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  • whatthe

    The oldest car on the market gets a new hat- wow!

    • Sumpguard

      Funnily enough their oldest is still their best. This and the Lancer EVO are the only two cars in Mitsubishi’s entire range I would own.

      • david

        It’s not the oldest. The present generation dates to 2000. The Nissan Patrol is older – it dates back to 1997.

        • Sumpguard

          I wasn’t intending to be pedantic David. Just highlighting the fact that the newer vehicles in their range don’t excite me at all.

          • david

            Sorry, I was meaning to reply to whatthe, not you.

        • nickdl

          Well if you want to be really pedantic, the Pajero doesn’t compete with the Patrol. The Paj and the Prado are in the same midsize class, while the Patrol and the LC200 are in the large 4WD class…

      • nickdl

        Agreed. There isn’t anything that the Pajero misses out on because of its age. It’s a better drive than the Prado, and the diesel engine is much better than the Toyota one. Noise is pretty low as well with the NT series. This one is great value as a proper 4WD althought it’s a shame about the different front grille, it’s a bit ugly.

  • Happy Dude

    What r “puddle lights”….???

    • Vibe

      Lights that illuminate puddles. They’re usually under the door mirrors or the car itself, so you can see puddles or other gaping holes in the Earth.

      • Carnie

        So that you dont get your stilettos dirty when off roading.

  • MMind

    This car is actually quite nice..

  • Ford!

    Wow look at the buttons on the steering wheel, they are just sticking them whereever they will fit, look at the bottom of it! Also I dont know why there is a bluetooth button on Steering wheel and just behind the steering wheel on the left hand side!

    • Trickster

      I actually own a 2010 Pajero RX and there aren’t any Bluetooth buttons on the dash only the steering wheel – Mitsubishi must have used an older Pajero NS dash pix, added the NT steering wheel with Bluetooth buttons and didn’t remove the old Bluetooth dash buttons.

      I agree it’s an old design but an efficient reliable one. Driving in Melbourne’s morning & Argo peak hour traffic I get approx 9l/100km and cruising the speed limit on the Eastern high 7’s. Plus 5 year warranty and roadside assist, cant go wrong unlike the Citroen C4 Picasso we owned before it.

      More than happy with the old warhorse……

  • Richo

    I have an NT Pajero and yeah, its a little bit like grandpa’s axe, but it’s a car you actually feel confident in that it will still be going in 20 years time with 300,000km’s on the clock. A lot of other new cars on the market don’t deliver that same feeling IMO

    • Adonis

      Agreed. We have a 2003 pajero Exceed DiD with ~300,000 km’s on the clock and it still feels very tight for all those km’s. An exceptionally well made vehicle

  • CS

    OOPS sorry spelling mistake – meant to say piddle lights – just so you can see your own tyre when in need and not wet your shoes – I think thats still legal, piddling on your own tyre and not someone elses – dates back about 750 years…

  • Old Dog

    Yeah, 750 years when they had tyres

  • Jim Bell

    I have a 2003 Pajero first registered in early 2004. Have just passed 574,000 km and have not put a spanner on the motor ( except for services). Best car ever – still produces 32 mpg to 34 mpg with a tail wind, and thats sitting on 110 kmh. Will be upgrading to the RX soon to keep ‘her indoors’ happy. Anybody looking for a bargain should contact Stevens Motors at Laura in S.A. – probably pick it up for 8k – 9k

  • Madmatt05

    Good call Jim, the only negative I read are the slags coming from the opposition. What Im really reading is how the vehicles are so underated