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Ford Australia has revealed the pricing details for the 2011 Ford Mondeo equipped with the all-new 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine ahead of its local launch in July.

The Ford Mondeo Zetec EcoBoost hatch will be priced from $37,740 while the top-spec Ford Mondeo Titanium EcoBoost hatch will start at $44,990. The new engine is not available in the Mondeo wagon.

The 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine replaces the 2.3-litre Duratec unit, which is now available only in the base model LX hatch and wagon. The EcoBoost engine produces 149kW of power and 300Nm of torque (between 1750-4500rpm), up from the 2.3-litre’s 118kW/208Nm figures.

The EcoBoost’s combined cycle fuel consumption is 8.0 litres/100km and it emits an average of 187g/km CO2 (down from the Duratec’s 9.5 litres/100km and 227g/km).

Like the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel model, the EcoBoost’s power will be delivered to the front wheels via a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The EcoBoost engine and new transmission add $1500 to the price of the Zetec and Titanium models. The specifications of both cars otherwise remain the same. Prices of all other models in the 2011 MC Mondeo range are unchanged.

The pricing of the Mondeo EcoBoost models gives us an indication of what to expect when Ford launches the Falcon EcoBoost in the first quarter of 2012.

It appears Ford Australia is unlikely to charge a significant premium for the new engine technology, suggesting the four-cylinder Falcon will be priced reasonably compared with the current inline-six, which starts from $40,290 in XT specification.

Although it is yet to be confirmed, the 2012 Ford Falcon EcoBoost is expected to produce 177kW of power and 339Nm of torque, with combined cycle fuel consumption figures around 9.0 litres/100km. The Australian-made I6 produces 195kW and 391Nm while burning 9.9 litres/100km combined.

2011 Ford Mondeo manufacturer’s list prices (excluding government and dealer charges):


  • LX 2.3 Duratec – $30,990
  • LX 2.0 TDCi – $34,990
  • Zetec 2.0 EcoBoost – $37,740
  • Zetec 2.0 TDCi – $39,740
  • Titanium 2.0 EcoBoost – $44,990
  • Titanium 2.0 TDCi – $46,990


  • LX 2.3 Duratec – $32,840
  • LX 2.0 TDCi – $36,840
  • Zetec 2.0 TDCi – $41,240
  • Titanium 2.0 TDCi – $48,490

  • Car Fanatic

    Big improvement on fuel economy and performance. If the ecoboost doesn’t sell something is drastically wrong with either Ford or the car buying public.

    Don’t think much of the Falcons figures though.

    • Shak

      With you on the Falcon Car Fanatic. i was expecting some more impressive numbers. Achieving only 9 litres doesn’t seem like much when the Falcons direct competitor already achieves close to that while producing more power, and not much less torque. And while the Falcon would probably still be more driveable in real world conditions due to its extra torque, Joe Average sees power first and foremost, and Holden will be sure to capitalise on this fact in their marketing.

    • Trouble

      Nobody but Ford know the Economy figures for the Falcon yet. Estimates from other publications range around the low-mid 8’s.

      • Frostie

        An EcoBoost 6 cylinder would be more fuel efficient than an EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine in a Falcon. Because a Falcon is too heavy for a 4 cylinder. Holden had the same problem with their 4 cylinder VC commodore. You’ll have to rev it harder which uses more fuel.

        Unless you drive in places where the roads are flat and straight, and there is always a tailwind following you.

        • Aussie bender

          VC never had a turbo. Get with the times.

        • nickdl

          You lost what little credibility your statement had when you compared a twin turbo four cylinder Falcon to a 31 year old four cylinder Commodore. It is hardly the same problem when the four cylinder produces 90% of the straight 6’s power and more torque than a six cylinder Commodore. The twin turbos do quite the opposite of needing to rev the engine with all of that torque available very low in the rev range (unlike SIDI which reaches peak torque at much higher revs).

          • Tom R

            Frostie, take that little 4-cylinder turbo and dial in enough boost to make 330kW or so.
            How bloody long do you think that’s going to last.

            SOMEHOW I get the idea that they have an alternative for the F6 Typhoon. Just an INKLING of a thought.

        • john

          Its a twin turbo 4 producing (estimated) 50nm more torque than the 3L in the commodore at around 1500-1800 rpm. So it will need less revs to get off the line than its 6cyl rival (plus it sheds something like 50kg off the falcons weight). It will beat it from 0-100 aswell.

          • Frostie

            So the the small turbos provide extra low rev range range torque. For something like an XT a 4 cylinder EcoBoost may do the job. But for an XR, G6 or FPV you’ll want the power of an 6 cylinder EcoBoost. Yes? / No?

          • Trouble

            But Ford are still offering the Inline 6 standard in these models. It’s easy – if you want economy go the ecoboost. if you want power go the 6/6 Turbo.

            The problem with the Early Commodore 4s is that they were underpowered. The ecoboost is not.

          • Frostie

            But what about an EcoBoosted FPV F6 running high boost?

          • Trouble

            High boost would kinda ruin the ‘eco’ part of ecoboost.
            The premise behind ecoboost is basically using direct injection and low-pressure forced induction to raise torque figures and lower economy. Using high boost would counteract most fuel economy gains in this type of engine.

            The market shows that people who want a fast car are not typically concerned by economy figures, hence one-in-four Commodores being sold are equipped with a V8.

            If you can afford an FPV, you’re generally not too concerned about the price of fuel. Conversely, if you are concerned about the environment you’re not going to be shopping at FPV, are you?

  • Well Done

    Brilliant car, I’d buy this over the overpriced Germans.

    • Hung Low

      Yep Golf money for a much larger and reliable car!

      • t39

        Golf starts from $21.9k, Ecoboost from $37.7K.
        This is hardly Golf’s money, more like Passat’s.

        • Hung Low

          I am not referring to the base model Golf, seriously!

          Instead a 103Tdi wagon for example, is only $1000 less than the Ecoboost Mondeo!
          Spec up a 103tdi hatch with a few options and you are looking at the same as the Ecoboost!

          The top spec Passat is $59k the CC is around $70k compared to $47k for the top spec Mondeo! I am comparing the models trim spec vs trim spec, the Golf is a closer match pricewise!

          • Mad Max

            Hung Low, the Passat starts at $38’990 + on-roads for the 118TSI sedan or $45’990 for the TDI Highline wagon. Convieniantly you chose the prices for the V6 Passat to try to argue your point. The prices for the Mondeo shown on Caradvise are + on roads so it looks pretty expensive for the upper spec cars against the Passat.

          • BOSSCR

            The new Passat looks too much like an Aurion. I’d take the Mondeo anyday. Shame there’s no XR5 replacement…

          • kimmik

            err, the top spec passat is way better than the mondeo…

            yes we get it, mondeo is great value for money. now stop exaggerating when making an otherwise valid point.

    • Mad Max

      What overprices car? $44’990 for a Titanium Hatch or $46’990 for a TDI Hatch buys you a Passat with change left over. Then the $8’990 for a topline wagon looks expensive to me when a Passat TDI Highline is $45’990 with better economy and resale value. Remember all of the prices shown on Caradvise are + on-roads. One of the problems with the Mondeo is the crap re-sale. Like I said, once you start to get into the upper spec Mondeo’s you come up against the Passat sedan and wago that appear cheaper and have better re-sales.

      • Mark

        the titanium has more “toys” included than the highline though

        • Smoothcall

          And an extra 30kW

  • bruzzer

    great looking car but pricing close to the new volvo s60.

    • Smoothcall

      Which isn’t surprising given how much they have in common…

  • Roadtard

    Front end styling says E2-E3 HSV done properly.

  • Josh

    $40,000 FOR AN XT FALCON!

    That may be the list price Ford announce, I’m not sure, but people would be stupid to pay that much. You can buy a brand new XR6 drive-away for less than $33K!

    • Mark

      exactly!! Why is this reported when its obviously so inaccurate. Can you even buy an XT at the moment?

      • Pablo

        Because they can only report the list price as recommended by the manufacturer.
        Fat margins & low sales means they have to discount by 15 – 20% or more.

        • Phil

          15-20% discount on a falcon?

          Pick up the weekend newspaper and be bombarded by adds for $34,990 XR6s with free automatic and on road costs.

          RRP is $43,990 + $1000 for auto and ~$2500 for on roads = $47,490

          Your looking at 25%-30% discounts – and thats before you even do any bargaining.

          • Snips

            The discounts on new falcons are totally at the discretion of Ford, not the dealers. Dealers have a lot smaller margin to start with than you think, but when Ford advertise specials like XR6 for $34,990.00 they discount the cost of the vehicle to the dealers. Unfortunately for the dealers they also take away almost all their margin to get there. Hence why they cant always discount to that price, if they did without Fords bonus they would be loosing thousands per vehicle. $34,990.00 is a cheap car, get mats thrown in and you’ve got a bargain.

          • Hung Low

            There is also an extra $2000 rebate on top, so $32990 for a automatic full size RWD sedan is plenty of car for the money.

  • nickdl

    Why do Ford always seem to almost get the packaging right? Why can the EcoBoost only be had in the Mondeo hatch? If it was in the wagon it would be a much better competitor to all of the small SUVs as the Duratec is a slug in such a big car.

    Ford always seem to launch cars with very poor spec and it really costs them in sales. The original Fiesta had air-con as a $2000 option, severly limiting sales of what was a great car. The next one had the 1.4 with the auto, again reducing sales potential. The Falcon still doesn’t come with curtain airbags across the range and the new Focus doesn’t get half of the great features we saw on it overseas, despite being built in Thailand with greater profit margins. Well Ford have got no one but themselves to blame for losing out in sales at the moment. Their range is great, but it could be so much better if Ford took the time to launch it properly.

  • Larry

    Why oh why not in wagon!!!! Falcon wagon does not exist anymore, so why not offer the Ecoboost in the Mondeo wagon. AAARRRGGHHH Stupid Ford, I was so keen on a Zetec Wagon EcoBoost.

    • paul

      They didnt put this in the Wagon because 99% of wagons sold are Diesel.Theres no point

  • Car Fanatic

    By overpriced Germans you mean BMW, Audi and Mercedes? Because the Passat 118TSI with full leather interior, graphical park assist, front and rear parking sensors and 10% better fuel economy is only $1250 dollars more.

    Resale after 3 years and best case scenario suggest a Zetec would be around $21,000 and the Passat ( resale percentages on VW Passats) $26 to 28k.

    Mondeo is great value but if you are turning over your car every 3-5 years, The ” overpriced ” German makes far greater sense.

    • RB26

      Keeping any German car past its warranty makes no sense either!

      • bangel

        Does thst include german made fords , or have they had some magic wand of invincibility waved over them like crummers and falcoons .

  • Simon

    This might hint that the new ST Focus could be drinking low-to-mid 7s per hundred.
    Fantastic news if its true.
    Personally I think this ecoboost Mondeo is priced far to high.

  • Simon Says

    This might be a hint that the new ST Focus could be drinking low-to-mid 7s per hundred.
    Fantastic news if its true.
    Personally I think this ecoboost Mondeo is priced far to high.

  • Randompost

    This might hint that the new ST Focus could be drinking low-to-mid 7s per hundred.All fantastic news if its true.

    Personally, I think this ecoboost Mondeo is priced far to high. Low 30s and they will sell.

    Bring on the ST Focus pricing and specs!

  • Alexander

    Finally an efficient and powerful petrol engine in the Mondeo, apparently the XR5 used to drink very heavily, and the standard 2.3 is hardly powerful…

    • Dvdmaniacs

      I have an XR5 Mondeo, and it averages 10.5 litres per hundred kms driving around Adelaide, which is a couple litrs per hunder better than a Falcon Id think. I drive it reasonably hard too.

  • mmmmmm

    with ford pushing the diesel mondeo wagons as the falcon replacement for fleets it would be risky to count on any decent resale on a mondeo.
    Retails prices are too high, they’ll be discounting these as much as a falcon soon.

    • Golfschwein

      So far, it’s not had an effect on Mondeos’ resale. They score 63 to 66% on red book, higher than the high fifties for the Passat and much higher than the woeful 47% for the poor old Falcon.

  • Car Fanatic

    But Hung, I’m referring to the Passat 118TSI which is equivalent spec to a Zetec except the Passat has Parking sensors, graphical park assist and full leather interior for $38,990 plus on roads. Oh and it’s better on fuel than the Zetec Ecoboost.

    I swear sometimes you must be dislexic!

    • Mad Max

      Car Fanatic, don’t try arguing with Bung Tow. Its a waste of time. I bought my MY11 Passat Highline wagon for $47’500 drive away with a couple of options. Like I said earlier, the Mondeo looks expensive and the re-sale of the Mondeo will be weaker based on history. Ford dealers will be discounting these heavily within weeks of launch like they do with any product.

      • kimmik

        couldn’t agree more. the base passat is very luxo. driven it twice.

  • Dimka

    8.0ltr/100Km is disappointing actually … the much larger and heavier rear wheel drive EcoBoost Falcon was aimed to have such economy and now it seems very unlikely …

    I was personally expecting the less powerful and lighter front wheel drive EcoBoost Focus to be in the low 7s … oh well.

    • TMG

      Much larger Falcon?????

      The Falcon is only just longer, and heavier by about 150kg (Titanuim Hatch v G6E)
      In every other measurement the Mondeo is larger (only just but larger)

      Mondeo is also built in Belguim not Germany Sorry Bangle,Ford will need to save the magic wand for the Focus…

      • Tom R

        I really don’t think the difference between Belgium and Germany is going to make a huge difference to the 5-year out-of-warranty woes. Pretty sure anything from Belgium is likely to suffer the same problems.

        Then again, has anyone noticed Japanese cars starting to have the 5-year syndrome, the more complex ones?

  • davie

    I like this innovate technology, turbo’s seem to be the way to go.

    BMW seem to get simply amazing economy out of their brand new 2 litre “twin power?” turbo petrol engines.

    How does this ecoboost compare to the BMW?

    • Phil


      To start with BMW do not need to go to a 4 cylinder Ecoboost to get 8.0L\100km.

      The heavier BMW 528i gets 8.0L\100km whilst using a normal non-turbo and far more powerful 190KW 3.0L I6.

  • Aussie bender

    Ridiculously overpriced.

  • Patrick

    Once again Fords are getting too expensive for the market and they will remain “niche” players.

    When a base model Mondeo sells for around $35,000 on the road and rises sharply from there, that is way out of reach for most main stream medium car buyers.

    Camry is safe for now, until Holden launch the all-new Malibu next year. This is when we will have another success like the Cruze pummelling the Corolla in sales.

  • eveready

    Having driven this car recently – it is absolutely fantastic. The new power-train really makes the car sparkle. Economy was good, dynamically its great and the power/response was perfect for the car of it size.

    Only small criticism was the power shift still has a bit of jerkiness on take-off – but was still better then the VW DSG in my experience.

    Seriously – a great package

    • bangel

      Spoken like atrue car salesman.

      • kimmik

        i agree. the vw DSG is better. dont know where eveready came up with his b…s…

        • TMG

          He probably reads the reviews in Autocar, or any publication that comes out of Europe, where they state on any number of occasions that the “Powershift” is better developed then the VW DSG and is better at being an Automatic (ie low speed parking manoeuvres) then the equivalent DSG from VW.

          (Yes VW fans I know VW is always updating and revising the software for the DSG so it too will be at the front again)

          I have driven both in diesel form (Focus and Golf), and prefer the Focus setup it doesn’t role as much or jerk as much when engaging.

          If you want to see the advancement, go and drive a vehicle with a Robotised manual, and you will praise the DSG and Powershift ideas.

  • Joe

    Nice seeing all of you VW lovers squirming. Maybe all of the VW mechanical/warranty drama’s are finally gaining some traction. You guy’s just don’t want to beleive that a Ford is a better car than your beloved VW, regardless of which model.

    When was the last time a VW buyer actally paid full price for their new car? Probably when the model that he bought was brand new, that’s when. Just like most new model cars and then when the novelty value has worn off the deals start.

    Bye the way, features like Collision Mitigation and Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Warning System, Voice Controls, Lane Departure Warning, Dynamic Headlights etc., are standard features on the Titanium model.

    All of this and Falcon sized for less than $45,000 (plus on road costs).Not bad for a Ford eh!

    • Phil

      If you require all those features and are willing to pay $15,000 extra over a base model for them, why do you bother driving at all?
      Why not catch cabs or hire a driver? Then he/she will avoid collisions for you, switch the lights on/off, check the blind spot etc etc etc.

    • Golfschwein

      Don’t discount all VW drivers Joe. I think the Mondeos are a great car and would put one on a short list of three if I was looking for something that size.

  • Car Fanatic

    Nickdl, you missed his point on the VC Commodore. The VC 4 pot was 58 kw, the 6 pot 2.8 was 76 and the 3.3 was 83. The 4 pot weighed 1192 kgs, the 6 pot 1262 ( both in SL guise). The Mondeo weighs 1552 in Zetec ( which gains the Ecoboost). The Falcon XT weighs 1704 kgs ( also gaining the Ecoboost)

    Figures per tonne would be Mondeo 96kw and 193Nm. The Falcon with that engine would be 87kw as opposed to 103 in the 6 and 176nm as opposed to 198 in the 6.

    The Mondeo engine as I’ve said produces nice figures but Ford are looking to get the Falcon back on the map and most car buyers these days are that stupid. The 4 cyl Ecoboost just wouldn’t get them the numbers they need.

    • Trouble

      Yes, but the Falcon will not be getting this version of the engine. The article quotes 177kw/339nm for the Falcon which puts the Per Tonne figures much closer to the 6.

      • scottjames_12

        Don’t forget that the Ecoboost has a fat, broad spread of torque from very low RPM. I’d be willing to bet that it makes more torque than the I6 in the low RPM range. This will make it feel more powerful than the I6 in everyday driving, and likely make up for any peak power shortfall.

  • http://Tesla Onepoppa

    Ford has problems. With the Mondeo they won’t sell heaps because the marketplace has a perception of more prestige attaching to a Passat, and the fleets are still not buying the car in numbers, but the car is imported so they will sell what they can and make money. With Falcon, they are selling less than they must to justify local production, and unless the fleets are prepared to buy 4 cylinder Falcons – which is a gamble but just might happen – the Falcon, and Ford’s local production, including the Territory, have no future.

  • Jazrod

    I feel a CarAdvice Mondeo Titanium EcoBOOST VS Passat 118TSi comparo coming on . . .

    CA need to do it when it’s released!

  • Frink

    Wow, seems as though anyone who praises the Passat gets voted down here.

    Both are nice cars but I feel Ford is pricing the Mondeo a tad too high when you look at its competitors. I personally like the look of the Mondeo wagon much more than the Passat wagon but if it came down to a purchase I think the Passat wagon is still better value for money and that’s what I’d go for.

  • Car Fanatic

    Yes Frink, the way it works here is if you own a Holden, you bag anything not Holden. Ford fanboys seem to appreciate cars more so don’t bag as much and anyone who bags Euros, does so because a mate’s dad’s second cousin once removed is a mechanic and use to work on them twenty years ago, and he said they were rubbish.

  • Kane Alto

    Doesn’t matter what Ford do or bring out. until they fix their customer service, quality and satisfaction they will continue to lose money and customers to other brands.

  • Car Fanatic

    Because German Tech is way ahead especially BMW.

  • Andrew M

    Where do you hear 9L/100 for the Falcon ecoboost?

    All the other talk out there says 8L/100, and considering the Mondeo is about the same weight it would seem accurate