Updated with comment from Toyota Australia.

Unofficial images of the 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry have been leaked ahead of the vehicle’s Japanese launch in October.

The images, from Holiday Auto magazine via Brazilian website Noticias Automotivas, claimed to be official shots of the new Toyota Hybrid Camry.

However, Toyota Australia has confirmed the images are not representative of the upcoming Hybrid Camry for the local market.

“These are not official pictures and this is not the Hybrid Camry for the Australian market,” a Toyota Australia spokeswoman said.

The new 2012 Toyota Camry range is on track to go on sale in Australia in the third quarter of this year, with the new Hybrid Camry scheduled for the first quarter of 2012. The new Toyota Aurion V6 is also expected in the first half of next year.

The unofficial images reveal a front-end design similar to the current Hybrid Camry, which is different to the images and videos of the standard 2012 Toyota Camry we revealed earlier this month.

The rear, however, takes on the new styling, with chunkier taillights, a thick chrome bar and a heavily redesigned bumper construction.

The interior has also been revised heavily, with a new four-spoke steering wheel and new centre console layout clear to see.

The magazine spread claims an average consumption of 26.5km/litre, which converts to 3.8 litres/100km, although that level of consumption (for the Australian model at least) seems highly unlikely.

The current Camry, which teams an electric motor with a 2.4-litre petrol engine, uses fuel at a rate of 6.0 litres/100km, and a combined cycle rating closer to this is expected for the new hybrid.

The new model will use the new ‘AR’ 2.5-litre petrol engine, which will also be used to power the standard Camry range.

At 4825mm long, 1825mm wide, 1470mm tall and with a 2775mm wheelbase, the report suggests the new Hybrid Camry will be 10mm longer, 5mm wider and 10mm lower than the outgoing model.

The boot space will reportedly grow from 389 litres to 440 litres, while rear legroom is up 46mm.

The magazine spread is a little sketchy and should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt for now, although it does reveal a number of previously unseen elements of the new car.

Stay tuned for official updates as the launch of the new 2012 Toyota Hybrid Camry approaches.

  • Toy-boata

    This is what happens when you mix the styling of a Holden Epica(back) and mazda 6(foglights) with a regular Toyota Camry. Well done Toyota!

  • Jack

    Still bland and boring, but looking a little like a top of the line LS Lexus, which can only be a good thing. Expect to see it in an RSL car-park near you.

  • http://carAdvice The Salesman

    Is Toyota Japanese for -change nothing-?

  • Bob

    Too bland and boring!

  • Andrew of Melbourne

    Is this the old toyota camry?

  • PhantomHamster

    Old Camry/New Camry who can tell…. Beige from 1987 and Beige from 2012 is still Beige.

  • Davo


  • Ben

    This is not the 2012 Toyota Camry, the vehicle in Akio Toyoda’s teaser message has more sculpted headlights.

  • Golfschwein

    I give it this: it’s not ugly. Everything’s well ordered and in the right place, actually. When they put their minds to it, just goes to show that Toyota designers CAN lift their crayons at the right moment, as opposed to the overtime done on the CT200h.

    If this differs a little from other new images CA have posted, could that mean that this is the Aurion version, bearing in mind that overseas Aurions are actually badged as Camrys?

  • GM

    Have they moved the badge?

    • PhantomHamster

      yes u might be right and I think the wing mirror might be .5cm wider… WOW crazy times we live in….haha

  • Nicholas

    This may be the next generation Toyota Aurion then, since Toyota Australia has officially said that it isn’t the 2012 Camry. Keep in mind however that if it is the next generation Aurion, then the body (i.e doors, roof profile) will be the same as the all new Camry as the current two models (Camry & Aurion) share the same body except for the front & rear ends.

  • Smokin’ Jo

    It will sell well despite being an unspectacular car. Typical Toyota I guess.

  • dimka

    And the honours go to one of the most boring cars on our roads. Another applaud to Toyota for producing such a fine boredom specimen. Hope all the people who can’t drive buy one.

  • Shak

    Holy Beige-mobile Batman!

  • drama queen

    Thats the same as Lexus GS

  • Alexande

    It’s a typical conservative, super-safely styled Toyota, which isn’t a bad thing. I like it, it’s not over designed like some other Japanese cars yet it’s not sleep inducingly bland.


    what the hell is that thing, its a car without an identity.

  • HybridMagic

    I believe the new Camry Hybrid will features the EV,ECO mode & PWR mode buttons like the Lexus HS250. Because this would definitely bring down the fuel con rate from current 6.0L/100km to around 20-26.5km/l mark.

    • Alexande

      The EV/ECO/PWR modes dont have HUGE effects on consumption, although ECO does make a small difference, especially when running the aircon. EV also just drains the HV battery which then causes the engine to work harder to recharge it, using more fuel. IMO it’s not really worth forcing EV only propulsion, HSD will allow for EV driving when it’s efficient to without using EV mode (ie at low speed). The third gen hybrid system with the redesigned motor/generator 1 & 2 with the new 2.5 ltr AR engine running the Atkinson cycle and a (highly likely) lithium battery should get economy down to 5.2-5.5l/100km, possibly 5.0l/100km at a push.

      • HybridMagic

        Thanks for your hybrid driving comment.
        I’m renting a Camry Hybrid for my holiday trip now to see how effective is the hybrid system when compared to the current Prius HSD. To my surprise, the Camry Hybrid will start the combustion engine from standing stand even with very little & gentle throttle input (i.e. 5-10% throttle) whereas a Prius can handle a electric-driven standing start with 20% throttle in ‘Normal mode’.
        Another big diffence between Camry & Prius is the battery level. In the Camry, it is very hard to make full use of its battery energy. After driving it for several days, I have never seen the battery level drops below 70%. As you know, driving a Prius..it is very common to use the battery energy till only 20% remaining.
        So far, the Camry Hybrid trip computer avg 5.7L/100km with 60/40 highway & suburban driving. I’m sure I can have a 5.5L/100km figure if I can have more EV time.

        • Alexande

          I think the Camry might have a hybrid system geared to a quicker throttle response, hence the engine starting up quicker, although i find the Camry more ‘normal’ to drive in comparison to my Gen 3 Prius. I avoid letting my battery drain down as it’s detrimental to battery life and due economy, but the Camry should taker longer to drain as it has a larger battery pack (i think) and it’s able to harness more energy from regen. 5.7l/100km is pretty good though, is that with heavy pulse and glide or just normal driving? Avoid cold starts and short trips (Google Prius modes of operation to read more about HSD copes with cold starts and how you can minimize the impact on economy)and 5.5l/100km should be easy to achieve.

          • HybridMagic

            It’s mainly normal driving @ legal speed limit.

      • HybridMagic

        I understand when you said about engine running higher when recharging the battery after long EV mode driving. Therefore, it is important to plan when to use EV and when to recharge the battery. (depending on road and traffic condition, it’s best to do the recharing when you reach 70km/h road without any stop-start traffic ahead.)

        • Alexande

          I personally never use the EV button and dont let the HV battery discharge to under 50% as it then runs the engine harder to get the State of Charge up to around 70%, the lower the SOC, the more fuel you’ll use (generally) as the Engine does more work. I can achieve 3.6l/100km in a Gen 3 Prius on a tank of fuel in summer, in a Camry i think around 4.9-5.2l/100km from a tank in summer could be achievable relatively easily.

  • AR

    Those people who continuously saying Toyota makes bland and boring vehicle time after time are in fact the most boring car enthusiasts in the world.

    • Steve

      Snap! That’ll learn ’em. Very witty AR.

  • wokstar

    you realise that both the aurion and camry are built in australia right? it is about as australian as both the commodore and the falcon