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  • http://- crouchy

    Hmmm… a suprisingly bad review.

  • Duck

    Anti-Spam word Toyota. hehhehehehehe!

    I dont like the big curve in the dash and it buckles in. It makes the interior look ugly.

  • Duck

    2 stars out of 5! geeeezzz……….Suck that toyota!

  • Captain Mainwaring

    TP is working out his response. Everybody duck!

  • Captain Mainwaring

    As in Take Cover.

  • Golfschwein

    It’s commensurable with other reviews. I can’t wait to see the same honesty applied to the Turd Hilux.

  • Doh

    Did they do any development work on this vehicle? Sounds like they shoehorned in the v6 and hoped for the best.

  • Duck

    I’m ducking Captain Mainwaring! hehehhehehehehehehehe! :)

  • Golfschwein

    It continues the fine tradition of shoe-horning. Leyland Marina 6 and TC Cortina 250 are but 2 of many other, uhh, fine examples.

  • don

    Finally an honest review. I’m sick of reading the torrent of 4 star reviews by some of the journo’s on this website.

    Has Anthony Crawford ever given a car less than 4 stars???

  • TP

    Ok this review gives the Rav4 CV6 2 stars… this same sites review by another reviewer gives 4.

    That is quite the contrast. I suspect we are simply pleasing the target markets (ie Ford fairies) desire for Toyota blood.

    I did a quick search for reviews and couldnt find a bad word, certainly no suggestion of crazy torque steer as mentioned here. In fact there is simply praise for the engine combo. Its the most power SUV in the market, clear of second place in the form of the turboed Forster with 170kw. That thing does the 100 in 9s in auto guise, the Rav4 V6 does it in 7.4 seconds. A class leader in engine performance.

  • Golfschwein

    Nobody doubts its performance or the top-notch motor that supplies it. The comments regarding suspension tune and stability are not remotely surprising.

    WHEELS Magazine’s WASP test, where the Aurion did quite well but failed to win, noted the 4 cylinder RAV4 being deficient in stability. Why would the same car with more engine be better?

  • hsv1

    tp stik your head where the sun dont shine . just take the rating as its given and stop trying to cum up with crap!

  • alec

    Maybe those 200 killer wasps might just kill!

  • Marketmaker

    For a mid sized softroader with a bit of poke hold out for the Tiguan 147 – it will be a ripper.

  • Pablo

    Why no 0 – 100 time?

  • Spitfire

    Good decision Car Advice. This is what happens when you dont have constant all wheel drive. The previous model RAV did. On this one when the front wheels spin, the traction control wakes up and sends a message back to Toyota headquarters in Japan to ask permission to get the rear axle working, By this time of course one has speared off the road into the shrubbery.

    For this reason alone I would buy the Subaru Forester every time. Two other things that would rule out the RAV for me is the archaic 10K service interval and the stupid and dangerous barn door. Don’t let a young child between the door and the bumper bar when the vehicle is parked on a steep slope as the door stay is particularly weak.

  • TP

    Golf they noted it was deficient… they also noted between all the competitors that there was a very small range of times! I have no doubt stability would be a problem for a Rav4, as it is for all SUVs, but I bet if this vehicle had a Ford badge on it we would have had a different review. Just bowing to the Ford fairy target market of this site.

  • Myke

    I’ve always thought the V6 Rav4 was superfluous next to the Kluger, the problem being the Rav4 is far too big for its segment, we should have got the shorter wheelbase European version.

  • Spitfire

    Where are the roof rails Toyota. It is after all supposed to be a SUV. Hello.

  • Foggy

    Forget the 2 star overall rating; how could you possibly give this hideous mutation 3.5 stars for looks?!

  • Spitfire

    Good one Foggy.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Sorry but got to be realist here…………no way 2 star period! This comes from me who is not an out and out single car supporter!!!!!

  • jbot

    I am agreeing with TP in this case. The reviewer is clearly knows what many readers want to hear (bad Toyotas), and what HE wants to hear (likewise), and adjusts the review accordingly. How else can you explain the 2 star variance in CA’s ratings?? I haven’t driven this car, but I’ve driven the Aurion, which is also FWD & same engine, and the torque steer is not bad at all. And the other CA review doesn’t even mention it!!

    Reviewer Paul Maric says: “poor steering feel”

    While reviewer Crawford says: “It’s an electric power assisted rack and pinion set up, which has good feel and eliminates the need for hydraulic oil in the steering system, while saves fuel through reduced engine load.”

    Also read on Crawford’s review: “just push the AWD LOCK button for constant all wheel drive.”

    Guess that ruins the problems you had with the AWD system! Get to know the car before you write a sh*thouse review, as you will otherwise end up with egg on your face like now.

    Crawford even says “decent audio clarity”, yet another confliction! Make up your mind CA!!!

    This site is going down the sh*tter.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    WTF………hideous mutation 3.5 stars for looks? Well in my opinion it looks trendy and neat as a pin and all gels together well. Guess thats why it sells. Would rather this the Ford equal that has been hideously uograded…..and Iam partly a Ford guy. For me it is not hideous and looks a 4 to 4.5 out of 5…………all you fairies who think ugly! Well thats riotiously funny!

  • http://realcars realcars

    Gee it looks just like the outgoing Kluger.

    Better off buying a 2 year old Kluger for 25k. Lot nicer package and proper AWD.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Iam with TP and JBOT fully… “NOT” believe that bad period on negatives on review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://realcars realcars

    When is the 200 killer wasp Corolla coming?

  • jbot

    Realcars, see my post above. constant AWD is a button-push away…

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Being a svelte lightweight with all that power with pose a smidgeon problem…………but other reviews elsewhere do not concur clearly with this review!

  • o

    I dont get why toyota decided to get the bigger rav4 compared to europe yet unlike america we dont get the 7 seat option.Aso toyota why not instead bring over the japanese version [VANGUARD] which looks 100 times better and has no wheel on the back.And also toyota please give us the venza i dont get why australia has the most boring lineup of toyota vechiles in the world.

  • http://realcars realcars

    The 4 wheel drive system on this is the cheap Rs predominantly front drive type and this the problem lies.

    Ok in an evenly powered rig.

    Old model Kluger has the ducks nutts system used by Lexus.

    Toyota charging more for less once again.

    If u want a drive train that can handle the horses u have to buy a Lexus.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Of course it will buck like a Bronco with AWD system designed for four pots!!!!!

    I bet the original is a far better drive!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Yes maybe boring, but they are above average and not top of field in every model. They are a fine car and yes problems like all cars…..but show me better car then RAV4. Ford………….LMAO not even on same level palying field in small 4WD, Holden Captiva………….looks cool but issues and yes selling well and discounts offered! What else is there……Mazda I like as stunning but worse fuel economy! So give me a RAV4 and you regulars know Iam a Ford supporter a tad and like Hyundai and Kia. I cant see anything better then a RAV4 and if you put the boot in on a light 4WD when 200killer wasps…..can see maybe a hassle. But hey Iam not a car freak pedal flat to floor and if you are….your a bl**dy nut!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    I hear Territory…..LOL. Looks old already and fuel economy not great. Shame Ford for not reviving looks on regular basis as Hyundai do it heaps, Toyota somewhat less and Ford SFA! They are starting to know which will reverse fortunes since pathetic AU design of 1998……..Ford have been AWOL on looks since then and slowly coming along unreal as seen many hot as designs and they will have to put foot down and just do it ASAP!!!!!!!!!! And by the way. Ford….get rid of the weirdo shyte commercials as bizzarro bad yuk!

  • silky

    Dont think much of this vehicle, but then, its not for me. Please explain the differing reviews though, this doesnt make sense. TBH, Im thinking maric has made a big mitake here..

  • silky

    “Toyota has made huge gains in the ride and handling package over the second generation RAV4 which to be honest, I found downright uncomfortable. The ride quality is now surprisingly compliant, while all but dispensing with body roll, at least on initial turn in. This is true even at pace.” – Crawford

    With only a slight increase in fuel consumption but significantly more driving pleasure, I’d have to go with the RAV4 V6” – Crawford

    “What I will praise is the MP3 direct input on the head unit. This will please those millions of Ipodians throughout this vast land. But if you haven’t caught up with this century, you can also burn a disc off your PC, which will play in the six-speaker single CD unit, which produces decent audio clarity.”

    OK so WTF is the real story hear?

  • http://realcars realcars

    Any high slung short to medium wheelbase vehicle with this power and AWD setup is going to be touchy. It’s just bloody physics!

    May the earth open up and swallow Mr Maric because he gave a Toyota a mediocre rap.

    Imagine the tyre wear on this thing with the dynamic stability control contantly applying the brakes on individual wheels to get it around a bend?

  • Martin

    Maybe after some more bad reviews, people will start to realise that just because it has a toyota badge on it doesn’t make it a great car.

  • Joober

    Mmm very bad, two contrasting ratings from the same source, discredits this site, but its the first Ive seen on Caradvice. So i’ll turn a blind eye, but will ignore this review.

  • silky

    realcars, I dont care if the Rav is a poor vehicle, eplain the difference in opinion!

  • JW

    Hmm, a huge difference between reviews on the same site, as pointed out.

    Furthermore, I haven’t seen any reviews on other sites that complain about ‘downright dangerous’ handling.

  • reality

    It seems Caradvice has a problem with reviews of Toyota’s. They have this conflict in revues for the RAV4 V6 and they also had disputes in their reviews of the TRD Aurion. Perhaps Mr Maric and Mr Crawford should discuss their opinions and let us know what the deal is?

  • http://realcars realcars

    I would suggest that the characteristics of this vehicle are somewhat Jeykl and Hyde. Depends how it is driven.

    The reviewers may have different driving styles.

    Steering by electric motors has got to have a different feel to conventional hydraulic steering i.e lack of feedback.

    Rather than efficiency improvements I suggest that the electric system would be cheaper to manufacture being the main reason.

    I think this vehicle is either a case of being infatuated with the 200 Killer wasps or asking the question “Has this been done correctly and not just as a cheap shoehorn exercise”.

  • Paul Maric


    “Also read on Crawford’s review: “just push the AWD LOCK button for constant all wheel drive.”

    Guess that ruins the problems you had with the AWD system! Get to know the car before you write a sh*thouse review, as you will otherwise end up with egg on your face like now.”

    Let me just clarify Anthony’s mistake.

    The AWD lock button locks the centre differential and the vehicle should NEVER be driven on tarmac with this setting active.

    It ensures that all wheels receive the same torque and as such puts immense strain on the drivetrain if driven on tarmac as the wheels cannot slip when turning.

    The AWD lock button is designed to be used in grass or mud where the wheels can freely spin at the same speed without the great restriction imposed by a tarred road.

    The Rav4 is a ‘part-time’ 4WD which only delivers power to the rear axle when it senses a loss of traction at the front wheels.

    So, please take your own advice, otherwise you “end up with egg on your face like now.”

  • RoFlmaTiC

    I just thought I’d like to add this quote from a carsguide review of this car:

    “Flooring the throttle results in instant take off, the all-wheel-drive system working faultlessly so there is negligible torque reaction from the front wheels which also refuse to spin.

    Torque is spread among the four wheels for the best possible result. Seamless, progressive acceleration, with an increasing amount of induction noise, until the five-speed auto changes up at just below 6000rpm and the whole process starts again.”

    I guess it just shows that _all_ car reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt and to make purchasing decisions based on your own test drives!

  • Duck

    What a small glove box!

  • jbot

    Paul Maric, there’s no egg on my face. All you’ve done is say that Anthony Crawford doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as that is where I’ve got my info from. Mind explaining all the other conflicting details for us while you’re here?? Or why it is only you that seems to have noticed its “downright dangerous” handling? And the egg comment has more to do with the multiple conflicting details in the two articles by CA… Pretty embarrasing for the site. Is one or more of you incompetent???

  • http://realcars realcars

    Yeah, Carsguide is an infommercial if u didn’t know.

    They say good things about everything.

    Then again it shouldn’t spin the front wheels with AWD although the RAV shares this cheaper AWD setup with many other jap SUVs with considerably less power.

    For the ask AND POWER it should have true AWD. Perhaps the fairdinkum system used by Subaru across their range?

    or just buy a used previous gen Kluger. A far better vehicle than its successor and RAV6 dynamically speaking.

  • TP

    I can say in defence of Caradvice RE differences in reviews is that its not discrediting this site, different people have different requirements in cars and thats reflected between the reviwers. But this review is just plain ridiculous and its clearly biased. Other sites reviews diagree with it. Other reviwers on this site disagree with it. Something is suss.

    As for Realcars comments, grow up, you try to knock this vehicle as a bad handler due to its ride height etc as if this is a Toyota only problem… its the case for all cars in this segment. What this vehicle offers and sets it apart is performance, its faster by seconds to 100 then the competition and can tow more to.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Exactly half Rs AWD system!!!!!!

    Heaven forbid someone criticizing a Toyota!

    People don’t understand what is on offer then we have people saying they can afford a BMW or Merc but drive a Toyota. U are either an idiot or a tight arse. I know which I would prefer if money was easy.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Can only do SO much with a Camry platform TP!

  • TP

    It is just very hard to believe this review particularly in terms of torque steer. This is a vehicle sold throughout the sold. Hard to believe Toyota would sell it if the torque steer was as the reviewer in this case explains. The fact many other reviews dont even mention the word torque steer in their review gets the alarm bells ringing.

  • TP

    Sold throughout the world*

  • Paul Maric


    With all due respect, Anthony Crawford’s quote isn’t incorrect. Pushing the AWD lock button does in fact give you permanent all-wheel-drive. It’s not recommended to drive with it on tarmac, but it is in fact what he states it is.

    It also has nothing to do with the vehicle’s power delivery when driving on the road.

    You also claim to have not driven the car. Maybe you should do so before entering into further debate?

  • http://realcars realcars

    U really haven’t got a clue have U TP?

    Faster to 100kph is good as long as u can keep it on the road!

    A pox on the house of the man that criticizes Toyota and their range of Camry derivatives! Ha Ha Ha.

  • milbob

    I assume the RAV4 doesn’t have a 2WD mode because I experience the same thing in my Outlander in that mode (but not from a rolling start).. referring to the torque steer.

    And for the wheel spin –> the CV model doesn’t have traction control and Stability control!

    “Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) & Traction Control (TRC) standard all models except CV”

    I own the Outlander and I can tell you in 2WD mode is torque steers a bit under full acceleration (2.4L w/ 125kw and 220+nm). But if you switch to 4WD Auto, there will be a slight hint of torque steer before it disappears. If it’s 4WD LOCK, bye bye torque steer :) Front wheels spin the wet too – but I blame the lack of DSC/TCS and traction control for this while in 2WD mode.

    I do agree with one thing though.. I love my Outlander :P

    But anyway, I do think this review, while it does make certain points, is biased. It mentions the RAV4s shortcomings yet doesn’t clearly mention (some reasons) why you do experience them.

  • Carl

    Can not give an opinion on this car cos i have not driven it so i won’t “but” as far as different reviewers having different opinions…..i don’t see anything wrong with that and in fact refreshing to know that each reviewer is free to say it as he sees it and not have to tow someone else’s line!

  • mmmm

    After working in the car industry for 15 years (professionally) I have contacts at neraly every car company currently in Australia (or atleast dealerships). One being Genreal Manager of one company. I have always owned Toyota’s, for about the last 15 cars I have owned. But in the last couple of years, my income has gone up like crazy (well this year will be a different story).
    I have a contact at BMW, he claims that the service department is more busy then the showroom.
    I have driven the BMW’s etc, whilst they are a “nice” car by all means, they just don’t hold up in Australia.
    I’ve driven Toyota, they’ve been loyal, they provide a good product, so why bother change? If I bought a RAV4 V6 tomorrow and it had these problems listed, I’d sell it and put my money elsewhere, but no where near anything European.

  • Golfschwein

    TP, cars don’t get withheld from release if they have torque steer. It’s a corollary (corollary – I just made a joke!!!) of sending power through the front wheels. My 1990 Camry had spades of it.

    If this RAV4 has it, it’s in good company – HSV Astra and Mazda 3 MPS are two current cars so afflicted that come to mind.

  • Ren

    Let’s not forget the Rav4 was withdrawn from sale after its release due to ‘driveability issues’…!

  • http://realcars realcars

    Goodluck to u and your crazy salary.

    If I had a crazy salary I would be driving a Merc,BMW OR maybe even an ALFA heaven forbid!

    I owned a near new Toyota once and I don’t think their quality is anything special. Actually had to have the power steering pump replaced at 80,000klms.

    Anyway viva la difference or something like that!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Billy Stevens

    Have driven the V6 RAV4 before settling for a Kluger (bigger) and will say this is a sh*t report. The RAV4 is a great car that sells in numbers because of it’s good virtues and the 3.5 V6 does it justice.

    However, over the years i have notice when some media groups heavily critise a Toyota thier sales increase.

    Remember the controversial rolling of the Kluger, sales increased shortly afterwards and has toppled the Territory every sense.

    Watch the sales of the V6 RAV4 increase now.

    I am starting to think because of Toyota’s dominate position in Australia it is bringing out the unprofessional nature of some reviewers in an attempt to discredit one of the worlds great car companies. How pathetic

    Ren – the RAV4 V6 was withdrawn because of an electronic issue and not related to the characteristics of the vehicle.

    My advice, take little notice of this report and drive a RAV4 V6 for yourself as i am sure most test drivers will think differently. As for the quality of the trim, best in class, my opinion anyway and i have no idea what the issue is with the integration of the stereo system.

    Poeple really do have differing thoughts which is why reports from reviewers are to be taken light heartedly.

    Remember when Wheels said they would driveaway in an Epica before a Camry. Pathetic

    Have driven Toyota’s for many years now and have all been good cars which is why i brought another one. The Kluger is a gem.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Let this be a lesson to CA that they or their representatives express a free thought or opinion again.(Especially in relation to a Toyota product.)

    Never discuss Politics,Religion or Toyotas.Ha Ha Ha.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Epica better deal than Camry. A double pox on Wheels. How dare they even suggest such a thing!Ha Ha Ha

  • http://integra Wheelstud

    Another average to poor Toyota. The world is full of them. Cheap plastic cars with lots of goodies. Toytas remind me of showbags at the Melbourne show. Ugly on the outside and chock full of goodies but when you open it up and take a real look its just cheap shit !!!

  • http://realcars realcars

    Media groups criticizing poor beleaguered Toyota?

    If Epica is better than Camry then doesn’t say much for the rest of the Camry based range?

    U can have any model u like as long as it’s based on a Camry platform Sir!

    It must be some sort of anti Toyota conspiracy?

  • Joe

    Hey Billy Stevens,TP and co., it is quite obvious to any blogger worth their salt that you are one eyed Toyota fans (and that’s your right) and because of this you refuse to acknowledge all of the negative press devoted to Toyota’s lack of decent vehicle dynamics for many years. The last(and probably only) decent handling Toyota was the original 1986 FWD Celica. And here’s the real problem, no one is complaining about Toyota’a build quality,reliability etc but their lack of dynamic ability should be a real concern, not only to owners of Toyota’s but the rest of us who are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think that some other comments made earlier regarding TC Cortina 250′s and Marina 6′s is probably very close to the mark. Especially when a vehicle like a RAV is primarily targeted at family’s and drivers who might not be ready for an such an onsurge of sudden torque steer (any body remember the 87 Ford TX5 Turbo and Laser TX3 FWD Turbo and the mid 80′s Mitsubishi Cordia GSR Turbo?).

  • http://integra Wheelstud

    Billy Stevens…….another paid Toyota blogger, I think he is really that TP guy. Territory is still the best car in its class. It has taken alot of years and copying of Territory by Toyota to finally overtake it. Shows how good Territory is really because it is basically the same as it was when it was first released, the new model will shift the balance back to Territory as it doesnt have to be much better to be better than Kluger.

  • Oug

    Territory and rust…cars made in this stone age shouldn’t contain rust, but go checkout the Ford forums. Territories as new as 6 months have rust.Even there melb motorshow cars had rust… LOL WTF???

  • Ford and Suzuki kicks overrated toyoda to the kerb

    The Suzuki Grand Vitara 4×4 is a better choice than this bland toyoda junk, 2 stars is 2 many in my book, 1 star for dangerous, ugly, boring, motoring, talk steer understeering, how floored is this toyoda..

    Ford and Suzuki have better vehicles.

  • Mmmm

    Big salary earners don’t need to show it. There’s nothing wrong with living an average life without the glitz and glamour…after all…people like that end up with nothing in the end..

  • Joober

    Realcars – I think all the Toyota fan outrage was due to the conflicting ratings from the one source, if both reviewers gave it a 2 star then theres no reason for the backlash.

    TP and co, A standard review has to be neutral regardless whether the driver likes to drive hard or is a granny driver. They have to look at the car from the intended target segment and judge a car based on the characteristics anticipated from that car that the people in that segment want.

    Speaking of the territory, yep have a mate regretted to buy one, started to rust bad, cant remember but it was due to ford changing paint in their production.., tried putting fish oil to circumvent but no luck. Ford service just shrugged their shoulders. But no doubt its a great car but poor workmanship behind it..

  • Jez

    Its a 4wd. Not a sports car. None of them are made to perform. Unless your a rap-artist theres no reason to be flooring it before going into a corner.

    If it was a sports car I would understand but thats not its purpose.

  • TRD

    Rav4 cv6 gets 2 stars….ouch!! oh what A feeling… Toyocrap.

  • Golfschwein

    Haven’t you missed the point, Jez? Shouldn’t the car be doing its very best to enhance the safety and driving pleasure of its target audience, even if they have no idea what qualities constitutes these?

  • trackdaze

    Two stars reflects toyota’s efforts in engineering this car. It seems when your the most “popular” you can get away with bringing half baked barely passable cars to market.

    I had the misfortune of Hiring (the destiny of the majority of toyotas) a Rav4 in the snow in NZ. The thing would not stay locked in 4wd. before you start, i did stay under the speed at which it will disingage. then it would let the front wheels spin for an eternity before the clutches engaged. The car was underpowered (4cyl)too not that i was up it. It was just that it used more fuel than a commodore would have. Its a false economy.

    Wonder if they’ve fixed the issues with the V6?

    If your in the market for a small SUV buy a Vitara or an X Trail. At least Suzuki and Nissan are in a position & understand they have to bring a descent car to market for it to sell.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice K.H. Rashleigh

    This is a poor report and not indicative of the true RAV4 V6 that i feel is worthy of 4 stars.

    Have read many other reports that conflict with this article. I guess monthly sales is a true indication of how the market feels about the RAV4.

    Wheelstud : check out the Australian Quality Survey on and the Kluger comfortably leads the pack with the Territory trialing far behind. I think Ford has got alot of work to do. Good ownership experiance is derived from many qualities and attributes of a vehicle and not just handling alone.

  • trackdaze

    KS, So popularity means its good?

    Tom Cruise makes alot of movies
    & Britney Spears sells way too many records

    The question you need to ask yourself is why you need the confirmation of others in making a vehicle purchasing decision. Why is it you feel you need to belong?

    It really shows across its range that toyota are leaning on its customers goodwill.

    Toyota has “double jeoperdy” Market dominance. It means they can serve up reheated poorly engineered cars and the lemmings out there will buy it regardless of merit.

  • booter

    buying a toyota really just says “I went for the cheaper option”. perfectly good car for getting from A to B, but thats about it.

    “Good ownership experiance is derived from many qualities and attributes of a vehicle and not just handling alone.” Im sure you will say something different the first time you overshoot a corner and have to depend on the handling of a car to keep you alive.

    and for all the people saying its a poor review cause it doesnt say it loves the car like you do (even though you havent driven it). when your buying a car the reviews you really want to read are the negative ones, cause your get to hear the negatives, then you can work out if the concerns of the reviewer are a problem for you. eg, if your a average joe driver going from home to work in your suit your not going to be worried about the comments of wheelspin when flogging the accelerator on a wet day. cause your not going to be doing that!! read between the lines people, this review says its a perfectly good car for average joes, not for well practised sometimes lead footed car reviewers who really do know better than you how a serious driving car should perform.

  • si1982

    Toyota’s may be bland, but they do the job… and most people buy a car because they need one, not because they are passionate about it, and Toyota’s suite their needs perfectly.

    If some reviewer wishes to state his/her opinion that’s fine but we all need to realise that his/her word is not the ultimate in car testing!

    I don’t know why everyone is getting so serious about this!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Jason

    Paul Maric … my wife and i recently drove a V6 RAV while looking (still evaluating the market)for a replacement for her aging RAV4 and can honestly say i disagree with much of your report. Actually, many other reports i have read have interestingly stated different.

    Slightly off topic to the subject but worth a mention non-the-less and that is the RAV4 scored a very close second to the Honda CR-V in it’s segment in the recent 2008 UK JD Powers Survey for Quality and Customer Satisfaction which aligns to those that have been printed over the years in Australia.

  • VW_Freak

    Just to clarify on something here – there’s talk about engaging the AWD or Diff Lock button on the dash to permanently engage AWD. If the button is engaged from a standing start, it turns itself off when you reach 40km/h, and won’t let you engage when you’re driving at speeds above 40km/h.

    As one poster mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for a performance orientated RAV size vehicle, wait for the Tiguan with the GTI motor in it when it’s out later on this year. Or, wait and see if Toyota decide to bring out a TuRD RAV, which is on the agenda from what I’ve heard…

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Jason

    Trackdaze … your comment makes little sense. Toyota has a good reputation and strong sales because of the good will of thier vehicles not because of the good will of people. Customers purchasing a Daewoo from Holden is good will.

    Booter – the stability of a typical Toyota is nothing less then competant while thier safety ratings either equal or better that of most competitors not to mention active and passive safety hardware is high.

  • Anthony

    JBot, you haven’t read my review very carefully and you seem to lack any comprehension of what you have read! My comment on “Constant All Wheel Drive” relates purely to off road use, as explained in the preceding paragraph.

    Most folks who have even an vague interest in off road vehicles know full well, you only use that option when in sand or mud, and once you are over that terrain and back on to harder ground, you switch back to Auto or two wheel drive, if the vehicle has that option.

    Please be a little more sensible in your comments or you could find yourself banned from this site.

  • jbot

    Banned for what?? Letting the site know that the review is sh*thouse and clearly biased? Give me a break! Paul Maric, the RAV is not a sports car. Drive the thing how this type of car is designed to be driven (ie. not flooring it around corners, going into corners too fast, etc), and let us know how it goes.

  • jbot

    And banning me will do nothing. It certainly won’t change the fact that this is a dodgy review. And do you know how easy it is to “un-ban” yourself?? Dingo can tell you.

  • Golfschwein

    Come on, JBOT. Someone gives an honest review and you don’t like it. If Toyota made a better car, it would have gotten the review it deserved. Why don’t you challenge Toyota rather than these guys?

  • Golfschwein

    Whilst on the subject, WHEELS in its early years famously ran a picture of an EH Holden sitting at the end of its axle-tramped emergency braking stop and placed the caption, “Tear along the dotted line”.

    Holden didn’t speak to them for months, apparently.

    If this is a reviewer’s experience, should he sweep it under the carpet or be up-front about it?

    I personally appreciate warts and all reviews. They can prevent you buying something dud.

  • Tony M

    This review is scary to say the least. It appears that the new RAV4 CV6 is unstable under hard acceleration. This is dangerous for the inexperienced driver. The warts and all approach is the right approach when reviewing all cars. Just because the Toyota fans don’t like what they read doesn’t mean it’s the wrong sort of review.
    I believe Toyota needs to look at more design work in possibly the computer management side of things to control the stability of the vehicle.
    I don’t mind the looks of the vehicle although I am against 4X4s in the cities and I don’t want to get into any argument over it, it’s my opinion.

  • J

    Geez guys – if you aren’t happy with the review & want to buy a V6 RAV4 (which they should’ve called a RAV6, IMO…) go test drive one & see for yourself! A review is just that – ‘a’ review. Looking at buying a car is like buying one piece of artwork over another, or saying you like one song over another – subjective. And, even when specific numbers are quoted (0-100, 1/4mi, weight, etc) you have to weigh up whether these numbers matter to you. For me, all the review does is raise a red flag for prospective buyers to beware of if you are looking for the same things as the reviewer, but I might be looking for something different, so I’ll filter out the stuff I don’t care about & read the review in that light.

    Personally, I don’t care for the car – or any SUV – so for the most this article nearly went straight through my filter. The only reason I’m reading this is that it contained ‘Toyota’, and I knew there’d be some juicy comments ;-)

  • GhisGT

    I would take any review on this site with a bucket load of salt. The more I read them, the more I wonder how they got the ‘credentials’ to become a car reviewer.

    I personally believe a car reviewer needs a vast knowledge of the insides and outsides of every aspect that makes a car in order for their point of view to be even considered relevant

  • Liam

    Who’d a thunk a Toyota could evoke this much passion.

  • booter

    jason im not interested in competant, i want good, or better, or best.

  • Titan

    With all due respect, a very substandard review of an ordinary vehicle. You guys can and should be doing a lot better. At the very least make an effort next time.

    “…the following day it started raining. Pulling away from an intersection in peak-hour traffic required a decent prod of the throttle to hurry things along.”

    “…But if the off chance arises where full power is required, you would need to be paying full attention.”

    If you drive like that in the wet and you are NOT paying full attention then I would have to question what exactly you were doing on the road in the first place.

  • http://realcars realcars

    …and so the story went on and on. I

    n the fullness of time the motoring Journo learn’t not to criticize another Toyota offering ever again as their supporters boarder on the manic!!!!

  • Phill

    I think Toyota are losing the plot with there performance 4WD agender.To much power in the Rav4,and TRD Hilux marketed as an XR6T,XR8 & SS ute alternative Ha.Heres how to make a bacon & egg roll without cooking.Take one egg,one small packet of bacon & one bread roll.Now go jump in your Kluger and go around a fast sweeper and induce the ABS.

  • http://realcars realcars

    He should be tarred and feathered for pointing out the shortcomings of a Toyota!

    Anyway it’s a fact that Toyota has always been playing catchup in the handling department.

    Although I would prefer the lastest Aurion Grande Allura Accura Sportivo(I,ve got 2200 killer wasps shouted the grey nomad) to a five series.

    Seen a new black Kluger Grande AZZURA Alpha Accent(the model the geriatrics get excited about) and I must say it has as many facets as the old Santa Fe.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Yes I agree Titan.

    If u can’t say something good about a Toyota u shouldn’t say anything at all!

  • No Name

    Uh 4WD you cannot use on the road, I need to tow a boat and particularly want the 4wd benefit for stability. Hondas CRV a similar car goes 2wd to 4wd automatically on the presence of wheels silpping.

    As for the review – everyones entitled to an opinion but some coordination seems to be required. Nah its not really a sports car and shouldn’t be drivenlike one.

    Slow up Jbot.

  • Titan

    Realcars, I usually don’t read the rubbish you write since quite frankly it’s not worth my time. When last I attempted to engage in an intelligent debate with you we had to adjourn since you are all too easily confused. However in this case I’ll make an exception. Go back and re-read what I wrote CAREFULLY then stop making a fool of yourself.

  • No Name

    Oops just spotted my error – it does do it automatcally. I’ll stand corrected folks.
    Sells by the dozen here (UK) in diesel form.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Jason

    Phil … Toyota does not advertise the TRD Hilux as a HSV or FPV ute alternative although the TRD Lux would be alot more useful to me given it’s versatile nature.

    The RAV4 is a great medium sized SUV and has proven it’s worth from many years of strong sales and good reports. I test drove the V6 RAV with my wife recently and can honestly state i disagree with the greater proportion of this review. My wives aging RAV4 has been a great unit and i defantly recommend the car if that is ones choice of vehicle.

    The V6 RAV4 is easily worth 3.5 stars or more and anything less is crazy.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Mighty Titan u are just a one eyed Toyota patriot.

    No need to get personal although being a fanatical Toyota man you have a very thin skin.

    Don’t read what I write Titan as it probably passes right over your head anyway.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Off to the funny farm in straight jackets the reviewer is crazy!!!!!

  • Titan

    I see, so I’m a one eyed Toyota patriot am I.
    Why, because I don’t agree with you, or because I thought the reviewer could have done a better job? Again CAREFULLY read what I wrote and then please point out where I said that Toyota is the best and every other car manufacturer out there is rubbish.
    It seems Realcars, as soon as someone disagrees with you, you immediately label them a Toyota fanatic whether it is warranted or not.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Jason

    Booter … competant is good and can even be better then some. There is nothing wrong with the everyday driveability of Toyota’s, they are fine. Most models also come with high NCAP ratings and a good array of passive and active safety hardware. All-in-all, Toyota’s are equally as safe or safer when compared to rivals.

    Yaris – 5 stars
    Corolla – 5 stars and i believe ESP will be added to the range in August.
    Camry – 4 stars
    Aurion – 4 stars and bettered the Commodore in the NCAP tests and the Wheels Active Safety Programme.
    Hilux – 4 stars and better then most of it’s rivals including the Navara, Bravo and Ranger.

    As a complete package, most Toyota’s are balanced products hence why they sell so well.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Come out of the closet Titan.

    Let the world see your cardigan!!!

    But seriously I doubt if we will ever see so much passion over a Toyota again.

    I read what u wrote and I am printing a copy to frame and hang on my wall as I type.

    As I have already stated(self important mode)what Paul found in the handling department sounds pretty feasible if u look at the total equation especially if u gave it some stick(or needed to in an emergency). Didn’t this fall over in a wheels road test? Sorry longer wheelbase version.

    Anyway, its got stability control hasn’t it so leave this on and drive like a typical Toyota driver and u should be alright.

    Lemmings line up at the Toyota sign at the edge of the cliff and prepare to jump!

  • Titan

    Realcars, I would tell you to STFU and GTFO but I probably would get banned ;) You have just reaffirmed why I don’t usually pay any attention to you. Have fun

  • Bret

    Jason (Toyota propaganda profesional) said:
    “Yaris – 5 stars”

    Just tell that to the parents of the dead kids who were unlucky enough to know an owner of a yaris and were sitting in the back seat in that minor rear-end crash that killed them!
    Pedestrians have more of a chance than Yaris back seat passengers.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Likewise Titan. I hope u and your Toyota are very happy together.

  • silky


  • silky

    Epica’s are better than Camry’s, captiva’s can compete with the cx7, regardless of the fact that it DNF the test. The Caprice is better than BMW…yer, journo’s that tell it as it is, is there one in this country?

  • http://realcars realcars

    Thank god u are back TP.

    There was this other Toyota Fanatic Titan and he was really Nasty.

  • http://realcars realcars

    At least Toyota drivel is successful despite the handling attributes or lack of their models i.e skinny tyres and all.

  • Ren


    I drive a ’93 V6 Camry Vienta and it has torque steer, so I have no doubts a ’90 model does too.

    Having driven the Aurion, it too has noticeable torque steer, can’t imagine what it’s like in a V6 Rav4!!! Heaven help the soccer mums who encounter it in the wet accidentally!

  • http://realcars realcars

    I think it is hot when u talk about your v6 widebody Camry TP.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Finally a solution to flabby arm syndrome.

  • RoFlmaTiC

    As usual Realcars is parading his anti-toyota flag.

    It’s funny as I have seen on numerous occasions this fellow allege other posters (eg. TP and dingo) are paid advertisers by none other than Toyota.

    Are you being paid yourself by the other Manufacturers? If not you should certainly make some enquiries.

  • EscortGhia

    ho poor TP is he not happy because someone gave a Toyota a bad review you need to face it man the only thing Toyota have going for them is reliability and fuel economy because other than that there average in every other aria.

    and most front wheel drive have torque steer thats why i will always stick to RWD cars like commodores and falcons its the best thing about the escort handles like an AWD on a track and without any type of torque steer all it needs it bigger brakes.

  • EscortGhia

    hey TP what about the TRD Aurion it cost as much as the old F6 and torque steers like theres no tomorrow as most reviewers said it had to much power going to the wrong wheels.

  • EscortGhia

    anti spam word is Ford lol

    yet the falcon is still quicker what dose that say hmmm that it delivers the power better than the Burion the falcon is currently Australia most refined engine and most people prefer the ford I6 to Toyota’s V6 ( witch is still better than the holden crappytec).

  • Phill

    TP when was the last time you drove a RWD car?I think you may have forgotten.

  • EscortGhia

    Phill i don’t think TP has ever driven a RWD before

  • http://realcars realcars

    No, I am not paid(can u suggest some contacts)just find it amusing how devout Toyota Lovers are.

    Form a sect and get Tax free status. There’s a tip!

  • http://realcars realcars

    TP is a virgin in more ways than one!

  • http://realcars realcars

    Titan I am confused again. Are we talking Burions,Klaggers or Rav4/6 or Rav 6/4?

  • EscortGhia

    I’m only say what i read and most reviewers say its a stupid move that ford are making to go to a v6 because the I6 is class leading and a world class and not a hand me down like the Toyota Engine as well as the falcon has the best 6 speed auto on an Aussie built car.

  • http://realcars realcars

    Lets all hold hands and go to Toyota brainwashing school with TP.

  • EscortGhia

    TP once i get the injection installed on my 2.0L i’ll show you how real cars handle the escort is know to be one of the best handling car of it’s decade and there fords most successful car ford ever rallied and its still used today

  • EscortGhia

    last i checked most reviewers were putting the falcon up there with BMW’s as well as the commodore and they cost half the price of one

  • EscortGhia

    technology has nothing to do with it it the way the suspension is built and it 29 year to be right not 50 witch rs front and rear antiroll bars and leaf spring rear suspention.

    just because a car is newer don’t mean its better look at the old Shelby Cobras they have 4W independent suspension.

  • RoFlmaTiC

    “Which” EscortGhia, which!

  • EscortGhia

    RoFlmaTiC I\’m going to need a little more info than that

    have they done one against the new falcon i don’t think so

  • Golfschwein

    Yes it did TP. The reason I know about torque steer and what it feels like is because my 1991 Camry that replaced a line of rear wheel drive company cars had spades of it. I’m sorry you can’t believe me.

    For the record, it was a 2 litre manual (remember the 3rd gear synchro?) with heavy manual steering. The effect may well have been masked if it had power steering and the 1993 2.2 litre CSi that replaced it didn’t display the trait at all. That was a slothful automatic, which probably helped also.

  • EscortGhia

    the only fwd car Iv’e like was a little mid to late 80 co corolla it was a sports model cant remember what it was it was my sisters first car i think it was a twin cam 2.2L or something used to drive it on my L it had truck loads of torque steer but it was fun as hell to drive an it still didn\’t handle like my escort i would like to see some car pull out of stings like i have in this car.

  • weirluo

    regardless the arguements this article has seized, I am simply happy to see the existence of car reviewers who do not promote Toyota. Good on you, Paul!

  • EscortGhia

    tp I4 are like I6 they deliver power down low and rev hight unlike v6 witch start to deliver power high and have a small torque range like most V8 and like the aurion dose the reason people love the falcon 6 because of the effortless power you dont have to rev the crap out of them

  • Golfschwein

    TP, you’re quite wrong. You’re very wrong in fact.

    Minis had torque steer. Did you know that? Probably not.

    The 2 litre Camry was quite a goer, but I don’t think you have the breadth of car knowledge to understand that power steering generally masks the effect. The car was manually steered. Come to think of it, the Camiras had it as well.

  • jbot

    Lol. I know for a fact that Camiras don’t torque steer. Had one for about 3 months while my cousin was overseas. Aweful car, but definitely no torque steer haha.

  • EscortGhia

    you need a little torque for torque steer mate and amiras don’t have it awful cars

  • Golfschwein

    When you stomped on them, they did. In normal driving, no. Same with the Camry. Hope that clarifies it.

  • jbot

    I disagree Golf, I could floor it not holding the wheel and it would go dead straight.

  • EscortGhia

    it must of been running like crap

  • wheelnut

    Hey JBot; check your PMs – on the forum

  • Golfschwein

    That’s okay, Jbot. You weren’t there and I was a 19 year old given an errand to do in a brand new 1983 Camira and saying, “hehe, let’s give this thing some stick around the corner here and…HOOLEY DOOLEY!!”

    Bear in mind that the expression has been used ever since the advent of front wheel drive and long, long before 200 killer wasps were sent through the front wheels.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus


  • EscortGhia

    Toyota Supporter
    i agree the new V6 will be crap but just because the I6 is going don’t mean its crap its the best engine in a Aussie car at the moment and last i checked Toyota’s quality has gone down hill to how mean car roll that a DSP on them witch is meant to prevent it i would rather a car that will be worth money in 20 years than a car that is just going to be a bucket of crap like all Toyota’s.

  • Golfschwein

    Hi Escort Ghia and Realcars. Ask the site managers for my email address and don’t respond to recent posts.

  • http://realcars realcars

    I wish I could be excited by Toyotas!

    Toyota Supporter U seem to be the one with the issues as u can’t handle criticism.

    If Toyotas are so fantastic it shouldn’t matter to u what anyone says.

    Your call sign says it all I think.

    Yeah know what u mean Golf I had an Alfa Camira as a company hack. Both the 1.6 then the much better injected 2 litre. The injected 2 litre was a little rocket!150,000 klms when it was traded and didn’t miss a beat.

  • http://realcars realcars

    How lame is it to designate a model as a “widebody”.

    Enough of this Toyota drivel Boston Legal is coming up!

  • Duck

    “Here’s my bet … in a few years, the Commodore and Falocn will go FWD because of mounting pressures to reduce costs and the fact that sales of the Commodore and Falcon are at thier lowest in many decades won’t be helping thier cause.”

    Toyota Supporter or Dingo! I could not see holden or ford for the commodore of falcon go to FWD there got RWD not like youre silly Aurion which is FWD, if they did go to FWD they’d lose sales and be going backwards!

    Come on guys back me up! Because you know Dingo is full of crap! Don’t You?

  • Duck

    Though Dingo id have to agree it was stupid for ford to get rid of the fairlane and the fairmont!

  • Duck

    “Toyota is beating your beloved Ford’s and Chevy’s at thier own game on thier own soil – NASCAR … OOOCH !!”

    Dingo, I (and im sure other people too) dont CARE IF TOYOTAS THE BEST AT NASCAR OR THE WORST!!!!!!!!!! It’s just a stupid amercican racing sport i dont CARE! Just like Gridion is CRAP TOO!

  • Duck

    “Oh yeah – and for the critics of the RAV4, unlike that Daewoo thing that Holden sells called a Craptiva – the Toyota finished it’s test unlike the Holden counterpart that had to be carted away by truck.”

    Dingo is that ^ true or is that JUST PLAIN CRAP!?!? That the captiva got carted away? Because i cant trust you!

  • EscortGhia

    in 40 years no torota will be worth over 100,000 buck no unlike the Falcon gt holden Torana or even Valiant Chagers i mean you can pick up hotted up late 70 Celica for 6,000 while escort fetch up to 20,000 because these day Toyota have no colt car there the most boring cars on the planet

  • Duck

    Dingo, In youre opinion what car company do you like overall Ford or Holden?

  • Duck

    So you like ford better than holden?

  • Duck

    ^Yep that must be right!

  • Golfschwein

    Duck, don’t ask, don’t agree and don’t engage.

  • Anthony

    GhisGT – you would know a good review right? How many new cars have you driven in the last 24 months? You can count them on one hand right?

    We do this for a living! The fact that my colleague Paul Maric and I, disagree on whether we like a vehicle or not, is precisely why we continue to grow in leaps and bounds. It’s called editorial independence and we are proud of that. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time, colleagues from Car Advice disagree on their overall opinion on a particular vehicle!

  • Golfschwein

    Good to see you’re around Anthony. Maybe you could tidy up some of the aggression on here if you’re at the mothership’s helm, or have a go in the morning.

  • Carl

    Paul Maric might be right or wrong i don’t know because i haven’t had the pleasure of testing this vehicle BUT he has the right to express his honest opinion without being called a liar or imply that he is corrupt because we don’t know him well enough to accuse him of anything more than getting a review right or wrong… stop putting pressure on people who have the balls to disagree with the majority!!

  • davidt

    As the Editor of this website and someone who over more than 30 years has driven just about everything from a Fiat 500 to the Lemans winning Bentley racecar, I can say that Paul Maric consulted me about his review before it was published. Not only did I approve the publication of the review, I spent two days driving the car and in principle endorsed his impressions of the vehicle.
    Equally that doesn’t detract from Anthony Crawford’s differing impressions.
    That’s what they do – review cars and that can mean entirely different opinions, take from both reviews what you can and form your own opinions but don’t accuse either of them of lies, or improper dealing, just accept their differing opinions and move on!

  • Whistleblower

    Car advice.. Maybe a few reviews from other brands might stop all of the above. It’s like a broken record. I agree totally and wholeheartedly with your review on how the CV6 drives. The CV6 is a superfluous vehicle on our market (especially against the Kluger) and dealers are practically giving them away to move old stock (the car is only 8 months old!). Take it as gospel from somebody who sells them for a living and drives one every day as a demonstrator.

  • Millatime

    TP is a paid Toyota blogger, or he hasn’t driven a CV6.

    Having just driven a CV6 Rav it’s the only explanation.

    The review is spot on in every respect except one, it fails to mention the CV6′s apalling brakes.

    A truly dangerous car.

  • jaksi

    nice car but expensive…………..I just bought brand new for $29000…………dont buy above $30000