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BMW Australia has expanded its luxury sports crossover line-up with the introduction of an entry-level diesel model to the BMW X6 range: the BMW X6 xDrive30d.

The launch of the X6 xDrive30d means the BMW X6 range now starts at $109,900 (manufacturer’s list price, excluding government and dealer charges).

The previous base model – the BMW X6 xDrive35i – is priced from $119,600, which means the X6 range starts at a $9700 cheaper price point than before.

The xDrive30d is powered by a 3.0-litre diesel engine with 180kW of power and 540Nm of torque. The new model will sprint from 0-100km/h in just 7.5 seconds, while combined cycle fuel consumption is an impressive 7.4 litres/100km – by far the most frugal X6 in the range.

Like the rest of the line-up, an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, along with Dynamic Performance Control, which enhances the crossover’s agility and handling.

The xDrive30d model sees the introduction of a five-seat option for the X6, which is now available across all models in the range. The centre-rear seating position retains an inbuilt armrest as well as the bench’s 60:40 split-fold ability.

Standard features include 19-inch alloy wheels, automatic tailgate, leather sports seats and steering wheel, bi-xenon headlights, high beam assist, head-up display, rear view camera with Top View, front and rear parking sensors, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth and USB audio connectivity.

A $5000 Sports Package pumps up the xDrive30d with 20-inch alloy wheels, a high-gloss shadow line and anthracite roof liner.

The launch of the X6 xDrive30d follows the recent introduction of the BMW X3 xDrive30d, which sits at the top of the X3 range.

2011 BMW X6 manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • xDrive30d – $109,900
  • xDrive35i – $119,600
  • xDrive40d – $126,000
  • xDrive50i – $149,000
  • X6 M – $185,000

  • Jzaa

    0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds
    Combined cycle fuel 7.4 litres/100km

    For a hulking car like this those figures are impressive if they’re accurate to real world conditions…

    • Nick Car

      What is not impressive is that the X6 gets 180 kw, 540 Nm, whilst the X3 gets 190 kw, 560 Nm for the 3.0 litre diesel. Why does BMW provide the sportie SUV with the lesser engine? Why not the same engine as the X3? The X3 does 6.2 sec 0-100 km/h & 6.0 litres/100km; that’s impressive. And it’s about $36,000 less expensive than the X6.

  • Grammar Nazi

    Ugly just got more affordable. This means that even more people with poor-taste will have the opportunity to drive around in one. God help us all…

    • steve


  • Charger

    Still ugly and pointless!
    i dont care what the price is! you cant put a price on taste!

    • Igor

      Pointless & ugly for you perhaps but not for me & 1000′s of others.
      So what beautiful & purposeful car do you drive?

      • Jim Sim

        Really? You drive one of these?
        I feel sorry for you mate. Thats terrible tastes right there.
        Dont even bother arguing.
        Yuk, just yuk.

        • idlebrain

          jim sim so what do you drive? what’s the choice of the guy who ignore others?

  • Able

    A lot of people hate on the X6 on this website but the fact is, I see at least 10 a day…

  • Kim.

    Looks great IMO. Dont see the point of a 5 seater one, i preferred the 4 seat arrangement in the one i was in.

  • jack

    What a strange car, I always say it’s ugly, and then one passes me by, what a breath taking vehicle.

  • M\\\ Power

    People who says BMW X6 is ugly are FAT-ASS loses with No sense of taste about design or beauty…!!!

  • Grady

    I like it. Honestly hated it when I first saw it in an article but now that I see them on the road they look pretty cool.