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  • Mitch

    They should start making Utes aswell, take on the hilux and the others

    They could call it the iUte or iTruck

  • Frugal-One

    Falcon Ute on LPG fitted with a canopy would KILL this iload, and have $10k in your pocket….



  • http://barina SteveV

    Yeah, a falcon could really receive a fully laden pallet in the back…not! Not even in the same league FO.

  • Reckless1

    FO, bullshit.

    Ute does not offer 2nd row seat, and all your cargo gets wet. With a canopy you can’t get loads of any height in, let alone have side access.

    No ute competes with any van, that’s just a stupid assertion.

  • Frugal-One

    Steve –

    The canopy is easy and light to remove!

    I can load 2 x Chep pallets [and still have room left] on my cab-chassis tray FROM THE SIDE [not the rear, where you wont even be able to push them inside a van] together with the load being to high to fit in the rear door of a van anyway……

    Had 2 vans and 5 utes, Utes win

    Falcon 2
    iload o



  • Frugal-One


    Test drove the iload and it was ok, not as good as a euro van or hiace, but better than a skoda van.

    My falcon is a 3 seater, and its only jnr. that sits in the middle and the rooms ok.Has a 3 oint seat belt too, unlike the lap belt rubbish that the iload has.

    I carry tarps and ropes in my underbody tool-boxes, not that it rains all that much in melb…..groan!

    The lorry-load will be a cheap buy in 12 months time like all korean cars are 2nd hand.Oh, and they are wayyyyyyyy overpriced for a korean pos



    SPAM WORK “KIA” as in my ex KiaBongo aka Pregio!

  • Fenno

    I agree F-O, plus the fact that like all of the korean ventures into a new segment, they look good on paper but end up falling way by the wayside…Kia Pregio anyone…?

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net realcars

    Beware the vapid tongue of the Fugal One!!!

    The dual cab version looks good.

  • JW

    I wonder if this will put a fight to the HiAce, which I think has been segment leader for 20 years or something now?

  • Matt

    JW – I think it may do just that, it’s everybit as good. If people get over the badge, and buy on merit, the iSeries vans should prove very popular.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net realcars

    will have to come in significantly under Hiace pricing to counter the hallo factor. People prepared to pay 30-40% more for peace of mind especially if it’s for business and a tax right off.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net realcars

    At least Hyundai have made an effort to impart some styling and finesse to an otherwise work mule.

    Contrast to the Hiace which is strictly a box on wheels and no apologies at stupid prices.

    I think the dual cab should win some sales given the versatility of payload and seating for six.

    If anything should inspire Toyota to get real with the ask for the Hiace!

  • http://deleted Alex

    Frugal One – you may well be right about the ute thing but its infair to say because they are in completely different leagues. And also Skoda only make one van and its considerably smaller than this (its a roomster with no back seats or back windows) and they dont sell it here.

    • scoda

      Hows the skoda roomster going now?



    Frugal One, What SKODA van would that be???
    Skoda has not made a van since the fall of communism more then a decade ago?? And as the other guys said, your talking crap, van and a ute is are not even in the same league…
    Plus in a Falcon ute you dont get the benefits of sitting upright!!

  • Frugal-One

    Alex/TOMMO –

    Back in the early days [geez i am old!]the WORST P.O.S on the market was Skoda [still are, ed.!] so when ever you want to associate a vehicle with low quailty c/rap it was always a SKODA!

    Of course these days skoda are just cloned Golfs.

    Yes agree, the Van is a overpriced vehicle, its $900 cheaper than a HiAce, wonder which a tradesman is going to buy??
    The ONLY thing in lorry-iloads favour is the SIX-MONTH waiting list on most models of HiAces, so it might be a grude sale, pay more for a HiAce get it back at the end as in trade-in time.EVERYBODY wants a 2nd hand HiAce and HiLux.



  • Frugal-One


    They ask and GET the price of the HiAce, tradesman dont think its expensive at all.

    When i was looking for a new commercial vehicle, all i got “order today come and see us in 4 – 6 months for delivery”

    Its the right price, Toyota have been at it for decades, they sell and well and no issues [other than the wait]



    PS If you want a GREAT van get a Scudo by FIAT..!

  • Michael

    iLoad… The name reminds me of a movie I saw last night.

  • http://realcarsbigpond.net.au realcars

    Maybe so F-O but I still think they are way overpriced for what they are. If the Hyundai pricing is that close then I doubt they will make much ingress other than for the wait u mentioned.

    While the sun is still shining and we are all making hay the big ask may be ok but wait until a recession comes along and the cash flows start to dwindle and they will all be looking for low klm Pregios. LOL.

  • Dlr1

    If hyundai want to get serious they need to offer a Long Wheel Base model. The load area might be wider than most Japanese vans but its much shorter. The Hiace is around 450mm longer internally. For a tradesman fitting shelving or racking inside the extra width doesnt give extra storage when you consider that the shelving units run down the sides of the van and are a standard depth. I think the pricing is competitive but the durability claim is yet to be tested.


    Frugal-One in another words your talking sh*t… Since there is no Skoda Vans on the market!! Also obviously your mental age has yet to catch up with your physical age, if you reckon
    skoda’s are the biggest POS on the market, given your tastes!! So what VW clone is the Roomster exactly then?

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony

    Anyone that is currently knocking Skoda quality is frankly, not worth listening to for a second.

    Until you have driven a current Skoda – you are just not in any position to put this brand down.

    I can’t think of any writer here at Car Advice who hasn’t rated Skoda highly. That’s the driving experience AND the quality of the panel fit and fit out.

  • Pat E

    40+ grand for a Hyundai Van? A waiting list almost as long as the HiAce? Its not gonna work unless they drop the price further IMO.

  • Frugal-One

    “The 2.4 litre DOHC four cylinder petrol develops 129kW @ 6,000rpm but lacks the ability to rev quickly with only 228Nm available from 4,200 revs. The result is an engine that is challenged when confronted with any considerable payload and struggles to perform well in traffic or on the open road, especially if hills are involved.”

    AMEN Aussie 6 Falcon Ute

    Pure GRUNT!



  • Carl

    When i was a kid my father used to call the thongs, “Japanese safety boots”….now that wouldn’t make sense to a generation Y…..so i think we have to judge Skoda and Hyundai on what they are doing NOW not 20 or 30 years ago, having said that not offering cruise control even as an option is not good enough specially the way motorists are continually harassed by revenue raising cops and fixed cameras!!!

  • Steve

    We’ve always used Ford Econovans, since Ford don’t sell them anymore (stupid decision) and won’t import the Transit Connect van (also stupid decision) I’m gonna have to change brands. I won’t buy the overpriced Hi-ace with its low ground clearance and boxy shape, the Euro vans are also overpriced and have suspect reliability. I’m not convinced this Hyundau is the answer either, how does Car Advice know it will be reliable as they suggest – only time will tell. Just as well the Econovans go forever, looks like I’ll have to stick with the ones we’ve got.

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    All this talk of this van being overpriced is crap. 40k for a 2.5l diesol with the latest state of the art comon rail injection system with intercooled turbo deisol engine. No other van on the market comes close. The hiace is old hat next to this car and is considerably more dosh.

  • Matt

    Hyundai’s reliability is proven and the fact they’re willing to back this with such a warranty only proves they’re not mucking around. As to the build quality / engineering questions? As an engineer I can tell you the design and level of finish offered is both sound and for the R&D dollars spent – impressive. Hyundai aren’t what everyone makes them out to be (well not any more at least) and I’d ask anyone who judges the product without actually driving one to go and ask the local salesman for a steer. Same goes for Skoda.

  • Frugal-One

    I have and did PASS on the lorry-iload.




  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    FU, Why are you calling it a lorry-iload? I dont get the humour. Please explain

  • Chad

    Frugal One, why do you bother to even comment on any Hyundai post, when all you do is be extremly negative, the funny thing is i think secretly you like Hyundai, other wise, why would you be reading up on every Hyundai Story and leaving comments behind…

    Closet Hyundai Lover.

  • Garry

    Chad you are 100% correct again and I think you have described about 80% of the population.The amount of good comments from friends about my Tucson V6 but the last comment is “But I could never buy a Hyundai” very sad because I know they want to.

  • Ka

    Just bought an iLoad Diesel Auto (a demo) this morning for $36980 Drive Away (incl 2 door windows and rubber carpet, still wondering if I made a right choice, I work as Parcel Contractor for Australia Post, that’s mean I stop literally 10 houses on every street (around 170 houses a day), I decided on iLoad because to get into the driver seat isnt as high as the HiAce, and I think lets worry about resale later on, I saw on Carsales.com a few HiAce with bloody good price (cheap and perfect condition) and it dont sell for about 2 months, my Toyota Echo dont sell privately either, so forget resale, I like the iLoad because its an SBV (which mean safer) in UK and Europe they dont sell this HiAce, but they sell the SBV (looks like iLoad-machine on the front) model, and iLoad got ABS among others and it drives like a sedan. So Toyota selling lots of HiAce because Telstra use it and others follow. My head telling me HiAce, my heart told me iLoad, like all man, the heart win!!!

    I still remembers when I was young, buying Japs product mean cheap stuff, now every stores put Made in Japan as THE quality product.

  • http://jeep Eyma Teapot

    Well done KA, You made a wise decision, and the right choice. Just because heaps of boring , unimagineative[is that a word] tradies follow the majority and buy a hiace, doesnt make it a great car. Mcdonalds sell a lot of burgers but that not make it fine cuisine!
    The Iload is a superior van in every way.

  • Ka

    Thanks ET. its makes me feel better and not feel stupid for not following with the flock. I will take delivery next Tuesday. This will be my 5th van since I started 6 years ago, the first was a flop – an Mercedes MB100, then a HiAce SBV, then HiAce Diesel (1995 Model), present Mitsubishi Express WalkThru which is way better than the Express ‘flat nose’ but drink lots of fuel. So hopefully this iLoad will be the last and I can proof its a great van, which I am sure, it has a fantastic design from any angle, my wife the one wants me to buy this one…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Lightbulb

    You certainly have made the right choice as the iload is way ahead of the competition in every department. I had a look at the “new” Hiace van (which we will probably get in Australia soon) at Toyota’s UK web-site & can tell you that even though the new van looks great inside & out, the specs don’t match up to Hyundai’s iload. My local Hyundai dealer also told me that the diesel engined iload is better than the petrol version.
    Cheers !

  • Ka

    Lightbulb: Yes, yhe iLoad is a 2008 model, HiAce, Vito, Traffic, VW they are all 2004 model and just been cosmetically upgraded, I couldnt sleep before making a decision, as the HiAce Diesel and iLoad is exactly same price, but I went ahead to the Hyundai dealer and decided then and there. Thanks for your support. I also installed front bullbar ($995) and Parktronic ($595) the later is important as I hit trees, lightpole many times…..by the way, as this was a demo model (only 3500 KMS) it also has a barn door! I dont think Toyota will import the SBV (UK and Euro only) as they are selling the present ‘flat nose’ likes hot cakes, they wouldnt want the SBV to eat it, remember a few years ago they did have the SBV model, but discontinued….Thanks Lightbulb.

  • Frugal-One

    KA –

    You will pay in the long run, if the HiAce is the same price you would have to be mad to buy a Lorry-Load for the same coin.

    Just wait till you trade it, the HiAce will be worth AT LEAST 35% more.So in theory you could have paid 35% more for the HiAce and it would be worth the same in 3 years time.

    Toyota’s are very very strong on the 2nd hand market, esp. the HiLux, Toyota shoud advertise that more.



  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Lightbulb

    I just looked at Hyundai’s web-site again & in the accessories section there is only a reference to a “alloy nudge-bar”. In your post you mentioned a bull-bar (for $995) & I am wondering if you are referring to the nudge bar or an after market bull-bar ? Either way it is a very sensible purchase but if there was a full frontal bull-bar made for the iload I would certainly consider buying it.
    Cheers !

  • Ka

    Lightbulb: Yes it is alloy nudge bar, factory made and fitted by them, I hit a few fences that’s why I installed them.

    And to Frugal One: Thanks and appreciated your input, it was a very difficult decision, I know that in the long run HiAce has a better (and faster sell) resell, even though they have only 3 years warranty, as they already have strong market, but then for my work (Australia Post Parcel Delivery) HiAce just a bit too high to get in and out, and the Hyundai is more comfortable in the cabin. But my heart is telling me to buy Hyundai and my brain HiAce, finally my heart won! I have bought and sold so many cars in my life and God knows how much I lost! I remembers once I bought from an auction as SBV HiAce for $20G and after 18 months sold it to a Toyota Dealer for $22G and they sold it for $25G, so my principle is I lost it here and I ‘made’ it there. But again, remember Hyundai Getz when they first arrive? It was a flop, but after RAC declared it Best Small Car of the Year, they sold like hot peanuts same goes to the i30, its takes RAC to endorse it, who knows one day some organisations declared iLoad is Best Van of the Year….then my resell will be better, I just try to have faith, by the way what van do you drive? HiAce I bet!

    • rompo

      I just getting a job at australian post delivery parcel, I went to look for hiace they cost a lot, I went to see the iload, very comfortable and cheaper, mean a little bit more money left for me at the end of the day. but my boss told me, it has to be LWB what do you think of iload in term of load capacity for parcel? =) your kindly

      • DAVIDZ

        and in english?

  • Ka

    Frugal One: Yeah, I saw the Scudo, wants it but think about the resell and no auto, and the price, so opt it out. Read your input, you have the Falcon Ute, if my work permit, I would buy the Ford (or is it Holden? Pardion my ignorant) Crewman, on March issue Wheel magazine, Holden (GMC) designed a ute called Denali XT, that ute looks like Hummer H2 little cousin, its fair dinkum, but EXPORT only to the Yanks, what a pity! its a real beauty design wise. Byt back to van, Iveco seems very reliable, but too expensive.

  • http://evo Frugal One

    KA –

    All the best to you!

    ALL vans are far to expensive.

    I purchased the Falcon because the LPG factory system was only $500 and he ute

  • Ka

    Ta. You are lucky FO, to choose between Pamela Anderson and Elle McPherson but you got Kylie Minoque! They all are expensive to keep! Maybe should just take the dole and become a dole bludger and just be happy with Sheila! Ha

  • Ka

    Took my mate (an airconditioning installer) to see the iLoad yesterday, well, he was the HiAce ‘Man’ (driving it now), VW Transporter ‘Lover’ (almost buy one) and a closet Renault Traffic ‘Admirer’ and a Hyundai ‘Hater’, BUT after seeing and test driving and see all the specs and quality of the iLoad, he bought one then and there. Another converted van man. Enough said.

  • Frugal One

    KA –

    Realllllllllly tried to love it, but did’nt happen.

    Centre seat is rubbish, is the CENTRE passenger not worth it?
    No head rest on centre seat.
    No 3-point seat belt on centre seat.
    No trip computer.
    No cruise control.
    LPG not permitted on ULP.
    No A/T on ULP.
    WAY over the odds price.
    ULP engine to small for the job.

    Mark my words, will be king-hit at trade in time, they all do [esp. Korean stuff] only BigT products have demand 2nd/3rd hand.



    PS Very happy with the LPG fired Falcon!

  • Ka

    Yep, as I said this iLoad is perfect for my Parcel Post job, as I use the center seat and passenger seat for my tub (containing parcels), I bought the diesel not the ULP, cruise control an option add $799, not needed as I stop a lot on one street. I try to keep this one at least 5 years or more, so when time to sell, I wont lose much, and its Company car anyway. Good Riding with your Falcon. Have you seen that Denada X3 as I mentioned? You will like it!

  • Chad

    Frugal One… you really are a d..khead.. seriously. Wake Up and realise your in 2008

    How old are you? really?

  • Ka

    Well, after 2 weeks today, finally I will take delivery of my DEMO iLoad tomorrow, 2 weeks just to put 2 windows on the sliding doors and a reversing sensor…and the alloy nudge bar and rubber matt still pending, it has to come from Korea!!!! I wish Hyundai is more organised in stocking those items before they sell them under accesories!!! So rather dissapointed in the way they work, Honda is more up todate. I bought an Accord and all items on hand in a matter of days.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Lightbulb

    Ka: Congratulations & I agree that car makers should have the accessories on hand when you buy the vehicle. The accessories you have like side windows, reversing sensor & nudge bar will make your iload much easier to drive & park. I am surprised that there is a wider choice of colors for the iload compared to the imax, but my favorite is traditional white.

    Cheers !

  • Ka

    Thanks Lightbuld. White is OK, as MOST courier company prefers white. I wish its come in beige though!!! But then I couldnt use it for work.

  • Ka

    Another thing, I will have to fill it up with diesel tomorrow. 75l X $1.83= $136.50. OOUUUCH!!!!

  • G2G

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading your comments here particularly from Ka – thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge and prac experience on iLoad. Though, I also welcome FO and other’s comments here.

    I’m just about to purchase a van for parcel-courier work as an owner-driver (a newbie on this game he, he any tips?)and I could not decide whether to go HiAce or iLoad Diesel – after 2 weeks of consideration I think I’m 95% sure it’s iLoad now. :-)

    I checked out iLoad this morning (too early and the staff we’re ready yet) and I was was impressed by iLoad euro-styling and finish – got to go back and test drive it this afternoon.


    ps- i know Hiace is mechanically and structurally better but for what i need iLoad wins.

  • Frugal One

    Ka Says:
    May 29th, 2008 at 9:18 pm
    Another thing, I will have to fill it up with diesel tomorrow. 75l X $1.83= $136.50. OOUUUCH!!!!

    I filled up too.

    Falcon x 95L of LPG, must have been bugger all left in either tank?

    Here is the crusher, $54.05!! NOT OUCH! God Bless LPG!

    Seeya in ~700km’s time



  • Frugal One

    The Falcon fuel-economy is getting better as she frees up [over 4200km already]

    Trip Computer [dont try that in your lorry-load!] says 14.5L average, still not as good as the XH11 Ute but dealer claims a bit better will follow, and can get the LPG tuned more towards economy and less towards BHP, suits me fine.

    Want to be around 7c per km.



  • Watto_Cobra

    Frugal One, did you buy a run-out BF E-gas Ute? (I didn’t read the entire blog) I’m surprised because at the start of the year, every post you made about new Falcon said “FordOZ is doomed”. Did you end up with bench seat/column shift like you wanted?

    700kms @ 90L is 12.9L/100kms. I’d be quite happy with that from LPG considering the price difference.

  • http://evo Frugal One

    Watto_Cobra –

    Yes a run out BFMk2, one of the last built, March 08’!

    Ford are going to find it tough with the Falcon, fuel prices are going to make life difficult, this is my 3rd Falcon Ute, people may think i like them, i actually do, till somebody builds something better for less.

    Oh yes, practice what you preach, BenchSeat and mono LPG.

    Its less than 700km, i am to scared to run it right down, computer says low 14’s as in 14.2L/100km.

    Its cheap to run whatever it is, i will have a proper figure after its run in.



  • Watto_Cobra

    My old EB I use for a work hack is using 15-17L/100kms. Not bad considering it’s done over 340,000 very hard kilometres (I’m often towing heavy loads down rough dirt roads).

    Keep us posted on your economy.

  • Ka

    G2G: Well, drove it home, beautiful, just like taking Elle McPherson home to show to mom! I MADE a right decision, this is what van have to be, not just work horse, but beautiful to look at and comfy to sit and drive, not squashy like the HiAce and anyway, I am buying it for courier work not thinking about resale-imagine if all you think of resale-then BEFORE you marry Elle McPherson you start thinking how am I going to divorce her?

    To G2G: If you are in WA a John Hughes have a driveaway price for the Diesel Auto (with single back door) $36480. Mine its a demo, have barn door, and I install 2 windows ($350 each cost price) Nudge Bar $895 Parktronic $565. And rubber matt, all for driveaway $40000 (incl. stamp duty etc etc).

    G2G try Australia Post Parcel Contractor, you start early maybe 5Am but you (well me anyway) finish early, on Mondays I am home by 2,Tues, Wed, by 11 Thurs by 9 Fri by 10.30., not incl Xmas of course, and the pay is good, almost $70G Gross, if you work for others, like AustralianairExpress for example, they pay you $65G a year, you start approx 6 until 5!! 250Km a day, I have a SET RUN, which is only 50-60Km a day. Messenger Post (AustPos) also 10 hours aday with 300KM a day. Good luck. Its a hard work, but then at 56 years old I look at it like exercising and got paid for it. Good Luck with courier job and welcome to the iLoad Van Club.

    • george

      Hi Ka could you please email me on gelovaris at gmail.com re aust post contracting

  • G2G

    Thanks Ka,I appreciate your reply.

    Ohh iLOAD Van Club? Is there one? Are you the founder? He, he he…and no not WA, I’m NSW based.

    BTW, KA can you please send me your email address to G2GTransport@iprimus.com.au as I have some questions to ask regarding Austpost contracting. Sorry to be fresh. I hope you don’t mind.

  • bdog

    i’ve owned my 08 iload for over 2 months now,went for the diesel manual,does everything i need it to do…after owning merc sprinters,vito’s[ the iload is deffinatly quicker than the vito] ,renault master’s ,vw’s etc in europe,i have to say the iload is the best of the bunch,drives like a car ,much more pleasent to drive than the toyota that has limited cabin space.
    i for one would not have seen myself driving a korean van 12 months ago,but with the 5 year /160k warranty that comes with the van it’s a bullet proof deal.
    who gives a shit if the 3rd seat is not full size..my dog hasn’t complained about it yet
    build quality/reliability has improved dramatically for hyundai over the last few years…this is 2008….not 1988…[just a reminder for people still wearing blinkers]

  • Ka

    Bdog. you are a champion! I drove mine a week now, it does drive like a car, smooth, very quick too! I tried to find something wrong with it, but cant! I am taking another contract with Australia Post on 1 September and decided will take another delivery of my second iLoad, the hardest decision would be manual or auto (as the other is for my son who I will employ) and you are right, hiAce has a good brand name but you feel like you are sitting in a gas chamber meanwhile with iLoad you feel like you are sitting on a good quality, expensive ‘car’ just look at those big bulging front lights!

  • Ka

    Just came back from a Hyundai dealer this fine Saturday morning, a friend of mine, the airconditioning man just bought one iLoad CREW Diesel manual, with rubber mat, cruise control (additional), 12 months license for $36800 driveaway.

  • http://bugatti ray

    saw one at Adelaide mtr show had to have one. driven toyo and mazda for ages,now converted love my iload crew van.bought the diesel 5 speed great van for wife and 3 kids all in teens lots of room,also wife bought i30 diesel 5 speed we bouth do lots of klm as we live out of city and clock up about 1200km each a week. and now saving $$$$ on fuel bill cheers

  • Ka

    Good one Ray! i30 is a fantastic car! 4.7L/100!!! I have been trying to look for a second van, thinking a Vito maybe (they have on special a ‘lease’ system), but again, an iLoad is still the best choice, so a second iLoad is on order.

  • fr


  • fr

    Have been driving the 2.5 lit deisel Iload since 14/may/08
    and loving it, it’s quick,quiet,economical and a head turner.
    I get between 8 to 10.5 lit per 100 km out of it depending on the conditions.
    go Hyundai!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmyj

    I’ve been watching this thread a while now…I have had a 109 Vito since Feb 05 and has 167000km and has not missed a beat. I’ve had a need for a 2nd van and looked at the Hyundai I-Load Crew and Hiace. Even tried to find a Fiat dealer with a Scudo to look at and no one in Vic had one !!!!
    Ended up buying a Vito 111 5 seater crew van (so I can use it as a second car – with the kids)…it has a new seat that folds forward so I can fit more in. The dealer I purchased it from invited me to an MB drive day at sandown and it won me over….The things we did in vito’s and sprinters you would never get away with in any other van….Yeah I paid a little more than a hyundai and a touch more than a vw, but the esp system (load sensing)and the other safety features won me…..especially when my kids are in it!! I guess that why the ambo’s and now aussie post (saw a new sprinter on Monday) drive mb’s (albeit Sprinter!) Oh and good warranty

  • Ka

    Dear Jimmyj: IF I have the mean and the cash, I would buy the Vito of course, especially as its with the kids, but after looking around, a 2006 Vito 109Ex Long with 35000KM cost $35000 and by the time you put stamp duty…it will be $36000, so a brand new auto iLoad I can get for the same price. Ambulance: They got money for it. Australia Post they have OUR money to buy it for! As they will add an extra 5cents on postage soon, which will buy LOTS of Sprinter!!! Talking about warranty, I dont think MB/Toyota et al can beat Hyundai 5 Year Warranty!

    Fr: That’s what I experienced when driving it! Head turner and it LOKKS soooo expensive!

  • Jimmyj

    Ka…understand and I had to stretch to get into the Vito, but that’s what I valued. Resale was also a big thing as I to looked at used and receiced a rippa deal on my other vito – which I have kept for as a second van for my business (I import fibres which are basically teddy bear stuffing!!!!) The extra long vito seems biiger than the hyundai (as did the hiace and lwb transporter)

    It also helped with the 111 giving you a choice of manual or auto. before the 109 was manual only, 115/120 auto only.

    Don’t get me wrong, I looked at the Hyundai – I have had a Hyundai car, but it was the safety that shone through.
    Vito is now standard with cruise and an esp system for my box trailer which was a suprise…also standard.
    I hear from a good source that Hyundai are brining a bigger van in?? Not sure how big, would suspect it would be a longer wheel base of the iload?

  • Eagle1

    I load is certainly a challenger, and well specked. It will be quicker than most vans on the road with the exeption of a Vito 120 (bullet).
    FO question the resell value of the iload, what about the ute. I think when it comes to a vehicle you will drive all day then comfort and safety should be high up. Ka you did well and it probably shows you have owned a few vans in the past, sometimes you need that experience to decide whats important to ‘you’. Diesel is always more desirable for commercial vehicles… I purchased a Vito 115 (48k, very close to an iload. For now very happy with my purchase, but certainly respect the iload. Next generation of iload will be even better.

  • Jet Andersen

    Just wanted to add my two bob’s worth to the conversation.

    I’ve driven both the petrol version I-Load and diesel powered automatic Hi-Ace(SLWB) in the last two months. I started with the I-Load and ran up 6000km on the clock, before recently switching over to the Toyota which is now sitting at 1500km. Both are very comfy vans with good room but I do have to say I’m more comfortable and happy with the Toyota.

    The I-Load is smooth on the roads and does ride very much like a car but as stated, the power off the mark or when required is lacking when loaded. The centre seat is a bit frustrating and with six to eight drink holders scattered around the cab, one would think some of that space could have been utilised more effectively.

    On the subject of fuel economy, I was impressed with the I-Load as I was getting 650+kms to the tank at approx 66L per fill. Granted, a lot of that was freeway driving, when you take into account typical motorway conditions in Brisbane atm during peak hour and I’m heading to and from the Gold Coast daily.

    All in all, I was happy with the drivability and comfort factor of the Hyundai as I’m just as content with the Toyota. To be honest, I don’t understand the relevance to a low clearance height on the Toyota or the fact it is “boxy” because one’s cosmetic rather than purely functional and the clearance is more related to how you’re driving for the most part, at least that’s how I see it.

    I think a lot a people will be happy with the Hyundai options simply due to the delays in getting access to Toyota orders. My company was lucky we got ours earlier than expected (but still months later than forecast) but we are still using the Hyundai rental van until such time as our contracted vehicles are supplied.

  • John

    Have been doing some research on this van but i can’t seem to find any details on wether the rear seat in the Crewman version will fold away allowing more space if needed. Otherwise all seems well.

  • John

    At this stage my price for the crew is $32000 not bad for a new van i think..

  • bas

    I do not think they fold away …
    Have you seen the cargo barrier in it ?
    It will take some time to take it out first.

  • And66

    For anyone interested.. I’m a sparky and own 2 Hiace SBV’s. They have been very reliable, 430K with only shocks and alternators needing replacement.. even original clutch. Test drove the iLoad diesel manual yesterday and found it an excellent performer. I pefer the SBV style van rather than sitting on top of the front wheels. iLoad has heaps of grunt, good seating position, pedal layout good. Disappointed there is no cruise control, not even as an option. Would also prefer plastic flooring like hiace as very easy to clean, but hey, seems like a very good vehicle

  • http://na drew

    Hi KA,

    just wondering how your van has been coming along?

    Anyone know if cruise control is available? And66 says it isn’t but someone above mentioned it was..


  • marty

    l have had my i load for 6 months now . and it has spend most of its time back at the dealers . where there still trying to find a rattle . ( very pissed off ) wish l had got a vw now .

    • GHOST



      • DAVIDZ


  • http://na drew

    marty , whats been going on with your iload?

  • marty

    hi Drew the rattle is coming from in behind the dash on drivers side at 2500rpm to 3500rpm . It’s a metal on metal sound ? Hyundai has pulled all of the dash out to try and find it . So now l have a new van with a damaged dash ( not happy )There next move is to replace the hole drive train ? l belive the noise is in the body .l would just like a new van now, 6 months is to long f##### over it .

  • bas

    any other issues with iLoads ?
    Thinking of getting one and just want to know how good they are ? thanks

  • Chris

    Hi all
    Did loads of research on the web and drove ALL of the competition but decided the iload was the best for me. The local dealer (Maroochydore) hoped to have petrol 5 speed in a week with 14 test drives already booked. I had driven a auto diesel when they were first released and was VERY impressed.
    ‘course an auto diesel was $39500 drive away so bugger that!
    I found an 08 plate diesel auto demo in Sydney at Truscotts for $30990 drive away. Bit scary buying at a distance but my 02 vito with 300,000 ks was falling apart with rust and repairs valued at more than the trade in value!!!!!!!!
    I bought it,flew down and drove it back to the Sunshine Coast. Filled up at Gosford and made it to Brisbane on ONE tank. 66.25 Ltr for 840klm. Fucking excellent!!!
    First impressions are good. body is tight, no rattles, great HVAC and stereo. Empty van is noisy but not bad when at speed. Hi beams great but low beams a bit short. My wife came down with me(mainly for a bit of Sydney shopping and ended up driving 450 klm of the trip back, she loved it!)
    I install TV antennas and will soon be setting the van up with ladder racks and the rest of the gear from the vito.
    More to follow but for now i’m happy

    • kims pool&spa services

      hi chris i am also on he sunny coast i to bought mine from sunco marrochydore and the only thing i didnt like when dealing with them is being yold by the salesman dave is that “we dont make any money selling new cars ” yeah and i dont make any money doing pool maint – i do if for charity – i will have to get that salvation army sign taken off my van lol but i do love my i load lol

  • bas

    Hi Chris,
    did you consider the later model Vito (2004+) ?
    it is possible to get 2005-2006 Vito for $30k price range.
    How is iLoad compare with Vito ?

  • wilko

    Have just purchased a new manual turbo diesal iload for work and have been impressed with the feedback from this forum.I wasnt sure which one to buy.Went and looked at the Vito but it would have been 40000+ and the iload is 36000 with ladder rack tow bar and on the road.

  • bas

    wondering how expensive is to service iLoad ?

  • Phil A

    Hi there, after looking at iload, vito 111 and peugeot/citroen vans, i bought a new vito 111 manual. While the test drive was impressive, the real world use is not as good. Underpowered it is and performance/economy is badly affected with a bit of weight. Also, it has very low gearing. It revs at about 2400 RPM @ 110 kmh. Not good enough, especially for a 6 spd manual bred on the autobahn. Around town economy is OK, 9-10 l/100k, but on the hwy trips, struggling to better 9 l/100k, easy cruising. Hopefully it will get better as it now has only abt 4000kms on the odo. When i test drove the iload, they REALLY impressed me. I’m not sure why i didn’t buy one. It was near impossible to get an iload with ESP though, and i suppoose the safety and dynamics won out in the end. Didnt consider the VWs, as i had bad experiences with them (fwd cv joints etc). But the iloads are a damn good workvan, and definely the best value.

  • Peter

    Last saturday I purchased a iLoad. It will be deliverd i two weeks. My current 2006 HiAce has only done 160000 kms but I have had a lot of problems with the transmision. The quality of Toyota is wastly overestimated. You can not fit a standard pallet between the wheel arches in a HiAce which is a big minus.

  • Bender

    Hi all,

    My intro:
    I work for a small freight company as a couier, on a wage and car provided. I am looking at buying my own van and going the owner driver route. As I’m on a fairly low income at present it’s been a stuggle to save for a new van, but I’ve finally got there.

    What I drive/driven:
    New HiAce man, diesel – 3 weeks ago til current
    2006 Bravo man, deisel – 2006 til the above
    2004 Ford RTV auto LPG – 2004 til the above(the worst car ever built)
    1998 Econovan man, LPG/ULP – 2002 til above

    What i’d like to know is:
    Can an iLoad owner or someone in the know tell me what the servicing cost are for this van.(If it’s anywhere near the Fords, they can keep it)

  • Bender

    I’d just like to add that the Hiace is horrible if your getting in and out of the vehicle allot, you have to hike your rump over the wheel arch with the only footing right up the nose near the accelerator peddle. It’s noisy and cramped to. The old Econovan was better to live with and my mates old Priegio was too. Hiace, what a waste of $38,800. I wouldn’t buy one…

  • otto au

    Lorry load…


  • http://activepestcontrol.com.au Allan Lindfield

    I have just purchased a new Iload and was very impressed when I drove it home, but when I parked in driveway I notice little dents in the panels I took it straight back and they told me that they were manufacture dents which happens when they spot weld panel. I dont think this is good enough can any else tell me if they have had the same problem and what was done about Thanks

  • Hanoman

    Has anyone towed a caravan or boat with an iload?

  • Tigger

    I have only had my new Hyundai i30 hatch for a week only done 500km and its making a rattle noise in the dash on the drivers side! It starts off as a tapping noise and as a drove along the highway it turns into a rattle… Not happy Jan!! Any ideas??

  • Ro

    Can somebody tell me how much does an ILoad servicing cost

  • cocotang

    After much deliberation,sussing out Hyundai dealers for the best price I have finally placed my order for a new Iload….Tho’ it won’t be here until May as I have ordered a red one…(no extra cost to me too)…
    I had the choice of buying either a petrol or diesel…After test driving the 2.4 petrol,I found it to have very similar power to my current ’98 VW Transporter 2.0…
    Altho’ the diesel is almost $4500 dearer than the petrol,the performance and fuel saving I think is a far better option than the petrol version…
    I have also ordered fixed sliding door windows which is great for reversing….
    Fixed windows prices varied from $250 up to $330 each….
    Has anybody taken up the interior protection and rustproofing and paint protection plan offered by Hyundai dealers…??…I was wondering if it was worth it…??..

    • toxic_horse

      Generally those paint protection and rust proofing offered by dealers are a total rip off. They send them off to a local business who do the work, then they double the price and make a huge profit. If you want those things, you are far better off going straight to the business who will do the work.
      Saying that, modern paint protection is very good.

      • cocotang

        Thanks Toxic-horse….
        I actually sussed out paint and rust protection services online and altho’ some prices were a little cheaper than what was quoted by the dealer,it was different methods of rust-proofing….For instance,one company does rustproofing via an electronic battery method….How that and if that works is a mystery to me…??..
        I was hesitant about getting the deal from the dealer,and you have made up my mind and I will do my own research….

  • 3201josh

    hi all, had my iload since sep 09 bought as a demo, only drama so far is a steering shake at high speed braking, ive been notified that my brakes need machining,at 19000kms. servicing costs have been around $300 for my 12mth and my 24mth getting done today is set to cost around $600-$700 not including fixing up my brakes(not covered under warranty). Also was disappointed with the servicing department, evidently you should do a service every 7500 but the kms put on my sticker gave me a 17000 interval, when i questioned that,I was told thats fine by sales and its a new diesel that needs less servicing, when I dropped it off today i was informed that this was wrong. All in all ive been extremely happy, i can fit two dirt bikes with all gear perfectly, 3 is a squeeze but do-able.

    • 3201josh

      update. The discs will be covered under warranty under 20000k’s so if your getting any type of shake get in there before then. to break down my 690 dollar service all the filters get changed at the 24mth service so with a 110 dollar fuel filter things start adding up by the end but with a charge to take away my oil(done for free)25 dollars in work shop supplies( expensive rags) 110 dollars for oil oh and a fuel additive (diesel treatment????) i feel there are a few unneccessary charges included. Im definately going to my own mechanic who i can consult with and has worked on my car personally instead of a service manager whos straight off the sales floor and wont give me straight answers and an underpaid over charged apprentice doing my service. by the way my diesel is getting around 730ks/tank in city driving and a bit more on the free way still with a fair bit left on the guage. too scared to push the empty line.

  • kims pool&spa services

    i have had my i load since december 15th 09 and i purchased a new petrol model and so far in 2 months ive done 6000kms (alot in a short time i know) and im EXTREMELY picky and fussy and people out there I kove it however hyundai will rob you for the aircon curtain with cargo barrier i was quoted $1192 and went to a towbar shop and got it for $555 (whats with that hyundai were not stupid)the only things i didnt like was where the aircon barrier sits inpeeds on the loading space on the vans sliding doors (cant load a 24″sand filter in side doors)and tiin paintwork in sliding door runners so check that before acceppting your vehicle – out of a 75 ltr tank iam getting 600kms so their advertising 10km/ltr is rubbish and 85% of my driving is at 80kms/phr or more so there the only grizzles i have but alll in all im very happy with the petrol motor/gearbox package and look awesome with limo tint and chrome nudge bar so i highly recommend the i load – looks great and not like a shoe box unlike the toyota hiace and heaps cheaper but time will tell i guess :)

  • http://www.aussiespeed.com white iload

    i have had my diesel auto crewvan for just over 6 months, I put a set of alloys,limo tint & color coded the bumpers,only problem i have had is central locking packed up twice. i have used it to tow my skiboat, towed a loaded trailer & i must say i am over the moon.. never thought i would be driving a 4 cylinder diesel auto van. best car i have ever had for work & pleasure… servicing is reasonable the oil they say at the dealer is expensive and fuel economy around town is heavier than i thought..

  • http://www.3dm.net.au Mike Wilby

    Overall sounds like positive commentary on the I load , I spent some time in Korea and am happy to believe that it can achieve the legendary reliability of the Toyota’s (I have a 60 series cruiser approaching half a million kilometres)
    I like the diesel the styling the fact that it is an up to date design , only flaw for me as a carpentry/maintenence contractor – why is it just to short to put an 8 by 4 sheet inthe back of?-2440mm for the metric only amongst us- Does anyone know if a lwb is likely , till then I am still lusting after a 4motion VW transporter -low roof lwb diesel with good write ups (other than service cost)

  • i like

    hey Frugal one, you seem to love you ford ute, i can tell you that you cant beat a van with a ute, i have a holden ss 5.7 ltr ute with gas and 300 kw and it goes good, but when it rains i get the shits as you try and get tools in and out of the rear when its raining and you have no under cover parking on site.

    i avg 18ltr per 100km on gas, would be no different if i had a iload 2.7 D, i drove one and i liked it, i even think it would beat your falcon off the line without a sweat! (pretty quick)

    the are like 33000$ standard to abn holders without negotiating. cheap i say and the extras are very cheap, service is cheap, warranty is good and its a solid built van.

    thumbs up to the ILOAD, ILOAD ILOAD ILOAD

  • Shaddow

    I am currently looking at purchasing a new Iload. I’ve had a look at the Merc and VW but I couldn’t justify the extra 15k because of a badge and a ststus symbol. Also had a look at the Transit, also impressive. As for the ford ute, and yes I am a Ford man, ARE YOU ON DRUGS Frugal One? How the hell can I get 10 42″plasmas, 10 hometheatre packs and 10 dvd players into a ute? Utes do have an application, agreed but as far as carrying capacity goes the van is way in front of the ute. Anyway, for me I think it will be an Iload. I talk to the dealer tomorrow.

    • Jabba the Hut

      Plenty of people are happy with this van.

  • LenZ

    OK, we’ve just bought a Diesel iLoad for my wife. We own Border Collies and they do some agaility work. So she gets to load all her equipment in the back and have the dogs in the middle. We separated the areas with two cargo barriers (the middle one had to be custom made by Milford’s so now they have a template! .. lol!)

    Has anyone done any rust/paint prevention and can they recommend anyone in Sydney (say brooky area?). Would like to put some 17″ alloys on it eventually. Anyone esle running them?

    Loving the iLoad so far and right now the positives outway the negatives.

  • gazza

    josh,you said the brakes are covered under warranty up to 20 000k, so does this apply for every 20 000k after that. have you been quoted for out of warranty work such as machining discs, pads, new discs & labour ?
    will they stand by their 5 year/160 000k warranty if you don’t service it through a hyundai dealer ?
    my experience with dealer/service centers is they will all rip you off.
    has anyone else had vibration under braking ?
    or any other problems ?
    any other hidden warranty/conditions or small print ?

  • MrCourier

    I’m a courier driver and purchased an Auto Diesel iLoad just under 12mths ago.

    Drives really nice, couple of things I don’t (didn’t) like about it.

    1. Safety feature – auto locking doors when you hit 40km/hr. Dealer turned this feature off for me at 1500 service, extremely annoying for a courier driver who is stop/starting every 2 mins and hits 41km/hr between stops :)

    2. gazza mentioned the “vibration” under breaks. Only happened a couple of times to me, but it’s a worry – it’s like you are without breaks for a second – a worry when you are driving towards a wall.

    3. I haven’t had it serviced by Hynudai – other couriers have told me too many bad stories about over priced servicing- so I’ll stick with my local mechanic.

    4. The most annoying – and this would be a killing point for me purchasing this van again. I’m at around 25,000km and due for some new front tyres (rears are lasting a bit longer). The van comes standard (well mine did) with Hankook tyres. I’m told there is no Hankook distributor in Qld for the moment. I’ve found some suitable tyres (similar price to Hankook I’m told also). I’m looking at $240 per tyre? Are you friggin’ kidding me? I’m looking at 4 new tyres per year – so $1000 (by the time they are fitted and a wheel alignment is done).

    My previous van was a Ford Econovan Petrol Auto. I always said that Ford still sold these I would have bought another one, pity they don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, the iLoad is a really nice van to drive – but come on – anyone buying these is going to do a hell of lot of kms in it per year – why the hell use such a weird arsed tyre size? I had larger customers when I had my Econovan, often carrying 500+ kg and the tyres ($80 each) functioned just fine.

    Regular servicing + a set of tyres each year and you’re looking at $2000 to own this van on top of your other standard fuel & rego expenses.

  • Des

    I’ve had the ILoad Diesel Auto for over a year now. Overall it’s a good to drive (my first van) for a van. Goes well, smooth and reasonably quiet.

    The only disappointment is the fuel economy, around town I’m getting around 500k’s to the tank (which is 75L) when I drive nicely.

  • Ray

    I have taken them all for a drive-Transit,Hi-Ace.The iLoad leaves them for dead-4 wheel disk brakes/much more power/tacho and better instrumentation,mp3 player and ipod plug/better suspension/5year warranty…my present Hyundai Sportswagon is 15years old,has 250,000km on it,never had a service(except the 1st free one-I just changed the oil and filter every 10,000km)just 2 exhaust systems, new disk pads…still drives like the day I bought it.Service is bullshit.Just change the oil and filter every 10k and it will last forever.I pick up my new iLoad on the 31st April $32310 drive away.I never went for accessories they were just priced off the planet.I will buy “copies”/non-genuine parts.Hi-Ace is basically the same van that came out years ago-they have rested on their laurels and name and have not upgraded or improved the thing much.Also they are far too expensive for what they are offering and they won’t do deals.For some reason, we get the shit Hi-Aces here.They sell updated versions in Asia e.g. the Philippines with tacho and better panels etc.

  • Mongooman

    All I can say is why are the Sydney suburban Police departments buying up iloads by the dozen for their fleets and used as paddy wagons? They seem heavy duty? Can someone back me up and comment on that, they dont look flimsy tinys like the Hiaces, dont think the rear wagon part Panels would echo a lot of vibrating road noise?, once again can someone comment on that? Think Toyota could have done a better job of the rear Panels on the Hiaces! I’m in two mindsets about whats the best brand to buy. Seems for value for money and latest safety features, the iload looks the best, only the reviews on the fuel economy appears misleading from what the manufacturers spec are saying and what the owners are saying. How does fuel economy really compare with other brands ie Toyota Hiace/Ford Transit/VW Transporter wheres the reliable data? Think on the whole the diesel option looks best but gee theres a big price difference between petrol & diesel, can it be justified?

  • lar

    i have vw transp. 2000 mod. 80 lt. tank 900 km city drive towing trailer . thinking buying iload diesel , what do you thik

    • DAVIDZ

      LIGHT CLUTCH is what i think…

  • Michael04b

    Can anyone tell me what type of oil and viscosity they use in the Iload diesel transmission 5 speed

  • http://www.extraordinarybusinessprofits.com.au/ Tony Anderson

    I have had my diesel auto Iload for 3 years and had not one problem with it. In hide sight I may have chosen a manual, but those thoughts vanish when driving in traffic.
    The iLoad is a really well built, reliable van. Having recently done 3 trips between Adelaide and Alice Springs towing a tandem trailer, I found it very comfortable and economical – averaged 12.5 l/100k towing the trailer at speed limit.
    I got 40k out of the first set of Hankooks and at 80k I am about to fit another set. I run them at 50psi.
    I carry 500kgs of tools and stuff around all the time so this cuts the economy a bit, but I still get around 12-13 mostly.
    I just love the grunt from the turbo diesel – especially when towing.
    My mate bought a Merc Vito about the same time I got my iLoad. He paid $20k more (V6 Diesel). Sure, he has an extra 20kw but he has had no end of issues with it – 6 warranty claims in the first 2 years.
    As a builder, I love the iLoad, it is perfect for me. All my tools are safe and dry, I can fit a 24×12 sheet of board in the back, and 6m lengths of timber on the rack. Its comfortable and economical and easy to drive. (You just gotta love that 11.2m turning circle)
    There are just a couple of things I would advise a potential iLoad buyer:
    -Get a good aftermarket cruise control.
    -The first thing you do with it is drive it to somewhere that does wheel alignment. (The i30 and the iLoad I bought both had bad wheel alignment on delivery)
    -Avoid the rip-off servicing at the Hyundai Dealer. (They wanted $720 to change brake pads. I changed them myself in under an hour for $183. = $550/hour for me!) All the services are really over-priced at the dealers.