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  • Jimmy

    So, I thought there was a completely new model coming out soon? This is just a facelift right?

    • Jazrod

      This is the new model . . .

      • Roadtard

        The blue one looks more beaver than Beemer.

      • Jimmy

        That’s disappointing.

  • Jazrod

    The M-Package makes it look so much more appealing!
    Love it . . .

    • John

      You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

      • PeterG

        Or you can pretend it’s your girlfriend

        • Doctor Zoidberg

          Ahh, to have a pig for a girlfriend. I should be so lucky!

          - Doctor Zoidberg

  • A

    I’d like to see the back too, but so far I like this a lot more than the standard model.

  • HJP

    Looks better but still can’t get over the strange looking headlights.

    • JD

      the headlights here looks better than the headlights on the standard model

  • Car Fanatic

    Speaking from experience John?

  • flash

    BMW are on to something here, they release the worst photos first, polarising public opinion now they release better photos and a video showing the car in action, looking better again. This car will do well, the only rear wheel drive hatch in its class, more rear legroom, more boot space a more streamlined look compared to its predecessor and state of the art engines no doubt with better fuel efficiency. I’d say they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Troy

    The seats in this thing are hideous… the fabric is almost identical to that found in a Zetec Fiesta!

  • Shak

    Still think it looks like a mish mash of family design cues, and just whatever the designer could find in the magazines in the Office Loo at the time.

  • Polishing a turd

    Well, I’ll just wait to see what the Benz A-Class comes out like now.