As with the XR6 Turbo sedan, the XR6 Turbo ute will be specified to the same level as the XR8 Ute. The main difference between the two performance models being the engines.

The car which is sure to prove popular with Ford fans around Australia builds on the equipment levels of the XR6 with a host of performance features. Firstly and most importantly, the package includes a 270 kW & 533 Nm I6 Turbo engine, limited slip differential, upgraded front brakes and a new, larger 290mm diameter single plate, self-adjusting type clutch.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute

From the back the XR6 turbo can be differentiated from the XR6 with a dual round exhaust outlet with chrome tips.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute

The XR6 turbo comes standard with a six-speed manual but the popular ZF six-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

2008 Ford FG Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute specifications: 

As for XR6 Ute with the following features:

  • 4.0-litre 270kW / 533Nm DOHC DI-VCT turbocharged in-line six-cylinder engine
  • 290mm clutch (six-speed manual transmission)
  • Optional ZF six-speed automatic transmission
  • Limited slip differential (LSD)
  • High output fuel pump
  • Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres
  • Alloy wheel lock nuts
  • Performance brakes
  • Dual horn
  • Dual round exhaust outlet with chrome tips

Options list:
Technology Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models, excluding column shift auto)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration

Safety Enhancement Pack (available on all FG Falcon Ute models)

  • Side head/thorax airbags
  • Perimeter alarm

XR Sports Pack (available on all XR Ute models)

  • iPod Integration
  • Bluetooth mobile phone integration
  • 18-inch XR alloy wheels with 245/40 R18 tyres

XR Luxury Pack (available on all XR Ute Styleside Box models)

  • Leather trim sports seats
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Premium audio system with 7-inch colour ICC screen, 6-disc in-dash CD, 8-speakers
  • Premium sports interior appearance
  • 19-inch XR Styling alloy wheels with 245/35 R19 tyres

  • Glen

    Hopefully in 2 years I can get me one of these before the turbo straight 6 is canned. My BF Turbo does the job well so far but man that thing damn good, especially in Breeze

  • Andrew M

    this is a can of whoop ar*e waiting to be opened


    Thankgod they finally got rid of the tonneau hooks from the side

  • Andrew M

    does anyone know if it is remote fuel release?

    or perhaps just a spring catch??

  • No Name

    Andrew – My guess its a loose flap but linked to the central locking. Like most decent cars. No fumbling for a separate level pull.

    • matt

      could be hooked up to central locking… but BA,BF’s dont do that, i have had fuel stolen before… mongrels

  • No Name

    Aw jeez you Guys down undr are soo lucky having these. Come on Ford lets have it in the UK with a 2.7 twin turbo diesel. Love it, even in that colour.
    I’m off to contact Ford UK.

  • Andrew M

    no name,
    utes in the past havent had a fuel release feature of any kind.

    thats why im curious

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Andrew M,
    I really like the look as looks miles hotter then VE and ahead of Aurion. Iam satisfied it is not as closely aligned to BF and looks miles better and love the rear of sedan and side profile real nice.

    The ute is special and in XR6 it rocks. The look of all utes is really nice and gels amazing I feel!

  • Andrew M

    i agree,
    i saw a ute go past on the back of a transporter and the entire stance of the vehicle is totally different.

    i think having traits to the BF isnt a bad thing as the BF XR’s still look great.
    basiclly they have taken a great looker and put bodylines on it,
    i reckon it looks great

  • TP

    I think these utes are better then Holdens (Sedan though… Holden wins)… although those rims are getting boring very very very quickly and still no symmetry in those exhausts (slightly more acceptable in a “working” car)

  • Andrew M

    the only one holden wins on is their new wagon. (i reckon the VE wagon looks better than the VE sedans)

    no way in the world does a calais come near the G6E Turbo

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ANDREW M….I agree about body lines. This car will go straight to top and win awards as can see it in its clinical cute body lines and it smells of success. In sedan form it gels well from every angle, in ute form it looks stunning and makes Holden appear behind Falcon. Now just gotta market it correct and attack that hard as it past Ford has been AWOL on this very issue. I agree the stationwagon from Holden looks the pic….but still the front is too COMMODORE-ISH and familar…..much the same as people try to say new Falcon looks like old Falcon. Frankly close up after viewing…..NO WAY and it is hot!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    GSE Turbo like way ahead of Calais! LMAO MASSIVE AS WHEN I SEEN THAT COMMENT…………..well I hit the “flaw” with laughter!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    What is next flawed probs….xenon lights, dual exhausts or bad rear tailights or not stylish lines. THINK TAD TOYOTOPHILIA THERE AS MIRROR REFLECTS THE COMMENTS EASILY IN TOYOTA RANGE.

  • Andrew M

    i havent had a good look in the flesh yet.
    i might do a drive by my local dealer now actually to see if they have stock

  • ChopstaR87

    the new Falcon looks awesome… they have been at my local dealer for a week now…. the Ute is very nice…. the interior in the XR models are great….

    They do look small when look at the car at different angles… very nice… my local dealer is doing test drives today… i was to drive the NEW XR6 turbo this morning but called in to work


  • Andrew M

    just checked out my local dealer.

    the only one they had was a sedan XT.
    the interior was great like they have always been.
    the centre console sits surprisingly much higher than previously

    i then went and jumped into a mondeo.
    you cant beat the falcon for comfort!!!!!
    mondeo seats have nothing on falcon seats. even the mondeo cloth quality has nothing on the falcon quality.
    the mondeo gear shift is too far forward compared to the falcon. unless you have short legs you will have to lean forward out of your seat to select a gear.
    with the falcon you can remain back in your seat, with your elbow on the console, and still comfortably reach the gears.
    the leg room is impressive in the mondeo but it doesnt seem to have the falcon width.
    dont get me wrong, the mondeo is a great car in its class, but it still doesnt have the comfort of the falcon

    the dealer says ytes wont be in dealerships till mid june, and that the ones currently out and about are “hybrids” (as he worded it) that are just tacked together quickly for shows etc, and says they usually start to fall apart once they have done a bit of touring
    ute production doesnt start till this month.

  • Andrew M

    hey OZ,
    what Brizzy dealership have you seen the falcon ute at?

  • ChopstaR87

    toowoomba has the XR8,XR6,XR6 turbo and G6,G6E turbo XT sedans and the XR6 turbo Ute today… they had the XR6 turbo ute and XR8 sedan driving around last saturday around town…. they do look like a impressive car… i like… i heard the Xr8 before i saw it while at the servo filling up the my falcon… sounds very nice when been opened up…

  • Andrew M

    i dont feel like a drive to toowoomba right now though ha ha ha ha

    im still undecided on my colour too……….

  • ChopstaR87

    Ha ha ha ha… i wouldnt either….

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Toyotophilia Hilux the top of thr tree or pseudo pretender……and I quote “While the (Falcon) ute is still miles ahead of imported one-tonners in its on-road manners…..”

    The verdict is out!

  • Andrew M

    gee where you been NM if it took you that long to realise that.
    ha ha ha ha ha

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Was caught in like a black hole with vortex of Toyotaphilia around me……looked for divine truth and realised that Iam not joining there sect. Ha Ha Ha

  • http://evo Frugal One

    No cab chassis, No LPG, No column auto….pity! :-)



  • TP

    That must be why the Falcon is top seller in the category and the Hilux isnt? The market is doing the talking.

  • TP

    As for looks yeah the Sportswagon is awesome… as for Sedans I agree to an extent, lower models the Falcon is better but best v best in normal ‘performance’ range (so SS v XR8) I like the SS… the better rear tail lights on the SS, 19 inch rims, quad exhausts, projector headlamps.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    At end of day the market is changing. Big cars are on nose as the public become conscious of a rising petrol price forced on us by the high cost of brent crude oil.

    The Falcons, Commodores and Aurion all appeal…. some different appeal to people. Alas they are still purchased and sell. My concern is this market is getting squeezed downwards and Ford might be moving slower then say Toyota to redo there range of cars. This is why Toyota are well placed but will be tested by Ford, Hyundai/Kia alliance and GM.

    Ford have some stunning cars in the stable. But it comes down to who reads the market the best and adapts to a soaring petrol price. I for one am not obsessed like most on here that it has to have massive power, killer 0-100kms times and quarter mile times that are low as. Iam more into hot lookers and dont want to be seen driving a FUGLY car. Time to upgrade to a stunning car….will have to be under 57K threshold dam it. Or a low kms demo above the 57K threshold?

  • Andrew M

    the falcon had outsold the hilux for many many years, and it is only recently that the hilux has jumped to the top spot.
    also dont forget the hilux comes in many more variants than the falcon.
    if you single out falcon ute sales versus single cab V6 2WD Hilux, the falcon would still spank it

    also in reference to what you claim as best V best in performance,
    i would say it would be XR6T V SS. and in that case the XR6T would take the crown

  • Andrew M

    you can get this with an alloy tray if you really want.
    just take the tray off and throw an alloy job on yourself.

    i have seen quite a few XR8’s and XR6T’s that actually do have an alloy tray

    you can stick your bench seat and “tree” shift idea though. ha ha ha ha ha

    LPG turbo though…………
    hhmmmmmmmmm thats what i would have liked to see though

  • ChopstaR87

    i remember seeing a 290Kw Super pursuit BF Falcon ute with a tray and not style sides… pretty cool…

  • Duck

    Despite the facelift the Commodore ute still looks good!

    Ha this ute is only here for another two years till it becomes EXTINCT! So all you ford lovers that want a turbo I6 ute must get it BEFORE 2010! BEFORE THE I6 GETS DROPPED! heheheheheehe! :)

  • PoisonEagle

    I dunno Duck I think this looks sleeker front/ three quarters on (rear on Holden has the edge); and the performance would be in another league compared to the 6Litre. The turbo V6 could still be a good thing with direct injection if they benchmark the VQ38 DETT. Don’t be so quick to make assumptions, Duck its still another 2 years away. My prediction is they’ll be straining to make it 85% as good (as the L6) which would still be outstanding.

  • Andrew M

    i would be laughing too because this vehicle absolutely pulls holdens pants down and spanks them.

    dont be so biased you one eyed warrior.

    the V6 replacement will have 2 hair dryers

  • TP

    They should just end the Falcon… NRMA Open Road magazine mentioned this, its dying out and they aernt reviving it through exports. Anyone also see wheels? Brand new car and they didnt even have Ford drivers look at the new Ford… looks similar to old model.

  • Golfschwein

    TP’s in his Happy Space again. Come on mate, smile. Give us something cheery and positive for once.

  • TP

    Mate again you fail to realise these aernt my words… NRMA… Wheels… reputable motoroing organisations. I think the Wheels bit RE no one looking at the car is prity sad, a brand new car should be getting looks from everywhere… not even Ford fairies could care less about it! Im guessing they couldnt tell it was a new one, it looks way to similar to outgoing model, the ONLY saving grace is the XR6T performance… apart from that, why would you bother buying a new one (doesnt even have curtains std)

  • AW

    I had a look at a G6E this morning, and bloody hell it was nice. Well built, comfortable, better than a VE and Aurion (yes something is better than a toyota , would you like a tissue). I think my money is going to Ford. So much better than a VE, and cheaper than the Calais V for the same equipment. Holden, wake up, and build something that is good.

  • Duck

    Andrew M, Did i say the FG ute looked bad? No! But the Commodore ute still looks terrific!

  • Sir Casm

    Quote TP: ONLY saving grace is the XR6T performance… apart from that, why would you bother buying a new one (doesn’t even have curtains std)

    TP it doesnt need curtains…. It’s a car not your bedroom

    Andrew Ms right the V6 which will replace the I6 in the Ford on 2 years will be offered with a twin turbo as will Holdens new V6 which is expected around the same time

  • Duck

    ^I wonder what almighty Toyota will do and react!

  • Duck

    Thats what i thought Andrew M! :)

  • Hooley

    I got 3 weeks till my sensation colour FG XR6 Turbo will be dellivered. Was told mine is Build number 1 in that colour

  • Mad

    The new falcon ute what a disgrace, it looks like a spa bath on wheels, the rear end looks like a dogs breakfast
    the wheels look way to small. ford yep failed again with this one.

  • nick

    Drove the FG XR6T Ute about a month ago now on a preview day here in toowoomba. I’m a V8 Tragic but this car is the epitimy of modern muscle. Lined it up against a loser in a VZ SS and i honestly think he stalled it, such is the pace orf this gorgeous vehicle. Getting finance as we speak!!

  • sod

    ford could produce a musle car if they tried,
    they are so overated it’s not funny.

  • Duck

    Whats really sad ford is that NONE OF THE FG FALCON UTES COME STANDARD WITH ESC! Only the FPV’s get the ESC (or what ford likes to call it DSC) only comes as an option. You’d have to agree guy’s though? Holden has it standard why doesn’t ford?

  • Duck

    I saw a used VN Bench seat ute with column shifter at a used car yard. So when did holden stop making column shifters and bench seats available?

  • Phil C

    DSC is coming for the Ford ute and it’s not far away.

    It was either release the Ute with DSC 6 months later than the sedan – Holden took 18 months – or launch both Sedan & Ute at the same time but add DSC to the Ute in 6mths.

    Ford chose the latter and it has been succesful.

  • Duck

    ^But ford are worried about the sales they are missing out not like holden. Ford could have waited for another couple of months till DSC is standard, theres no excuse there Phill. And for those utes without DSC in the future will be not as popular and will be sold less than the utes with DSC so theres no excuse. Holden waited and Ford didnt.

  • Andrew M

    i couldnt care less if i got the model before standard DSC kicks in.

    what do you mean holden waited??
    did holden stop selling VZ utes once the VE sedan was released???
    get off the drugs…….

  • Duck

    ^No. Holden could have put the VE on the market without ESC the same as Ford but they took a little longer, because they wanted the ESC to be added to the whole VE range.

  • Andrew M

    what difference does it make whether it is a VZ ute with out ESC getting around as opposed to to a VE ute without it??

  • Duck

    Im saying for a whole new Model Andrew M you’d think (or I anyway) you’d have the ESC standard across the whole range. Thats why Holden didnt release the ute at the same time as the sedan but Ford released both at the same time.

  • Andrew M

    so lets not release any more new cars till 2050 because it would be a kick in the guts if they werent available with hovering capabilities from word go

  • Duck

    Oh wopdy do Andrew! Stop egsadurating!!!!!! 2050!!!!!!!!! What Bullsh*t! Only a couple of months, it would be!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    DUCK………….if believe your spiel it becomes true. Lame reasoning and suggest you hit your head a few times on computer screen.

  • Watto_Cobra

    egsadurating ??????????

    Never heard of that one.

    Yes Duck, it is purely only the economics of scale (investment required for EuroV) that is forcing the retirement of the I6. You know the one? The only truly Australian designed, engineered and built engine left here?? End of an era!!

    I know you’ll be happy in 2010 because you’ll finally be able to breathe easy.

    The I6 turbo matches/surpasses Holdens best USA Chevrolet V8 (not counting the 3 times more expensive W427), and the NA I6 spanks the Alloytech V6.

    Myself? I’m happy we have some great muscle cars to choose from here, whether SS, XR6T, R8, GT, whatever floats your boat. I’d have any one of them in a heartbeat. Since it’s my hard earned money going down, for me it’s XR6T or hopefully F6.

    I wouldn’t be so gleeful of the shelving of the I6, because the Chev V8’s are next. GM have already dropped plans to release the Camaro Z28 (LS9 6.2 Super-Charged). Before you know it, we’ll all be in bloody Pri-Arses. I’ll ride a pushbike I think.

    In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my future XR6T/F6 and my mate his SS-V. Both great cars. I don’t wish the downfall of either because morons think spending $40K on a Priarse is better than hanging onto their older V8 which they already own and will go for years.

  • Duck

    Oh you know what I mean. The propper spelling is exaggerate.

  • Duck

    While ford ditch the I6, Holden are going to bring out a turbo, a twin turbo V6. That’s weird isn’t? The tides turn round.

    By the way what V8 are ford gonna use after they get rid of the 5.4L? A 6L, 7L? etc.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Duck, I left a comment at August 3rd, 2008 at 7:50 pm which is awaiting moderation. I garuntee you will enjoy reading it. Stay tuned.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Well, word is 5.0L. We’ll see. I’ve seen numbers quoted for Duratech that better the I6 and future DI Alloytech in power and torque, especially with twin-turbo. I’ll believe it when I see it though, especially torque.

    Again, read my comment at August 3rd, 2008 at 7:50 pm when it has been moderated. You will appreciate it.

  • Wheelnut

    Wrong Duck – wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong!

    The reason Holden delayed the release of the VE ute [as they had done previously] had nothing to do with ESP or anything like that.

    The reason was because the new state of the art robots for the VE Assembly line were installed at the Elizabeth Factory “on the fly” – that is introduced gradually whilst they were still making the VZs which were to be phased out over time.

    And as Holden had already decided to bring forward the release of the New Statesman not only to coincide with the release of the VE but to take advantage of its popularity in the Middle East – The robots that were designed and programmed to buld the VE and WM sedans were brought
    on-line first.

    The robots for the utes were ready but not turned on so the Sedans by-passed those areas – in the same way that the utes now bypass other robots

    Then once the initial demand for the sedans had eased they set about working on the Ute and finally the Wagon.. until finally the whole VE line was up and running

  • Wheelnut

    Spot on Watto it will be a 5.0 Litre possibly a Pushrod V8. which will provide Ford and FPV with much more flexibility in terms of enhanced performance and increased Kw’s.. so I wouldn;t be surprised it the 5.0 produces as much power as the current DOHC 5.4

    Holden could also be going for a Smaller more Powerful V8 as HSV are looking at the Cadillac North-star V8 for a new “Budget Beater” which will sit below the Clubbie

    As for Holdens DITTO [Direct Injection Twin Turbo Option]V6 it will be similar to the one featured in the TT 36 Torana Concept Car awith the possibility of procuing the same amount of power as the New F6/

    • matt

      the 5 litre possibly pushrod…. lol, this isnt the year 1999 for ford mate.

  • Wheelnut

    Holden never made a VN ute. They did however make a VG ute which had the same front end as the VN Sedan

    As for the VG Ute with a Bench seat.. Holden made a limited number of stretched utes from VG-VR as “special orders” which would be turned into ambulances. They required the bench seat inorder to fit either an extra crew mwmber or a relative of the patient.

    However; when the Mercedes Sprinter vans arrived the Ambulances switched over to them and Holden were left with a number of these utes which they sold through their major regional dealerships in the country as they knew they would be snapped up by farmers because they were perfect for carrying extra long loads etc

  • Watto_Cobra

    Bit like how XF ute moved into XG while sedan went to EA.

  • Phill

    I see Ford XR6 turbo ute has won Alloy Tech/LS2 Magazine(Motor)Bang for your bucks 08,won 2 out of 3 categorys and second in the other one good stuff Ford especialy coming from Alloy Tech/LS1.But I think there point system is floored,i mean how can it win if all the judges rate it so bad,must be bad point system(or Bias),looks like they will have to change it again.GO FORD

  • 10/07 BF XR8POOP

    I hope Ford have really considered the consumer this time round. In October 2007, I purchashed a factory order Craig Lowndes BF XR8 UTE. My XR8 has only travled 18000km’s and has been serviced 3 times. When having my XR8 serviced I have had several issues brought to my attention. Factory fitted broken air box, leaking gearbox seals, noisy diff, carpet moulding falling apart, interior fittings not assembled correctly, they couldn’t even put the style side back on straight, so when driving up the road my XR8 looks like it is crab walking. This is the 6th falcon I have owned in the past 22 years, and it may very well be the last. The GM’s VESS may be a better option, “hence” quality control.

  • Andrew M

    wow was this still going???

    Duck, as NM says you have lame reasoning.

    why did holden wait till after the VE’s release to opt it with the full compliment of airbags??
    as you put it “there is no excuse for that”
    its their NEW model!!!!
    how poor was that??

  • Watto_Cobra

    Still going Andrew.M?? Someone dragged up the old “2008 Ford Falcon Orion Interior and GT Exposed” blog which has 1122 comments on it which I’m sure is a record.

    BTW the comment I referred to that’s awaiting moderation at August 3rd, 2008 at 7:50 pm is STILL awaiting moderation. Two full weeks ago. What’s going on CA? Either display it or delete it.

  • Andrew M

    1122 comments dating back 12 months,
    i would get lost in all that.

    why go back to it then when the bitter comments about the vehicle still happen on fresh posts to this very day, by the same “bestest” at being “bitterest” in the business (you know who)

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    Amazes me that most stories on caradvice start elsewhere and only rarely does caradvice start on cue and others copy! Please guys lift it standard and not having shot at you guys – but its true!

  • oh my god

    Ford as always produce such ugly cars i mean have a look at the FG it looks like a dog dinner the front looks out of wak, mazda 3 comes to mine and the rear looks shit house..

  • Oz.

    Mr Oh My God, get over yourself. With your attitude you would still complain about it looking like a “dog dinner” no matter what it looked like.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Oz your back.where you been?

  • Nate

    i’m going to be really stubborn.

    Yes the xr6t is a awesome car.

    I still can’t see the point of a SPORT utility vehicle.

  • Fabio A

    Ive got and fg xr6 turbo ute in breeze
    Im very disapointe in the clunking comming from the drive train it feels at times that im driving a train apparently its standard and now ford is replacing my gear box and clutch making weird noises…but performance wise unbeatable second to none

  • Farro

    You Aussies get the Falcon and yet we North Americans (Yanks and Canucks) still get the lousy Taurus.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Hey Farro if its any consolation I read last week that were talks of exporting our fabulous in line 6.

  • Barry

    he inline 6 is shit

  • Velvet XR6T

    Ive owned my 2010 xr6T ute for 19,000 km and couldnt be happier leafsprung rear end is stable and only ever noticible under extreme acceleration with TC and ESC disabled. Great car at a good price and until euro or japanese manafactures realise theres a strong market for mid priced RWD sports cars (30-50k) ill be sticking with aust made. Nissan build a silvia, Toyota another AE86 and euros build something RWD and not bland looking. Essentialy its a 2 door coupe with a huge boot.

    • Nathan

      Nice. Do you have standard 245 width tyres as well? I have been told to do away with the dunlops and get some slightly wider Michelins or Potenzas which greatly increases the handling.