Hyundai Australia has revealed the prices for the all-new 2011 Hyundai Elantra, which will be launched at the Australian International Motor Show on July 1.

Prices for the new Elantra will range from $20,590 for the entry-level Active manual to $28,990 for the top-spec Premium automatic.

The starting price is $1000 more than the base model Hyundai i30 hatch, although it is equal to the 2.0-litre i30 SX, which is a closer comparison in terms of performance.

The 1.8-litre four-cylinder MPI petrol engine in the Elantra produces 110kW of power and 178Nm of torque (5kW more, 8Nm less than the i30 2.0). A six-speed manual transmission will be available only in the Active, while a six-speed automatic will be optional in the Active and standard in the Elite and Premium models.

When teamed with the manual, the Elantra achieves 6.6 litres/100km on the combined cycle (8.4 litres/100km city, 5.6 litres/100km highway) and emits 158g/km CO2.

Auto Elantras will use 7.1 litres/100km on the combined cycle (9.4 litres/100km city, 5.7 litres/100km highway) and emit 169g/km CO2.

These figures make the Elantra more efficient than the i30 2.0-litre hatch, which uses 7.2 litres/100km with the five-speed manual and 7.6 litres/100km with the four-speed automatic.

The Elantra will also be more fuel efficient than the petrol versions of the Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Kia Cerato, Holden Cruze 1.8-litre and the new 2.0-litre Ford Focus. The turbocharged Cruze 1.4iTi will better the Elantra, as will the entry-level 1.6-litre Focus Ambiente, which arrives in Australia in August.

The all-new Elantra is 4530mm long, 1775mm wide, 1435mm tall (for comparison’s sake, the Holden Cruze is 67mm longer, 13mm wider and 44mm higher). The boot will have a cargo carrying capacity of 402 litres.

The Active will come with 15-inch steel wheels, cloth interior trim, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity and audio streaming, six speakers, AUX/USB/iPod inputs, steering wheel audio controls, manual air conditioning and cruise control.

The mid-spec Elite adds 16-inch alloys, auto headlights, front fog lights, rain sensing wipers, rear park assist, piano black interior highlights, push button start with proximity key, dual-zone climate control, premium steering wheel and a luggage net with hooks.

The Premium steps up with 17-inch alloy wheels, dark black chrome grille, tilt and slide sunroof, leather upholstery, electric driver’s seat with lumbar adjust and an electrochromatic rear view mirror.

All models come with full-sized spare wheels (alloys for Elite and Premium) as well as a safety package that includes six airbags (dual front, side and curtains), electronic stability control, traction control and seatbelt reminders for all passengers.

2011 Hyundai Elantra manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):

  • Active manual – $20,590
  • Active automatic – $22,590
  • Elite automatic – $25,590
  • Premium automatic – $28,990

  • Mark

    Not a Hyundai believer

    • troy

      thats fine, they dont need you to take over the world.

  • Mark

    Not a Hyundai believer, so no comment on this, if I ever choose a small car, might go for Cruze or Mazda 3

    • Ima Hogg

      Cruze yeah seeya at the mechanics

      • Joker

        Talking to an ex Holden Sales person yesterday at a Ford Dealership, they said the same thing.

        • toxic_horse

          Oh if a sales person at a dealership said it, then it must be true LAMO

          • Joker

            Ah- and yea, why not? Left three months earlier, said the 1.4L Turbo Unit was having problems. They weren’t trying to sell me anything either, just banter.

          • Sumpguard

            Disgruntled employee bags holden. Yeah I’ll take his word as gospel, NOT.

          • jr

            the 1.4 hasn’t even been out for 3mths lol , so he must have used his crystal ball to diagnose the problems.

          • Joker

            Gold. Sales employees typically don’t have that kind of allegiance to brands. You can go from brand to brand and not give a crap. You’re there to Sell. I should know, I used to sell new Suzuki’s and I don’t recall one person staying at a dealership in our auto group because they loved the brand. They go where the money is.. All Salespeople care about is there next commission payment. This person had no reason to lie about the car.

          • Sumpguard

            Sorry Joker but as I heard someone within a nissan dealership tell me to go for the D22 because it is made in Japan and the dearer D40 in Thailand your story doesn’t hold weight.

            Not everyone is just there for the paypacket. Maybe you were but thats just you.

          • Joker


            Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean we don’t give good honest customers advice on purchases…We just have a quota to meet every month. I remember I had one off month and My manager hinted if a second bad month ensued, he would need to reconsider my position. So whilst a poor base salary is enough incentive to sell, losing your Job is pushing down from above..
            I’d like to believe that Sales person had your best interests at heart (and they probably did) but the question begs to be asked, Which one has more Gross profit in it? ;).. The D40, probably- but not always the case :)

          • noMOAR!

            so if i read it on the internet does that also make somthing true?

    • troy

      Mazda 3 is ugly as sin

      cruise is a korean on holiday

      hyundai will own both soon enough.

      • Al Juraj

        It’s quite clear the Hyundai non-believer doesn’t know his car. Obviously he hates the brand because it’s Korean, but so is the Cruze. This is hard evidence that a lion badge is enough to make people think Holden is Australian.

        The Elantra is good enough to beat the ‘home-grown’ entry and perhaps the new Corolla if Toyota are stupid enough to put only four gears again, but not the Mazda3. The new Focus is also set to be the class leader; hopefully the sales figures reflect that.

    • Joker


      Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean we don’t give good honest customers advice on purchases…We just have a quota to meet every month. I remember I had one off month and My manager hinted if a second bad month ensued, he would need to reconsider my position. So whilst a poor base salary is enough incentive to sell, losing your Job is pushing down from above..
      I’d like to believe that Sales person had your best interests at heart (and they probably did) but the question begs to be asked, Which one has more Gross profit in it? ;).. The D40, probably- but not always the case :)

    • paul

      lol holden cruise in a korean car anyway its gm daiwoo also is the holden captiva and the barina so you dont really no what you are talking about,all holdens these days are daiwoo,previous holdens were opal europen crap

  • o

    Why does kia/hyundai not offer sat nav in australia or if they do it takes a year to get it installed.

    Also the premium is only 10k more than in the US =)

  • Hung Low

    This looks so much better than the I45! It should sell well, but what has happened to the diesel option as in the I30?

    • Dougie D

      Looks like a good car at the wright price. Should do well

      • Peter

        the right price too.

  • Toyota Guru

    I hope they fixed the dodgy steering that plagued the previous model Elantra.

  • Joker

    Saw a new Elantra rolling around the backstreets of Perth the other day.. Like like a Veloster at first froma a distance too.. Nice indeed.

  • anthony

    That motor is not going to hold up against 1.4 cruze. Sky active and Eco boost will also leave it for dead. I hope they have another motor in the pipeline or this will be another boring failed elantra.

  • Naughtyius Maximus

    car selling like hotcakes overseas! and will be same here!!!!! why…..really stylish, nice inside and motor is great figures for 1.8lt with good economy!

    Gee whiz other comments are mega funny gibberish!

  • anthony

    Drive the 1.8 elantra and cruze. Then compare it to the new 1.4 cruze. It is in a different league. When customers do a comparative test drive they will discount elantra all together. Wait 6 months and new elantra will be 18,990 drive away and people will still not want it

    • Goodfa

      I think you will find that the 1.8 Elantra will match the 1.4t in the Cruze.
      Even though the Cruze has more torque it is over 100Kg heavier.

      • troy

        and a holden

        • Anthony

          its all about useable power and torque. read the specs on the 1.8 in the elantra vs the cruze 1.4, golf turbo and new ford ecoboost and mazda skyactiv motors. these cars provide their torque down low where 90% of driving is done. thats why they get good economy figures and great driving experience. what good is 110kw at redline. think about how often the car will be at that rpm. in short goodfa, the elntra will not match the 1.4 cruze (in the real world) regarless of the 100kg difference you claim.

  • anthony

    The 1.4 cruze was not out 3 months ago. That’s Like me telling you now that the this new elantra is having problems. But I guess some people will believe anything.

  • http://caradvice Jordan

    Saw new Elantra today really nice!

  • Shak

    CA, now word yet on if we will get some of the high tech gadgets seen in other markets such as the heated rear seats, or the self parking option? Either way, this will be a very big thorn in the side of the established players. Once very competitive cars such as the Corolla and the Lancer are really lagging behind in almost all areas, even established market leaders such as the Cruze and 3 are going to get a shock when this hits the dealer lots and our TV screens. BUT only IF, they can get enough stock.

    • Dev

      dont think the model we get will have any of those hi-tech stuff you mentioned, you can go check their website.
      its pretty much the same things in this article.

    • Tim Beissmann

      Hi Shak

      Heated rear seats and self parking won’t be standard on any model, and are very unlikely to be available optionally either. Hyundai Australia will release the full details at Melbourne, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      Tim Beissmann

      • Shak

        Oh well, thanks anyway mate!

        • Sumpguard

          Heated rear seats in a $30 grand car from Korea. It’s a shame they won’t make it because that would really shake up the established names.

          I’d say Tim is spot on though. The American market gets all the fruit (and ugly color schemes inside) and we get the less well equipped ones but thankfully without those horrible tan interiors..

  • Crummydore

    I one at a dealer over the weekend and one on the road – quite a good looking car!
    I will be very interested to see how the review goes…

  • http://Audi Robj

    Why is Hyundai/Kia not in any motorsport? Like Toyota. No cred till they do.

    • Hung Low


    • troy

      are toyota still in motorsport???

      thats like “running slippers” if ya ask me.

    • Phil

      To be good in motorsport, they usually need a good car to start with…. Plus it’s not like they need “cred” seeing they are now the no.3 selling brand here.
      Do you really think more people will buy it because they have a done up model in a race? The V8 sillycars is as popular as ever, but the Falcador sales are dead.
      Anyway Hyundai did have a Accent in a rally at some stage.

      • Ima Hogg

        Toyota is only in the Arc(Australian Rally Championship) no more F1 or wrc for them.

    • Wil-son

      Check out the Veloster rally car before making silly statements about motorsport. Geez, they haven’t been around for anywhere near as long as Toyota, Ford, etc , but the have already had some rally experience, and don’t be surprised to see them in V8 supercars at some stage in future. Given 5 years they will be winning in some form of motorsport!!

      • Hung Low

        They rallied the Accent before all this!

  • Henry

    Great Car, all we need now is to see how it’s dynamics hold up in real word condition’s!!! And also a review by CA!!!

  • Andronicus

    It’s nice but not a home run.
    No GPS on premium model even?

    I think Ford have them pipped for overall package and price with new Focus while Holden have the hearts and minds (and money) of the people with their Cruze.

  • Hur

    It’s simply too expensive, it’s a Hyundai so if I pay for Hyundai I wouldn’t expect to pay that much for a car of that size..

    This does well in thestates, but so does the civic, yet the civic does very horrible in Australia..

    • Shak

      Because the Civic we get is vastly different to the one in the States.

      • Phil

        No it isnt, our normal civics are based on the USA one. You might be thinking of the British built Civic hatch which we also got here as the Type R and some hideiously expensive premium model (Type R since has gone out of production due to failing Euro5 and I suspect the premium hatch has been pulled from our market).

    • Blueberry

      Why do people persist on saying this garbage. ‘It’s simply too expensive, it’s a Hyundai so if I pay for Hyundai I wouldn’t expect to pay that much for a car of that size..’

      If you don’t want to buy it then don’t. The car is great quality, looks awesome, according to reviews drive very well and comes with a relatively large amount of kit. What more do you really want?

  • matt

    CA and readers.. a new auto focus at 6.6l/100k’s is better then this in automatic guise. cheers

  • Hertz

    This is pretty late to the market, Toyota is on the verge of introducing it’s next gen corolla..

    • troy

      break out the cardigans!

    • Nasal Explorer

      Is it the Elantra that’s late to the market, or the new Corolla. Perhaps the Elantra is early to the market? And the new Focus is even later!

  • F1MotoGP

    Compared to Corolla same engine size, 10kW more but 500 rpm higher, 3Nm more but 300 rpm higher, combined fuel economy only 0.3 liter better with 6 speed auto, fuel tank is smaller by 7 liter, 15mm shorter but 15mm wider and 35mm lower, wheelbase 100mm longer. I would still pick Corolla. Hyundai price should be cheaper. Warranty 2 year longer.

    • Corollas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

      Pity you – toyota’s build quality on the corolla is dubious at best – they can’t keep riding on their reputation from the ’70s for ever.

      The i30 runs rings around the corolla in build quality, and this will no doubt be built to a similar standard.

  • john

    I like the looks of this one but i’m waiting for the new ford focus sedan to be releast. I don’t like the holden cruze at all and won’t be wasting my time on it at all.

  • Roger Ramjet

    Hate to say it, but the Skoda Octavia 90tsi can be had at almost the same price as this base model with a far better engine and interior materials, and probably better equipped as well.

    The Lantra has some tough competition at this price point, is there any reason why this is not starting at $18990 on road like the Cerato?

    • idlebrain

      I don’t know what is the meaning of the almost same price mean because octavia 90 tsi start from 25,000+ on road.

      And I’d choose the golf over Octavia for the same price.

      • Roger Ramjet

        $24990 to be exact, but that includes alloy wheels, cruise and blue tooth.
        The Lantra will start from $20590 + on roads bringing it to around $24k – $24.5k.

        The Octavia is larger, more practical, has a better ride, nicer detailed interior, better built and reliability reputation as the Golf for the same price. I recently compared the I30CW trophy, Golf wagon and Octavia wagon and was left choosing between the I30CW and Skoda. For the $2k premium I ordered the Skoda!

        I hope Hyundai have a wagon on the cards!

  • anthony

    This is better than corolla. But for the asking price I would buy the Toyota simply because people pay unnaturally high prices for used corollas. When the factory advertise the elantra at 18,990 drive away then I would have it over a corolla.

  • goodjjp

    They start to bring price up…

    15 Steel Wheel cloth trim… torsion beam rear suspension

    If hyundai think they catch Toyota already… its big mistake.. for them..

    for that price.. would buy corolla better resale value

    Cheaper PART!!!
    (Hyundai part are damn expensive like honda)

  • troy

    i wouldnt even test drive a corolla…. its just a mini granry.

    the hyundai has an attitude a corolla hasnt had since the 70s. it will also be EVERY bit as good as a new corolla. people are still deluded in thinking toyotas are still the most relliable things, i see plenty on tilt trays, and newer ones with over 100k kms are showing signs of problems.

    toyota lost the plot years ago, they are just lucky that the large number of elderly people in the world, still beleive in them.

  • o

    It annoys me how complacent hyundai becomes once they are in the segment.

    look how well equipped the i45 is trying to break into the mid size segment. the base model should at least have alloys and the top HIDs and nav

    • Phil

      Whats the point of a base model then if it comes with useless gadgets?

      • Sumpguard

        I agree. I have satnav on my Samsung Galaxy mobile and won’t have to rip it out the dash when it fails or becomes obsolete. The HID’s I agree with though. They should be more mainstream now but even toyota are guilty of that.

        I think you’ll find that the Hyundai product is improving in resale value all the time too as the product improves. Certainly Losing $6000 after a year on my ix35 that retails for $44000 is hardly a nose bleed.

        I’d take the Elantra for a number of reasons over a corolla .Firstly because it is far better looking and 3 years of owning a corolla for me personally would be 3 years of boredom and fatigue.

        Then there’s that 5 year warranty amd when the car is sold at 3 years old I’d much rather buy a car that has a couple of years factory warranty than one that doesn’t regardless of what the badge is!

        When most motoring journalists rate the Cerato Hatch as a better buy than a Corolla you have to start asking why.

  • I Wonder

    I cannot understand why Hyundai went with the Elantra name when previous versions have not been the pride of the fleet, to say the least! Why not the I35? Had Nissan not used the Bluebird name on their last model it would have been a top seller – I had one and never put a spanner on it in 200,000km. I hope Hyundai owners get the same reliability out of this thing…it sure looks the goods!

  • DGS

    Hyundai seems a little confused – first with the i20 and now with the new Elantra.

    The price should be $19,990 drive away for the base modle. The Australian dollar is very high now – yet we are getting price increases. The Americans are paying less, and their dollar is worth less than ours.

    The Australian economy is not booming as the government implies – just look at how many businesses are going under and how may loan forclosures around the place. Now is not the time for Hyundai to try to present itself as a pestige brand (with preium price), the market is likely to be looking more and more for value for money in the next year or two.

    ….. and here come Great Wall, Chery and Geely with $12,000 drive away small sedans (by the end of 2011)

    • Phil

      Don’t worry, Hyundai i20 now has discounts of around $5000, Elantra will follow.

    • idlebrain

      Can you name one brand that decreased the price due to the high Aussie dollar?

      Last time, I read the article in CA that VW is going to decrease the price of the new passat by $7000 in US, but it’s not going to happen in Australia.

      And if you want to comapre this elantra with those chinese cars, go ahead with those cars and good luck with that….

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        no-one has reduced their rrp(except honda).everybody has factory bonus’s,cash back,free on-roads,extra warrenty,drive away etc though…

  • erneztp

    Did anyone realise the dashboard looks like autobot/decepticon staring at you?

    • john

      It is one of the better looking dashes that has come out.

  • nickdl

    Well for less money you could have the Cerato sedan. It has more power and torque than this while only having slightly worse fuel consumption. The Cerato is a much better looking car as well IMO, not that the new Elantra is ugly – in fact I think it’s much nicer than most of Hyundai’s current range. It will be interesting to see whether Hyundai can finally tune a chassis properly for local roads as their previous efforts have been promising but bad…

  • Rob

    Saw one of these today in White on display at the local shopping centre .. looked very nice, this should sell well for Hyundai, looked a lot bigger car than the specs suggest though?

  • http://caradvise Neville Baker

    Seen the Elantra today looks nice. have to look at the Spec’s later. Not sure what most of the above comment-tors drive if any modern car as reading through most sites Very few have anything good to say about any New Model Cars. Our Tidda due for a change and we are having trouble making our mind up so we are doing the get in and drive and making a list of GOOOD V Bad as we see it. What ever we choose wont be 100% made in one country. Plus what you look at Overseas wont be what you get in Austrlia

  • ZedTech

    I am a on road sales rep with a lot of contacts, many of whom have been driving a Focus as comp car. Nothing but very bad reports. Old Elantra was driven to death and never had a single problem. Hope that continues with the new model as now it looks as good.

  • http://hotmail paul

    lol holden cruise in a korean car anyway its gm daiwoo also is the holden captiva and the barina so you dont really no what you are talking about,all holdens these days are daiwoo,previous holdens were opal europen crap and hadalot more problems so there you go