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Although previous reports suggested Mazda will not be building an MPS variant of its new 6 range, news today from Autoexpress UK says otherwise.

The new Mazda 6 MPS will go head to head with both Subaru and Mitsubishi’s hero cars as well as other European performance cars. The MPS badge will signify a turbocharged version of the standard engine, but this time the standard engine will be a 2.5-litre, so power figures should hit around 209kW.

Of course, it will also be AWD and come with sports suspension and better brakes. 0-100km/h time is currently claimed at just a tad over 6 seconds, yet to be confirmed.

Mazda6 MPS renderings leaked

CarAdvice will be at the Paris motorshow this October, where Mazda is expected to show off the concept 6 MPS, if the reports are positive, it will go into production and be ready for 2010.

Interestingly, it’s believed that the new MPS 6 will also be available in hatch, estate, coupé and cabriolet variants, some of which we saw earlier.

Mazda2 Mazdaspeed concept

On the smaller end of the scale, Mazda is also working on a Mazda 2 MPS, expected late next year (probably 2010 for AU). Although details on the baby Mazda are non-existent, it’s logical to assume the Japanese giant will turbo-charge the the existing 1.5-litre petrol engine, bringing power to around 120-130kW.

Mazda is currently in the process of launching the all new Mazda2 3-door.

Should Mazda Australia bring the two MPS cars here?

  • Frugal-One


    Every time i see/think of Mazda what comes to my head is:

    “YOU SHOULD SEE US NOW” that was the radio advert. while i was in California USA.

    Hows the review on the CX7 going guys? :-)



  • Jimbo

    Mazda 2 MPS, Yes Please! 130kw for around $26990 would be great.

  • Jimbo

    Or cheaper!

  • Frugal-One

    Oh, that MPS6 looks FUGLY with that afterthought tacked-on body kit.

    Mazda have soul and pedigree, what they doing building a abortion-looking thing like that?

    Ruined a pure looking 6, THE best car in the segment!



  • Mitch

    Definitely bring them here and hurry

  • James

    I think it looks quite cool 😀
    Bring it here!!! 😛

  • James

    Bring it fast so I can get one 2nd hand for my 1st car!!! 😛

  • No Name

    Oooh how i love living in eurobland with cars like these. The wheels on the MPS2 look too small an not filling the arches.

  • Flying High

    The MPS might be quickish in a straight line – but not sure you could compare them with the hero cars of Suby and Mitsu (take it you mean the STi and Evo respectively) as those cars are considerably quicker in a straight line and have handling to match.

    The MPS 6 is really more for cruising along with the occasional quick over-taking maneuver or to blow off your average Ford/Holden/Toycrapta at the red light grand prix.

  • Flying High

    …not to mention that the car in the picture has been photoshopped to be lowered to within an inch of its spring life and there is no chance an MPS will be delivered looking like that

  • Age

    The 6 looks very rice with that crappy bodykit!

  • booter

    i think the 6 looks great, much better than the cardigan wearing version they have at the moment. mazda dont have soul and pedigree, they have japanese plastics fantastics, good cars but…… and the 2 would have to be 30k and then options surely, as the 3 MPS is a fair hike on the SP23 price wise.

  • BMWsauberF1

    A 6 mps coupe would be awesome, 209kw v6 awd in coupe form already sounds like a winner. Hopefully they dont tart it up like in those pictures though.

  • Joobie

    As an owner of an ’06 Mazda 6 MPS, I must say the car is much quicker than just “quickish” or blowing off average family sedans! It has the same 1/4 mile time as the current (and fastest) WRX with far more comfort, luxury and style. It wont keep up with the hardcore STi and Evo, but it was never meant to do so. In the real world and off the racetrack, it’s really critical that a cars performance is accessible and repeatable, thats why i chose it over other turbos. The 6MPS does it easily with its low end torque, no need to rev and dump the clutch, also more likely to respond quicker as down shifting is often not required. Pure numbers dont tell the whole story and remember those figures are the best that were obtained under often severe and brutal conditions!

    • Vlada

      Thx. for comments, right now I think about buying used 6 MPS. Some years ago I had Mazda 2,3 Sport (not turbo engine- just previous type) with acceleration 8,9 s/100 km /h and has quite good experience (except of repeated swithing off a front xenon headlight). Do you have any experience with used 6 MPS? That one has 180 000 kms. Thank you, V.

  • Disralei

    Let’s cut the crap.

    My 2005 MPS goes like a scolled cat, looks great and is a pure driving pleasure. I had travelled 110,000ks in 1.3 years.

    Not many Australian cars can match my MPS, if they think they can its only because I am playing with them.

    Ive boosted the turbo just a tad, made a huge difference, first gear doesnt have much legs but once out of that gate get out of my face.

  • Thabo Tsusi

    Love the fact that Mazda 3 Mps is able to knock down the Golf Gti_Big Up Mazda