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by Brett Davis

The new, 2012 Toyota Fortuner has just debuted in Asia. The HiLux-based seven-seat SUV features the new front end of the facelifted Toyota HiLux, which is planned for an Australian debut in August.

From the front, the new Toyota Fortuner showcases the fresh three-tier chrome grille layout as well as a revised bumper bar design including new spotlights. There’s also new projector headlights with twin elements and a new bonnet and front guards.

The Toyota Fortuner also gets a newly designed rear end, wheels and a spruced up interior with higher quality materials compared with the previous model. A new instrument cluster and uprated equipment options also heighten the attractiveness. An automatic gearbox will be available for the first time.

Under the bonnet, the 2012 Toyota Fortuner will come with two diesel engine options and a petrol variant. Making up the entry-level model will be a 2.5-litre turbo diesel unit producing 107kW. Next in the range will be a 3.0-litre turbo diesel producing 122kW, and lastly a 2.7-litre petrol producing 119kW.

The previous model Toyota Fortuner reportedly didn’t sell too well in areas like Thailand, but Toyota hopes to turn it around with this more refined model. The option of the automatic transmission is said to be one of the main concerns for buyers in the market.

What do you think of the Fortuner? Do you think there is a market for it in Australia, or does Toyota already have the 4WD/SUV market covered with the RAV4, Kluger, HiLux, Prado, FJ Cruiser and LandCruiser?

  • m2m

    These are absolutely EVERYWHERE in Philippines, and the current one is probably the best looking Toyota on the market. Much simpler than the Kluger/Prado.


    Toyota owns the SUV market already and dealers are struggling to supply now let alone introduce another model variant!

    • Camry lover

      I am of the opinion that Toyota has produced a thoroughly luxurious automobile of the highest elegance calibre. The prestigious taillamps are without a doubt the centrepiece of the modern styling revisions. The translucent lights with red overtones evoke the sporting prowess that encapsulates the Lexus RX 350 and its environmentally friendly twin, the superlative RX 450h. One could only assume that such an automobile would sell very well considering the grandeur displayed. 

      As a side note, it is nice to see the classy steering wheel from the flagship Aurion limousine offered on the Fortuner sports utility vehicle. This significantly enhanced the prestige of the cabin.

      • Andrew M

        My thoughts exactlly, but you also fogot to mention the core element of this absolute piece of art…..
        The 3.0L diesel engine. Never before has there been a so under done and under torqued engine in a vehicle which is held in such high regard.

        I mean they absolutely deliver this to the market in a way that truley captures the buyer beneath its hand woven silk blindfold

        • bert

          So its way better than your SSANGYONG ACTYON? dont feel bad because now that’s a piece of art! ha! ha! ha!

          • Andrew M


      • tory

        ah…. the tail lights look like they were $9.99 from a chinese ebay seller.

        the whole exterior looks like its from the 90s.

        nice inside though.

        • kupukupumu

          My thought exactly! Actually in the stage of considering a purchase. Considering it because more economical for daily use compared to X5. But the look is just not mine, prefer the previous simple design. *sigh*

      • duh

        all flowery words.

  • Pez

    Bring the 4Runner back to Australia!

    • Andrew M

      Thats what I thought.
      Not Fortuner, its a 4Runner

      Will we see the Hilux Surf return??

  • K20A

    Those rear lights are uglier than stuck throttle pedal!

    • http://www.sillbeer.com/ Brendan

      Indeed, ditch the Altezza light treat car manufacturers…it was dodgy the first time. Now it’s just a joke FFS.

      • m2m

        Seriously, Toyota’s facelifts make genuinely decent looking cars look like naff afterthoughts. Aurion, Corolla, Fortuner! All looked better in original guise.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1715760895 Charles Dean

          Aurion, Camry, Kluger look much fresher and sharp with the new facelift.. Specially the Kluger — looks even better then the new Ford Territory..

          We need Toyota Venza here in Aus

          • tory

            sorry Territory > this

      • Andrew M

        I agree that on most vehicles the clear tail lights look tacky, But I reckon Mazda seem to pull them off.

        Everyone else who tries it on looks aftermarket

  • Locky

    I like it and agree that it should come back as the 4Runner, but they didn’t have to go steal Hyundai’s grill design…that’s a bit low from Toyota.

  • Andy Dandy

    I drove this in many places in South East Asia and would probably guess it wont be a success here in Oz. It drives like a truck that it is and despite its external appearance, it barely fit a 1.8 meter tall adult. Claustrophobic isn’t too excessive a term for this car’s cabin. Its also bouncy as all hell but Toyota Australia may have fixed that for the local market.

  • AB

    They are everywhere in Thailand… How many do they want to sell??

  • HJP

    My father owns current model Toyota Fortuner (not this facelifted version). It’s 2.5L diesel with automatic transmission. I drove his car when I was on holiday, it’s nice to drive although it’s slow but it has adequate performance when driving among traffic crowd. There are lots of them in South East Asian countries that they are sold like hot cakes and being affordable SUV.

  • Frosty

    Considering both Mitsubishi and Nissan have ute based SUV’s and word is Isuzu and Holden are also looking into it I would not be suprised at all to see it here in the not too distant future. I see many, many of these type of SUV’s in Thailand.

    • Andrew M

      There will also be a ranger based SUV too.

      In saying that, Holden, Ford, Isuzu, Nissan etc who are pursuing the idea dont already have 2 standalone proper 4×4 passenger vehicles on the market.

      Maybe my memory isnt that good, but am I right to say the Prado wasnt around here the same time as the 4Runner??

      • Jibin

        there is a ranger based SUV avialble in some countries, in India it’s called the Endavour and in other markets i think it’s called the ford everest

  • Sam

    Looks Korean around the back end.

    • tory

      and the front end too

  • Milsie

    Just when you thought Aus spec’d Toyota’s couldn’t have more badges on the back, you see this thing! Check out how many badges Toyota have managed to stick on the rear of this!
    Less is more Toyota…

  • PhantomHamster

    You aint seen nothing.. for some reason they LOVE badges on their cars in Asia. In Cambodia they basically only have 2 cars, current series camry or a Lexus LX300 ( the model befor the 350, not sold here) They all have HUGE decals down the side that say Camry or Lexus, plus a million badges… its crazy. Talk about monopoly tho, as honestly 95% of all vehicles in Cambodia are Camrys or the 330… weird but true.

  • Jake Williams

    Why do all Toyota facelifts ruin the models? The Corolla, the HiLux, the Kluger all look so fussy and overdone now. And now the Fortuner too, which is a car they really should bring here as an alternative to this who can’t afford a Prado. But Toyota Aus wait till the next generation because this facelift has ruined what was a nice car!

  • Richard

    Toyota currently don’t have an affordable diesel mid size 4WD in Australian market giving many sales to Korean companys. The Fortuner even with old tech diesels will give Toyota some of the action.

  • Rakidelacruise

    yeah the world is mine

  • Woody

    I think it would great if Toyota offered the Fortuner here in AUS but knowing Toyota as well it would be overpriced, I think if they sold it here for around the 40k mark like the Mitsubishi Challanger they would sell very well as not everybody can afford a 50K+ Prado

  • RakidelacruiseII

    Actually Toyota Fortuner has a good reputation here philippines since they debuted the first generation way back in 2006… Fortuner has knowed to its durable suspension very similar to Toyota Tundra in US. but many filipinos don’t like it’s comfort… Toyota Fortuner is a SUV but its tough as Mighty Tundra in US

  • Car Fanatic

    It’s the Toyota Forester!

  • Biker

    Fortuner has been around in South Africa also for years now.
    And is definately better looking than a Kluger.

  • Back Packer

    rip the back seats out, and its a van i’d buy

  • DB

    I owned a 2007 Fortuner in South Africa. Brilliant value, great in the dunes (Namib desert), over the rocks and in the mud. If the pricing is similar to the Challenger it should be a winner and will steal sales from Prado.

  • Lukaas

    The previous model, before this facelift is ugly…. this is nicer, looks more civilized but rugged at the same time.

    I agree the tail lamps are tacky, but in Thailand/SE Asia, its the flavour.

    Mind you, the body sheet metal is almost 12 years old, so the facelift is actually well done considering the rest of the body shape is stuck in the late 90s, early 2000s.

  • Renier

    The Fortuner is an excellent vehicle and the top selling suv in South Africa

  • Clueless

    These things have had an Automatic Transmission. I drove an Auto 2007 Fortuner back in 2010 in Asia…
    They sell OK in Thailand.
    Poor research again CA

    • Duckula

      Yeh they sell heaps in Thailand as, they are based on a UTE the come in a lot cheaper than other 4wds like Prado ( non ute based 4wds) thats why the MU – built of a Rodeo chassis sells like hotcakes too… as these 4wds are in the same tax category as utes, which makes them really and I mean really cheap, hence their popularity… and Thai people prefer the ‘more floaty’ american style setup, which the Fortuner has in spades….

  • Al Juraj

    Being a pickup-based car, this would have actually rivaled the Mitsubishi Challenger.

  • Sledge

    There’s even a few in Bali – probably a good car and a lot better looking than the new Prado but its a pretty crowded market to throw another vehicle into without cannibalising your own line-up.

    The old 4Runner wasn’t a good seller – always playing 2nd fiddle to Pajero, so when Jeep showed up and eclipsed them again Toyota ditched it for the Prado and has been top seller ever since.

  • save it for the track

    The engines seem very underpowered. Forester like nose, M Class Merc/SSangyong C section. Is this put together with leftovers from the Toyota parts bin? Especially the old tech engines.

  • CS

    Really the only competitor for a Challenger, but Toyota would need to find a different engine for our market if they plan on selling any….Current manual Challenger is 131kw/400nm..

  • Ryk0

    Absolutely smash hit in South-Africa, cannot wait for it here. They drive fantastically!

  • Dave

    You guys need to think twice before buying this car. I just bought the 2,5l diesel engine, sice they don’t sell 3,0l diesel in Indonesia. Its so under powered when we look at its size, so I changed to mistsubishi pajero sport dakar version. Outrun this all new fortuner, old tech engine.

  • davey

    Is this a Used Car review…it design looks 10yrs old already.

  • PPlater92

    Toyota, Toyota, Toyota…

    When I was having confidence in you to reignite your model range and broaden your design horizons, I’ve been heavily let down by this… err… thing.

    I’m a 19 year old student, and me & my girlfriends love to take the family Prado out camping on the holidays. But something like this just seems… almost irrelevant.

    Dated engine, ridiculous rear-end, awkward interior and a front end that screams ‘boy-racer mod’… no thanks.

    Bring this to Aus and I will be trading in my Prius for a Ssangyong!

  • Tariq Ghayas

    well my father was about to buy 2011 model but i stoped my father because we wanted to buy 2012 model and i think that WAITING WAS WORTH DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobby bautista

    when do you intend to market in the philippines your fortuner 2012 wit its new design features?

  • http://yahoo mar sana

    so sad if there is no engine improvement like VGT on diesel model.MITSUBISHI was fast in installing on MONTERO,thats why FORTUNER was left in the dust

  • Brian Alford

    I just ordered the 3.0D 4+4 fortuner,live in the mountains of cebu & plan on getting many enjoyable years of service,just what the Doctor ordered for a big family living in the boondocks!

  • http://www.somthai.com arnold sk

    yes, nice car and interior.so sorry to hear that it still use the old engine. is the 3.0 D4D is powerful enough? how fast can it done in 0- 100km.

  • Manish

    Toyota should change the interior and should offer more features like other higher versions are offering by increasing reasonable price. This change in fortuner will increase more demand for the fortuner in Indian market as well as in other countries too. Previous version was having the major problem of braking they should look into this matter very seriously.

  • Dead End

    Fortuner or Pajero Sport?

  • Gahn

    You’ll be surprised. Having been an avid Ford fun, I climbed intone one with trepidation. I was hooked the moment I drove it. The Fortuner is without doubt the best compromise between large car/SUV/economy/power you will see. I have driven several in Thailand from petrol to diesel variants and this beast will kick ass in Australia. It is long overdue and it will be the number one seller within 3 years

  • Illyaz69

    toyota could have done better on the design for sure…make it more futureistic….its little bouncy as well….the roof should have been higher…comfort only for the front bench…

  • Illyaz69

    hope they have worked on the brakes this time??????

  • Surya1212

    finally i can buy it and now my baby – a brand new grand fortuner 2012 white 2.5 A/T – is resting in my garage next to my E-Class Benz.

  • Mario

    The unpainted black portion on the front bumper is just what the Fortuner needed to jazz up the previously “pug-pooch” looking front,  The bumper then was way too massive and the grill a tiny afterthought.  The front-end looked like it had an overdose of bumper.  The new look has a black “insert” on the bumper and the bumper gives way to a more meaninful-sized front grill.  The eyes have also been widened, giving it a more “Land Cruiser” look.  Although I also am not in favor of the clear rear lenses (tacky-looking), I like the overall facelift done on this Fortuner.  Good job, Toyota!  I think the only thing lacking to make this thing an unbeatable winner is an upgrade to its 4-speed auto trans.  Really, does any serious vehicle still have only a 4-speed tranny?  We see Hyundai with 6speed standard on its Tucson A/T, etc.  Adding even just a 5th forward gear would vastly improve transmission lattitude and highway fuel consumption.

  • Craigo

    There are loads and loads of these vehicles in Vietnam and they look great. These would sell like hot cakes in Aus. A good 7 seater, on the Hilux body is a great alternative ot the Prado 9$$) and that ugly as sin Kluger (That is an ugly motor). Will look seriously at buying one late 2012 on my return. Why it been kept from us is a mystery.

  • Jungletamer

    I have one of these in the Philippines and love it, would trade in my Rav4 here in Australia tomorrow if they were available here

  • Rick Ryerson

    YES YES YES .  Just came back from Philippines. These are everywhere. Best lookin SUV on the market. Bring it to Aus and get rid of the gas guzzling Kluger.

  • SBromwell

    Toyota bring this car to Australia! Have been greatly impressed driving a 2012 2.7 Fortuner along the back roads of Vietnam. I would buy this car tomorrow if it were available!