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Update: 2011 Ford Focus Review (with official pricing).

Following our scoop on Wednesday that revealed the first pricing details of the new Ford Ranger, we can again reveal similar details about the all-new Ford Focus, which goes on sale in Australia on August 1.

In another similar competition, Ford Australia is giving away a Ford Focus Titanium TDCi – the top of the range model in the new Focus line-up.

According to the competition’s terms and conditions, the Focus Titanium TDCi will be priced from “approximately $33,000” on the road (which includes GST, 12 months registration in the winner’s state or territory of residence, dealer delivery charges, 12 months compulsory third party insurance and stamp duty).

The current Focus TDCi hatch has a manufacturer’s list price of $27,790 with the six-speed manual transmission and $29,790 with the six-speed sequential gearbox. With on-road costs factored in, it seems there will be no significant price increase from the outgoing model to the new Focus.

CarAdvice understands the new Ford Focus Titanium TDCi will be powered by a 2.0-litre Duratorq diesel engine that produces 120kW of power and 340Nm of torque (up from 100kW and 320Nm).

In the UK, this engine’s combined cycle fuel consumption is rated at 5.3 litres/100km, although Ford Australia is yet to officially confirm performance details for our Focus.

The specifications of the new Titanium TDCi are also still a bit of a mystery, although it’s a safe bet that the new vehicle will be at least as well equipped as the model it replaces.

The current TDCi hatch comes standard with six airbags, eight-speaker CD player, Bluetooth phone connectivity with Voice Control, USB input for iPod/MP3 integration and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The Titanium TDCi will be fitted with Electronic Power Assisted Steering (similar to the system used in the new Territory), and is likely to feature keyless start, cruise control with speed limiter, dual-zone climate control, nine-speaker Sony DAB audio system, automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers and emergency flashing brake lights.

Features like Active Park Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control are expected to be optional on the Titanium TDCi variant.

Click here for more information on the new Ford Focus.

  • Jazrod

    Fantastic value!

    • Pittsburg

      Great for the local car industry when they start producing them here. I suspect they will be more profitable than Falcon to build, considering Falcon’s high fleet sales and low economies of scale.

      • dailydriver

        They are not going to be producing them here.

    • Aussie bender

      Ford Australia is not selling the 1.6L Ecoboost.
      Car Advice – can you please ask them why?
      In the UK you can get this engine in 110Kw tune and it offers 5L/100Km.

  • Mark

    email from ford today

    The all-new Ford Focus will feature an exceptional array of smart technologies, including Bluetooth^ and Voice Control, and in the Titanium model, Active Park Assist for perfect hands-free parking.

    They also list push button start for the titanium on the ford website

  • bangel

    This car should do very well for ford in OZ , a quality product .

    • Captain Nemo

      Thinking of trading in the VeeDud hey champ?

      • bangel

        Well corporal zero its good but not as well rounded as a golf , you stick to your daewoo .

        • Captain Nemo

          Sorry Bungel don’t own a Daewoo

          But i have to agree not as “well rounded” as your beloved VeeDud the rear of a Golf screams who ate all the pies.

          • bangel

            Trolls never do divulge their bogan mode of transport , never mind zero we believe that you can drive and its not a scooter , well it might have 3 wheels .

        • RS

          So your VAG not reliable anymore Bangel?

        • Captain Nemo

          Bungel i have said on several occasions what car i drive.

          The key to finding out is to stop trolling the Ford/Holden stories for 5 minutes and look a bit further afield seek & you shall find champ.

          • bangel

            Yes there is a forum for childrens bikes , maybe you will find your mode of transport there , too many brainwashed holden fans here .

      • dailydriver

        Captain Nemo, give back the oxygen and anything else you’ve stolen from society at-large.

        Feel free to add something constructive, if you can think of anything….

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Probly should bungel, this Ford will be screwed together miles better than your current ride, hey

        • bangel

          Focus better built than the crummer with a spent 8 for motive power .

  • Phil

    Funny, while im reading this, there’s a banner add on the side:

    Ford XR6 $34,990 drive away with $2000 factory cashback, free automatic and extended 5 year/200,000km warranty.

    I bet they’ll never offer these sorts of discounts and incentives on this Focus.

    • bangel

      Yep its all over for the falcoon , why would you bother even at this price , no resale value in 3 years .

      • http://Frosty Hicks

        Some of us purchase cars for the long haul, not just a fad every 3 years!

    • dailydriver

      Which I’d buy if they were selling the new LPI falcon at that price with that warranty.

  • nickdl

    Better than a Golf for that money all round!

  • Andrew M

    I was expecting to read 40K on road, 33K is very good value

    • dailydriver

      40K will be ST territory.

  • andronicus

    VERY good value. Well done Ford.

  • F1MotoGP

    Nice car. Here is some more info. 2L diesel 120kW at 3750 rpm, 340Nm at 2000 rpm, top speed 215km.h, 0-100km/h in 8.9 sec, city fuel economy 6.8l/100km, hwy 4.4 and avg 5.3
    1461 kg, 4358 long, 1823 wide and 1484 high. 363 l boot, 60 liter tank all this info from a German website for hatch.

    • F1MotoGP

      I forgot price 27850 Euro ( 37417 AUD )

    • dailydriver

      Got the same specs on the new petrol?
      I’m all but sold on this car but suspect it will be a real toss-up between the diesel and petrol.

      • F1MotoGP

        Ford Focus 1.6 EcoBoost 134 kW Titanium 24350 Euro (32900 AUD) 1.6L petrol engine 134kW at 5700 rpm, 240Nm at 1600 rpm, top speed 222km/h, 0-100 7.9 sec, fuel economy city 7.7l/100km, hwy 5, avg 6, 1333kg.

        • dailydriver

          Thanks F1MotoGP
          If I’m not mistaken, FOMOCO.au will not be selling the 1.6 Ecoboost – much to my disappointment.
          Ford must fear it will steal sales from the ST when it arrives. Very frustrating!
          The 2.0L Direct injection petrol is said to provide 118kW of power and 198Nm Torque.
          My guess is 0-100 will be around 9 Seconds which will make it lineball with the diesel.

          • F1MotoGP

            Yes you are right. The 2.0 liter petrol is in USA 119kW and 198Nm,
            “The 1,999cc inline-4 engine of the new Focus makes 160 horsepower at 6,500 rpm, some 20 hp more than last year’s version of this engine. This is enough power to propel this top-of-the-line 2012 Ford Focus Titanium’s not insubstantial 3,076 pounds to 60 mph from a standstill in 8.7 seconds, and the car goes through the quarter-mile in 16.4 seconds at 85.4 mph.Edmunds testing of this 2012 Ford Focus Titanium recorded an average of 27 mpg. Ford itself promises an EPA-certified 28 mpg city/38 mpg highway, while the EPA has just certified the specially equipped Focus SFE (super fuel economy) for a highway rating of 40 mpg.”
            Source: Edmunds.com

    • dailydriver

      1461 KG?
      Seems like a little porker!

      • MattW

        I wouldn’t exactly call the Cruze a lightweight… and the Focus has more toys

  • Vibe

    Still would never again buy a Focus after the experience I’ve had.

    • dailydriver

      I’ve heard of a few lemons but I’ve also heard of lots of very happy owners. Perhaps you were unlucky enough to buy a Monday car….

      • Vibe

        I have a lemon. Gearbox rebuild at 30,000 km and Ford would not cover engine hoses under warranty, and their after sales service is appaling. We have a Falcon too and that’s horrendous, the handbrake, steering wheel and one headlight have all been replaced, and the boot has rusted through. On a BA Mk II.

      • Yonny

        “Perhaps you were unlucky enough to buy a Monday car…”

        Every day must be a Monday in the South African factory the current (about to be superceded) Focus is built in. It’s not a bad car as such, just sometimes poorly built and poorly supported by Ford Australia and it dealer network.

        I really like the look of the new Focus though – would love to buy one if I could overcome my aversion to giving Ford Australia any more of my money.

        • Vibe

          Agreed. The car isn’t that bad, just the build quality and after sales service, where they told one of my family members to quite literally “get stuffed” is shocking. This is why VW Golfs and certain Polos are off the shopping list, built in South Africa. The quality is shocking.

  • Steve

    How about coming to the party with some Factory Sat Nav Ford!

    • dailydriver

      What sort of price do you reakon they’d charge you for it?
      You can buy a brand name GPS for under $100 these days!

    • o

      This interests me to, the mazda 3 has standard sat nav at this spec level. Though if the the sony system is specced that means that it will have the larger display screen most likely with sat nav.

      • Daid Watson

        No the mazda3 does not have sat at that spec level, it’s an option. Whilst the mazda3 is a great car and along with the current Focus are the picks of the current small car market it still is more expensive across all spec levels.

  • Jeff

    Where is the competition details in relation to Ford Australia giving away a Ford Focus Titanium TDCi ?

    • dailydriver


      • dailydriver

        It is another Australian car website hence no mention here (CA competition perhaps).
        Seek and ye shall find!

  • Roger Ramjet

    Is there a wagon in the pipeline?

    • Phil

      Yes but its not coming here.

  • Leigh

    I have a series 2 VE and it’s a lemon. Five times on back of tow truck due to electrical faults and power steering leaks. Fuel economy of about 15l /100 from the 3 liter. Driveline vibrations are horrendous as is the fit and finish. Not too mention the rust on the bottom of the doors and almost rusted through bonnet. Holdens service has been one of denial.

    • Pittsburg

      what a fake post.

  • Al Juraj

    Finally the value of our dollar is benefiting us. 33K for a top-spec model is quite a steal. Focus diesel should be a lot better than Cruze oiler. Now if Ford can advertise it properly…

  • sparkze

    From what I see this is aimed at the people who would otherwise be driving a Gold..right?

    The corolla demographia will not be interested I guess..

  • Mark

    Mondeo does not seem to garner the following it deserves. I think it is as good as Mazda6, the segment leader. This pricing will see it sell extremely well.

    • Joe5619

      Sorry, mark your info is not right here… Camry is the segment leader followed by Mondeo now a clear 2nd in the segment. Mazda 6 is now number 3…

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Joe, are you referring to segment leader in terms of total sales or “quality” of drive/build etc? If so, just because something sells well, doesn’t mean it is the best out there….

    • Phil

      Ford Mondeo:

      118KW/206NM, 9.5L\100km cheapest RRP is $30,990.

      Mazda 6:

      125KW\226NM, 8.7L\100km (or 8.4 in the avaliable manual), cheapest RRP is $27,990.

      Mondeo specs are terrible and with the XR5 long gone, theres no manual, which would turn me away instantly before I even looked at the small diesel like power output with big V6 petrol like economy.

  • Golfschwein

    Anyone else getting that annoying ‘take a survey’ pop-up from safecount dot net?

    It was very simple, as it turns out. I’m a 99 year old living in the Northern Territory, so I hope that skews their stats nicely, particularly if more do it.

    • dailydriver

      Bunnings asked me today for my postcode – 2600
      (Parliament house Canberra).
      I use mozilla Firefox with the add on “Adblock Plus”.
      No advertising – now I await for CA to delete this post on the grounds it could affect their revenue stream!

  • Kieran

    Focus seems like a good car but I hope they have improved on the interior for this new model.
    The dash and centre console presentation of the current model is dreadfully out of date looks like something out of China.
    The car is crying out for a decent size 7 to 8 inch screen for multimedia with satnav (either standard or at least optional).

    • nasal explorer

      There are plenty of pics around of the new interior if you Google for them. I think you’ll find the new interior is a vast improvement over the current one, even though to my eye it looks incredibly busy.

  • Car Fanatic

    Have to disagree with you Phil, Mazda don’t sell alot of Sedans, let alone Manual Sedans. More people would go for the Classic Hatcback Auto which is, $32,750 plus on roads. Just easier to spend a little more and buy the Mondeo LX TDCi at $34,990. I’m sure Ford could do alot better on the price to get your bum in the seat.

    At 120kw, 340nm and 5.9l/100 I’d opt for the auto diesel Mondeo over the Petrol Mazda 6 ( despite better equipment)

  • Phil

    The Mazda 6 diesel again outperforms the Mondeo Diesel – 136KW\400NM with the same 5.9L\100km and again, the Mazda Diesel has a manual which I would want whilst Ford decided to force a auto on us even though they have a manual gearbox for it.
    I don’t think Ford discounts Mondeos much. The Falcon on the other hand…..

  • Patrick

    Umm, nearly $30,000 for a small car isn’t good value in my books, especially when a Mazda 3 or VW Golf is $5,000 cheaper

    • Phil

      Thats because this is the top of the range “Titanium” version. Spec for spec this would be cheaper than a Golf and similar to a 3.

      You are right though, very few people are willing to pay that much for a “small” car especially since it has a blue coller Ford badge on it.

      Another problem (with the current model at least) is that they only offer the the diesel in this top spec form. If they offered the bottom of the range version with a diesel option, they should be able to trim about $5000 off the price.

      By not bothering to offer the entry level version with a diesel and ignoring the wagon version (both of which Hyundai offer in the i30), its no wonder the i30 outsells the Focus by about 3 to 1.

    • http://Frosty Hicks


      Really? Did you see those extras listing, for that new car price?

      I don’t even think Mazda or VW offer auto parallel parking!!

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Sorry to disappoint you Hicks, but the Golf DOES offer “auto parallel parking” as an option. Then again, if you can’t parallel park then you shouldn’t be driving in the first place… :-)

      • Nelly Potato

        Actually Hicks, VW was the first manufacturer after lexus to offer automayic parking in the Mark VI Golf. The new Passat is just being released with an improved version.

  • Car Fanatic

    I’m not talking about what you want Phil. Mazda sell very few Diesels because they are Manual, that coupled with the oxygen sensor problem they haven’t yet fixed and a price of $ 42,800 plus on roads makes an LX Diesel auto very attractive to the large percentage of people who buy cars. Now where the Sky auto boxes come out that will add $2,000 to the price. That’s $10,000 more. Sure the Mazda is better specced but alot of people want an economical car that doesn’t cost a fortune. Why spend 10k more when you can get away with something of much better value.

    You argument is invalid, so just give up.

    • Phil

      I just had a look at the price and your right. The Mazda 6 diesel only seems to come in one, rather expensive version with no offering of a diesel in a lower spec version.
      I also has no interest in electronic gimmics let alone paying $10,000 for them. I do however want a manual and better power and the Mazda 6 has both those.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        If you count the wagon, which is in mid range classic specification and along with the Commodore Sportwagon is one of the best looking wagons on the road, there are acutally two options for the Mazda6 diesel. Mustn’t have looked too hard… 😉

        Will be interesting to see if they start selling when the next model is released with the auto.

  • Car Fanatic

    You know the 6 Diesel Wagon is $36,250, plus on roads 1,000 for rego and CTP, 1600 dealer delivery and stamp duty of 1,000 puts you at $39,000 on the road. They probably make $2,500 on the car, plus factory bonus of 1,000 and if it’s a 2010 build another 1,100. Mazda Dealers have around 2,000 holdback on 6’s so you should be able to screw them down $3,500 plus on a car they want to get rid of.

    How’s that sound to you Phil?

    • dailydriver

      Ever notice the article is about the Focus!?!?

  • Car Fanatic

    Can’t complain about my S.A built Golf, still as solid as the day I bought it, 3 years ago.

  • Blokie

    looks good

  • http://Frosty Hicks

    Wow (when in real-life I swore). That is some value right there.

  • Darcy Dunbar

    Nice car, although I hope the road noise is less than the current model.

    Where’s the wagon for family buyers?

    It’s a pity Ford’s customer service, especially handling warranty claims, is so bad!

  • http://www.autospace.co.za GP

    Been visiting your site around several days. Beally enjoy what you posted. By the way i will be conducting a study relating to this area.Nice car

  • Car Fanatic

    Hicks, if that was aimed at me, then your statement is redundant. I have no plans of replacing my car, just saying after three years it’s still solidly put together.

  • qikturbo

    I have to admit the sedan version is certainly growing on me.I wonder if the RS version will be a coupe?

  • Byron

    Can’t get past the front end. Looks as nearly as bad as Fiesta’s new look.

    • Al Juraj

      You can’t get past Specsavers.

  • Al Juraj

    The car was, to my surprise, on display at the Melbourne Food & Wine show. It was a red TDCi Titanium hatch. It was very impressive, indeed a better attention-grabber than a Golf inside and out.

    The dashboard was one of the best I’ve seen so far. While the Fiesta’s reminded me of an old Nokia phone (8310), this had a PS3-like finish, thanks to a Sony entertainment system. Build quality is good, with plenty of soft-touch materials. It’s not quite Audi, but only a nut would expect something like that.

    There were only two initial downsides. First is the lack of rear knee and leg room. It’s nowhere near as spacious as the current Lancer. Second is the up/down buttons used to manually override the Powershift gearbox. Tugging the gear lever or having paddles behind the wheel is surely more satisfying.

    Overall, I think Ford has come up with a winner. Fingers crossed, the sales charts will say the same. I can’t wait to test drive this thing. A potential Sydney-Melbourne trip in a single tank is attractive, but the GTi-beating pace of the upcoming ST would be even more tempting.

  • Joe

    For this price I would buy Skoda Octavia, which is built in better quality much more better value for money. I used to live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and I saw that Ford, Opel(Holden) are not very popular in these countries due to their low quality and low re-sale price and mostly the models for Australian market are build in Korea, especially Holden. Skoda is built in Czech Republic, so quality is much more better as well the economy and efficiency of engines.