are like “oh the rules aren’t harsh enough”they are obviously adults who have their licenses and really don’t give a shit about the teenagers… my teacher is like that she doesn’t care about the laws and says why they didn’t come in earlier….

    my POV on this is that the laws are discriminative against young drivers! and i got my point across good so i’m happy… ( will post song next time)

  • Zac

    The government is bringing in these new laws to stop the deaths on the roads right? I’m not quite sure what they are trying to get at here.
    The revheads are just gonna get their L’s over with in one year and do the same thing they would if they got their P’s after 6 months.
    doesn’t matter if your on your P’s for three years, the revheads will still be revheads. Why won’t people wake up.

  • hi

    what age can you get your ps in qld at the mo?

  • Leah

    These new laws are rediculous!!! Some people have parents that wont let them practise driving unless they have had driving tests and does the government honestly think that us younger drivers can afford $3200 of driving lessons (thats how much it costs for just 80 hours) on a $10 p/hr pay rate. Maybe the government should use all of our tax money to pay for this crap because its beyond extreme. Not everyone is stupid enough to race their friends and be careless on the road. These new laws mean that learner drivers that dont have any other access to driving will have to pay for 70 hours of lessons at $55 each. That is a total of $3850…………

  • matt

    ok so i go for my p’s on the 8th of may if i get them wat new rules will apply to me ?

  • Nino

    I am currently 15 years old and i will get my learner licence under the new laws. I think it is just ridiculous that I will have to wait 2 years before i can get my Motorbike Learners!
    Are there any ways of getting around that or who can i lodge a complaint to?

  • http://rvb.roosterteeth.com/home.php matthew

    well ok thisis da thing YOUR STUFT if u get your L’s or P’s arfter da law is confermd by the stat.lockl and fed govement,what ever da laws are.,tay dont know.NOone das.even my BRO who works with in a gov party.so yhe,umm,once u get your l/p nomater what time arfter da date.u are stuck.no geting out of it.,i gess the onaly way u cod debate it is if your wer borne.abot 11:00 day bfor.so your bday wod be on.that night .look maks no sence and evre one know how evre one feels about them what we know.is jack shit and we are over reacting.to them so lets put it this way evre one woh gets l/p bfor thear good and happy-evre one after.THEAR FUCK*T and NOT happy END of story get on with your life.allso insted of making l 12 month 6 monts is allright BUT if tay say.u need to attend a drivig course on a race track.with WAy beter drivers.the gov cod make litl bit of money…and that wod be beter then

  • Phatmac

    how shitty are the new rules, its just a few nobs that ruin it for the rest of us. im born 22nd feb and will miss out 5 months driving EXP.. the rule should be anyone born before that date is expemt from new rules…..i am so pissed off about this crap and hands free…? i mean give me a break its gonna do the same damage as talking to the person next to you in the car…or singing to the radio!! hmmmmmm

  • matthew

    tell me about it.its gay,but i dout iti wll stop ppl dieing,i get ps arfter da date.and ill steel be driving a 180sx sr20,but ill get more fines.thats all no no i aggre with .the new ruls coming in on the date.nothing u and i can do about it. any one who gets L plats bfor da date onaly hafto do 6 month . annd thos carrent laws apply,.evre one geting P or L’s arfter da date .apply to all laws,but if u get Ls bfor da date u just hafto do 6 monts on L. and then the full P plats.time.

  • Trent

    if you were born on the 30-31st december 1990, you are 16 and a half on the 30th of june before the law changes on the 1st of july. but unluckily for you that day is a saturday… i dont think queensland transports gonna be open for you to take your test. i fortunately just sneek under, my bdays is on the 28th december 1990.

    lookin forward to drivin in my new corolla 😀

  • CassAngel

    here’s the song as i promised and i found out i got a B on it… everyone liked it so its all good!… best you know how “country roads” go or you won’t get the song

    I turn 16, end of July
    in order to drive, I must get my learners
    Turbocharged cars, to own one is my dream
    But with these new laws, can’t drive them till 25

    Country roads, I can’t drive home
    To the place, I be-long
    See my L plate, I really hate
    I can’t drive home, country roads

    Hold the Learners, for a whole year
    Have a log book, 100hrs recorded
    No mobiles, not even hands free
    2 only in the car from, 11pm- to 5

    Country roads, I can’t drive home
    To the place, I be-long
    See my L plate, I really hate
    I can’t drive home, country roads

    Motorbike, to drive one must obtain first
    Car license and hold it for a year,
    25 and over can use hands free
    And log book is not mandatory, not mandatory

    Country roads, I can’t drive home
    To the place, I be-long
    See my L plate, I really hate
    I can’t drive home, country roads

    ( thats all)

  • corin masatora

    I think that the new rules for P plates are being too tough. (Early education is the answer) I think that they should learn the road rules from parents and mentors and early education from the year 11 and 12 curriculam. Why? Because young teenagers need to learn get more experience before they get on the road and do that at an early age.

  • Michelle

    I am getting my leaners be for July, soo will the new laws apply for me like holding it for 12 months && will i have too fill out the log book? Or do i miss it?

  • Sam

    ^ yes you will be under the new rules. you will have to fill out the log book also. An hour driving lesson by a school counts as 3 log book hours

    havent bothered to read all the comments, but as far as im concerned its just a silly knee jerk reaction by the goverment.


    all the current test is is to see how well u can reverse park and do a three point turn

  • Katja

    I have a question much similar to those of others on this site. I will be going for my P’s on the 14th of July. Do the new laws for P plates apply to me as well?
    Also i think that if this question was stated above it would clear up the new law concept.
    Hopefully someone can get back to me on this question.
    In addition i agree with Sam i believe what is really needed is defensive driver training. Car crashes don’t occure from young drivers but to unprepared drivers.

  • Darren

    what are the Transitional arrangements for people who have got their leraners before the new rules apply?

  • Maya

    I just want this question answered i am born on february 2nd 1991 do i get an exception or do i have to get my liecen at 17 and a half?????

  • Sam™

    its simple, anyone who gets there license AFTER JULY 1 IS UNDER NEW P PLATER LAWS, regardless of age, when they were born or whether they have theyre learners or not

  • Dimitri

    okay.. im so confussed.. well.. okay 2 answer everyones questions.. what happens before july.. no they dont apply :).. i have 2 wait ayear on october 30th how stupid.. rather wait 6 mnths and get it next year.. gosh.. it really sucks.. ONE YEAR! .. not 9 NOT 10! 12! i mean glory to jesus.. what S**T


  • Cass

    i totally agree with the 1st few comments and i think that the motorbike learners are stupid too because you need ur P plates for 12 months which means i would have to wait 2 years to get my bike learners and i dont wanna buy a car because then i wont have enough money to buy a bike so where am i supposed to get the 100 hrs i need nd the transport for the next 2 yrs???

  • cate

    so, does this mean that if you get your learner licence before then, you dont need any logbook at all???

    cos i got my learners a couple of days ago and i wasnt sure if i need to fill out a logbook, or if thats only in nsw or something… Cos when i got it the girl didnt say anything about needing a logbook…

    and from what ive read im guessing that i dont need to hold it for 12 months, just 6 months yeah?

  • Chris

    Many comments have been made about QT not providing support for Learners but no-one has woken up to the fact that QT does not provide anything it absolutely does not have to. i.e. L plate and P plates are not only not supplied when a permit or licence is issued they are not even available from the Service Centers. And they do not intend to make them available. Hence when a Licence is passed you will be issued a Plastic Licence but will not be able to drive away until you acquire the necessary P plate.

  • Chris

    You are right. If a Learners is issued prior to 1st July no log book is required. If you need to renew after 1 year you will be encouraged to complete a log book but it will not be mandatory, “who would willingly do one, now I ask you”. According the information I received if you hold the licence for 2 years before asking for a test no log book is needed, this would mean that waiting till your 18 after getting the permit at 16 excludes the requirement for doing 100 hours. If more people did this it would mean there were less 17yr olds on the road on their own.

    There is supposed to be an exemption about passengers in a car relating to family members, it will be interesting to see how these exemptions are implemented and who will control them.

  • Mikaela Bignell

    If you get your license after the 1st of july do the new rules apply to you or is it just for people who get there learners after from the 1st of july?

  • Sam™

    if…..you…..get…..your….p-plater…..license….. after…..first…..of…..july…..2007…..you….. are…..under…..new…..rules…..regardless….. of…..when…..you…..got….. your …..learner…..license

  • meps

    This question has probably already been answered, but just to make sure….

    I read on the QT website that if you obtain your provisional license before 1st July 2007, the laws concerning showing p plates will not apply. I also believe the laws about high powered cars will not apply as they can’t really ask people who already own a car to stop driving it.

    The rules about passengers between 11 – 5 i am still unclear about. I got my p’s in May 2007, before the new rules are applied. When these new rules apply will I be pulled up if im driving me and my mates for an early surf on a saturday morning? I often get up to drive to the coast before 5 o’clock, this would really frustrate me.

    I really hope that QT will answer all these questions soon. Does anyones know if the laws about passengers between 5 – 11 will apply to me if I obtained my provisional license before July 1st 2007?

    How can these laws be policed… it seems very complicated.

  • meps

    I just read some more info and found out none of the laws will apply to me because i have got my p’s before july 1st. Bad thing is if if i lose my remaining three points… ill be put on the new laws. Seems like ill have to be careful over the next three years to make sure i never have to go by these shitty laws.

  • joeseph
  • CinDY

    i just wanted to no wat if i was 16 in feb do i have to keep a log book and do i get my Ls in june or july watever one it is or do just get them in aug then have my Ls for 6 months?????????

  • Sam™

    ^ no, thats incorrect. if u got your license before july 1 2007 you will never have to undergo the new rules regardless if u lose your license.

    to everyone that has a question about the new laws, dont listen to any other idiot apart from queensland transport


  • Sam™

    ^that was aim at meps comment

    cindy, read what i posted.

  • matt lalmont

    my birthday was on 4th of january and i turned 16. i have waited nearly 6 months so i can be 6 & 1/2 to get my L’s. i will be able to get my L’s on the 4th of july by the old rules and have my L’s for 6 months! even though i have been 16 for nearly 6 months, will i still have to go by the new rules or will there be acceptions to go by the old rules? thank you

  • Sam™

    *rolls eyes* http://www.transport.qld.gov.a….._mar07.pdf

  • alex

    i failed my learners twice, i realy need some help do u reakon u could tell me were the chets r…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/1303/qld-driver-licence-new-rules-learners-p-plates-july-2007/ Jordan

    I am supposed to be able to get my L’s on the 3rd of July 2007! The 3rd of JULY!!! And now supposedly I will have to hold my L plates for a total of 12 months. Now i’m an apprentice and I will need to get to work in a car, but how do I get to work if I have to have my guardian in the car to. I mean they have to go to work as well For God’s Sake! I think this new law is insane, and a total insults to youger drivers. and the statement that young drivers are worse than older drivers, is stupidity, i mean the only reason old people don’t crash is becuase they drive 20km/h in a 100 zone! If anyone should be off the roads its them.

    I think i speak for all new or comin young drivers when i say these laws can’t come into place! It will destroy the way we live our life. We use our cars to get to places, without them its public transport (Bout $10 min a trip) or we sit at home and get fat.

    So comon people don;t bring in these laws for the sake of us youger drivers, it is just a terrible thing to do.

  • VTEC is Sh*t, Tubo all the way

    yea jordan, i totally agree. my older bro has a turbo 33 and i was lookin forward to drivin that till i heard about these laws. its all bs and disadvantages many young drivers like urself, but as uno they are the government and we cant do anything about it unless we start a protest or sumthin similar.

  • Meps


    If you hold a car or motorbike learners or provisional license prior to 1 July 2007, These rules do not apply to you UNLESS you:

    Need to renew your licence on or after 1 July 2007; or

    Are disqualified from driving and your license is cancelled on or after 1 July 2007; or

    Graduate from your learner to provisional license on or after 1 July 2007; or

    Are suspended or choose a good driving behaviour option on or after 1 July 2007.

    All of this is on here:


    Does this not mean that if I lose my license after 1 July I will have to abide by the new laws????

  • http://www.jess-world.com jess curtis

    i torn 16 1/2 on july

  • Sam™

    meps- saw that leaflet when my brother got it in the mail (hes a learner) on thursday. i just shook my head. two days earlier i actually rang DOT and asked a staff member
    (a specialised person who deals in licensing) about what would happen in such case, he said exactly what i thought

    “if your license is suspended then NO, the new rules will not affect you, as you license is taken from you temporarily. A disqualification is differnt, it is a court offence where a magistrate orders your license be cancelled and re-issued once your time has been done, and in such case the new rules would apply.”

    It goes without saying that disqualifications are not handed out lightly, they are a court offence, so things like drink driving and driving on a suspended license is a court offence. however, a suspension isnt that hard to get if you consider yourself a throttle happy driver (such as myself), so in such case the new rules would definatly not apply because obviously there would be thousands of unlucky bastards having to sell their p plater restricted vehicles

    ANYHOW, i now come across this new bullshit that says it applies to suspension and disqualifcation, despite being told by 2 DOT staff members quite the contrary.

    but think about it, they couldnt possibly do that. can you imagine the thousands of people having to sell theyre cars just for a simple suspension. doesent seem right.

  • LJ

    Can anyone please tell me, the NSW law for Learners limited to 80km/h on highways etc, does that apply to QLDers on QLD licenses with QLD L-plates showing (without the 80 speedlimit icon) driving in NSW? I really think they should raise it to 90km at least! They think its helping to save lives, but do you know how many agressive drivers there are that are ready to rear end you if your doing 80km on a 110km motorway? Probably the only thing QLD Gov. got right when they let learners in QLD do the real speed limit.

    Have searched the RTA and QLD Trans. sites with no mention :( Live on the Gold Coast and cross into NSW every day…

  • Wil

    these news laws are absolutely absurd i mean i dont get affected by them since i have a p-license but my brothers do and man that these laws are harsh is a major understatement. seriously how much more biased can u get with the whole under-25 age restrictions since alot of older drivers cause accidents as well but u dont see new laws coming into play against them now do u. frankly they shud realli revise these laws that are being implemented before anything else happens because these laws are jst goin to be broken more often since they are harsher.

  • Janaye

    hey, was just wondering with the new laws coming in July 1st if people who are already sixteen have to go under them. Beacuse im 16 5 months and a week when they come in and heard rumours that if you are already 16 before the new laws you dont have to go under the new law if you dont chose to… im just rele confused with the law and that so many different things are going around… so any help would be good thanx

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    If you have not got your learners yet Janaye, new laws will apply to you.

  • Meps

    Sam – I see what you are saying and totally agree with you… I also recieved one of these booklets in the mail so it sounds like they have sent them out to a lot of people… If it is incorrect its a massive stuff up.

    If i have a high powered car by July 1 … and then im suspended from my license four weeks later, surely they cant ask me to trade in my car. I hope they clear it up soon, until then ill just have to drive carefully haha.

  • cviPs

    I wanna ask
    my date of birth is 08/January/1991
    does that mean that I can get my learnes 8th/June/07
    or do I have to wait till 8th/July/07 when these fucekd up laws come in and if yes I wanna complain to,
    to Qld Transport someone just tell me how!!!!!

  • Sam™ the buck toothed bogan

    you’ll be under the new laws regardless

    lots of love

  • jess

    These rules are gay! i got my learners now and turn 17 in August does that mean i still have to do 100 hours supervised driving (does that have to be with people from driving school or anyone wit Opens)?? answer me please!!

  • Sam™

    dont know exactly about the 100 hours, if u got your learners now. remember 1 hour with a driving school euqtes to 3 hours on logbook, and you can dodgy the rest with your parents

    contact department of transport for more info

  • BT

    Two storekeepers from a Super Cheap store told my friend this information, is it true?

    – It will be illegal to use those (interior?) wet-and-stick, L & P plates. Apparently you have to buy the magnetic-backed ones because they attach on the exterior of the car –

    If it is true, does this apply to L/P platers who’ve obtained their licenses before July 1st? (Somehow I think it will…)

    I wonder if you can get away by putting the wet-and-stick plates on the outside…

  • sam

    (16 Yrs) Yeh its a bloody pain in the arse. I want to know if I’m actually allowed to drive mums Lexus LS400 (V8). Thing is, it’s probably one of the slowest v8’s ever.. lol 0-100 in 8.7 seconds. nice 1. slower than most hatchbacks, and i cant drive it cause its a v8? wtf

  • Nathan

    if u have your learnersbut dont get ur p’s untill afetr the new rules come in do u cop the rules as a licenced driver eg you can only drive 4 cylinders untill your 25

  • P plater, P for Perfect

    I got this off the QLD site, ‘to progress from a P1 to a P2 licence, provisional drivers must pass a hazard perception test (being introduced in 2008)’

    Is it just me or is this getting even more rediculous? They should be making elderly people redo the hazard thing every year or 2!

    And thanks a lot to the rest of you P platers that have helped push these laws along with your pathetic pride and driving. I had 3 P platers either cut me off, have a car full of drunken d-heads screaming out the window or flaw it at the lights last night on a 25 minute trip through town. Why complain if you cant do the right thing? For the large majority of idiotic P platers out there, with either shrunken genital problems or complete wasters, THANKS A BLOODY LOT! Now all the rest of us have to pass another 10 requirements and tests just to drive to uni or to go to work!

    We have to face it, there are a heck of a lot of other P plater dickheads out there, and you cant blame ppl for trying to do something about them. Shame its the rest of us that get penalised for it!

  • matt

    Two storekeepers from a Super Cheap store told my friend this information, is it true?

    – It will be illegal to use those (interior?) wet-and-stick, L & P plates. Apparently you have to buy the magnetic-backed ones because they attach on the exterior of the car –

    If it is true, does this apply to L/P platers who’ve obtained their licenses before July 1st? (Somehow I think it will…)

    I wonder if you can get away by putting the wet-and-stick plates on the outside…”

    it is true that they must be displayed on the outside, but i don’t think it matters what type you use (like, i dont think we HAVE to use the magnetic ones). it will apply to ALL p platers. personally, i think i’m just going to do away with my P plates altogether.

  • Oliver Meilak

    Hi everyone, i bought my car last year a 1995 Ford Falcon GLI EF 6 Cylinder, and i am not sure if i can drive it or not because of the new rules effecting me, im just not sure about those rotary engine capticy thing listed in the brochure. Would suck if i have to sell my car and go though all that process again.

  • BT

    The engine in your Ford must produce under 200 kilowatts (kW). If it does, then you’re fine. A quick search reveals the number 157 kilowatts, however confirm this just in case.

    I believe rotary engines are quite uncommon in modern cars, mainly seen on propeller-driven aircraft, so you don’t need to worry about that.

  • Bob

    – Car Must be under 200 KW
    – Must not have a turbo charged engine
    – can NOT be a v8+ can be v6
    – There are some nominated v6’s classed as “High Performance”

  • Jess

    Hey everyone settle down!!

    People that turn 16 1/2 between July 1 and the end of the year will only have to have your learners for 6months. People that already have there learns, the learns rules wont apply to you but the P plate rules will. People that are already on p plates will not be affected at all.

    Everyone that is abusing the government what are you thinking? these rule are in place to save lives and your not thinking about that bigger picture. by abusing and threating the governemnt by saying u wont adhear to the rule just shows how immature you are which in forces how much you need these rules put on you.

    Im a second year P plater, i wish these rules where in when i was younger,maybe then my best mate would still be alive… R.I.P AJ

  • Sam™

    ^was your friend killed because they had a HIGHLY powered performance car, or because they lacked adequate driver expierience and training?

    New laws are stupid, full stop

  • Jess

    ^ my friend was killed by a 19 year old in a turbo’d V8 commodore, speeding a hit him on his motorbike. because this 19 yearold idiot thought he was top shit because he had a done up car and thought he was above the law. experience comes with time, so anyone get there learners or are only on there p’s dont have enough experience simply because they havn’t had the time behind to wheel to have it. thats the point of the log books and the point of making it 12months instead of 6, its to give people more experience.

    im only 19 myself now i dont have a high powered car and i dont need it either. a few of my friends do, my ex-bf almost killed himself in one, i wish i could upload the pic on here so i could show u wat was left of it.

  • peter

    well ur ex was one of the idiots in the 5% that skrewed it up for the rest of us…

  • P plater, P for Perfect

    I can tell you now, there are a whole lot more that 5% of idiotic P platers out there. I would probably say at least 50% of P platers do something wrong every time they drive, be it not indicating or speeding etc. I know I sometimes do things wrong. But it’s the ones with the inflated ego, pride and small genitalia that have been caught speeding, drunk or bloody hooning and that’s why this has happened.

  • A Moffitt

    If it’s some comfort, there is an election coming up soon and you can all get your own back at the polls by voting these stupid politicians out of a job.

  • Wat Tha

    yeah but its for johnny im sure , and this law only applies to QLD so thereforce its Peter Fuckheads folt , he may have not throught up the idea mabey he did BUT he diffrently agreed/signed it.

    So when ya cart drive ya powerful car which dosent mean justBecause its HIGHPOWERD’LoL ya going to brack the law , And on a higher note cart sell it cause the Petrol’s 2 dear for nyone else to really wanna have it Just thik about how Peter/QLD gov fukked us over any cunnt bettween 17-24 . .

    P.s Australia is tunning Communiss Thanks only towards tha Gov Rats over tha LAst 10 Years

  • charlotte

    Hi!, I got my P’s last week, before July 1st so I know that the rules will not apply to me, but, they expire in two years and your reguired to have them for 3 years, when i renew them will the new rules apply to me??? (will the date change under where it says Effective) Please answer ?.. :)

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    yes once u renew, they new rules will apply to u

  • Beau Inwood

    i am currently 16 as of january nd was just wondering wat the rule is

    i am 16 1/2 on july the 5th so duzz this meen i will get my L’s wen i am 17 1/2

    thnks for ur reply it will be muchly appreciated

  • charlotte

    nope you can get your Ls after July 1st. you can get them when your 16.

    Are you sureeeeee? cos People are saying it doesnt affect u if uv alredy got them. thanks for answering :) Any one elseee know if I rennew my Ps after July 1st the law will affect me if i alredy got them before July 1st ???????

  • CJ

    Perhaps we can all just have signs printed that say “I’m a P plater – target me”

  • Jess

    People that turn 16 1/2 between July 1 and the end of the year will only have to have your learners for 6months. People that already have there learners, the learners rules wont apply to you but the P plate rules will. People that are already on p plates will not be affected at all. if u have a suspended licence and not renew it before july 1 the new rules will apply to you.

  • katarina

    a curious question!
    i got my learner licence on the 4th of november 2006, and was eligable to go for my licence on the 4th of June 2007, but haven’t yet. If i go for my provisional licence after the 1st of July 2007, will the new laws apply for me?

  • RJ

    I understand a lot of people have issues with the new laws. But stop and think just for a MOMENT. As a serving Police Officer I hate nothing more than pulling any person out of a car wreck let alone a young life. How do you think YOUR parents would react, when they get the knock on the front door at 2.00am in the morning only to be greeted by a police officer. Take it from someone experienced in the subject, most parents know before we even say a word that we are there to tell them their little johnny or jane has been KILLED!!!!
    I have heard it so many times from the cocky driver on the street that he is S*#!t hot behind the wheel. It always amazes me that it comes from someone 19 or 20 yrs of age. I suppose they are SO skilled after driving for all of 2 to 3 years!!
    What price do you put on your head??, Or that of your girlfriend’s or best mate??. The last 19 yr old who told me he was such a great driver is now in jail for 8yrs after putting his car into a pole and killing his best mate, RIP. By the way he to was in a hotted up commodore. If these rules save just one young life then they have done their job. All of you who want to whinge about them grow up. I know some of th older drivers can be a problem but they usually do not engage in burnouts to please their mates……

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    RJ please explain a few things to me about the new laws

    1. how will this stop cocky young drivers?
    2. how will this new law stop someone from hotting up a commodore
    3. how will this stop burn outs
    4. how will this stop street racing

    these new laws will do nothing to improve the road toll.

    why not promote driver training,

    why not give us somewhere to race,

    why not stop targeting young drivers while 70 year old + drivers sit below the speed limit and cause accidents

    why not understand that, despite what you do, young drivers will have accidents at a higher rate than other drivers

    as a police officer you should be aware that the majority of young male car enthusiasts do not hold you in high regard, so why not interact with the car community?

    why do qld police show up to QLD raceway and defect cars which have just come of the race track, we are the good guys, going racing on a track, yet u still target us! so what do we do? hit the back streets.. thanks!

    I can go on forever

    The police and transport authorities need to be held responsible for their continuing failures

  • Joel

    I would like to if thenew laws apply to everyone,

    i am now 17 and havent bothered to go for my learners??

    does this mean i will suffer the 12 month crap?

  • Joel

    I would like know to if the new laws apply to everyone.

    i am now 17 and havent bothered to go for my learners??

    does this mean i will suffer the 12 month crap?

  • Kevin

    Well… I’ve been looking up so many things lately trying to get a decent understanding of these stupid laws. I hope this kinda helps the people who were confused about what cars they can drive..

    You cant drive modified cars, turbo or supercharged cars. You cant drive a car that has a power output of more than 200kw or has more than 8 cylinders and you cant drive a car that has a rotary engine that has an engine capacity in excess of 1146cc.

    So for all the sensible drivers out there I think there shouldn’t be any problems about what cars you can drive.

    and a quick note to RJ…. for starters if parents even cared bout their kids anymore you probably wouldn’t have to rock up to their house at 2am and be the bearer of bad news. All these street racers are the ones who cause problems for everybody. Where’s the discipline on them? perhaps instead of penalizing everybody for the mistakes of a minority the government should have just put huge fines for street racers who are caught! after all thats all they really want right? more money?

    The guy in jail now for 8years.. u only get him after the accident has occurred. how bout you get them before they even happen.

    These new rules aren’t going to stop street racers because they already have their license these laws don’t apply to them. So whats the government going to do about that??

  • Matt

    I heard somewhere that if you turn 16 and a half between July 1st, and december 31st 2007, we only have to hold out L plates for 6 months. Is this so?

    If not, we get jibbed!!

  • Kristy

    I have just turned 16 on the 29th June 2007. and was wondering if I have to wait until I am 16 and 1/2 to go for my L’s. Or am I allowed to get them now?

    Thanx :)

  • Branko

    Ive heard that you can have cars under 200kw. Does that include V8s, Supercharged and turbo cars

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz


  • Angel

    Thank you so much for writing this article, it has made much more sense of a shitty situation, i just wish the government would crack down on all drivers not just the teens. Have you ever been driving behind a car in a 100k zone and going 40. The oldies are just shocking slow. ( and they call us rev heads) Thank you..

  • dragan

    so only V6 under 200kw and no turbo cars.
    i thought all cars which have the same power go the same speed.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    yes a 1200KG 200kW car goes the same as a 2200KG 200kW car….

  • dragan

    ahh i see im gona have to test that out

  • Samantha

    I think it is a good idea it is just it doesn’t really full explain if exsisting p plates before the law was introduced has to have their p plates on display or not, it just states that new p plates have to have a red p signed for one year and green for the rest. Do we have to sign still even if we have obtained our licences before the 1 of July or not?


  • Beb Lebherz

    My girl friend is 19 on the old learners Rules does this require her having to wait 6 months to go for her P’s

    Thanks heaps


  • Paul


    She would go off the previous rules for Learners… this is prity basic, its mentioned in this article and something would have even sent in the mail about it, maybe read abit next time!

    QUOTE = I think it is a good idea it is just it doesn’t really full explain if exsisting p plates before the law was introduced has to have their p plates on display or not, it just states that new p plates have to have a red p signed for one year and green for the rest. Do we have to sign still even if we have obtained our licences before the 1 of July or not?

    Im not even sure what your talking about… signing on P’s? Maybe Im confused because your in a different state or something, in NSW there is no signing on P’s… only on Ls by a supervising driver. As for the new laws, they are not a good idea, everyone can point floors out like passenger restrictions meaning more individual p platers on the road or 0 tolerance speeding getting people for straying slightlly over and even going back a few years 0 tolerance BAC I dont agree with as dependent on your body type etc it can take 10+ hours for Alcohol to leave your system!

    QUOTE = ahh i see im gona have to test that out

    ROFL test it out… how about give up! Weight has a massive effect on a cars performance, both in terms of handling and acceleration. Drive a full car of people and you would realise that quickly apart from it kinda being common sense.

  • john

    i am still confused if you are born berfore july first wat happens do you go when you 16 6 months or any time now please reply i am getting frustrated

  • john

    i am confused wat happens if you were born before july 1 ? please reply i am frustrated

  • Michael

    Hey all, i just got my learners in June before the new laws kick in. From my understanding (what the lady that did my learners photo said) “if you go for your learners after June then you will fall under the new system”. Thats it. Simple. So any hopefuls that have their bdays in January you’ll just have to accept it and buy a log book. As for the myth about getting the old system rules if your 16.5 between July and December i’ve already stated that you’ll unfortuantly be on the new system.

  • Andrew Aidulis

    To RJ or any other law enforcement oficer or law maker .
    I have 3 sons one of who is nearly 18 and has now obtained his P licence.
    I understand that these new laws have come into force but some do not really make sense to me .
    What were the law makers reasons behind the banning of hands free mobile phones and not allowing passengers to put phones on loud speakers?

    (I do agree with the driver not using the phone while driving but why the passenger?)

    I do not use mobile phones(they don’t work here ) but i do have a car radio .

    (If the reasons behind the law is that the phone on loud speaker is distracting shouldn’t a law be introduced that all cars have radios and stereos and two way radios removed from all modes of transport as well ?)

    (If we are going to go with this reasoning then shouldn’t a law be introduced that talking in a car is also illegal as that will also distract the driver ?)

    (These new introduced restrictions on l and p plates should also apply to every one driving a vehicle includeing law enforcement people to be fair .)

    I also do not agree with the curfew laws that restrict p drivers from carrying passengers at certain hours . This is only going to encourage more young drivers to break this law or put more young drivers on the road at these hours as they will all have to take their own cars instead of car pooling.

    Most of these laws are aimed at youths in cities I live in a country town and i think these laws will make it hard for young drivers who car pool and have to drive 80 to 100 kl to go to town and will have to find some where to stay(or make a decision to break the law) if they stay a bit late at a movie or visiting a friend etc .
    Also suitable p plates and l plates should be issued by the licensing officers as part of the relevant fees for obtaining that license .

    So maybe we can have the reasoning behind these laws clarified.

  • sophie

    hear, hear!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/warhammertrench spudmatt

    can i drive a 6 cylinder car under the new laws or a high performance car what are the guidlines for this
    DONG LING………… SPREAD IT!!!!!!!

  • wazza


  • cheyne milburn

    I’m confused about the new law for the licence about the spec’s and about the modification are we still aloud to modify our cars after July 2007 as long as we dont modify the cars motor. And are we aloud to put in sound systems in out cars.

  • chanel

    if i get my learners in november, so im under the new rules.. what sort of cars am i NOT allowed.. i was really looking forward to getting a sports suzuki swift, or even just a normal suzuki swift.. is that possible?? xx

  • kelly

    hey i was just wondering
    i got my learners befor the new laws come out wat ls apply to me can i drive with a open licence driver and one other person. do have to wear p plates, do any of these rules apply to me could you please let me no which of the new laws apply to me thatks :)

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/1303/qld-driver-licence-new-rules-learners-p-plates-july-2007/ smarty said

    every body i`ve been reading everybodys complaints an I`m wit ya if this govournment brings in any more fucking rules there is going to be a fucking riot and there will be nothing they can do about it specialy when the whole of Australia turns against there own govournment. thanx

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/1303/qld-driver-licence-new-rules-learners-p-plates-july-2007/ smarty said

    ps i like sex

  • Michael

    I realy think that the new rules need 2 be changed back!!! cause its just so unfair to all the poeple getting they licences. Will these new dumb rules change??? this is so not going to help the death toll on the road people will still die its sad i no but we carnt stop it so they should change the rules back, and wat is the most powerfulest engine i can hav???

  • Stephanie

    i juts have a question, im only 17 but i nknow a 20 yr old
    he owns an r32 skitling and he has modified it so its not 230 rwkw

    he said it is not illegal to drive it but i thought it was

  • jai

    ok i got my p’s a long time before these new rules come in,i got my licence suspended before these rules come in but i get them back on the 20th of this month,do i have the same rules as when i got my p’s or will i be stuck with these bull shit rules ANSWER PLEASE

  • shane

    i will be moving to qld at the start of next year and i tern 16 in march will i be able ton get my L’s and will i be able to get my P’s at 17 years old?

  • shane

    i am moving to qld at the start of next year from vic will i be able to get my L’s up there at 16 and my P’s at 17?

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutepinkblossom25 Megan Emily Jones

    Lets see if no one gets thier learners and provisionals how much the department do, guess what, they will have to change the laws to something different, whos with me on this one??? because guess what, I am never going for them because of these new laws, thats how strongly I feel about them, I might as well catch public transport for the cost of these new laws, jeeze! Love youse all who agree with me, please feel free to msn or write me an email at this address on this issue at, meegs_21.03@hotmail.com .
    Love youse all!

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutepinkblossom25 Megan Emily Jones

    I need help!

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutepinkblossom25 Megan Emily Jones

    go to his address, and see what it says under the heading Decline in US drivers or something like that and it might have something do with us QLDers as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drivers_licence . Just hope this would interest you as well.

  • brendon

    i have been told that u are not alowed anything over 2l when u are on you’r L plates is that true

  • Mirandah

    Hello Everyone,

    I know that these laws don’t apply to me, as I am about to go onto my open license. But I do believe that these laws have a place in QLD. I have lived in 2 of the 3 places known to have the highest number of cars impounded for hooning. I was lucky not to be in this position myself. I was very well educated about road safety, but as a young foolish person does, I thought I was invincible and that “it won’t happen to me”. I went hooning and rolled my car on rural road. I had a sports motor in my car and just out of inexperience, I ended up learning a very valuable lesson. By being on your learners for a whole year you gain so much more experience on the road and having log books ensures that young people are learning to drive under a number of conditions. Car restrictions do suck, but I believe it is important to start at the bottom and work your way up. And yes the plates don’t look cool on your car, but its the law and we must obey. Also from my experience, most of my friends did not do enough driving in the 6month learner system and did not pass or weren’t prepared to go for their provisionals by this time, so its probably even more convenient for you young people and your parents. I know that this may sound like a load of crap, but from someone who has done things the old way, change isn’t always bad. Even if this program stops one young person getting behind the wheel of a high powered car or driving before they have enough experience and it saves one life, it is worth it.

  • Mirandah

    ATTN: Jai

    I think you will have to be under some of the new laws. Check out the Dept of Transport website, its all there!

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutepinkblossom25 Megan Emily Jones

    :(:(:(:( is what I think of the new laws.

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutepinkblossom25 Megan Emily Jones


  • stephen duffield

    i think that the laws about mobiles are dumb beacase there will be more people being distracted triying to talk on there phones ond not get cought then if the law was just that we have to talk on a hands free if we want to talk on our phone and i think that if we drive without braking the law while on our L and P1 then we should be able to get our full licence erlier than normal and you who do brake the law it beacase you that there is more and more laws being inforced so DO NOT BREAK THE LAW and then we wont have to keep geting more and more laws brought against us and us that dont brak the law wont have to abide by laws that you cased to come into action so just do what you are told and you wont have to worry about geting into trouble

  • Alex

    “But do not worry, there are people like us who are writing and complaining and doing as much as we can to let the government know these new laws will not save any lives.”

    mate thanks for saying that, it really means alot to know there are “adults” out there who think it’s still bollocks. God bless ya

  • BOB


  • Gary


  • dog


  • billy ray bob

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  • Micheal Jackson

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  • SAM

    Serously guys can u stop jokin around, these are serious laws.

  • tiger


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  • stanley

    U guys r bitches stop cat fighting these laws are sweet sometimes when i think about them i get horny

  • john

    sam i kno what your saying, i think there being idiots! and quite frankly, its getting old, the new laws are good!!

  • Mark Brewer

    Quote “the new laws are good!!”

    Ok, are they good if the only vehicle you have access too (meaning my parents are not rich and can only supply me with) is an old F100 with a low powered V8?

    If i could not drive this truck, I would be up the creek, because I live out of town and have no access to public transport.

    Think about that. I would be broke because some dimwit Bureaucrat decided that banning V8’s was a good idea.

    We, as P-Platers, need to fight. If you want to organise something, let me know.


    I am not a hoon, and I believe that restricting vehicles on the basis of cylinders alone is illogical and unfair.

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Yes, the laws are very crap, you can’t drive an F-Truck just because it has 8 cylinders and that doesn’t mean it’s faster than a nomal car.

  • Crazy guy


  • ping pong

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  • matt

    My friend moved to QLD for about 9 months without a licence of any sort. He also lost his NSW P’s licence before he moved up there.
    He then ,moved back with his full (black) licence.

    Is this still possible?
    Or are the new rules excluding this from july…?


  • boys are my life

    hey i love boys?? any 1??

  • Paulno


    i have my Red P’s down in NSW.
    but im probably moving up to QLD with the next couple of months.

    im just wondering what the laws are for P platers in QLD?

    since coming here i have barely seen any P plates. are you REQUIRED to show your P plates up here?

    i also have msn if anyone wants to reply to me there.


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  • fil

    These new rules are ridiculous what ever happened to a free dam country i bet the fools who set these rules would have been mad if they had to go thru this crap when getting there lisence like they where any better when they where young thank god i got my ps b4 i had to put a big P for PICK and tale gate me sign all over my dam windows

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  • macho man=]

    het everone ok i need to no ok i turned 16 and 6 months on the first of july i just wanted to no wat do i do am i under the new laws or is there something else plz answere me

  • Lindsay

    I have a question,
    is there a rule that you have to have your learners for 2 years before you are able to go for your N?

  • matty

    yeh im getting my l’s in a few days i need to know wat im allowed: 4cilender v6,v8

  • David

    i’m currently a 16 year old on the new laws and will be going for my p’s in a couple of weeks time. yes the experience i have gained through time has helped me a lot yet, that is the only thing about the laws i agree with. the rest is something i want to experience myself. i would be better off learning the hard way because that is really the only way people actually learn. at the moment, my family only has 2 cars, a camry my parents uses frequently and a turbo’d skyline my older brother owns. what am i to do if i were late for something important like education? catch the unreliable bus service brisbane operates? they should exempt p platers who are in my position.

  • Teekay

    What i really need to know is if i can get out of having to keep my leaners for 12 months. Gaining 100hrs is absolutely no problem at all, i live about 30+km from the university im attending and REALLY need my license ASAP as fuel will be costing me a fortune and i get paid very little (i only just turned 18).
    the only reason i didn’t get it sooner was that it cost too much.
    If any1 has any info advice that’d be great.

  • Jimmy

    Hey guys and girls,

    my understanding of it is that if you have your licence before the changes then you are sweet (unless your on your L’s) if you have to sit something to get your licence (L-P) then you will fall under the new system (sorry it sucks agreed)

    As for power of cars, at the moment if your finnishing your p’s this year i think you can own a V8/turbo, however my understanding of it for my licence (aquired 06) i am not allowed to own a V8 or Turbo car regardless of engine size. the strange thing was at the time there was no restriction as to the type of car you could be a learner on :S so i was taught to drive in a V8 SS …. go figure now im stuck in a commodore exec (still a good car)

    The new laws about restrictions on P-Platers do not apply to those who already hold one (they are not retrospective) I also agree that they are ridiculous and extreemly badly thought out and executed. However i think if we all look at mid to late 06 we can probably see what has brought in some of the restrictions on number of people in P-plate cars after 11pm. i dont condone it… however it might prevent you from loosing 4 friends instead of 2.

    I do however believe that the QTD should subsidise advanced/defensive driver training and make it a manditory requirement before you can get your p’s. i think this would be far more effective than the current shock and horror ad’s on TV. it would certainly be an unusually pro-active step on their behalf.

    all the best


  • http://trademe.co.nz 2PAC

    SO i can dirve a honda civic type R NON TURBO that has 220kw at the wheels and cant drive a honda city 800cc turbo 88kw? WTFFFFFFFFFF DUMB SHIIIIIITTSSSSSS

  • Matt

    Nope, cant drive that one. On your P’s you cant drive any car with more than 200kw. You can drive a turbo-diesel but not a petrol turbo or supercharged car.

  • http://google emma

    hey i was just wondering. i heard that if you get your learners before the 1st of july 07 then you only have to do 60 hours in your log book. is this true?

  • Shuang Shuang Li

    Can a P Plater who is under 18 carry two family member whose age are under 10 year old drive a Pajero without other experienced driver’s company at 6:20pm in Queensland?

  • Mr PM

    You can’t drive V8’s on your l’s

  • http://elmo krissy

    oh really, that sucks. i was under the impression that you could drive any type of car on your L’s as you are supervised by an experianced driver. That it was when you are on your P’s when you have spercific restictions, because that is the period when you are the most vulnerable.

  • Leisa

    Hey I would really appreciate anyone’s help on this! Kind of urgent. I got my learner’s licence on the 29-06-07 and JUST avoided the new laws!
    I haven’t got my P’s yet and my current Learners expires on the 28-06-08 (yes, next Saturday).
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the following..
    If I renew my licence before 28-06 as required, do I stay on the old laws? I’m presuming I don’t. But the new laws require me to hold my Learners for 1 year before gaining my P’s. Now does the time I’ve held my previous L’s for count still as holding this licence for a year? Or when I renew my licence do I basically have to start over on the new laws and hold this new licence for a year? I’ve tried asking so many people and no one seems to understand what I want to know! I hope someone can help me.. I was even told by a friend that when I go to renew my learners, I will have to resit the Learners test and pay the fee again. Is this true?? Can somone please clear this up for me?? Thank you! Leisa.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/1303/qld-driver-licence-new-rules-learners-p-plates-july-2007/#comments Dj

    Hey i got my automatic licence before the new rules came out. If i wanted to get my manual licence soon would i have to do the log book or would i skip that.

    THanks dj

  • kylie

    hey, i wanted to know can i send my lof book away before i turn 17 and have the 100 hours or do i gave to be 17 to send it away. thank you

  • Vic lad

    In Victoria they have a Three year P plate system. Years 2,3 we are on green P’s. Does Queensland have a three year system. I am 2 years in to this system and have lost work because i am still on P’s but for more than 1 year. UNFAIR! I am 36 yr old greenie (Rode bike everywhere).
    I plan to take a job in Queensland and will require a full lisence. Will i be able to get one since i have served 12 months on red P plates or will i be rolled over to P’s since i am technically on P’s now?

    Educated responces sought.

  • Mia

    I’m going for mine next week- unfortunately those weird, new laws apply to me and agree with your points made regarding mobile phone usage. I also agree with the descrimination against drivers under 25 years of age: There are many immature and irresponsible people who drive and are over 25 years, probably no less than there are under 25, so whoever came up with that seems to me that they clearly don’t pay attention to the world themselves; nor are they under 25 and are immature and irresponsible themselves. (Very frustrated about that one).

    I believe that if the government wants us to better drivers, then they should provide free/cheap/special driving lessons and courses with accredited instructors- who they can guarantee will do a good job. The newspaper recently reported that they will be doing something along the lines of this, but nothing is concreted yet.

  • Roadworks

    to vic lad, for over 25’S in Qld you only have to have your green P lic for 1 year and then go to full licence. You should be able to go to Qld Transport when you get here and transfer your vic licence for an open Qld. licence. I am a driving instructor so is that educated enough for you.

  • Allison

    $40 for a 1 hour lesson in queensland? geez maybe I should go there for driving lessons! I’ve done at least 50 hours with a driving instructor, if the same rule of the first 10 hours with a driving instructor counted as 1 hour amounting for 3, I’d technically have 80 hours also I’m shelling out $60 for 1 45 minute lesson every week and have been doing do for the last year! so complaining it’s expensive or whgatever don’t complain! those of us in NSW that don’t have help have no choice but to shell out for a driving instructor!

  • Brooke

    im 17 and am a learner. it is bullshit that people born before the date new laws came in only had to do 60 hours! i think its bullshit altogether. government sucks! no wonder many people dont have there licenses. too much hassle

  • nathan

    hi i was wondering if im on my learners and i am driving a car that has three seats in the front is it iligeal if i have a mate plus my mum in the passenger seat while i drive? also what happens to my learners if i get cuaght speeding or breaking the rules. do i loose my learners?

  • Ryan

    my dad still has a british driving license – does he qualify as a valid supervising driver or does he need to renew his license to a queensland licence before the hours i have driven with him count?

    p.s. he is not required to renew his license to a queensland license to be able to drive.

  • Dad to new a new L plater

    Ok got the engine laws down pat but heard a rumour about other modifications, ie buying a 4WD that has been raised, what other mods have been targeted for cars & 4WD, if any ie lowering ect.
    Cheers Dad

  • Anna

    Heres a warning for parents. If you are taking your child for a practical driving test on the Gold Coast, you need to use a driving school car. If you use your own car, the child will be faild four times, and pass only on their fifth attempt.

    We were told of this fact by a number of my daughters friends, it was also confirmed by two driving schools here on the coast. One of my daughters friends has failed three times – her parents cant afford to use a driving school car (has had 12 lessons though and completed her log book). Her confidence has been destroyed and she will no longer get behind the wheel….at all. Also noted was the inconsistency between assessors. The girl was failed on her second attempt for “clutch cruising” which was not picked up on her first or third attempt. Be very careful of what these “assessors” are doing to your kids please.

  • Older

    I consider the discrimination of young people(predominantly) by introducing laws that do not apply to other drivers as ridiculous. These same young people are the ones who are expected to fight our wars for us and pay taxes to fund older peoples retirement. They do not deserve to be punished in this way. Sure, there is a minority of young people who cause accidents by driving irresponsibly but there are also many older people who are a danger on our roads.

    I am all for equality! Same rules for everyone! Tell your local politician if you agree.

  • shane

    hey.. can a p plater drive a car with modification plates ???

  • BILL


  • Jayde

    Can P platers drive a supercharged v6 calais or what is the maximum KW

  • Sean

    When i got my licence i got my p licence we didn’t have to have p plates or l plates on the car and i learned to drive v8 and big petrol strait six nissan patrol manaul and i learned by watching someone how to use the gears and pedels in the car and i first drove a 4wd when i was 15 years old back in the late 1980’s on the beach my first manaul was a pajero turbo diesel and most of my 4wd’s were diesel and i got a petrol v6 manaul it was a lot harder to drive a petrol manaul car then a diesel and i’m in the late 30’s if i had a teenager i would get them into a turbo diesel manaul 4wd because they would learn the size and distence of the vechelle or a turbo diesel car and even more so not frount wheel drive and the police are not more likely to get followed by the police because they can’t do burn outs as easyly and my prado i never got followed by the police they just left me aloan driving and it was a diesel and they don’t have a top speed like a petrol version most turbo diesel 4wds are flat out around 110 to 135km/h

  • Coolkidz

    This information is not relevant

    owen harvey