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by George Skentzos

Toyota Australia has announced it will compete in the Aussie Racing Cars Super Series with the TRD Aurion, making it the first manufacturer to directly support the series.

The TRD Aurion entry will be far from standard, using a scaled-down body shell of the new TRD Aurion and a 1.2-litre engine – and no that’s not a typo.

“The TRD Aurion’s body shell is really more of a caricature than a scaled-down version of the real car. We are in the final stages of producing the initial test moulds now so the finished product will be on the track later this year.”

The series is a support category for the V8 Supercar Championship and races at some of Australia’s biggest events, including the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and at Indy on the Gold Coast.

Every car in the field runs a spec mechanical package and chassis that is fitted with moulded body shells representing the relevant make and model of the car.

Weighing just 450kg, the cars are powered by a 1.2-litre, twin-cam, four-valve Yamaha engine, producing 91kW at 11,5000rpm and sprint from 0-100km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

Although the series has been based around Ford and Holden-derived cars, Aussie Racing Cars director Phil Ward said he does not see the category as a red versus blue battle and hopes Toyota’s involvement will encourage other manufacturers to get involved.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Uncharted waters here for Toyota, maybe we will get some results better then Formula 1 where Toyota has been a miserable joke. Still they have had limited success in Nascar or whatever it is in US. So maybe they can step up a smidgeon and actually do something positive and win races.

    Serious question…..how many races has Toyota done in F1 overall and have the ever placed in top three??????? Could do with a laugh

  • Wheelnut

    The Aussie Racers is a silouhette series with moulded bodies which resemble full size cars mounted on to a spaceframe chassis and powered by Yamaha engines [Not Toyota] I don’t think that really qualifies as Factory Backed sponsorship

    However; given the power to weight ratio of these things and their overall size a TRD Aurion would have no chance of out running or out handling its smaller scale counterpart

    If only the real TRD looked like the CGI image above

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Good point Nutter. It does not like like CGI – oh major letdown! Oh well with an ageing population looks like the whitegoods might find a few followers! Dam if only looked as hot as CGI…..

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Every single time I see or think of Toyota the immediate thought that comes to my head is:

    “Bad to the bone…” the song played whilst I was in USA.

    Shame CGI cannot match actually look – might have to get some real style of MR2 back around 1993 as that shytes all over current wannabe offerings Toyota has (LOL or claims)

  • Wheelnut

    If you could actually buy & road register a Aussie Racer TRD Aurion you would probably have a lot more street-cred than someone who bought a full size one… people just love these pocket rockets

    Better fuel economy; better performance; more responsive better build quality; better sound; and less than half the price

  • Phill

    The worlds largest car maker racing toy cars instead of there real ones.What a joke

  • TP

    Wheelnut you are aware Yamaha design many Toyota engines? Actually I doubt you do, its not Ford related so your clueless

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Phil – mate. Come on! They race in Formula One and try hard as and well come up always empty handed. Read review on emptyness of winning in Formula One, think it was in Motor (or Wheels) magazine some month or so ago……I think we should have the Aussie stig drive around in Toyota suit playing a Pretenders song or six! Its like getting drunk on Clayton’s….the drink your having when your not having a drink. But then again…..with some ramblings on here, well you know who I mean. LOL.


  • Oz.

    Baby Aurions in the Aussie Racing Cars. I only hope Toyota aren’t going to pour tones of money into it and flood the field with them.

  • Golfschwein

    Here’s your rear wheel drive Aurion!

  • TP

    F1 vs Supercars… Hmmm yes Toyota are the ones who are new to motorsport here

  • Golfschwein

    A third silhouette could spice up the series. No bad thing. I say silhouette loosely, as they’re all caricatures.

  • No Name

    Aw TP thats not nice. Hey its no problem getting engines from other suppliers, pretty much all manufacturers do it. Even BMW used the toyota 1.6 diesel in the mini for a while, pity its been replaced by a superior PSA engine.
    Nissan use Renault diesels’
    Ford use PAS diesels,
    Mitsubishi use VW diesels,
    GM use Fiat diesels,
    Ssanyong use old merc engines,
    No problems

  • Wheelnut

    TP – Firstly I thought that having been on here for as long as you have you would know – out of Ford and Holden I generally prefer Holdens [particularly the older ones]

    Secondly I do know that Yamaha design a number of Toyotas engines – didn’t they design the corolla engine.. the same engine Lotus use in the Exige; and have managed to almost double the power of the corolla by bolting on a supercharger – that works? Maybe Toyota should ask Yamaha to work on the TRD.

  • Wheelnut

    Lotus would also be able to make the TRD and the Corolla drive and handle better too

  • Phill

    Yea NM I will give them a break in F1.I feel sorry for poor Toyota only got buckets of money and Huge corporate clout and still can’t win.I guess Toyota will just have to wait until F1 Regulate there engines to Hybred Petrol electric then toyota will be in the game.And I do agree this is true Clayton’s motor racing from Toyota(We should expect better support for motor racing here in Oz from Toyota the worlds biggest car maker).This is poor form as far as i see it.

  • Phill

    If F1 did change there engines to hybred,Toyota would have good chance “Because The Game Would Have Changed”..HA..HA..HA

  • anthony C

    no other manufacture has pressents in motorsport like toyota. but… perhaps if they focused on a few and get good at them first. then dabbled int oeverything else.

    just wish the v8 supercar BS would open up to all manufactures again.. or at least v8’s

    go toyota.. give em hell in ur wee lill car


  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com/2007/03/i-don-get-fashion.html supercujo

    So much Toyota hate.

    I know Toyota aren’t particularly exciting cars, in fact, they are quite the opposite, but they sell well and are quite successful. Why change the formula?

    And the comment that Toyota can’t even win at F1, c’mon really, it takes years to build up a team and knowledge base worthy of competing at the top level in F1. Toyota will win a race in the not too distant future, the real disappointment at present is Honda, those cars are complete shit.

    In the US, Toyota has won in all the stock cars series: Craftmen Trucks, Busch Series and also the Sprint Cup. And they place in the top 10 pretty regularly.

    I would love to see an Aurion V8 Supercar, just to piss off the Ford vs Holden bogans. Hell, tell Tony Cochrane that it might bring the (rather large) cardigan demographic into the audience and he will sell his soul (if he has any left) to get them into the field.

    And anyway, this Aussie Racing Car series body will have equal chance of winning as any Ford, Holden or Austin body. Badge means nothing in the Aussie series.

  • No Name

    Toyota are actually doing reasonably well this year so far.
    Williams Toyota are 4th in the constructors champs afer spain and Toyota are 5th. Not bad results really. Only a mtter of time they’ll be up with Ferarri

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Maybe (not)….or maybe wishful thinking like surfing madly at Torquay at UK! I here that plenty of great beaches there (not).

  • Phill

    Toyota did have a chance to enter V8 super cars,but V8 super car organisers wanted Toyota to support 3 teams,Toyota only wanted to support 1 so they didn’t enter.A field of 14 Commodores 13 Falcons and 2 Aurions is not an ideal situation.Thats what i mean when i say this is poor form.With all the money there got why can’t they put some back in to proper motor sport

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    For the critics of Toyota Motorsport – lets get a few facts straight because todate, 2008 has been a good year for the group.

    First-off … yes, i agree F1 has been a challenge for Toyota with much work to be done but regardless – the talent that is developed from participating in the pinnacle of automotive engineering is arguably greater then what can be gained in the participation of any other motorsport.

    Toyota’s F1 team has yielded better results so far this year then last with the team looking stronger and more confident thanks to alot of ongoing and dedicated development. Todate, they are 5th from 11 manufactuers but i expect them finish about 4th by year end.

    Now .. lets talk thier success in NASCAR so far this season because Toyota is kicking some serious ar*e and good on ’em.

    Of the 3 series – Sprint (tier 1), Nationwide (tier 2) and Craftsman Trucks – a total of 24 races have been completed todate this season and of the 4 competing manufactuers – Toyota, Dodge, Chevy & Ford – Toyota Motorsport has won 12 (50%) of them alone and that is not including the numerous 2nds and 3rds that they have enjoyed aswell. Best part of it all – the ‘BIG T’ is embarassing the American Manufactuers at thier own game on thier own soil …. oooch !!

    I’ll break down Toyota’s wins in the 3 different series so far :

    Sprint Series – 3 wins from 9
    Nationwide – 6 wins from 10
    Craftsman Trucks – 3 wins from 5

    That said – it is worth mentioning that last weekend alone in Talledega, Toyota won the Nationwide Series making it 4 consecative wins for Toyota in that particular event and then back that up the next day by coming 1st, 3rd and 5th in the Sprint Series …. oooch !!

    What a weekend for Toyota.

    And just to add more, lets not forget that Toyota has won the manufactuers titles in the Australian Rally Championships (ARC)for the past 2 years and then came 1st in Rd1 for the start of the 2008 season with the 2nd round held in Canberra – Rally Of Canberra – on May 10 & 11th.

    So … yes, Toyota still has alot of work to do in F1 but other then that – NASCAR so far this year has been great with the BIG T kicking American pride while our own TRD Team in Australia is doing a great job themselves.


  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Lets put light clearly on the matter of F1. Big hoopla, big budget and big PR spoken from Toyota…..and a flop. Nobody ever remembers who finished second behind Cathy Freeman when raced at 400metres at 2000 Sydney Olympics. This is cause there is “no” prize for second!

  • No Name

    Maximus – why the ribbing about Torquay. Its the Bussleton of the UK southwest, full of old folks living their last days. If you want better beaches head to the South Hams 30k’s along the coast or more southwest to north cornwall in Fistrals surf mecca.

    Also “BTC Racing has dropped its Lexus IS200s in favour of a pair of ex-works SEAT Toledos for the remainder of the 2008 HiQ British Touring Car Championship.

    The team has opted to make the switch after a series of niggles plagued the IS200s at the opening two meetings of the season”

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Phil – that is exactly what Toyota is doing … putting money back into Motorsport : F1, NASCAR (Sprint, Nationwide & Craftsman Truck Series) and other forms such as ARC, Drag Racing (America & Australia) not to mention a range of other events throughout the world.

    What you need to do is educate yourself alot more before critising Toyota Motorsport. Visit the official ‘TRD Australia’ website and bring yourself up to date with exactly what they are competing-in.

    Take last months (April)schedule alone for instance :

    2 x F1 meetings
    1 x Craftsman Truck
    4 x Nationwide Series
    3 x Sprint Series
    1 X ARC
    and … Targa Tasmania !!

    This weekend coming up – Nationwide and Sprint Series

    Next weekend – F1, Nationwide & Sprint Series and Australian Rally Championships (ARC).

    For the remainder of the month after that – F1, Craftsman Trucks, Sprint and Nationwide Series.

    Best part of it all … that’s only what i am interested in !!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Smashingly good point Phil…..dare say Toyota really only care on business perspective, bean counters sussing out abacus and forget the avid driver and supporting grass roots of racing, etc. With an ageing world population is it any wonder that….People buy them as bland as watching paint dry or grass grow. As people buy them its easier for beancounters to forget enthiusiasts….Oh what a feeling stuff pouring back into car racing….Toyota!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    typo….Oh what a feeling stuff pouring $$$ back into car racing

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus – like said about F1 … work to be done.

    But, you are not so keen to discuss thier success in NASCAR. Of the 4 competing teams, Toyota alone has won exactly 50% of the races finished this year so far … oooch !!

    What about ARC … 2006 and 2007 manufactuers titles.

    Craftsman Trucks … 2005 & 2006 manufactuers titles and not surprisingly probably again in 2008.

    That said – Toyota will most likely be challenging the title in the Sprint and Nationwide Series (NASCAR)while i believe they have a good chance of finishing 4th in F1 for 2008.

    Early days to be making claims i agree, but if Toyota can show consistancy for the rest of the 2008 season then they are real possibilities.

  • 19 Crendon St, Emerald

    This will wipe the floor given how good Toyota are at everything. Eh Bob!!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    The silence on who finished second behind Cathy Freeman 2000 Sydney Olympics is deafening

    Just like Toyota moving 99% profits on abacus to positive side and on expenditure (negative side) moving 1% across for racing. Talk about out of kilter scales! Too busy as designing more blander cars to suit worldwide ageing population.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    WOW a whole out of kilter scales!

    Hey love the address! BIG BROTHER? Who lives there Gretel Kileen or ?????? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Like a eye in pyramid symbol…..looking, watching and observing…..ITS OUCH (as opposed to other spelling)


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus … with an aging population, maybe you should be concerned about Holden and Ford.

    Phil … here is a point for you to have a think about.

    Investing into motorsport costs $$$ and after all the years of Holden and Ford spending up in Australia to promote thier exsistance in local motorracing … what exactly has it done for not only the sales of Commodores and Falcons but thier fleet in todays market. Judging by continuing declines … very little or nothing.

    So, why would Toyota Australia bother spending considerable dollars in local motorsport to probably achieve as little as what Holden and Ford so today when they can invest into more globally recognised sports and probably achieve much more recognition in-return.

    Correct me if i am wrong but i vividly recall Ford Aust passing a statement about 9mths ago commenting that if sales of the Falcon (and Ford Oz in general) do not improve over the next couple of years then they will probably have to reconsider ongoing participation in V8 Supercars… mmm !!

  • Andrew M

    Phill is totally right.
    a few years back toyota (and mitsubishi) engaged in talks with V8 supercars. suercars made it clear that they required a firm commitment of a minimal amount of years and vehicle in order to ensure they didnt field 2 cars and pile all their riches in to them and cause an un fair advantage to the other teams.
    the last official word on toyota came from V8 supercars and it said “as of yet, toyota has not submitted a proposal for entry into the sport”

    so all you cardigan pullers get over you idea of toyota not being allowed in. V8 supercars have approached toyota but toyota obviously dont want to.

    and those that think toyota entering aussie racing cars is going to be good for the category, think again.
    this sport currently has no manufacturer backed teams.
    so what do you think toyota is going to do?
    they will more than likely pump a tonne of $$$ in to 1 or 2 cars and wipe the competition of privateers away

    any sucess in this category for toyota wont be due to its engineering capabilities. all the cars are made in the one shed and deliverd to each team in what ever shell they choose.
    no doubt toyota will find some great driver and pay him a packet to keep him there.

    their large injection of cash into the category will ruin the sport no doubt about it.
    considering the field is pretty much made up entirely of privateers, how will they compete?
    it will be like sending a rich computer genius into a kindergarden and saying gee isnt he great.

    dont get me wrong, i think another shell in this series is a great idea, but the cash injection behind the shell coming from toyota will ruin it

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus – Toyota’s corporate discipline is what has made them the multi-billion dollar a year success story while complete incompetance has made Ford, GM and Crysler multi-billion dollar a year flunks …. mmm !!

    Ask yourself this … who has got lots-n-lots of money and who hasn’t.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Dont mean to sound American (sorry), but some massive home runs hit like outta here! Geepers that was some hit Andrew M!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Andrew M….I think you will find that Toyota’s backbone ethos is appeal to a changing world population as its ageing. Maximum $ and stuff motorsport and keep the scales out of balance! Smart….and very ignorant! And very tactical as cannot have smashing stunning svelte cars in stable. Like I said earlier….in my opinion the MR2 being around the 1993 model is testament to my line of thinking to appeal less and bore more = OTHERWISE WHERE IS A TOYOTA MORE STUNNING THEN THIS MR2 RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?

  • Andrew M

    there art already 4 silhouettes in the series.
    and no, it will more than likely ruin the series, not spice it up. its not the extra shell that causes the issue here, its the massive cash injection that toyota could and most likely will inject into the series.

    you know ford have been in F1 too dont you? surely you arent that silly to imply otherwise.

    the way people are talking about this series, is like they have never heard of it let alone seen it before.
    this is an entertaining race and bugger all rivalry between brands exist because they are made in the one workshop regardless of the shell.
    commercial teams dont exist in this sport and toyotas involvement will ruin it.

    its exactly the same as if toyota was to go to a gokart track, pick the fastest kid, and give him a tonne of money to call his kart a toyota.
    that kid would have a budget that none of the other backyard racers could match.
    oh and the kart would run a 100 yamaha motor too

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew – you are partially WRONG because only ealier this year the new Holden boss (name … ???) passed comment that he would be interested in allowing the sport to be opend up to other competitors.

    Regarding cash – EACTLY … Toyota and/or Nissan will probably kill the sport of Holden and Ford so thank yourself lucky stripes that the ‘BIG T’ has investments elsewhere and not interetsed in V8 Supercars at this stage.

    Personally – i believe you won’t get interest from Toyota but more likely from Nissan who has already stated that they might be interested in entering the new GTR at some stage.

    And if success doesn’t come from Toyota because of thier abilities then you have said the magical word … success for Holden and Ford has got nothing to do with thier abilities either then but the teams who engineer the cars.

  • Andrew M

    i feel very strongly about bullies (ie toyota) marching into unprotected motorsport arenas.

    private racers deserve protection.

    it will ruin the roots of motorsport.
    pick on a sport your own size toyota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew M

    perhaps you should learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd

    nissan wont get into the category. why? AWD!!!!!

    supercars ensures parity. and like in every category, it comes down to the team engineering the vehicles.

    and that puts me onto your much gloated Nascar results.
    didnt toyota just give a bucket load of money to an already established and proven team to use their shells, rather than building the team themselves???

    and how am i partially wrong?
    if i am partially wrong, then show me where it partially says toyota isnt allowed to compete?

    in a nut shell,
    toyota wanted to field 1 or 2 cars and pump the same amount of money into 1 team as ford and holden spread across 7 teams.
    V8’s werent so stupid to allow it so toyota walked away with the attitude that if they cant operate with a greater advantage then they dont want to know about it

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus – your theory is completely WRONG. Just acknolwedge the big events they compete within today. Proves how WRONG your ethos theory is.

    Andrew – judging by your own theory – how is that any different with Holden, Ford or any other manufactuer for that reason… simple – IT’S NOT !!

    Get over it, you people crtisied Toyota for it’s lack of performance cars and Motorsport and now that Toyota has been making advancements, the same crowd then starts making up excuses.

    FACT IS – you people are starting to relise the potential Toyota has and in Australia alone if they really wanted too but won’t because it makes no corprate sense – they could wipe Holden and Ford all over the floor. If Nissan had the choice to stay in the event they probably would have themselves but NO … have a big cry and get ’em banned.

    That is the losers way out of it and if Toyota can maintain it’s edge in NASCAR – i bet Chevy and Ford will start doing the same themselves soon enough.

  • Andrew M

    once again i say,
    learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd

    do you not get that the aussie racing car series is a bunch of private racers? this will ruin what is for some a cheap way to get into motor racing

    how is it any different to any other manufacturer?
    well firstly give me an example where be it ford or holden or whoever has marchedinto the juinor ranks of racing and given some young star an advantage over another, and then we will talk about it.

    im beginning to think you have never heard of the aussie racers the way you think this sort of injection is acceptable.
    this is not a sport where factory backing hangs out. GET IT!!!!

  • Andrew M

    the worst thing holden tried was entering the race preped 427 monaros into a production race.
    and guess what?
    they ruined it!!!!!

    take an interest in the whole of motorsport, not just the toyota side of it

    learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew – Joe Gibbs Racing was a long term Chevy Team but in recent years had been disheartened towards GM as they were playing second fiddle to Hendricks Motorsport as that’s were GM was investing greater resources.

    Joe Gibbs didn’t want to play second fiddle as he is in the game to win. Toyota approached JGR with a package and guaranteed ongoing support afterwards so nervously took the deal but has sense been delighted with the instant sucess that JGR / TRD USA have been able to achieve.

    The chassis and engines are Toyota designed and engineered at a specifically established workshop in the States that supports all of thier NASCAR dealings but are tuned and maintained by the teams – Joe Gibbs Racings in this instance as an example – but backed with technical support and ongoing development by TRD USA that JGR has been delighted with because all of a sudden – he has gone from being a second fiddle with Chevy to one of NASCARS most competitive and leading teams today.

    I’ll give an example that only happened about 6 weeks ago –

    JGR lost a race because they had fuel pickup issues and a powersteering fault that ended their competive edge during a particular meeting but come Monday morning – TRD USA Technical Staff were waiting at Joe Gibbs Racing to offer assitance in rectifying problem. Response inreturn from Joe – that’s exactly the support i was looking for when i signed up with Toyota.

    Fact is Andrew … JGR and Toyota would not have been as successful as what they are today if it wasn’t for the expertise of one-another and it takes a good team, a good car and a good driver to win races and no team/manufactuer in any motorsport event is any different.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew – support motorsport then my brand … makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever.

    Wouldn’t it correct for me to suggest that i support Toyota Motorsport because i support the brand, Toyota … mmm !!!

    And another – maybe i take interest in the sport because i take interet in Toyota.

    Seriuosly dude – have a think about what you are saying because it is wacky non-sense and that’s not being mean but just truthful.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew – i love … you say that Toyota are bullies if they walking into unprotected motorsport. Without you even knowing, you just said that Holden and Ford cannot compete against Toyota.

    How great is that !!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ANDREW M says….”learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd”

    NM response….man you just keep hitting home runs as this comment cuts to core.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Toyota racing little pretend Aurions around a go cart track with full factory backing. LOL.

    Formula one is the epitome of automotive racing whereas Nascar,Craftmans trucks well that’s like the upsized double burger with cheese of automotive racing development. Don’t they run Ford and Chev components in just about everything competing anyway?

    Amazing how well Honda has done in formula one compared to Toyota considering Toyota’s resources but then again one could argue that Honda has always had a technically superior product compared to what Toyota offers and this is reflected in their greater racing success.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Gotta be able to hit the ball before making home runs.

    Oh what a feeling …

  • PoisonEagle

    I embrace the idea of Toyota entering V8 Supercars. If it’s anything like their F1 effort, all the cash in the world wont stop them from losing- at the end of the day who would drive for them? Rick Bates? HAHAHA

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Honda has no success against Toyota today … do they !!

    Toyota NASCAR Teams runs Toyota engines, chassis’s and components – that’s why they are Toyota’s – and winning …. oooch !!

    F1 is the pinnacle and that’s why GM and Ford are not there because they are not worthy.

    Oh What A Feeling …

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Toyota don’t get it. The pretend Fords and Holdens don’t have factory backing because it is pretends. Typical of Toyota trying to get spin for the Aurion by racing a rear wheel drive go cart decorated with an Aurion glass shell.LOL.

    The old cardigan wearing farts will never know as long as no shots are taken of someone standing next to an Aurion go cart.LOL.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Rather hit a homer then play with thy balls…oouch!

    Learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd. Like supporting company profits ahead of massive motorsport involvement….thats just inhumane and wrong!


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Eagle – even better … when Toyota pulls out an open cheque, it’ll be more interesting to see how loyal the Holden and Ford teams are. Maybe one or two but i bet alot will jump ship before pen touches paper.

    Oh What A Feeling …

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Only in America, around and around and around……all with ford 9 inch diffs LOL.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Massive motorsport involvement … is that why the biggest event Ford, Chevy and Dodge compete in is the ‘so-called’ Double-burger NASCAR series therefore leave F1 to the big boys.

    What’s it like chasing ‘ya tail … you dizzy yet!!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Yeah Toyota small blocks, Toyota FMX /turbo 400,Toyota 9 inch /positraction. LOL

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Toyota Motorsport wins again … for the rest of ‘ya – no prizes for second best.

    Keep chasing ‘ya tails – you’ll relise it’s your own after a while … maybe !!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    I heard a rumor that Toyota is going to start a Pedal car series using 1/5 scale perspex Camry bodies. LOL.

    ….with full factory backing Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    LOL Realcars!

    And hasnt Toyota been outspoken over the years with its “flop” Formula One attempts. It was great reading reading about the disappointments of Toyota in F1 in Motor (or Wheels mag) some 1month ago! When Ford raced or supplied Cosworth engines it was done with aplumb and mouth shut and ego in check unlike some wannabe cardigan wearers!

    OUCH (as opposed to ooch)

  • AndrewC

    Hmmm, all these people bagging Toyota for sticking their name on a model racing car. Just one question for all the Toyota F1 bashers ——– how far up in the Formula One points are Ford or GM, or shouldn’t I ask?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ANDREW C….do you mean R&D and investing that same culture what made success in car sales amounts to squat diddley from Toyota in F1!

    Massive sales, massive profit, minimal motorsport involvement and minimal success where it has bragged and gloated on what will occur at F1! If they never gloated and bragged there would be no discussion here! Ford and GM not there is irrelevant as they never had foot and mouth of Toyota!

  • Joober

    I agree with Andrew on this, Toyota shouldnt be allowed to throw limitless money into a race full of less financed privateers, there will need to be a funding limit on these cars as well as strict oversee on brand racers. Such things will kill the amateur/privateer ranks.

    For those who think large global car manufacturer corporations are truly passionate about motorsport, think again they are there for one thing, promotion to generate more sales and to create a PR out of it, so people can relate a winning car is a winning brand. Just take it deeper and look at all the sponsors on the car, I doubt Jim Beam can contribute anything mechanically to V8 Supercar, they pay a minor fee in hopes that awareness pays off.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    U hit the nail on the head NM. Just sick of the Toyota spin machine and the cult like devotees. I’ve owned late model Toyotas and had to have them repaired like anything else.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Yeah right Realcars.

    Iam thinking of ditching the BF Falcon LPG and getting a 1993 MR2 as seen a red one and still full on hot (could never get head around why stopped making that model). As currently the lineup appeals to an ageing population and is devoid of svelte pizazz, so I had to go back to this model to have class and svelte style. Does this car come with airbags and ABS – does anyone know (remember)?

  • http://db9 XR2_Capri

    There has been bits of ford under the commodore v8 supercar as well.
    NASCAR is great to watch once you get into the tech side of setups and tactics, Ask Marcos Ambrose 4th fastest for the weekend under lights this weekend.
    Lets all be cars lovers first and one eyed second

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Doubt the bags but think I have seen abs sticker on later reiterations. Sounds like all this Toyota talk has induced a mid life crisis i.e red sports car. Yes the Toyota Ferrari although driving characterics got a pounding by the critics at the time if my memory is correct.

    Have had similar delusions about a Nissan 350z! LOL.

  • Joober


    Drivers Airbags, but ABS was an option, if your lucky it should have it, but from what I heard many of the imports came with ABS option

  • Joober


    I think the first revision of the SW20 mr2 had pounding over its snap oversteer, the next revision fixed that from what i recall

  • Joober

    oh forgot to mention, buy the latter revisions of that model and the ABS became standard and + passenger airbag

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Dam you guys are right as googled. Shame I gotta step back so far for non-whitegoods svelte stylish hot lookers, dam you Toyota!

    GEEPERS….anti spam word TOYOTA. Crikey!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    The latter the better then.Nice looking sports car for small ask. Some good buys in grey imports. Have heard that the odos aren’t that credible though.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Sounds like u are being sucked into some sort of Toyota vortex NM. All I can suggest is that u revist the FG blog and stare at those fg turbo pics a while otherwise u might end up jibber jabbering just like Dingo and TP!!! lol.


    If Toyota want to enter in the V8 Supercars I say welcome it would be good to see another manufacturer entering.
    But lets hope Toyota TRD don’t steal parts from FORD as they did in NASCAR.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Fruitless exercise going in that vortex as spat out quick….but man the MR2 was hot as and more cool as some 15yrs old and looks seriously hot as still and nothing from Toyota currently out looks it! Cant work out why they had that hot as look and then just walk away from it…. must be tad hard to nail reliability and make compared to sedate brigade of today! Gotta be they appeal to people more as proven fact the world is an ageing population…otherwise they would have stunning as hot cars to sell! So if I want style (albeit conservative) from Toyota……gotta look at Yaris or Aurion. Like the Aurion is nice as on one I seen – but it wont age stunning as MR2 1993 model!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Thanks Realcars…..always love that car you mention. Just this 1993 MR2 recently seen was like MWAH hot as and red. Stunner fully the turbo and cant wait to sample in the metal and draw conclusion on driving it!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Sparky – Toyota has stolen no Ford parts unless they had no choice because of mandatory regulations that all teams have to abide by for what ever reason.

    Toyota NASCAR’s are Toyota designed and engineered chassis’s, engines and components and what a floGging against Dodge, Chevy and Ford the ‘BIG T’ is dishing out at the moment …. OOOCH !!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Realcars … is that jibber jabber or just raw, blunt truth that you struggle to deal with.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Gotta Google Pluto that Realcars as the duet has become a threesome!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Lets just hope it is not in closet the threesome….drop that thought as yuk!

  • clevo

    Im just wondering all this crap about toyota’s engineering abitity massive amounts of money, kickin ass here, kickin arse there….what championship trophys sit on toyota’s mantle??? i can recall they were good with the gt4 celica years ago what else??? Toyota should stick to make white good cars thats what there the best at

  • joober

    Agree NM, MR2, look the part and still causing head turns (kept mint) whereever, I was thinking of buying one a few years back but my eyes were stolen over the Skyline R34, AlThough, now im content with the Aurion, im looking to get a performance car end of this year (Something thats not daddy-racer ala large family cars with grunt), Possibly STI?Evo?or back to imports…. or go one up on an FG F6 but with new cars I tend to wait a few months to make sure the car that comes out isnt problem prone ( immediate recalls etc)

    As all I can say for Toyota, theyve dominated the average car market now they should be attacking the performance and style market, and start producing exciting cars!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Cleo – World Rally Championship (WRC) , Australian Rally Championship (ARC) and Craftsman Truck Series to name 3 alone. By year end, a strong possibility of a Nationwide and/or Sprint Series (NASCAR) trophy and of course more Craftsman Truck and ARC trophies.

    Watch this space …

  • peterd

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    looking at the WRC web site the Manufatures championship went to
    2008 – Ford Winning
    2007 – Ford Won
    2006 – Ford Won
    2005 – Citroen Won

    So its been a while !!!!!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    The appeal and hot as designs for me go back to the svelte stylish hot MR2 1993 model. None of the current offerings appeals remotely close to the style from this MR2 from 15yrs ago. My conclusion clearly is…..why appeal to few people when most people are part of an ageing population as this is a fact. GOTTA LOVE TOYOTA… just a business and not care for enthusiasts and rather do sedate cars!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Joober….when as Iam waiting. Will this occur when America sends astronauts to Mars (i.e. a long way off)! Til then if you want real style…gotta step back in time machine to locate it. I agree the Aurion is nice. Lined up against a Mazda 6 or Mondeo and it is average looking. I just cant see exciting cars making a reappearance as not selling in volume and Toyota clearly forget the diehard motoring enthusiasts with the use always of an abacus but a boring management.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    typo……….by a boring management.

  • Dennis


  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus – depends how you classify enthusiasts – 4×4 enthusiasts, luxury/prestiage enthusiasts, motorsport enthusiasts, performance exthusiasts … Toyota, TRD and Lexus supply reputable examples for each.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Thats what gets me about you self observed Toyota P*llers. Iam into real stylish and svelte lookers….much like women. Obviously you are happy with the dregs left and make do with bland ones. So we continue that theme and I would rather be seen in a Mazda 6 then Aurion as eyecatching. Or I would like to be seen in Veyron then a Porsche or a Mercedes Benz 4WD then a Territory. Why as S*X (with “e”) in middle sells and I like to drive something hot as opposed to whitegoods boring! They are just plain FUGLY – like the left over women when hot ones taken! Fancy making a statement driving a Camry ahead of a Mazda 6! Go watch the grass grow you ageing population! LOL

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    I must have missed that … i didn’t get !!

    What enthusiasts are you referring to – 4×4, luxury/prestiage, performance or motorsport ??

    The population you come under is the ‘losers’ fraction

  • Camski

    For crying out loud, we’re all ageing…

    You know Toyota have done well overall.

    They have picked a market, sold their cars (very well) and moved on doing what they do best.

    What I can see going on here is that some people on this blog expect all car makers to suit everyone and their individual needs.

    Now to me this just seems rediculous.

    If i walk into McDonalds I expect to buy a burger to fill me up, I don’t car if it’s healthy or not, it gets the job done. When I go to Toyota i expect a car, to get me from A to B, little more.
    Now, should I expect McDonalds to go and start selling fried chicken (KFC) just because I can’t be bothered move?
    Should I also expect Toyota to start selling a good looking, perfect car just because I can’t be bothered to look at the other choices?

    McDonalds has tried to answer the wants of people wanting a healthy alternative (in other words, a better car) and decided to sell salads. While i’m sure they’re selling quite well, this is a large gamble (which can cost a large portion of a companies value) as most of their market are burger eaters, just wanting a meal and moving on.

    Just because I want something from place A that doesn’t suit me, I take my money somewhere else that suits my wants and tastes better. It’s called choice and as the consumer, there’s plenty of it.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    You are too simple to beg a reply as the concept of ageing population is way over your Bananas in Pyjamas mentality. LOL you are more at a lower level then I thought you were.

    So obviously you must be attracted to bush pig FUGLIES up your way as you would rather be seen in an ugly car when more svelte and sweet cute cars available outside your Toyota bubble your simplistically live in.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    As a car enthusiast I place credence on being seen in a headturning car that has massive street creed, very eyecatching and presence. This has nothing to do with your silly comment and more to do as what look is hot and what look is not. Something you have dreams outside your Toyota bubble world.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    To put it into Romper Room terms so you can galvanise it and know…..would you rather be seen in a Veyron or a Lada Niva square box (or maybe a rectangle with wheels). Still gets job done…but one is very ugly and Iam not into being seen in very ugly. Obviously ugly is in thing with you! When you drive something that is nice….you feel nice and better!

  • silky

    how close was the mazda 3 to the commie for april sales?

  • silky

    Dennis whats the url for the april stats please?

  • Camski

    I don’t know if that was directed at me or not but i see no logic behind your posts other than, I hate this, i hate that, go do this, go do that – because that’s the way i like it.

    I know that when you state the “ageing population” that is directed at exactly that, the ageing population (60 years + i’d say). But you seem to be unable to get this fact out of your head that because Toyota don’t design the type of car YOU want it’s suddenly only for the elderly and they should change their tactics to suit you, losing their (stated) “ageing population” market.

    While i am attracted to some Toyota’s for specific looks, i am also not attracted to their looks.
    That’s part of the reason why an IS250 and RX330 was more up my alley for both looks and overall use as a car.
    Don’t go on about Lexus being Toyota and call me a suckup either because previous cars include 2 BMW’s (their 6’s are quite frankly, awesome), Honda, Toyota, Mitsubish and Nissan.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Finally some logic….albeit it a much higher cost to the buyer. Like those cars I agree are hot and much more $! So what Iam eluding to is if I want real sparkle and style and gets heads turning to get a 1993 model MR2! Aside from that a more conservative sedate look to range!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    And Iam rare is sense that I will support many different cars as one would be silly to support one car maker! Do you agree?

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    When snookered on style…..checkmate move back is to step up serious dollars to find this style!

  • Duck’s Back!

    How much torque for the engine?]

    And this time we hope they made it RWD!

  • Wheelnut

    Supporter of Toyota…. The sport is open to other manufacturers .. the regulations don’t specifically state that the category is the exclusive domain of Ford and Holden.

    However it does list a number of criteria that manufacturers must meet inorder to be elligible to compete: the ain ones being that the car is [based on] an Australian Built REAR WHEEL DRIVE family sized sedan with a Pushrod V8 engine which produces 620-700Bhp..

    Therefore no matter how mmuch you or Holdens CEO Mr Mark Reuss would like another manufactirer… in particular Toyota to compete.. there isn;t much chance of it happeniong as Toyota don’t build a RWD Family Sdan in Oz =even though they had the perfect opportunity with the Aurion.
    Because Why would AVESCO want to change such a winning successful formula – the only improvement they could make to the sport would be to give the TV Broadcast back to 10

    Although they could introduce a V6 Supercar category

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    No, best Toyota stick with Go carts with minature Aurion shells.

    Bullshit motor racing for a Company built on bullshit.

    Craftsman Trucks = monster trucks? Around and around and around a banked track again?

  • No Name

    Mmmm i’m off to McDonalds for a Falcon.

  • Tp

    Realcars you really are an idiot. Toyota compete in more races then Ford… or Holden… or whoever else you want to mention. When it comes to motorsports, they are the kings. They build cars which serve their purpose very well. A road var : Reliable. Race car : Fast

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    f1 fair enough but Naascar/craftsman trucks is American bogan fair.

    In a world where the consumer is spoilt for choice how numb nutts can enthuse about Toyota is beyond me and let along choose this overrated and overpriced crap over others is also beyond me.

    Im sure that if Toyota were doing as well at motorsport as u suggest then we would all hear a lot more about it one hundred fold via the Toyota Spin myster juggernaut.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Here is a free tip TP.

    If u sit on your hand long enough u can pretend it is somebody else.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus


  • No Name

    Ha Ha – realcars, sooooo funny. what a ripper as you boys say. LOL

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsports

    Realcars and Maximus … i am noticing a rapid decline in the substance of your replies. Infact, they have become weak and meaningless based on nothing.

    Basically – you guys have got nothing left.

    How does it feel to lose !!


  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Too right No Name!

    Gotta love the born again movement, it is based on gut feeling as the more you believe your own distortions then it becomes true and geepers there are some units way out there! You know who I mean! Ha Ha Ha!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsports

    Some Q1 2008 facts …

    1. Toyota outsold GM

    2. GM returned a multi-billion dollar loss – again !!

    3. Ford returned a wee-little profit

    4. Toyota expected to announce another multi-billion dollar profit.

    5. Toyota flogging Holden and Ford in local sales.

    6. Corolla outsold Commodore

    7. Toyota winning multiple NASCAR races against the US locals at thier own game on thier own soil … OOOOCH !!

    Infact – Toyota alone has won exactly 50% of all NASCAR series combined this year (so far) and that’s not mentioning the multiple 2nd and 3rd placing either.


  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Oh No Name….Torquay wasnt singled out by me, I quoted that as out of one of the legendary shows of Fawlty Towers!

  • Duck

    “6. Corolla outsold Commodore”

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsports,
    that may be because of the cost of petrol today people dont want to by as much large cars today, even they are more pratical because they have more room the price of petrol (and diesel) is becoming a joke.

    And so what if Toyota beats the holden commodore with the corolla in sales!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsports

    Just a reminder of Toyota winnings in NASCAR this year so far :

    Sprint Series (tier 1) … 3 wins from 9
    Nationwide Series (tier 2) … 6 wins from 10
    Craftsman Trucks … 3 wins from 5

    * note – Toyota has won the last 4 consecative Nationwide meetings

    Formula 1 :

    Williams-Toyota … currently placed 4th from 11 teams
    Team Toyota … currently placed 5th from 11 teams

    Australian Rally Championships :

    TRD Oz currently placed first after the first round – 5 more rds to be completed. Also, manufactuer title winner in 2006 & 2007

    Oh what a feeling !!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Research revealed you are correct Duck….Sales at Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. fell in April as record U.S. gasoline prices drove consumers to Toyota Motor Corp.’s fuel-efficient cars and away from big trucks and sport-utility vehicles. The sales decline for the Ford F-Series, America’s best- selling vehicle, overwhelmed sales gains for Ford’s Focus small car and Edge wagon. The Focus had a 43 percent increase in April, and the Edge was up 13 percent. The company said Focus sales to individual consumers rose 88 percent compared with April 2007, for the highest April sales for the model since 2000. Consumer confidence plunged to a five-year low in April, the Conference Board reported this week, as mounting job losses and soaring food and fuel prices cause Americans to retrench.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsports

    Duck … it’ all about pride my friend and that’s something that Holden doesn’t have much left especially when it’s last remaining bragging rights could just aswell be forfeited by year end.

    Now that is gonna hurt … BIG TIME !!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    U should try it SOTM might relieve some of that Toyota Motorsport tension.LOL

  • senator

    hahahaha drive revealed that so called xr6t was running on a higher octane fuel and it achived times of 5.1 to 5.2 and now with normal 95-octane fuel it achived 5.4 haha only 0.4 faster than a ss-v and has a lighter engine launch control new technology and a turbo and the funny thing is the ss-v 0-60 was just as quick 2.8 secs the xr8 got 3.2 and 6.3 0-100. This xr6t is not as impressive as i thought remeber it’s got a fpv typhoon engine and the xr8 has a gt motor and it’s still slugish at 6.3 to heavy and shit steering because of the weight, if i was a ford fan steer clear of the xr8. hopefully holden bring out the twin turbo alloytec DI.

  • No Name

    Repetition Repetition Repetition.

  • jamison

    Just notice, Hey Naugthyius Maximus,

    About the MR2s..

    I’ve done a lot of research with this car, literally. Do you plan on turbo model? Because the 3SGTE, especially generation III (late 1993- 1994 onwards) are much better than the generation 2. Generation 2 is very good, but Gen 3 is just better.

    Also, you’d probably would want a rebuild on the turbo engine, it’ll be around 6 grand. The bathurst version, is much under powered, but the car’s weight being low, makes it bearable. Also, its rare to find a Gen 3 MR2 today… since they didnt really make them for Australia, in 2003-2004, a lot of 1990~1992 MR2 turbos where imported from Japan, but SEVS changed the rules so late 1993 onwards from Japan are VERY VERY rare… and you cannot import them under normal regulations… I plan on importing a 1996 GT MR2 sometime in the future, but would have to do it under racing conditions OR by personal import, which means living in Japan for a year atleast. But they sell very very cheap, a 1996 MR2 GT sells for about $8000 AUD. You’d probably want to know that the MR2, since the wheel base is short and the track is also narrow, tends to over steer a lot, but I’ve been researching optimum wheel width configuration… 7 inch on the front and 8.5 on the rear. That should balance the car’s over steer problems a lot.

    And the main reason they stopped the production of the SW20 MR2 is because.. its almost 20 years old…

    So yes, its funny a car that “HOT” looking is that old. Heck, the Supra (which is garaged for me at the moment), is also over 15 years old. And you can still see that they compete with new models in terms of looks.. especially performance.

    Again, Toyota stopped production due to Emission rules and new regulations…

    Now to go back on topic, its not that big of a deal… really now.

    Also, yes, Toyota has seen little success in F1, but again, you have to realize its a very difficult transition.
    Toyota themselves said that the “Toyota efficient-thinking method” is holding them back in terms of success in F1… other manufacturers have mastered and innovated on there own F1 management tactics and its paid off today. Toyota is actually still under transition in terms of adjusting to this motorsport… I’d give them another 5 years.

    And people forget also, Toyota did dominate the WRC back in the mid 90s….

    again, its not fair for people to just mention “recent” motorsports involvement.

    Toyota changed a lot, and I can defnitely say, they are slowly updating their performance division.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Your full of it! You abd your slowly!

    Show me a model in your beloved range that has more spunk then a 1993model MR2…..? There is none and they have become more sedate in style!

    Dont you ever become a heart transplant doctor….as you would be believing yourself and be doing it slowly!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Agree … Toyota is slowly entering the performance market again.

    TRD Oz has introduced the TRD Aurion which infact is a damn good car despite it’s FWD layout and certainly much a better product then some give credit and they have also just introduced Australia’s first tough truck (TRD Hilux) and no-doubt will prove relatively popular with the Tradies.

    That said, Toyota is working on the next generation AE86, Supra (aka FT-HS))not to mention a joint project with Subaru while Lexus has already released the 311KW/500nm 8-speed 5.0 V8 IS-F with more ‘F’ series on the way including the LF-A Supercar.

    And lets not forget motorsport : F1, NASCAR (Craftsman Trucks, Nationwide & Sprint Series), American and Australian Drag Racing (refer Tony Wedlock in Australia with his 1800hp / 6.5 sec imported Camry from TRD USA competing in the Pro Extreme Class), Japanese GT and ofcourse our own Australian Rally Championships (ARC) just to name a few.

  • Andrew M

    back on the aussie racing series,

    toyota wont enter this series and flog ford and holden because guess what? ford and holden dont compete in the series because it is pretty much a privateer cup!!!!!!!!!

    and i wouldnt expect you to get this either ……….
    “learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd”
    so no surprises when you seemed a bit lost with only one of your eyes working

    i would be far more impressed if toyota entered the performance car series.
    it is a stock racing series where the clubbies and EVo’s and rex’s etc all battle it out.
    in fact why dont toyota enter the series? all there is is an out dated supra in the series.
    what? dont toyota think they can mix it with the clubbies and EVO’s that usually dance away with the wins.

    no, poor old toyota has to play in the kindergarden of motorsport and ruin the budget racers dreams.

    “learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd”

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    By ageing population, it is a proven fact that the average world wide age is getting a higher number. This includes and is not limited to less kids being born and higher life expectancy rates. Thus as Toyota run a business and only have ambitions for that (motor racing is opposite ambition….limited) they have tactically made cars appeal to a wider older age bracket.

    Some simpletons have a very narrow view on the world and only obsessed on one car maker and are to vague to see this fact!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    And as Iam not into FULGLY things in life and particularly cars….most on here are too obtuse to see my comment about 1993 model MR2 as over there head.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Fancy you mentioning aging population NM…..morning! Heard on the radio yesterday that Australia is in the top 4 in the world for having such a long life expectancy,behind Japan and 2 other Euro countries. There are 3000 people in Australia currently that are 100 or over and in another 50 years they are saying there will be 75000….Just dont let them in a Prius please!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Very funny Miss Smarty Emu Pants.

    Stop and think of what Iam saying and it makes great business sense…..no Celica, no MR2, etc and bland Corolla and Camry.

    One does not need to be 5ft across forehead to see the link!

  • http://. Toyota sells to ageing masses and forgets classy svelte lookers who want a “HOT” looking car

    Yeah heard that too

  • Joober

    nm, agree its not as good as the mondeo/mazda6 interior/exterior but then again those are the medium segment, if i dropped down the segment I was looking at the Liberty 3.0R at the time I bought the Aurion, Aurion was better compared to its large counterparts Commodore VE /Falcon BF and plus with EVP discount rate it it pulled me in from further considering the Liberty.

    Im pretty sure Toyota will go back to build a proper performance range, If they dominate one market segment (ageing, average) they’ll want to dominate the others…

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    YEAH HAA ….

    Toyota off to another good start in NASCAR this weekend at Richmond International Raceway with Toyota coming 1st (Denny Hamlin) and 3rd (Kyle Busch) in the Nationwide Series today.

    Todays win in the ‘Nationwide’ takes that to 5 consecative wins for Toyota (Joe Gibbs Racing)in that particular event and should make for interesting racing tomorrow in the Sprint Series after Toyota won both events last weekend at Talladega.


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew … FAIRDINKUM – you are a joke : support motorsport then support your brand – you live in la, la land dude.

    Toyota’s success in NASCAR at the moment is making Chevy, Ford and Dodge look like Kindergarden kids… ha, ha, ha.

    Infact – right now, they are probably feeling like kindy kids.

    Oh yeah – and that’s why Ford or GM don’t compete in F1 because it is reserved for the big boys only.

    Go back to bed … joker !!

    ps. the ‘aging population’ is killing the young, dumb Americans at thier own game on thier own soil … OOOCH – now that has got to be painful !!

  • Andrew M

    and just because you love it……..

    “learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd”

    you have no idea what you are talking about. goodbye

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus – your thinking is WRONG !!

    Toyota manufactuer cars for all ages wether be young, middle aged or old. Yaris and Corolla has a strong following from younger generations, the Aurion is doing remarkedly well amoung the middle aged population while Toyota 4×4’s / commercials are purchased by all including the young.

    Lexus has a older following but the average age is gradually falling especially amoung people who buy the IS series while the IS-F will likely entice a new breed again.

    That said, what’s your point against the older generation exactly – i hope you are not suggesting they are not car lovers or enthusiasts especialy considering they grew up during the muscle car era. Most of them would have a greater understanding of cars then the younger generation therefore tend to make a much more educated and experianced decision when buying cars.

    Have a think about your comments and broaden that awfuly narrow minded grey-matter of yours because your thinking is warped.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew … WRONG – you have no idea because you live in la, la, land.

    Check out the NASCAR results.

    Oh What A Feeling …

  • Andrew M

    “learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd”

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    You live in la, la, land !!

  • Bavarian Missile

    So how long you been a big follower of Nascar Dingo? Got any merchandise ? Anyone know if you can get TRD Aurion T-shirts,ill send you one mate if you havent. Emerald isn’t it! You’ll laugh if I do,or not.

  • Andrew M

    “learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd ”

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Isn’t SPORTIVO the sporting performance arm along with TuRD.?

    Checkered cardigans anyone?

    Sportivo is serious stuff. All the old farts will develop carpal tunnel syndrome trying to steer the things.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    is the NASCAR CAMRY front wheel drive?

  • Wheelnut

    Break the word sportivo down into 3 parts and what do you get:

    Sport – meaning action or performance
    IV – the roman symbol = 4 or, for
    O – meaning no or no-one

    Therefore; Sportivo = performance for no-one orl simply no performance

  • http://. Toyota sells to ageing masses and forgets classy svelte lookers who want a “HOT” looking car

    LOL some fleabags are worshipping the boring big ‘T’ as sell volume and dont appeal on stunning looks. This must mean your boring as ever! Geepers I would rather be seen in a Veyron whilst you lot happy to get in your Corolla of Lada Niva…..NOT

  • http://. Toyota sells to ageing masses and forgets classy svelte lookers who want a “HOT” looking car

    Squire….two lumps in my earl grey tea! Please!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    So a twenty year old today would love a Corolla or Yaris over say a 1993 MR2 – mate your deluding yourself fully! And dont think a 1993 MR2 is ugly as it is more then hot 15yrs later and not ugly one bit! FRONTLINE YOURSELF DINGO AS YOUR RIDDLED WITH FLEAS!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    What level are you exactly at Dingo as your more simpler then I ever knew.

    Corolla or Yaris is miles better for young people then a Celica or MR2….sure?

    The playing field Toyota appeal to is a much wider one. If you take there whole lineup and think which is sporty…. only thing tad in line with that is Aurion, Corolla and Yaris. No Celica, Supra, MR2 or other stunners. So to continue my line of thinking….. you would rather drive a Corolla then a Celica as you feel better in it and will turn more heads. I think you might be sitting on your hand and dreaming…..LOL you are a work of art and are obsessive on your thinking! You attribute this…..if it sells more then anything it is the fashion and in thing. Talking to you is like building a home and no concrete slab down first!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    So new Celica you wouldnt want to drive or be seen in as would rather a Camry or Corolla. I actually like Toyota’s and would take the new Celica any day of the week (year!)

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    So let me get this straight. Toyota race RWD v8 Camrys in Nascar and Yamaha powered RWD pretend Aurions in super series(fully factory backed).

    …and to the adoring millions they sell overpriced skid steers(fwd) with peaky fours and sixes that develop no torque below 4000rpm?
    Introduce a new Kluger with inferior AWD arrangement to superceded model and charge more for it.

    At least what Holden and Ford race bears some semblance to what u can buy at the local dealer.

    Best keep dreaming about MR2s and Supras because they will no doubt be the last mid engine RWD and front engine RWD respectively that u will ever get out of Toyota again unless u are a factory backed racing team that is.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Yes I agree as reality hits home and cant get these stunning cars (MR2, Supra).

    And wont step down to these 200 killer wasps either as better things now out there……you know!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    if he sits on that hand any longer they will have to amputate it.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Seems to be bit of this handy stuff getting around as you point out. Maybe there is some share arrangement…..ummm, yeah, oh, ok; I will end sentence there as feel sick!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    You people have got nothing … absolutely NOTHING !!

    Toyota is arguably the most influential automotive manufactuer in the world today. Thier fleet is diverse, consistant and reputable and growing in popularity year-in, year-out.

    Why would Toyota dare mess to much with a proven and highly successful formula that has estabisihed the company it is today. Sales, reputation, recognition, corporate efficency, wealth and mult-billion dollar profits is what Toyota is all-about in todays market and critisms makes absolutely no difference to the fortunes the of BIG T.

    If your so called Holdens and Fords are so great and manufacter excitings cars for the younger population – then please explain why the population has been switching to other brands in the droves. Take a look at Holden for example – apart from the HSV which offers bank for your buck and the Commodore that is nothing more then just OK – the rest of it’s fleet consists of ordinary off raoders that are not even worth mentioning and rebadged Daewoo’s.

    That said, the fortunes of Ford Motor Co and General Motors has declined rapidly over the past few years with sales decreasing, reputations in tatters, plant closures, mass sackings, corporate instability and mult-billion dollar loses.

    Actually – correct me if i am wrong but didn’t GM report a 40 billion dollar lose last year that made it the single biggest lose from any American owned company ever …. OOOCH !!

    Lets acknowledge the Australian market alone – sales of Holden and Ford are at their lowest ever not to mention the worst sales ever of thier maintstay cars … Falcon and Commodore while Toyota keeps reporting record sales never witnessed in this country before. Better still, it is now fast becoming the norm that Toyota alone outsells Holden and Ford combined …. OOOCH !!

    So why – WHY, WHY, WHY – would Toyota do anything different but improve upon thier already highly successful formula. Infact, that is exactly what they are doing such as introducing TRD, Sports cars and perfromance machines into the Toyota / Lexus lineup.

    What are perfromance cars doing for Ford and GM today … absolutely nothing or very little at the best. In Australia alone Ford and Holden have long enjoyed established racing teams but is that helping thier continuing declining fortunes with the sales of not only the Falcon or Commodore but thier fleets in general …. answer to that – A BIG FAT NO !!

    In regards to Motorsport – well … ain’t they having a great year so far tearing the hearts out of those poor trodden upon American teams at thier own game on thier own soil … OOOOCHHH !!

    And before i conclude – have alook at Lexus… now, that has truely become one of the most repected and renouned brands that exsist today and the shear CRAFTSMANSHIP of thier cars alone speaks for itself.

    Caddilac and Lincoln … what eva !!

    Ooops, forgot to mention – how many companies has Ford sold now. Better still … Fairlane gone, L6 going, talk of V8 deletion – the real world is painful for some but a blessing for others.

    So while some of you Toyota critics continue living in la, la, land with the fairies and respond with lame, p*ss weak claims – i’m saviouring the moment as Toyota continues to tear the hearts and sole out of your beloved Holdens and Fords.


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew lives in la, la, land.

  • Mistress Bavarian

    so Im just thinking Dingo ,maybe I should send you an FPV or HSV tee shirt next week? Do the guys on site rip into you for being such a Toyota supporter? Most guys I know on mine sites are either BIG HSV or FPV supporters,how on earth do they get on with you ? Im guessing they don’t?

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Maximus … young, middle aged and the aged all buy Toyota’s … am i wrong – NO !!

    Oh yeah – you didn’t respond to my question about the mature aged not being car lovers or enthusiats considering they grew up during the muscle car era…. mmmm !!


  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – FAIRDINKUM … give it up. You are living in la, la, land with Andrew.

    For a much, much better t-shirt … i’ll send you one of my many examples from NASCAR or F1. And, it’ll be a much better quality shirt that won’t give you any hassles.

    Jarno Trulli, Timo glock, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart or even a Bates cap … take a pick.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Most guys you know is probably none.

    Guys i work with come from all walks of live and like all sorts of cars – Holden, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and so on.

    Many i work with enjoy 4×4 leasure time so are Toyota lads are a plenty. Infact, some of them are evEn becoming interested in NASCAR asking me about how different teams are going not to mention an few Aurion drivers amoung them.

    We are a mature bunch not no-lives locked up in houses.

    It’s called … THE REAL WORLD !!

  • Mistress Bavarian

    Dont start again on that crap Dingo……..you know I have ties in the mining industry,how else do I know where to send your HSV T-ee shirt next week ?

    Your a mature bunch????hahaha really sounds like it!What size are you ? Small or xtra small .

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Do u tell them how they call it a Camry but it has no similarities to the one they may be driving other than the badge?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    u’ve got my interest now Dingo and the “Toyota Lads”.

    Jarno Trulli, Timo glock, Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Tony Stewart or even a Bates cap … take a pick.

    Are these the lads that drive the RWD V8 Camry in the Nascar series?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    I suppose the “Toyota Lads” never leave home unless they are in full Toyota regalia?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Seen a couple of Toyota lads on the Hilux TuRD ad. Pretty funny ad actually.Shame about the price and the ugly mags though.

  • Mistress Bavarian

    hahaha……Im really starting to like you Realcars,your great value! Not to mention very funny,can you see them all in the wet mess sitting next to the HSV and FPV boys??

  • Andrew M

    “ learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd ”

  • Duck

    Can somebody tell me all the car companies that compete in the NASCAR races?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Yeah I can’t help myself these “Toyota Lads” just ask for it!!LOL

    I reckon Dingo is in the wrong job. He should sell Toyotas to the converted!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    I think Toyota might?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Duck, are u the lad that once owned an S series valiant and a GTR xu1 many years ago?

  • Mistress Bavarian

    Nascar?? Who cares Duck , Toyota Motor Sport? TMS similar to PMS probably AndrewM , problem is the owners/supporters seem to be pissed off all the time not 7 days a month!

    Realcars…not many on this site thank god, funny thing is true Toyota supporters really aren’t that bad! My son is a moderator on the Twin Cam Forum and thinks that if Dingo was on their site he would be gone by now,especially after his comment a few Fridays ago,my son was not impressed! I may give them a call next time he gets out of line so true Toyota people can pull him apart!That would be funny!

  • Duck

    No i didnt Realcars. Why?

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Well, well, well … have alook at this – you people have got nothing.

    Have a big cry you clowns and take your pick from either a pink or purple hankie. I’ll even wash it in cuddly just so it’s soft for those sniffling noses.


    ps. Bavarian – i bet you are a ‘BIG’ girl … he, he, he !!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Andrew lives in la, la, land !!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Knew a duck that had same that’s all.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Gotta be sober to work at Toyota – thankfully one less employee!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Realcars … don’t forget the headlights, they look the same aswell.

    Oh yeah – and the title … ‘CAMRY’

    aaaah, that felt good !!

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    I capitulate Dingo!!!

    Toyota are the best at everything. U have broken my will to resist.

    I’ll be getting a lobotomy (and a new Toyota)when the shops open on Monday.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Yeah NM I have been hitting the Shiraz while watching Old Topgear on SBS.

    When I grow up I want an S class!!!!

    …or a Porsche Boxter or both!

  • Andrew M

    “ learn to support motorsport first, and then support your chosen brand (toyota) 2nd. ”

  • Duck

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport OR should i say NASCAR Supporter, what are all the car companies in NASCAR?

  • Duck

    Yeah Realcars i agree, I WANT A S-CLASS MERCEDES!

  • Wheelnut

    Websters Dictionary –

    Predictable [adverb]: Repetative.. as in Dingo; Supporter of Toyota Motorsort.Can ALWAYS be relied upon – to say “you have nothing!”, “is that a pink or purple hanky?”. “Nascar….”, etc

  • Mistress Bavarian

    Yep I am big /5″8 Dingo,so you know where I live ?

    So your Tee-shirt ? Small? Ill send it express post for you so I know when you have it Dingo!

  • Wheelnut

    Quote Supporter of….: yes, Toyota has seen little success in F1, but again, you have to realize its a very difficult transition.
    Toyota themselves said that the “Toyota efficient-thinking method” is holding them back in terms of success in F1… other manufacturers have mastered and innovated on there own F1 management tactics and its paid off today. Toyota is actually still under transition in terms of adjusting to this motorsport… I’d give them another 5 years.

    Pity Toyota Management Don’t if they don’t show any real signs of improvement or regular success over the next 2 years They will most likely pull the pin….OOOOCCCHHH!!!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck – Dodge, Chevy, Ford & Toyota.

    Bavarian – jocky size t-shirt for me thanks. So, your height is 5″ 8 : but, 10ft wide …right !! he, he, he

    Realcars – i knew you will come around. Welcome to greener pastures.

  • Wheelnut

    The Quote in my previous Bstatement was actually from Jamison.
    Its just that all the Toyo-tossers regurgitate the same stuff ad-nauseum.. [Third Verse same as the First]

  • Mistress Bavarian

    hahaha thought that funny when on TG tonight the S class was more envirmently friendly than the Prius…….that was Gold!Then again Dingo would argue the Lexus was better!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Wheelnut … improvements already showing. A stronger, more confident team this year should see Toyota finish 4th.

    Last year – Jarno Trulli only got 8 points for the entire season (18rds) but after 4 rds this year so far … 9pts.

  • Mistress Bavarian

    If only you knew Dingo…….jockey size ,isn’t that female ?

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – at work, didn’t see it.

    Correct me if i am wrong by isn’t BMW, Ford, GM and Nissan to name a few all jumping on the hybrid bandwagon.

    Toyota releases the third generation Prius in January 2009 (apparently) that comes with a more powerful 1.8 engine coupled with the next generation hybrid system.

    Claims indicate a more powerful yet more efficent 3rd generation Prius.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – inchy, winchy size.

  • PoisonEagle

    Supporter of Pearl Harbour motorbombs- You would have to be the most one dimensional blogger here by far. If theres one thing we can all count on, it’s that your posts will always have some obscure Toyota statistics or jibberish. Think your reaching out to anyone??? Daily persistance with sad, socially inept garbage!
    Off the record, Toyota didn’t even pioneer the hybrid movement; I would expect the next Prius to be better= the current one is being embarrased by cars that don’t look like frightened doorstops.
    Oh my- We have drifted off topic again; Your name change fools nobody- Toyota has no historical motorsport currency. Mistress Bavarian you are a honey! (even if you are taken)

  • PoisonEagle

    Anti-spam word= BMWM3 yeeeee haaaaaa!

  • PoisonEagle

    BTW; NM i agree with you about the MR2- I saw a blue one tonight and it was FAT! MR2, Supra, Chaser, Soarer, etc are all s=x on wheels and the antithesis of today’s COMATOSE LINEUP; ALL THE SALES FIGURES IN THE WORLD cannot disguise Toyota and Dingo make people with a pulse go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • WillYouDoTheFandango?

    The Toyota Production System is brilliant= the byproduct is uninspiring and languid.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Poison Eagle – is that a pink or purple hankie for you princess.

    Oh what a feeling …

  • Bavarian Missile

    Awwwww shucks Poison Eagle,thanks.

    I think Dingo should keep the pink hanky though,how sad is this……another recall for Toyota in the States,nothing too much to worry about though……..as long as your not worried about your kids safty.

    2008 Toyota Highlander

    Slightly more than 90,000 Toyota Highlanders are being recalled for a seatbelt problem in the third row. The recalled crossovers are all 2008 models built between May of 2007 and March of this year. The stock belts could prevent secure mounting of a rear-facing child seat in the third row, and dealers will install a redesigned part on affected Highlanders. The problem with the third row belts hasn’t spawned any complaints or injuries, and owners will be notified starting in June. Still, Toyota has put the brakes on Highlander sales until current stock is retrofitted and assembly lines are resupplied with the new part.

    Um is this our Kluger? Looks like it ? What rotten luck Toyota ,terrible news for you,hahahahahahahahaha

  • Duck

    What NO Pontiac in Nascar!?

  • Wheelnut

    Yeah BM but in the states TMC have had more “recalls” than GM and Ford – mainly on their SUVs yet the Toyo-tossers don’t seem to mention it because either they don’t acknowledge or know about it or don’t want anyone else to.

    It’s a substantial amount when you consider how much of Toyotas range is made up of Pick Ups and SUVs and how popular they are in the USA

    Then as you nmentioned in a previous blog the 10;000 odd Toyotas sitting in storage – seems their not that popular after all

  • Duck

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport, so is this the order of the best to worst team in NASCAR in North America?

    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Dodge
    4. Ford


    1. Chevy
    2. Toyota
    3. Dodge
    4. Ford


    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Ford
    4. Dodge


  • Duck

    I reckon that the top one would be correct. Am I right?

  • Duck

    Ant-Spam word Toyota. HA!

    Why dont Pontiac could use a G6 GXP.R?

  • Phill

    It just occured to me why Toyota do so well at NASCAR.The worlds most boring car maker in the worlds most boring motorsport.Know one in Oz,reaily gives a shit about NASCAR(unless there following Marcos Ambrose and he drives a Ford)How about this Toyota,put your money into proper Australian motorsport.I agree with AndrewM,the performance car series would be much better place to start,But Andrew you and I and Everyone else who Has Half a motoring brain(Toyota inclued) would know the TRD Aurion would be a premanent back marker.Looks like the Aussie Super Series is the best they can do in Oz…HA..HA..HA

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Pink and Purple Hankies are copping a flogging. Judging by comments other things are being flogged real well!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    It makes sense to sell all cars like Celicas to younger people and if older people more around the Celicas will appeal less and then car maker will make sedate cars to sell volume…..only an obtuse ignorant person would not see this reality and appears to be most of em as there simple mindset is “if it sells heaps it appeals”.

    This is why they are out there as pink hankies, dont know hot looking cars and sit on there hand quite a lot!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – recalls has made no impact on Toyota sales.

    I have mentioned before that some hiccups have creeped into the Toyota range but that said – thier range of cars, SUV’s and 4×4’s remain amoung the best quality and the most reputatable around the world as supported by late quality / customer satisfaction surveys.

    Ealier this year, HODS at Toyota vowed to invest greater resources and attention in rectifing current issues and to minimise the potential of future occurances. If any manufactuer had the capacity to ensure the consistant quality of it’s fleet into the future, undoubtedly Toyota would certainly have to be one of those companies.

    If i was you – i would be much, much more concerned about GM and Ford in the present day then Toyota.

    Toyota has the reputation, resources, talent and wealth to rectify current issues and ensure a strong, stable and reputable fleet for many generations to follow.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Phil – put money into what … the sport that Holden and Ford compete in and judging by the declining sales of not only the Falcon and Commodore but Holden and Ford in general : why bother !!

    Holden and Ford have invested considerable resources into Australian motor-racing for many generations but what positive effect is it having on thier brands/sales today … STUFF ALL !!

    Toyota on the other hand invests considerably less but is still able to outsell Holden and Ford combined on given months …. OOOOCH !!

    Wheelnut – 10 000 odd spare Tundra’s at present is less then 1 months sales. Toyota has reduced the manufactuering of the Tundra to bring it into line with todays current market given the decline in the US market.

    Here are some other facts from April 2008 sales :

    Toyota down 5%
    Ford down 19 % … ooch !!
    GM down 23% … OOOCH !!
    Crysler down 30% … aaarrrr !!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Dont be delusional Dingo of course recalls have had an impact,Toyota isn’t that good that they can dish out cars with problems that it won’t have an impact.

    Toyota has in the past had a great reputation for quality but its decreasing,too much growth too fast ,something has to give sooner or later.

    Did you mention ” surveys ” {Slaps forehead and shakes head!}

    Why would I be worried about GM or Ford ?

    I guess that with the Japanese government behind Toyota {didn’t they bankroll them into the Prius ,one of the biggest sellers for them especially in America , no accounting for taste or brain washing!} Toyota will remain on top till another bigger player like VW comes along to knock them off their perch, and you cant tell me that the recession the States are having isn’t going to have a huge impact on them . Back to cleaning………..back later

  • Duck

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport OR Dingo? What ever you like to be called YOU HAVENT ANSWERED EITHER OF MY TWO QUESTIONS YET!

  • Bavarian Missile

    God I hate when you cant leave this web site cause you have to reply back………

    Dingo didn’t Toyota say they are expecting 1.5 million less cars to be sold this year in the largest car market in the world………you cant tell me that won’t have an impact! Thats a hell of a lot of cars! Someone should perhaps tell Toyota to scale down production !Now Im going………

  • Wheelnut

    Spot on BM – Toyota/Lexus/Scion is trying to be everything to everyone which is why they are either
    Entering new markets with completely new cars going up against more established competitors which means inorder to attract customers away from the traditional rivals they are going to have to try hard and come up with something new more modern etc [if they can]

    Re-entering markets in which they used to have a presence.
    However since their departure a number of cars have taken over the lead. The same applies to those markets where Toyota are leading but because Toyota have had their focus elsewhere other companies have released cars that are better quality better value for money and have closed the gap. Again in this situation they are also going to have to try hard to attract buyers back to Toyota

    In the markets wwhich Toyta will be reentering the current leaders are cars are ones that Toyota nor there fans would ever perceived to have been any real threat

    Either way – inorder to be successful in these markets with there expansive range of cars Toyota is going to spread themselves and their resources rather thinly across the board instead of focusing on a limited number of markets in which their products are leading..

    If Toyota continue this practice they are bound to experience more problems quality issues recalls in the future.

    I mean Holden don’t make a Large 4×4 because they concede that there are better more established 4x4s around which is why they focus more on what they are good at/known for Large RWD Sedans.. Practical Versatile Utes.

  • God

    I know BM: it s–ts me too particularly when you have to para-phrase something which you have already said because someone either didn’t understand it [even when you use short sentences with words of 2 syllables or less] missed the point; or.. ignored it all together because it went against what they believe as they lack the ability of reasoning etc

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – why do you reply back … you are a hyprocrite !!

    Take a look at the market for a REALITY check and stop living in la,la,land. Toyota is todays biggest, most efficent, profitable and wealthiest manufactuer backed by a fleet of globally recognised and reputable vehicles.

    Unlike Ford and GM – Toyota is not the company in crisis … ARE THEY – NO !!

    Current issues with recalls will be fixed by Toyota and as i mentioned they are investing greater resources to minimise similar occurances in the future and no-doubt will succeed.

    Some of you people have to seriously get your heads out of the sand and acknowledge the current market becuase at the end of the day – the greatest judge of all … is, THE MARKET !!

    1.5 million less cars in the US … get serious Bavarian and actually have a brain for once – that is going to affect everybody not just Toyota …. duuuurr !!

    Better still – have a look at the declined percentages i just printed. Toyota declines are not even in the ball park compared to GM, Ford or Crysler … they are the manufactuers being hit the hardest not to mention thier bank balance (if they even one anymore) while thier reputation and corporate stability in is tatters.

    Before posting anymore stupid comments – take a long, hard look at the market and pinpoint the companies booming and those that are in decline … mmmm !!

    So – who has the got the formula right and who has completely f*cked it. You don’t have to acppreciate Toyota but for once – try living in the real world and give credit were credit is due.

    Fact is, Toyota is attacking just about every automotive segment that exisist today and having great success at just about all of it which is much, much more i can say about Ford or GM by a long shot.

    Pull your head out of the sand, get away from the fairies in la, la, land and plant your feet on the ground of reality. But then again – simple people like yourself find greater security living in ‘ya head were the world can be what you want it to be instead of bullies you carn’t handle.

    So … are you taking the pink or purple hanky.

  • http://xr6tpumpjackhotmail.com PoisonEagle

    Purple/pink hanky thing gets alot of use doesn’t it Dingo boy. Sad orphan hound is well out of his depth. Toyota is becoming complacent so their quality is slipping, as the volume increases to a level where they can’t manage it. Toyota isn’t a threat to Ford or GM’s existence, Ford and GM are = they dropped the ball and now they have caught it again- we could well see a reversal of fortunes here.

  • wheelnut

    Recalls have had no impact on Toyota – because they don’t call them recalls they like to use terms such as suspended sales…. even though the cars were returned to the factory or dealer inorder to fix a potential or proven mechanical fault. Yet Toyota probably don’t use the word fault either.

    The fact is when the general public or consumers find out read or hear about a problem with the same make or model of car as they own or were thinking of buying.. it does put a considerable amount of doubt into their heads as to the quality and safety of that particular car

    The TRD Aurion is a good case in point – had Toyota not rushed the release of the TRD and had they known how to engineer a car so that it would work when they bolted a mini supercharger onto it the engine probably wouldnt have seized and caused the fire.
    Therefore; had the fire not occured there probably would have been a few more customers ordering a TRD. Yet that fire scared a number of them away from the TRD Aurion – which explains the poor sales; and quite possibly any other TRD. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.. and as shown by some people on this site [who adore the tri-oval badge] its very hard to change some peoples beliefs etc

    They might even start to have their doubts about Toyota.

  • wheelnut

    I think thats the one major point Azaria doesn’t seem to; or want to accept.

    We admit that Toyota is currently the market leader as well as being the worlds biggest manufacturer ATM

    Yet as its easier to chase than it is to lead its only a matter of time before Toyota are overtaken – most likely by a company that Toyota [or their fans] ever thought of as a potential threat.. like VW or Mazda.

    I mean GM were [unexpectedly] overtaken by Toyota because they had become complacent and focussed on staying a head of Ford and Chrysler..

    I am glad that someone has taken the lead from GM because it gives them a wake up call lets them see that they aren’t infallible that they like every other Car company has their faults/problems.. and it forces them to re structure re focus and make an effort to regain the lead.
    because you don’t know what youve got till its gone.

    The same will happen to Toyota sure it won;t happen overnight but it will happen

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Oh this is great … Poison Eagle says Holden and Ford dropped the ball but they have picked it up again but then Wheelnut says – you never get a second chance.

    That is brilliant … so what is lads – you don’t get second chances or you can pick up the ball again.

    Fairdinkum – you clowns are killing me … he, he, he !!


    ps. Another great weekend for Toyota in NASCAR with a 2nd and 4th placing for Joe Gibbs Racing/Toyota in todays ‘Sprint Series’ which on the back of yesterdays 1st and 3rd in the ‘Nationwide Series’.

    Results say it all really.

    So does sales, profit, wealth, corporate stability, reputation and all those other good thinks Toyota has massed for itself.

    Cheers girls, need more sleep before N/S tonight!!

  • TP

    Wheelnut you couldnt display any more a lack of grey matter… your posts are painful to read.

    Recalls have no impact because they call them something else? Who the hell are you kidding? The problem with your assumption is that it involves people being as ignorant as yourself, when in reality people aernt stupid, a suspension of sale due to a problem with a car reads just the same as a recall… if anything, it sounds worse as far as Im concerned, a recall comes across as a minor issue whereas something so significant sales must be halted sounds worse! So wake up, the suspension of sales is to maintain their image of reliability, it effects their short term appearance negatively, worse than a recall. Not that this would matter, its not even a dent on Ford/Holden, rated equal last in reliability in the industry based survey, no sugar coating by them can change that!

    The TRD BS, again showing you lack grey matter. They did various tests on the TRD, it had nothing to do with rushing it, if anything it was delayed and released later then expected! You for the second time show ignorance, somehow 1 isolated incident out of a hundreds of TRDs now sold equates to them not being able to engineer a car (what a bloody laugh…. Coming from a Holden/Ford supportered). Your little insight is completely wrong, TRD sales haven’t gone down due to that issue, it didn’t have that much media coverage… they haven’t gone because of other factors, namely price. Its acknowledge by anyone it is pricey for what you get, I wouldn’t spend my money on it (good car, pricing lets it down).

  • wheelnut

    You are obviously unable to detect sarcasm TP..

    My statement about recalls not having an impact becasue theyre called something else was actually pointing out that it doesn’t matter what you call it IT’S THE SAME THING…. a set-back and is still a problem that not only has to be addressed or rectified but can and does have an impact on sales and peoles confidence.. the level of which depends upon the seriousness of the problem

    I used the TRD Aurion Supercharger Seizing as an example because I don’t know about you.. but I think an engine fire is pretty bloody serious and would have made a number of potential TRD customers look elsewhere.
    As I said had the Fire not occured things might have been different and Toyota might not have 750+ excess TRDs sitting in storage or in dealerships.

    I mean They were supposed to be sold through a network of selected dealers [like HSV] but are nao available from all Toyota dealers

    Suspensed Sale Recall

    Oh and if People aren’t stupid – why are TV shows like Big Brother so popular? – LCD [Lowest Common Denominator] TV

  • wheelnut

    Thanks TP – we had gone almost 20 blogs before one of you Toyo-Tossers had to mention the “S” word again….. SURVEY
    you just couldn’t help yourself could you…. Oh well I Knew it was too good to last.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Its der, aargh, ouch you simpleton! Great spelling dufus! You Toyota P*llers certainly are tunnel visioned, self absorbed, self centred and still are out to sea with a very distorted dim dull view on things as when all is said and done…..its either surveys, marketplace is best result for any problems Toyota have, race in top grades worldwide. You lot should be cult leaders!

  • Ross

    QUOTE Wheelnut: “Oh and if People aren’t stupid – why are TV shows like Big Brother so popular? – LCD [Lowest Common Denominator] TV”

    You hit the nail right on the head.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Dingo how by me replying makes me a hypocrite {not hyrocrite}?

    Dingo/Mikka/TMS/Joe/or who every else you are today! Reality check ? Good idea why don’t you take your own advice,LA LA land ,is that your word of the week? Most efficient {not efficent}profitable and wealthiest manufacturer backed by a fleet of globally recognised and reputable vehicles. Well if thats the case the down turn in US’s economy is going to hit them the hardest isn’t it.Why are they going down? Not all manufacturers are going backwards in the US and if Toyota didn’t have Yaris and Prius to sell to the environmental Americans then how well do you think they would be doing……

    Either put your teeth in when your spelling or get a spell checker!

    Seems your not asking but as usual telling me how well Toyota is doing,you sit on the board ? As I said with every boom there’s a bust and the bigger they are the harder they fall,you telling me Toyota aren’t worried about their biggest market in the world…………I doubt if they sit behind the board room table and pat each other on the back saying “where ok we have more money than anyone else not to mention our vehicles are reliable……..well 1 out of 2 at the moment.

    {Occurrences,correct spelling} Love how you defend their recalls ……..hahaha point is they are having them put as much frosting on that cake as you want but I don’t like sweet stuff so not interested in listening to your opinion.

    Could someone kick the record player it seems to be stuck on TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA….

    “Have a brain for once”……..what is your problem they are stats straight from Toyota I thought you would have been impressed, 1.5 million is all Toyota ! BIG numbers some one has to start to scale down production otherwise we will see one of the worlds biggest car parks of Toyota’s,probably all white too!

    Once again Dingo take your own advice on posting more stupid comments on this thread…..its all becoming very repetitive…..mmmmmmmm

    Who has got the formula right Dingo ? Honda apparently their up 6% Im giving where credits due…..not to those that are having a loss.

    {exists,correct spelling}Dingo Toyota is trying to be every thing to everyone these days, spreading themselves too thin…..thats why there having problems,why don’t you pull your head out of the sand and admit Toyota are going backwards too!

    See what happens when you get told the truth and you don’t like the sound of it…….you become abusive……..enough on the Pink hanky its not even funny any more just irritating you cant come up with anything else to say!

    Care factor on BORING AMERICAN NASCAR…….. ZERO,If you like it so much Dingo why don’t you move there,…………I just figured out why you like Nascar cause like you it just goes a round and around……

    Happy Toyota dreams cause when your back we will be having more Toyota nightmares!!!

  • http://. Toyota Appeals to ageing masses and forgets anyone else who want a “HOT and SVELTE” looking car

    Fact is these one braincell Toyota lot; all they think is “TOYOTA WILL BE NUMBER ONE AND SURVIVE AT NUMBER ONE AS BETTER PLACED TO DO SO”. Any hiccup what occurs is nothing!

  • wheelnut

    Quote Bavarian Missile: ..enough on the Pink hanky its not even funny any more just irritating you cant come up with anything else to say!

    Yeah Dingo is reason Dingo keeps reverting back to the Pink or Purple hanky is because YOU’VE GOT NOTHING!!!!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian – the only person who doesn’t like truth is yourself.

    The 1.5 million cars you are referring to is the estimated combined loss of all the automotive sellers in America, not just Toyota. Of that share, Toyota will take it’s percentage as with most other companies but judging by the latest percentages … Ford, Chevy and Crysler will be the hardest hit. That said, TMC expects to sell more cars globally this year then it ever has.

    With referances to production, Toyota is currently adjusting numbers to come inline with the US market that has infact declined quicker then expected. SUV’s and Pickups from most manufactuers have declined while smaller and more efficents cars continue to increase. That said … the Yaris, Prius, Camry and Camry Hybrid are now recording record sales while production of larger vehicles are being adjusted to suit the market and should find balance within a resonable period.

    I guess a valuable point that you have failed to recognise is Toyota’s uncanny ability to adjust (or re-adjust) to the ever changing demands of the global market in a resonable fashion and one of the many reasons why the group has been able to capitalise in recent years.

    Another point – markets ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ all the time as it is a natural cycle of the global economy and will never be any different, mult-national corporations understand this more so then anyone else. The difference is, some companies are in a better position to adjust to fluctuations and even remain positive in less fortunate markets and Toyota today has positioned itself favourably to do just that.

    For example – take alook at thier diverse range because they have reputable and competitive vehicles in just about every segment that exsists and that is something GM and Ford very much lagg behind in.

    SUV’s and Pickups may decline so Toyota will adjust accordingly but can rapidly capitalise by maintaining or gaining market share with thier smaller and more efficent vehicles (or vice versa if market predicts) and that’s exactly what they are doing. Hybrids for example – one of the fastest growing markets and unlike most other manfactuers … Toyota, Lexus and Honda are strongly equipped for it and with next generation examples on the the horizon to ensure thier continued competiveness.

    Surely Bavarian you are smart enouh to understand what i am trying to say.

    Your comment that Toyota is spreading themselves to thin is absloute rot. Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Diahatsu and Hino are all highly popular, recognised and respected brands that are returning strong sales and profit margins for TMC.

    Toyota alone argueably has the most diverse fleet globally and one that is popular amoung more buyers then any other. It has been cleverly established to suit changing market demands without lengthy and costly corporate restructuring that GM, Ford and Crysler have found themselves bogged with

    Lexus has gone from strength to strength gaining world wide phrases for the impeccable engineering and craftsmanship of thier cars and although sales are currently in decline within the US market, are infact increasing in many other areas such as Europe and Australia. New performance cars such as the IS-F and other destined ‘F’ series will undoubtedly elevate the brand further.

    Scion is proving relative popular in the US and recording sales within expectations while Diahatsu remains a popular budget car in many markets. That said, Hino is also still going strong but is also currently adjusting to current market demands in the US.

    Finally but not the least – Toyota Motorsport is evolving in a very positive manner with some great results recorded this year so far. Australian Rally Championships (ARC) going strong, NASCAR and Craftsman Trucks also strong while F1 is showing notable improvements.

    So… all-in-all, Toyota Motor Corporation and it’s main subsidaries – Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Diahatsu, Hino and Motorsport – are all returning strong sales and profitable margins that have boomed in recent years on the back of thier strong reputation for engineering quality, reliable, dependable, durable, safe and competitive cars.

    Markets go up, markets go down and while some are positioned strongly to fluctuate with shifting demands (Toyota for example) others are not so strong (GM and Ford for example) and that is pretty much about the raw truth of it all.

  • PoisonEagle

    Do your posts come in any other flavour besides vanilla?

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Nobody has ever said that Toyota will remain No.1 forever because that is stupid to think otherwise.

    No team, no company or no sporting star remains no.1 forever but the fact is …. Toyota is No.1 TODAY !!

    That said, TMC has positioned itself in a very strong manner with an extensive and reputable fleet backed by considerable resources, talent, expertise, profit, wealth and corporate stability with a stronge sense of direction which will ensure Toyota’s competitive nature for the foreseeable future.

    I agree there has been an increase in issues such as recalls and while Toyota has committed greater resources and attention to minimise a repeat in the future – thier cars remain amoung the best in the world for quality, reliability and dependability with continued strong and loyal customer satisfaction.

    Take a moment to observe the Australian market for example – Toyota now has the ability to outsell Holden and Ford combined on given months …. oooch !!

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Poison Eagle … have you got any flavour at all.

  • PoisonEagle

    What is it you are actually trying to prove? That Toyota is the best at EVERYTHING? Surely if you were a normal functioning person by now you’d question the point of forcing this crap on people DAILY- especially when you clearly lack the ability to do so without humiliating yourself. The fact is the majority of people here ( such as myself) are car enthusiasts who come to this site to see a variety of new and fascinating vehicles, not read how Toyota wins some obscure race, or how they sell more cars. They are generally good quality cars but so what. Being constantly fixated on one subject is unhealthy- perhaps you have Asperger’s or something wrong with you but thats none of my business ( just like the painful father story you shared) .
    Gonna bring that hanky out again? I think its starting to get crusty by now. Tojo fiends need to be wiped from the gene pool.

  • wheelnut

    QUOTE: Azaria [May 4th 2008 @ 2:11pm] – Oh this is great … Poison Eagle says Holden and Ford dropped the ball but they have picked it up again but then Wheelnut says – you never get a second chance.

    That is brilliant … so what is lads – you don’t get second chances or you can pick up the ball again.

    If you actually took the time to read what we said; and try to keep in in context [that is in relation to the subject we were referring to] you would see that Poison Eagle and I were actually talking about two different areas/issues

    Poison Eagle was referring to GM Ford management “dropping the ball” and being overtaken by Toyota and that they’re going through a restructuring streamlining process and will therefore; pick the ball up again.

    I was talking about the TRD Aurion Fire and subsequent recall
    As the Aurion was TRDs first attempt at a [Claytons] perfromance car. That was there best chance to show how good the car is because you never get a second chance to make a first impression

    However the fire would have raised doubts in the minds of potential TRD customers as to the build quality of TRD or Toyota products..
    It would have a negative impact on sales of the TRD Aurion and future TRD models as some people will remember the Fire and think “ooh not to sure about those TRDs the last one caught fire”

    Plus the fact the TRD was suspended would have meant those who were thinking about a TRD had to look elsewhere and they may actually be lost to Toyota forever[in the future]

    BTW: Toyota better be careful using the “F-Series” description for their Lexuii Performance range as I believe that’s actually a registered trademark of Ford.

  • wheelnut

    By George I think he’s got it! – [Dingo that is]

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Poison Eagle – BRAGGING RIGHTS !!

    Wheelnut – again, get your head out of the sand and get away from the fairies. Switch onto reality and acknowledge the market as it is today … TOYOTA No.1

    Oh What A Feeling ….

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Wheelnut … what TRD Aurion fire are you talking about ??

    With referance to ‘F’ series – what eva. Go back to bed will ‘ya !!

    God you clowns come up with some pathetic excuses sometimes which usually hold no real world substance but within the challenged minds of the la, la people.

  • PoisonEagle

    Bragging rights?hahah anybody who determines their choice of car by current sales and not the merits of the car themselves clearly isn’t an enthusiast. Nobody here cares! Your efforts are futile, just like trying to explain something to you is futile because you are an idiot.
    Yes Toyota are number one…in sales. What a pitiful subject for bragging rights. God you are a loser!

  • PoisonEagle

    I dont know why we continue to engage this mangy mutt= he is missing some crucial brain cells.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Im not wasting another 15 mins on you Dingo kicking a scratched record………

    What truth Dingo??????? You just state your opinion and SURVEYS………

    What I quoted you was not loss of total sales for the US market………..what you think thats all the US will record for the year 1.5 million down on last year….hahaha. They have said they are forecasting an almost flat year! You only read the good bits on Toyota do you!

    Keep babbling your Toyota trivia cause if it obviously keeps your brain active,although I am starting to wonder if you have OCDFT……….Obsessive Compulsive Disorder For Toyotas!

    Have you said anything on this thread that hasn’t been said before by you or your one other Toyota mate…TP…..

    Yawn…….Someone wake me up when C.A put another new article up I can comment on other than repeating myself! Its all becoming boring ,like Toyotas!

  • wheelnut

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport Says:
    May 4th, 2008 at 5:19 pm
    Wheelnut … what TRD Aurion fire are you talking about ??

    You mean there was more than one TRD Aurion Fire? – Geez Toyota Quality Control must be slipping

    The fire that occured on a street in Melbourne when the supercharger – engine seized just after the TRD was released.. there was a story and photos about it on this site

  • Duck

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport, YOU HAVENT ANSWERED BOTH OF MY QUESTIONS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wheelnut

    Duck – don’t stress about it Dingo doesn’t answer anyones questions.
    He just counteracts with another question or when he gets really frustrated due to his apparent lack of understanding comprehension or reasoning he resorts to personal insults

    He never really reads peoples statements in full. He only responds reacts to certain parts of their statements which he thinks are a criticism of Toyota[s]. He ignores other key parts of what they said – takes things out of context and thereby often misses the point completely

    Which is why he hasn’t yet realised that the majority on this site accept the fact that ATM Toyota are number one.. we are just waiting for him to accept that one day that will change and that not everyoone L-O-V-E-S Toyotas.

    Note: this isn’t a personal attack towards Dingo it’s just a brief summary as to what’s been going on on this site

  • Duck

    Hey John, ive just done a 9.683km bike ride to precise and ive taken my dog for a walk. I do a lot of exercise and im fit mate! Im not on this website all the time! So stop bugging in and WHINGING!

  • Duck

    Yes i agree Wheelnut, i now know!

  • wheelnut

    Can we please try to get back on topic

    Toyota cannot and will not enter a Factory Backed team into the series mainly because its not a Toyota.
    Even though it LOOKS LIKE a Toyota – But isn’t actually Built by Toyota its not even powered by a Toyota

    Mechanically the cars are all the same Powered by the same Yamaha engine same suspension brakes gearox etc. which means any perceived rivalry between the various makes based on the fact they have different bodies is moronic.

    They should call the series Formula Y [for Yamaha] just as Formula Ford Formula Ford because all the cars even though they have different bodies are powered by Ford [Funny That]

  • Phill

    Supporter of Toyota Motorsport – Besides Rally,can you tell me one Oz motorsport event that Toyota can enter and be dominant,using current local car line up?

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Bavarian … WRONG !!

    Maybe you should engage into correct research – expectations of the US market has been adjusted to approx 16.5 million sales adjusted down by approx 1.5 million from original expectations and NO they are not expecting a flat year but possibly one of the worst in quite a while.

    Seriously, conduct correct research for once and you varify my statement under a number of recently released reports/article about April 2008 sales.

    Toyota sales are expected to decrease in the US but increase fractionally globally

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Wheelnut – i answer most questions but more to the point, you people lack the capacity to accept truth and market reality. They are your inabilities, not mine.

    Phil – Pro Extreme Drag Racing with Tony Wedlocks 1800hp / 6.5 sec imported Drag Camry from TRD USA being the most competitive in it’s class.

    Now that i have answered your question – tell me a motorsport event that Holden and Ford dominate which involve other competitors but themselves such as V8 Supercars.

  • wheelnut

    Ford and Holden Dominate their class in the Performance Car Championship. CAPAs 1000Hp Holden Ute and FPVs BF XR6 Drifter Sedan both dominate their class in the local drift championship

    Drifting is by far a more skillful sport than Drag racing as New Zealander Rhys Mullen [ho taught the actors in FnF Tokyo Drift how to drive] says its a controlled loss of control.. I mean any car can go fast in a straight line

    And as far as I am aware a couple of years ago Rhys won the USA Drift Title in a Monaro/GTO. So Holden are successful in other forms of motorsport that involve other makes not just here but overseas

    The reason I specified class is because you said that the Camry is competes in a particular class of drag racing.. so fair’s fair

  • http://. Toyota Appeals to ageing masses and forgets anyone else who want a “HOT and SVELTE” looking car

    LOL they are like those windup toys on there back….same BS and connect success with cars sold to masses. So if Iam a seller of dope and sell to Nimbin Mardi Gras function – is my success cause it is good shyte or cause people are too silly and keep buying cause I appeal to most. I could sell average stuff and they would buy (not that I sell it).
    Iam just pointing out you are deadset the dopes!

  • http://. Toyota Appeals to ageing masses and forgets anyone else who want a “HOT and SVELTE” looking car

    Give these lads the Everyready Jacko battery treatment dudes! Maybe we should calls ya DULUX; keep on keeping on goings on with clap trap.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Wheelnut – with referance to the TRD Aurion incident in Melbourne … there was no fire, no accident or personal injury as originaly claimed by some rogue media groups.

    When Toyota officials inspected the car involved, they discovered that no fire, accident or even injury has occured but a piston that had detached from the conrod which means not even the supercharger had failed as you claim.

    Because of the original rogue statements, Toyota rightfully threatened those involved with court action which meant thay altered thier article. Toyota was still unhappy with the incorrect and factless claims and threatened again which meant the original media statements were eventually withrawn because those involved could not support thier own articles.

    Fact is … the TRD Aurion had a failed engine because a piston that detached from a conrod (nothing to do with a blown supercharger) with no fire, accident or injury as originally and incorrectly published.

    That said, i ask you support your claim of pictures on the internet and unless you can provide referances – you are a liar otherwise.


  • Phill

    Brett Stevens(Ford) curruntly leads 2007/2008 ANDRA Australian Top Alcohol Championship and John Zappia(Holden) leads the Top dorslamer Championship.Toyota nowhere.Anyway Drag racing at this level has little to do with the car you buy of the showoom floor.Althought the ford and holden boys built theres, not import it from US

  • Duck

    STUFF YOU Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport (Dingo), you wont answer any of MY questions and by the way the TRD Aurion is a faluire for Toyota/TRD!

  • TP

    Hahaha great post their Supporter of Toyo Motorsport and exactly right especially RE TRD. The fact Wheelnut Toyota are like every other manufacturer, they are effected by recalls etc… the difference is they deal with them better and they have 20 years and continuing of reputation to keep them going

  • TP

    Very intelligent post Duck… The TRD Aurion is a great example of TRD turning an ok platform into a great one. A vehicle which can hold its own with more performance oriented vehicles while offering the refinment of more sedate vehicles.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Phil – The Camry is in the Pro Extreme Class. That said, V8 Supercars bare little familiarities with showroom examples aswell so what is the differance.

    Motorsport is about engineering skill so judge upon that as you will wether it be V8 Supercars, NASCAR, Rally racing or F1.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck – sorry !!

    Ask me again and i will answer them for you.


  • Duck

    Ha, ha very funny TP!

  • Duck

    Here I’ll repeat it again………….

    Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport, so is this the order of
    the best to worst team in NASCAR in North America?

    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Dodge
    4. Ford


    1. Chevy
    2. Toyota
    3. Dodge
    4. Ford


    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Ford
    4. Dodge


  • Duck

    (Repeated Question)I reckon that the top one would be correct. Am I right?

  • Duck

    Why dont Pontiac could use a G6 GXP.R?

    Because there is no Pontiac in NASCAR is there?

  • Duck

    Anti-Spam word Pontiac. HA!

    Well TP how come TRD had to reduce the base TRD Aurion by $4,000? Because of low sales. And its an overpowered FWD large sedan! FWD Overpowered Large car = UNSAFE!

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck : depends on what series you refer to – Craftsman Trucks, Nationwide or Sprint.

    Todate, as follows …

    Craftsman Trucks – Toyota
    Nationwide Series – Toyota
    Sprint Series – Chevy

    or as follows this year so far

    Craftsman Trucks – Toyota has won 3 from 5
    Nationwide Series – Toyota has won 7 from 11
    Sprint Series – Toyota has won 3 from 10

    So of 26 combined meetings completed this year so far and of the 4 competing manufactuers – Toyota, GM, Ford and Dodge – Toyota alone has won 13 (50%) of them.

    Based on trhose figures, make up your own mind.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck – admittedly Toyota overpriced the TRD Aurion from the beginning and even i don’t dispute that and the price reduction was a welcomed adjustment. Regarding unsafe … you have no idea as the car is arguably the worlds most dynamic FWD that can be purchased anywhere in the world today.

    Power is plentyful, dynamics are good with huge levels of grip while the brakes are argueably the best of any locally manufactered car. Unsafe would undoubtedly have to be the stoppers on HSV’s because they are renouned for suffering premature brake fade.

    With referance to Pontiac and NASCAR’s …who cares – Pontiac doesn’t even have a good name anymore as thier reputation has declined considerably over the years because of the poor quality and troublesome nature of their cars. Even in America the Pontiac name now suffers from poor reputation.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck – Some more figures for you regarding wins todate in the top tier of NASCAR racing … the Sprint Series !!

    Toyota : 3 wins
    Chevy : 3 wins
    Ford : 3 wins
    Dodge : 1 win

    So based on the figures i have given you in different formats, tell me which of the list you gave is appropiate !!

  • Duck

    So its all pretty close in the sprint series!

  • Duck

    But wouldnt NASCAR be borring to watch because there just racing on one big ring? Its not like V8 supercars, a more challenging track and theres more chances of a crash.

  • Bret

    senator Says:
    May 2nd, 2008 at 9:02 pm
    “hahahaha drive revealed that so called xr6t was running on a higher octane fuel and it achived times of 5.1 to 5.2 and now with normal 95-octane fuel it achived 5.4 haha only 0.4 faster than a ss-v and has a lighter engine launch control new technology and a turbo and the funny thing is the ss-v 0-60 was just as quick 2.8 secs the xr8 got 3.2 and 6.3 0-100. This xr6t is not as impressive as i thought remeber it’s got a fpv typhoon engine and the xr8 has a gt motor”

    Senator why not state all the facts correctly:

    The XR6T was in fact only the auto (without launch control) and the manual is expected to be quicker. (Pretty good engine management to be able to use the higher octane fuel to that advantage too BTW)
    Why not mention that the XR6T beets the ss-v over the 400m by 0.5s and at the end of the 400m is doing 12.7 km/h faster (and therfore still pulling away after the Commodore is spent)

    The XR6T is NOT the old FPV Typhoon engine and the XR8 is NOT the old FPV GT engine – similarities in numbers don’t equate to “the same engine” boy are you simple minded or what! But I guess it supports your biases.

  • GhisGT

    Quote Bret: “Pretty good engine management to be able to use the higher octane fuel to that advantage too BTW”

    Umm no, don’t pretend you know anything about engine management, you clearly have no clue what so ever with a comment like that.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck … take the time and watch some races of NASCAR as it is extremely competitive with tensions running at an all time high now that Toyota has entered the sport and winning, very fast with an average speeds of 300mm/h (that’s right … an average speed of about 300km/h) and often a field of more then 40 competitors.

    And … far, far, far more crashes occur in NASCAR then they ever do in V8 Supercars and that is an undisputable fact. Watch and you will quickly understand exactly what i mean.

    That said, NASCAR has twice the competitors – Toyota, Chevy, Ford and Dodge compared to V8 supercars of only Holden and Ford.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Oh yeah, just for the enthusiasts … NASCAR run carby feed 5.7 V8’s

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Duck – i just updated the manufactuers standings after the latest round of NASCAR racing this weekend and they stand as indicated …

    Sprint Series (1st tier) :

    1. Chevy
    2. Toyota
    3. Ford
    4. Dodge

    Nationwide Series (2nd tier) :

    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Ford
    4. Dodge

    Craftsman Trucks :

    1. Toyota
    2. Chevy
    3. Ford
    4. Dodge

    ps – sorry about my spelling mistakes on the above previous post. First day off after N/S and somewhat tired.

  • Bret

    And what makes you say that? What extra power do you reckon would be needed to take a 1800kg car from 5.4 down to 5.1 for 0-100 km/h? Particularly when the gap to the XR8 is almost a second.
    Sure, most cars will perform a little better with higher octane fuel, but most cannot take full advantage of it. Ford made specific refenernce to the special attention paid to the engine management that allowed the car to run well on 95 but also take full advantage of higher octane fuels.
    And what was the ss-v running on? Holden quotes power figures based on 98 pulp, so were those performance figues based on that or 95?

  • Golfschwein

    bavarian, Duck, Bret, NM, AndrewM, Wheelnut, GhisGT…how about all you guys joining me on another blog somewhere, even one on this site.

    Mine is about the 278th comment on a story that, in all fairness, probably had the legs for 20 comments. Leave it be.

    It’s boooooooring. But one person’s lapping it up.

  • http://aca Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport

    Loving it with a passion.

    It has been great!!

    278 comments means the topic had long legs … oooch !!


  • GhisGT

    Bret, I said that because most higher end cars feature provisions to run on both 98 and 95, even 91RON fuels for ages now. It’s a simple case of using the good old knock sensor to determin fuel octane levels and adjusting fueling/timing maps to suit.

    It was just how you worded your quote, stating that it was good of Ford to be using higher octane fuels to their fullest extent.

    My weekend car has the provisions to run on a blend of 130RON toluene mix, but can still run on 91RON down the shops. It’s not rocket science!

  • Bret

    Nope its not rocket science (and yes I work in the field – Rocket science not engine management).

    Most cars you wouldn’t know if it was running on 98/95/91 or bluddy kero.
    I noticed that ford recommend 91 but quote performance numbers based on 95 (for the performance engines), however Holden recommend 91 but quote numbers based on 98 for the V8.

    Heres a challenge for the CA team: Get hold of these cars and run some dyno numbers on the different fuels to get some sort of real comparisons.

  • tonyn

    Golfschwein im in let me know where you go, i cant believe this site is going like this, shame, maybe you can change the name alborz to http://www.toyotaadvice.com.au, sounds more like what the site is!

  • Duck

    Golfschwein, what blog?

  • Golfschwein

    Tonyn and Duck. Sorry to confuse, guys. I just meant anywhere else on CA except this story :)

  • GhisGT

    Bret – Most higher (read 45k plus) end cars actually do know, when a certain degree of pinging is reached, it knows the fuel octane rating is low and adjusts fueling and timing to suit. That’s how both SS and XR6T can run on 91 to 98 octane fuel and both get gains out of the higher octane levels.

  • wheelnut

    Quote – Dingo: Loving it with a passion. It has been great!! 278 comments means the topic had long legs

    Aah we actually went off topic approx 280 comments ago.

    This story isn’t actually about Toyota Its about Aussie Racers

    Toyota can’t enter a [factory backed] car into the Aussie Racers series because they dont actually build the car they don’t even build the engines – Yamaha do.. in actual fact Dingo it’s alot like NASCAR [only smaller] where the only thing that resembles a production car is the carbon fibre body or shell

    So if a car like the one in the image above makes it into the Aussie Racers and wins a few races it wont be a Toyota victory it will be a Yamaha victory just as it would if the cars with the Falcon Commodore or FJ bodies won

    Think about it

  • wheelnut

    Quote – TP May 4th 2008: The fact Wheelnut Toyota are like every other manufacturer, they are effected by recalls etc…

    Finally a Toyota fan admitted that Toyotas aren’t PERFECT… that they do have reliability problems and do have RECALLS – that must have been hard for you to do TP.

  • wheelnut

    Dingo: Fair enough in relation to the TRD Aurion Supercharger thing

    Yet that doesn’t alter the fact that a Recall or whatever you/Toyota choose to call it can and does have an negative impact on current or future sales – because depending upon the severity of the problem it can raise doubts in peoples minds as to the safety reliability and build quality of a particular make or model..

    And as the engine is a relatively important component to a car any problems a manufacturer experiences with their engines can make people think twice

    The other thing that can affect sales is mis-information I mean when the VL was around people said stay away from the VLs they do their heads… when in actual fact more Nissan Skyline owners had trouble with their heads. I had a VL did approx to 250-300000Kms – No Problem

  • George

    Wheelnut, I agree Toyota quality is poor. Numerous faults with my Kluger has convinced me that buying a new Toyota was a big mistake that I will not repeat again.

  • Wig Wom

    I agree with Supporter Of Toyota Motorsport,Toyotas domination of nascar is great to see.I love nascar because it’s the ezyest of all the motorsports to practice,just go round and round the block,its great fun but you wear out the front tyers of the Prious.Another thing I think Toyota entering this series is great We show em in USA with F1,Blitz em in Europe with Nascar(smashed new Nissan gtr and the Honda zonda in the process ) now its Australias turn to learn with total domination of the Aussies Super Series(V8 super cars is for you ford and holden fairys who are scared of FWD & Understeer).But one question where are the people who have the remote controllers going to stand?

  • wheelnut

    Motorsport is about engineering skill… I always thought it was about winning?

    For example you may have a ISF Lexus with a intercooled supercharged [or twin turbo] v8 producing 800Kw; AWD [or RWD?]; Tiptronic or Sequential Gearbox; Brembo Brakes with 6 pot calipers; air suspension etc….The works.

    Yet if you don’t WIN or finish on the Podium [at least] no one really gives a shit about how good the engineering in your car was!

  • TP

    Duck the price decrease has NOTHING to do with your imagination that its unsafe. Various owners Ive had contact with say the whole arm jarring torque steer is BS. The price is decreasing cos it was overpriced to begin with.

  • http://aca Oh What A Feeling …

    Wheelnut … how silly of me. I thought the Falcon and Commodore mini racers were Holden and Ford products and everything else Yamaha powered.

    If the single reported problem with the TRD Aurion has raised doubts about the car, then that explains why Holden and Ford are pathetic performers in todays market because all of those faulty cars in the past has finally concluded doubt within the market …. he, he, he !!

    Oh yeah – Toyota is winning in Motorsport alright (check out my details above and wimper) and people like you hate it with a passion because is proves how wrong, uneducated and mis-informed critics like you are.

    Better still … you haven’t produced a referance to those ‘so called’ TRD Aurion photos on the internet so i guess i prove the point that you are indeed – A LIAR !!

    LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE … ha, ha, ha !!

  • http://aca Oh What A Feeling …

    TP – correct !!

    Toyota critics – check out the latest sales figures. The greatest judge of all – The Market – has voted once again !!

  • TP

    Amen Oh what a feeling… just ANOTHER Ford fairy baseless comment.

  • http://aca Oh What A Feeling …

    Anyway – enough on this topic but just before i conclude, for those critics who stated that Toyota should invest/ participate in motorsport … here is a list of thier commitments this upcoming weekend alone (May 9-11) which again proves how ill-informed some people really are.

    1. F1 (Turkish Grand Prix)

    2. NASCAR – Sprint, Nationwide and Craftsman Truck Series

    3. Rd2 of the Australian Rally Championships (Rally Of Canberra)

    That totals 5 different events on 3 different continents.


  • http://aca Oh What A Feeling …

    TP you got that right.

    Anyway, i believe these clowns have taken a flogging once again so i am signing of this topic (and site) for a few days as i am taking my family camping for some peaceful R&R and a chance to soak up the beautiful Queesnland sun in Autumn.

    cheers to all.

  • Phill

    Toyota basicly suc at Australian MotorSport going by this story Must Be A Great Feeling


    Toyota use F1 Technology in the Aurion(pfft), wonder what technology they’ll use in an actual race car? Infact, just what technology in the Aurion is remotely linked to the Toyota F1 car…..?

  • TP

    What technology? It has 4 wheels and an engine! Its marketing BS yes, every car has minor links, but hey at least they aint claiming its better then a BMW (Holden) or has pulling power(Lame….Ford)


    TP, are you honestly suggesting that Fords (ie Falcon and its variants) dont have respectable “pulling power”…?

    Im pretty sure they do……


    ….. just to add….

    I think Holden had their hand on it when claiming a commy was like a BMW, but it’s more of a realistic claim than Toyota saying the Aurion has technology derived from F1.


    Cant wait to see the 2009 Panasonic Toyota F1 car axle tramping and torque steering off the grid….

  • TRD

    I’m happy to see that maybe Toyota would enter the Aussie super series Oh what A feeling..Toyocrap.