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  • Sumpguard

    This vehicle is on our list as a tow vehile in the next year or so. For anyone interested the V6 diesel is a VM Motori and will make 177kw’s and 550nm of torque with a tow capacity of 3.5 tonnes. This is a serious rival to the landcruiser for the caravanners in this country and reportedly far more economical.

    Air suspension can be had on the base model also as a $2250 option but almost certainly would be cheaper in the negotiation stages. I look forward to my test drive in coming weeks.

    • Nick

      Quadralift is actualy $2273 before taxes and is a manufacturer set price

      • Jeeper

        correct and as for negotiation that may happen in a couple of years lol

  • Shak

    Judging by the few reviews that i have read/seen of this car, it seems to be establishing itself as the new Class leader as an all round package. It deserves to judging by how much this car achieves for the price!

  • m2m

    I absolutely love it!! Definitely a class leader in my books!

    Just a quick discrepancy, I thought it was a 5 speed auto!

    • J

      Yeah, thought it was a 5 speed auto too? Other sources have confirmed this.
      Can’t help but feel it would benefit from at least a 6 speeder…an extra cog could drop the fuel figures a tad.

      Otherwise a revelation for Jeep; handsome looks, legendary offroad ability, seemingly better quality and good value…now all it needs it for the diesel to arrive!

    • Paul Maric

      You’re right, it’s a five speed automatic. I’ve fixed the typo.

      Just on that, it’s not a bad gearbox. Gear shifts are a little on the slow side, but for this type of vehicle it’s acceptable.

  • B

    “The lack of differential lock meant the left hand side of the car (which was submerged in mud) span freely, leaving no torque for the right hand side tyres to get grip.”. Based on that comment the reviewer is not a 4WD person and does not understand how traction control works. Sorry to say that a car reviewer can be anyone that happens to type a few paragraphs about cars. But understand how it works is another matter.

    • Paul Maric

      Traction control was actually switched off.

      It might serve you well to research the differences between the available four wheel drive systems offered in the Grand Cherokee. The Quadra-Trac II and Quadra-Drive II systems are vastly different in terms of their offerings.

      The Quadra-Drive II system, for example, uses electronic limited slip differentials in the front and rear axles that work in unison with the centre differential lock. The Quadra-Drive II system allows the vehicle to shuffle torque between front and rear, side to side and to any given wheel.

      Admittedly, with enough momentum, the car never would have become stuck. Its level of immovability was exacerbated by attempting to get out while it was already stuck.

      • B

        “Traction control was actually switched off.”. It’s like saying I am going to do some offroad 4×4 driving. But I will switch from 4x4LO to 4x2HI. I don’t believe it.

        • Alex

          Give Paul a break ‘B’,I don’t see you reviewing anything on your own website anywhere. Go back to what ever bridge you crawled out from Troll.

          I don’t think traction control would help here, it looks like the car is on its belly at the front anyway. Besides tyres make a bigger difference than anything else, and we all know what standards tyres come like from the factory.

          I think you did well Paul, considering most peoples idea of off-roading consists of a few dirt roads and a couple of ruts. Nothing which even most 2WD will have trouble to get past. There is a fine line between dirt roads and impassable ones, there isn’t much in between I am afraid. But there is always a way around :)

          • Jeeper

            If the traction control was left on this would not haqve been an issue.

            The traction control the vehicle offers is an inteligent system in that it uses break lockers for off roading.
            When a tire spins in the mud the traction control will brake that wheel and therefore direct drive to the non spinning wheel. ie THIS DOES THE SAME JOB AS A DIFF LOCKER / LSD, just through a different means and is arguably not quite as strong.

            If you had left the traction control on and left the system in auto or selected “MUD” you probably wouldnt have gotten your toes wet.

            You may want to add this to your article for credabilities sake.

          • Paul Maric

            Jeeper: I’m afraid you’re wrong. Due to the mud and the road tyres, traction control actually almost stopped the car in its tracks, which is why it was switched off. The mud filled the ruts in the tyres and the traction control sensed slippage continuously and reduced torque to the wheels.

            Like I said to the previous poster, there are numerous differences between the 4WD systems, you might want to research them to understand the differences.

            I also assume you and the previous poster have driven the Grand Cherokee through mud?

          • Jeeper


            Hence the vehicle has the MUD selection.

            With regards to reserch not only have I done so I actualy own one, am a 4wd driving and servicing instructor, before that i was an Armoured Vehicle Driving and Servicing Instructor and am quite involved with the Jeep release.

            There is a drastic difference between ELSD and Break Lockers, i sugest you research both.

            I agree with the tires being khumos having an influance.

            Why else would you think i commented ?

          • Benjie

            im with Paul on this one.

            I drive a V6 TDI Touareg and find that the traction control interferes too much in sand and mud driving, so I switch it off. One of the guys I 4WD with on occasion has a RR Sport (previous generation) and the mud setting on his gives him no control over the power, so he too switches it off. I assume it’s a similar computerised system to the Jeep.

            I think the only reason your arguing the point Jeeper is because you are biased toward the product (which you claim to have something to do with the release (and pointlessly boast about armoured vehicle training…who cares, how many armoured vehicles go off road?)).

            Unless you were actually there in the passenger seat, I find it hard for you to claim to have any idea what your talking about.

            Arm chair experts like yourself breed on this site!

          • Y

            As a mechanical engineer, I am with Jeeper on this one. Oh and the owner/moderator of this website have obviously rigged the threads’ scores in favour of the author even when he is clearly wrong.

          • Jeeper

            toe rag ? Fantastic !!

            True I may be a little bias toward this particular vehicle but not the brand as a whole.

            In fact almost all armoured vehicles go off road but thanks for informing us of you knowledge on that subject. It was brought up as my experience was questioned, but you are corect it has no berring. My only intent was to question the accuracy of the report not get on here and have a crack as you just have.

            So I agree this sight does breed dimwitted armchair experts of which you seem to be the prime example. Happy Toe-ragging !!

    • John of Perth

      Traction control or ESP on these vehicles without diff locks should be switched off when anticipating deep soft sand or mud – leaving it switched on is counterproductive. The Mud selection doesn’t really help much.

      B/Jeeper – you are simply wrong. I think Paul is right – leave it switched off and perhaps reduce tyre pressures to around 15psi and this would not have occurred.

      I could have taken this through with any tyres with reduced pressures (& some momentum.

      • Jeeper

        ” I was keen to see how it would fare when faced with a scenario where half the car’s traction was taken away (I keep telling everybody that it was planned). Realistically, no driver would stop a car in a muddy situation like this; they would simply drive through with momentum.

        The lack of differential lock meant the left hand side of the car (which was submerged in mud) span freely, leaving no torque for the right hand side tyres to get grip”

        Dropping the pressures would reduce the ride height of the vehicle potentialy bottoming it out in the ruts. As Paul explained in the write up he stopped deliberately to test the vehicle. With the ESP off the vehicle was not acting as designed and Pauls complaint was that there was Diff lock-like system to distribute drive. There was and it was switched off by the driver.

  • Shane Trenerry

    The five-speed auto looks like it hampers performance. Seen some YouTube videos of it and the gearing is really long, especially that first gear!

  • richard

    JEep will replace the 5 speed auto with an 8 speed in 12 to 18 months

  • Planned_Obsolescence

    It would be interesting to see a review of a coil sprung version. A major drawback of the Quadra lift is the inablilty to fit larger, IE mud tyres.

    The clearance is fine if the air suspension is raised to full height, however one the engine is shut down it defaults to park mode & larger muddies wont clear the guards. With the coil models, it can be raised by way of longer coils & shocks to allow the fitment of better tyres.

    There are already a number of raised kits available in the US.

    It is great though to see Jeep getting such positive reviews & comments, no wonder then, I read that Jeep are holding 2000 orders for the Grand.


    • Jeeper

      The vehicle does not revert to park mode when the vehicle is switched off. Park is a physical selection.

      • Planned_Obsolescence

        Thanks for the correction Jeeper, looks like I misread the info. But I think my thoughts about the clearance of the guards would still be relevant.


        • Jeeper

          true lol

          • Jeeper

            did just think though over 100ks it reverts into aero so your right that there would be some pretty interesting issues to consider

  • Sumodog

    That does not look like a very challenging off road track for serious 4×4 to get stuck on .

  • Andrew

    I drive up and down a similar track on a farm at least twice a week in a Pajero, I’ve never even looked like being stuck. I would not switch traction control off, it’s an essential part of a 4wd system where your not using locking diffs ( or don’t have them.) The story about how the vehicle got stuck seems strange. Tyres makes a huge difference so it is hampered with the OEM road biased rubber it had on. I still really can’t get over the foot brake issue or the horrid gaudy wood on the Overland ( it was supposed to get grey stained stuff that was much nicer originally, what happened?)

    • Paul Maric

      It actually is just a farm track. We use it to test suspension extension, underbody clearance and chassis rigidity when the body is flexing.

      Normally it’s fairly dry, but with recent rain it’s become very muddy. Like I said in the article, momentum would have easily pulled the car through, it was just a good spot to test clearance as the left side of the rut drops away. Unfortunately not an ideal place to stop, hah.

      Regardless of getting stuck, the Grand Cherokee is an impressive vehicle. It’s hard to match in this segment and the availability of impressive off-road gear means that it’s an ultimately versatile vehicle for all buyers.

  • James Cortez

    A $WD which shoudl chnage their fortune downunder. No point buying the X3,X5, ML, RX folks. This is the one: value for money, low range, power, off road ability. I hope you steal some of the sale volume from the snob bimmer, merc, audi.

  • The Dazzler

    I just took delivery of a diesel Laredo last Friday.
    I love it. Still too early to be definitive about fuel consumption, but I can say it’s very quiet and smooth.

    • Josh

      I just got a phone call yesterday telling me my Laredo CRD with Quadralift should be here by the end of the month. I cant wait. I had been told until then that quadralift wouldnt be here until FEB…

      • bangel

        Friend of mine ordered
        his diesel a month ago and was told decemember , then two weeks later told its arriving early august seems they had a discovery of stock suddenly .

  • Martin

    Just went to Jeep/Dodge dealership and I think I’ve found my new car. Can’t wait for December. The waiting list apparently is really long so the dealer told me if I really want one to come back towards the end of the year because he doesn’t have any where near enough allocated stock to even fill the 80 odd that are already waiting. He said it was slow to start but now he is getting more enquiries than any other car. Overland for me because 80k plus for a underspec Touareg sounds absurd!

    • KD

      Touareg is bigger and features a lot more technology (hell its a cheap Porsche Cayenne), but I can see why they G C is such an appealing package

  • Sumodog

    I ve driven both v6 and v8 versions of the same vehicle and do agree that interior and exterior styling of the car are really good.
    They are selling around 200 GCs a month and dealers not prepared to negotiate. Biggest gripe is foot park brake and lack of foot rest , not great for long drives.
    I dont buy at RRP so no deal as yet – will try later on on diesel.

  • Ben

    I have placed order 2 weeks ago for Overland and have been told that i will recieve it Dec at the very earliest. Really long lead time, but think it will be worth it.

    • Y

      Dec is a really long time. If you wait for another couple of months after Dec 2010, you may even get the mid life face lift. The car went on the market in mid 2010. So mid 2012 is about 2yrs since the car was launched.

    • fourbysrule

      If you look around you will find overland is available now in brisbane i only waited 2 weeks

  • Falcodore

    I would like to see a review on the diesel Laredo with steel springs when you can get your hands on one please CA, as it’s the one i’m seriously thinking about. I just dont think i’ll need the air suspension.

    • Paul Maric

      Sure thing, we’ll try and tee one up in the near future.

  • Y

    On the last picture, the Ford Escape with open front and rear diffs, no traction control, no diff lockers, no low range, a soft roader come and rescues the GC with traction control, intelligence torque split and low range. Somehow the picture just doesn’t look right. Something is wrong here.

    • NICK

      i agree what is going on there jeep should be ashamed a ford escape!!!!!!

  • marg

    The turn off is 6 monthly servicing on the CRD, as on Jeeps website in England its 12 months or 12500 miles, must be Australian conditions?

  • Jeeper

    A toe rag ? Fantastic !!

    True I may be a little bias toward this particular vehicle but not the brand aaa a whole.

    In fact almost all armoured vehicles go off road bu thanks for informing us you are slow. It was brought up as my experience was questioned, but you are corect it has no berring. My only intent was to question the accuracy not get on here and have a crack as you just have.

    So I agree this sight does breed dimwitted armchair experts of which you seem to be the prime example. Happy Toe-ragging !!

    • JeepBanger

      no need to rag the competition “excuse the pun”, the Grand Cherokee speaks for itself.

      • fourbysrule

        who would take a VW off road anyway its a “city” 4wd without any real off road ability

        • Planned_Obsolescence

          What determines off road ability?, because if it includes a low range transmission or ground clearance, you may want to reconsider that statement.


  • NICK

    Jeep has always been good with off road cars but this one is the same as all new SUV’s good in the city and thats it i would not take it off road at all.

    I have a Land Cruiser 200 series diesel sahara and that is a great 4WD thisis a good car but lacking in the legendary jeep off road capability

    • Jeeper

      I suppose each will have their indivdual views but if you go on and have a look at what you get for you dollar camapring the sahara and the overland (not super accurate i know) the sahara is lacking fairly heavily.
      There is a lot of little things in ther like the front and rear to hooks, payload, fuel consumption, weight,roadside assist and trailer sway control etc etc that arent answered from Toyota.
      Off road i think the vehicle still has it but i suppose time will tell.
      Please dont take it as a knock on toyota as i love the cruiser but i just think they are a bit overpriced.

      • NICK

        i agree it was a bit over priced at 115k + it is a big ask but it was this or a patrol and that did not have enough power

    • Planned_Obsolescence

      To be fair Nick, the Grand & the Cruiser are different classes of vehicles. No one doubts the ability of the cruiser, but I would have thought, had you mentioned the Prado Vs the Grand, that would be a more relevant statement.

      Having said that the Grand still achieves Jeep trail rated status, meaning it covered the Rubicon trail, with a few scrapes & dents, but nonetheless it did the Rubicon.

      The new diesel really shows how bad the Prado diesel is in comparison


    • Dave Roberts

      are you serious Nick? The 200 series would absoloutely smoke a Jeep…ANY JEEP…anywhere anytime.

      • Planned_Obsolescence

        Well done Dave, you’re comparing apples with oranges, no one said the Grand was better than a Landcruiser, read it again.

        • Dave Roberts

          blo me carnt

      • Chips

        You are definately right dave the 200 will definately  out SMOKE a jeep as all toyota salespeople have been told to expect a certain amount of oil usage . YOU HAV”TA be kidding.
        I know of 3 200″s that are useing over 3ltrs of oil between changes.
        Good luck with no roadside assist

    • Chips

      you must be terribly dissapointed that you brought a 200 series especially a saraha as you would have paid more than double what i paid for my grand ltd 3 ltr diesel with every thing but air susp. I tow a 24ft off road van weighing 3500kgs and the jeep does it easy .Useing only 16.2 ltrs /100k on ave.towing @ 100k/hr.the other most important item is roadside assist which toyota dont do.If you are one of the 3% to 5% of 4WD owners that do stupid and hazadous roads/tracks welgood luck. But i”ve had the JEEP since sept 2011 and done 12000k + including towing the van back thru the plenty highway with not a prob.

  • JeepBanger

    I have just looked at a vehicle here in queensland and have got a car asap, got it from leo muller jeep @ greenslopes

  • fourbysrule

    I have to speak my mind here, in the article why would you stop a car in mud? it just doesn’t make sense, and when you say the v6 is torqueless, I believe that the V6 is the most powerful in its class in both power and torque, maybe its not as fast as a diesel but it also is not as expensive either.

    I Just picked up my New Grand Cherokee also from Leo Muller in south Brisbane and they were great with plenty of stock to choose from.

    • nickdl

      It may be the most powerful in its class but it doesn’t matter so much when it doesn’t have the low-down torque of many competitors. Peak torque isn’t produced until 4300rpm which is much higher than say, a Territory petrol. It produces 391Nm at around 2000rpm.

      Most driving is done below 3000rpm, especially in big cars like this – my Territory rarely goes above 3000rpm in city driving as it doesn’t need to. I’d be holding out for the diesel, the figures look more like they should be in an X5 than a Jeep. The diesel will be a fantastic car.

  • Terry Zarzoff

    The Pentastar V6 is the real let down for me. Drove one last week and even by 4WD standards, this thing is so lethargic. Petrol variants of Prado and Disco feel like missiles in comparision. Shame, as the rest of the package is so sorted.

  • Mark X

    I must say the handling is pretty good for such a big car, very confortable to drive and seat. but either the 3.6 petrol or 3.0 diesel, they are lack of power & torque. can’t compare to 3.0 TDI VW Touareg.

    • Chips

      You are kidding my 3ltr has done 12000K + in 5 mths. and is that good my soninlaw has just traded his 3ltr touareg new in sept 2009 on a jeep 3ltr ltd economy is 20% better than VW

  • Cheapest SUV

    Jeep has long history in car world. In the passed jeep are famous in off road, Now they are going on the city, Jeep are still off road style forever.
    Big and strong can be going anywhere that is symbol of Jeep, However fuel consumption is weak point of Jeep. If someone they can be paid for this car segment they can be paid for fuel too.

  • anthony

    i really like this. looking at the VW tdi however. cant but see the diesel being a bit low on power. perhaps the 8 speed out next year will help?

  • Allan

    Just saw a dealer today. he informed me the my2012 which they are taking orders for now comes with a new 6 speed. No mention of an 8 speed though. Is the new VW a better buy at 95k with the goodies? Both cars are great but is the german better than the american car?

  • sequential

    I wouldn’t worry about getting it bogged! More worried about the reliablity of the CRD engine, ours lasted less than 24 hours prior to blowing a turbo. We paid seventy grand to ride in a tow truck for five hours, awesome! CA will delete this post!

  • Alfred Bond

    Jeep is great model with new fantastic features and have pretty design. It runs on road like a plane.

  • Nick

    Never in my life did I expect to by a JEEP. My wife and I bought the 70th anniversary in Black and spent on extras, you know chrome this and chrome that had the windows tinted the same as the rear and MAN this car looks a millions dollars. A friend of ours bought a BMW X5 Sports with extras = $125K later and he even admits we got a lot of car for our 76K compaired to his. I love it and it’s a real head turner, if only I can get my wife out of the seat to drive it. Well done Jeep.  

  • mark kelly

    Jeep Grand Cherokee is great model of 2011 year with pretty design and latest features. This models comes with bixenon lights and alloys wheels. Grand cherokee is revolutionary model of four wheel vehicle. You can drive to this model in any type of area like mud, sandy etc.

  • Rowan Berry

    Love reading the blogs…people are so loyal….Im after the facts forget the loyalty.  The one blog that
    really disturbs me is the blown turbo after 24 hours!!!Im looking for towing ability and this vehicle
    with the CRD looks the goods but i also want reliability.  The landrover has what appears to be a
    great TD as does the cruiser.  Im on my 7th Toyota now but the 200 even with the oil useage sorted
    just does not look like a 87,000 car and thats only GXL spec. The Sahara price is ridiculous. Those
    loyal to Nisan should be knighted 118kw and 340 nm of tourque (or something like that) you have to
    be joking.  Which way will i go. I know you guys are genuine off roaders and love arguing about
    mud but some of us just want the strength,power,safety,comfort and tourque of these vehicles.
    If I wanted to play around in the mud and drive through huge ruts and destroy sidesteps on big
    rocks id buy a 100 series cruiser GX spec spend ten grand on it with the 6cyl 4.2 and id be
    happy.  Just tell me what to tow with guys and why.  Tks c ya  shorty

    • Chips

      I”m the proud owner of a 3ltr ltd with all extras other than ari susp.(as we do a lot of bush travelling in remote areas,i dont trust air as a misshap means you wil  be at the lowest level of suspension.and I have seen to many discos @ rovers with this problem in the bush) the towing ability of the 3lt is great as i have a 24ft off road van that weighs 3500kg & it tows it as easy as using 16.2ltrs/100k towing @ 100k/hr. in my opinion value & ability for money this 3ltr JEEP is No 1 easely

  • Simon

    Am an owner of a brand new V6 limited, I have owned variouse other 4×4 over the past numerouse years and driven even more over extreme conditions (its amazing where you can go when you dont own it or pay for the repairs). I have already taken it on some impressive trips and clocked up just over 5000 k in 4 weeks. it is by far the best money I have ever spent, not to mention mosy comfortable off road when conditions are lacking.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
510Nm @  1600rpm
Max. Power
160kW @  4000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
16L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:3500  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
245/65 R17
Rear Tyres
245/65 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones, Power front seats
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Stability Program, Hill Holder, Traction Control System
Power Steering, Trip Computer
Engine & Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Power Sunroof
Control & Handling
Off Road Group
Satellite Navigation
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
6 months /  12,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin