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Following a number of leaked images yesterday, Mercedes-Benz has today pulled the wraps off the all-new 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class.

CarAdvice detailed the styling revisions yesterday, and can now reveal engine specifications of the new third-generation medium SUV, which is due in Australia in the second quarter of next year.

A number of models and engines have been announced for different international markets, ranging from fuel-efficient four-cylinders to a brawny AMG V8.

The ML 250 will be powered by a 2.1-litre twin-turbo diesel engine with 150kW of power and 500Nm of torque. Teamed with a seven-speed automatic transmission, stop-start engine technology and brake energy recuperation, the ML 250 will use just 6.0 litres/100km of diesel on the combined cycle. Fitted with an optional 93-litre fuel tank, the ML 250 has a theoretical range of 1550km.

The ML 350 Bluetec gets a new version of the 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine, which produces 192kW and 620Nm. It will return a combined cycle figure of around 7.5 litres/100km.

Kicking off the petrol range is the ML 350 BlueEfficiency. Its 3.5-litre direct-injection V6 produces 228kW and 370Nm, allowing it to launch from 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds.

The benchmark ML 63 AMG will get a twin-turbocharged V8, although there remains uncertainty over its displacement (4.7 or 5.5 litres). It is tipped to produce 400kW of power and 800Nm of torque.

A diesel-electric model – the ML 300 Hybrid – will launch overseas late next year. It will combine the 2.1-litre engine with a 15kW electric motor, for a claimed fuel economy rating of 5.2 litres/100km.

Mercedes’ 7G-Tronic Plus seven-speed auto and 4Matic all-wheel drive system will be standard across the range.

The new ML-Class shares its underpinnings with the recently released Jeep Grand Cherokee. At 4804mm long, 1926mm wide, 1796mm tall, and with a 2915mm wheelbase, the third-generation ML-Class is 24mm longer, 16mm wider and 19mm lower than the previous model.

A new ‘On&Offroad’ package will be optional and includes six driving modes (towing, sport, winter, trailering, and two off-road settings), a two-speed transfer case, skid plate, and extra air suspension adjustability. A decoupling anti-roll bar system will also be offered.

Other driver assist and technology features to be standard or optional depending on spec level include Active Curve System, Attention Assist, Intelligent Light System, Night View Assist Plus with automatic person recognition, Speed Limit Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Sport Assist, Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control, Active Park Assist, autonomous braking, Harmon Kardon Logic 7 audio system and COMAND system with internet access.

Mercedes-Benz Australia’s Jerry Stamoulis said it was still far too early to confirm Australian specifications, with the new ML-Class almost 12 months away.

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class will make its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

  • Car Fanatic

    500Nm of torque and potential range of 1500 k’s?

    That’s phenomenal, soccer mums everywhere will be beside themselves.

    Seriously though, the Germans are so good at incorporating power and fuel economy.

  • NotTheStig

    Same motor as in the C250CDI so imagine how that goes with less weight and a more aerodynamic body…

  • bob

    I’ll take the ML 63 AMG model. This new shape is quickly becoming my favourite of the bunch in this category…move over X5 and Q7! 400kW? Yessum.

  • A

    Can someone answer me a question? I thought this was just a big face lift when the pictures came out yesterday, seeing as the rear windows, the doors and the C pillar all appear to be exactly the same, but is this actually the “all new model”?

    • King Charlie

      Suppossedly a new model but looks like the one my wife drives. The door handles have been around since 1995 in the W163, the mirrors we have seen before, the interior dash controls from a 2007 C class. The headlights from the first series of the current model, the suspension from a Jeep. The back seats from Ssanyong Rexton including the door hinges.

      The dash cutout looks cheap.

      Is there anything else “new” in this car? BMW just makes good cars I think.

      • Devil666

        What do you mean by new? Technology never been used in a car? The actual pieces that make the car.

        Terrain response has been done before, sure. The 4×4 pack has been upgraded. Interior is totally new for this model.

        Then again, this is possibly the most fuel efficient car in its’ class, and the range is unbelievable. That is without a hybrid system.

        Considering the specifications of the offroad pack, that will no doubt make this one of the most competent SUV’s offroad as well, better than the X5 (which has never held a candle to any ML offroad), Q7 (quattro for wet roads only, struggles on wet grass), and the Cayenne (which has decided to dump all the heavy offroad tech).

        Seems Benz had LR/RR in its’ sights for this revision.

  • Don

    Doesnt the rear design looks a bit weird? It looks like the designers decided to just wack the tailgate and headlight from the e-class wagon?

    Other than that, great engine lineup from the diesels and the interior looks excellent!

  • Falcodore

    I’m waiting for the diesel Grand Cherokee, better looking car IMO. And essentially the same vehicle without the over-inflated pricetag.

  • S. Butts

    Looks like a Rav 4. I prefer the outgoing model personally.

  • Able

    This is just characterless IMO. It’s a collection of Benz group bits (CL headlights, Grand Cherokee interior and an old M-class body and current E-class wagon tailights) and it seems a bit weird to me. But I’m sure it’ll sell!

  • JD

    front headlights remind me of the current gen R class

    and now that i think about it, the first gen R class headlights looked similar to that of Ssaang Yong Actyon, likewise the tail lights in this gen to that people mover

    hopefully they have a better trim variety because that apricot/peach coloured trim looks disgusting

  • ozman

    Wow, the fuel economy stats and range for a big 4wd are amazing. I wonder if you can get the big fuel tank with the hybrid, 2000km range???

    My Jackaroo burns 14L/100km :(

    Hopefully the Jeep will have the same engines and be half the price.

  • yoga

    Iam not sure about this 2012 ML is new model or just a patch up job. Only different i can see is 2.01 4 cylynder motor. Iam still cosidering.


    the hidden catch is the ‘ urea additive’ ..it will cost you a bloody fortune to service this …..

    god help you if you get a diesel fuel thats dirty….

  • Andy

    Current and original model look a lot better. This one looks Korean (i.e: poorly styled)

    Looks like that hideous Ssangyong Musso from the 90’s that tossers would put a Merc badge on.