• davie

    a 2 door version of a 4 door version of a 2 door?

    will this replace the existing mini 2 door?

  • charger

    Its not even close to a Mini, Its just a small car now!

  • Peanut

    I much prefer the Mini Skirt. It will always be a classic.
    Tell the Model to move what she is holding so we can see it.

  • A

    I get the concept, but I don’t think this is radical or interesting enough to compete with things like the Evoque. Especially when the cheaper, better looking and cooler hatch will still inevitably drive better.

  • Pauly

    I personally dont mind this at all.

    It reminds me of the Evoque. However im guessing it will be alot cheaper.

  • bold

    why did they hire a model so much taller than the car …

    • Carnie

      To try and make it look small, but she just looks freakishly tall.

  • bangel

    Cant wait for the korean knock offs of the evoke look .

  • Loki556

    There is a car in the first photo? Where?

  • Alexander-@live.com.au

    I actually really like the look of it, it’s far more muscular than the standard Mini. The 155kw AWD version would be fun on gravel/mud…

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.zaharis Peter Zaharis

    Ok first thoughts were “Dear god BMW not another Mini variant! Please stop it already!” But after a closer inspection today I actually quite like the looks of this.
    I was in the market for a small car and had the money it would probably be on my look at list.

  • PeterG

    That robotic rear is scary.

  • Duckula

    Dont forget the 3 door wagon – well 2 and a half doors, based on the 2 door, but with double doors on the back.

  • Duckula

    Is it just me ( probabaly is) or does the side profile kinda look a teeny bit like the 3 door evoque?

  • Duckula

    If they took out the E, and painted it yellow, they could call it the Mini Pacman :)

  • PPlater92

    If BMW Mini decide to go forth with this interesting concept, I might be persuaded to trade in the trusty first car for something like this!

    While I find the rear-end a little out of proportion, I most certainly wouldn’t complain if this was in my driveway at Christmas with a giant ribbon around it!

  • t

    Dear Mini,

    Give me my damn Mini Beachcomber you Bast**ds! Not this junk!