by Matt Brogan

Melbourne Motorists, already subjected to months of delays with the Eastlink Project, now face even more mayhem over the coming 18 months as the Westgate Freeway is upgraded.


Said to be the largest state-funded road project in Victoria’s history, it is set to topple the budget at a staggering $1.39 billion. Increased costs in labour, materials, after hours work, drainage, gas and electricity infrastructure relocations being blamed for the spiraling costs.

An additional exit ramp is to be built from the Bolte Bridge to take traffic toward the Burnley Tunnel which will see the Montague Street city-bound ramp at South Melbourne closed for in excess of 18 months from May 18.

More lanes and an extensive widening of the freeway to Kings Way will also be included.

The overall aim of the project is to create a smoother flowing corridor for the 160,000 motorists who use the West Gate Freeway every day.

Detours will be in place at Normanby Road, Clarendon Street, City Road and Power Street to access CityLink. For full details, contact VicRoads.

  • supercujo

    All hail to the oil kings.

    Are they investing the same into public transport? Get the commuters off the road and congestion will disappear.

    How about we push for a plan that for every dollar spent on road infrastructure, an equal amount must be spent on alternative passenger transport?

  • Reckless1

    It’s easy to throw stones, not so easy for a perfect solution to be found.

    If we remove the commuters from the roads, who will be left?

    As a massive continent with vast distances and miniscule population, we don’t have the ability to remove roads from our commuting needs. Come to think of it, the high density population places like Japan and Indonesia still have roads.

  • supercujo

    I didn’t say get rid of roads, I said keep improving public transport as you improve roads. And eliminating all commuters from the roads is just plain impossible. At some point you will reach a point where traffic congestion is nicely balanced with public transport use, which means big road projects like this will become less and less common.

  • Frugal-One

    WGB traffic is already a pox, i travel on it twice a day, looks like its going to get lots worse…

    Now it all makes sense, the onramp change [Gellong Bound]
    at the Shell servo was never finished, now i know why the hold up is.

    $1.39 Billion…ouch!

    They should just build a tunnel under the Yarra River
    at Williamstown road like *they* planned decades ago.

    If it was China it would have been done already….

    Western Ring Road needs update, carrys HUGE amount of traffic and 2 lanes is useless.



  • Neil

    I’m pretty sure they’re just talking about the Westgate-Monash upgrade, and as usual, the project has had it’s budget overblown
    Usual Labor way isnt it
    I agree with Frugal-One….the Ring Road needs massive upgrades. How about upgrading the whole thing to 3 lanes each direction, and extending it around to Ringwood to meet with either Eastlink or the Eastern Freeway as the RACV ahs said for years

    Oh and there have been no delays with Eastlink – its running months ahead of time, and the only disruptions have really been around the Monash interchange,and thats all done now anyway

  • joober

    Agree SuperKujo, PT needs to get their act together and introduce better/more frequent services, Being on the Glen waverley line, it is shocking the sardiness of Peak hour, let alone on some days they are still using the Hitachi trains,

    Furthermore… Parking at start of the line train stations are getting worse, its filled up so quickly in the morning leaving people with no alternative but to drive in.

    Another possibilty instead of continually upgrading both transport infrastructures is to disperse the CBD, make another area for tall buildings and offices where traffic is also dispersed…

  • cameron

    1.36 Billion!!!
    That would buy a lot of buses and get lots of cars of the road I’m sure.

  • 19 Crendon St, Emerald

    Spoilsport Cameron

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Hmmmmmmm WTF.

    Must be bugger all traffic madness at Emerald. Maybe the former (traffic), but would say the warblings at times might be the later?

  • Cameron

    Spoil sport? Maybe.
    I’m not suggesting everyone sell their cars. I am suggesting that more public transport would pull more cars off the seriously congested roadways, result in less pollution, and mean dramatically less capital expenditure on roadways and upgrading of existing infrastructure.
    I am a motoring enthusiast, yet if reliable and efficient public transport was available then I’d use it and indulge in my motoring passions after hours and on weekends.
    When will our governments realise the problem!?!?
    Oil IS a finite resource, if you want to be enjoying cars in 30 years then we need to conserve oil wherever possible.