With the XR6 Turbo variants outselling the XR8 in the previous generation XR range, Ford has decided the XR6 Turbo is just as important as the XR8, so both models shares major equipment specifications.

The main difference is of course the signature bonnet power bulge which hints at the new and powerful 5.4-litre four-valve V8 engine, which finds its way into the XR8 with the introduction of the FG Falcon.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR8 Ute

The engine is hand-built from bare blocks and heads by Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and produces 290kW (30kW more than before) and 520Nm of torque (20Nm more).

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR8 Ute

Assembled on the only V8 production line in Australia, the Boss 290 engine features a number of unique FPV engine components:

  • High performance, high compression pistons with domed tops lift the compression ratio to 10.5:1 for the Boss 290 (up from 9.5:1 for the Boss 260) for a major improvement in engine response and overall engine efficiency, particularly under light throttle loads.
  • These high strength pistons feature a larger gudgeon pin, larger internal pillars to support the gudgeon pin and a special ring pack to match the high compression, extra power and torque loads.
  • Sintered conrods for uniform weight and high strength, tailored to accommodate the larger gudgeon pin and to clear the larger gudgeon support pillars inside each piston – for significant gains in strength and durability.
  • Forged steel crankshaft for exceptional refinement and strength under high power and torque loads – each Boss 290 crankshaft undergoes a special balancing process prior to assembly to match the new piston and conrod combination for reduced stress on engine components at all engine speeds.
  • Cylinder heads are cast in aluminium alloy to minimise weight and to reach optimum operating temperature faster – they feature an improved Cobra R design with a straighter, better breathing inlet port for better performance.
  • High-lift inlet camshaft that increases valve lift to 13 mm (10 mm in Boss 260) for improved inlet flow, fast response and easy-revving high performance feel.
  • High-lift exhaust camshaft that increases exhaust valve lift to 12 mm (10 mm in Boss 260) for more efficient exhaust gas clearance.
  • Longer valve stems and springs to match the high-lift camshafts for longer reach and improved gas flow in and out of the combustion chamber.
  • Longer finger followers to match the higher cam profile and ensure accurate valve control through the extremities of valve lift.
  • Locally-manufactured inlet manifold with tuned length trumpets to match the head design, delivering strong torque at lower engine speeds and power at high rpm.
  • A larger-entry, free flowing airbox that provides more efficient airflow into the induction system, aiding performance and significantly reducing induction noise.
  • A 75mm throttle body with drive-by-wire linkage, which eliminates the noise and vibration path that a mechanical linkage can generate as it enters the cabin. It reduces maintenance, allows more accurate throttle control and optional pedal adjustment on automatic models.
  • Locally-manufactured, fabricated stainless steel exhaust headers for a total breathing package to match the performance inlet manifold, high-lift cam profiles and 32-valve heads.
  • Engine blueprinting – a highly accurate three-grade engine tolerance system, measured in microns, matches crankshafts, pistons, blocks, conrods and bearings for a perfect fit. Accurate component matching by tolerances and weight delivers improved performance, refinement, durability and fuel efficiency.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR8 Ute Specifications

As for XR6 Turbo Ute with the following features:

  • 5.4-litre 290kW / 520Nm quad-cam Boss V8 engine
  • Unique bonnet with power bulge

Technology Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models, excluding column shift auto)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration

Safety Enhancement Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models)

  • Side head/thorax airbags
  • Perimeter alarm

XR Sports Pack (available on all XR Ute models)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration
  • 18-inch XR alloy wheels with 245/40 R18 tyres

XR Luxury Pack (available on all XR Ute Styleside Box models)

  • Leather trim sports seats
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Premium audio system with 7-inch colour ICC screen, 6-disc in-dash CD, 8-speakers
  • Premium sports interior appearance
  • 19-inch XR Styling alloy wheels with 245/35 R19 tyres

  • Glen

    Toughest looking of the lot but still have to go for XR6 Turbo. Although if the sound track is right could be enough to convince me 😛

  • Gus

    Very nice, looks good, except for where the tub back meets the cab. The break in the lines of the ute are terrible!!


    looks great (phat). if I needed a ute i d own one

  • Duck

    Na………………..SS V Ute!

  • Ford G Series

    SS V Ute sux, Holden has nothing over Ford power Boss 290kw V8, eat dust, cause thats all you are going to see…

  • Duck

    What does it have over it? Its slower! ha!

  • Andrew M

    the XR8 has everything over the SS bar pace.

    if you want a fast falcon ute though, you would go for the XR6T.
    people buy the V8 for the sound and heritage, which by the way sound is another thing the XR8 has over the SS

  • Bob

    Hey you complaining about the falcons line down the middle. It makes it a two peice shell allowing for further customisation and completely custom trays. You won’t see that on any holden ute, unless they took to the shell wwith a plasma cutter!

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    I’m so close to buying one… spoke to ford three times today.. managed a better trade-in deal each time.. have to ring them back tomorrow and tell them either way… I’m looking at a ‘nitro’, manual xr8 with xr sports pack.. I’ll post again tomorrow and let you guys know if I took the plunge. Wish me luck.

  • Andrew M

    best of luck johnnie.

    be sure to let us know what sort of a deal you got.

    im keen to hear how flexible the dealers are at the moment.

    are they lowering the list price of the XR8 or just increasing your trade value??

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    I think it’s just increasing the trade value.

    They make out that they are so hard done by, and that the margins are so tight.. but I’ll try to squeeze a little harder, perhaps they’ll throw in the the side airbags..

    I read that stability control will come on xr8 utes from September 1st.. wonder if it will be ‘switch off-able’.. perhaps I don’t want stability control anyway.. prefer to control the stability myself. But may be a bargaining chip to get a small discount?

    I wanted to get the color screen.. but $4000? why include everything in ‘packs’? I would love the screen, but don’t want the leather seats, and prefer the 18″ wheels anyway..

    I have several phone calls to make this morning, gonna find out about salary sacrificing, and weigh up that or a loan. Will keep you updated this arvo.

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    bought it.
    $38,685.09 onroad (37,104.89 without onroads)

    did I do well?

  • Andrew M

    the list price is 38,490 to start with, and on roads can easily add a couple of grand.

    if you got yours with what became pretty much free onroads and a couple of options for the list price, then that sounds alright to me.

    what options did you go for??
    metalic paint is $400 alone, on top of the list price!!!

    so 38K hey????
    i was prepared to pay up to that for my new XR6 im looking at, but i thought the on road of the “8” would push it easily over 40K.
    perhaps i may look a little harder at the “8”……..
    ill see what deal i can cut on the “6” first.

    you are right that from september stability control becomes standard. even on the “6’s” not only the V8.

    i dont really think its that big of a draw card to make me go ooohhhhhh!!!!
    the prices all go up 400 bucks to cover for it anyway

    how long do you have to wait for delivery??

  • Andrew M

    auto or manual by the way……

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    manual of course!

    They said that there is one on the production line at the moment in the colour and specs I want, and that if they can get that one it wil lonly take a week and a bit.

    If they can’t get that one, then it will have to get build from scratch which is about three weeks.

    Apparently they still bolt the v8’s together at FPV by hand.

    so yeah, mine is a standard xr8, manual, with metallic paint, and XR sports pack. the XR sports pack is supposed to be $1000, and the paint $400. $39890 if you use the ‘build and price’ on the Ford site.

    There’s one exactly like mine, but with AUTO sitting out the front of the local Ford dealer, and it looks the goods. I’m happy with my wheel and colour choice..

    Have you test driven the 8? If you do, you will be converted from getting the 6… well I was anyway..

  • Andrew M

    when i was last in my local dealer (a few weeks ago) they didnt even have a 6 for me to drive….

    he told me a couple of weeks to even have a test drivable model on the lot.

    im thinking of doing the serious look around next weekend.

    what did you trade by the way??

  • Andrew M

    what colour by the way??

    im still undecided.
    i use to have a thing for “EGO” on the BF shape,
    but i dont think it looks quite as good on the FG.

    Dash and Nitro are prob the front runners, but im yet to see them all in the flesh

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    I got ‘Nitro’..

    And I traded… wait for it.. a SmartCar! don’t ask.

    so I’ll go from a 700cc 3 cylinder, to a 5.4litre V8.. lol.
    guess I saved fuel for a while, and now I’ll use it all again.
    but I will sure have a smile on my face while doing it.

  • Andrew M

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha god i love it!!!!!!!

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    getting close now.. it gets delivered to the dealer on Monday!!

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    more good news… it’s at the dealer already (thursday!).. now just waiting for the paperwork to catch up… getting exciting now!

  • Andrew M

    good stuff johnnie!!!!

  • http://www.cold7.com Johnnie P

    I got it!! going on a long drive today, will get some photos and test it out..

  • Andrew M

    STOP IT.

    you are making me jealous

  • Craig D

    Just took delivery of an XR8 sedan in silhouette and been driving it for about a week. To get the colour screen for the ICC I just ordered the premium sound pack, which cost $1,100 instead of the $4,000 for the luxury pack. I have to agree with keeping the 18’s. they look better and they match what the factory suspension is tuned to, improving ride quality. I’ve loved every second so far!

  • Andrew M

    agreed on the wheels,

    i went for the “Y” spoke 18’s as well.

    the 19’s look soooooo BA XR 2002

    thats what kept me away from the luxury pac.
    worse wheels and getting bent over for 4K.
    the Lux pac had nowhere near the value of the other packs.

  • Oz.

    I prefer the look of the 19″ alloys because they look more XR Falcon-ish.

    The Y-Spoke 18″ alloys look to Focus-ish. Not that Focus’s are bad looking, but I just prefer a Falcon to look Falcon.

  • Andrew M

    personally i think the 19’s look too bland and dated.

    that design was flogged to death by ford in the early 2000’s AND also holden who used a similar design around the same time.

    i like a wheel with a bit more detail.

    the standard wheels on the FG XR’s doo look good, but once you see the “Y” spokes beside them, the 17’s dont look so good.
    the Y spokes look pretty smart in the flesh i reckon

    i also preferred the standard BF XR wheels over the upgraded and bigger option. the stock BF XR wheels had that bit of extra detail in them over the upgrades.

  • haz

    i got the FG XR8 ute about 6 weeks ago in ego with the technology pack and the luxury pack, the 19’s are heaps better than the 18’s, leather seats and door trims looks heaps better than cloth and the duel climate control, 8 speakers and 6 in dash 6 stacker. went and looked at them one day and test drove it and had to buy one, picked it up 2 days later, love it!

  • Marko

    After owning 3 XR8’s (EL,AUII and BA Ute) i had a weak moment and bought a Holden LX8 (5.4L) Adventra. WHAT WAS I THINKING DOH. I am also now looking at the FG XR8 ute with an alloy tray, i think Ford has launched an absolute gem at a competitive price. Just remember bogans all drive holden VL/VN commodores so why not show some class and drive something decent.

  • MWW62

    Hi there all
    Iam sitting up here in Nth QLD Envious of you all waiting on my XR8 Ute Works burger with the Lot to be Built in
    Lightning Strike
    No add on items left unticked All optoins Taken
    But at least i can say they built it for me Ha Ha
    Can’t wait and it took some thinking about but once you
    drive on the 19s you wouldnt entertain the 18s fellows

    3 more weeks till she is here
    Reflective Chrome Side Stripes sitting here waiting along with dayglow Orange Decals on both the Power bulges Right down to the Silver & Orange number plates

    Should be exciting and probably the last model to have an Australian build V8 in it
    Isnt that a shame.
    Itl be sad to pension of the Ba but I think I can deal with it,

  • Annie

    How much do you reckon one would be 2nd hand in 3 years time??

    • brad

      I just bought one, LOL. That is, an XR8, 2008 model. They had 36,990 on it for the longest time. Then they dropped it by 2,000. I held out before going in to see them, and they finally dropped it to 30,500. I sprinted in and bought it, next day. I love it. it’s Nitro in colour and has the blue dots on the seats and trim. I would have thought it would have lost more of its price since new, but they must hold their value well.

      Anyway, I saw your post, and thought I’d answer your question. Bit surreal actually, (time warping)

      Cheers, mate.
      Oh, NTW, I’m from Darwin.

  • adrian

    mate im buyn a xr8 wat a stress tryn not to get ripped off after a while u work out the game eg trade in price. anywy soon .any1 whos the best dealer in vic?

  • http://itisaboutus.com don

    Near the GM proving grounds in Milford Mi. I saw a vary similar version of this. It had vary High performance sound and looks,I couldn’t see if it had Manufactures plates but most real hot unique rides in that area do. I know it would be a seller around here. I
    ‘d like to see some super light models with high winding small displacement v-8’s and handling packages. itisaboutus.k o m visit thanks.

  • Amina barbie

    Yay love my FG ute :)