BMW has just unveiled another special edition of the M3 which will be available exclusively in China. Called the BMW M3 Carbon Edition, it features, predictably, loads of carbon fibre details. Engine specifications remain unchanged.

The BMW M3 Carbon Edition showcases plenty of carbon fibre inside and out, almost giving the car an all-new look. The front end incorporates more aggressive carbon fibre side vents in the front bumper bar which draw air in to cool the brakes.


Other carbon details include a larger boot lip spoiler, bonnet vent surrounds and the carbon fibre roof. The exterior is also complimented by black painted 19-inch M3 wheels and two black stripes which run down the sides of the bonnet and continue down the side of the car, completing the white/black theme.

Inside, vast revisions have been made to the original M3 interior including some carbon fibre details and more of that white/black theme. A new panel makes its way onto the dash constructed of carbon, extending around to the door trims and into the rear seat compartment.

The front seat headrests also feature a unique carbon-pattern material weave to match rest of the carbon fibre highlights, while the door sill panels feature ‘Carbon Edition’ logos.

The BMW M3 Carbon Edition will only be sold in China, with just 111 planned to hit the market. They are expected to go quick, even though they are attached to a fairly hefty price tag of 1.23 million yuan (around $177,200).

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  • J.Snow

    just make more editions and throw them to china,they will buy!! if im the boss of bmw i’d make 1000000 special editions for china.B limited edition,M limited edition,W limited edition,beijing edition,panda edition,communist party edition…whatever sh*t export to china will be sold immediately!!

    • J.Snow

      Im not saying M3 is a sh*t car dunt get me wrong.but those EDITIONs are just…way too much.

      • Handsome Al

        I like your M3 Panda Edition.. I think it will sell well in China.. Or if they crazy about “element”‘s naming, they could use.. M3 Bamboo Edition.. just be sure that they are not gonna be sued by the swiss..

    • Ohhhhhhhh

      u r just jelous.

  • PeterG

    What “Carbon” Edition – perfect car for Cate

  • areyoureadybaby