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With 22 rivals in the light-car segment and the new Mazda2 taking some of the limelight away from Toyota’s Yaris, the Japanese giant has announced a special-edition Yaris RUSH model to give buyers a reason to come back to the Big T.

Not that Toyota needs to be worried, so far this year the Yaris has been the best selling light-car in Australia. Toyota has held this title with the Yaris and Echo for the last five years, but it never hurts to be more competitive.

Available for a limited time, Yaris RUSH is essentially a YR 5-door hatch with more than $1000 worth of added specification for $500.

The 14-inch steel wheels are replaced with 15-inch alloys from the more expensive YRX model and the standard single CD player has given way to a six-stack system with Bluetooth connectivity and added foglamps. Buyers also receive “Yaris”-branded mats and a special-edition badge.

2008 Toyota Yaris RUSH

Standard features of the YR model include twin front airbags, air-conditioning, anti-skid brakes, power windows and mirrors, seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters for the front seats and power steering.

Unfortunately buyers still need to pay an extra $750 for side and curtain airbags. Metallic paint is also an additional $300. The 1.3-litre four-cylinder Yaris is priced from $16,890 for the five-speed manual and $18,390 for the four-speed automatic.

  • Alex

    Meh. Enough Said.

  • Carl

    Have said it many times but can’t resist because i’ve had to sell my Yaris for these very reasons…..this car is false economy, it’s too thirsty for what it is…..for anyone considering this car expect to put 10 litres of petrol every 100Ks in the city and 7 litres on the highway!!! and also has a rock hard suspension so expect every bump on our pathetic RTA roads to give your kidneys a pounding!

    This type of car only makes sense for people that have limited driving skills because it’s very easy to park but if you can reverse without FREEKING out and just want to save on fuel bills then get a big comfortable LPG car and it will be even cheaper on fuel than this thing!!!!

    So Toyota “toggers” please don’t give me the crap about driving styles because when i compare fuel bills with a 6cil. LPG car it’s the same person driving with the same driving style!

  • booter

    im assuming that the monthly car sales figures include, fleet, hire cars, government and business buyers??? be interesting to note private buyer monthly sales figures. and with this car, how many of the “Hello Kitty” segement buyers there was.

  • si1982

    I am a bit suprised by Carl’s post re Yaris fuel consumption. I don’t own one neither do my friends have one, so I can’t comment on it personally.

    But my 10 year old Mitsubishi Mirage with a 1.5L 5 speed manual seems to be more economical than this! In the city I get 7L/100Km and on Highways I get about 5L/100Km and both with the air-conditioning on and I am not a very passive driver i.e. every so often I do like to press the accelerator hard!

    Guess I will stick with my car for a while longer…

  • Carl

    Si1982…..those figures were for a brand new 2006 Yaris yrs 1.5 Auto driving with 3 people on board and with the air conditioning on!

    My e-gas Falcon under the same conditions is 2 dollars cheaper to run in the city 4 dollars cheaper to run on the highway…that’s paying around 140 cents for petrol and 60 cents for gas…..that was what my Yaris cost ME!!!!!

  • Carl

    ^^^^^meant to say 2 and 4 dollars cheaper every 100Ks^^^^^^

  • si1982

    Speaking of fuel consumption, I was in Sydney last week and saw the prices climb up to 163cents/L ouch!!!

    Has anyone got the “real world” figures for a Jazz and Mazda 2?

    These three (yaris, jazz, 2) fall in the same category and would be great to know how they all compete with each other. Also the new Jazz is about to be released soon!

  • Reckless1

    What does “rush” mean – will the numnuts rush out and buy one of these, do they give you a head rush, or do they make you rush for the porcelain bowl……

  • alec

    I had a Yaris rental for a week and hated it.
    It was gutless and thirsty, I was averaging around 9.5 litres for the drive through Sydney. I get 10.5 for the same drive in a BF2.
    The worst part about a Yaris is the lack of feel from any of its controls, Steering, Clutch and Gearbox.

  • MatthewM

    Yawn… wake me up when Toyota produces something with a soul.

  • GhisGT

    Same Alec. Did you notice how cheap the doors sounded when you closed them? The WORST tin can sound ever, and I’m not even going to mention how gutless it was… holy sh1t

  • alec

    Not only that, but it just felt so unstable to me. I disagree that the Yaris is one of the best handling small cars.
    Obviously each car takes some getting used to, but the combintaion of light clutch, floaty handling and a tendency to change direction easily still had me uncomfortable at the end of the week.

    I am no small car hater. My first car was a MK1 Escort with a 2 litre conversion. Manufacturers need to look back a few years and discover what small car handling is all about.

  • GhisGT

    HAHAHA you hit the nail on the head there Alec! We had nicknamed the car, the ‘YAWRIS!” due to its incredible body roll!

  • Bob

    I rented one too and used heaps of fuel thanks to lving within 3.5rpm of redline for 90% of the time. It was the most gutless, pathetic car I’ve ever driven. My old 1.5l Festiva manual was better in the “go” department and just as tinny… for a 1998 model.

    Based on first hand experience (and clearly shared by many on here) I’d rather walk than drive a Yaris.

  • Golfschwein

    A friend of mine has a current Yaris that he is extremely pleased with, although he probably has no idea what its consumption is.

    I call it the “Yaaairs” in my Little Britain’s Scottish Innkeeper’s voice.

  • Baji

    I’ve never liked the yaris ever since taking it out for a test drive in 2006. We were looking at cars for a friend of mine at the time and she was seriously thinking about getting the Yaris just because it was a Toyota. I told her to hold up on the purchase until she tried out other cars like the swift, jazz and mazda 2. We eventually settled for a mazda 2. Mazda 2 was heaps better quality, more room and so much more responsive and a better drive.

  • Jeiz

    Thirsty sure….. ive had my YR Automatic since December and with mostly peak hour sydney city driving ive been able to get 600km out of 40 litres (6.67 combined) usuing 91 RON Unleaded fuel.
    On a constant highway trip driving at 100-110km/h I have achieved 750km out of the same amount of fuel around 5.3 combined.

  • Bucket (Formerly Known as Chris)

    I’ve got a 2.0L Focus Zetec and I don’t drive it gently…
    Somehow, I still manage to get 7.9L per 100Km…640K’s per tank…Not bad for the Duratec HE :)

  • Bret

    They should have called it Crush, cause thats the last feeling owners will have when anything bigger than a pushbike hits them.

    Good one Toyota, lets do a “special”…..add side airbags? Nah, give em “Bluetooth connectivity”, foglamps, mats and a special-edition badge!!!

    How could anyone ever claim Toyota buyers are an intelligent discerning lot?

  • Jarrad

    “Same Alec. Did you notice how cheap the doors sounded when you closed them? The WORST tin can sound ever, and I’m not even going to mention how gutless it was… holy sh1t”

    I know someone with a Yaris and the doors shut with a BMW luxurious ‘thud’ sound!

  • Mick

    Well its good to read some comments of people who actually have this car. I’ve had one as a hire car and was far from impressed. The only new car I have driven that is as bad if not worse is a 3 door Kia Rio. That thing was terrible!!

  • http://realcars realcars

    All that matters is that ir is a Toyota and that is enough to give the girls in the typing pool a hot flush.

  • Phill

    Another crap car from Toyota.Just like a Prius,The automotive joke of a car,that gets Toyota credit for being green,when the japanese tax payer pad for most of its development.Ford slays toyota in all classes of onroad vehicles in Oz.Fiesta flogs Yaris,Focus slaps Corolla,Mondeo smashes the Camry and the Falcon absolutly kicks the living shit out of the Aurion(Borion) Espcially when it comes to FPV vs TRD.

  • No Name

    Supposed to be a cheap runabout – but its not exactly cheap at 18K.
    Still someone buys them. Not me cos I don’t do small cars. Again really popular here (UK) but I understand they are really tinny.

  • joober

    haha, what pansy in Toyota Aus came up with this Gimmick, exploiting the ignorant for quick and dirty sales, Hope this falls through and whoever is responsible for this campaign gets fired… spend your money else where.

    When I first opened this article I thought Toyota would bring out a real derivate instead of options as standard.

  • JW

    From what I have read, the doors are very solid for the segment. Furthermore, despite what most people say, clearly there’s something about it that draws people in to buy it, it’s the best seller in a hotly contested segment and is by no means the fastest or the cheapest.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    I reckon much more classy and not over curvy as Mazda 2. The Mazda 2’s snout looks too much for a little car!

  • si1982

    @Phill- So what if the Japanese Tax payers paid for the development of the Prius?

    The same happens in Australia when the Government is asked to provide grants to build Hybrid Commies and Falcons. So nothing new there. Govt is often asked to provide grants and other tax breaks to sustain the automotive manufacturing in Australia and many other countries.

    Prius is a boring car in my opinion, but it did manage to achieve something – mass production of hybrids! also dont forget that its about 10 years old now (in terms of the tech) how many non Toyota hybrids do we get in the market at the moment – hmmm Honda Civic. I include Lexus with Toyota.

    GM had a fantastic opportunity with the EV (check google) but for some reason decided to crush all of them!

    The Hybrids in US are still only able to achieve 22mpg which is shocking! GMC “yukon” or something weird like that….

    I would gladly pick the Yaris over the current crop of small cars from Holden…

    However I do think that Ford provide Toyota with some stiff competetion.

  • Phill

    Yea Si1982 you just said it, the Mass production of hybreds,now people think toyota is the world leader in being Green but i say thanks japanese tax payers for kicking of the hybred movement.What would have happend if Nissan had got the money and developed it.Any way its crap,not that good at what its supposed to be.Got beaten by a deisel,and why is it ten years old,is that because the Govenment has not given toyota more money.Probably

  • wheelnut

    I think that a Roush edition would be alot better than a Rush edition

  • Bret

    TP I don’t think that any claimed Toyota “lied” about consumption, just that real world figures are probably more disastrous for this car than many others.

  • Spitfire

    A special edition badge. I am so exited, not.

  • Duck

    Why did Toyota remove the Echo nameplate and replaced it with Yaris nameplate anyway?

  • http://realcars realcars

    Toyota never tells fibs. I believe everything they say.

    Sounds like u are talking Yaris Taxi TP?

    We all know they have an easier life.

    Must admit a BF Egas Falcon does sound better than driving a crippling Yaris(as are all the cars in this class).

    How I hate tiny four cylinder cars. Better use public transport.

  • Duck

    TP, Airconditioning turned on in your car does not affect fuel economy at all. Fact from MythBusters.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Didn’t want to pip the Corolla as the longest running model in the history of the car?

  • Bret

    Duck Says:
    May 26th, 2008 at 6:58 pm
    TP, Airconditioning turned on in your car does not affect fuel economy at all. Fact from MythBusters.

    Duck, yes it does, and the smaller the engine the more it does.
    However, if you compare turning the a/c on vs opening a window at 60+ km/h then the a/c is the better option.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Horrible and crude little puss boxes. All of them.

    Please Corolla or Mazda 3 at least!

  • Golfschwein

    The Echo was always a Yaris in overseas markets, Duck.

  • Duck

    Well why didn’t they keep the same nameplate in Australia?

  • Golfschwein

    Market research might have indicated that Australians would be unable to pronounce it. That’s why the Nissan Qashqai is the Nissan Dualis here.

  • Duck

    But how hard is the word “Echo” to pronuonce? Not as hard as Qashqai.

  • Golfschwein

    Yeah, I know, Duck. I despair at marketing research and the resultant decisions sometimes. The Toyota Auris was refused for Australia because the marketing department thought if it wasn’t called a Corolla, nobody would buy it.

    The Americans needed Mad Max to be called The Road Warrior. They had to call the VW Golf the VW Rabbit. They had to call the Mazda 323 the GLC, for Great Little Car.



  • http://evo Frugal One

    A lot of quality vehicle for the money.

    Is it any wonder they sell s/hit loads of them.

    One of the best dang cars on our market



  • Duck

    VW Rabbit nameplate used instaed of VW Golf. Ha! VW Rabbit, what a stuppid name!

  • Carl

    So travelling in a small car with your wife a one child isn’t very common in TP’s real world experience……so if you buy a Yaris don’t get married or have a child cos you’ll need to buy a real car!!!!

    This guy is obviously mentally ill and has no friends or relatives that can put up with him!!! the fact is anyone can grab a Yaris tomorrow put 2 adults and one child in it, turn the air on drive around for a while in the city and prove if i am a liar or if TP is a wanker!

  • Carl

    TP…..you call me a liar but you don’t have the guts or the brains to prove it!!!

    This car is a thirsty, gutless, expensive and uncomfortable dog box and you know it!!! no doubt the Queensland sun has fried the remaining brain cells you didn’t kill off with grog!!!!

  • Duck

    Yeah! Thes seats are not comfortable!

  • Carl

    It would be nice to be able to get close to ADR figures!
    Why can Hyundai manage with it’s i30 and Toyota consistently fails to provide figures that are any where near achievable!

    • zak

      No cars come close to ADR, but I’m getting around 7 litres in my yaris auto which is good compared to other cars i had its also reliable.

  • Carl

    I used to respect Toyota until i bought the Yaris for my wife and had to drive it occasionally…..up until then i thought Toyota was almost infallible but the experience of owning that thing has put me off Toyota’s for many years!

    I apologize for the personal attack in my previous post it’s just that this car has hit a nerve with me because i felt like a sucker for the whole time i owned it and i get agitated if someone tries to down play just bad this car is….again i was out of line and sorry!!!

  • Carl

    ^^^^obviously the apology is for TP and i forgot to write it^^^^

  • Jimbo

    Don’t waste your money. Buy a Mazda 2, you will get alot more for your dollar.

  • http://integra Wheelstud

    Yaris….crap name crap car……..just because people buy it doesnt mean its any good. People used to but Camiras Avalons and they still buy Camrys even though a Falcon uses less fuel !!!!!

  • GhisGT

    Oh, and for those who ever rent one of these, taking the air filter out is a MUST. The induction noise is priceless and the rev-limiter sounds great!

  • Bret

    Perhaps Toyota should only fit ONE seat? That would improve fuel consumption figues, not to mention safety! The thing should not have a back seat anyway. Anyone else sen one rear ended by a 4WD with a bull bar – FATALITY. The first thing that thr bullbar hit, after the rear window, was the poor teenagers head.

  • Jeiz

    http://www.yarisworld.com great community forum for worldwide yaris owners I don’t see the same amount of ownership pride for people in Hyundai Getz & Holden Kalos!!

  • joober

    Yes its always good to do ALOT of research into buying any car, dont take it that even you had a good rap with a brand in the past, mean that is that all cars from them are going to be as good as what u had going ahead.

    The Aurion that I have is the only car I would ONLY buy in Toyotas stable at the moment and that was with a discount as well when i bought it. Anything else was too generic (and lacks any highlight compared to their competitor models).

    If I was looking for a tiny car now or soon, I would be looking forward to the 500.

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bret … let me get this right – if a 4X4 smashes into the backend of a Mazda2, Honda Jazz, Fiesta or even one of those Barina’s – none of them will suffer the same consuqences as the Yaris…. !!

    You are an absolute clown.

    The Yaris infact is one of the best vehicles in it’s class and when it was released set new benchmarks for the light car segment.

    The Mazda2 is a great vehicle but also a new model compared to the Yaris which is due for a facelift.

    The Quality, reliability and durability of the Yaris is amoung the best of all and comes with a 5 star crash rating unlike the 2 star Daewoo crap from Holden.

    The only people who have nit picked this car is the same clowns that have a stab at Toyota on any topic with thier comments usually nothing more then utter rot and not even remotely connected to reality.

    Get over yourselves fools – the Yaris is amoung the best in class just like all the other Toyota’s …HA, HA !!

    Oh yeah … the greaest judge of all – The Market – choose the Yaris in much greater numbers then many others.

  • Bavarian Missile

    This is why I have moved sites……..Im happy to keep watching and shaking my head at you Dingo but prefer to have an opinion on a car site without being made to feel like your wrong every time and get abused.

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bret – have you seen those NCAP Crash video’s of the Yaris compared to the sh*tbox Barina … !!

    I bet not.

    While the Yaris suffered front end damage only, the Barina scored so poorly because the roof partially collapsed and the floor lifted in the cabin compared to localised damage on the Yaris in the exact same test.

    Your critism of the Yaris because a 4×4 with a bullbar hit ’em is joke. What do you seriuosly expect – a light car just fend of a 2 tonne solid 4×4 … what ever – clown !!

    Have you seen what a Truck does to a 4×4 !!

    Have you seen what a bulldozer does to a Truck !!

    Have you seen what a Train does to a dulldozer !!

    They all must be sh*t becuase something of greater size and mass makes a mess of them all … mmm !!

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bavarain – lets be seriuos… most of these comments are nothing but unresonable rot from clowns and believe me – i do nothing but shake my head at people like yourself all the time !!

    If you want to critise cars then fine but atleast be resonable without passing totally stupid comments like removing seats, the Yaris is crap because a 2 tonne bull bar cladded 4×4 messed up my friends Yaris and so on.

    Maybe your problem Bavarian is that i keep clowns like yourself on the straight and narrow from spilling otherwise alot of fact-less rot !!

  • Bret

    Dingo (TS)
    Get over yourself, you small minded tw!t.

    This is a Yaris article.
    I have seen the FATAL results of a rear ended Yaris. The rear seat of the Yaris IS particularly close to the rear of the vehicle. This particular impact was not overly severe either, just an unfortunate height match between a bullbar & the heads of Yaris back seat passengers.

    I have not seen a similar incident with the other cars you mention (may have happened, I don’t know).

    The star rating for crashes DOES NOT INCLUDE REAR-END crashes. This is one area where the Yaris is particularly poor.

    The uninformed masses (ie the “market”) is NEVER the greatest judge, but in fact often the worst judge.


  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Wheelstud – the Falcon uses less fuel then a Camry is utter and complete bullsh*t … PERIOD !!

    While the Camry may consume about the same fuel as larger 6 cylinder engine on the highway, the Camry remains a more frugal urban transporter of which were most people travel most of the time.

    See Bavarain … more utter rot – this is exactly what i mean.

    All-in-all for most owners of a Camry, it will remain more frugal then a larger 6 cylinder capacity engine not to mention the new Mondeo 2.3 petrol engine isn’t exactly the most efficent either … is it !!

  • Bret

    Dingo, Fair dinkum you are an idiot.
    You defend Toyota products to the end, regardless of facts and reality.


    The Yaris in question was not extensively damaged and was driven from the scene, AFTER THE DEAD BODY WAS REMOVED.

    If the heads of the back seat passengers were afforded some projection there would probably not even been any injuries at all.

    The trouble is you don’t actually keep anyone on the “straight and narrow” all you do is dispute facts and deny others opinions, whilst all the time srpouting copius quantities of toyota propaganda.

    Your posts are worthless!

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bret – i suggest you are the clown that needs to get over yourself … PERIOD !!

    Without seeing similar crashes as you just mentioned yourself, how can you accurately pass comment that the Yaris is particularly poor in rear-end crashes compared to direct competitors.

    Simple – you carn’t.

    Infact, provide me published evidance that supports your claim.

    Correct me if i am wrong but the dimensions of lightcars are all identical and the odds are, all of the light cars would have suffered similar / identical damage as the Yaris did.

    Better still, not having seen other light cars in an identical incident means you can not rule-out the possibility that ‘others’ could have faired worse … am i wrong !!

    As for the market is the worst judge … what utter rot. What circus was you born in ??

    Fact is – the greater proportion of the market have resonable general knowledge about the market and the Yaris is not just a proven great liitle buz box in Australia but on most continents of the world.

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bret … you are WRONG !!

    I defend Toyota from rot from clowns like yourself.

    I don’t dispute facts, i bring them into the equation that fools like yourself so often neglect to highlight.

    You say that the Yaris is a dangerous car. Guess what freak – no more dangerous then any other light car and infact safer then others with it’s 5 STAR NCAP RATING !!

    How many stars does the Barina … MMM !!

    So what exactly were you saying about disputing facts ??

    My comments hold alot more value then yours … PERIOD !!

    If you want greater protection – add a friggen roll cage in ‘ya car.


  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Leaked Oz Qual Survey released May 2007.

    Referance – DRIVE.ocm under ‘features’

    Figures detailed on page 6

    LIGHT CARS … ranking from 100 points

    1. Mazda2 – 82
    2. Colt – 81
    3. Yaris – 75
    4. Swift – 73
    5. Accent – 72
    … industry average 70 …
    6. Getz – 69
    7. Jazz – 67
    8. Barina – 67
    9. Fiesta – 57
    10. Polo – 49

  • GhisGT

    Supporter, roll cages are illegal for street use.

    …And the Yaris is still a very substandard car, that’s an totally un-biased review after a weeks long rental. I was much happier in the older Corolla I was driving the week before, that was actually a great car. The Yaris was such a disapointment.

  • Bret

    Freak, Clown, you’ve got all of the abuse of genuine people down pat and yet you’re wrong again!

    Nowhere did I make any claims, good or bad, about any other car in the class.
    I could not care less about Daewoo Barinas. Holden’s original advertising focused on class leading safety features (at the time), yet the ANCAP rating is terrible.
    I have not seen a death in a Barina.
    The yaris has a class leading ANCAP rating, yet I have seen someone killed by it’s poor rear end crash protection, in certain circumstances.

    Survey’s are not worth the marketing hype that they are designed for, let alone sprouting as supporting material in an argument – they just don’t have any credibility.

    To claim your comments have more value than mine?, well that explains your little self indulgent micro world then doesn’t it.


  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    GT – Your comment proves that you truely understand very little about cars.

    The market, multiple reviews aswell as countless Quality and Customer Satisfaction Surveys all around the world prove you how WRONG you are.

    Not only did the Yaris elevate the benchmark for ‘light cars’ when it was first released but remains amoung the most competitive in it’s class and that is before it’s facelift that is due time.

    Quality, reliability and dependability of the Yaris are strong points aswell not to mention competitively packaged and priced. 5 star crash rating, respectable handling, pace and efficency round-out the other strong values of the Yaris that has made it not just popular in Australia but in every market it is sold in around the world.

    As you can see above, the Yaris scored strongly in the Aust. Leaked Qual. Survey all of which proves how ridiculous your comment is.

  • Phill

    Dingo – I never thought a canine could be such a goose.You and TP have done nothing but give people a reason to dislike Toyota.

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Bret – the only clown who is wrong is you.

    What is absolutely ridiculous about your critism towards the Yaris is the fact that a light car has been rammed by a heavy weight, bull bar cladded 4×4.

    You stated yourself that you have not witnessed another light car involved in an identical incident as the Yaris so how can you possibly conclude without hard evidance that rear-end protection of the Yaris is any better or worse then any other light car … simple – you carn’t.

    And as i said – it is a possibility that some other light cars could have faired ‘worse for wear’ then the Yaris given it’s strong crash rating for a light car.

    Here is a tip for you – although it is a front end crash test and not the rear … search and find the video footage of the NCAP test of the 5 Star Yaris compared to the 2 Star Barina.

    While damage was limited to the front end of the Yaris, the Barina coincidentally suffered from a partially collapsed roof and the floor / chassis that buckedly upwards into the cabin.

    What you are forgetting about with your critism are the bare facts related to the incident as described by yourself … a high riding, heavy weight, bull bar cladded 4×4 crashes into a low riding, light weight motor vehicle … PERIOD !!

  • http://aca Toyota Supporter

    Phil – tell someone who cares.

  • Bret

    How do you argue a point with a fool, who lacks comprehension, or simply throws up the barrier and denies everything?


    Nowhere did I make any comparisons with or claims about other cars.

    I’ll repeat it again, it was NOT “rammed” in a serious impact. The collision was relatively minor for a stoplight bingle.

    The issue here is the FACT that


    No other claims, comparisons or survey waffle.

    And why would I want to revisit the video? I’ve seen it before. All it shows is that I’m better off driving what I’ve got.
    And BTW personal experience is why I do. Have you ever had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when another driver stuffs up, resulting in a 90 km/h collision?

  • Phill

    Dingo – So you love Toyota so much you want to convince everybody that there the best,fair enough.But when you over do it and start to turn people off you dont care.Strange logic

  • TP

    Good to hear youve moved BM (and apparently AndrewM)…. your not missed.

  • reality

    Bret, just curious re the rear ended Yaris. You said the car was drivable after the accident. Does this mean that the 4 x 4’s bumper was high enough to miss the Yaris’ rear bumper and tyres, punched into and through the rear hatch and crushed the rear seat occupant? Was it a two door or a four door?

  • Duck

    Toyota Supporter Says:
    May 27th, 2008 at 2:42 pm
    “Leaked Oz Qual Survey released May 2007.

    Referance – DRIVE.ocm under ‘features’

    Figures detailed on page 6

    LIGHT CARS … ranking from 100 points

    1. Mazda2 – 82
    2. Colt – 81
    3. Yaris – 75
    4. Swift – 73
    5. Accent – 72
    … industry average 70 …
    6. Getz – 69
    7. Jazz – 67
    8. Barina – 67
    9. Fiesta – 57
    10. Polo – 49″

    So the Barina was ranked higher than the fiesta and polo. HA! Isn’t that ODD?

  • TP

    Bret who are you kidding…. is being a light vehicle a Yaris only thing? Wake up to yourself, cars in this segment are that small and in hatcback form have crap all rear protection. ALL CARS in this particular market. Geeezus.

  • No Name

    Alborz theres some funny stuff going on here. Dunno what happening to this site but whenever Dingo gets on there insults abound.

    anybody new visiting the site will honestly wonder what its all about. Its getting reduced to absolute tosh. Theres only one reason and its the particularly agressive comments coming from one individual. For long term supporters to withdraw from leaving comments should say something to you.

    Would you please delete all agressive and off topic comments.

  • Bret

    It was a two door Yaris, rear ended by a Patrol with one of those tubular steel bullbars, the ones where the centre height cross bar sits forward of the rest. The bumper of the Yaris actually sustained surprisingly little lower damage. The yaris just had no head protection for rear seat passengers.

    TP, get off the Dingo bandwagon.
    I’ve not compared or mentioned other cars in the class, as I don’t have first hand knowledge of them, and unlike you don’t feel the need to express uninformed tripe. My statements have been solely about the Yaris and it’s safety shortcomings. And I stand by them. If you want to guess about other cars, without supporting evidence or knowledge (and most of your comments ARE uneducated guesses) then go ahead.

  • coconut wireless

    good mates..very good debate going on..my partner owns a yaris and here are few experience about the car – small car but big car feel inside, well equiped, does about 700km to a tank in city driving, easy to park, steering can sometimes have a mind of its own, low cost servicing, easy to customise ie stereo system, very good visualibility, comfortable in long drives with some pillows on the lumbar area, airconditioning on hot days very good, 14inche rims and tyres are not great – better to go with 15inche mags plus goodyear tyre which improve front clearance and handling, engine needs to be reved to get moving but settles down once on the move, needs bit more torque and noise reduction.
    My partner is happy about the car and it is a ok car and feels very solid in the quality department. nothing has fallen off yet. Hope this info helps.
    Cheers :-)

  • Bret

    Coconut wireless,
    I’m sure the Yaris is quite a good CITY car, others in the segment probably are too, but I don’t have first hand experience with any so can’t comment.

    Personally though I would not let anyone, whose head is higher than the seat back, to use the rear seats.

    OK (to satisfy TP and Dingo) MAYBE this might apply to similar cars in this class.

    Enjoy your car for what it is. Cheers.

  • coconut wireless

    thanks Bret, I guess that is one of the issues with hatches. the damage done if same force applied to the rear of a hatch and sedan will be higher in the hatch because the cramp zones are very weak with no resistance. perhaps the ANCP should include this their test as we have a lot of SUVs on our roads. can anyone enlighten us with the cramp zone provision in case of rear impact? will expand our knowledge.

    Cheers :-)

  • reality

    Thanks for the details Bret. It sounds like the 4 x 4 was modified for bush duty. It might have been raised higher than ADR allows to miss the bumper that might have otherwise prevented the tragedy ie. push the whole car away instead of penetrating into the cabin. As has been said before, this class of car is designed for city driving.

  • Rastus

    Hmm, looking to choose between a Mazda2 and Toyota Yaris. From reading this site yorl don’t rate the Yaris much, but sadly there seems to be a lot of personal hatred here and not much love… take a chill pill yorl!

  • julie

    i have a 2006 yrx-goes very fast-especially with mags, sports exhaust, cold air intake..the doors do not make a horrible noise-check your hearing, and yes it’s not good to drive until you get used to it. it’s different, but when you get used to it-look out cause it goes like a rocket…………..idiots!

  • Toyotas……The Words Most Boring Cars

    hahaha..goes very fast! “”Goes like a rocket” what were you used to before hand? Dont call people idiot cause they dont agree with you! Makes you look like the idiot!

  • Golfschwein

    Not good to drive until you get used to it? Goodness! I simply must try one of those!

  • http://mini Steve

    If a Yaris goes “Like a rocket” then my Citroen c3 with alloys and fuel injection has the power of a French Nuclear device. Julie you must be an astronaut and know all about rockets- very slow ones.

  • http://realcars realcars

    is this a coincidence or what?

    I just came back from the shops and helped an old lady open the stuck door on her Echo as it had jammed shut.

    Toyota quality eh?

  • http://realcars realcars

    Toyota love is like no other love.

  • Ford GT40

    I think that rocket is stuck up your bum Julie, please remove before you get used to it..

    Toyoda sells to the retired population !!!!!
    The young people are just sucked in !!!!!

  • Wheelnut

    The only way a Yaris/Echo/Corolla could go like a rocket is if you bolted either a Turbo or a Baby-Blower on to it -like Lotus have with the Exige [it uses a Toyota Engine]

    Howwever; we all know about Toyotas recent experience with forced induction don’t we… TRD Aurion

  • Wheelnut

    Top Gear fans will remember what happened when the boys tried to turn a Robin Reliant into a Rocket as one of their challenges. A Reliant is about the smes size as a YRS

  • http://realcars realcars

    Yeah, that was a bizarre episode but entertaining!!!

  • franz chong

    I was pleased I was not sucked in.The More I look at this makes me much happier I went over to Nissan and bought a Tiida to replace a 2002 Mazda 323 Astina after the warranty expired in 2006.For a 1.8 She gets 600 Kilometres to a 52 Litre Tank and the size much bigger than what I would have expected.I bought it due to the size of my garage.If I was to buy again I would hold out till Nissan Australia brings out a New Generation Micra and wait for a facelift or series 2 before doing anything.

  • Mark

    “Not that Toyota needs to be worried, so far this year the Yaris has been the best selling light-car in Australia”

    Its a small car that’s economical to run with a 5 star crash rating.

    I guess I’m just biased…coz I love my Yaris

  • Hannah

    Well i have a new Yaris Rush and its great. Of course i cant compare this to my new BMW as i only bought the yaris as a daily, work car and it does the job just fine.

    Great to drive as its easy to change gears (my Mazda 323 is awful) simple to park and i think the quality is very good for its price. Would make an great first car or everyday car.

    I think the yaris sedan would be better for a family though-the boot is huge for the cars size. I also am very happy with the space in the Yaris Rush-the boot is small which is fair enough for the cars size but theres plently of leg room and you dont feel as though your trapped (most small cars can make you feel this way!!)

    I love my Yaris Rush as well!

  • Simon

    Crikey there’s a bit of heated debate here!

    I’ve had a Yaris for over 2 years now and put almost 75,000km on it so thought I might jump in to. BTW the below is based on after adding proper wheels and tyres (215/35 r17)

    It is aweful to drive until you are used to it, then it’s great.

    It doesn’t go like a rocket, to get performance you need to stay over about 4000rpm, but it does rev happily to the redline cut out. So straight line speed is out of the question. Where it really shines is in cornering. I drive windy country roads often and it is great, well balanced and grips amazingly. You just have to keep it ‘on the boil’ and don’t drive it anything like a big car.

    Check out the Wheels active safety review thing they did. Totally smashes most popular cars (new commodore included) in cornering, braking, slalom etc. Even whips the new Commodore and many others on a lap of Oran Park. Overtaking performance is well – last out of all tested, which is no surprise.

    I get between 7 on the highway (little urban) and up to 8-9l/100km when having a real go on steep windy roads. (Thats with the 215 rubber remember)

    A rear end crash from a jacked up Patrol will be bad news for back seat passengers, but would a Getz, Barina etc be better? I doubt it – lets compare apples with apples. If you are worried about this then get a sedan or better still get your own jacked up Patrol. But just remember you can buy 3 or 4 Yaris’ and all sit in the front for the same sort of money!

    Finally lets remember this is a $15,000 car so while it’s not nearly as good as some cars on the road, nor should it be expected to be. I think for the money it’s a damn good car.

  • Garry

    The fuel economy on my Yaris and the way it handles bumps are really good. Best thing I like is the that you can use the air conditioner without the car losing all its power.
    To the those with the above comments….its a small car what do u expect. For those who know how to drive….the Yaris is fuel efficient and the rides is not that bad. You just want cheap and reliable transport…the Yaris is perfect.

  • Teresa

    I am disappointed that my Yaris has only 1 rear reverse light and 1 rear fog light.

    Bought brand new and never disclosed or noticeable until a friend said my rear reversing light and rear fog lights were faulty. But apparently this is how it is designed. Only has one rear reversing light on the left hand side. Only has one rear fog light on the left hand side. Very cheap plastic and marks extremely easily. Had it one week today and now hate the plastic piece of junk.

  • Teresa


    Yaris YR 5 Door Hatch… Whoops ..

    Only has one rear reversing light on the left hand side.

    The rear fog light is only on the right hand side.

    So apparently I am only going to reverse to the left and have it foggy at the rear of the Yaris and only on the right hand side.

  • Simon

    I got 6.07l/100km on my last tank. 85% highway on my 90km round trip to work each day.

    Teresa lots of cars only have one of each light these days, try driving forwards – it has two headlights.
    Yeah the plastic seems to be more aimed at looking and feeling good rather that being hard wearing. Not sure if other cars at this price point are any better or not, but could certainly be improved.

  • Simon

    “Bought brand new and never disclosed or noticeable until a friend said my rear reversing light and rear fog lights were faulty.” – Teresa

    LOL – did they “disclose” it has 4 wheels, the engine is in the front and that it has an arial on the roof! For god’s sake you spent about 20 grand and didn’t even look at the back of the car?! One is clear and one is red – plain as day!

  • Teresa


    The car yard didn’t even notice and their courtesy car is a Yaris YR – I went back an told them.

    Perhaps I am colour blind but still legal to drive ???

    Besides I bought the car but I didn’t spend my money :-)

    Anyway I may just have to stop driving backwards in the fog while laying down.. Bummer!

    Coming to a car park near you ;-)I’ll be the one with for sale on the back – 660ks and 1 week old.


    Reversing madly backwards. :-)

  • morgasshk

    @ Theresa.

    That has now been changed with the facelifted Yaris.

    Australian spec Yaris no longer have a rear foglight, but now have 2 x reverse lights… as they should. lol

    @ Phill – You are another of many numbskulls that spouts dribble without any comprehension or want to know the truth… The Japanese governemtn gave Toyota nothing to develop the Prius. Majority of the time Prius with in development, Toyota Motor Corporation was ledning the Japanese government money due to a minor recession…

    Toyota has NO financial debt, Toyota owns every site it uses and leases no property. Toyota STILL currently have enough financial reserve to buy out the detroit big 3 in cash…

    Toyota is also one of the only auto manufacturers to not post a loss in the past 18 months…

  • Rushes

    i have a RUSH and all in all its a good car.
    Although it has only one reversing light. Small engine not alot of power. But its smooth to drive. Good fuel economy. I get a minimum of 600kms to a tank, more often though i get 650-700kms. The worst thing about the car in my opinion are the scuff marks on the inner door panels, it marks really easy and looks rather ugly. SO to sum it up, i would say a 7 or 8 out of 10. So all you people out there that are bagging this car im sure you dont mean everything you say ? or do you often commment on things that you know nothing about ? There are too many of those people in this world !