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by Brett Davis

A Ford Mondeo hybrid could be on its way as early as 2013, according to international reports. The front-wheel drive Mondeo will feature an EcoBoost engine and a gearbox-mounted electric drive system.

There haven’t been many details about Ford’s plans for a Mondeo hybrid recently, although our exclusive spy shots showing a Ford Fusion hybrid have given some hints that such a model might be on its way – the US Fusion is said to be built on the same platform as the upcoming Mondeo.

According to a recent Autocar report in the UK, the Ford Mondeo hybrid will showcase a 1.6-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine producing around 120kW of power. Inside the six-speed, dual-clutch transmission however, will sit an electric motor assisting drive to the front wheels.

The electric motor will apparently produce 30kW of extra power, bumping overall output of the hybrid model to around 150kW. This would make it more powerful than any other Mondeo variant currently on sale in Australia today (120kW 2.0-litre turbo-diesel variants being the most powerful).

The interesting aspect about the transmission-mounted electric motor is that it is said showcase ‘full hybrid’ Bosch technology, which is also been adopted by Volkswagen, Porsche and Range Rover. Essentially, the motor replaces the torque converter.

Since the Mondeo will feature a dual-clutch mechanism though, it is possible the electric motor will replace the multi-clutch plates. Official details of the system and the car are yet to be released, but we’ll be sure to provide more comprehensive updates as soon as we can.

The Ford Mondeo hybrid is expected to make an appearance some time in 2013.

  • Car Window

    I spotted the New Ford Territory driving in Darwin today. I thought Ford wasn’t selling the new model for a couple of months. But not related, CA could you explain this: I was driving and saw a Toyota Camry 2011 model (it was ahead of me) and had “GLX” where “Altise” and other models are meant to be. Is this a new model that no-one knows or what? Cheers!

    • MattW

      There was a story on here last week about them being delayed to software problems but Ford were getting at least one to each dealer by the end of last week. Klosters in Newcastle had 2 sitting there on Monday morning

  • chook

    new territory is on sale here in the south east…….as for the camry , i dont know . In a few weeks i will be spending some time in darwin but hopefully i wont be stuck with a camry or prius when i need a cab there . If so then i may look at using the airport bus instead .

  • Sweet

    I think we need this electric motor assisting drive to the rear wheels.

  • http://ca auto

    territory diesels in Qld showrooms but no petrol. have been told it will be September by dealers and Ford wont reply to my emails.

  • http://Audi Robj

    Dull car becomes more boring….yawn.

  • troy

    dull comapred to what???

    exciting compared to any small holden.


    bonsoir mais amie je cherche une pies de moteur ford mondeo 2.0L diesel ( support d’arbra cames ) fausse culasse je cherche la reférence SVP URGENT je suis empagne plus de 4 mois sait le numero 1 dans la photo . et merci mais amie le type de la carte grize et MFD5472LL945.