• AB

    Its sounds like an awesome set up.
    Regarding the spare, I would go the goo, and just carry a space saver loosely in the boot for long trips… which for most people is only once a year anyway!

    Good job Ford
    If the Austrlian Government is serious about reducing Carbon, they should have a ‘Buy Local’ and ‘Buy Green’ policy for their fleet. The EcoLPi would be perfect!

    • Smoothcall

      Sounds like it drives well.

      If they are offering the option of a can of goo or a space saver they really should include tyre pressure monitors.

      I’ve had mine go off 3 times in the GTI. Once was a false alarm but the other two times it alerted me to a bolt through the tyre which I could repair before it got too bad.

      • Frenchie

        I agree, the price of good tyres these days is quite expensive.

      • Aussie bender

        Tyre pressure monitoring can be done by the ECU. This means the ECU counts the revolutions of all four wheels. If it detects one is significantly differently to the other three it flags a warning. Simple but as Smoothcall said, works a charm. This could mean in most instances, the tyre goo would be unnecessary. You just drive to the nearest tyre shop asap.
        On top of all that, you don’t need additional hardware. It’s just down to the ECU programming plus a warning light & chime. So how about it Ford? Would aleviate a lot of tyre anxiety associated with the LPI’s spare shortfalls.

        • Aussie bender

          And you could also ditch the tyre lever and jack!

        • Andrew M

          Thats interesting because a Ford service tech told me of a customer who didnt realise their tyre was half flat when he took his Territory back complaining of the DSC light being on.

          Apparently the DSC was already detecting different amount of rotations, only the driver didnt know what was wrong

          • Toxic_horse

            I always wondered how those american tyre pressure monitors work. they are manditory in the US !

            thanks for that

  • Car Fanatic

    So CA, do you have an official road test in the fuel economy or do we just take Ford’s word for it that 12.5 is achievable most of the time.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      We don’t have an our own figure, we were flat chat through the mountains and on the track. Once we get the car for a full review we will give you a tested fuel figure.

      • mmmmmm

        Hey Car Advice, why don’t you limit the amount of times a poster can comment on the same article. Then you won’t get every ford (and most VW & Holden) stories so full of SH*T in the comments.
        It is just childish when there are 10, 20 or 30+ jabs from the same poster on a story.
        I enjoy a intelligent (polite) debate but the rambling gets boing.

    • Andrew M

      Im not sure if its just me but I detect you are a little synical Car Fanatic.

      If Fords past fuel economy figures are anything to go by, real tests will better the official figure

    • Naughtyius Maximus

      From other research done here, the 12.5 wont be achieved in the real world

      • Andrew M

        What other research?

        • D Is For Drive

          other road tests, the manufacturers figures are usually lab tested results not real world figures.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          how about 1000kms in the territory diesel….

        • Naughtyius Maximus

          Read other sites! Plain to see numbers!!!

    • IfItAintARotorItAintAMotor

      It’s not Ford (or any manufacturer) that does the fuel consumption testing ,it’s a Government run thing.

      Best way to use the consumption sticker is as a comparison between cars, not a prediction of real-world figures

      • DE

        ALL manufacturers conduct their own tests, in accordance with the standard.
        Tests are conducted on a dyno, programmed to simulate the driving and vehicle parameters.
        Some manufactuers are focused on achieving a balance between the test and the best result for the customer in the real world, others are more focused on getting the best out of the computerised test. The latter will have the biggest dicrepancy between “official” and “real world” figures. (GM a serial offender!)

  • paulb

    CF Wheels magazine claims 12.8L/100KM.Roughly working out that LPG is 50% of ULP91 in price.Equates a fuel cost running of 6.4L/100KM,Golf figures.
    Wheels magazine page 136.

    • Mark

      doesn’t the golf run on 95 as a minimum?

      • paulb

        Good point Mark,95 is the minimum.91 cant be used in Golf.

      • paulb

        Your right Mark,10 cents a litre more for 95 fuel.

  • David

    Arguably the biggest cost of owning a car is depreciation. This thing will still drop in value by $20K or so in the first 3 years, which is significantly more than many medium family cars or SUV’s.

    • Andrew M

      I argue that most 50K vehicles will also lose 20K after 3 years.
      For starters you wont be paying list price on a Ford Or Holden either to start with which sends across a message of false depreciation

      • Jason

        Totally agree! So sick of seeing RACV magazine articles calling base model Falcon/Commodores >$40k base vehicles. If you do the sums for say a G6 LTD EDN or Berlina International at $35-37k and note the equipment level provided there comparisons look very silly – is a 4 cylinder Skoda wagon really comparable to our local cars? Or is it just that people have a bias towards overseas cars as better.

        • Frenchie

          They (Fords, Holdens, even Toyotas) loose there value quickly because there are many of them and/or they have done alot of Kms.
          Mazdas up until a few years ago held their value as there was not that many for sale on the market(owners like them as they provided few mechanical problems). Most were private buyers (mostly older poeple) that did few Kms per year.

          • Andrew M

            Mazda holds their value very well because they dont discount like the big 3 do.

            You can wipe 10K off a Falcon or Commodore when you hit the showroom, then 3 years later you lose another 10K.

            Sure it sounds like a 20K loss but it isnt when you consider the initial discount.

          • DLR1

            generally the cars with the biggest depreciation ate the ones heavily bought by Govts and fleets. (Commodore/Falcon/Corolla/Camry/Lancer) There is a large supply of 1-3 y.o. cars into the used market hence lower prices. By comparison Mazda 3 sells few to govt and supply of 1-3 y.o. model on used market is low, hence higher prices. Resale is a function of supply vs demand, rarely is it a refection of quality.

    • Matt

      Sometimes having more of the cars around is a good thing, it shows they are reliable and a lot of people want/like them. The amount of cars on the road in my opinion doesn’t really effect the depreciation

  • jg


    I suspect the demand for such an efficient vehicle in 2nd hand sales will temper the depreciation. Its the petrol falcons that will suffer.

  • Scott

    Top stuff by ford.

    Ive owned 2 e-gas falcon in the past an AU2 and a Ba2 when i was doing 40k a year both top cars never wanted petrol or dual fuel. Engine runs cleaner. My only gripe was the spare tyre and the 4 speed auto. Now with the 6 speed its a great package, shame the full size spare is not mounted vertically.

    Only reason i dont buy one is I already have a g6et.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=554686141 Travis Hammond

      that is what they need to move into now… put LPI on the T… forced induction LOVES LPG, so it would surely be a winner in both economy and power/torque

      • Andrew M

        I couldnt believe it when the article stated there is no demand for a Turbo model.
        How do they know??
        Put a Turbo out there pushing 20KW more and see what the demand is.
        I reckon make it and the demand will follow because as you said, LPG does infact love being boosted

      • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

        As a current FG XR6T owner I’d be interested, but I guess they don’t think they’d sell enough to make it worth the spend. But then I imagine that with even better performance & reduced running cost, every highway patrol car would be a LPG XR6T. Thats got to bring the tally up a bit

    • Andrew M

      I have also previously owned an E-Gas before, I had the Manual version because I wasnt keen on the 4sp combo, and it was a ute so tyre still fits underneath with tanks.

  • Troll No. 47

    “Due to lack of customer demand Ford Australia will not offer LPG on its turbocharged engines”

    Being Ford, what’s the bet they didn’t even bother trying to find out. An EcoLPi XR6 Turbo would be a cracker. The performance of a thoroughbred with the economy of a Camry!

    • Gibbo

      True, its a shame they aren’t going to offer a turbo LPI. I’d certainly buy one!

      • Andrew M

        Me three!!
        I would be there Tomorrow for an LPI-T

        Make it and they will come…..

        • paulb

          ME FOUR

          • Hung Low


          • buffalo

            ME FIVE. But I just bought a BMW 335i Twin Turbo so maybe as a second car.

          • paulb

            buffalo your number 6,allways liked the BMW.

          • Overseas Ford Lover

            Me TEN!!! PLEase make an LPI xr6 turbo!! please lets do this FORD!

    • Dave

      I think a turbo would be great not only for performance but maybe fuel economy too. Because more air forced into the engine can maximise fuel combustion.

    • Jez

      haha, are you reading Ford?

      • FORD

        Yes. Your wish is my command. XR6T LPi here we come! vroom vrooom!

  • Paul

    what size is the gas tank on it. I know the previous model had 93 litre capacity. If this one has the same size tank then you would probably looking at 1000ks on a long trip per tank.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Tank size 88 usable liters in sedan 86 ute – 704km range

      • Alex

        Why do people always quote range using ALL the fuel in a tank. You can’t run your car dry, you need to fill up when you have around 10L left (78L range from 88L tank)


        Still good by my books.

        • Aquahead

          You also forgot that most times when range is a consideration is when your on a trip, which means that the economy will be significantly better than the combined cycle.

          I had a petrol XR6 for the past 2 weeks and did most of my driving on long country drives, thus achieving 8.4L/100km, with 3 people, luggage ane WA’s 110km/h open road speed limit. The LPI Falcon would be brilliant at this kind of travel!

          • Lars

            Well, go and get one, be happy! Pointless argument VW or Falcon? Ultimately the sale numbers decide the story. Unfortunately Falcon is the one in trouble, not Golf or Mondeo.

        • Andrew M

          How else do we compare Alex???
          Of course people dont run dry and hope for it to be out the front of a servo.

          Its just a measure to compare vehicles.

          Not everyone drives the ADR’s stated ratio of City/HWY either, it is also just a standard way to compare and give the buyer some sort of heads up

  • http://twitter.com/darrensrjohnson Darren

    Nice to see a decent LPG option on the market. It makes so much sense in Australia I don’t know why it has taken so long.

    I just hope the govt doesn’t destroy the LPG advantage with added taxes on LPG.

  • vaughan

    Why not an LPG Territory? Please Ford, some working family’s can’t afford the diesel upfront and the on going running costs of the petrol varient. It would be another Forst in the SUV segment. With the $2000 rebate from the government it would be perfect for families like ourselves. :)

    • Andrew M

      I heard a little rumour a while back that new LPG vehicles cant have LPG tanks fitted below passenger seating.
      In the Territory with the extra row of seats it means this would occur.
      I think its also the reason why the sedan cant push the tanks forward to make room for the spare under the boot whereas the ute can.

      Apparently aftermarket fitment is exempt from this clause

  • Jerrycan

    This is a serious bit of innovation.
    I agree with Vaughan and they should put it in the Territory. Probably be able to have a full size spare with only a small effect on storage space too.
    I seem to remember some years back that Ford did a “round the perimeter of Australia drive” with a couple of their old LPG Falcons to prove LPG’s widespread availability.
    They claimed to average 10lt/100 with that old system, so I would expect even better now.

    30+ years ago in the UK a friend sold his LPG converted Capri Mk1 back to Ford for the original selling price as it had completed a fully documented 500,000 MILES with only consumables (brakes,clutches etc) replaced.
    The engine was starting to rattle a bit by then.

  • JD

    maybe Ford should have a flat boot space for all their falcons. look how elegant it looks as opposed to all current shape

    • MeestaNob!

      The non-flat boot is actually quite useful for holding groceries or other items.

    • http://www.facebook.com/priusfreezone Matthew Werner

      I agreed with MeestaNob!, the normal Falcon boot stops things sliding around (you can put a single bottle of soft drink in there and drive around without it moving), much prefer it over a flat boot floor

  • Josh

    “we had the opportunity to punt an XR6, GE6…”

    GE6 …. G6E? :)

  • Locky

    Great article guys, really glad to see you pushing this as hard as possible to hopefully make the general public release what a fantastic car/setup this is.

    I for one will get one but I think I’ll wait until a good s/hand unit appears.

    I also agree with the comment above by someone, the state and federal governments better bloody get behind and support this product by giving it A+ approval fro Gov Fleets.

    Well done Ford, now just get your marketing department to give it the budget it deserves.

  • Rick dingo

    Can’t wait to drive one. Great car the FG and now even better with this gas system only thing is the flat floor in the boot, I don’t like it. The normal floor is great as it allows higher boxes and stuff to fit in and also stops smaller things moving around in the boot. Ford deserve to sell lots of these and the EcoBoost Falcon. As fuel economy goes the petrol 6 isn’t the worst around by far. My XR6 FG gets better real world economy than my brothers 3 litre Crummydore !! and blows it into the weeds as well !! he is so pissed off

  • Jeff

    Ford seriously stuffed up with this, they should have had this ready when the F series was released. I think it would of given them a distinct advantage when it mattered. I just don’t think a few extra sales will save them from the Falcon being axed. Personally I think that’s sad because they do build the best Australian car in my opinion and have for a very long time.

  • Reckless1

    I’d rather have a Jetta – same net economy, twice the boot space, and it has had auto fuel priming for years as soon as you open the driver’s door.

    How come Ford Australia is gushed over for being innovative, when in reality it is always light years behind? Diesel Territory – 5 years behind, direct injection LPG – been around for years, auto fuel priming – nothing innovative there, small boot – that’s cool :)

    • Locky

      You are getting confused with sequential vapour injection, LPI is new technology that has made it to market.
      There probably is test systems around the world but I don’t think any LPI systems have made it OEM manufactured release like the FG EcoLPI.
      In any case, still no other manufacturer has released anything onto the Australian market including VW, at least Ford Aust has put its bulls on the line with this.
      Aust Design, Aust Manufactured and more importantly for our trade budget….AUSTRALIAN FUEL (LPG)….go Ford, well done.

      • Reckless1

        I am not getting confused with sequential vapour injection. LPI has been available in Melbourne for many years for a limited number of vehicles.

        True, no-one has fitted it OEM until now, which is rally 8 years too late to help the Falcon.

    • Andrew M

      And your Jetta is going to spew something like 90% more deadly stuff into the environment.

      So, who else has been fitting standalone injected LPG systems on the assembly line for years??
      And ill let you take notes from the global automotive scale not just OZ

    • qikturbo

      But the Falcon will have the power to drag your asthmatic Jetta of the line.
      If the Jetta has twice the boot space,it must have such a fat arse shape?

  • Aussie bender

    “……..given the rest of their range (particularly the Mondeo, new Focus and Fiesta) are so damn good.”

    When did anyone from CA actually test drive the new Focus?

  • Sergiy

    I’d buy EcoLPI XR6 Turbo for sure!

  • Lynchy

    Reckless 1, whilst everyone has their own opinion and preference when it comes to car, diversity is the spice of life after all, but if you make some other comparisons between the Jetta and the Falcon the ledger starts to even up:

    Jetta much more expensive.
    Jetta not as much interior space
    Jetta not as practical for towing duties
    Jetta higher service/parts cost
    Jetta FWD, some people still appreciate the RWD experience.

    So whilst the Jetta may be technologically superior and more lavish it certainly looses the bang for your buck comparison. What makes this car particularly impressive is how much you get for your money.

  • george

    All they need to do now is advertise it hard and strong. Territory version would be great. XR6 Turbo and FPV F6 would be even better with this set up. Dont slack off Ford Aus. Otherwise u will lose more customers.

  • Andrew M

    Although this is the first time the LPG version has had more power than the petrol version, its not the first time in history that the LPG version has had more torque.

    When Ford first released the E-Gas range the performance was fairly on par. The only thing that really happened is the petrol version grew away.

    Also, I always thought the $2000 rebate applied to aftermarket fitment where as new vehicles already fitted were only eligible for a $1000 rebate.

    Great review by the way, would love to see an economy run if you get bored, LPG has a pretty good record on Hwy cycle.
    Speaking of which, do you have the official hwy cycle split of the ADR’s figures??

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Hi Andrew,

      Have a look at http://www.ausindustry.gov.au/Energyandfuels/LPGVehicleScheme/Pages/home.aspx

      The new LPi Falcon is actually a better drive than the Petrol, that’s the point I was trying to make.

      • Andrew M

        Thanks for that Alborz, the rebate scheme has obviously changed.
        You used to be eligible for $1000 on a new vehicle and 2K on an aftermarket.
        It looks like they have flipped it on its head to now favour new vehicle installations.

        Are you also able to help out with the fuel consumption split hwy and city cycle??

  • Andrew M

    Just another thing ALborz,

    In relation to Bluetooth Audio, which I dont care for, doesnt the Territory have that??

    What Im getting at is wouldnt this suggest the FG11 update due also 2nd half this year would have it??

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Yes, it should. The territory does have it and it works rather well.

  • Lars

    Ford you flogging a dead horse. Peoples appetite for big Aussie 6 is gone forever and you can’t sell this thing in Asia or Europe. Mondeo or Mazda 6 is light years ahead in every aspect, so a good try but too little and too late.

  • bangel

    Nice taxi , pity about the boot , pass , yesterdays mode of transport .

    • paulb

      bangel it has the same running costs as your Golf does.$6.40 per 100km

      • Rangel

        yeah but some drongos would much rather buy an overpriced buzz box that costs as much to run, but considerably more to service, repair and insure. I guess that shiny little VW logo on their keys makes them feel like they are driving a ‘prestige’ car lol .. good luck with that one! im sure ‘Ze Chermans’ appreciate your hard earned dollars.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Are you sure on all of those things Rangel? The Golf may cost more than a Falcon to service and repair in most instances, however it is not always more expensive to insure. I just quickly inputted both cars into a popular insurance company quote site under exactly the same circumstances and here were my results. I didn’t choose the base models as the general public doesn’t really buy many of them.

          Ford Falcon XR6 LPI 6sp Auto $850 p/a
          Golf Comfortline 118 7sp Auto(DSG) $806 p/a

          I am not saying the Golf is any better or worse, I am just stating the facts without emotion. I guess you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story! :-)

          • BuckleUpSpanky

            Yeah funny thing about not letting the truth get in the way of a good story. A quick quote online gives me these results:

            VW GOLF:
            Online Price
            Or $72.12 monthly†

            FALCON LPI:
            Online Price
            Or $73.57 monthly†

            Seems to me like they are pretty much line-ball insurance cost wise. The difference is that XR6 LPI’s default agreed value is 17K higher than the GOLF 118TSI (45k vs 28k), whilst also enjoying almost double the power and double the torque… 118kw/240nm vs 198kw/410nm

            What was that about the ‘truth’ again?

          • bangel

            BUCKTOOTH you are kidding an xr6 , you on valium try $34k drive away plus $2k rebate , the POS is not worth $45k .

            My GTI HAS 189KW , 400NM , 300kilos less . insurance try $68 a month .

            Get a gas mask your going to need it .

          • BuckleUpSpanky

            Wow a whole 400nm?? you might need to check your underpants with THAT much power… loool… why dont you go play with your matchbox car a little longer and let the grown ups talk for a while :) I wont even dignify the 32k drive away XR6 LPI comment with a response. Trying ACTUALLY doing an online quote first.

      • Hung Low

        No chance, the Golf is lucky to get $11/100km!

        • paulb

          Hung,this is really exciting time for Falcon with this LPI.

    • i-hate-germans

      What a wanker! Get out of our country! Take your german crap with ya!

  • bangel

    Yer but it’s old tec boring , worth nothing in 3 years , most will be taxis or reps cars which means zero resale .

    Can i have mine with $10k off list price .

    Maybe they can increase sales fomm 1800 amonth to 2000 , not in the hunt its the mitsi 380 all over again .

    • SteveeB

      Yeah but these cars are actually designed to last considerably longer than three years, hence the EXACT reason why taxi drivers pick them every time. Not everyone is stupid enough to waste money buying a new car every 3 years ya know. Think before you post.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        SteveeB, another reason why the Falcon was a popular Taxi for so many years was the fact that Ford used to make a “Taxi pack” from the factory. This meant the companies/drivers could buy them virtually ready to go and hence they required less additional financial outlay/modification to get on the road in taxi spec. It was not just due to their longevity. Remember, bottom line is everything as a taxi company/driver.

        Also, the further north you go the less Falcon taxis you see, especially in FNQ where thay have mostly have Toyotas (Camry/Avalon/Prius). Maybe you need to “re-read” your last sentence… TIC 😉

        • SteveeB

          Maybe you need to re-read YOUR own sentences. You just said the big lure for taxi driver is the ‘taxi-pack’ trim (as if the Falcons reliability has nothing to do with it) , then went on to say how popular Toyotas supposedly are with taxi drivers (who really buy cars for the taxi-pack trim, not for their longevity according to you). Last I checked theres no Prius or camry in taxi-pack trim, and yet you claim they are so popular up north. Sounds like you dont know what you’re trying to say. Maybe go out and TALK to an ACTUAL taxi driver like some people have before trolling forums.

          • Frenchie

            They use Fords for as taxis as they have more room in the back.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            You must have flunked English at school SteveeB as the second and third word I mentioned was “ANOTHER REASON”. Any person with a reasonable grasp of the English language would take that as I was adding to your comment on reliablity being the “EXACT” (your words, not mine) reason why they choose a Falcon. I WAS ACTUALLY AGREEING WITH YOU, I was only highlighting that there was MORE THAN ONE REASON why they chose a Falcon as a taxi.

            I also said later on that “it was not JUST due to their reliability” which just to help you out MEANS THAT THEY ARE STILL RELIABLE, BUT RELIABILITY WASN’T THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY CHOSE Falcons. Sorry about the capitals but you obviously needed it spelt out to you seeing as it appears you struggle with the English language. Some people miss the most obvious things when they get too emotional!

            Now the Toyota comment, Ford stopped the Taxi pack FROM THE FACTORY a few years ago, now there are private companies around who do it for the taxi companies, regardless of brand. Because of this, Falcons aren’t as cheap as they used to be so it is up to the taxi company on where they can get the best deal etc(ie which manufacturer). That is also part of the reason why there are stating to get more variety of taxis (read non-Falcon) out there.

            From your comment on “Last I checked theres no Prius or Camry(sic) in taxi-pack trim” just demonstates that you should also take heed of your own comment on actually talking to a taxi driver. You obivously haven’t spoken to/taken a ride in a taxi in FNQ then as you would see in the Prius/Camry/Avalon that many of them have vinyl seats with the non-Prius Toyotas with LPG fitted etc just like the Falcon “taxi pack”. Now that you mention it, the taxi drivers I have SPOKEN to (as you do when in a cab) when catching a cab in various cities in FNQ mention how much cheaper the Camrys/Avalons/Prius have been to maintain in the long run because they have been more reliable than the Falcons they used before hand. They also have a few Prius taxis that have done over 500,000km and still on the original battery. Now I am not saying the Falcon is unreliable as taxi, far from it, it is just that reliability ISN’T, as YOU put it, the “EXACT” reason why they choose a Falcon. There are many other factors governing their choice. Different environments/requirements suit different cars. Simple as that!

          • Ford lover

            I love cat fights!

    • GotEGas_GetnLPI

      The only reason that VW are used as taxis in Germany is because they can’t get an Ausie designed, engineered and built world class Falcon with fueled with liquid phase injection of LPG.

      • Aussie bender

        In Brisbane we see lots of VW Passat taxis.

        • Aussie bender

          hahaha @ people giving me the thumbs down.
          For the record, I’m stating a fact, not being derogatory. Maybe they are a good value proposition as a taxi?
          I don’t know but its obvious people don’t like facts!

      • ZZZZZZzzzzzz

        You are kidding. You have no idea waht you are talking about. Take a hike.

    • BoatAnchor

      I guess it depends on what you want from a car. If you have a family, drive in the country, tow and want something to last 10 times as long, get a falcon. If you only drive to the manscapers, go cottaging or to buy a skinny soy latte, get a golf.

      • Jack

        Can’t speak about the manscapers, but happy to say our 4 year old Territory has 136,000 on the clock and is still tight as a nut. That’s value for families who do not buy/turn over every 3 years. It has great power when needed, AWD so no chains on the 2wd chain-days at the snow, good economy on highway, can tow a great deal, is roomy and can fit heaps of gear, and just smashes its entire class in the handling stakes. New Jeep included (which I like and is a good product).

        As for the LPG, I’d love this motor in the Territory (or to have it in a Falcon wagon), as I am a wagon buyer. Imagine LPG and AWD – I’d even settle for 5 seats instead of 7 to have 1/2 the fuel cost… available as options, please Ford? But well done on the diesel Territory, anyway, it’s on the list next time.

        • Black Harry

          Orbital gas can supply you with an after market system,they designed and supply Fords LPI.There is a YouTube clip about a converted Territory and they say it drives better than the original petrol only, Orbital designs the ECUs and the fuel mapping for each vehicle kit and they are plug and play systems no adjustmennts required they have the most sophisticated test facility in Australia. They are in the process of installing there Flex Di system into an engine for a Chinese manufacture,Changan 3rd or 4th largest vehicle manufacture in China and its pretty impressive.

          • paulb

            Black Harry if i was to buy a Falcon Pertol,could i buy a Factry spec duel fuel system of Orbital.

          • Black Harry

            yes— check Orbitals website

          • Jack

            Thanks Black Harry, I’ve considered it (so I think has Ford), and it comes down to the storage/practicality as well. You can have 7 seats, petrol & diesel without having to stow a spare or space saver inside the vehicle or behind the tailgate, or on the roof etc. To put in dual fuel LPG, the spare loses its place below the fuel tank (lower the spare under the rear of the vehicle to access, like a 60 series LC) and will need a new form of storage, which if inside will compromise the 7 seats.

            My solution will be (I will probably gas-convert when warranty out): to stow a spare wheel/space saver on a bracket internally, and then if 7 seats are needed (mostly we don’t need them, but they are handy on occasion), remove and mount the spare on an attachment mounted off the tow ball mounting. This then makes opening the whole rear tailgate harder… If towing and needing 7 seats, I will attach the spare to the van.

            So as you can see, it creates some logistic problems because of the dual tanks. I wonder if dedicated LPG and room for a space saver (more room for fuel tank) underneath is a solution? Honestly, a 5 seater version on LPG with AWD and internal spare would be a good part of the range as well.

            So thanks anyway for the info on Orbital.

    • i-hate-germans

      i meant around 20 million people

  • save it for the track

    It looked very promising until I saw the operating temperature range. Only -10 to 49?? Despite official temperature figures quoted all over the country, not only have I experienced over 50 degrees in country areas, i’ve seen over 50 in Sydney in recent summers. That operating temperature range needs improvement.
    How many petrol Falcon owner’s run their cars on 95 Octane? Most would likely run on 91 or that e10 rubbish, making the performance advantage of the LPG even more pronounced.

  • bangel

    Its all about resale noddies , whats the point of buying a POS thats going to be worth $8k in 3 years, no savings there .

    Rangel who the hell would want an old style falcoon , looks so last century , got that yellow cabs feel .

    Why would a private buyer even consider it new , just wait 12 months pick on up for $12k , then you can make a kill .

    Guys i will remember to ask yellow cabs to send a FALCOON GAS TAXI next time i take my dolly out to dinner .

    • HRV

      If you think an injected gas Falcon is worth 12k in 12 months and 8k in 3 years then you seriously need your head read. In fact judging by the garbage you posted above about falcooons and dolly’s, I think its not a bad idea regardless, I don’t think your firing on all cylinders mate.

      • bangel

        Think about it HVR , with all the discounting there doing to shift these dinos to boost sales , you would walk away with one for $32k or less , 3 years and large car sales will be even further down the drain , $8k max .

        The world has moved on , too little too late .

        Time to wheel out the GTI in the morning for a B road blast , no smelly gas in my sunroof , just big turbo torks , with a nice crackle and pop on the change down .

        • BuckleUpSpanky

          lol so youve dropped your ‘ worth 12k in 12 months’ rubbish now ? how convenient.

        • XRT

          Big turbo torks out of your GTI ? Come back and talk to me about that after you’ve driven a 4Litre inline-six turbo, like an F6. Maybe then you’ll have some idea of what big torque is.

          • bangel

            YER but your lugging around an extra 300 kilo’s of fat that dont slip round tight B road corners with finesse , dino handling dont cut it in todays world .

            Actually drove a typhoon , pretty quick in a straight line , not so good on corners .

        • Andrew M


          Just a word of advice, you are starting to sound pathetic, just give it up dude

          • BuckleUpSpanky

            You hit the nail on the head Andrew. Time to STOP FEEDING THE TROLL i think.

        • Hung Low

          That crackle & pop Bungle is your engine falling apart! Did you chip your Golf because you were sick of Taxi’s blowing you away?
          Who would want a 118tsi in the used market as well considering they struggle to last past 50000km with the original drive train! Then factor in the maintenance cost of the skivvy club Golf and like you Bungle, it had dud written all over it!
          An idiot I know just payed $1571 for a routine $60k service on their Jetta, thats over $1200 more than the Falcon!

          • bangel

            FUNGI LOW , more fairy tales of woe , how many was it last month 3200 golfs , how many falcoons 1800 and falling .

            Not one recall on the golf, so whos motors have failed , non .

            You really are getting worried about how few crummers and falcoons are being sold , they are dying a slow death .

    • BuckleUpSpanky

      bangel says: ” Rangel who the hell would want an old style falcoon , looks so last century , got that yellow cabs feel .”

      And I suppose an E class Merc has that low rent EURO-CAB feel to you also? I dont get what your point is, that cab drivers need to drive cars too? Cant really expect them to carry passengers on foot now can you?

    • scottjames_12

      The Falcon looks last century does it bangel? So, is you VW Golf the last word in styling?? HAHA! Talk about styling that hasn’t changed in years.. ‘Hmm..’ says the VW stylist, ‘Time for a new Golf. Let’s just round a few edges here and there and call it a day.’

      Also you harp on about ‘Oh its a taxi wah wah’ well as we all know taxis in Germany are Mercs and BMW’s.. NOT the cheaper VW’s.. wonder why that is?

      • natural

        That’s because they are diesel and those things go for more than 700.000kms without braking.
        That’s why.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      really moron,if resale is what is all about,we would all be buying homes in sydney’s north shore,not cars…

    • i-hate-germans

      Um bangel you see when you buy a falcon it last a lot longer then 3 years. When you buy a new euro vehicle it’s best to trade after 3 years cos thats when they start getting expensive to repair and maintain, they are not designed for our harsh australian conditions unlike falcon and commodore

      Have a good look around 08 FG XR6 T are selling around 30k, thats a 3 year old car. Where the fu(k do you get worth 8k in 3 years

      Hate to break your little bubble but i have driven a new gti golf and can honestly say they are not that great, get over them. The xr5 was a better car to drive the motor sounds excellent

  • Byron

    Umm Ford thinks their 25% loss in Falcon sales will be made up with this haha. Don’t get too excited Ford fans, C’dore mono-LPG still due in October 😀

    • Andrew M

      Since they used to sell 25% of their sales as LPG models I would say it is reasonable to assume they would pick up 25% again.

      Its not about being a fan of a brand as you paint it but rather recognition of a good product heading in the direction that was long overdue.

      Nobody here is shouting team songs Mr Holden fan boy, this is good stuff no matter where you sit.

      Holden has been mucking round with E85 to look good when you cant buy the stuff anywhere. It will probably be good when Holden finally take LPG seriously as then both of the Aussie manufacturers can help spread acceptance of LPG together

      • bangel

        DREAM ON ANDY PANDY , sure they will get the taxi vote but mums and dads want SUV or small jap/euro quick and stylish cars .

        The only direction the falcon is heading is out the door to the cemetary .

        • Andrew M

          Why do you care?
          You dont want one.

          I dont support or find appeal in the game of AFL but in saying that I certainly try and stop others from following it nor do I put the boot into the game just because Im not fussed on it.

          I ask you do the same on your choice of motor vehicles, just grow up and move on rather than tryng to start chat room arguments

          • Andrew M

            ^^^^^That should be “#Dont# try and stop others from following”

          • Phil

            Bangel isn’t trying to stop people, just pointing out that people already don’t want this type of car.

      • Aussie bender

        Orbital Auto Gas has announced :
        “Orbital Corporation Limited through its LPG business Orbital Autogas Systems has commenced supply of Liquid Propane Injection (LPi) systems systems to HSV.”

        I’m not a Holden fan at all, much less HSV but look forward to seeing the results!

  • GT356

    They have LPI F6 mules running around near my place, talking to the drivers they are putting outs put 400ish kw (the petrols put out 370 but not officially)
    They are huge numbers for a local product on an alternate fuel.

    • Aussie bender

      Aren’t they 270KW on petrol?

    • Aussie bender

      Aren’t they 270KW on petrol?
      Sorry, 310KW?
      Standard XR6T is 270KW

  • bangel

    The sounds of silence wheres my mate fungi/spent8/corporalzero , no GM commentators .

    • SkylineGTR

      With a post like that bangel, it just has to be said:

      Delusional TROLL is Delusional.

    • Andrew M

      Ah, so you did come here looking for a fight Bangel??

      Be the bigger man and shut your gob because you are carrying on like I assume a 13yrold would in a chat room would

      • bangel

        Funny you dino drivers come on so strong on VW threads , but when its about the dino falcoon you get all twitchy .

        Look we are so sorry its going to die by 2014 , but get over it you can always buy a crummer .

        If you cant handle the facts , go the the falcon forum .

        • Andrew M

          When do I ever bag VW??

          I personally prefer the Falcon product but I never slag off on another vehicle. Even in this very thread where you have been very heavily pro VW and negative Falcon I havent once replied with a beat up on VW. Check your facts

          And If I was one that did slag on VW, how does you carrying on the same way make you the innocent party??
          Are you playing the pot or the kettle on this site??

        • Scotty C

          Bungel, I’ve got a GTI and love it but man you are making GTI drivers look like fricken tools!

          Dude, if you don’t like big cars then good on you, but stop being so pathetic bitching to everyone how bad they are.

          It’s great to see Ford trying improve their products. If I had a large family I certainly wouldn’t have bought a GTI I would have bought an XR6 turbo.

          • Golfschwein

            Can I add to that? A few bloggers here would know of my affection for my Golf, too, but also be blissfully unaware that my ideal 10 car garage might consist of that, a Holden Brougham, Citroen DS23 Pallas, Peugeot 504, Commodore SSV, Renault 16TS, Skoda Roomster, Mercedes 300E-24, Mercedes 600SEL and one other (possibly even a Ford, somewhere down the line) that might just match your taste in cars.

            Everyone needs a bit of balance.

          • bangel

            YER did you have a dream of owning a golf , trade it mate and get a xr6 turbo bogan mobile , wahts your na enow fungi/spent8 or is looser.

    • Hung Low

      Hey Bungle, you should be employed as a spare tyre! You are pretty much useless 99% of the time.
      I think this is a great move by Ford, you skivvy wearing try hards in Golfs are running out of excuses now that fuelling cost of the Falcon is a non issue!

      • bangel

        WASTE of space fung , why spenD $45k just buy a crappy xr6 for $32k thats a lot of money saved to buy fuel , you wont save on lpi unles you drive a TAXI .

  • Car Fanatic

    Starting? You never stopped Andrew and incidentally my 3 year old TDi Golf has an agreed value of 28k from GIO, maybe a mistake on their part but I’m not complaining if it gets written off.

    I’d still take my Golf over a Commodore or Falcon. I’ve owned plenty of Fords and Holdens and feel the Euros and Japs do a better car. I liked my Mazda 3 but it’s service costs weren’t much less than the Golf per service and I had to do them every 6 months. Still the Golf and the three were better than the Aussie offerings, you blinded Aussie badge morons need to wake up and smell the roses.

    • SkylineGTR


    • elboro

      God you are boring, read what you have written it is so boring, it is why you have no wife

    • Andrew M

      I have a Mazda 3 and FG. (both a sports variant)
      I reckon both are good cars. There are some things better in the Mazda and some things better in the Falcon.

      Overall I prefer driving the Falcon because the ergonomics of a full size car just cant be beat. It is far more comfortable and punchier to drive than the Mazda.

      I havent had a single problem with either and they trade milage for milage.

      It depends what you call a better car as to whether the japs do it better.
      The japs (in particular Mazda) may have better fit and finish (note not all japs do), but the Aussies do a pretty good drivers car with more than acceptable quality.

      I’d still take a Falcon over a Golf or 3 or similar sized vehicle because I dont have to have the seat all the clicks back to fit in, and the sunvisor actually works.

      The insurance company will do an agreed value on whatever you say so no need quoting that unless you plan on driving it into a tree

    • Hung Low

      Hey CF, you brag on about your scotch college education, but fail the grasp the meaning of AGREED VALUE!

    • Aussie bender

      So Bangel = CF

  • Mr Gaspo

    Ford could have put a Thikol developed conformable tank under the car and also provided for a spare without any loss in boot space. I suppose cost probably ruled out the conformable tank. I think this system would be a fantastic option for the Territory. Well done Ford… this car deserves to do well

    • Spectre

      Please Ford for once in the last decade do it properly and put a full size LPG tank and spare wheel under the floor. While you’re at it give us an LPi XR6T, Territory and XR8.
      You want to win people back from softy suvs and front wheel drive cheap crap – just do the damn job properly, we’ve beeen waiting for you clowns for way too long.

      • Azza

        Agree entirely, the people who buy lpg cars are interested in practicality not all this 410nm go fast wankers nonsense that the motor writers crap on about.

        If the bloody thing doesn’t have a petrol tank any more why is the gas tank not placed in it’s place and the spare put where it should be. In fact why is the spare not placed upright on one side of the boot to allow a deeper useful boot. Oops I forgot, they have to make space for twin exhausts to keep the moron motor heads happy.

        And why not enhance the resale value by fitting hardened valve seats to all models and placing an LPG Ready sticker on the bulkhead.

  • Al Juraj

    This is the true Aussie six, and nothing else.

    – Locally developed engine
    – Much lower running costs
    – Spirited performance yet with practicality of low-end grunt
    – Space for big people plus luggage

    • bangel

      THats right lots of space for fatties , locally developed dino motor , not so spirited performance too heavy .

      • BoatAnchor

        As opposed to the golf, tight interior like bruno’s auschwitz, overly complex timebomb engine that can’t hold together for more than a 100k, dsg for metros who don’t want to break their manicured nails, fwd bum dragger for closet dwellers who themselves get their tail out more readily than George Michael.

      • Phil

        Yes, plenty of space for obese aussies, but with a sedan only body, its impractical and has barely anymore bootspace than a little Honda city (in the case of this LPi model it has less!).

        • DE

          I see the Holden faithfull are especially jealous of the ne EcoLPI Falcon ……

      • Dave S

        A car big enough for 3 child seats in the back and a pram or 2 in the back. Something a Golf or Jazz could not do.

        Locally made car. Cheap to run and sevice. Great for families on a budget. Family motoring just got cheaper.

      • i-hate-germans

        Dino motor? And like you would even know. Your a toss full stop, one of them co(ks who believes if it’s not euro made it’s garbage

  • klaus

    I run a small fleet of commodore and ford vehicles. We have had some LPG units added, generally those we keep longer. But the fitment comes at a price. These days we constantly look at ways to reduce our overheads and running costs. We have tried to reduce the number of cars as well, this impacts on our trade. I have 11 sedans and a number of ford/holden/toyota utes, I find falcon and commodore work well with us, probably due to size and reliablity. We rarely have any issues with them. We will continue to support ford and Holden Australia and have been looking foward to this ford LPG engine. Refreshing review..

  • Ford!

    Love the Falcons. And this makes sense why buy a lancer, corrolla, Cruze or Focus when you can have the power, the drivability space refinement of a Falcon and it have lower running costs. I really hope this sells well because it is good value. And tied in with Fords Capped price service I think a real winner for Ford and for Australian motoring!

    • Aussie bender

      One reason I can think of – a Falcon costs a lot more.
      If I can get a 2012 Ford Focus for around $27K and a LPI Falcon costs close to $40K. Thats $13G more + the extra interest.
      If you don’t need the larger car it just doesnt add up financially.

    • bangel

      No resale value , no future , who will buy it in 3 years , fuel will only get dearer , too heavy .

      taxi anyone .

      • Spectre

        Please give it away bung-hole, you really sound like an imbecile and those tartan seats and pig-dog ugly wheels make you wonder if gti owners aren’t just an embarrassment to themselves but to the species in general.

        • bangel

          GHOST BOY but oh how it goes , and sips 8.2l round town try that in your old ford .

          Love the wheels easiest to clean , suppose your taxi has plastics .

          The flacoon does look quite sad and out dated these days , oh well come 2014 you can get the FWD taurus , it will be as big , probably ecoboost 4 , can you cope with that , life will go on but no donuts in the local pub car park , still you could always go to a bogan crummerdore .

          • Karl

            Wow you really are a sad case!

      • Aussie bender

        Actually I would think the resale would be ok. A lot of people wouldn’t be willing to pay sticker for a new LPI Falcon. But given the reliability of LPG Falcons and their cheap fuel consumption, I’d bet there will be lots of interest in these cars once they are a few years old.
        In fact I had this very conversation with a coworker last month. His work car’s lease is ending late next year and he wants to buy a car that can tow his caravan and do long trips without costing a bomb. He wasn’t willing to buy a new car. I can tell you a used LPI Falcon will be high on his shopping short-list.

        • bangel

          Resale will be horrific like all falcoons , most people think its a taxi , no resale at all , just go buy a diesel far better option , passat would cream it for resale , better car all round , not so good for 5 fat bogans .

  • Nikos

    Sounds like a great deal. Was thinking about getting a hybrid camry, hoevever might ceckout the LPI XR6 falcon first… :)

  • Dino

    Well done Ford! This is a great alternative to a diesel by the sounds of it.

  • Gary

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
    The colour of the G6 looks silver(Lightning Strike) in some photos and a light grey in others. Is this a new colour for the Falcon or do I need to see an eye doctor?

  • veedud

    bangel said the Typhoon is ok in a straight line.Hahaha,hope one day he really does drive one.

  • davey

    Pity this LPI isn’t available in Territory…have driven diesel Terri and it feels very slow off the mark and at intersections compared to Petrol, and as a former Territory owner why would I invest in an inferior driving experience?

  • Golfschwein

    Well, I reckon this is how LPG should have been yonks ago and I hope it does well for Ford. I wonder if the XR6 with a can of tyre goop will be the most popular configuration.

    Andrew M, in a loose repsonse to something you mentioned many posts back, VW does a good gas fitout on Passats in the Fatherland, with tanks under the seats, spare tyre preservation and all. I don’t think it’s LPG, but CNG, however different that might be.

    • Andrew M

      Hey Golfie,

      I think it is a silly ADR thing, obviously in “fatherland” they have different design rules

  • Aussie bender

    I really think this is brilliant news for those wanting a large family car with great value.
    Despite this the prices are too steep IMHO.
    If they had an XR6/G6 around $35K it would represent true value. I’m still looking at the 2012 Focus. It will be a little bit slower, it will cost about the same to run but it will be a hoot in the curves and cost me a lot less.
    I’m still a tad bitter that Ford won’t introduce the 1.6L Ecoboost to the Australian market. That car would be the perfect competitor to the Golf TSI and be far more reliable.

    • RationalJoe

      Aussie bender says ” I’m still looking at the 2012 Focus. It will be a little bit slower ”

      Only a little bit slower? most likely will be 0-100km/h in 10.5 seconds as opposed to low 7’s for this XR6 LPI. The difference will be considerably greater when overtaking, towing or driving uphill, and even greater still once you have a few people on board. Not having a go at you or anything but lets not understate reality here by simplying saying ‘ a little bit slower ‘. I own both a petrol XR6 6 speed ZF auto and 148kw 2.4 litre mid sizer and am speaking from real world experience here, you really do notice the difference between 250nm and 410nm of torque (the new focus will have considerably less than 148kw/250nm by the way at only 125kw/200nm).

      • Aussie bender

        Except there is credible evidence from the USA’s Focus that it will be running mid 8’s for 0-100Km/H. The Aussie spec will be slightly more powerful also with a little more torque.
        CA’s testing of the petrol FG Falcon is low 7s. The LPI sounds like it will be a smidge faster than that.
        The long and short of it is we are talking about less than 2 seconds for the 0-100 sprint. Personally I don’t think thats a huge difference for a normal car.
        I agree the overtaking perfomance will be more so pronounced but this is not an issue for me. I’m not one that needs to be exceeding the speed limits.
        So acceleration aside, I’d far prefer to enjoy going through the twisty stuff quickly. That is where I find a lot more satisfaction in driving. Knowing a car will handle exceptionally well and throwing it around is what makes me smile, not being a traffic light dragster. This is where the Focus will shine compared to the Falcon despite the Falcon handling well for a large car.
        If fast 0-100Km/H times are your bent, you wouldn’t be seriously looking at a N/A Falcon either. But alas, there are always people that think “mine is bigger than yours” means a better car.

  • xr6

    AN AMAZING FUEL STORY.Steven Williams Motoring Writer.
    Ford Falcon Eco LPI…..VS..Ford Fiesta
    Body-Large sedan Body-Micro hatch
    Power 198kw Power 88kw
    People-5 Adults People-2Adults+3Kids
    Luggage-464 Litres Luggage-295 Litres
    Annual fuel cost=$1650 Annual fuel cost=$1695
    Cost based on 20,000 km.$0.66 LPG+$1.39 petrol.

    • Aussie bender

      That is remarkable however; after service, consumables (tyres, brakes ect.) and rego/insurance costs the price gap would once again move in the favor of the Fiesta.

      • Damian

        The Fiesta isn’t a cheap car to service, given its European heritage (even though it’s built in Thailand). Given the widespread availability of parts for the Falcon, as opposed to the “European” Fiesta, the Falcon won’t be all that much more to service.

        • qwerty

          Ford fixed price servicing prices has been released.
          The Falcon is dearer to service and the LPI Falcon is dearer again.

          • paulb

            I assume they are using NGK Spark plugs and leads.Lpi will require that extra spark.

          • Aussie bender

            Do they even have a Dizzy these days or is it coil packs?
            I’d like to know why they cost more to service.
            Are they required to pressure test the LPG tank or something?

        • paulb

          Aussie bender i know NGK Laser Iridium plugs are $20 each,Platinum Iridium.

          • i-hate-germans

            Um coil on plug does not have leads, falcon has had coil on plug ignition since release of BA 24V 4.0

    • Phil

      Since when was a Fiesta sized hatch “Micro”? How does Steven Williams describe a Smart (which is 1.5 Metres shorter!)?

  • Car Fanatic

    No Aussie Bender, Bangel and I are two different people. Sorry to dissapoint you.

    Still you are one of the retard brigade, so your lack of comprehension is understandable

    • Aussie bender

      Honestly I’m not dissapointed but care to show me where I was offensive to you or your comments?

      • Andrew M

        I second that,
        CF and Bangel also seem to think I am an anti VW person.

        Perhaps too many coffees before bed is leading to their paranoia

        • John123

          hahahaha awesome chat bros! 

  • garrywhopper

    You must be two differnt people to be that boring, cancer is more interesting than yourself

  • Car Fanatic

    Hahaha, you all bag the Golfs yet google FG Falcon reliability and hundreds of websites come up with major complaints about FG transmission problems and Fords rubbish service department.

    Seriously, you all live in glass houses, spend time reading the Ford forums, you might then take your blinkers off.

    • garrywhopper

      You need to get a girlfriend or wife, too much of the old tugga tugga tug tug. Its not to late just get an overseas one, honestly no shame in it

    • Captain Nemo

      Maybe you should take some of your own advice Car Flog.

      Google VeeDud 118TSI Carsguide would be a good place to start 100s of the little POS handgrenades going BOOM!

    • i-hate-germans

      Um what about the golf hey, the front windows would come out of there tracks and fall out this was a common problem too, Hey so much for german quality

  • Spectre

    Ford marketing need to revisit the early 80’s campaign when yet another fuel scare drove the mob to 4 cyl mediocrity. The alloy head marketing strategy that poked fun at those who would pretend that wheezy 4-bangers were actually desirable was very successful and came at a time when every 2nd know-all (and journo) was predicting the death of the large sedan.
    As good as modern FWD tech is – a short drive in a good RWD makes you realise that they are still trying to polish a turd and the sooner Ford wakes up and promotes this the better off they (and OZ manufacturing) will be.

    So what happens when a member of the great unwashed has an epiphany and realises that Ford make many bum-draggers in all markets? Simply reply: “Ah yes but ours are a cut above the rest” – they’d be mostly right as well.

    • Aussie bender

      With respect, most 4 cylinder cars these days are far from “wheezy”. A modern 4 Cylinder like a Mazda 3, Golf, Focus, Elantra ect are putting out power figures akin to the big 6s of a decade ago. I realise the modern 6 cylinder has progressed too, but how much power is enough? Its all very subjective.
      As for a “good RWD” as opposed to a “good” FWD, again it’s subjective. I have seen lots of supposedly good RWD cars doing accidental 360s at intersections. Not once, ever have I seen a FWD do it.
      The RWD will always be superior for towing and for aggressive acceleration, at least in a straight line. It does not suffer any torque steer. That said, not too many FWD cars do these days either. FWD makes for easier construction, less drivetrain components (no propshaft ect.) and thus lower weight and potentially less transmission losses. FWD cars don’t require a propshaft housing so you potentially have more interior space.
      The FWD tech in the new Focus will result in faster cornering than the current model which by all accounts handles better than the Falcon.
      At the end of the day, it’s horses for courses. If you prefer RWD – awesome, good for you. I’m fine with FWD if it has a little punch and can corner hard and fast.
      The AWD die-hards will swear black and blue it is better. All have pros and cons.

      • Sledge

        Fair enough aussie but I cant stand the corrupted steering in tuggers even if they cover it up a lot better than they did in the 80’s. The nose heavy feel when empty is horrible sometimes and the proof of the polished turd engineering is the way front wheel drive chew the front tyres out in 20k while the rears are only 25% worn.
        I have to admit that drive train efficiency and therefore fuel economy/performance is on the positive side of the ledger and packaging and reduced manufacturing cost appeals to car companies but if you’re on this site you probably like cars and driving them therefore RWD generally offers the best all round experience, AWD for slippery stuff perhaps and FWD if $$ are more important.
        Luckily its a free country so you can enjoy what ever you like – I like the effortless way a V8 nips through traffic and eats up highways and I hate the groaning noise (yes not ‘wheezy’) 4 bangers make when they have to work at low speeds (power but no torque) but for some reason when I see a Golf R, I want to buy one.
        I think there’s room for all tastes.

        • bangel

          HAHAH bob sled not driven a turbo 4 have we, try MEGANE RS ,FOCUS XR5 OR A GOLF GTI , no torque steer , neutral .

          Out corner a big tub of lard falcoon any day , weighs 300kilos less so grunt s not a problem with 400nm chips in that nice nimble body .

          Tyres my last two were pretty even all round at 30,000k, so thats a myth .

          Still your happy doing donuts keep up the good work .

          Economy with fun easy , hows your 16l/100k economy round town , try 8.2l

          • Mark

            If your still getting 8.2l from your turbo 4 you are obviously not driving it very hard… It doesn’t matter about the engine if you rev it hard and drive it hard it still chews juice. A 6 just does it easier and V8 does it easier still…

            As for steering… it’s basic physics as to why a RWD will corner better than a FWD. If you are trying to steer and drive through the same tyres you will get pull through the corner. Just like you will get over steer when driving a hipo RWD aggressively.

            Even the experts still comment about the dynamics of FWD cars… Driving Purists will always take a RWD over a FWD.

        • Phil

          Sledge, did you drive any Falcons in the 80s? Their power steering covered up absolutely everything the car was doing. Was so light you could blow on it and it would turn. Even a bad 80s FWD had better steering feel.

          A short drive in a good RWD would show to 99% of drivers that they can’t tell the difference between FWD or RWD.

          • Sledge

            Owned a couple and agree the steering was light and a bit vague with the old recirc ball steering box but, at 2.6 turns lock to lock it was great for catching power slides (5.8) and the ease of u-turns and parallel parks was great.

            Dont get weight mixed up with feel and there is also the seat of the pants/lower back that makes up driver appeal.

            80’s bum draggers kept the JapCrap phrase alive for quite a while and can’t you still hear those clanking CV’s.

            You’re really scaring me if it’s true that only 1% can tell a tugger from a RWD – I wonder if the readers here would agree with you.

  • Car Fanatic

    No shame in it? You seem to know alot about it Gary! Speaking from experience?

    My wife is from overseas, she’s British, a darn sight better looking than your bushpig of a wife, far smarter and earns a shed load more than your dole bludging wife who turns tricks on the Great Western Highway at Eastern Creek.

    So Gary how many times has your pig wife claimed on the baby bonus so you can by you LPi bogan car? 7, 8?

    • bangel

      It is amazing the vitriol spewing from the bogan mouths , they have no brain power when comes to a civilised augument , pull out the personal attacks when desperate .

      Garry there is no need for personal attacks on CF , stick to the story, critize VW all you like but dont bring family stuf to the forum , its just sick .

      • Andrew M

        Wooo up CF and Bangel,

        Ive yet to sight a civilised argument from either of you so I think you two are the ones with blinkers on. You have no interest what so ever in a great aussie step forward in alternative fuel so whay are you here?

        • bangel

          ANDY PANDY when have i made a personal attack on you or your family , never .

          The fact that this taxi gas falcoon is a waste of space is not an attack on you .

  • garrywhopper

    So you have hooked up with some dirty old pikey gippo,
    So she earns a lot selling bundles of sticks from her caravan. Quite a catch

    More likely you still live at home or by yourself tugga tugga tugga.

    Just get a mail order youll be off the forums in no time

  • george

    All this talk about big car vs small car. End of the day the Falcon is more versatile then any other small car ie Golf. Does a Golf carry a family of 5 in comfort?? Can it tow a boat or a twin axle caged trailer full of rubbish to the tip?? Falcon is smoother and better for long trips. It’s economical if driven right and performance when needed. Falcon is not a bad car as I’m an assembler at a very busy panel shop in Melbourne. You look after it and maintain it properly it will look after your pocket in return.

    • Aussie bender

      George I agree with all your comments. The point I’m making is, lots of people don’t need to seat 5 in comfort, nor do they need to tow a boat or twin axle caged trailer.
      It is indeed larger than a car like a Golf but as I (wrongly) thought, it’s not always more versative. When was the last time you saw someone carrying a washing machine inside a Falcon? People with hatch backs can do exactly that.
      Again, it’s not an issue many will need to concern themselves with but it does highlight the differences and why Ford (and most manufacturers) make a variety of cars.
      If you need those feature you listed then you are correct, this is a great car – just overpriced, but who pays RRP anyway right?

      • george

        Over priced?? I did say I’m an assembler in a very busy panel shop also a qualified beater. I’m 32 yrs of age and been tinkering with cars since the age of 12. Where i work we do all sorts of makes and models. You name it and I’ve worked on it. If not driven it. When it comes to European cars i can tell u now straight out that they are over priced. As a lot of people would say you are paying for the badge. They may look nice but thats it. Nothing else. When i pull these cars apart like a VW BMW MERC etc there is just so much unnecessary crap on them that it doesnt even need. Not that i dont know how to strip them, it just makes it more complicated to work on. U take off a door trim and its like wtf is all this stuff behind here. U take a front bar off and its the same thing. Ford, Holden, and Toyota are the most easiest cars to work on. Simple cars that look great and go hard and still get 5 star ratings. You can get parts for these cars the same day at your nearest Bursons store. I can go on forever but i wont. I’m aussie and i will always buy an aussie car to support the aussie car industry. I drive a 2004 BA XR6 Turbo and has 115000 kays and hasn’t missed a heart beat. Driven hard but not thrashed. I dont care about resale value coz its a car i will keep and also resale doesnt matter for me coz when i die the money wont come with me.

  • Ram

    Lot of vitriol going on. People need to relax a bit.

    Sadly, the LPG mod won’t do a thing for Falcon sales. It’s an outdated design and very people want a six cylinder anymore.

    The price of fuel will keep going up, up, up. It’s an unstoppable fact of life. Most consumers know this nowadays and they make do with cars that don’t gulp as much – that will only be exacerbated in the future.

    Finally, Ford’s design, fit, finish and interiors are not up to international standards. They know it, we know it. Companies like Mazda, Honda and VW are nailing it and until Ford pulls its finger out, no amount of blind loyalty from Hung Low and the likes will change their future and ultimate demise.

    • Hung Low

      Nice to mention my name amongst 180 other post SUPPORTING the Lpi Falcon. What other names do you post under Bangle?

      • bangel

        Just the one fungi , wow 180 supporters , sales about 2% of those will be converted .

        Trouble with those fordies they have never stepped outside the bubble , dad drove one so they must be the best .

        The world has downsized, if you need to tow get diesel hilux or a ranger .

        • Hung Low

          Amazing coincidence with the use of the word “vitriol” by you and this phantom poster RAM?
          You are pathetic Bung hole!

          I think it is YOU who needs some time behind the wheel of a latest G6E or XR model with the ZF box. Nobody here is proclaiming they are the best, but compare the size, performance, comfort, ride, handling and economy with a dearer import and any half decent Aussie would be proud of the locally designed and manufactured product.
          It is the likes of you that need to step out of the bubble of the German car fad, ever owned anything greater than 2 litres before Bung Hole?

  • Car Fanatic

    What time does your missus start treading the Great Western Gary? Maybe some of these Sydney based posters can go flip her a tenner for a hand job in the back of their Falcons.

    She’d probably welcome the change sitting in a Falcon as opposed to your GK Sigma.

    Oh and Captain Lamo, I did google it and found far less problems with the Golf as an entire range than Falcon has with it’s transmissions. At least VW are addressing the problem.

    Now get back inside Lamo, mummy’s calling you, your fairy bread’s ready.

    Gary, you could only dream of marrying a gypo ( learn to spell, it comes from Gypsy you retard) and if you did, you’d move up in the social scale.


    • Aussie bender

      Apart from your offensive remarks, I did find it amusing you mentioned VW’s solution to the 118TSI problems. Indeed VW are addressing the problem, they are dropping the supercharger! Hardly a progressive solution which is a shame as VW has been inovative in the past.

      • Hung Low

        Owners were also told the load squeeling noise of the s/c engaging every time you accelerated from idle was a characteristic of the car.
        I suppose so were the faulty knock sensors, pinging, loss of compression, damaged pistons, head gaskets, faulty dsg units, frequent stalling and the requirement for ecu updates. These problems have occurred on BRAND NEW cars!
        This is just the drivetrain, add to that the electrical woes of Vdud such as faulty window switches, leaking heaters, sat navs etc you have to wonder if having multiple recalls as issued by other manufacturers for small issues such as clips, hoses etc would be the better option.
        VDud loves hiding all this from joe public by issuing letters to owners instead of a recall, it is only a matter of time for the unwary to find out!
        The public is better off with the orphan Skoda brand with better quality using rehashed Vdud parts with their own better R&D systems!

    • Andrew M

      Please show a link to all these problems with ZF6sp gearboxes. That is afterall the only gearbox the Falcon can be had with nowdays.

      You probably pulled up complaints about the old 4spd with 300,000k’s which was booted long time ago

    • Ringo

      Gypo is short for Gypsy you moron, pretty obvious

    • Hung Low

      I cannot believe these offensive posts are published yet when I make any critical comments against a feature on certain brands of cars, the comment gets deleted!
      Moderation on here needs an overhaul!

  • paulb

    Only the future will tell, we all want a LPI Turbo.XR8 LPI,FPV LPI.

  • Car Fanatic

    Sorry mate, got you confused with one of the trolls who just comes on here to be dickheads.

    • Andrew M

      Like your mate bangel?

    • CPL

      Car Fanatic says ” Sorry mate, got you confused with one of the trolls who just comes on here to be dickheads.”

      Says the guy who comes on here to make offensive remarks about peoples wives giving handjobs for money.. you should be absolutely disgusted with yourself. grow up and start acting like a civilized human being. i cant possibly begin to understand what depraved pleasure draws you to post such vile nonsense when the only result is a barrage of abuse by anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to read it. you are truly pathetic and disgusting.

  • Troy Splann

    so… if wheels magazine managed a 14.7 quarter mile from a NON TURBO zf equipped xr6 when tested against a good ol pahse 3 gtho…

    what will the lpi do to the phase 3 that ran 14.4 ???

    i wonder if we will have a 13 (albeit 13.9) second capable naturally aspirated family hack??


  • Troy Splann

    oh and

    FORD, are you listening??


    • Andrew M

      If they are listening they would be making a Turbo version already.
      We have already drummed up 6 genuine purchasers from this one post

      • Aussie bender

        They don’t care. Otherwise we’d have this engine in the Terry. In fact Ford is perculiar in that they don’t give consumers what they want but they make strange decisions like produce this LPI engine which will in all likelyhood make the Ecoboost Falcon redundant!
        They won’t bring the 1.6L Ecoboost Focus to Australia either. Considering it’s potentially more powerful and drinks less fuel than the 2.0L N/A Focus, you’ve got to wonder what they are smoking at FoMoCo HQ…………

        • Andrew M

          Ecoboost is a fleet winner for those that have 4cyl only policies regardless of fuel consumption.

          I think they sided it against fleet contracts to get the project to stand up.

          Lpi is a different story. I think it will gain back the 25% they lost straight up, and then with some good marketing it will steal back sales from vehicles like the camry etc which holds sales under the pretence of low fuel consumption in a family car

      • bangel

        Dreams andy pandy

        • Andrew M

          What do you mean dreams??

          I am suggesting they should do some research into a turbo version which from the outside looks to be an easy combination to put together.

          Not a dream, just a suggestion.

          Give up trying to derail this one Bangel, you are sounds more pathetic the longer your BS goes on

  • Car Fanatic

    CPL, perhaps if you read other articles, you’ll see Gary or Elboro which is another name he uses, is a nasty troll. My comments are aimed at this filthy maggot.

    • Toy-boata

      How are you any better when you so willingly resort to the same filthy language and string together the same type of vile and disgusting sentences as someone you call nasty troll and filthy maggot? You are no better than him/them. CPL is 100% correct. Grow up!

  • Mark

    Id be very interested in this.But the price will have to be much better.
    A volkswagon dealer offered me a New diesel highline pasat wagon for $44k drive away.
    Wasnt too happy with what they offered me for my FG xr6 turbo ute though so still looking.
    As for the people bagging the falcon.Ive got to say they drive real nice.My other car is a current Mondeo and i much prefer driving the Fg everytime.


    • Andrew M

      Dont worry Mark,
      The price will be better.

      Ford, Holden and Toyota wont have a problem with shedding some loot for a deal.

      I’d be surprised if you couldnt pull the G6 for 40K drive out.

      Thats what makes these such great value.
      The price you see advertised for the XR6 and SV6 etc was available 3 years ago, only they didnt spruke about it back then.
      I got my XR6 ute with all the extras nearly 3 years ago and I only paid what the sales are saying today.

      Out of interest what are they offering on your ute?

      • Aussie bender

        Andrew I just checked the Ford au website. I was disappointed that you don’t get more from the G6 over the XT for the price difference.

      • Mark

        Volkswagon offering $26000.
        Ford offering $32000 trade in on a mondeo titanium wagon.
        Was going to go for mondeo but its a 4 year old shape now and a new one should be out soon.
        Also allready have one.

  • Hung Low

    I have to say it, as good as it is, and it will boost fleet sales of the Falcon no doubt, Ford should have sorted this out for the Territory.
    For the private sales side of the market, the SUV share is growing whilst ALL large sedans are declining, it would have made the Territory the best seller possibly!
    Looking at it from Fords pov, fleets are their bread and butter so catering to them first makes rational sense, they need to work on the private buyer buying an LPG Falcon which is amazingly a small market share for both Falcon and Commodore.
    Ford needs a campaign comparing the Falcon to a small car for fuelling cost!

  • Nath746

    Does Ford offer the EcoLPI XR6 Sedan with the 6 speed Manual?

    • xr6

      Nath746,the ute yes.I guess the sedans in smaller numbers than the utes.Order of the factry line would be $2000 cheaper than auto.

  • Car Fanatic

    Blah blah blah, is all I got from you Toy-Boata.

    If indeed you aren’t CPL with a different name.

    Still I’m not going to sit idly while some dole bludging pot smoking loser thinks he can be offensive to me and not get something back in return while he hides behind the net like a coward.

    • garrywhopper

      Maybe you should stop bludging on the net and do some work, those trolleys wont collect themselves.
      No way your married, or have a job you filthy leech on society

  • Tony

    Car Advice – Unless I missed it in your report, there is no mention that the price of gas will rise by around 20% in December (just over 4 months from now), due to government taxes. There have been a few media reports about this over the past few months. The taxi industry is planning to raise fares when the cost of gas goes up in Dec.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      We were told it was a mere 5% price rise. Let me investigate.

      • Smokin’ Jo

        in my mind as a potential buyer of a new car, I find myself thinking about fuel supply security.
        If we are anywhere near peak oil, it would mean the price of oil will increase heavily. Can you tell us if this relates to LPG? Does the LPG we buy at the local servo come from Australia? Is it likely to feel less impact from peak oil concerns? Any info you could supply would be appreciated.

        • Hung Low

          LPG is still a petroleum based gas hence the “P” petroleum.
          LPG pricing was brought into parity with global price by our government because it is a traded commodity which we produce and have in abundance.
          So the reality is that it will go up with the demand from peak oil, everything you will and can buy will go up with peak oil!

        • Andrew M

          SMokin Jo

          Australia is rich in LPG supplies, so rich infact that we sell it off to china for something in the order of 2cents per litre.

          LPG actually isnt made from oil (well most isnt). Gas is a naturally occuring product.
          I doubt we will see price gouging of LPG because as already proven over the last few years its been stable at 65cents per litre or so.
          Beauty of LPG is it doesnt fluctuate like unleaded.

    • paulb

      Tony the proposed LPG excise increase was blocked in Federal parliment by the opposition and Tasmanian independent Mr Wilkie.

    • Andrew M

      They have been playing around with the excise on it for a while. It has changed a bit over the last year and already delayed several times.

      The planned introduction in December was originally 2.5cpl per year over 5 years capped at 12.5cpl.
      12.5cpl at the end of 5 years is roughly 20% so perhaps thats where your figure of 20% came from.

      Im not sure what the current proposal is but all other proposals Ive read are around the similar increase of 2.5cpl (or roughly 5% as Alborz says)

      Either way, its currently less than half the price of unleaded so I wouldnt be getting scared off by any proposed excise.

      LPG also gives a little confidence that the government has a bit more control over price gouging as the world market doesnt affect LPG price like Unleaded is affected.

      Also, Taxis had a scream 8 years ago when there was a spike in the LPG price back then. They are probably just looking for an excuse to get on the high horse again

  • Kane Alto

    XT – $42,790

    They are kidding themselves. Bye Bye Falcon.

    • Smokin’ Jo

      True! It will be interesting to see what prices people really pay for these things. I hope people will post their prices if they buy.

    • Dave S

      Running a big 6, for the price of a 4, not good enough value?

      I am not a Ford person, but Ford have done a great job here and deserves to do well.

    • Hung Low

      The reality is like the current XR6 and SV6, it will be discounted by up to $10k making it a very good buy!

    • bangel

      I agree kane , maybe $32k same as an xr6 , this is dumb everbody knows their on the slide so why pay $10k more , resale will be judged same as xr6 , $8k in 3 years .

      • paulb

        bangel your a big fan of Ecoboost,ive read your posts before.Just confused why you dont like the ECOLPI technology.

    • Andrew M

      I think you have lost touch of what cars cost.
      The base model commodore sells for similar money and is the reining sales champ.

      Also the Mazda 3 can be had for 40K+ if you want the bells and whistles model, and thats a small car.

      If its not a 25K chinese or korean you would be surprised at the price of many new cars

      • bangel

        Try looking in a dealers yard at all the falcoons at give away prices , doomed .

        Any fool can walk in and get a falcoon at low thirties without even putting on the hard word , thats about all their worth .

        • Andrew M

          Thats been happening for years Bangel, and its not just ford who you can count on a 10K discount from.

          Funny how you slam how much they discount them to the new buyer, but when you try and illustrate how much they depreciate you take it from the top RRP even though you know noone pays RRP.

          Whatever makes your story sound good isnt it?

          • bangel

            No i took it from the $32k professor of maths , who would be stupid enough to think a falcoon was $42k , way over priced in the first place , remember they wont be around in 2014 so their value will be squirts .

          • BoatAnchor

            How much is Golf worth just out of warranty that needs a new motor, gearbox and CAN bus controller? *

          • xr6

            Thats a good comment BoatAnchor.

  • simon

    One simple question.
    Can a towbar be fitted?

  • Simon speaks and

    Can you fit a towbar?

    • Andrew M

      Do you mean to this Lpi Falcon??
      Of course, why couldnt you?

      • Aussie bender

        Maybe he is wondering about the LPG tanks causing fitting problems. It’s a fair comment so it would be nice to get clarification from Ford.

        • BoatAnchor

          How much is Golf worth just out of warranty that needs a new motor, gearbox and CAN bus controller?

          • BoatAnchor

            Sorry – the above post appeared in the wrong spot

  • money from junk

    To all those who bag this new development by Ford, pull your head in, I’ve been running LPG injection system for 4 years now and the problem I have is I can’t go back to petrol, for a number of reasons lpg beats diesel for extra torque and clean emissions and the fact we import most of our diesel and export most of our lpg.

    Ford deserves to do well and I’d love one, but an LPI Territory would be the go for us.

    I’ve driven a Territory which was converted to liquid lpg with the turbo and that was amazing.

    If our future is in diesel golfs, I think I’ll give up long drives, little cars with buzzy engines can’t eat the k’s if you like a long drive.

    I’ve owned VW’s so don’t tell me I know nothing about how they drive or are built.

    • Andrew M

      Just to add to your diesel thoughts, I doubt diesel will be round for long, its just a bit of a Fad really because now they are really putting their emissions under the microscope

      • Golfschwein

        I don’t think diesel’s saying sayonara any time soon, Andrew M. Everything in this world just gets better and better, whether it’s LPG technology, petrol, electric or diesel. Engineers make it so. We’ve not seen the end of any of it.

        • Andrew M

          Well its the dirtiest fuel Golfie, and when someone like Toyota isnt keen to get to heavy into it in fear of hurting their green image there is a bit of a give away there too.

          Certainly not any time soon (perhaps I got a bit ahead of myself there) but its about to come under scrutiny it should have been subjected to a long time ago

          • Aussie bender

            Toyota is big into it, just not in Australia.
            The Corolla is diesel in NZ – they don’t want to mess with it here because A. It’s consistently the Number 1 or 2 selling car in Australia B. it will canabalise sales from both Prius and Hybrid Camry.
            They have the exact same issue with the Kluger. Why do you think they refuse to put a diesel in it (ore even option it) when they have the D4-D available on the shelf? Because it is selling so well in petrol and the Prado is selling so well with Diesel. They don’t want to canabalise Prado sales by making the Kluger Diesel.
            That is all defined by the Aussie market and what cars aussied like to drive in each segment.
            The Europeans love their diesels so you can bet market forces are meaning better diesels in the future. Just look how far they’ve already come!

          • Andrew M

            Toyota does diesels in europe because they wouldnt sell a single car otherwise.

            When the only company with simple platforms across all markets has to be driven kicking to bring a diesel here I’d say they are resisting.
            People think Ford was slow bringing a diesel Terry, but they had to develop one first. Toyota has a Kluger diesel sitting on the shelf.

            Also emissions were previously only hammered on Co2 levels, but as of 2013 (i think) the rest of the emissions get hammered too.

            Bottom line is a Diesel Corolla isnt greener than a humble large commodore. One day there will be more emphasis on this very point

          • Aussie bender

            Maybe you’re right Andrew. But as the new standards come in – they can only be a good thing and I think the diesels will continue to improve. Mazda has spent some serious coin on their Sky diesels and I’m sure they will be powerful but also low polution emitters. They won’t produce something that can’t sell because of regulations.

  • Wayno

    Maybe the FPV Predator?
    Remember this: http://www.trueblueford.com/ELpredator_Showcar.html

  • Aussie bender

    Sorry, the Corolla is AVAILABLE in Diesel in NZ…….

  • http://www.restcampers.com Restcampers

    What towing capacity and what extra for cooling required

    • Andrew M

      Expect 2300kgs towing like the petrol version, and I dont know why you suggest additional cooling may be required over the petrol model

  • Stephen Hardy

    you can save up to 18c a liter on lpg as follows

    have a coles credit card (its free, no fee) and do 4 coles shops of $30 each (I do a single shop & just divide it up once a month) and each gives you 4c at the time of purchase and another 4c on your creditcard statement. Then have your car insured with coles insurance (just shown to be the cheapest insurance and each month they tripple the 4c to 12c! Then in store sped $2 and get an extra 2c a litter off. Total 12c+4c+2c=18c/L

    Now i can get at coles this week LPG for 60.5c a liter and thats before savings, so 42.5c/L! I can afford to go for a drive just for FUN!

    PS: You can convert all falcons to LPG, even the TURBO ones with the same after market kit as the new falcons are comming with and so are dual fuel…

    Its well worth doing, i just bought a ’08 FG falcon for $13,000 and the first thing i did was order LPG conversion… extra cost <$3k after gov rebate…

  • Stephen Hardy

    Not since the launch of the current model falcon FG have i seen a base model falcon, they all but disappears in 2008/09 and the real price after factory discounts is $33,000 drive away for a XR6 or G6E – which to all intensive purposes is now the ‘BASE MODEL’ and pricing. When they went to 6 speed semi auto transmission the MANUAL was a option only exercise that may well disappear when the DSG version of the 6 or 7 is released, probably in the revamped falcon or its replacement in 2012/13 time frame.

    That made both manufacturing and marketing sense but still demand has dropped to amazing low levels, even for the awesome XR6 and for that you can blame both competition and the lack of decent LPG.

    Until now you can say LPG was always the ugly duckling of the family but the problem was it was always a under speced model with bolt on lpg – until now…

    Now we can see what 105 RON LPG can do in a car thats made for it and for once its speced as its twins at last too.

    Shame they have not solved the spare problem and please give is REAL pricing and not marketing BS – At 33,500 after rebate this should kill the non LPG falcon and that day cannot come too soon if ford is going to stay in Australia as a big 6 car manufacturer! Because while our R&D and even our car industry exec’s have done well overseas, to date our slow, government welfare car manufacturers have been on borrowed time since the death of the magna/380 in Adelaide!!!

    • http://N/A Doug

      Stephen, Just a very small point. You wrote “which to all intesive purposes is. . .” The expression is “to all intents and purposes.. “.

      I’ve had LPG powered Holden Commodore’s for years. All aftermarket LPG kits. Now I’m seriously considering a FORD, for the first time in my life, because of the ECO-LPGi.

      Go FORD!

  • Car Fanatic

    Stephen why bother spending $2 in store to save 2c a liter? You’d need to buy more than 100 liters to make up for the $2 you just spent to get the discount.

    I do worry about peoples ability to budget sometimes.

  • Karl

    I’d really like to see Ford combine it’s diesel and LPG tech and make a diesel LPG injection system for the Territory.
    The development costs should be modest and the LPG tank would only be around 20L, so packaging shouldn’t be an issue.
    It would make the Tezza even more economical, cleaner, powerful and cheaper to run (not to mention a real point of difference against the imports).
    C’mon Ford, your sitting on a golden opportunity here!

  • DE

    OK CA, great article. Glad to see the Eco LPI lives up to expectations.

    Now the crunch: It’s way overdue to delete all the tripe that “bangel” has spewed on this post. Very little has any factual relevance, much of it is obscene. Very cleraly he has NOT followed the CODE of CONDUCT and should have his blogging privaledges permanently revoked. If CA is serious about the quality (and legality) of the website you will delete all of his vitriolic trash ASAP.

    Certainly my 13yo car nut son will continue to be banned from Caradvice until you guys clean these sorts of things up!

    • Golfschwein

      Well said. He’s not the only culprit, sadly. The site attracts new bloggers continuously and each one thinks they have carte blanche to call each other morons or attack someone’s choice of car. They’ve never seen the code of conduct and don’t understand the ramifications for the site owners when their anti-everything tripe appears on screen.

      • Hung Low

        You are correct, but you soley should take the title of being one of the only culprits who has posted vilifying and racially based comments on these blogs!
        Stop being a fake Golf pig!

        • Golfschwein

          Got proof to your outrageous claim?

          • Hung Low

            Are you in denial or suffer memory loss?
            Do you really want me to dig out your comments to make you look like a liar? Lets start with “Darkies assembling cars” and your insightful comments about “first generation Australians” for starters!
            You do have something in common with Bangel after all, apart from being morons.
            As I said stop being a fake!

          • paulb

            Hung Low ive tried to be fair about new models of VW’s.I think the supporters of the local industry,show stay off VW reviews.But VW fans with nothing nice to say should stay off our reviews.

      • Lucii Pooky

        Well I’m a 13 year old car nut and all I have to say about bangel is he seems to be a Volkswagen Troll! My mum owns a Golf GTI Adidas which is a great car but by no means close to this! I mean this is a large sedan, not a hot hatch!!!

        And I saw the G6E Falcon at AIMS and was very impressed by the quality, considering it was made on a ‘budget’

        Well done and ford!, and bangel stop compering Aussie sedans to german hatches!!!!!!!!

        • bangel

          Tell mum to stick with the shoe car , falcoons are junk , tell dad to stop trolling too .

          • i-hate-germans

            Who would listen to you!

            You have no real knowledge of the car industry, just like giving your worthless opinions. You post the same old crap in every falcon article. Get it through your thick skull us real Australians do not give a toss about your Vw golf, the falcon has history it’s an all Australian car built and designed here who care if it’s not a world class car nothing you type will change this so please get a life and just stick to the VW sites don’t come on here bagging our cars

  • FG ute

    Fuel prices around here are .57/litre for LPG and $1.31 for unleaded my last LPG fill cost $37.85 for 520.1 K’ms thats country driving at the speed limit in a 2008 FG EGas ute,that is the equivalent of 5.55 litres/ 100 kms on petrol plus it has the ability to tow in excess of 2 tonnes if needed. No contest, and the new one will be better.

    • querythat1

      How do you get 5.55 l/100??

      • FG ute

        The $37.85 I spent on gas would have bought 28.9 litres of petrol so divide the number of hundreds travelled (5.2) into litres of petrol (28.9) = 5.55 litres/100 K’s so to do 520 K’s for $37.85 worth of petrol you would need to be doing 5.55 litres/100 K’s.

        • xr6

          Thats great motoring FG ute,do you think the new LPG will tow as well as the petrol models.

          • FG ute

            If you use premium unleaded or diesel prices in the calculation it gets even better, under 5 litres/100K’s is not unusual.
            The new ones have more power and torque so they will be better tow cars.

  • Terry Zarzoff

    Problem Ford are going to have is erasing the buying publics memories of previous LPG powered Falcons i.e Hard to start, cutting out on cold mornings, rotten egg smells etc etc. Id never own another gas powered Falcon after the amount of troubles Ive had with my previous models (2 BF’s and current FG). AND YES, I know this LPI is different blah blah blah but frankly I dont care…

    • bangel

      So true terry , they were pretty bad , and gas does pong , much like their owners .

      I also remember their rubbish 5 speed manuals and the horrible clutch problems , all be over in 2014 .

      • i-hate-germans

        You know what stinks worst then gas dangels? The crap that comes out of your mouth!

        Now your talking about 5 speed manuals from the 90’s OMG!

    • chook

      I dont think you really did have any falcon before Terry !, especially when its 3 later model ones you claim to have had . Any owner of a falcon will allow enough credibility to the LPG system being improved over the old one and consider it accordingly as a purchase .

  • Aaron Redich

    pffft, as if Ford are going to show up to a press day and let a petrol powered Falcon show up thier new LPI. They’ve simply plugged the computer into the petrol variant and tuned it down to ensure no red faces. Some people will believe anything.

    • Aussie Bender

      Dude, in my crazy days I once drove a BF Falcon on petrol. I had an old guy in an AU Falcon on LPG drag me. I could not shake him.

    • Jack

      I actually heard from little birds the ECOLPi was so much more powerful it had to be heavily de-tuned. So go figure.

  • G6ET

    Very nice Ford!

    • G6ET

      Will be getting liquid injected LPG installed on my car soon :)

      • sequential

        Good idea but no useable luggage space with a spare in place. Fail. Why can’t we have a big fat twin turbo V6 diesel with all that lovely torque and decent fuel economy!

        • G6ET

          Fair enough but I’m not too fussed with the boot space. Am thinking to go along the lines of having the tank installed where the spare will go and carry some tyre fix, only carrying a space saver spare for longer journeys.

  • BK

    Im stickin with my 98 RON fuel for a long long time. No need for LPG. Its only for the tight arse drivers out there.

    • i-hate-germans

      Oh ok, so you have to be tight ass to use gas? Don’t think so, so your happy paying almost 3 times the amount for premium unleaded to give the same results as gas. You may be happy giving the big petrol companies your money but i’m not

  • chook

    Its amazing how they will keep on howling about the falcon being an improving product . At some point they will revert to finding fault with the paint colours used on them !! .

  • Bombforddriver

    Thats great but what happens to poor people like me that have to drive ten year old cars?Will all that technology still be reliable in ten years and i guess ill just throw the spare out the window and hope for the best while my family sits helplessly stranded in the bush because of a flat tyre.
    And will that gas sysyem be reliable in the summer desert heat? I think not….fifty degrees celcius is common in summer!

    • Hung Low

      There is no reason why this system should be less reliable than the conventional mixture system. In ten years, you tank will need testing and just like petrol fuel injection, the Lpi system should still be in great shape provided it has a decent maintenance history.

    • Karl

      I’ve never heard of an lpg vehicle being stranded from the heat. Even so, the ‘rated’ temperature is usually lower than what the system can actually withstand.
      I read somewhere that the engine was tested over 550,000 k’s, which is a lot more than most manufacturers. A Falcon may not have the build quality of the Germans, but it does have better longevity (hence using them as taxis). I think they will be highly sought after in the used car market, and for good reason.

  • Nikolaj

    I enjoyed reading about this new Eco LPI falcon. I will almost definately purchase a new G6 eco lpi in the next few years. For now I am stuck with my gas guzzling 2005 XR6.

    Thanks for the great article!

  • Cameron

    Love it. Only negative it the spare, surely engineers could find a spot for the spare tire in a car large sedan?!?! Would defiantly still go it over the petrol though.

  • goslow

    When you drive over 40K kms a year LPG is the only way to go. People need to get over the “lpg taxi” attitude and embrace it. The only issue I have is no spare tyre as standard. I understand that Ford needed the space for larger lpg tanks for range but I would gladly fill up more frequently to get the spare placed under the floor in the usual spot. I would not risk going wothout the full spare especially when driving in the country and interstate but would still love the boot space. Just saw details on the FG II. New LPI XR6 here with alloy spare here I come.

  • Phil from Kholo

    Does it have a drivers side footrest and ILLUMINATED steering wheel controls ? Falcons never seemed to be designed for even basic driver comfort throughout their entire history.The review also states the interior is noisy .The BA model was noisy and that was many models ago.Either Ford are not listening , or the chassis design is the cause.When you look at the European Designed Fords you can see why the Falcon sales have “tanked” Cheap wine is economic but i and many would not necessarily buy it!Time will tell who is right on this release.

  • MD

    Problem with straight gas cars…
    They are sort of designed for the country miles.
    How do I toss in a jerry can of fuel, for a top-up when in the bush???
    That’s why I have had a dual fuel falcon on Gas for the last 15 years (not the same car).

    For the country user, 50 miles out of town, with on site driving to do, sure 700km is a good range, BUT is that a REAL range, and javing to go into town to top-up, can’t just pump out of a can…..  Sceptical, as the Previously quoted 14 L/100km often really translates to 16 L/100 km  on highway, and 18 L/100km around town… (depending on driving style, and loading of course, my granny may get 10L/100km as she wouldn’t go over 50 km/hr (oops she is dead))

    I recognise that most users are city reps, and slickers who wouldn’t go more than 50 km from a major town in their lives.

  • Domenicrod

    if memory serves me right, the  speed G6 2008 that i have which i have tested on the private range in Sunbury versus my brothers new XT 2012 GAS…..I ran premium 98 octane 20L in the tank. My car is a 5 speed auto , his is 6 and on EcoLPi, i managed to pull away from him by a full car and a half almost 2 cars away over the 300m sprint.

    can anybody explain this, is it the premium that makes it go harder or? btw my car weights 7kg less too.

  • Remzo

    the standard 5 speed or a 6 speed automatic FG XT 2009-2013 4.0L DOHC Ti-VCT petrol make the following power figures:

    195kW at 6,000rpm and 391Nm of torque at 3,250rpm on regular 91 octane unleaded petrol.
    201kW at 6,000rpm and 409Nm of torque at 3,250rpm on premium 95 octane unleaded petrol.
    208kW at 5,600rpm and 422Nm of torque at 3,100rpm on premium 98 octane unleaded petrol.

    those are the facts:
    once you start to utilise 98 octane petrol the car changes within 200km of driving. The dual knock sensors start to take advantage of higher octane fuel and the throttle response changes and the entire car shifts towards a quicker responding, faster accelerating vehicle versus when you run it on 91 octanes.
    The difference is between 0.2 to 0.4 of a second, but never half a second on 98 versus 91, that is as tested on a 5 speed model.

    However there is more. It has been established by now that when octane boosters are used, (decent ones) , the octane of 100.2 can be achieved, thus estimated power after 100km drive on a full tank of 98 octane with octane booster states; the power in excess of 212kW and over 430Nm of torque.
    This further confirms the myth that these cars in fact can do under 6.4s 0-100km/h and this is only if you run it on highest octane fuels as you can.

    A friend of mine ran a 115 octane av gas (bad for the engine/plugs and cat) however after some 300km we noticed a bump in acceleration between 2,500-5,000rpm.

    So the petrol indeed is quicker than LPG, however you need to use 98 octane fuel, ditch the 91, even 95 is not good enough.

    Keeping in mind that the LPG version’s 198kW are achieved at 5,000rpm versus 6,000 on the petrol, thus the latency to accelerate as quick as the LPG, due to the fact that the LPG will blast all its power earlier, but this only equates to less than 0.2 of a second.

    So to fight that run your FG XT, G6, G6E, XR6 N/A on 98 octanes and here and there a bottle of good octane boost and you will in fact beat the LPG by two full car lengths and out accelerate it in the top end.
    Remember the LPG is useless past 5,500rpm, the petrol still has more headroom with the additional 1,000rpm so despite the fact that it cuts out at 6,200rpm in manual mode. time achieved between 5,000 and 6,000rpm can yield up to 0.3 of a second over the LPG therefore out sprinting it.

    However the LPG is cheaper to run but it also uses a little more LPG versus petrol (older LPG versions used even more fuel)

    Another idea springs to mind.
    Get a cheap second hand LSD diff.
    18″ OEM Ford or 19″ after market rims, thickets tires you can wack on say (245mm), lower it by 30mm with sports suspension.
    Good aftermarket air intake.
    good extractors, high flow cat, 2.5″ exhaust pipes
    no tune at all, no high stall , no change in diff ratio.

    you will be looking at 230kW/460Nm (on RON95) and more on RON98.

    you will have once very quick accelerating car , do not attempt to use 17″ or lower rims, the Falcon FG petrol N/A will simply lose too much traction.
    So LSD and good wheels/tires are an answer and the above mods.
    A tune is welcome, a stage 3 shift kit even better.
    Looking at below 14s 400m mark and easy 5.9s 0-100km/h

    cheers guys

  • Remzo

    correction 2008-2013 make the same figures as above on three different fuels used.
    195kW on 91
    201 on 95
    208 on 98

    The new FH Falcon 2016 will have a 3.7L V6 from American Mustang, 290kW at 5,750 to 7,250rpm and 410Nm at 3,500 to 5,500rpm ( i was told by an engineer from ….) will be direct injected and will weigh 30% less than current 4.0L I6 with twin throttle bodies, will be coupled to an 8 speed auto.
    It will be 100% naturally aspirated. Will use less than 8L per 100km/h city driving and high way combined.
    Estimated performance equal to current XR6T.
    Welcome to the future of high revving yet refined and willing Ford engines, 290kW up to 7,000rpm , means something, this means willingness to jump up to and reach fast times to 100km/h.
    It is estimated due tot he revving nature (when needed) under 5 seconds with 8 speed auto with 290kW of zapping mid-high end punch from this new 3.7L V6.

    • DAVIDZ

      WRONG, will stay with current powertrain

Ford Falcon Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$13,640 - $15,500
Dealer Retail
$15,080 - $17,930
Dealer Trade
$10,800 - $12,400
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
409Nm @  3250rpm
Max. Power
198kW @  5000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
12.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/60 R16
Rear Tyres
215/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Automatic Air Con / Climate Control, Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels
Parking Distance Control
Premium Sound System
Metallic Paint, Tow Pack
Safety Pack, Side & Head Airbags
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin