by Brett Davis

MINI and rock band KISS have teamed up in an unusual way to form four specially dressed MINI Countryman crossovers. Each car is covered in graphics to represent the four band members of KISS.

Tickle your fancy? The cars have just been put up on eBay. The funds raised from the auctions will be donated to UNICEF to help children in Japan who were affected by the recent floods and earthquake devastation.

The cars were first unveiled at the New York Auto Show and feature the face of either Eric Singer, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley or Tommy Thayer, representing their characters Catman, The Demon, Starchild, and Spaceman.

The interesting part is those highlights around the ‘eyes’ (headlights) and along the side are not just stickers. Each car has been hand-painted by BMW designers as an after-hours project.

Head on over to eBay to place your bid on either Catman, The Demon, Spaceman or  Starchild.

  • PeterG

    I hope some billionaire pays a squillion for them and they are locked away from public view.

    • Howdog

      Squillion is heaps more than a billion.
      A kajillionaire would need to buy them if they cost a squillion.

  • ScottT

    Cool, rock on Kiss!!!!!!

  • Wil-son

    The cars look crap and are as irrelevant to anything motoring as Kiss is irrelevant to modern music. The guy on the end- Eric Singer,I think, is not even dressed up in his drag gear- even he think it sucks.

  • noMOAR!

    wtf? why kiss? there is 1000s more relevent musicans.